ISSA International Certificates

ISSA International Certificates


The International Sailing Schools Association ( ISSA ) is an international organization founded in 1969 which is responsible for standardizing sailing training and certification in Europe. The Association was established as a result of an initiative of sailing circles in Italy, France, Poland, Great Britain and Switzerland, among others. ISSA unites several hundred sailing schools from all over the world and their certificates are a confirmation of practical skills. Certificates are recognized in many countries around the world including the European Union.

Countries that recognize the ISSA certificate:

  • Netherlands,
  • United Kingdom,

Holders of ISSA patent sail on all seas of the world. The organization pursues its primary statutory objective of setting training standards for various recreational boating activities. As an international association formed by the national sailing organizations of ten countries, ISSA has always had the status of an independent organization and has never been affiliated with any particular country. Currently, ISSA qualification documents are issued according to the regulations of the UK, and from 1 January 2021 also within the EU, according to the regulations of the Republic of Cyprus.

The association itself does not provide training and is not involved in the preparation of sports players. However, being an international association with a statutory mandate to standardize training standards, the organization actively participates in the development and promotion of the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) concept. ISSA courses are held at training centers accredited by local authorities.

ISSA documents certify the holder’s qualifications in a transparent, internationally recognized manner. However, national regulations and standards always take precedence over ISSA standards. ISSA certification costs differently and depends on the country of its issuance

Sailing Certificates

Yacht crew – qualified sea crew member.

Designed for those who are new to sailing at sea. They want to learn and deepen the secrets of sailing in order to be able to drive yachts themselves in the future. The holder of this certificate should with commitment participate in the work on board and in the operation of a seagoing yacht. He/she will be able to use these skills to gain further sailing qualifications.

Inland Skipper

The certificate is intended for persons sailing in inland waters. It certifies proficiency in driving sailing yachts. Although there is no obligation to possess the certificate in case of yachts up to 7.5 meters long, it is worth taking the training. Thanks to this, you will acquire the necessary knowledge in a short period of time and you will avoid common mistakes.

Inshore Skipper – basic amateur skipper degree

Patent dedicated for a sailor who is able to skipper a sea yacht during the day, in the coastal area. A person with such qualifications can hire a yacht for tourist sailing, practically in every charter area. He/she should be able to handle the yacht and maneuver the engine and the sails.

Offshore Skipper – advanced offshore skipper

Individuals who have a knowledge of offshore sailing at the Inshore skipper level but who have considerable experience are the recipients of the Offshore skipper certificate. These skippers are proficient in maneuvering the yacht with the sail and the engine. They have sailed in more than one area, have completed longer passages and are proficient in navigation.

Master of Sailing Yacht – professional skipper degree

Professional level for professional skippers, who have excellent skills in maneuvering, operating the yacht and its equipment. A perfect knowledge of regulations and navigation is required. Interpersonal skills and ability to manage a crew are essential. A professional skipper is someone responsible who can be trusted, entrusted with equipment and other people. A lot of practice and completion of other courses is required.

Powerboat Certificates

Power boat yacht crew.

The holder of this certificate has received basic training in power boat safety and operation.

Inland Power Yacht Skipper

A certificate confirms ability of independent steering a motor boat in recreational navigation on inland waters and up to 2 NM from the shore. It gives the possibility of towing a water skier and floating recreational equipment. The training also includes driving water scooters. Theory and practice takes place on a motor boat capable of sailing in a slip. For people 12 years old and older. No experience required.

Inland Power Yacht Skipper

Inshore Power Yacht Skipper

A level available after a few days of training in theory and practice in sea navigation. Candidate must have knowledge of Inland Power Yacht Skipper and be at least 18 years old. The certificate confirms the ability of driving motor yachts independently for recreational purposes: in inland waters without limitations, in closed seas without limitations, on open seas and oceans within 20 NM from the coast excluding tidal waters.

Offshore Power Yacht Skipper

This is a certificate for persons experienced in offshore sailing who independently operate offshore yachts and sail on tidal waters. Requirements: 18 years of age, possession of certificates: Inshore Power Yacht Skipper (or other corresponding program), SRC, first aid, safety training. This level enables independent driving of motor yachts in recreational sailing without any limitations. It is a theoretical training in the form of lectures and workshops and verification of the internship.

Master of power yacht

This is a certificate confirming sailing skills on a professional level. Such a person should perfectly cope with, among others, boat handling, navigation, maneuvering and should know the regulations.

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Privacy Overview

inshore power yacht skipper

ISSA Inshore Power Boat Skipper

Experience required prior training: At least 1 cruise on a power boat Certification required prior training: None Minimum age required: 16 years old Suggested number of training hours: 8 hours theory / one-day practical

DAY 1 (THEORY) - Time: 8:30 – 17:00

  • Marine terminologies
  • Safety at sea / safety equip
  • Types of Boats & Engines
  • Boat launching & recovery
  • Basic boat handling under power including PWCS.
  • International Regulation for Preventing Collision at Sea
  • Aids to navigation at sea
  • Tides & Current
  • Meteorology
  • Anchors & Anchoring
  • Man Overboard Procedure
  • Rope work, Knots, Bends

DAY 2 (PRACTICAL) - Time: 8:00 – 13:30

  • Vessel preparation including safety checks
  • Performing basic checks on engine
  • Operating navigation system on board
  • Boat handling under power & the use of engine throttles
  • Turning the vessel in a confined area using single engine
  • Docking and undocking alongside
  • Steering by compass and high speed manoeuver
  • Retrieving Man Overboard (MOB)
  • Anchoring technique


inshore power yacht skipper

Course Calendar

2024, march.

Weekend Course Dates Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 Weekday Course Dates Tuesday 5 & Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 & Friday 8 Tuesday 12 & Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 & Friday 15 Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 Thursday 21 & Friday 22 Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 Thursday 28 & Friday 29

2024, APRIL

Weekend Course Dates Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 Weekday Course Dates Tuesday 2 & Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 & Friday 5 Tuesday 9 & Wednesday 10 Thursday 11 & Friday 12 Tuesday 16 & Wednesday 17 Thursday 18 & Friday 19 Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 Thursday 25 & Friday 26 Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 1 (May)


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    inshore power yacht skipper

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    inshore power yacht skipper

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    inshore power yacht skipper

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    inshore power yacht skipper

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    inshore power yacht skipper

  6. ISSA Inland Power Yacht Skipper

    inshore power yacht skipper


  1. Association ISSA international Certificates

    Offshore Power Yacht Skipper. This is a certificate for persons experienced in offshore sailing who independently operate offshore yachts and sail on tidal waters. Requirements: 18 years of age, possession of certificates: Inshore Power Yacht Skipper (or other corresponding program), SRC, first aid, safety training.

  2. ISSA Inshore Power Boat Skipper

    Rope work, Knots, Bends. DAY 2 (PRACTICAL) - Time: 8:00 – 13:30. Vessel preparation including safety checks. Performing basic checks on engine. Operating navigation system on board. Boat handling under power & the use of engine throttles. Turning the vessel in a confined area using single engine. Docking and undocking alongside.