1. Corsair Trimaran Folding System

    corsair trimaran parts

  2. A quick guide on how to set up a trimaran, featuring the Corsair 880

    corsair trimaran parts

  3. Ostac + Corsair F-31 trimaran brochures

    corsair trimaran parts

  4. 180 Marine, the leading dealer for Corsair trimarans in the US

    corsair trimaran parts

  5. 11 steps to raising your mast on a Corsair trimaran

    corsair trimaran parts

  6. A quick guide on how to set up a trimaran, featuring the Corsair 880

    corsair trimaran parts


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  1. Corsair parts lists

    Click the appropriate link to see a complete list of replacement parts for older Corsair Trimaran models. Note that the prices are out of date, but part numbers are still valid. Call or email us for current pricing and availability. F-24 Mk1 F-24 Mk2 F-27 F-28 & F-28R F-28 center cockpit F-31 aft cockpit F-31 center cockpit F-31R

  2. Corsair Marine Trimarans

    NEW TRIMARANS. Folding System. Legendary Ability, Unbeatable Reliability. Folding and unfolding a Corsair trimaran takes only a minute. With just 4 bolts to remove, it is easily managed by one person, and is normally done while afloat. Simply raise (to fold) or press down (to unfold) the inboard end of one cross beam.

  3. Multihull Parts

    We can provide you with any replacement part for your Corsair, Windrider, or other multihull. We offer official Corsair factory parts as well as accessories and service including gelcoat and fiberglass repair. Windcraft offers high quality replacement trampolines and nets by SunriseYacht Products. We can also handle special rigging jobs ...

  4. Corsair Parts Price Lists

    Corsair Parts Price Lists. If you need replacement parts for your Corsair you may find it useful to download the parts prices lists for your model. (Note: the files are in .pdf format, and the prices are dated--contact us for latest pricing) The best source for these parts for you would be the Corsair dealer nearest you.

  5. Home

    Windcraft is owned and operated by Don Wigston, a long-time Corsair trimaran owner and racer, so Windcraft knows Corsair boats inside and out. In addition to the full Corsair line-up, Windcraft also offers two high-performance cruising catamarans from TRT Multihulls in Norway--the TRT 1200 and 1420. In addition, we offer two really nice POWER ...

  6. The Multihull Source

    Corsair Trimarans are versatile, exciting and offer superb performance for racing and cruising with the family. They also feature unique trailerability (trailer to sailing in 30 minutes), shallow draft and uncompromised comfort and safety. All of The Multihull Source team members own and race Corsair trimarans - no other dealer can offer more ...

  7. Rudders and Daggerboards for Corsair and Farrier trimarans

    Corsair and Farrier. From the earliest days of Phil's Foils we have worked with Corsair and Farrier multihull owners and builders to provide high quality rudders and daggerboards, both to new boat builders and to those who need replacements. We can either build strictly to design drawings, or provide our own custom solutions where asked.

  8. Trimaran Folding System

    The system is so simple, the trimaran can even be folded while motoring. ENQUIRE. Step 1: Remove Beam Bolts. Remove all four beam bolts, using a spanner or the provided speed wrench. As these are installed firm but not overly tight, this is a simple task requiring minimal physical effort. Step 2: Loosen Shroud Tension.

  9. Sails, Furling Systems and Replacement Parts

    Windcraft is an authorized agent for Competition Composites Inc. (CCI) aka Phil's Foils, makers of high quality aftermarket rudders and daggerboards for many different multihulls including a full lineup of foils for Corsair Trimarans and other Farrier-designed trimarans. Check with Don for special deals on these state of the art foils.

  10. Corsair Trimarans

    Windcraft Multihulls is an Authorized dealer of Corsair Trimarans. Led by Don Wigston, experienced corsair owner, dealer, and racer. Call us at 404-307-9121. ... Corsair Marine has thousands of trimarans sailing in all parts of the world. From competitive racing to family cruising; day sailing or longer expeditions, the Corsair range offers the ...


    Designed for convenient, easy trailering, easy rigging and setup, the Pulse 600 trimaran can be quickly launched, unfolded, and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance-oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair trimaran range. FIND A DEALER.

  12. Gateway Muscle Car Parts

    Our owner, Mark Eldridge with over 30 years auto parts experience, is located right here on the premises. Our goal here at Gateway Muscle is to provide you top quality parts and to provide you with top notch customer service. We carry many name brands such as Heidt's, Wilwood, Classic Headquarters, Classic Industries, Dynacorn, Supersoft, PUI ...

  13. Multihulls for sale

    Windcraft Multihulls offers a variety of multihull sailboats for sale. We specialize in great sailing trimarans, in particular the sporty trailerable 20-37 ft trimarans built by Corsair Marine, the high quality 25-40 ft. swing wing trimarans built by Dragonfly, and the magnificent 40-60 ft fast ocean cruising trimarans built by Rapido Trimarans.

  14. Find A Dealer

    Corsair Marine has a global network of trimaran dealers around the globe. Find them on the map located in our website. Talk to us about your trimarans. Exit. NEW TRIMARANS. CORSAIR 880; CORSAIR 760; CORSAIR 970; PULSE 600; CORSAIR 37; SAILING MANUAL; USED TRIMARAN;

  15. F4U Corsair— Look at the size of that prop! : r/WWIIplanes

    F4U Corsair— Look at the size of that prop! Which demonstrates nicely why it has a gull wing; to give the prop clearance without making the undercarriage too long. Wow this is a really good looking plane. The mighty Corsair: 2,000 horsepower R-2800 Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp Radial engine and 13.4 foot Hamilton Standard propeller.

  16. Corsair 31

    The Corsair 31 is a true long-range performance cruiser and racer. It originally evolved from the famous and popular F-27 folding trailerable trimaran, but featured more spacious cruising accommodations, including standing headroom. The Corsair 31 has continued to develop over time, incorporating new improvements and refinements as they become ...

  17. PC Parts

    We carry many gaming accessories for Both PC and Console gaming from several top brands to better serve your gaming accessory needs. We offer a wide selection Gaming Accessories including but not limited to: Mechanical and Non-Mechanical Keyboards. Corsair K40, K55, K68, K70 MK.2/LUX, and K98 Platinum. Logitech G Series Gaming Keyboards.

  18. corsair 760 trimaran

    Corsair parts lists; About us; Search for: Corsair 760 and 760R. Corsair 760 and 760R nickwigston 2019-10-11T02:44:51-07:00. Corsair 760. ... Being able to easily fold and quickly trailer is an important feature for all Corsair trimarans and is a feature that will make the 760 such a great choice for people looking to get out on the water and ...

  19. Corsair 760

    CORSAIR 760. The 24' Corsair has been an enormous success across more than 3 decades of production. However this newest model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design, making her the best 24' Corsair yet. The Corsair 760 is Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser. This new trailerable trimaran is destined to bring ...

  20. AutoZone Auto Parts in Moscow, ID (1006 Pullman Rd): Best Auto Parts

    AutoZone Auto Parts Lewiston. 238 Thain Rd. Lewiston, ID 83501. (208) 717-6108. Open - Closes at 9:00 PM. Get Directions View Store Details. Find the best auto parts in Moscow at your local AutoZone store found at 1006 Pullman Rd. Go DIY and save on service costs by shopping at an AutoZone store near you for the best replacement parts and ...