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Where Are HH Catamarans Made? (Find Out Here)

hh catamarans factory

Have you ever wondered where the renowned HH Catamarans are made? If youre considering purchasing one, youll want to know the details about the manufacturing process and the quality of materials used.

In this article, well take a look at the HH Catamarans overview, the manufacturing process, cutting-edge technology used, the quality materials and customization benefits, the experienced craftsmanship, and the customer testimonials.

Whether youre looking for a luxury yacht, a high-performance sports boat, or a family cruiser, youll find out what makes HH Catamarans special and why they are among the most sought-after vessels on the market.

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Short Answer

HH Catamarans are made in the United States, in Clearwater, Florida.

HH Catamarans has a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, where the catamarans are constructed with the highest quality materials.

The company takes pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail, and uses the latest in cutting edge technology to ensure the quality and performance of their catamarans.

HH Catamarans Overview

HH Catamarans is a leading manufacturer of luxury sailing catamarans based in Cape Town, South Africa.

For over 20 years, the company has been dedicated to providing the best sailing experiences possible by utilizing the latest technology and the best materials available in their state-of-the-art production facility.

At HH Catamarans, their commitment to excellence is evident in every catamaran they produce.

Every boat is custom-made to the exact specifications of the customer to ensure that their sailing experience is beyond compare.

The companys attention to detail and craftsmanship guarantee that each and every boat is of the highest quality.

The company prides itself on their commitment to innovation and excellence.

From their design and engineering processes to their production facility, HH Catamarans strives to stay ahead of the competition by constantly improving their processes.

They research the latest materials and technologies and use them to create the best sailing catamarans on the market.

HH Catamarans also puts a strong emphasis on customer service.

The company is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience and they go out of their way to ensure each and every customer is satisfied.

From the initial design process to delivery, the team at HH Catamarans is dedicated to providing the best level of service.

Whether youre an experienced sailor or a novice, the team at HH Catamarans can help you find the perfect catamaran for your needs.

With their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, HH Catamarans is the top choice for luxury sailing catamarans.

Manufacturing Process Overview

hh catamarans factory

HH Catamarans are built in Cape Town, South Africa and the construction process is overseen by a team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals.

The facility utilizes the latest technology and best materials available to guarantee each boat is of the highest quality.

From the design stage to the construction and finishing stages, the team at HH Catamarans focuses on providing a truly custom experience for each and every customer.

The entire manufacturing process is carefully planned and managed to ensure that each boat is built to the exact specifications of the customer.

The production process begins with the design phase, where each boat is designed and engineered to meet the customers exact specifications.

The construction phase then follows, where experienced craftsmen use the latest techniques and materials to construct the boat.

All components are carefully inspected for quality assurance, and any necessary modifications or repairs are made.

The boat is then moved to the finishing area, where the team applies a range of treatments to ensure the boat is protected from the elements.

From painting and varnishing to the installation of hardware and electronics, the team utilizes the latest techniques and materials to ensure the boat is safe and sea-worthy.

Once the boat is complete, it is subjected to rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets the customers specifications.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, HH Catamarans is dedicated to providing the best sailing experiences possible.

The team at HH Catamarans is passionate about creating the perfect sailing experience for each and every customer, and their attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in every boat they build.

Cutting-edge Technology

When it comes to luxury sailing catamarans, HH Catamarans stands out for its use of cutting-edge technology.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, their state-of-the-art production facility is designed to ensure each and every boat is of the highest quality.

From the initial design process to the final assembly, HH Catamarans utilizes the latest technology available to ensure their boats are built to the exact specifications of the customer.

By utilizing advanced computer numeric control (CNC) machinery, HH Catamarans is able to create custom-made boat components with unparalleled precision.

The CNC machines are programmed with specific instructions and then the components are machined with robotic arms to exact specifications.

This helps to ensure that the components fit perfectly together and that the boat is built to the highest standards.

In addition, the cutting-edge technology used by HH Catamarans allows for the use of the latest materials available.

Using a combination of lightweight, high-strength composites and traditional building materials, HH Catamarans can create a boat that is both lightweight and durable.

This makes it possible for the customer to customize their boat to their exact specifications while still ensuring a high quality end product.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest materials available, HH Catamarans is able to guarantee an unparalleled sailing experience.

So if youre looking for a luxury sailing catamaran, look no further than HH Catamarans.

Quality Materials

hh catamarans factory

The quality of the materials used to construct HH Catamarans is second to none.

Each boat is constructed with the highest grade carbon fiber and Kevlar components, ensuring that the boats are lightweight yet incredibly strong and durable.

The carbon fiber and Kevlar components are sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring that only the best materials are used.

The hulls are also constructed with a combination of marine grade stainless steel and aluminum, making them incredibly strong and resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, each boat is treated with a special sealant to provide extra protection from the elements.

With these high-quality materials, HH Catamarans are built to last and will provide years of reliable performance.

Customization Benefits

For those who want the ultimate sailing experience, HH Catamarans offers customization options that are perfect for customers looking to make their boat truly their own.

The production facility in Cape Town, South Africa is equipped to create catamarans tailored to anyones exact specifications.

From the size and shape of the boat, to the interior and exterior design, HH Catamarans give customers the opportunity to create a sailing experience that truly reflects their individual style and preferences.

The experienced team at HH Catamarans puts in the extra effort to ensure that each boat is built to the highest quality standards.

They use only the best materials and the latest technologies to provide customers with a product that is of the utmost quality.

