MarineNow Tandem Sailing Pedal Kayak 2-Person

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Marine Now

RED Tandem Sailing Trimaran Pedal  Kayak


Length: 18'1"

Outrigger/Ama: 13'2"

Max Beam: 11'2"

Mast Height: 18'4"

Sail Area:  91ft²

Fitted Hull Weight: 115lbs Fully Rigged Weight: 225lbs Capacity: 595lbs

●  Easily retractable/removable outrigger

●  Pedal drive with flexible fins

●  8.5m² sail with two-piece mast

●  Aluminum fishing chair

●  Two-piece paddles

●  Full Rudder System

●  Built-in, fully retractable, kick-up centerboard

●  All cordage and sailing hardware

●  Large front storage hatch

●  Rear cargo compartment with bungee

●  Three 8'' waterproof seal hatches

●  Four drink holders

●  Eight carrying handles

●  Two side paddle mounts  

●  Multiple plugs and buttons included

●  Hull material HDPE


kayak tandem sailboat

Ships via Freight or local pickup in South Bend, IN

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Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

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Hobie Kayak Mirage Tandem Island 16 Hibiscus Red

Contact us today to order your boat for the sailing season! Email: [email protected] Call/Text: 503-285-5536

  • Trampoline Set
  • EZ Loader Road Trailer
  • Road Trailer Cradle Set

Frequently Bought Together:

Hobie Kayak Mirage Tandem Island 16 Hibiscus Red


kayak tandem sailboat

Stable and simple sailing - the Tandem Island is a great intro to the water. Relaxed seating with MirageDrive included!

The fun just doubled. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island delivers all the versatility and functionality of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, for two. This unique boat is equipped with dual Mirage 180 Drives, two comfortable and highly-adjustable Vantage CT seats, steering capability from either position, a smooth and simple roller-furling sail rig, retractable centerboard, and detachable akas and amas. With a world of opportunities for adventure, this kayaking and sailing vessel is beginner-friendly as well as enthusiast-chosen. No matter the day, the Tandem Island will take you on any excursion from bluewater fishing trips to lake-cruising days alike. The storage capability of the TI provides for multi-day adventures as well as quick trips, with multiple hatches and plenty of on-deck space for additional gear and accessories. Add the trampoline kit for walk-around room and even more space to load on the fish, camp gear, coolers, four-legged friends, and more!

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  • Length: 18' 6" / 5.64 m
  • Beam (Amas Out): 10' / 3.05 m
  • Beam (Amas In): 4' / 1.22 m
  • Mast Length: 18' / 5.49 m
  • Sail Area: 90 sq ft / 8.4 sq m
  • Hull Weight: 130 lbs / 59 kg
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 240 lbs / 109 kg
  • Ama Weight: 2 @ 22 lbs / 9.97 kg
  • MirageDrive Weight x 2: 6.6 lbs / 2.99 kg
  • Capacity: 600 lbs / 272 kg
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Hobie Tandem Island Parts
  • Hobie Tandem Island Parts Locator
  • Hobie Tandem Island Rigging Guide

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  • Apparel and Accessories – We have the apparel, accessories, trailers and dollies to go with each boat.

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Mirage® Tandem Island

kayak tandem sailboat

kayak tandem sailboat

Mirage® Tandem Island Description

Hop aboard with a friend. With dual MirageDrive 180s providing forward and reverse pedal power, maneuvering is a snap even when the zephyrs subside. Our patented Kick-Up Fins automatically “kick-up” on contact with an underwater obstacle and automatically adjust back into place once clear. The central hull is pure high-end Hobie with all the expected features: multiple Twist and Seal hatches, a large bow hatch for below-decks storage, lever-operated rudder and centerboard deployment and dual rudder control. This is Hobie’s ultimate fish hunter, capable of marlin teasing trolling speeds.

  • More information about Mirage® Tandem Island
  • View all products from Hobie

Mirage® Tandem Island Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Where to Buy the Mirage® Tandem Island

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  • Manufacturer
  • View/Download Catalog

Hobie Mirage® Tandem Island Reviews

Read reviews for the Mirage® Tandem Island by Hobie as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Absolutely love it. I solo…

Love the kayak. it’s a…, i should have bought this…, my wife has two bad knees….

My wife has two bad knees from too many skiing accidents. We tried this kayak at a demonstration. That was the first night she was able to sleep without pain in her knees. We purchased this used kayak in 2015. Since then we have taken it to many lakes in northern California. Placing and removing this 95 pound beast on and off the truck is not an easy chore. Once the kayak is on the water it is GREAT. I refer to it as a tug boat it is so stable and powerful. I purchased longer fins for one of the mirage drives which really provides much greater power. When camping I often get up early to get on the water before sunrise. I have no problem using a cart to roll the kayak to and from the water by myself. Once on the water the kayak glides along with just one person in the back. The ability to peddle while holding a sandwich in one hand and a beverage in the other is quite convenient. The only reason I didn't give this kayak five stars is the weight. I will likely buy another one if this one is ever damaged beyond repair.

I love this boat. Yes, boat.…

I love this boat. Yes, boat. Can't even get the other kayakers from the kayak club to call it a kayak, lol. It gets looks and compliments everywhere it goes. I tell folks "it's the Swiss Army Knife of kayaks." Everything it does, it does well. I use mine primarily for sailing and fishing, and was Initially surprised at how easy it "peddles" through the water for a "kayak" that weighs about 250#, even when solo, which is how I take it out 95% of the time. Ramp launch/ recovery takes about 15 minutes. Beach/ surf/ shoreline launch and recovery about 45 minutes but that is breaking it down into pieces which doesn't have to be done with some of the bigger dollies. There is nothing that comes close to the versatility of this thing, and with aftermarket trampolines that stretch over the outriggers, there's plenty of room for extra passengers, fishing and even camping gear. It loves fair and foul weather. My favorite sailing is in 15-25 mph winds with 2-4' waves- really puts the boat through its paces and it eats it like candy. Though I've heard some have, I've never taken it out in single hull mode. Always with the outriggers and sail though sometimes the sail starts out strapped to the outriggers. It turns surprisingly well if you concentrate the fin sweeps at the centerline. I have found it can make about a 20' diameter circle- not bad for an 18' kayak.

We purchased our Red…

We purchased our Red Hibiscus 2016 Tandem Island a little over a year ago, in mid 2017. My wife and I are the primary users, and we are mid 50's. As others have pointed out, it is a bit expensive, and we waited until we located a year end model at a Hobie dealer located on our way to the beach. Our first experiences were in Wolf Bay, in Orange Beach, AL. I already had experience surf launching large (Jackson Kayak Kracken 13.5) and knew better than to attempt surf launches until I was really confortable with the kayak.

Prior to owning the TI, we had never sailed. The learning curve has been easy, but I started slowly, and have sailed conservatively as the skills build. We have sailed the kayak in Lake Lanier, GA and in Wolf Bay, Orange Beach, AL for the past year and truly love the kayak. We intend to sail a little in the Gulf a little this year, and camp if we have opportunity.

We intended to also use the TI as a tandem sit on top kayak, but every time we have opportunity to get on the water, we prefer to sail it. The options of paddling, pedaling and sailing right out of the box produce an extremely flexible system where I don't worry about light winds and calm - we can always pedal. In fact, we pedal as we sail in ligh winds quite often and enjoy the exercise.

We have experienced no major issues with the TI. We have experienced a broken rudder pin that after researching I attribute to my loading and unloading onto the ladder track on my truck. If I am not careful, the rudder (and rudder pin) are stressed quite a bit as I load and unload the kayak.

We take a waterproof speaker and play music as we sail - it just doesn't get any better!

As a 60 year old, I…

We purchased our ti over a…, i bought a 2015 for my sons…, i have taken mine out 3 times…, although the hobie tandem…, got this in 2010 at the end…, reviewing the hobie ti,…, more kayaks from hobie :.

kayak tandem sailboat

Mirage Lynx

kayak tandem sailboat

Mirage iTrek 11

kayak tandem sailboat

Mirage iTrek 14 Duo

kayak tandem sailboat

Mirage Fiesta

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Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Sail Pedal Kayak

kayak tandem sailboat

video gallery

kayak tandem sailboat

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kayak tandem sailboat

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kayak tandem sailboat

Frequently Bought Together

kayak tandem sailboat
  • Beam (Amas Folded In): 4'
  • Beam (Amas Out): 10'
  • Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Seat Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 130 lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 240 lbs
  • Mast Length: 18'
  • Sail Area: 90FT2
  • Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • Floor To Aka Bars: 16.75"
  • Floor To Bow: 15"
  • Floor To Rudder: 29.5"
  • MIRAGEDRIVE 180 WITH TURBO KICKUP FINS (Revolutionary hands-free propulsion system. When pedaled, the flexible fins assume the shape of a propeller blade, providing forward motion with each pedal stroke.)
  • LARGE BOW HATCH (Enables easy access to the bow's stowage compartment. A security strap with a detachable clip tethers the hatch; abovedeck, Bungee® cords secure extra gear.)
  • MESH STOWAGE POCKET (Easy access and safe stowage for the things you reach for most. Now made with rubber for improved durability.)
  • 8" TWIST AND SEAL HATCH (An efficient corkscrew mechanism ratchets down this hatch, keeping stowed items secure irrespective of the sea state. The lid is permanently attached to its base via a hinge, so you don't have to worry about leaving it at last night's campground.)
  • CUP HOLDER (Cold, hot or somewhere in between--we've got a convenient spot for your favorite beverage.)
  • VANTAGE CT SEATING (New state-of-the-art design, with 4-way adjustablity for more comfort in the cockpit or on the beach, Enjoy breathability, infinite flexibility and better visibility.)
  • RUDDER CONTROL (Soft handle makes fingertip steering easy.)
  • REAR CARGO AREA (Big adventures demand plenty of gear. These molded areas and Bungee® tie-downs ensure that it's still there when you get to camp.)
  • ROD HOLDER (These molded-in holsters securely tote your rods, are perfectly angled for trolling and can accommodate a gaff, nets and other gear.)
  • MOLDED CARRYING HANDLE (Ergonomic handles fitted to stainless padeyes make portaging easier and more comfortable.)
  • Videos & Walkthroughs

    Warranty Information

    Hobie Cat Company, Hobie Cat Australasia and Hobie Kayaks Europe warrant that this boat is free from defects in materials and workmanship to retail customer in their approved regions. Two year coverage on hull and all components. For full warranty details, click here .

    In order to register your Hobie, please click here and fill out the information on Hobie's website.

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    Returns Policy

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    • Pellentesque diam dolor de melementum etos lobortis? Donec consequat laoreet vulputate. Integer non ligula lacus. Praesent malesuada urna in eros rutrum congue. Proin iaculis, neque nec consectetur bibendum, ex mi tristique ex, non aliquet erat nunc faucibus nunc. Mauris nec nisl at magna vehicula molestie. Aenean mattis, nisl vel ornare sodales, felis est volutpat justo
    • Placerat nulla deumantos solicitud felis? Sed rutrum condimentum sem sit amet dictum. Mauris sed congue tortor, eu malesuada nunc. Suspendisse dapibus in nibh sit amet molestie. Mauris ultrices dolor ut sapien aliquam dictum. Cras bibendum, urna sit amet dignissim elementum, libero nisi condimentum ex, sed hendrerit lacus augue in risus. Proin id fringilla nulla. Suspendisse vitae tempor ipsum. Phasellus tempor consequat est, sit amet rutrum lorem commodo sit amet. Suspendisse id orci non risus sodales fermentum vitae quis lacus
    • Mauris non sem tincidunt hendreritos? Nullam nec finibus magna. Nulla rhoncus, nunc ut sollicitudin euismod, mauris diam interdum ipsum, ut semper ante magna non augue. Aliquam lectus augue, venenatis eget luctus nec, finibus in turpis. Phasellus at enim augue. Sed rutrum non diam sollicitudin sagittis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
    • Duis an pharetra justo aliquam quis fermentum leo tincidunt felis? Quisque cursus accumsan aliquam. Phasellus et luctus dolor, quis imperdiet dui. Curabitur in ligula quis dui iaculis elementum luctus a diam. Vivamus dolor mauris, dignissim ut porta vitae, laoreet at nunc. Integer consequat ornare sapien, a tincidunt leo
    • Morbi pretium nibh vitae nisl semper dullamcorper? Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Donec ornare eget urna a tincidunt. Phasellus at enim augue. Sed rutrum non diam sollicitudin sagittis. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque cursus accumsan aliquam. Phasellus et luctus dolor, quis imperdiet dui. Curabitur in ligula quis dui iaculis elementum luctus a diam. Vivamus dolor mauris, dignissim ut porta vitae, laoreet at nunc. Integer consequat ornare sapien, a tincidunt leo
    • Cras multricies nulla porttitor metus cursus malesuada? Proin id fringilla nulla. Suspendisse vitae tempor ipsum. Phasellus tempor consequat est, sit amet rutrum lorem commodo sit amet. Suspendisse id orci non risus sodales fermentum vitae quis lacus. Cras lobortis posuere purus, a ullamcorper diam sollicitudin vitae. Etiam elementum suscipit tristique. Phasellus eleifend sagittis magna et condimentum.
    • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit mecenas deget sagittis? Mauris nec nisl at magna vehicula molestie. Aenean mattis, nisl vel ornare sodales, felis est volutpat justo, a ornare lacus urna non nibh. Suspendisse tempor velit sit amet dui finibus malesuada. Pellentesque vitae nulla eu mi elementum porttitor in non magna. Quisque ut volutpat augue, et faucibus dui. Quisque sit amet diam dui. Phasellus eu finibus sapien, id lacinia ante. Mauris et suscipit ex, a pellentesque mi. Maecenas sem urna, porta at scelerisque et, euismod sed dui. Aliquam imperdiet velit justo, at feugiat purus elementum in

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    Killer Kayaks!

    In-Depth Kayak Reviews + Destination Spots You'll Love to Kayak!

    Killer Kayaks!

    Hobie Tandem Island Sail – Well Performing Sailing Kayak Or Failure?

    The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is a unique kayak designed and manufactured by Hobie, a renowned kayak brand that offers you exemplary kayaks. The Tandem incorporates an exceptional design, new technology, and premium features that make it perfect for kayakers, sailing enthusiasts, and fishing fanatics.

    The new design transforms this sailing kayak into a high performance, unique sailing machine that does not disappoint, regardless of any situation. You can exercise by pedaling or paddling, go fishing, or raise the sail and let the wind do all the work while you sit back and enjoy nature. Let’s have a look in this Hobie Tandem Island review at the features and performance of this incredible piece of work.

    hobie tandem sailing kayak

    [Check out our other Hobie articles: Hobie Adventure Island Sailing Kayak , Hobie Pro Angler 12 Kayak , Hobie Pro Angler 14 Kayak !]