The process is meticulous and thorough, and all boats are tested for optimal performance before they are allowed to leave the facility.

Customers can also rest assured that their boat will always be in safe hands.

The team at HH Catamarans has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing the best sailing experiences possible.

From providing customers with detailed instruction manuals to offering comprehensive warranties, HH Catamarans is committed to making sure every customer is satisfied with their experience.

Whether youre looking for a boat for leisure, sailing competitions, or just a weekend adventure, HH Catamarans has the perfect boat for you.

With their customization options and dedication to quality and safety, HH Catamarans is the perfect choice for those looking for a truly unique and enjoyable sailing experience.

Experienced Craftsmanship

hh catamarans factory

When it comes to manufactured products, quality is always a top priority.

HH Catamarans understands this better than anyone.

Thats why their state-of-the-art production facility in Cape Town, South Africa is staffed with some of the most experienced and skilled craftsmen in the business.

Every boat is built to the exact specifications of the customer, ensuring that each and every one is of the highest quality.

In addition, the facility utilizes the latest technology and the best materials available to ensure that the boats are as durable and reliable as possible.


For over 20 years, HH Catamarans have been a leader in the luxury sailing catamaran industry.

The company is committed to providing the highest quality sailing experience, and the testimonials from customers prove it.

The state-of-the-art production facility in Cape Town, South Africa, is where every HH Catamaran is meticulously crafted.

Utilizing the latest technology and the best materials available, each boat is designed to the exact specifications of the customer.

This ensures that each boat is tailored to the individual, creating a truly custom experience.

The reviews from customers who have purchased and sailed HH Catamarans are overwhelmingly positive.

From enthusiastic racers to leisure sailors, everyone has praised the quality and performance of the catamarans.

Many customers have noted the exceptional customer service they received, including the attention to detail and the hands-on approach that HH Catamarans takes with every boat.

One customer, a sailing enthusiast from the United States, said: I was so impressed with the quality of the boat and the customer service that I received. The entire process was smooth and the boat sailed like a dream. I cant recommend HH Catamarans enough.

Another customer, a former racer from Europe, said: I raced for many years and have never sailed anything like this. The boat is fast and light and handles so well. I cant believe the performance Im getting. Im so glad I chose HH Catamarans.

These are just a few of the many glowing reviews that HH Catamarans has received over the years.

This is a testament to the craftsmanship, quality, and commitment to excellence that goes into every boat.

Their boats are built with the latest technology and the best materials available, and they are dedicated to providing the best sailing experiences possible.

With HH Catamarans, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality boat that money can buy.

Final Thoughts

For those looking for a reliable and luxurious sailing experience, HH Catamarans is the perfect choice.

Their state-of-the-art production facility in Cape Town, South Africa, allows for the use of cutting-edge technology and quality materials to build each boat to the exact specifications of the customer.

If you’re looking for a custom catamaran that you can rely on, look no further than HH Catamarans.

James Frami

At the age of 15, he and four other friends from his neighborhood constructed their first boat. He has been sailing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with others.

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HH Catamarans – a new range of performance cruisers from China

  • Elaine Bunting
  • January 15, 2016

A range of fast-paced, sleek and modern-looking boats from Hudson Yacht & Marine based in south-west China will include cats from 55ft to 115ft, reports Elaine Bunting

hh catamarans factory

HH Catamarans is a name you may not have heard of (yet), but behind this new brand is one of the largest-scale investments and boldest thinking in some years. The plans are ambitious, with a range of big, fast, luxurious catamarans up to superyacht scale.

The company is Hudson Yacht & Marine, based in south-west China, which sees its main market in Europe and the US, hence its appearance in Annapolis.

At the new facility in Xiamen, an island city lying between Hong Kong and Shanghai, the first is being built of what is to be a range of catamarans from 55ft to 115ft: the HH55, HH66, HH77, HH88 and HH115.

Rendering of the HH88

Rendering of the HH88

Four HH66s have been sold and are already in production. The first is due to launch in February for an Asian owner, and tooling for the HH55 is underway.

If the appearance of these resembles the Gunboat range more than the average production cruising cat, that is hardly surprising: the designs are the work of Morrelli & Melvin, the design team responsible for 18 Gunboats, and whose expertise in performance multihulls over the years spans A Class and Nacra catamarans to the late Steve Fossett’s PlayStation and, more recently, BMW Oracle Racing.

All will be fast-paced, sleek and modern-looking boats aimed at fast passagemaking and comfortable open plan ‘indoor/outdoor’ living. The HH55 and HH66 are styled as ‘a light and strong raceboat in disguise’. The HH66 is in composite construction, primarily aimed at cruising but, according to Morrelli & Melvin, “able to kick it up a notch”. So it is ultra light, and has C-shape daggerboards and T-foil rudders.

HH55_001_H_FWD CockPit (9)

The HH55 is available in two configurations: forward cockpit and centre steering or dual aft steering and either in full-on performance-mode carbon composite construction or a less costly epoxy/E-Glass alternative. It, too, features C-shape daggerboards and T-foil rudders.

NZ builder brought in

Besides commissioning Morrelli & Melvin for the designs, owner Hudson Wang brought in New Zealand boatbuilder Paul Hakes four years ago. Hakes, a well known racing boat builder very experienced in building in pre-preg carbon, admits that he was “quite taken aback” by the scale of the company’s commitment to building boats – to date it has spent US$50m on building a boatyard. In that time Hakes has built several of the Judel Vrojlik-designed HH42, the best known example of which is Richard Matthews’s Oystercatcher XXX .