    How Does the Build of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail Hold?

    As a part of the redesign, this kayak features a sturdy frame made with rotomolded polyethylene, which ensures a strong, fully adjustable, and customizable frame . It has a length of 18’6″ and a width of 30″, while the hull weighs 130 pounds with basics and 240 pounds when fully loaded with accessories. This kayak not exactly lightweight, so you might need a hand carrying it to the water and bringing it ashore.

    Thanks to its quality constructed frame, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail will not only accommodate up to 600 pounds , but it will also ensure great stability while sailing in tough conditions, such as strong water currents or winds. The amas are large enough to offer great stability and can tuck in against the hull for easy and hassle-free docking, or they can be removed completely. The sails can be detached and stored in a carrying bag.

    The cockpit can be easily transformed into a peddling platform when the weather conditions are not favorable for sailing.

    hobie tandem pedal sail kayak

    This kayak features 2-piece carbon-composite masts, whose main function is to reduce weight while maximizing performance. The sail’s larger masts and sail area help provide smoother and faster rides, making your trip more fun and hassle-free. The kayak also boasts of a Lowrance Ready system that features a built-in Transducer Mount that will also greatly enhance your fishing experience.

    Check out the Hobie Tandem Island Sail on Amazon!

    It comes with Vantage CT seats that feature a 3-level height adjustment and can be reclined to a preferred angle for all day comfort. The kayak seating features lumbar support that provides superior comfort and support regardless of your sailing angle. That means you can stay out all day and remain comfortable all throughout. These seats are also quick-drying and can be substituted as beach chairs.

    Features of the Hobie Tandem Island

    This so-called kayak comes with a ton of premium features that offer great convenience and versatility. You will absolutely have a whole lot of fun on your water adventure because of this sailing kayak. It features two MirageDrives, one in the front and one in the back, which allows for increased speed and ease of use.

    The Mirage Drive technology gives you the option of pedaling the Hobie Tandem Island Sail kayak when the sail is up and furled, once again enhancing your kayaking experience .

    sail kayak - yellow

    That’s not the complete package; it also comes with two sets of paddles for quick steering situations, which can be stored on the akas when they’re not being used. You also have the option of using the rudder steering controls in the front and rear cockpits.

    The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is an incredibly designed kayak that allows you to paddle, sail, fish, and pedal with great ease and with maximum speed. Its pedal power makes it much faster when compared to most tandem kayaks on the market. With its 3 superior forms of propulsion, you don’t have to panic when the wind stops blowing.

    Check this kayak on Amazon!

    Also offering exceptional performance are the roller-furling systems and vertical battens, which provide a boomless surface sail and better lift. The retractable centerboards are expertly designed to reduce lateral slip, also ensuring a smooth ride. These centerboards basically fold up against the side of the Hobie Tandem Island Sail to ensure easy docking and transport, as well as maneuverability.

    overview of the Hobie Sail kayak

    The Hobie Tandem Island comes with sufficient storage hatches, including four mesh-covered storage pockets, two molded-in rod holders, and 4 cup holders. There are bungee cords in the rear for extra storage that needs to be secured in place. One of the seats can also be removed, thus creating more room if you are going solo.

    There are three twist and seal hatches, all three measuring 8″, as well as a very roomy bow hatch. You can purchase trampolines for the Hobie Tandem Island Sail for extra storage, and they can also be used to lay on, prevent water from spraying into the cockpits, or to invite kids or dogs along! They are made of a strong vinyl mesh that can be firmly tied to the kayak for reliable security.

    Truly, this sailing kayak lives up to its name: a kayak that you can sail in & even use a trampoline!

    • Two MirageDrives and rudder controls in the front and rear for dual steering
    • Multiple storage options with the option to add more
    • It is sturdy, durable frame construction for long lasting use
    • Excellent performance, versatility, and stability, which is made apparent in this Hobie Tandem Island review
    • Hobie Tandem Island kayak is faster than most kayaks, easily maneuverable
    • Vantage CT seats with lumbar support that are easily adjustable
    • Optional 8-gallon live-bait tank for fishing and trampolines for extra storage space
    • Available in 3 different colors
    • It will be too expensive for many people
    • Too heavy for people to use if they are heading out alone

    Hobie Tandem Island Review Conclusion

    The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is, without a doubt, a great sailing machine that will transform the way you paddle, fish, or cruise on the water in luxury. It is sturdy, durable, comfortable, easy to use, and very versatile. Its premium features, whether they are already included or added later, can make this the greatest kayak you will ever buy.

    You can fish with a live-bait tank, pedal and paddle when you want exercise, or sail when you want to just relax out on the water.

    hobie tandem island kayak

    If you are a beginner, there is nothing to worry about, as the Hobie Tandem Island Sail is perfectly designed for beginners as well as professionals. If you have never sailed before, this is the perfect way to practice the techniques that make sailing much easier and more enjoyable.

    So if you are a fishing or water sports fanatic, you will certainly want to try this state-of-the art piece of work, expertly designed just for you.

    Check it out on Amazon!

    PS. Again, tons of information in this Hobie Tandem Island review. For that reason, we have included a video down below so you can see it in motion! Here is a neat video showing it off:

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    kayak tandem sailboat

    Kayak Guru

    The Best Tandem Kayak – Double Up Your Paddling Adventures!

    Sharing is caring, right?! Well, many tandem kayaks are for those of us who like to share. 

    Paddling a tandem with another person on board can be a great way to socialize and share that perfect paddling experience . 

    We can hear single paddlers screaming “Being stuck on the same boat with someone else is my idea of Hell!”.

    But in all seriousness, two-person kayaks have their good points, and their bad.

    Before we go into more detail on the different types of tandems and the reasons why you should consider one, let’s have a look at some of the best tandem kayaks for every price range.

    Table of Contents

    Top 15 Best Tandem Kayaks Reviewed

    1: sea eagle se370 inflatable tandem kayak.

    • Length: 12 ft 6 inches
    • Width: 34 inches
    • Weight: 32 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 650 pounds

    Our favorite, the Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable kayak comes with a hand pump, two inflatable seats, two paddles, and a repair kit. The repair kit can be ideal for patching small punctures to the multiple air chambers, including the I-Beam floor. But it’s crafted to be puncture resistant and UV resistant. 

    With heavy-duty construction, polykrylar material, the SE370 is a surprisingly durable inflatable kayak and one of the best tandem kayaks in terms of versatility and maximum capacity.

    It can be ideal for up to Class II rapids, but if you’re looking to take on up to Class IV rapids, there are other kayaks that can be better suited.

    It maneuvers well, even when paddled solo. There’s plenty of storage space (but no sealed hatches) with a spray skirt at the front and rear offering covered storage.

    You can transport this without a roof rack, unlike some recreational kayaks.

    You get two paddles (aluminum paddles) with the SE370, unlike many tandem kayaks, but you might be better off sourcing your own made from lighter composite materials. It also comes with its own carry bag and is self-bailing.

    The SE370 is also a good 2-person inflatable kayak for dogs.

    • Lightweight
    • Ideal for beginner kayakers
    • High weight capacity
    • Included paddles aren’t great

    >  Full Sea Eagle SE370 review

    2: Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T

    • Length: 14 foot 6 inches
    • Width: 31 inches
    • Weight: 73 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

    High up on our list of our tandem kayak reviews, the  Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T  is a sit-inside yak that has a large 90 inch long cockpit that can be easier to get in and out of. This is one of the best tandem kayaks for year-round paddling with a friend and can also be paddled solo.

    It comes with two Phase 3 AirPro seats that offer back support, full adjustability and breathable padded mesh for added comfort. The bow seat can slide back to the center position for improved boat control if you’re paddling alone.

    There is a dry storage hatch at the stern and storage space at the bow.

    The Pamlico 145T is designed to be easy to maneuver and comes with a rudder for added performance. It can be a great tandem for weekend paddling expeditions on flatwater but doesn’t come with paddles.

    • Large cockpit
    • Two adjustable seats
    • Rudder included
    • Storage compartment
    • Does not come with paddles

    3: Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus Kayak

    • Length: 15 foot 3 inches
    • Width: 29.5 inches
    • Weight: 72 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 475 pounds

    This  Dirigo Tandem Plus  can be a feature-rich two-person kayak. This 15 foot 3 inch yak is relatively narrow, at under 30 inches wide, which can mean improved speed. This can make it ideal for longer paddling sessions or a multi-day kayaking trip.

    This sit-inside tandem kayak features two spacious cockpits (ideal for adding a spray skirt) with thigh pads. The rear cockpit is almost 50 inches long (great for large adults), with a removable middle jump seat for a small passenger to tag along. The stern seat can also slide forward if you choose to paddle the boat solo.

    The Dirigo Tandem Plus has plenty of room for your gear, with a large Click Seal hatch that’s ideal for larger items. You’ll also find deck rigging for securing other gear. Both paddlers have access to cup holders and the front paddler has the benefit of a small storage hatch for valuables.

    • Stable and quick
    • Spacious cockpits
    • Lots of storage space
    • Removable third seat
    • Not easy to carry

    4: Ocean Kayak Zest Two

    • Length: 16 foot 4.5 inches
    • Width: 30.5 inches
    • Weight: 75 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

    This is a longer kayak that’s built for light touring. With its stable hull, it can handle a range of water conditions and can be one of the best tandem kayaks for a family camping trip or calm ocean kayaking.

    Because of its relatively narrow width compared with its considerably longer length, the Zest Two is designed for speed and efficiency compared to some shorter, wider kayaks. This can make it easier to paddle over long distances.

    The two-person kayak comes with two seats, but there’s room for a small third passenger or dog. It also has decent leg room for tall people so you don’t feel cramped.

    There are spacious gear storage compartments with bungee cords for securing outdoor gear in dry bags or essential gear for an overnight trip. But there are no waterproof hatches.

    This is a pretty long vessel, which may require additional transportation considerations and a strong second person to help lift it. But there are four carrying handles.

    • Quick over water
    • Ideal for touring
    • Generous weight capacity
    • You may need an extra pair of hands for hauling

    >  Review of the Zest Two

    5: Old Town Twin Heron Tandem

    • Length: 13 ft 6 inches
    • Width: 31.5 inches
    • Weight: 60 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

    Back onto the subject of sit-inside kayaks – the Twin Heron has a large, spacious cockpit with two seats and adjustable seat backs. 

    The design of the cockpit (and that you’re sitting lower) can also mean you’re able to paddle it on your own if you need to. And to help with this, there’s an Auto Trim Hull, which redistributes the weight when paddling solo, so it shouldn’t affect the performance.

    There’s also the useful “Glide Track” foot brace system, which helps you position your feet comfortably.

    With a huge capacity it can be an excellent choice for larger solo paddlers or if you want additional gear storage capacity. If there are two of you, you should also still have room for light camping gear and there’s the benefit of having additional storage space at the stern. 

    It has front and back carrying handles for transport.

    Note that there’s no dry storage area. The cockpit is mostly covered, but you might want to consider using a dry bag for your valuables.

    • Ideal for all seasons
    • Large single cockpit
    • Lightweight for a rigid tandem
    • Can be easily paddled solo
    • No dry storage area
    • Not the prettiest kayak

    >  Full Twin Heron review

    6: Advanced Elements Straitedge 2 Inflatable Kayak

    • Length: 13 foot (39.5 inches deflated)
    • Width: 35 inches (18 inches deflated)
    • Weight: 47 pounds

    The Advanced Elements Straitedge 2 is another one of many inflatable tandem kayaks that could be a good option if you want to take your vessel with you wherever you go without a roof rack. Unlike traditional kayaks, this can fit in the trunk inside its own duffel bag.

    It has aluminum ribs at the bow and stern, and drop stitched floor, which can help with performance, particularly improved tracking on open water. But it can be ideal for a range of water, from lakes and bays to rivers and up to Class III rapids. But there are faster kayaks on the list if you’re not looking to hit choppy waters.

    Another feature of this Advanced Elements inflatable kayak is that it has fishing rod holders. It comes with padded seats with adjustable seat backs but it’s also possible to reconfigure the seats to paddle it solo from the middle seat if you want more space on the open deck. 

    • Inflatable for portability
    • Rated for up to Class III rapids
    • Built-in rod holders
    • Not the fastest – this kayak is all about stability and portability

    >  Straitedge kayaks reviewed

    7: FeelFree Lure II Tandem Fishing Kayak

    • Length: 14 foot 2 inches
    • Width: 36 inches
    • Weight: 92 pounds

    The  FeelFree Lure II  can be a great two-person kayak if you’re looking for a feature-rich kayak with multiple storage options, as it comes with two padded mesh Gravity seats with mesh storage pockets and adjustable footrests. The Hi/Lo seats let you sit higher and can be adjusted for support and comfort on longer fishing trips.

    There are two sonar pods for a fish finder (sold separately) and a standing platform for easier fishing. This tandem fishing kayak is also rigged with fishing rod holders, gear tracks for installing additional fishing accessories, and storage space with shock cord for your crate or cooler.

    While this stable kayak is pretty heavy, there’s a wheel in the keel to help you move it.

    You can paddle this tandem kayak solo from the rear seat, freeing up space at the front for additional cargo. It’s also compatible with the Overdrive pedal drive and trolling motor drive (both sold separately), and is rudder-ready.

    • Standing platform
    • A versatile all-rounder
    • Rigged with angling features
    • Wheel in the keel
    • Weight. It’s the heaviest on our list

    8: Ocean Kayak Malibu Two  (12 ft version)

    • Length: 12 ft
    • Weight: 57 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 425 pounds

    This ever-popular high-density polyethylene kayak seats 2 paddlers comfortably. You could also fit a smaller child in the center making this a 3 person kayak. Up to 425 pounds of weight in total is supported.

    It comes with Comfort Plus seats that can be inserted in two of the three molded-in seat wells.

    It’s a hard-shelled ‘yak so of course won’t store away compactly, like some of the inflatable tandem kayaks in the list. But it has a lower total weight than some other kayaks.

    Best suited to relatively flat waters. Rough waters can make the Malibu Two a bit of a handful to control, which could prove tricky for beginners, and could make water come through the rear drain plug.

    Note that paddles are not included with this product.

    • Compact tandem
    • Easy to maneuver
    • Ideal for flatwater paddling
    • Three molded seat wells
    • It’s quite pricey for a “budget kayak”

    >  Malibu full review

    9: Riot Escape Duo Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak

    • Length: 14 foot 1 inch
    • Width: 34.6 inches
    • Weight: 63 pounds
    • Weight Capacity: 610 pounds

    The Riot Escape Duo is a  rigid tandem kayak  that can be ideal for a range of water conditions and can be a great boat for fishing.