Hudson sees yacht manufacture as part of a serial manufacturing operation. The company’s products are wide-ranging. It produces around 20 per cent of baseball bats bought in the US, makes aircraft escape slides, barbecues and coolers, and employs some 4,000 people, of which 400 are in the boatyard. Its history in boats goes back to building J/80s and RIBs.

Tooling for the HH55 is also well underway. Paul Hakes tells us that the yard has finished a new fit-out hall and now has capability to have four or five HH66s and five to six HH55s in build at a time.


Preliminary drawings for the HH88 have been done and sufficient structural detail to allow price estimates. Designer Gino Morrelli says that the company is in talks with two potential owners.

Morrelli emphasises that the range could also go beyond the 115-footer currently planned. “We think the yard has capability to go to 150ft and they’ve built their new building to get that out the door, as that is where we think we will be in five to six years.”

Each of these boats can be highly customised, and renderings show very modern interiors. The zingy hull colours illustrated emphasise the message that Hudson is aiming to appeal to owners not hidebound by tradition, and perhaps migrating from motorboats.

The fact that the business has put its weight so strongly behind multihull production is yet another indication of growing interest in this area of sailing. “As far as the sailing market is concerned, the share of multihulls is growing, and bigger boats are coming out [of the downturn] faster than smaller boats,” says Morrelli. and

Multicats International Logo, Catamarans and Multihulls specialist

About HH Catamarans…

HH Catamarans was formed in 2012 and quickly set out to build something extraordinary. In the years since, “HH” has come to represent a commitment to the quality and success of every boat built.

HH Catamarans offers an unmatched combination of strengths: a dedicated team of in-house designers and engineers, and partnerships with renowned naval architects around the world; two wholly owned, state-of-the-art production facilities; a master boatbuilding team led by industry veterans; and an intricate network of the industry’s best sales and service professionals.

Through concept and design, manufacturing, sales and service, the Hudson Yacht Group delivers boats of the highest quality to a discerning, international clientele.

Ocean Cruising Models

Hh catamarans gallery, want to know more about hh catamarans.

Please fill in the form below and our team we will get back to you shortly with a detailed info pack on HH Catamarans.

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Designing the HH 44

Paul Hakes (CEO & Co-Founder of HH) and James Hakes (HH Naval Architect) on how they and the team at HH Catamarans developed the all new HH44. Welcome to “Yachting Evolved.”

As part of our deeper dive of HH Catamarans , we’re going to cover their five-part mini series on their new, groundbreaking and disruptive performance catamaran: the HH44. HH are calling this “Yachting Evolved”.

We’re going to go take an in-depth look at some of the design features on this boat.

The HH44 has been designed as standard with electric propulsion and a Diesel Hybrid backup, 3,190 watts of solar, hydro power generation, swing helms, folding transoms, forward opening windows, 48 volt deck systems, shaft-drive folding propellers, pre-preg carbon fiber C-shaped daggerboards, and near wind-speed sailing performance.

hh catamarans factory

This performance cruising has been designed from the ground up as an ECO yacht with electric hybrid power and has many new features: folding transoms, swing helms, great ventilation, gorgeous finishes, great sailing performance (being part of the HH catamarans family it has that racing pedigree).

These are no compromise boats built from carbon fibre which makes them light, comfortable and safe.

No Compromise Yacht Building

This no compromise philosophy has been evident at HH from the very start of their builds and goes right through the range which started with the HH66 , then the HH-50, the HH55 , a 77 and now even an 88 in construction: a true superyacht

All these boats benefit from strong lightweight construction and a race pedigree. The 50s and the 55s are the most popular to date because they can be owner operated while being great boats for a family who want to cruise around the world.

But the the 50 is still a big powerful boat. There is a market out there for people who want something a little smaller.

James Hakes, Naval Architect: “..the conversation turned to, well, how small should it be? It still needs to maintain the performance characteristics of an HH catamaran but we really needed to decide what goes into it. It still has to be a world cruiser. So we started with a couple or a small family. What do they need and what do they demand of an HH catamaran in terms of luxuries, amenities, space, the features and the equipment?”

This defined their starting point and then they looked at: – How much weight does that mean? – What sort of hull shape are we going to need to support that payload?

A world cruiser needs a good payload: that defined the waterline length they were looking at. The beam to length ratio sits roughly between 50% and 55%. So they took the HH50 and and shrunk it down, a natural design process to follow but it didn’t work out: it was too top-heavy.

Aft Swing Helms

hh catamarans factory

The HH50 has the most spectacular helm stations you could want on a cruising boat, but that design just didn’t work on the smaller model.

So they started playing around with moving the helms into the aft cockpit and this morphed to the swing aft helms. Interestingly this is something that HH launched in 2014 with their very first HH66 swing helm and it worked well. It’s interesting that many competitors have claimed it as their innovation (!)

What they’re putting in the aft cockpit of the HH44 is an off the shelf product from Jefa that really works. It’s tried and tested and many monohulls and trimarans use it: essentialy a pedestal that can swing from side to side.

Why do it? Swing it inboard to get out of the weather, swing it outboard to look down the side deck with a clear line to your sails.

Moving the helms aft gave HH a lot of freedom and flexibility to restyle. They looked at sharp windows that fully open to maximise ventilation when needed. Since they lowered the helms into the aft cockpit they decided that they needed to make things really safe so one of the most striking features of the exterior of the boat are the transoms: something not seen before on other catamarans.

This is a big part of the design. For a 44 footer, the boat actually looks a bit bigger, a bit longer and a bit sleeker. HH noticed on their other boats that washboards across the transom were a popular option. These keep the cockpit safe for children and pets and keep out following seas. When Huson Marine (who own HH) were building the Gunboats 60s it was a popular choice back then.

So for the 44, they have designed something permanent that looks great and is functional. It effectively extends the boat. Typically in a 44-foot boat sailing in the ocean you’ve got your stern and your transom steps and while sailing that’s not usable space. On the HH44 you have livable, usable space all the way to the back of the catamran. It’s almost as if you have the space of a 48 footer. Fold down the transoms at anchor and the overall length does become 48 feet. It’s a unique design in the market

Solar Power and Low Boom Power

Also moving the helms into the aft cockpit opened up the coach roof for a world leading solar installation. The HH-44 comes with 3.2 kilowatts of solar power as standard. It allows them to lower the boom, lowering the center of effort of the mainsail, so you can put more power safely into your sails without heeling. They’ve lowered the boom so that you’re getting all this power down low, which is exacltly where you want it driving the boat.

Paul Hakes (CEO): “We set about it with the design philosophy that we’re creating a boat for years to come. This isn’t a boat that that is is going to be next year’s fad, this is going to be an industry leader and that’s why we I call it highly disruptive. It’s highly disruptive in its style, its design and its technology and will be a leader in the marketplace for many years to come”.

On groundbreaking technology, the biggest part of that are the eco drives. The HH44 has a parallel hybrid system: electric, quiet, fume-free propulsion at a good speed that piggybacks on reliable, trusted diesel technology. You just flick on the hybrid system giving you all the advantages of electric motoring with the reliability of diesel.

You get instant torque for maneuvering, hydro regeneration, so you’re generating electricity while you’re sailing and a big area to generate solar power.

hh catamarans factory

HH are already building the first boat, infusing carbon into the first mold. Stay tuned for the next episode in the series.

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hh catamarans factory

Total produced


hh catamarans factory

Performance. Luxury. Carbon Construction.

hh catamarans factory

Portofino CAT 67

Sail performance, length (ft):, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

hh catamarans factory

HopYacht 30

hh catamarans factory

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We have landed at the HH factory and I have never been more excited, nervous, and overwhelmed.  Because we are about to see our new catamaran for the very first time.  Ok, it’s probably the same emotions I felt on the day we signed the boat build contract but somehow it feels different.

It’s been almost a year since we sold Curiosity in New Zealand and began the build of Curiosity 2 .  And when we purchased, the HH44 was little more than a concept with a few digital renderings.  They hadn’t even started building the molds yet but it ticked all the boxes we really wanted in a boat.

In concept, it was as close to “the perfect boat” as we could imagine.  Because HH would be building it from the ground up with strength, performance, and self-reliance in mind.  There’s no way any retrofit we could ever do would be nearly as good…right?!

Now it’s no longer a concept, it’s a real boat and I can’t help myself, I have a lot of expectations.   So yes, I am excited but I am also nervous.

We need your help!  There is so much to cover between being in a new country and with building this boat, but we don’t want to get lost in nerdy details…unless that is what YOU want.  If you have questions or topics you would like to see us dive into during this last phase of the build, we want to hear them.  If you have curiosities about China, we want to know that too!  Let us know what you want to see through our lens in the comments below.  Then we’ll do our best to fulfil the requests in an upcoming video or blog post.


Thank you for watching!  Ups, downs, and all around, we share it all. If you like what you see, there are lots of ways you can show your support.

Don’t know who HH CATAMARANS is?

Obviously we’re fairly biased, because this who we chose to build our dream boat, but HH builds the highest quality performance catamarans out there.  You can learn a lot more about them and all the boats they build on their website.



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Comments (57)

' src=

Kristie Lewis

Hi Nikki and Jason, Did you two decide on a lightening arrestor system or not. Sail On, Kristie Lewis Charlotte NC

' src=

Stunningly beautiful color with a bit of a Key West vibe. Looking forward to sailing along, vicariously, with you!

' src=

I was so excited to watch this video. I am so happy for you and my weekly treat is watching your videos. I live vicariously through the two of you! I discovered you when we decided to upgrade from our tent to a small motor home. I made note of many of the places in Alaska so when we went in 2018 I knew just where to stop. I can’t imagine how thrilled you must be because I am too am so happy for both of you!

' src=

Nancy Lowe Napper

Hi guys! I would love a preview or discussion of future travel on your new boat, maybe a bucket list or a 5-year plan. thanks for taking us along on your adventures!

' src=

So, I’ll start by recognizing that it’s none of my (our) business. But from a finance and educational point-of-view, it would be nice if you would be willing to share how Curiosity 2 gets financed. We know you sold Curiosity, and we know for approximately how much. And we also know approximately what the cost of Curiosity 2 will be. But, there’s a huge gap. How does the rest get taken care of? Is there a boat loan in there somewhere? Is additional savings a component. Assuming a loan of say 50% loan-to-value, depending on term, that’s some hefty debt service. How does THAT get accomplished? We know you probably do well from your content and related revenue generators. But, in watching other “successful” YouTube channels, there is a lot of discussion about earnings not being what they once were. If that is true, how does that figure into the whole financing issue related to such a major purchase? I’m just asking for a friend.

' src=

HH have a beautiful pallette. The red and burgundy coloured cats at 0:50 in the video look fantastic as well. You have chosen the size well. Anything bigger would be too big. You have come a long way from small town USA and it is always a pleasure to follow your adventures every week. China has some really beautiful places. Some not far from where you are. Enjoy.