    There are four flush-mount fishing rod holders, with two positioned for the front paddler and two for the rear. You’ll also find two paddle holders, so you can both stow your paddle securely while you’re busy fishing.

    This boat has a generous capacity, making it a good choice for larger paddlers or if you want to load it up with lots of gear. There is storage space in the rear, with deck rigging to help keep your stuff secure. There is also a smaller storage space at the bow and two sealed hatches.

    It comes with two Flex 4 seats that are padded with an adjustable backrest for support. There are also molded-in foot wells for both paddlers and molded carry handles at the bow and stern.

    • Can handle moderate choppy water
    • Bungee rigging
    • Budget price – but build quality isn’t brilliant

    10: Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

    • Length: 10 ft
    • Width: 39 inches
    • Depth: 9 inches
    • Weight: 41 pounds (shipped weight)
    • Weight Capacity: 470 pounds

    This inflatable kayak has a number of fittings that allow for customization for you and your kayaking partner.

    This tandem fishing kayak has a mounting bracket for a trolling motor, plus paddle holders and fishing rod holders. So this  kayak is perfect for the fishermen among you . There are seats included and it is easy to carry around courtesy of its D-rings.

    This inflatable kayak is made from thick gauge PVC with a polyester core. Even if you did happen to get a puncture, the kayak has several air chambers, so only a certain area will leak in water, rather than the entire ‘yak sinking.

    Downsides are that is does not come with a pump or paddles. So you are going to have to factor that extra cost in if purchasing. But it is an affordable option that’s easier to transport than hard shells.

    • Compact, lightweight inflatable
    • Lots of fishing features
    • Paddles and pump not included

    >  Full Coleman Colorado review

    11: Lifetime Manta Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak

    This is the ultimate budget option on the list. 

    Some may view the Manta as “junk”, but for those dipping their toes into kayaking on a budget – this kayak might just do the job.

    The Manta is another non-inflatable kayak without the hefty price tag. Relatively lightweight at 60lbs, it comes with paddles and two soft backrests. There are actually three molded seats, unlike its solo counterparts, so a third (small) person could sit in the middle seat or this can be used to paddle the kayak solo.

    Along with paddle bars, there’s a handy little storage area at the bow and drink holders. There’s not a lot of room for gear because it doesn’t have the extra length, so it’s probably not the best for fishing or tall people.

    It comes with aluminum paddles and has a rocker profile for surf.

    • Three molded seats
    • Two backrests
    • Great stability
    • More of a “pool toy” than a serious kayak
    • Sluggish in a straight line

    >  Full Lifetime Manta review

    12: Star Paragon Tandem Inflatable Kayak

    • Length: 15 foot
    • Weight: 58 pounds
    • Weight capacity: 400 pounds

    We think the Paragon is a durable tandem kayak. It can handle mild whitewater but it’s not self bailing.

    The rigid bow and stern inserts help with flatwater tracking performance, along with the removable fin. And the drop-stitch floor gives the feel and performance of a hardshell kayak.

    This is a spacious kayak, with enough room to haul two paddlers plus overnight gear.

    • Drop-stitch floor
    • Not self bailing

    13: Perception Tribe 13.5 Tandem Kayak

    • Length: 13 foot 5 inches
    • Weight: 79 pounds
    • Weight capacity: 500 pounds

    The Tribe 13.5 is versatile kayak that’s great on surf, slow rivers, and lakes. We think it’s pretty comfortable, with framed backrests and seat cushions. There’s space for your essentials, with cargo decks and two center hatches.

    Plus, you’ll find solo mount recesses to customize it with accessories (sold separately). But weighing almost 80 pounds, it’s not the lightest to carry.

    • Good storage
    • Great for a range of waters

    14: Aire Outfitter II Tandem Inflatable Kayak

    • Length: 12 foot 2 inches
    • Width: 41 inches
    • Weight: 46 pounds
    • Weight capacity: 525 pounds

    The Outfitter II is built for big whitewater and river expeditions. The high level of stability makes it an excellent choice for all skill levels, including beginners. It’s a boat that can grow with your skills.

    But it’s not the easiest to paddle on flatwater, thanks to its increased rocker.

    This inflatable has large side tubes for added stability in rapids and the two Cheetah seats are adjustable and provide decent back support.

    • Excellent stability
    • Room for gear
    • Not the best for flatwater

    15: Aquaglide Chelan 155 Inflatable Kayak

    • Length: 15 foot 1 inch
    • Weight: 38 pounds
    • Weight capacity: 600 pounds

    If you’re looking for a tandem touring kayak that’s easy to store and carry, we think the Chelan 155 could fit the bill. This has a huge capacity and enough storage space for wilderness trips or space to bring a dog or a child.

    The drop-stitch floor provides rigidity for glide and speed. And the removable fin helps you track straight. A downside to this boat is that it doesn’t come with a pump included.

    • Great for touring
    • Drop-stitch construction
    • Pump not included

    Why Choose A Tandem Kayak?

    Tandem kayaks have many pros, and a few cons. Deciding on whether or not a tandem is for you is going to depend on many factors. It’s down to the preference of the kayaker!

    However, what we can do is give you as much information as we possibly can to help you get closer to making that final choice!

    How about we start off with  highlighting the advantages and disadvantages  (and the main difference) of owning a tandem kayak.

    You Have A Family

    This is one of the more obvious pros to owning a tandem. If you have kids, then having a tandem is a must.

    Depending on the age & size of your kids (make sure you are confident they can be trusted in the cockpit), you can paddle as an adult and child together. One child had best sit in the bow (front seat) and the adult or heavier person sit at the stern (back seat).

    With this set up, your kids can sit at the front and enjoy the views. While you can paddle at the back, still see everything, and look out for any obstacles that may crop up.

    If you have one child and two adults, you could consider purchasing a separate solo ‘yak. Best to have an adult in that solo kayak, especially if you have younger kids. Always make sure you all wear a life vest and  have your little ones within arms reach . Set some good,  common sense ground rules  before you set off (no standing or leaning etc). It goes without saying that safety should always come first!

    Most tandem kayaks have enough room for a third person. Some can have a seat fitted in this third space, some not. It’s possible for a child to squeeze in here, or  perhaps a dog . Just be careful. This position may mean the person’s lower body is more exposed to the elements. Something you want to avoid if the person is not 100% competent….like smaller kids.

    > Canoes can be even more spacious for families

    Can Be Easier (take breaks, multitasking etc)

    Paddling a tandem kayak can just be ‘easier’!

    When paddling a single-person kayak, everything is down to you and you only.

    Video: How To Paddle A Tandem Kayak

    With tandems on the other hand, it’s possible to take short breaks while the other person paddles on. Shhh! The person sitting in the stern position may be able to rest a little more as they are out of sight, like a tandem bicycle.

    Tandem kayaks also get the big ‘thumbs up’ for those who are multitasking. For example, if you’re paddling along a picturesque river and have a camera, you’re probably going to want to take some snaps. Having two people on board means that one can steer, while the other sets themselves up for the perfect shot while continuing hands free.

    Fishing would be another example. If you’re trying to reel in a whopper, you’ll want someone else on board to keep things steady on your tandem fishing kayak.

    >  Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks

    More Speed!

    If you want to  pick up the pace , then a tandem is the way to go. With two people and teamwork you can really power ahead.

    Longer kayaks plus two paddlers mean you can tour along faster. Even taking into consideration that the stern is wider on a tandem, theoretically, you should travel faster through the water than your average kayaker.

    Now,  speed isn’t necessarily an advantage . If you’re enjoying the beautiful scenery, then speed may not be a priority.

    Increased Stability

    Stability can be key , particularly for less experienced kayakers. Think beginners, and of course, children. If you lack experience, you may be looking for stability over speed – something we would recommend.

    Stability is also important in choppier or less calm waters. The more stability, the better.

    You may want to consider a tandem kayak with a rudder and  pedals  for easier control. Tandems can be a little more difficult to maneuver than shorter kayaks.

    Sharing Is Caring (It Can Be More Fun!)

    This is purely subjective! Sometimes the  paddling experience is just more fun with two people . You can share the moment much easier than if you were in single kayaks.

    Sitting in one kayak, it’s much easier to have a conversation and talk about the views and the overall experience together. You can share those ‘look at that!’ moments much more easily compared to most kayaks.

    This is especially the case if you’re with your significant other. It can be more romantic to share the ride with your loved one in one kayak than paddling separately.

    > Tips for a kayaking date

    More Spacious (but 2 single/kayaks usually carry more than Double Kayak)

    The basic rule is that a double kayak can carry around 1.5 times more equipment than a solo kayak. That’s a significant increase in storage space. However, be warned. There is usually a lot more space in two single-person kayaks than there is in one tandem ‘yak. 

    As tempting as it is,  try not to bring too much gear with you . Yes, tandem kayaks can take a lot of heavy gear. But the more that’s carried, the more difficult it is to get around and the harder it is to paddle. Kayaks tend to be so much more sluggish when nearing weight capacity.

    This is another reason why two solo kayaks are better than a tandem should there be a need to carry around more stuff.

    If you can carry less – do so. Your paddling experience will be a whole lot more enjoyable as a result.

    If There’s An Accident, Or Someone Ill, That Person Can Sit In The Spare Seat

    This is something to really think about. Whether you just have the one tandem for 2 people, or you’re out with a group… having at least one tandem kayak is a great added safety backup .

    If you’re out with a group and someone falls ill or tires out, you have the spare seat in the tandem for that person to relax and let the other paddler do all the work.

    If you’re out with a bunch of solo ‘yaks, then how is that person going to get to their destination? A solo kayak would have to get towed, with that person on board. Not particularly practical, although possible.

    Take The Dog!

    Yup,  why not take the dog with you ! As long as they’re happy enough, a “man’s best friend “ can be great company if you’re going out for a tour.

    We recommend looking for a ‘yak with a removable seat booster. This will leave as much room as possible for ‘Fido’ to get comfortable and enjoy the ride as well. Remember your dog’s life vest.

    The Disadvantages Of Tandem Kayaks

    So what are some of the drawbacks of owning a tandem kayak?

    Transport & Storage

    This is probably the biggest disadvantage. Tandem kayaks are just bigger and more cumbersome than single versions.

    This means you need to think about storage and how you’re going to move the kayak around, which may require additional purchases:

    • Have you got enough space to store a large kayak? 
    • Is your car capable of carrying around your bigger-than-average kayak?

    Tandem kayaks also tend to be heavier. Well, the hard shells are, at least.

    With all this weight, can you easily lift the kayak onto the  roof rack of your car ? One strong (relatively speaking) person should be able to do this alone, but really it’s a 2 person job. Although you could  invest in a kayak loader  to get around this problem.

    Keep these points in mind!

    Not As Much Room As 2 Solo Kayaks

    As we said before, a tandem kayak is ‘roomy’, but two single kayaks are a better option if you plan on lugging around lots of equipment regularly and want to sit comfortably (especially for taller paddlers).

    There is no golden rule on this, as it’s going to depend on a number of variables. Just measure up all your kayak options before making any decision.

    Loss Of Independence?

    We explained earlier how a tandem kayak can be good for sharing the experience. But sometimes tandem kayaking can cause friction between two paddlers. Particularly if there is a great difference in fitness levels and in expectation from the kayak tour experience.

    One person may want to paddle slowly down one side of the river, while the other might want to go ‘all out’ down the other!

    There’s also a loss of independence. If you’re paddling a one person kayak, you can go anywhere you want and as fast as you want. Tandems mean teamwork. So if you have an independent thinking mind, a kayaking partner may not be for you!

    Brian Day  – Paddling Mag

    When it comes to tandem paddling, there’s no clear advantage to one design versus the other. Instead, it’s best to choose the tandem kayak that is most appropriate for the paddling that you plan to do. If you want a tandem recreational kayak that can be paddled some distance from shore, a sit-on-top design will be best.

    If you know you’ll stick to shallow water and want a dryer ride, choose a sit-inside recreational design. If you’re looking to camp out of your tandem, consider a tandem touring kayak instead of a recreational design.

    2-Person Kayaks: FAQs

    Can You Paddle A Tandem Kayak Solo? If Yes, How?

    Yes, you can paddle a tandem kayak solo. You may find that you have more control over the boat and better weight distribution if you reposition the seats so that you’re sitting closer to the center.

    How Long Are Tandem Kayaks?

    They can be a bit longer than solo  recreational kayaks  but this is not always the case. They can range from around 10 feet up to around 20 feet in length, with most of the recreational tandems generally falling within the 12 to 14 foot range.

    >  More on lengths of kayaks

    Who Steers A Tandem Kayak?

    Both paddlers can help steer a tandem kayak but the rear seated paddler may have more overall control over the boat. The bow paddler can use a forward sweep stroke, while the stern paddler can do a reverse sweep stroke on the opposite side and this should turn the boat.

    >  More on kayak strokes

    Is A Two Person Kayak Faster Than A Solo One?

    They can be faster if you and your paddling partner work in unison to paddle effectively.

    Are Tandem Kayaks Safe To Use?

    Top-rated tandem kayaks tend to be stable and safe to use. They can be ideal for having kids join you, but make sure they wear a  suitable life vest  or flotation device and stick to calm waters.

    Is A Tandem Kayak Or Canoe Best?

    It depends on what you plan to use the boat for. A  sit-inside kayak with a spray skirt  can be better for rougher waters than a canoe. But  a canoe can be better  for a camping trip with a lot of gear and if you have to portage frequently.

    Wrapping Up

    Wrapping things, up, if you’re after a kayak for recreation and touring in good weather conditions, we think the  Sea Eagle SE370  is be ideal. It’s an inflatable tandem kayak with a huge weight capacity for you and all your gear.

    A great runner up, on the other hand, is the  Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T  with its large single cockpit and two fully adjustable padded seats. This can be a good choice for paddling with your partner in all seasons.

    Another fantastic runner up is the  FeelFree Lure II  which is ideal for a trip on fishing kayaks. It’s rigged with lots of angling features and benefits from having two height-adjustable seats.

    However, remember that not all of these tandems will be perfect for everybody as there may be other elements to consider. Before you jump in, think about who you plan to paddle with, the activities you want to do and where. 

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    Great article – thanks for sharing. I notice the Hobie Tandems don’t make it to the top 5. I was surprised by this as I was under the impression they were a market leader. What are some of the reasons the Kona and Odyssey just don’t compare? Thanks in advance for taking a look!

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    This is a really great article to find your way around in the world of tadems specifically if you are still unsure what to buy.

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    Hi Hauke. Thanks for asking.