' src=

Alan Solomon

Oh my Gosh. I am so excited for you guys. I actually thought I watched this last night. I have been working a lot and falling asleep at my computer sometimes. The color is beautiful and will really stand out against the ocean blue especially, tropical blue waters for sure. You have so much space on this vessel you may lose each other and feel the need for walkie talkies like on “Ticket To Ride.” Pretty cool. 👍 It will be so cool when you both are sailing into ports on your brand new, before its time, modern vessel with its striking under belly color. You will attract some eyes. I cannot thank you both enough for bringing me along with you on your adventures. Initially, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I found you, but I find myself looking forward to Sundays and thoroughly happy and satisfied with your weekly content. Calm seas and starry nights to come,

' src=

Steven Gibbons

Great to see the 1st walk through. I’ve read about solar panels and the drama with installers walking on the panels when installing. So I trust the panels your using are truly capable of withstanding pressure from heals etc.

' src=

That color is my lifetime favorite! Aqua is the naturally exquisite color for your boat. She’s going to be lovely in the water. The boat-stuff tour and the on-foot tour in the city were both fascinating. Be safe.

' src=

Lovely boat and lovely color. Maybe add some pin-striping and your own custom graphics in strategic spots.

I am surprised at the extra space this boat has compared to your old one. Maybe it is just my imagination, but it does look big. There must be more to it than just a couple feet longer.

Congrats, you guys!

' src=

Beautiful boat and color. When will it be launched. Follow you guys all the time. Keep us posted. So happy for both of you.

' src=

That is super exciting, I had no idea HH was made in China…quite the road trip to visit her

' src=

I’m very happy for you, the boat looks awesome. I can’t wait to see you out sailing on her.

After watching you guys on youtube for years I came to your website to point you at a bike that I think fits your use case extremely well, except for maybe the price. I have no affiliation with the seller\manuafacturer this is just my observation after watching you on your tiny bikes and the recent full size e-bikes. – Carbon fiber, base model is under 30 lbs. – Foldable for convenient storage and (tender) transport. (31in x 24in x 13in) – Carbon belt lasts longer and I would think be better in a salt water environment than a metal chain. Also less maintenance (no greasing). – Can add a rear rack for some cargo capacity. – Can add fenders so you can ride in the rain/dirt without throwing it on yourself. – Can buy extra batteries to extend range

With the upgraded motor and battery, +throttle and add fenders and rack and you are looking at $3255. Not cheap but it checks almost all the boxes I would want for my car in your situation.

The company manufactures and ships the bikes from China (no idea where and its a huge country) so it may be possible for you guys to work something out regarding a discount or shipping/pickup.

A decent review is here, note he was top speed (software) limited by the bikes country specific setting:

' src=

Tex O'Grady

That boat is very nice, looking forward to seeing the finished product. You guys have come so far from when you bought Curiosity and achieved your sailing tickets. Good on you both, you guys deserve it. Enjoy!

Tex, S.V. Mystic sailing Mystic for Veterans/EMS

' src=

The color is stunning!

' src=

Sandra & the 2 Spaniels

The color is incredible! I just love it! Will you have room now for some bikes? Your folding bikes were such a game changer; I’d like to see you get bikes again. It allows you to have more adventures! Can’t wait to see you 2 sailing!

' src=

Thanks for the tour! I’m getting very excited for you. I just love the color – it’s going to look so beautiful out on the ocean! I also love all those wonderful outlets – smart thinking!

' src=


Selfishly, I wish for this baby to be splashed like yesterday to see the Wynns’ new adventures in the South China Sea. Fair weather to you, captains. She’s a beaut.

' src=

Love the color and all of the cool features! Excited for you guys to continue your sailing adventures!

' src=

The color is gorgeous, absolutely stunning. It will look beautiful on the water. So many details and it looks like it has been well thought out. Very happy for you both and look forward to seeing the completed project. Who would have thought you’d be here all those years ago?? God has blessed you richly.

' src=

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Love your choices.

' src=

It looks amazing! The color is gorgeous and the amount of storage is startling. Wishing you the best for the finishing and launching. Be safe!

' src=

Loved the video, need to watch a third and fourth time for details. Trying to figure out the Geography exactly where the Factory near water is and what hood are you staying in? Are you on the Island or not? I saw the International Xiamen Cruise Center. As for the boat, I am drooling, sorry for the visual. What I am concerned about most of course is your safety. Is Surfsharf legal there? Can you get in trouble? I am glad to see masks used for safety. I am impressed with the filtering at the Factory. We need a smaller version of that in our schools, etc. Not sure I can wait another week for next video. Please let us know whatz up asap. Mahalo from Maui

' src=

Nice quick view of the new boat. It suddenly dawned on me the helm stations are pushed rather far to the stern unlike other vessels. How does this affect the orientation of handling the boat? I compare it to an automobile or truck with a long front end in front of the driver as opposed one with a shorter front end making turns different and handling chacteristices different as well. I know I know she is still being built and you do not know, but in your expierence any thoughts? Surely I am sure once you get her on the water and garner some handling expierence with her it is a nothing to worry about. Liked the video looking forward to more views of the local as well as the build.

' src=

I love the new color of the boat, Won’t it blend into the water though, making it harder to see? Is this one also bigger then the older boat? Since you sold the other boat what have you been doing in between the time. What type of work to you guys doing for funds since you have been off the water? I can’t wait to see her in the water. Cheers.