    Do you mean, what is a good kayak for a kid to learn in? Check out this article:

    Otherwise, if an adult needs to paddle as well, you could opt for a budget option:

    can a pelican tandem kayak fit 3 or 4 adult individual with average weight of 100?

    100 pounds each? Depends on the actual kayak. The Pelican tandems can handle up to 500 pounds I believe. Check out the actual kayak specs on the official site however.

    Although the kayak can cater for 50 pounds, 4 humans moving around could cause a fair bit of imbalance…depending on their behavior.

    Thank you for a very informative article. Choosing is difficult. Hubby and I plan to kayak without kids much of the time but also want the option for him to paddle a tandem with our moderately disabled daughter who is unlikely to help much with the paddling. She weighs about 150 lbs. Hubby and I might also paddle the tandem together without our daughter. We’re envisioning buying one tandem and one solo for max flexibility. Can you recommend a tandem that wouldn’t be too tough for him to paddle solo with a passenger and that he could also paddle solo? Sit-on-top or sit in with a large hatch are both okay. We’ll mostly paddle in relatively calm lakes or very calm rivers. Thank you.

    Thanks for dropping by…

    As you say, choosing a kayak can be incredibly difficult, and there’s often no one answer.

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    I think this is one of the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The website style is great, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

    We have a Pamlico 13.5 sit inside tandem….absolutely the most comfortable seats ever! We used to own a Sevelor Big-Basin 3-man inflatable that was very good but we wanted to have better and easier tracking.

    I’ve had a Hobie Odyssey (a tandem) for about 4 years and primarily use it in Texas rivers like the San Marcos, Medina and even the super shallow Llano. I highly highly recommend it. I’m 5’4 and 120lbs and my partner is 6ft and 200 lbs. This boat has lots of legroom in the back for taller people, tons of cargo space, and it’s a breeze to paddle and maneuver. Which is really surprising considering it’s weight and size. Rarely bottoms out. Takes a beating like nothing else. We went to a kayak retailers demo day to try out numerous yaks and this one beat out 6-7 others from 4-5 manufacturers. Made paddling a joy. We still go to lots of demo days to test out kayaks and I’ve never regretted this purchase. I don’t look forward to loading it but it’s worth it, because the paddle and tracking is phenomenal.

    My wife and I use a Piranha Fusion Duo on the Chattahoochee River which is a medium moving river. We usually paddle up-river through some shoals and then ride through the shoals and then wind out the workout with a leisurely paddle back to where we started. Occasionally we go far up-river and go through several shoals with very little up-river paddling.

    The Piranha Fusion Duo is probably the most versatile and durable tandem on the market. The Class-I-II shoals are almost as fun in this tandem as they are solo. We frequently hit rocks without issue – and with the retractable skeg we can track very well in the flats and maintain an impressive pace. With the skeg up this craft is almost as maneuverable as a smaller solo white-water boat. In fact, with a single paddler it is very buoyant and I’ve been able to run some super-shallow water.

    Only issue is the weight. As with most tandems, this kayak will require some finesse getting to a rooftop and perhaps a cart if you have a smaller partner to get the boat to the water.

    Hi Cornell. We seriously need to check the Piranha Fusion Duo out!

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    The Atlas Heart

    15 Best Tandem Kayaks for More Adventures on the Water in 2024

    * This article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you.

    TL;DR: The best tandem kayak is the Elkton Outdoors Two-Person Hard Shell Kayak . Its 36-inch width provides excellent stability for two people and ample storage space, including two hatches and a cooler platform. It’s expensive, but a fair price for a high quality tandem kayak.

    As much as I love being outside, the one thing that always makes it better is friends, which is why the idea of tandem kayaking is so appealing. You get to enjoy the outdoors with half the work! 

    Tandem kayaking also has benefits that solo kayaking doesn’t have. The first time I went ocean kayaking, it was in a tandem boat. 

    I was super excited to try it, but it turned out that my vertigo got the best of me (yes, I’m very sensitive) and I basically ended up incapacitated. 

    I was so nauseous that had my boyfriend not been in the stern to paddle me back, I’m not sure how I would have gotten back to shore. 

    It’s strictly lake and river paddling for me now and I’m much happier!

    You may not turn green on the ocean like me, but if you’re brand new to paddling or looking for a gift for an older couple or a family, a tandem kayak might be just the thing!

    I’ve sifted through a bajillion tandem kayaks and tandem kayak reviews to bring you the best of the best. Read on to find the best tandem kayak for your needs and skill level!

    Note: this article contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

    Tandem Kayaks

    Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

    • Best for Families – Sea Eagle 3-Person Inflatable Kayak
    • Best for Beginners – Perception Rambler 13.5
    • Best for Fishing – BKC TK122U 12′ 6″ Tandem 2 or 3 Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak
    • Best Sit-Inside Tandem Kayak – Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135
    • Best Inflatable Tandem Kayak – Intex Excursion Pro
    • Best Tandem Kayak for One Person – Lifetime Tandem 10
    • Best for Camping – Elkton Outdoors Hard Shell Fishing Tandem Kayak
    • Best Lightweight Tandem Kayak – Explorer K2 Kayak
    • Best for Big Guys – Sea Eagle 380X Inflatable Kayak
    • Best for Stability – BKC TK219 12.2′ Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak
    • Best for Under $1000 – Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible
    • Best for the Ocean – Aquaglide Navarro
    • Best Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak – Ocean Kayak Malibu II
    • Most Comfortable Tandem Kayak – Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Touring Kayak
    • Best Foldable Kayak – Oru Foldable Kayak

    Table of Contents

    #1 Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Kayak

    Best for Families

    Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Kayak

    Our rating: 4.6/5 Weight: 44.25 lbs Length: 12.5’ Weight capacity: 650 lbs

    I chose the Sea Eagle 3-Person Inflatable Kayak as the best inflatable tandem kayak for families because it seats three and it packs down small. 

    This means your minivan won’t be too crowded on your big family vacay. Plus, this inflatable kayak won’t break the bank. 

    If you have siblings or children, you know the competition to do *that fun thing* can be cutthroat. 

    Why don’t you make your vacation a little less dramatic by choosing a kayak that can seat three? That way one adult can still be in attendance or up to three youngsters can go at once.

    The Sea Eagle 3-Person Kayak is rated for up to Class III whitewater kayaking if you’re that kind of family, but this little beauty will do great on calm waters as well. 

    This kayak has two skegs (fins) on the bottom but some people find that they need to glue a third skeg for adequate tracking. 

    I do find it a little annoying that there isn’t a way to more easily add a skeg as this is a pretty standard feature on most tandem kayaks. 

    There are two paddles, a foot pump, and a carry bag included with this kayak. 

    I especially appreciate the paddles because not all kayaks include them, and who has time and money to buy extras?

    One con about the Sea Eagle is the quality of the seats. 

    They’re a bit uncomfortable and the design for adding a different middle seat is lacking. If you’re a bigger person, the middle seat doesn’t always stay upright. 

    • Seats three
    • Folds up small (no roof rack needed)
    • Affordable price
    • Up to Class III rapids
    • Uncomfortable, low-quality seats
    • May need a third skeg

    #2 Perception Rambler 13.5

    Best for Beginners

    Perception Rambler 13.5

    Our rating: 4.7/5 Weight: 78 lbs Length: 13’ 5’’ Weight capacity: 550 lbs

    The Perception Rambler 13.5 is the best two-person kayak for beginners because it’s a good-quality sit-on-top kayak that’s reasonably priced (compared to other top-rated tandem kayaks). 

    In fact, I like it so much that I also included it in my roundup of the best budget kayaks . 

    Sit-on-top kayaks are good for beginners because they’re easier to get in and out of and tend to be wider and thus more stable than sit-inside kayaks. 

    This is a roomy kayak, which I like because whenever I’m new to something I inevitably bring way too much stuff the first time I try it. 

    There’s an optional center seat and a storage hatch at the stern (back) that’s big enough for a cooler to sit in. 

    This rigid tandem kayak is made of one molded piece of high-density polyethylene and is suitable for ocean bays with minimal surf, lakes, and slow rivers.

    One of the downsides to this kayak is that there are no adjustable footrests and some people find the built-in ones uncomfortable. 

    Additionally, the seats are padded, but if you’re on a long trip, you may want to consider bringing some extra padding or support. 

    This kayak is also a bit on the heavy side at 78 pounds, but if you have two paddlers it shouldn’t be too hard to transport. 

    Finally, one last con about this tandem kayak is that the paddles aren’t included.  

    • Can seat up to three
    • Multi-water way optional
    • Large storage hatch
    • Stable design
    • Paddles not included
    • Footrests can be uncomfortable for some people

    #3 BKC TK122U 12′ 6″ Tandem 2 or 3 Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

    Best for Fishing

    BKC TK122U 12' 6" Tandem 2 or 3 Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

    Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 74 lbs Length: 12.9’ Weight capacity: 770 lbs

    If you’re looking for tandem fishing kayaks, go for an option that’s specifically made with anglers in mind. 

    The Brooklyn Kayak Company TK122U 12’6’’ Tandem Kayak is a two-person fishing kayak with all the bells and whistles an angler could want. 

    This kayak features four fishing rod holders (two of which can be swiveled around) so that you and your kayaking partner have lots of options for rod placement.

    I also like the seats in this kayak. Fishing often requires sitting for long periods, so you need a comfortable chair. The seats are raised just a bit off the bottom of the kayak and are designed like aluminum porch chairs. 

    There’s also a decent amount of storage space on this tandem fishing kayak, which is needed because anglers often have a lot of gear (or at least a lot of beer). There are two waterproof compartments as well as a bungee tie-down in the stern. 

    Additionally, there are four “accessory rails” so you can mount a GPS to the side of the craft.

    The weight capacity on this vessel is very high at 770 lbs and the bottom of the kayak is flat, which provides for good stability. 

    If I have anything negative to say about this fishing kayak, it’s that customer service may not be the easiest to deal with at BKC. 

    • Four fishing rod holders
    • Lots of storage space for securing gear
    • Very stable
    • High weight capacity
    • Customer service is lacking

    #4 Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135

    Best Sit-Inside Tandem Kayak

    Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135

    Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 72 lbs Length: 13’6’’ Weight capacity: 500

    There are many excellent sit-inside tandem kayaks out there but I eventually landed on the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135 because it shines in several categories. 

    First, this kayak has lots of ways you can customize it to fit your body shape. 

    There are adjustable seats and footrests, both of which are padded. 

    And unlike some rigid kayaks with molded-in footrests, it has a movable foot brace system to customize the length specifically to you. 

    Many tandem kayaks that are “sit-in” have individual cockpits, so you couldn’t paddle solo because you wouldn’t be able to balance the weight properly. Not so with the Pamlico 135!

    The seats are universally lauded as very comfortable – they have thick mesh-covered foam and the entire seat can slide forward and back for precise load balancing. 

    Another thing I like about this kayak is that you can take one of the seats out so it can be easily paddled solo.

    One neat feature about this kayak that I don’t often see elsewhere is that the side of the cockpit is padded so that your thighs don’t get bruised resting against the edge. 

    The gear storage on this kayak includes a bungee system and a waterproof storage hatch behind the rear seat. 

    I don’t love this arrangement because I find it a little difficult to reach the back storage hatch when I’m paddling, but it’s not a deal-breaker. 

    • Can be converted into a single kayak
    • Comfortable
    • Padding on sides of the cockpit
    • Storage hatch may be hard to reach

    #5 Intex Excursion Pro

    Best Inflatable Tandem Kayak

    Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

    Our rating: 4.6/5 Weight: 43.64 lbs Length: 151.2 in Weight capacity: 400 lbs

    The Intex Excursion Pro is not only a great inflatable kayak but it’s also a great budget buy as well. 

    One issue with inflatable tandem kayaks is getting the air pressure right. 

    Thankfully, this kayak comes with a pressure gauge to measure the air pressure in the kayak to take the guesswork out of inflation.

    And it comes with a double-action pump so that you’re inflating with both the up and down stroke, which helps the inflation process go faster. 

    The Intex Excursion Pro also comes with a deep and shallow water skeg (super handy so you’re not scraping the skeg fin in shallow water).

    It can double as a fishing kayak because it has two fishing rod holders. The middle of the kayak also has an optional mounting bracket for additional fishing accessories like a GPS. 

    The skin of this tandem kayak is PVC-coated polyester, which is common for inflatable kayaks and is more durable than PVC alone. 

    In terms of storage space, both the stern and bow have stainless steel rings to clip dry bags to and you can generally fit a few things either between your legs or near your feet.

    One downside of this inflatable kayak is the weight capacity is only 400 pounds, which is relatively low. So, it might not be suitable for two tall paddlers plus fishing gear and coolers filled with ice packs and drinks.

    Additionally, while I appreciate the two different skeg sizes, the skeg holder on the bottom of the kayak isn’t always mounted perfectly straight. This means it could be a challenge to keep a steady direction while paddling in this kayak. 

    • 3-ply skin provides better durability
    • Built-in rod holders
    • Mounting bar for fishing accessories
    • Fast inflation
    • Skeg holder may not be perfectly straight
    • Not suitable for two heavy paddlers with lots of gear

    #6 Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak

    Best Tandem Kayak for One Person

    Lifetime Tandem 10

    Our rating: 4.5/5 Weight: 60 lbs Length: 10 lbs Weight capacity: 500 lbs

    If your tandem paddling partner ditches you, your kayaking adventure might be put on pause: unless your tandem kayak can be converted to a solo kayak! 

    No matter the reason you find yourself paddling solo, it’s not a terrible idea to have the most versatile watercraft you can get. 

    And the Lifetime 10’ Tandem Fishing Kayak is about as versatile as you can get. 

    It can be paddled solo or with a friend, and it can be used as a fishing kayak or a simple recreational kayak. To be honest, it’s not often you can do all those things in the same boat.  

    The Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak is a hardshell sit-on-top kayak with a 10-foot length, which is a relatively short kayak length. Short kayaks like this are easy to turn and are certainly manageable for one person. 

    One issue with shorter kayaks is that they don’t tend to have great tracking. However, this kayak avoids that problem – the bottom of the kayak has an “M” shape that gives it better tracking.

    This two-person kayak can also fit up to three fishing rods, and it has a large storage space in the back for fishing tackle or a cooler.

    While most people love the Lifetime Tandem Fishing Kayak, make sure to look it over for holes when you first get it. Once in a while, a bad kayak gets through quality checks.

    That’s clearly *no bueno* especially for a kayak as pricey as this one, but thankfully they have a reliable return policy if you contact them immediately. 