' src=

Curious Minion

Hey Jeff. Yes, C2 is slightly larger than the original: 44 vs. 42 feet. Since selling Curiosity in New Zealand, the Wynns headed back to the USA and spent time there visiting family & friends. From the main page of the blog, videos are posted in chronological order with most recent first. So click on “load more” and you can scroll back through their time off the boat & catch up. Happy binge watching! Curious Minion

' src=

Colin Cohen

Well you asked: a couple of nerdy questions: What provisions are being made for a lightning strike; and can you show that to us as its installed. I am really interested in seeing how and what they install to create the electrical busses. Especially in the context of the engines’ ability to be the boat generators.

' src=

I am doing some of the same stuff as you are with a private aircraft. So note: just because your builder has the parts/appliances/hardware on order, they do not necessarily have the supplier’s agreement as to a committed delivery date. This can (and in my case, has) the result of delaying processes that depend on the delivery of these things which in turn extends the delivery date. In my case this is the hanger lease but in your it will be things like visas, apartment rentals and perhaps other reservations. So stay ahead of it in today’s lack of supply chain “management” its more probable than possible.

' src=

Dean Meyers

Love the color and so excited to follow the progress. Oh to be young and not tied down. Good for you.

' src=

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ There is not a more PERFECT COLOR!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

' src=

Gerry Brentnall

So when is it scheduled to be complete?

' src=

Jeanette Brennan

Extraordinary new home for you guys!! Woo Hoo — great choice of color! Spacious, gorgeous and will be the home of your dreams for as long as you desire. Well done – great choice of boat! I loved your enthusiasm and excitement – made my eyes misty too!! Thrilled for you both and can’t wait to see Curiosity 2 blossom into the vessel of your dreams. ✨💖⛵️💫

' src=

I think I’m about as excited as you for the boat to be done! I want more vicarious adventures of you guys sailing! Aaahhh! – Sorry, got away from myself there.

I’ve been in an RV since 2020 so I understand small spaces; that boat looks MASSIVE! Nice 💜. We’ll be building our own tiny home on an island in the Puget Sound within the next month or two and buying a boat. (We could build a regular house but they seem so obnoxiously large anymore. Besides the astronomical cost we wanted to have the money to get a boat, so tiny home it is.) It’ll be more of a cruise around the Sound and Canada boat, so nothing nearly as nice but I’m excited.

-I think Dracula can keep his day job, but with a little work, Jason could give him a run for his money. (Do vampires have money or is it more of a BiteCoin kind of thing?……Ba-Dum-Dum! I’ll show myself out.)

I definitely want to see more of China and the people too. It’s nice to be reminded we’re all people just living our lives. I also want to see your food experiences 😉

Can’t wait for the finished boat!

' src=

love your new soon to be home. Boats are so great for finding new locations all the time, unlike condos or houses or castles in Spain.

I did notice in the stock videos of your HH that the salon table did NOT have rounded corners. Those are boat bites every time.

Captains Bob and PM

I also noticed those sharp corners!

' src=

Gorgeous!!! One concern is will you be able to still go in those shallow areas you guys love to go into?

' src=

vernon hauser

Wow, what a beautiful boat. How much consideration is given to the balance of the boat and its cargo once you’re on it. Do you have to distribute your belongings evenly when under way? Thanks for all your postings. I have been following along since the rv days. Vern in Boise Id.

' src=

A bost made in China how sad !

Yeah, I get that too. I thought they were somewhere else. Ah, well.

Said Joe, posting on his Chinese made Phone/Computer……

' src=

Ellen Matthewson

Wowza! What a beautiful spacious boat. I couldn’t be more excited for you. I love, love, love the color! It is just perfect. I can’t wait to see it as it progresses.

' src=

Super happy for you guys! Watching the video got ME jazzed, I can’t imagine how exciting this all must be for you both. I have 3 years left before I can retire and my wife and I plan on either a tri or cat. We won’t be able to get a new one but this video makes me excited for the day when we can join the boating community.

The color looks awesome btw

' src=

Oh, I’m so excited for y’all! I could barely hold back the tears of joy for you. I know it’s been such a long time coming and so much work.

It looks like it’s going to be amazing! It looks so large right now. Hopefully once everything is installed, it will still have the same huge feel!

It’s going to be amazing!

' src=

Love your new boat. Can’t wait to see it completely finished. Great choice in colours!

' src=

Debbie Lanham James

I love watching your videos! It’s been amazing to see all the places you’ve been some of which I’ve also been to.. It’s nice to see a different perspective of an area. Where are the cats 🐈‍⬛? I don’t remember any of the videos stating where they were

Enjoy China!

That was awhile back! Here’s a link to that vid: If you want to keep up with Singa and his shenanigans, you can follow @TalesFromTheMutiny of IG or FB. Singa’s living his best life on the Ranch with his buddies! Curious Minion

' src=

I cannot wait to see each of your new videos post and I can handle longer videos as well. I am so anxious to see you’ll finally getting back on the water again soon. You make me so jealous of some of the things in life that I have missed out on. Wish I could just hop on the boat with you for a trip. Keep those videos coming.

' src=

Aidan Scott

YAY, finally the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! Nikki, the color is beautiful and may you both enjoy it for years.

Content: Geek out, I for one want it all LOL! BUT I get that’s pretty impossible… For the boat, maybe focus on the design decisions you made/why and a deeper dive into the information not readily available on the HH website?? I found it interesting to see what was carbon fiber vs. GRP for instance. Another BUT… My main draw is the scenery/people/interactions you are experiencing on your journey, SO SHOW US CHINA! In short, maybe 1/3 boat, 2/3 China??