    • A two-person kayak that can be used for solo paddling adventures
    • Intended as a tandem fishing kayak, but suitable for non-fishing excursions
    • Three fishing rod holders
    • Good tracking
    • Quality issues during manufacture; do a thorough check when you first receive it

    #7 Elkton Outdoors Hard Shell Fishing Tandem Kayak

    Best for Camping

    Elkton Outdoors Hard Shell Fishing Tandem Kayak

    Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 72 lbs Length: 12.2’ Weight capacity: 650 lbs

    Camping with a kayak is the best. You can bring all the trappings of glamping and you don’t have to carry any of it on your back.

    The one thing you need for a camping kayak is lots of storage space. Trust me, once you try camping with a kayak you’ll never go backpacking again.

    I chose the Elkton Outdoors Two-Person Hard Shell Kayak as the best camping kayak because of all the space you get. 

    Many tandem kayaks have either a dry storage hatch or a bungee-covered open compartment, but the Elkton Outdoors Two-Person has two of each. Plus, it has a cooler platform in the middle.

    This is a very wide (36’’) and stable kayak, too, which is important so that none of your gear goes overboard. And if you like to fish while you camp this kayak has two-rod holders too. 

    If there’s one thing to complain about with this kayak, it’s that the seats aren’t very well constructed and buckle isn’t the most durable. 

    • Lots of storage space
    • Dedicated cooler platform
    • Two fishing rod holders
    • Seat is not high-quality

    #8 Explorer K2 Kayak

    Best Lightweight Tandem Kayak 

    Explorer K2 Kayak

    Our rating: 4.5/5 Weight: 30.4 lbs Length: 10’ 3’’ Weight capacity: 400 lbs

    I don’t know about you but I’m not about to win any weightlifting competitions, nor am I trying to when I go out on the water for fun. 

    Kayaks, especially tandem kayaks, can be quite heavy and unwieldy even with two people (especially if you have little sticks for arms like me). 

    Maneuvering a big kayak off a roof rack is really tricky, not to mention carrying it to the water or portaging it around obstacles. This is why having the lightest tandem kayak possible is such a luxury. 

    The Explorer K2 Kayak is one of the lightest weight tandem kayaks out there at just 30.4 pounds. Think about how many more river beverages you can carry with such a lightweight kayak!

    This is a shorter (10’3’’) sit-on inflatable kayak. And while there’s a removable skeg for directional stability, this kayak is best suited for calm waters. 

    This kayak comes with all the basics you need to get on the water immediately: two paddles, an air pump, and a carry bag. 

    It’s also extremely affordable, making it one of the best tandem kayaks under $500.

    Additionally, the seats on this inflatable tandem kayak are removable, which I like because then you can sit facing your paddling partner and enjoy the water. 

    The maximum weight on this kayak is a bit low: just 400 pounds (you’d be surprised how fast the weights add up!), but for a budget kayak, I’d still say that’s pretty good. 

    With that said, this is a bargain kayak, and I’ve seen a few people complain of leaks. 

    There’s a repair kit included and multiple air chambers so you shouldn’t truly sink, but you might be getting what you pay for. 

    • Lightweight!
    • Budget-friendly
    • Comes with all the basic necessities
    • Low maximum weight
    • May be prone to leaks

    #9 Sea Eagle 380X Inflatable Kayak

    Best for Big Guys

    Sea Eagle 380X Inflatable Kayak

    Our rating: 4.8/5 Weight: 40 lbs Length: 12’6’’ Weight capacity: 750 lbs

    You should never, ever exceed the weight capacity on a kayak for safety reasons. 

    But even getting close to the weight capacity will cause the boat to sit lower in the water and will impact maneuverability. 

    With the Sea Eagle 380X , you shouldn’t have to worry about exceeding the weight capacity, even with two large humans on board. 

    Not only do these inflatable tandem kayaks have a whopping weight capacity of 750 lbs, but they’re rated up to Class IV rapids. 

    This is a 12’6’’ long kayak with a 39-inch width (i.e. quite stable) and can seat up to three. The hull is made of 1000 Denier polyester, which means the fabric is very puncture resistant. 

    There’s also a “pro package” that comes with this kayak that includes two paddles, two “tall” seats, a hand pump, a detachable skeg, and a repair kit. 

    Setup time on this big fella is just 15 minutes, even using a hand pump. Additionally, the weight is almost nothing (40 lbs), especially for such a stout boat. 

    While most people love this kayak, I have seen at least one person say that there is a seam weakness under the Sea Eagle badge itself that can be hard to repair.

    • Very high max weight
    • Lightweight
    • Comes with all the basic accessories
    • Fast setup time
    • Seam failure possible in one spot

    #10 BKC TK219 12.2′ Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak

    Best for Stability

    BKC TK219 12.2' Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak

    Our rating: 4.8/5 Weight: 68 lbs Length: 12’2’’ Weight capacity: 595

    Generally speaking, two factors contribute to the stability of a kayak: width and the shape of the bottom. 

    Kayaks over about 30 inches wide and flat-bottomed kayaks have excellent stability. You’ll also tend to find that sit-on kayaks are more stable than sit-inside kayaks. 

    Fishing kayaks often incorporate all three of these elements and that’s why the best tandem kayak for stability on my list is a fishing kayak! 

    The Brooklyn Kayak Company TK219 is a 12’2’’ long sit-on-top kayak. The 34-inch width and the flat bottom give this kayak great stability. You can use this as an ocean kayak or take it out on mellower rivers and lakes.

    The longer kayak length does two things: it creates a boat that stays in a straight line easily and provides deck space for more gear storage (or up to a third person!). 

    In addition to the added deck space, there are two sealed hatches and one bungee tie-down behind the stern seat. All of these are nice features for longer-distance trips. 

    The seats on this kayak are the aluminum frame type, which I appreciate because I like to have firmer support when I’m sitting for extended periods. 

    As I said, this is a fishing kayak. It has six fishing rod holders so you can go fish-crazy on this thing, too. 

    Really, the only downside about this kayak is that it’s a little on the pricey side. 

    • Excellent stability
    • Lots of gear storage
    • Seats up to three
    • Six fishing rod holders

    #11 Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

    Best for Under $1000

    Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

    Our rating: 4.7/5 Weight: 36 lbs Length: 10’5’’ Weight capacity: 300 lbs

    Top tandem kayaks can be expensive and a good tandem kayak will often be several hundred dollars minimum. 

    If you’re in the market for a mid-range tandem kayak, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak is a great choice. 

    Admittedly, the AdvancedFrame kayak is *just* under $1000, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, you can check out our article on the best budget kayaks . 

    The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak is unique in that it’s a hybrid between an inflatable and a hard shell kayak. It’s an inflatable kayak with a rigid aluminum frame reinforcement in the bow. 

    One nice thing about the shape of the rigid frame is that it acts like a skeg, which helps with tracking, but additionally, there’s an extra tracking fin that can be added for improved performance. 

    One of the biggest costs of some of the top kayaks is the materials they’re made of. 

    This kayak is made of a triple-layer of polyester that’s coated with PVC on both sides to ensure the hull isn’t punctured. 

    And in case you do get a hole, the kayak comes with a repair kit. While PVC is quite common on cheaper kayaks, you don’t always get multiple layers of it. 

    The carry bag for this kayak is heavy-duty, but one downside is that it doesn’t come with an air pump. 

    The manufacturer recommends using a 12V electric pump , and the air ports are compatible with most air pumps. 

    Lastly, this kayak has a decent amount of space. There’s bungee rigging on the bow to slide a dry bag under, as well as two zippered compartments in the bow and stern for items. 

    • Good for flat and moderate river difficulty
    • Hybrid between a rigid and inflatable kayak
    • Heavy-duty carry bag 
    • Durable, multi-layer materials
    • Air pump not included

    #12 Aquaglide Navarro

    Best for the Ocean

    Aquaglide Navarro

    Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 35 lbs Length: 13’3’’ Weight capacity: 400 lbs

    If you’re looking to enjoy ocean trips with your kayak, you’ll want to look for long, narrow kayaks. This is essentially the description of a touring kayak. 

    While most recreational paddlers will do fine with a wide sit-on-top kayak, long-distance ocean paddling requires something a little more serious.

    My pick for the best ocean kayak is the Aquaglide Navarro , a convertible open deck/sit-inside 13’ 3’’ inflatable kayak, because it incorporates many of the elements of a touring kayak.

    The Aquaglide Navarro is “convertible” in the sense that the top of the kayak has a zip-on cover that can be added to keep you warmer or to keep water off your legs. 

    When it’s unzipped, it forms more of an open cockpit in nice weather. 

    You can also add a spray skirt. One con about this kayak is that both the zipper cover and spray skirt are sold separately. 

    Additionally, the bottom of this kayak has a flat profile. It may not be as speedy as a v-shaped boat, but it makes up for this with stability. 

    The hard bottom makes this kayak very stable while still providing good tracking. It also includes a skeg to help improve tracking even more. 

    The front bow also has a zippered compartment for storage as well as bungee rigging on the top of the deck. 

    • Great tracking
    • Convertible open deck/sit inside design
    • Lots of storage
    • Paddle holders to free hands
    • Convertible cover and spray skirt sold separately

    #13 Ocean Kayak Malibu II

    Best Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak

    Ocean Kayak Malibu

    Our rating: 4.8/5 Weight: 63 lbs Length: 12’ Weight capacity: 425 lbs

    Crowning a kayak the “best of” for a giant category like “ tandem sit-on-top kayak” is a little daunting because there are truly so many great choices out there. 

    After reading approximately one billion tandem kayak reviews, however, I went with the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 because it’s a great all-around kayak at a decent price. 

    This is a 12-foot-long, 63-pound hard shell tandem kayak that can be converted to seat one or three. 

    First, the kayak length: I like a slightly longer kayak because they tend to track better and have more storage space. 

    Second, the weight: 63 pounds is more than I can carry at once, but many people with this kayak report they can get it loaded on a roof rack by themselves. 

    This boat also comes with two adjustable seats, plus it can be modified if you want to paddle a tandem kayak solo or add a third wheel. 

    The kayak is 34 inches wide, offers good stability, and is reliable in calm oceans, lakes, and rivers.  

    Finally, the price. While I wouldn’t call this a bargain kayak, it’s certainly considered reasonable, especially for a tandem kayak. 

    If I have one gripe about this boat it’s that it doesn’t come with paddles. 

    I know paddlers who often order a custom-sized paddle anyway, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for many people, but I find it annoying. It’s like a toy that doesn’t come with batteries!

    And if I’m really being picky, I’d also say the maximum weight is a tad low, but even still, 425 lbs should be plenty for most folks. 

    • Lots of space on deck
    • Can be paddled solo or seat up to three
    • Good stability
    • Reasonable price
    • Paddles sold separately

    #14 Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Touring Kayak

    Most Comfortable Tandem Kayak

    Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Touring Kayak

    Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 33 lbs Length: 13’ Weight capacity: 400 lbs

    When I was a kid, I’d usually have to fall off something high to hurt myself. Now I’m in my thirties and sitting too long is a dangerous activity. That’s why finding a comfortable boat is so important.

    Not to mention, if you’re not comfortable, you probably won’t be having as much fun and isn’t that the whole point of kayaking? 

    Plus, if you’re on a longer cruise you *need* to be comfy because you can’t very well get up to stretch. 

    In addition to purchasing a kayak with a stellar return policy (REI is particularly good about this) so you can test out the comfort yourself, it’s also good to look for kayaks that were designed with comfort in mind. 

    The Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak is one of the best double kayaks for comfort because of its many cushy features. 

    First, I have to address that a “recreational touring” kayak is an oxymoron in most circles. Recreational and touring kayaks are quite different, but the Almanor claims to have the best of both worlds. 

    This is a long kayak (13’), which is consistent with touring kayaks, and this boat is designed for long-distance paddles on flat water (or calm seas). 

    The width of the boat is more like a recreational kayak. It’s nice and wide (39’’), which gives it terrific stability. 

    Many inflatable kayaks can take a while to inflate, but the Almanor can be pumped up in just nine minutes with the dual-action pump! Additionally, this kayak is very lightweight (which makes it *comfortable* to carry). 

    Ok, now for the comfort specs: the seats are amply padded with a high back and are highly adjustable. I’ve seen lots of comments about how comfortable these seats are so I know it’s not just hype.

    The paddles are also included with this kayak and the customer service is very good as well. 

    Frankly, there isn’t much to complain about with this kayak except *maybe* a somewhat low maximum weight. 

    • Padded, high-back seats for comfort
    • Good for long-distance cruises
    • Fast inflation time
    • Low max weight

    #15 Oru Foldable Kayak

    Best Foldable Kayak

    Oru Foldable Kayak

    Our rating: 4.6/5 Weight: 43 lbs Length: 16’1’’ Weight capacity: 500 lbs

    You’ve heard me talk ad nauseam about inflatable kayaks but now I’ve got a surprise for you: there are *foldable* kayaks too! Don’t worry, they’re not as flimsy as you might think. Quite the opposite, actually. 

    Foldable, innovative kayaks have a few distinct advantages over traditional kayaks. First, they are the most compact kayaks, even compared to an inflatable kayak. 

    The Oru Foldable Tandem Kayak folds up to be about the size and shape of a large couch cushion. The setup is uncomplicated and can be done in around 15 minutes. 

    Oru even boasts that you can fly with this kayak if you need to travel with it, which, since it’s under 50 pounds, you can on most airlines.

    This model of foldable kayak is best suited for calm waters. While the material the kayak is made of is highly durable (see below), there are a few design issues that make it difficult to paddle in rough water. 

    This particular model of Oru kayak is very long (16’) and narrow (28’’), best suited for moving efficiently through the water.

    The Oru Foldable Kayak is made of extremely durable 5mm double-layered polypropylene, which makes it about as durable as carbon fiber. 

    The material has been treated to be UV-resistant for 10 years and, like carbon fiber, this material is very lightweight. 

    Overall, despite the drawbacks it has on choppy water, this is still one of the best tandem kayaks for its portability. 

    • Very durable material
    • Great for long-distance paddles
    • Not suited for choppy water


    Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Tandem Kayak

    What to look for in a tandem kayak.

    What to Look for in a Tandem Kayak

    Longer kayaks (over 12-13 ft) are well-suited to longer trips since they move through the water in a straight line more efficiently. Also, keep in mind that longer kayaks may have more space for gear storage.

    Shorter kayaks may take more effort to go in a straight line, but they can be turned more easily than long kayaks. 

    Wider kayaks (over 30 inches) are more stable and are well-suited to beginners, kids, fishermen, and older folks.

    The bottom of the kayak will influence how easy it is to paddle. Flat-bottomed hulls (like multi-chine) are very stable and are good as fishing kayaks. 