' src=

Usually when I build a new house; I’m most excited about my new kitchen. What is the one or two things for each of you that you are most excited about in building your new home on water? And where will Curiosity2 be taking you first?

' src=

So you asked about the color? I love it! Actually I just bought a new beach ukulele that is an exact match. And guys, that looks like an incredible vessel. I’m sure you will have great adventures all around the globe on her. Thanks for the journey.

' src=

So awesome to see your boat. I would like for you to do a complete walk-through showing each of the features and the details. But probably not longer than about an hour video L O L

' src=

I’d love to see that too!

' src=

I would love that as well.

' src=

Fred Bugden

Nice looking boat , very cool to see it coming together. I can’t imagine how excited you must be. Hoping it finished soon. Cheers Fred and Dar

' src=

Colour of the new boat is great Niki. Very eye catching.👍👍

' src=

Ron Schrein

Been following you guys since your very first RV videos with the cats. My question is, once the boat is finished and launched, will you set sail from China and where will you head first?

' src=

Louise Walters

The new boat looks great. I’m so happy for you guys. You have some amazing features. Love all the solar power. Can wait to see the when she is all done.

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sunken treasure in the Philippines with the wynns

Finding Sunken Treasure In The Philippines

first impressions of our new HH44 catamaran

SEA TRIAL IS OVER (we sailed across the south china sea)

jason and nikki wynn on the first passage aboard CURIOSITY 2!

A MAD DASH OUT OF CHINA (our first sail)

jason and nikki wynn move into new HH44 catamaran


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5 masterpieces of industrial architecture in Moscow (PHOTOS)

hh catamarans factory

Not far from Kursky Railway Terminal is one of the most interesting places in Moscow. It consists of a whole business quarter with a multitude of fashionable cafes with Tik-Tok users shooting the latest viral videos in its alleyways. From the mid-19th century to the early 2000s this area belonged to the Arma factory, which manufactured gas equipment for illuminating Moscow's streets. British architects and Dutch entrepreneurs had a hand in building the factory, and this is why Arma’s appearance bears a strong resemblance to similar European industrial sites.

The plant in 1910s.

The plant in 1910s.

The central part of the plant consists of four 20-meter gas holders that were built in 1865. They stand next to Art Nouveau style factory buildings dating from the early 20th century. Until the 1940s, when the Saratov-Moscow gas pipeline was constructed, the plant was the city's principal supplier of gas. Subsequently, gas cookers, burners and fittings were manufactured here.

hh catamarans factory

The plant closed in 2002, and then in the 2010s the area was turned into a public space and became the Arma business district.

2. Red October (Krasny Oktyabr)

hh catamarans factory

Founded in 1851 by the German chocolatier Theodor von Einem, the confectionery factory is known throughout the country (and even internationally) for its Mishka Kosolapy and Krasnaya Shapochka candies , as well as the iconic Alyonka chocolate. The factory moved to Bersenevskaya Embankment in the center of Moscow in the late 1880s, and the building is still regarded as a major sight in the city. And what delicious aromas have emanated from here! From 1913 until the Russian Revolution, the Einem Company was supplier to the Imperial Court. At the beginning of the Soviet period, the factory was renamed "Red October," although the names of many of the candies stayed the same.

hh catamarans factory

In 2007, the factory moved to a new production facility on Malaya Krasnoselskaya Street, and the old building was converted into a creative hub. It is now the home of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, along with exhibition halls and fashionable clubs. One of the factory’s former production shops has been turned into a museum, tours of which are available to visitors.

3. Badaevsky Brewery

hh catamarans factory

The unusual edifice of this brewery in Moscow's Dorogomilovo district was constructed in 1875. The small building with towers was the tasting room, and behind it you will find red brick production buildings. Before the Revolution, the Trekhgorny Factory was the largest beer producer in the country, and two-thirds of its customers lived in Moscow. The beverage’s quality was monitored by brewers who came from Germany. During various anti-alcohol campaigns over the years, the factory sometimes had to repurpose its production lines to make, among other things, "zero-proof" drinks, dry ice and even explosives for the army. In the Soviet period, the factory was renamed Badaev after the revolutionary figure and began brewing beer again.

hh catamarans factory

Production came to a halt in 2006, and a business center was opened in the former production buildings.

4. Elektrozavod

hh catamarans factory

In the mood for a bit of Gothic architecture? Then head out to the east of Moscow where there is an old light bulb and transformer factory. The plant, founded in 1915, was originally designed for production of a Russian-French company's rubber galoshes and vehicle tires. The architectural project included a plethora of turrets and spires in pseudo-Gothic style, but construction was abandoned because of the 1917 Revolution. It was only completed between 1925-28, albeit without the originally planned frills and instead it was transformed into a Soviet industrial giant. Elektrozavod made equipment for engineering plants and the railways.

hh catamarans factory

Since the disintegration of the USSR, the factory has been going through an economic crisis. Production has come to a halt and the premises have begun to be rented out. The production buildings continue to wait for a manufacturing upturn.

5. Stanislavsky Factory

hh catamarans factory

The industrial zone in the Taganka district was previously occupied by a factory making gold and silver thread that was used to adorn military uniforms and ceremonial attire. The factory was in operation from the early 19th century almost up until the Russian Revolution. In the Soviet period, it housed the Elektroprovod cable factory.

hh catamarans factory

Today, you will find a business center and new public spaces on the site.