    V-chine (v-shaped) hulls are faster and more maneuverable but may feel unstable to newbies. 

    These are often what you’ll see on the bottom of touring kayaks, which are built for speed and distance.

    Skeg or Rudder

    Skegs are fins that are seated on the bottom of the kayak, while rudders can be dipped into the water from the stern (back). 

    Skegs help steer the vessel in a straight line as you paddle, whereas rudders, which are often controlled by foot pedals, help steer the kayak in different directions. 

    It’s nice to have a removable skeg so you can take it off in shallow water. Bonus points if the kayak comes with a deep and shallow water skeg.

    Number/Arrangement of Seats

    Many tandem kayaks can seat up to three. They may have detachable seats that can be re-arranged on the deck (e.g. facing one another), while some tandem kayaks have more permanent seating options that can’t be changed. 

    Storage Space

    No, I’m not talking about the amount of storage space on the kayak (although that’s important too). 

    I’m thinking of the space you’ll need to dedicate to the storage of the kayak itself. While many kayaks can sit outside without too much structural damage, they may fade in the sun. 

    If you don’t have a dedicated garage or loft space to store a kayak, consider an inflatable or foldable model. 

    Types of Tandem Kayaks

    Types of Tandem Kayaks

    Sit-on-top kayaks are great for beginners because you don’t have to learn any special maneuvers to right yourself if you tip over (unlike a sit-inside kayak). 

    Sit-on-tops tend to be a bit wider and more stable than sit-inside kayaks and are ideal for people who want to use their kayak like a swimming platform.

    These kayaks are good for warm weather because you’ll inevitably get a little wet just from the paddle drips. 

    People with kayaking experience who want a faster vessel may want to look at a sit-inside kayak. 

    Sit-inside kayaks are best for colder water or weather as you can attach a spray skirt and keep all the water off. 

    These are better suited for those with a little kayaking experience as the more V-shaped bottom may feel unstable to new kayakers.

    Additionally, because you’re sitting inside the kayak, if you flip over, you need to learn how to right yourself. This isn’t a skill everyone can learn or wants to bother with.

    Hardshell kayaks can be made of a wide range of materials. 

    Polyethylene is a common material on cheaper kayaks. Polyethylene is not as lightweight as carbon fiber or kevlar, but for the price, it will get you on the water and keep you afloat for many years.

    Carbon fiber and kevlar are lighter and more expensive. Don’t forget about old-fashioned wood kayaks too!

    An inflatable kayak is best for those without a garage or storage space to keep a regular-sized kayak. 

    These are also ideal if you have a small vehicle or want to travel with your kayak easily. An inflatable kayak is also sometimes a little lighter than a hardshell kayak.

    In addition to inflatable tandem kayaks, there are also foldable kayaks. 

    One advantage of foldable kayaks is that they can often be packed down more easily into their original small shape. 

    There are a few different types of foldable kayaks: origami, nesting, and frame with skin. Some people also consider the inflatable kayak as a sub-category of foldable kayaks. 

    Origami-style kayaks use one large piece of material that gets folded out. Nesting kayaks are like hardshell kayaks but they come in multiple pieces that you hook together. And Frame-with-Skin kayaks often have a metal frame that a plastic hull fits over. 

    Solo vs. Tandem Kayaks

    The main difference between a solo kayak and a tandem kayak is their size and the number of seats.

    Tandem kayaks can often seat up to three people. Conversely, if you’re a bigger person, you can also consider paddling a tandem kayak solo. 

    Tandem kayaks are designed to hold more weight than solo kayaks, so if you’re going on a gear-heavy trip, consider a tandem.

    Touring vs. Recreational Kayaks

    Touring kayaks are intended for serious kayakers with experience. These are longer and thinner boats that are designed to move fast with minimal effort.

    Recreational kayaks are designed for people who are just paddling around for fun. These are wider than touring kayaks with flatter bottoms, both of which make the kayak more stable. 

    FAQs About Tandem Kayaks

    FAQs About Tandem Kayaks

    Are tandem kayaks any good?

    Just like any other product, there are amazing tandem kayaks and duds. 

    Always look through lots of customer reviews (or read our round-up posts!) to get a feel for whether an item is living up to the manufacturer’s claims. 

    What is the best length for a tandem kayak?

    The best length for a tandem kayak depends on what you want to use it for. 

    Longer kayaks (~over 13 feet) are best suited for long-distance paddling, while shorter kayaks are best for recreational paddlers on shorter trips. 

    Are tandem kayaks less stable?

    Tandem kayaks are not inherently less stable than solo kayaks. The instability of a tandem kayak comes from the challenge of paddling with a partner. 

    Novice paddlers may not have good rhythm or technique and may not know how to skillfully navigate challenging waterways. 

    Can one person paddle a tandem kayak?

    Yes! Some tandem kayaks are designed specifically to be customizable for solo paddling. Look for sit-on-top kayaks with removable seats or sit-in kayaks with an open cockpit. 

    Is tandem kayaking hard?

    Just like riding a bicycle, or in this case a tandem bicycle, it’s all a matter of practice. 

    Most people don’t find tandem kayaking hard. It can be easier than solo kayaking because if you get tired, your partner can keep you moving. 

    Where should the stronger paddler sit in a kayak? Who steers a tandem kayak?

    The stronger (usually heavier) kayaker needs to sit in the back. It’s much easier to steer a kayak if the weight is distributed evenly or with the heavier person in the back. 

    Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Tandem Kayak

    Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Tandem Kayak

    Tandem kayaking is an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors with a partner and it can be a great hobby for anyone, regardless of your size or athletic ability. 

    It can also be a great way for older folks, pregnant ladies, or differently-abled folks to enjoy the water with the safety of a partner nearby. 

    There are lots of great tandem kayaks out there, so it was hard to choose just one as my top pick. 

    However, if I had to go with a tandem kayak for myself, I would choose the Elkton Outdoors Two-Person Hard Shell Kayak . 

    This is my pick for the best tandem kayak for camping, too, and I gave it that designation because it has lots of storage space and is a very versatile kayak. It has two storage hatches, plus a designated platform for a cooler. 

    And although this is technically a fishing kayak, don’t be put off if you’re not into fishing. 

    Fishing kayaks are usually quite wide and stable (this one is 36’’ wide) and you can just ignore the fishing rod holders. 


    author bio - Meredith Dennis

    Meredith Dennis

    Meredith is a biologist and writer based in California’s Sierra Nevada. She has lived in 6 states as a biologist, so her intel on hiking and camping is *chef’s kiss* next level. One of her earliest camping memories was being too scared to find a bathroom at night on a family camping trip. Thankfully, she’s come a long way since then and she can help you get there too!

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    The Best Tandem Kayaks for Fun on the Water

    best tandem kayaks

    Tandem kayaking is an experience unlike any other; the combination of two paddlers working together to move the kayak makes it a unique and enjoyable way to explore the waterways. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing family adventure or an exciting day of whitewater rafting, a tandem kayak is the perfect choice. After extensive research, we discovered the best kayaks on the market, but one model stood out above the others – The Elkton Hardshell Tandem Kayak. It has plenty of storage, boasts durability, and has comfortable seats. To learn more about this product and other kayaks like it, read on for all the details.

    Our Top Picks

    • Best Overall: Elkton Hardshell Tandem Kayak Shop Now ➔
    • Best Features: Intex Inflatable Vinyl Kayak Shop Now ➔
    • Best for Beginners: Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak Shop Now ➔
    • Most Portable: Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak Shop Now ➔
    • Most Family-Friendly Design: Perception Rambler Tandem Kayak Shop Now ➔
    • 2 Weight Capacity
    • 3 Material 
    • 4 Length 
    • 5 Seating Layout 
    • 6 Storage Space and Features
    • 7 Maneuverability 
    • 8 Tracking Ability
    • 9 Safety Features 

    What are the different types of tandem kayaks available?

    Are tandem kayaks more difficult to control than single-person kayaks, how much do tandem kayaks typically cost, what is the best way to transport a tandem kayak, what safety considerations should be taken when using a tandem kayak, what type of storage space is available in tandem kayaks, are there any age restrictions for who can use a tandem kayak, is it easier for a beginner to learn kayaking in a tandem or a single-person kayak, related reviews, the best tandem kayaks, best overall.

    Elkton Hardshell Tandem Kayak

    Elkton Hardshell Tandem Kayak

    The Elkton Outdoors Hard Shell Recreational Tandem Kayak is ideal for fishing and other recreational activities. Due to its roto mold-injected body material, it can easily withstand any potential punctures or cracks for years. It also features two carry handles for easy transport – and two EVA padded seats for maximum comfort during long trips. The kayak also offers a great deal of storage space in the form of an airtight compartment with additional storage areas. This makes it an ideal choice for fishermen who must bring a lot of gear on their adventures. It has two aluminum paddles, rod holders, and bungee cords to enhance the kayaking experience further. Measuring 12.2 feet in length and 3 feet wide, this tandem kayak is spacious enough to accommodate up to three people and all their equipment with plenty of room to spare. This fantastic combination of durability and functionality earns this kayak the best overall spot on our list.

    • Great on the water and glides nicely
    • Ample storage compartments 
    • Not too heavy; easy to handle 
    • Sturdy and impressive quality 
    • Heavy – approx 75-100lbs

    Best Features

    Intex Inflatable Vinyl Kayak

    Intex Inflatable Vinyl Kayak

    The Intex Inflatable Vinyl Kayak is an excellent choice for a reliable and stable kayak. This kayak can seat two individuals with a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. Thanks to its longitudinal and transverse skegs, users can enjoy stability and agility on the water, allowing them to maneuver with ease as needed. Constructed from heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl, this kayak withstands the elements and provides a rugged experience in any water. The kayak has three separate air chambers and an inflatable I-Beam floor, offering increased rigidity while paddling.  This set includes two inflatable seats complete with adjustable and removable backrests, a pump, two strip gauges, two dry bags, and a carry bag for easy storage and transport of your kayak and its accessories.

    • Thick seam weld; durable construction 
    • Detachable fin and offset paddles 
    • Good price point
    • Seating is not very comfortable 

    Best for Beginners

    Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak

    Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak

    The Driftsun Voyager Inflatable Kayak is the perfect choice for a practical and easy-to-use kayak. With its lightweight, portable design and durable construction, you can have hours of comfortable cruising.  At only 27 pounds, this kayak is easy to transport by one person, and when deflated, it conveniently fits in a travel bag. It also has a rocker profile and pointed nose entry (bow) that allows it to perform well in calm and choppy waters. The heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom protects from punctures, and the Double Threaded Boston valves are guaranteed not to leak. Its tough 840D coated nylon Oxford fabric top cover is rip and tear-resistant, and the removable deep fin helps with responsive tracking.  It’s designed for maximum comfort with its high-back support and allows you to go from garage to trunk to water in no time!

    • Durable construction 
    • Low maintenance cost 
    • Multi-functional usage 
    • Great value for money
    • Loses integrity over time

    Most Portable

    Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak

    Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak

    The Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak is the perfect vessel for both recreational and light fishing. Its 18-gauge PVC construction makes it sturdy enough for lake life, and its reinforced 1000D tarpaulin bottom provides ample protection from punctures. Additionally, the kayak features multiple air chambers, which offer an added layer of security as one chamber can stay inflated if another is punctured.  This kayak is explicitly designed for two passengers and contains multiple footrests that can be adjusted based on the rider’s size. The backrest has extra padding to provide comfort while on the water. It has storage compartments for added convenience. This tandem kayak also has quick set-up capabilities, allowing you to get on the water sooner. By simply rolling up the kayak, you can easily store it in your vehicle or boat before heading out. This lightweight and highly portable vessel makes it easy to take wherever you go.

    • Super portable: easy to inflate/deflate
    • Very roomy and comfortable 
    • Very stable construction
    • Multiple small convenient pockets
    •  Inflatable rear seat is too low 

    Most Family-Friendly Design

    Perception Rambler Tandem Kayak

    Perception Rambler Tandem Kayak

    The Perception Rambler Tandem Kayak is a fantastic choice for those looking for a tandem kayak that is both maneuverable and stable. This one-piece rotational-molded recreational kayak provides plenty of space for two paddlers, with a length of 162” and width of 34” – and its weight capacity of up to 550 lbs. allows additional passengers or cargo to join in.  The comfortable molded-in seat is easy to get in and out of, plus it also features a removable padded seat and backrest with adjustable support. Additionally, it offers multiple footrest positions to accommodate paddlers of all sizes. For added convenience, there’s plenty of storage available – including large rear open storage for coolers and other gear, as well as a center seat, perfect for kids or a pet. And, thanks to six scupper holes, you can use it on lakes, ocean bays, light surf, or even slow-moving rivers. It also comes with tie-downs for secure transportation and storage.

    • Very stable construction 
    • Spacious enough for 2-3 adults
    • Highly adjustable straps
    • Tracks well and great ergonomics
    • Limited storage capacity

    Tandem Kayak: Buyer’s Guide

    Kayaking can be an enjoyable activity. Choosing the right tandem kayak may feel like a daunting task, so we have put together this guide to help you make an informed decision. There are many elements to consider when selecting a tandem kayak. Let’s dive into each of them in more detail.

    The price of a tandem kayak varies depending on the model and the quality of the materials used to construct it. Generally speaking, tandem kayaks are more expensive than single-seater kayaks because they require more room for two people. For budget shoppers, look for lower-priced models made with polyethylene or other cheaper materials. 

    Weight Capacity

    Consider the weight capacity of a tandem kayak when making your purchase. Ensure the kayak is rated to carry both passengers’ combined weight, plus any additional items you plan on bringing along, such as food, drinks, and gear.


    Manufacturers typically construct tandem kayaks with fiberglass, Kevlar, or composite materials that offer lightweight durability and provide excellent maneuverability. Polyethylene is a less expensive alternative heavier than composite models but offers superior impact resistance.


    Kayaks come in different lengths depending on their intended use. Longer kayaks tend to be faster but require more effort to turn. Shorter models are easier to maneuver but may be slower in flat water or open ocean conditions. Consider how often you plan on going out on the water and choose a length that best suits your needs. 

    Seating Layout 

    Sit-on-top and sit-in models offer different advantages regarding comfort and space considerations. Sit-on-top kayaks are usually more user-friendly since they don’t require users to climb into a cockpit before launching from shore or getting in from the water. They also tend to provide better ventilation on hot days thanks to their open design. Sit-in models offer greater protection from sun and wind and increased storage space for longer trips as long as users are willing to climb down into the cockpit before launching. 

    Storage Space and Features

    When looking at tandem kayaks, it’s essential to consider what type of storage features they have available for packing gear for longer trips or day-use purposes. Look for models with external rigging systems for fastening items, such as paddle holders and bungee cargo nets. These also provide easy access points for retrieving items while out on the water. 


    Maneuverability is an essential factor when handling your craft in tight quarters such as rivers or around docks or other vessels in crowded areas. Wider models tend to be easier to turn, while longer models can maintain a straight path due to their greater speed potentials and less drag when turning into windy conditions. 

    Tracking Ability

    Tracking refers to a kayak’s ability to remain more or less straight even when paddled off course by wind or waves. Longer models tend to track better due to their surface area advantages over shorter designs, which can drift off course more easily due to their lesser speeds and deeper keels which act like anchors in moving currents or winds. 

    Safety Features 

    Safety is paramount when out on the water and should also factor into your decision-making process; look at what safety features are included, such as flotation devices/bags, easily accessible foot bracing systems, padded seats/backrests, and any other safety feature that can provide an extra layer of protection should issues arise while out on the water, such as capsizing or getting separated from one another due to strong currents or choppy conditions, etc.  

    People Also Asked

    Types of tandem kayaks available include sit-on-top kayaks, sit-inside kayaks, touring kayaks, recreational kayaks, and inflatable kayaks. 

    No, tandem kayaks are generally not more difficult to control than single-person kayaks. Because a second person is paddling in a tandem kayak, it is often easier to maneuver and control than a single-person kayak. 

    The cost of tandem kayaks depends on many factors, such as the material used, size, design features, etc., so prices will vary significantly between different models and brands. However, most mid-range models will cost around $500-$1000. 

    The best way to transport a tandem kayak is through roof racks mounted on your vehicle’s roof or trailer hitches mounted underneath your car’s bumper if possible. When transporting your kayak, make sure there’s no excess weight on top, as this could damage your roof. Also, try to tie down the straps, securely attaching both fore and aft, ensuring nothing moves during transportation. If you don’t have access to either rack system, consider renting one from your local outdoor store.

    Before using a tandem kayak, both paddlers should ensure the cockpit area is properly sealed, and all hatches are correctly closed and secure. All safety equipment, such as life jackets, must be worn when operating the craft, and communication between the paddlers should be maintained throughout the excursion. Hence, each knows what the other is doing at all times. 

    Tandem kayaks usually have two or more hatches where items can be stored. Most models also have bungee cords on the back deck where items can be secured or attached externally. 

    In general, there are no age restrictions for who can use a tandem kayak; however, children under 16 should always be supervised when out on open water, even if they have taken lessons or have previous experience operating one themselves. Additionally, children under eight should only operate one with an adult present at all times. Due diligence should always be taken when deciding whether or not someone is old enough or mature enough to navigate waters alone in a vessel like this one.  

    For beginners, it may be easier to learn in a single-person kayak as long as they are comfortable enough with the basics of kayaking. Although the stability of tandem kayaks may make them easier for beginners, having two people paddle at once can make coordination more challenging for novices. 

    Article Contributors

    Sail magazine review team.

    SAIL Magazine Review Team reports on best-selling products in sailing and boating. SAIL Magazine is reader-supported: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Artificial Intelligence (large language models) may have been used in the research and creation of the content.

    To ensure questions about product testing or a specific article are addressed, please contact [email protected]

    Welcome to Falcon Kayak Sails!

    Here at Falcon Sails, LLC our focus is making the best kayak sail kits on the market. Our product, knowledge and service will lead you to an amazing kayak sailing experience.  Our kayak sail kits include everything you need and are easy to install on any kayak. You can have amazing sail performance and simplicity in a compact, light weight kit.

    A complete Falcon Sail with rigging kit weighs only 3.5 pounds and can be rigged at the launch site in 30 seconds. An efficient air foil shape provides maximum sailing potential on all angles of attack. You can actually sail up wind. The Falcon Kayak Sail rig can be lowered and secured to your deck in seconds (without going to land) and raised in seconds when you are ready.

    Enjoy the view!

    Our sails are made of the best sail cloth available and our carbon fiber mast stiffness makes it so increased wind equates to bursts in speed, not lost potential. Even with this great performance, they are as easy to handle as any kayak sail on the market. Our goal is to provide kayakers who are looking for performance features in a lightweight, compact and easy to use kit.

    We are so confident you will be impressed, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee on everything we sell. If you have any questions about kayak sails or kayak sailing, give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to answer all your kayak sailing questions!

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    related products

    1/4-20 stud, 2 10' sections of steering/haul line, 2pc led light kit, 6' stakeout pole, 7.5'' gridloc picpocket.

    Ultimate Fishability

    Introducing the XTR130

    The Greatest Fishing Kayak Ever

    Expected MSRP: $2,799

    Available September 2024

    kayak tandem sailboat

    Taking inspiration from bass boats and incorporating the key features you demand. The XTR130 offers the latest in power and electronics integration, versatility, ample space, exceptional stability, and a meticulous fishing-focused design.

    Experience the XTR130, the greatest fishing kayak ever. Boasting the best elements of a kayak and the most popular features of a small bass boat. The XTR130 offers an open deck design, an elevated platform, and a walkable deck engineered specifically for fishing.

    The XTR130 is fully customizable for any fishing adventure with PowerLink ports for easy rigging and multiple motors configurations, multiple battery storage options, a comfortable swivel seat, optional tandem seating, and extensive gear tracks.

    See Specs Below

    XTR130 Kayak Colors

    *Images are renderings. Color will vary slightly

    Find a brand name dealer near you

    Shop Online

    Official brand name online dealers

    We pride ourselves on commitment to our retailers.

    We provide our growing network of small specialty retailers with excellent service and support so they can best serve you and get you out on the water faster.

    See All Dealers Near You »

    XTR130 Kayak

    Available at Authorized Dealers

    Xtr130 kayak, ratings by category.

    • Flat Water 10.0
    • Slow Current 10.0
    • Fast Current 7.0
    • Choppy Water 8.0
    • Stability 11.0
    • Tracking 8.0
    • Agility 7.0
    • Comfort 10.0

    12’ 7” / 383.5 CM

    40.5” / 102.87 CM

    15" / 38.1 CM

    Fitted Hull Weight

    155 LBS / 70.3 KG

    Fully Rigged Weight

    170 LBS / 77.1 KG

    730 LBS / 331.1 KG

    Note: Capacity is determined by taking kayak weight + paddler weight + gear weight. Bonafide determines capacity by where the performance of the kayak becomes very diminished.

    • Superior Big Boat Stability
    • PivotPro Swivel Seat
    • Elevated Sliding Junk Drawer
    • Massive Upper Deck Standing Platform
    • Motorization-First Deck Design
    • Horizontal Rod Storage
    • Versatile Battery Storage
    • Spacious 24" x 65" Floor Plan
    • Adaptable Tandem Fishing Options
    • Enhanced Rigging Potential
    • FFS and Downscan Compatibility
    • Stern Rudder Capability
    • Bonafide Convertible Foot Braces
    • Extensive Gear Track

    Bonafide XTR130 in Andros Green

    A cutting-edge, feature-rich kayak engineered to meet the diverse needs of all anglers, from tournament competitors to those who bring an abundance of gear. Combining advanced hull technology, unparalleled stability, and ultimate flexibility, the XTR130 is the pinnacle of fishing kayaks.

    For the Tournament Angler

    Take your tournament fishing to the next level with the XTR130’s expansive open platform, designed to house state-of-the-art fishing technologies. Outfitted to be ready for dual motors and substantial battery storage, it guarantees seamless, hands-free navigation. The innovative Wizard Foot Controlled steering accessory can be added for enhanced hands-free fishing precision.

    Features include:

    • Ability to add a Stern Motor
    • Ability to add a Bow Motor with Bow Motor Mount Accessory
    • Pivot Pro Swivel Seating
    • Standing Platform
    • High Capacity
    • Wide Open Deck
    • Compatibility with Live Scope / FFS (Forward-Facing Sonar)
    • Dual monitor capability with the Captain’s Bridge Accessory
    • Opportunity to add dual Power-Poles

    For those seeking Maximum Stability

    Engineered for larger anglers or those needing enhanced balance, the XTR130 delivers exceptional stability with its broad, robust design. The high, swivel seat provides superior comfort and mobility, complemented by easily accessible storage for hassle-free gear retrieval.

    Key features include:

    • 750 LB Capacity
    • High positioned Pivot Pro swivel seat
    • Easy access storage

    For Gear Haulers

    Designed for anglers who carry extensive equipment, the XTR130 features vast storage options and a walkable floor for effortless gear access. The tank well and internal hatch storage allow you to bring all necessary items for a successful trip.

    Highlights include:

    • Ample storage options
    • Walkable open deck
    • High capacity

    For Social Outings

    Ideal for family adventures or trips with friends, the XTR130 offers versatile setups to accommodate various excursions. Perfect for teaching kids or tandem fishing, it includes a dual swivel seat accessory for shared experiences on the water.

    • Flexibility and utility
    • Tandem fishing capability
    • Teaching and kid-friendly setup

    For Coastal Anglers

    Tailored for intercoastal and shallow water fishing, the XTR130 excels in sight fishing and push pole usage. The deck casting area and cooler storage enhance your coastal fishing expeditions.

    • Push Pole integration
    • Deck casting area
    • Cooler storage

    For Pond/Swamp Anglers

    Channel the capabilities of a jon boat with the XTR130, perfect for navigating backwaters and swamps. Designed for catfish and bayou fishing, it accommodates tiller motors for maneuvering through tight spots.

    • Catfish and bayou fishing
    • Backwater navigation
    • Tiller motor compatibility

    For Birdshot and Bows

    Ideal for hunting enthusiasts, the XTR130 supports duck blinds and bird dogs. Its marsh grass camo design and cooler storage make it a prime choice for aspirational outdoor adventures.

    Key features:

    • Marsh grass camo
    • Duck blind setup

    Whether you’re a competitive angler, a family-oriented fisher, or an adventurous hunter, the XTR130 fishing kayak seamlessly integrates advanced technology, unmatched stability, and exceptional versatility to meet all your outdoor needs.

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    First Look: Wilderness Systems Tactical Pro 128

    We kick the tires on the best new boats and gear at ICAST Demo Day

    T he big news from Wilderness Systems is the new Tactical Pro 128, a full-feature motor kayak ready to take on any adventure. Built on a radical new catamaran hull, the boat is designed for a bow-mount trolling motor and a stern-mount outboard. Of course, a kayak rigged with a motor isn’t big news, but the Tactical Pro 128 is optimized for motor power like no other kayak.

    Vibe Uptown 100 with Dual Drive on the water at ICAST Demo Day

    When designing the Tactical Pro 128, Wilderness Systems first objective was optimizing the boat’s performance under motor power. Anyone who has rigged a kayak with a motor knows that balancing the boat is the biggest challenge. Finding space on the kayak for batteries, motors and cables is one problem. But placing these components so the boat floats correctly without compromising the performance is even more important.

    Wilderness solved this problem by designing the Tactical Pro 128 for motors and batteries. A flat space in the bow is angled to hold a trolling motor with the shaft in the center of the bow. A huge hatch is large enough to hold a full-size battery.

    The stern has a flat space shaped to host an outboard or trolling motor with space on either side of the motor for Power-Pole Micro anchors. A large hatch behind the seat fits a full-size battery with routing below deck for wires and cables.

    Bow view of the new Wilderness Systems Tactical Pro 128 at ICAST 2024

    Below the water, the boat is designed to accommodate the weight of batteries and motors. Extra volume in the bow supports the bow trolling motor and battery while a wide, flat stern with a battery hatch near the driver’s seat floats the weight of the outboard motor and battery.

    The result is a boat that is balanced for performance and handling with any configuration of motors and batteries. Not only does this improve fishing functionality, but the design is more efficient to save battery power without sacrificing speed.

    As expected with a “Pro” series kayak, the Tactical Pro 128 has a long list of storage space and mounting options for electronics and accessories. The cherry on the sundae is a super comfortable 360-degree swivel seat. When I’m running a motorized kayak, I love a swivel seat for accessing gear, operating the motors and facing the direction I am fishing without turning the kayak.

    All of the features and rigging have a cost. The Tactical 128 weighs almost 160 pounds. Skid plates in the stern make it easier to load the kayak, but this big boat needs a trailer and heavy-duty kayak cart to move safely and efficiently. The boat’s weight is a challenge on land, but it is an asset on the water with 600 pounds of capacity to rig the boat with all the bells and whistles.

    person stands on the Wilderness Systems Tactical 128 Pro at ICAST Demo Day

    On the water, we tested the Tactical Pro 128 with a bow-mount trolling motor. The efforts to balance the boat were immediately evident as the weight of the motor in the bow and battery under the seat didn’t affect the boat’s performance at rest or while zooming along at full speed. The boat’s stability was on full display as I could stand up, move side to side and even fish from the bow without tipping the boat. At top speed, the boat zooms along without throwing a huge bow wake or losing stability. The hybrid catamaran hull cuts through the water keeping the boat on a straight course while allowing it to turn sharply, even at full speed.

    As more anglers add motors to their kayaks and more companies design boats to accommodate motors and batteries, Wilderness Systems cuts to the chase by designing a kayak optimized to perform under power without sacrificing fishing performance.

    Feature photo: Kayak Angler Staff


    Bonafide XT130 fishing kayak on display at ICAST 2024

    First Look: Bonafide XT130

    detail of NuCanoe U10 on display at ICAST 2024

    First Look: NuCanoe U10

    Vibe Uptown 100 with Dual Drive on the water at ICAST Demo Day

    First Look: Vibe Kayaks Dual X-Drive & Impulse Drive

    Newport Vessels NS-130 mini-skiff on the water at ICAST Demo Day

    First Look: Newport Vessels NS130, LoPro Battery, NT300 & NK180 Pro

    person stands on the Wilderness Systems Tactical 128 Pro at ICAST Demo Day

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    kayak tandem sailboat

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    kayak tandem sailboat

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    kayak tandem sailboat

    Image Unavailable

    Pelican iESCAPE Inflatable Kayak - Recreational Kayak - Compact, Stable and Fun All in One - for 1 or 2 Person

    • To view this video download Flash Player

    Pelican iESCAPE Inflatable Kayak - Recreational Kayak - Compact, Stable and Fun All in One - for 1 or 2 Person

    Purchase options and add-ons

    Brand Pelican
    Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
    Color Navy Blue
    Style Classic
    Seating Capacity 1

    About this item

    • High Resistance Material : The 900D polyester material offers a high level of strength and abrasion resistance. It is designed to endure the various elements encountered during kayaking adventures, such as rocks, branches, and rough surfaces. This ensures that the kayak can withstand regular use and maintain its integrity over time.
    • Pressure Relief Valve system : The system operates by automatically releasing excess air when the pressure inside the kayak exceeds a predetermined threshold. Additionally, the pressure relief valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure due to temperature changes or prolonged exposure to sunlight, further ensuring the kayak remains at an optimal inflation level.
    • Seating system : The ergonomic design of the seat provides optimal support and comfort, allowing you to enjoy extended hours on the water without discomfort or fatigue.
    • Three (3) air chambers : The three (3) air chambers are constructed with durable materials that offer a high level of resistance to punctures. This means that even if one chamber is compromised, the other chambers will remain inflated, allowing you to safely navigate back to shore.
    • Accessories included : The package includes a 4-part paddle, a foot pump, a removable tracking fin and a repair kit. Carrying bag not included, we recommend the PS3213-00 iESCAPE duffel bag for easy transportation and storage.

    Buy it with

    Pelican iESCAPE Inflatable Kayak - Recreational Kayak - Compact, Stable and Fun All in One - for 1 or 2 Person

    Similar items in new arrivals

    FANATICS Inflatable Paddle Boards Stand Up Paddle Boards with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag, 10'6''x32''x6'' Wide Stabl

    From the manufacturer

    Escape the daily grind, stress-free.


    The Pelican iESCAPE 90 kayak is the ideal companion for exploring calm waters in tranquility. Constructed with our high-strength polyester material and featuring three (3) air chambers, this kayak offers exceptional stability and long-lasting durability. Its ergonomic seating system provides optimal comfort for hours of water adventure. It is also equipped with a safety valve system that allows the kayak to remain inflated at the ideal pressure, avoiding any risk of accidental overinflation, as well as a front elastic lacing system allowing you to store your personal items within reach during your excursions.

    Escape the ordinary today, with peace of mind

    The iEscape 90 comes with a removeable tracking fin that helps keep the kayak on track where you want it to go.

    With its inflatable design, the kayak can be deflated and folded into a compact size, allowing for convenient storage and transportation*. Whether you're heading to the beach, going on a camping trip, or exploring remote waters, this kayak can be easily packed and carried in your car, RV, or transport bag.

    *Carrying bag not included, we recommend the PS3213-00 iESCAPE duffel bag for easy transportation and storage.

    The system operates by automatically releasing excess air when the pressure inside the kayak exceeds a predetermined threshold. Additionally, the pressure relief valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure due to temperature changes or prolonged exposure to sunlight, further ensuring the kayak remains at an optimal inflation level.

    The ergonomic design of the seat provides optimal support and comfort, allowing you to enjoy extended hours on the water without discomfort or fatigue.

    Adventure awaits, in complete safety.


    Key Specifications

    • Length: 109 Inches
    • Width: 34.5 Inches
    • Height: 14 Inches
    • Kayak Weight: 26.1 Ibs
    • Max Weight Cap: 350 lb - 158.76 kg

    Safe, Durable and Different from the rest

    Setting this kayak apart from the other inflatables on the market, this kayak has three separate air chambers for safety, and it also has multiple layers of up to 900D fabric that is designed to resist scratches and scrapes during a normal kayak outing.

    Seamless Escapes, with absolute peace of mind.

    The package includes a 4-part paddle, a foot pump, a removable tracking fin and a repair kit.

    Carrying bag not included, we recommend the PS3213-00 iESCAPE duffel bag for easy transportation and storage.

    The 900D polyester material offers a high level of strength and abrasion resistance. It is designed to endure the various elements encountered during kayaking adventures, such as rocks, branches, and rough surfaces. This ensures that the kayak can withstand regular use and maintain its integrity over time.

    The three (3) air chambers are constructed with durable materials that offer a high level of resistance to punctures. This means that even if one chamber is compromised, the other chambers will remain inflated, allowing you to safely navigate back to shore.

    Paddle Peacefuly, Explore Boldly.

    iESCAPE 90 kayak

    Product information

    Technical details.

    Brand ‎Pelican
    Material ‎Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
    Color ‎Navy Blue
    Style ‎Classic
    Seating Capacity ‎1
    Manufacturer ‎Pelican International Inc.
    UPC ‎776324570719
    Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎26 x 17 x 11 inches
    Package Weight ‎33.4 Pounds
    Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎109 x 34.5 x 14 inches
    Brand Name ‎Pelican
    Warranty Description ‎180 days limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Condition may apply.
    Model Name ‎IESCAPE 90
    Suggested Users ‎unisex-adult
    Part Number ‎MMG09P104
    Included Components ‎4-part paddle, Repair kit, Foot pump, Removable tracking fin
    Size ‎9 ft

    Additional Information

    ASIN B0D8V53W7W
    Customer Reviews
    3.9 out of 5 stars
    Best Sellers Rank #228,808 in Sports & Outdoors ( )
    #2,895 in
    Date First Available July 4, 2024

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    kayak tandem sailboat

    Top reviews from other countries

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    Kayak rentals added to Chesterfield's Webber Paddle Park

    CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (FOX 2) - Rent a kayak and paddle down the Salt River and in Anchor Bay from Chesterfield 's Webber Paddle Park.

    Motor City Paddle Club added a new kayak rental service to the park, with a grand opening ceremony planned for Saturday.

    Single and tandem kayaks are both available for rent, along with stand-up paddle boards. 

    Hourly rates are $15 for single kayaks and $20 for tandem kayaks and paddle boards. Daily rates, which include use for four or more hours, are also available. Military members, first responders, and Chesterfield residents receive 10% off rentals.

    Rentals are available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the last rentals going out at 7 p.m.

    Celebrate the grand opening at 11 a.m. July 20.

    Learn more and make a reservation here .


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      kayak tandem sailboat


      kayak tandem sailboat

    6. The Hobie Tandem Island

      kayak tandem sailboat


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    1. Mirage Tandem Island

      When the wind blows, the Tandem Island flies across the water, powered by an expansive, easily tended mainsail. Hop aboard with a friend. With dual MirageDrive 180s providing forward and reverse pedal power, maneuvering is a snap even when the zephyrs subside. Our patented Kick-Up Fins automatically "kick-up" on contact with an underwater ...

    2. MarineNow Tandem Sailing Pedal Kayak 2-Person

      RED Tandem Sailing Trimaran Pedal Kayak . SPECIFICATIONS . Length: 18'1" Outrigger/Ama: 13'2" Max Beam: 11'2" Mast Height: 18'4" Sail Area: 91ft². Fitted Hull Weight: 115lbs Fully Rigged Weight: 225lbs Capacity: 595lbs Easily retractable/removable outrigger Pedal drive with flexible fins 8.5m² sail with two-piece mast Aluminum fishing chair

    3. 2024 Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Kayak

      Description. Stable and simple sailing - the Tandem Island is a great intro to the water. Relaxed seating with MirageDrive included! The fun just doubled. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island delivers all the versatility and functionality of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, for two. This unique boat is equipped with dual Mirage 180 Drives, two ...

    4. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

      Original: May 6, 2011. Few designs pack as much fun into 18 feet as the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, a two-person pedal-or- paddle kayak that converts to a sail-powered trimaran by attaching a pair of akas and amas, and stepping a carbon-fiber mast. The roller-reefing loose-footed mainsail carries a generous amount of sailcloth up high and is ...

    5. Mirage® Tandem Island Reviews

      Although the Hobie Tandem Island (TI) is a bit expensive, it comes with a lot of versatility. It comes with 2 turbo mirage drives (the foot pedal system, and turbo means larger fins), which are quite nice when the wind quits and you still have to get home. When really pushing we can get the boat up to 6 knots.

    6. Mirage Oasis

      A standard accessory on most Mirage models, the retractable-rudder system is engaged and disengaged with a pull of the T-shaped control handles. Excludes taxes, any shipping and set up fees. The Mirage Oasis tandem kayak is spacious and performance-oriented, powered by the MirageDrive 180. So speedy, yet has a robust carrying capacity.

    7. 2 Person Kayak Buyer's Guide

      Thanks to its quality constructed frame, the Hobie Tandem Island Sail will not only accommodate up to 600 pounds, but it will also ensure great stability while sailing in tough conditions, such as strong water currents or winds.. This 2 person kayak features 2-piece carbon-composite masts, whose main function is to reduce weight while maximizing performance.

    8. Hobie, Mirage Tandem Island [Paddling Buyer's Guide]

      Sailing has never been so simple. When the wind blows, the Tandem Island flies across the water, powered by an expansive, easily tended mainsail. Hop aboard with a friend. With dual reversing MirageDrive 180s with Kick-Up Fins providing pedal power, maneuvering is a snap.. The central hull is pure high-end Hobie with all the expected features: multiple Twist and Seal hatches; a large bow hatch ...

    9. Mirage Compass Duo

      The sleek waterline and Kick-Up Rudder system make for an impressively nimble tandem kayak that's highly responsive, easy to steer and extremely durable. The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions. $3,999 USD MSRP. Specs.

    10. Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Sail Pedal Kayak

      The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Sail Pedal Kayak is perfect for you! With dual MirageDrive 180s, this kayak is easy to maneuver, even when there's no wind. The patented Kick-Up Fins make it easy to navigate around obstacles, and the central hull provides plenty of storage space. This kayak is perfect for fishing, trolling, or just exploring ...

    11. Best Hobie Sailing Kayaks For 2024

      Hobie kayak sail mast. The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island sailing kayak comes with an 18-foot (5.5-metre) mast, while the Mirage Adventure Island has a 16.5-foot (5-meter) mast. The mast doubles as a furler to adjust the amount of sail that's exposed to the wind. You can also retrofit Hobie Mirage and Pro Angler kayaks with the Hobie sail kit ...

    12. Hobie Tandem Island Sail

      The Hobie Tandem Island Sail is a unique kayak designed and manufactured by Hobie, a renowned kayak brand that offers you exemplary kayaks. The Tandem incorporates an exceptional design, new technology, and premium features that make it perfect for kayakers, sailing enthusiasts, and fishing fanatics.. The new design transforms this sailing kayak into a high performance, unique sailing machine ...

    13. Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Boats for sale

      Length 18.0. Posted Over 1 Month. Used 2013 Hobie Mirage Tandem Island package includes 2 turbo mirage drives, roller furling mainsail, two paddles and heavy duty galvanized trailer. Equipment all looks in excellent condition.Boat is for local pickup only no shipping available.

    14. 15 Best Tandem Kayak Picks [2024 ]

      1: Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Tandem Kayak. Our favorite, the Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable kayak comes with a hand pump, two inflatable seats, two paddles, and a repair kit. The repair kit can be ideal for patching small punctures to the multiple air chambers, including the I-Beam floor.

    15. 15 Best Tandem Kayaks For More Adventures On The Water In 2024

      Our rating: 4.9/5 Weight: 74 lbs Length: 12.9' Weight capacity: 770 lbs. If you're looking for tandem fishing kayaks, go for an option that's specifically made with anglers in mind. The Brooklyn Kayak Company TK122U 12'6'' Tandem Kayak is a two-person fishing kayak with all the bells and whistles an angler could want.

    16. Top Tandem Kayaks in 2024 [2 Person Kayaking]

      The Seaward G3 Passat is one of the most iconic tandem kayaks on the Pacific NW Coast. Seaward builds a number of single and tandem touring kayaks on Vancouver Island in BC, but their G3 Passat is their best seller and most acclaimed kayak design. Specs & Features. Material: Fibreglass.

    17. The Best Tandem Kayaks for Fun on the Water

      The Perception Rambler Tandem Kayak is a fantastic choice for those looking for a tandem kayak that is both maneuverable and stable. This one-piece rotational-molded recreational kayak provides plenty of space for two paddlers, with a length of 162" and width of 34" - and its weight capacity of up to 550 lbs. allows additional passengers ...

    18. Falcon Kayak Sails

      Welcome to Falcon Kayak Sails! Here at Falcon Sails, LLC our focus is making the best kayak sail kits on the market. Our product, knowledge and service will lead you to an amazing kayak sailing experience. Our kayak sail kits include everything you need and are easy to install on any kayak. You can have amazing sail performance and simplicity ...

    19. XTR130 Kayak

      Experience the XTR130, the greatest fishing kayak ever. Boasting the best elements of a kayak and the most popular features of a small bass boat. The XTR130 offers an open deck design, an elevated platform, and a walkable deck engineered specifically for fishing.

    20. First Look: Wilderness Systems Tactical Pro 128

      T he big news from Wilderness Systems is the new Tactical Pro 128, a full-feature motor kayak ready to take on any adventure. Built on a radical new catamaran hull, the boat is designed for a bow-mount trolling motor and a stern-mount outboard. Of course, a kayak rigged with a motor isn't big news, but the Tactical Pro 128 is optimized for motor power like no other kayak.

    21. Try a Hobie

      Demo Program: Glenmore Sailboats offers on the water demos at Hyperactive Marina for the following Hobie kayaks: Mirage Sport, Outback, Compass, Tandem Island and Pro Angler 12. The Hobie Mirage ACX Eclipse and Dura Eclipse Standup Pedalboards are also available for demo Charges for the Kayak and Eclipse demo varies from $25 to $50 per hour depending on model and can be deducted from purchase ...

    22. Pelican iESCAPE Inflatable Kayak

      The Pelican iESCAPE 110 inflatable tandem kayak is a great choice for those who want an easily portable and great quality inflatable two-person kayak. We have a boat and were looking for a small inflatable that we could use to get to the mooring to an uninhabited island that we frequently visit when we go out in the boat. Having a full-sized ...

    23. Elektrostal, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

      A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. See all. Apelsin Hotel. 43. from $48/night. Apart Hotel Yantar. 2. from $28/night. Elektrostal Hotel.

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      Likino-Dulyovo Tourism: Tripadvisor has 61 reviews of Likino-Dulyovo Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Likino-Dulyovo resource.

    25. Kayak rentals added to Chesterfield's Webber Paddle Park

      Hourly rates are $15 for single kayaks and $20 for tandem kayaks and paddle boards. Daily rates, which include use for four or more hours, are also available. Military members, first responders ...

    26. STATUE OF LENIN (2024) All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go ...

      Full view. All photos (2) Revenue impacts the experiences featured on this page, learn more. The area. Full view. Best nearby. Restaurants. 36 within 3 miles. Coffee Shop Usy Teodora Glagoleva.

    27. The 10 Best Things to Do in Elektrostal

      Small guided day tour from Bath (Max 14 persons) Out to Sea - Split Boat Party with Blue Lagoon Swim Stop Ferry from Nice to Monaco Horse Show Giant's Causeway Tour from Belfast - Luxury Bus + Causeway Entry Cruise to Spinalonga, Kolokytha Bay&Agios Nikolaos.Lunch included 900-Meter Ziplining in Dubrovnik.