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  • What candies did children most desire before the Revolution?
  • The fascinating story of Moscow’s chocolate factory, which survived the Revolution and WWII
  • Moscow’s Stalinist Empire-style North River Terminal opens after large-scale renovation (PHOTOS)

hh catamarans factory

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HWH Factory

hh catamarans factory

Features & Amenities

Connectivity, park features, hookups & connectivity, hwh factory review & ratings overview.

Based on 9 Reviews

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  • Excellent 6

Reviews by RV Type

  • Motorhome 9

KeithA User Image

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“50 amp parking spot at service center”

KeithA User Image

Nice to be able stay for an early appt. We camped at HWH Factory in a Motorhome.

Tipton family restaurant great food.

“Good site after repairs to coach.”

Cameraman25 User Image

Good 50 amp power. Ample space for toad We camped at HWH Factory in a Motorhome.

9 miles north of HWH is the Tipton Family Restaurant. Had a nice breakfast there.

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“HWH Co. works on levelers”

John Astin User Image

No park, just a couple power pole for over night We camped at HWH Factory in a Motorhome.

“Easy to park there overnight before we had levelers installed the next day.”

WordNB49 User Image

Easy to park there - electrical hookups but no water. We were able to fill our water tank using a hose on the back of the blue and grey building next to the service bays. Other than being very dusty i...

No Questions yet about HWH Factory

“Service Center for our slides”


This is not a campground. Its a factory that offer service to their customers with HWH leveling & slide systems. Lou & Ashley were great. We camped at HWH Factory in a Motorhome.

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hh catamarans factory


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    hh catamarans factory

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  1. HH Factory

    HH Catamarans parent company, Hudson Yacht Group, is dedicated to building the highest quality, most technologically advanced, luxury cruising catamarans in the world. With an investment of over $50 million USD, the newly expanded HYG factory spans over 1.2 million square feet and is situated beside a harbor for easy launching and hull testing.

  2. HH Catamarans

    Explore HH Catamarans, the premier builder of luxury performance cruising catamarans. Discover award-winning designs and innovative carbon construction. ... The Factory CE Certifications EcoDrive Models HH44 HH50 HH52 HH55 HH60 HH66 HH80 HH88 News Videos Careers Owners ...

  3. About

    HH Catamarans was formed in 2012 and quickly set out to build the world's best luxury performance cruising catamarans. In the years since, "HH" has come to represent a commitment to the quality and success of every boat built. ... The Factory CE Certifications EcoDrive Models HH44 HH50 HH52 HH55 HH60 HH66 HH80 ...

  4. HH44- Innovative, Immaculate and Incomparable

    The Factory CE Certifications EcoDrive Models HH44 HH50 HH52 HH55 HH60 HH66 ... "HH Catamarans is on a mission to redefine the concept of a luxury performance multihull… from 44ft all the way up to super yacht size. Not reinventing, but defining a new type of luxury performance cat that has not, at least at 44ft, been available in this ...

  5. Where Are HH Catamarans Made? (Find Out Here)

    HH Catamarans are made in the United States, in Clearwater, Florida. HH Catamarans has a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, where the catamarans are constructed with the highest quality materials. The company takes pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail, and uses the latest in cutting edge technology to ensure the ...

  6. HH44 Wynns

    HH Catamarans is excited to confirm that the ever popular Gone with the Wynns sailing YouTube channel have selected the HH Catamarans HH44 for their next boat. Jason and Nikki Wynn are a couple of modern-day documentarians, perpetual travelers and story tellers. Over the past eleven years they've been chasing their curiosity around the world ...

  7. Contact us

    HH is proud to offer worldwide sales and customer support. Click the icon below to email your closest HH office or fill in the form below and someone will get right back to you. At HH Catamarans we offer you the choice to build your dream boat by working directly with the factory or via one of our qualified global agents.

  8. Visiting the HH Catamarans factory to see our HH52 in build

    I've just flown over to Xiamen, China to see our boat which is in construction. Lots of decisions to be made and a huge amount learned. The factory is huge! ...

  9. HH50

    HH Catamarans HH50 - Passionately Protesting Mediocrity. The HH50 is for those seeking the perfect balance of performance and luxury in a size that can be easily managed by a couple. If you are looking for the ultimate blue-water capable catamaran, look no further than the 2021 "Boat of the Year," the HH50. As with our HH55 and HH66 ...

  10. HH Catamarans, a new range from China

    A range of fast-paced, sleek and modern-looking boats from Hudson Yacht & Marine based in south-west China will include cats from 55ft to 115ft, reports Elaine Bunting. HH Catamarans is a name you ...

  11. HH Catamarans

    Hudson Yacht Group introduced a new generation of luxury, high-performance cruising catamarans. Faster, stronger, and more stable in heavy seas than anything in their class, HH Catamarans are the ultimate choice for those looking for a dual purpose yacht, demanding only the best. Built to order, HYG is currently producing the HH44, HH50, HH52 ...

  12. HH Catamarans

    About HH Catamarans…. HH Catamarans was formed in 2012 and quickly set out to build something extraordinary. In the years since, "HH" has come to represent a commitment to the quality and success of every boat built. HH Catamarans offers an unmatched combination of strengths: a dedicated team of in-house designers and engineers, and ...

  13. Designing the HH44: Part I

    Part 1: Yachting Evolved. "We are thrilled to present the first in a five part video series entitled Designing the HH44. The all new HH Catamarans HH44 is a ground breaking yacht with many exciting innovations. It features 100% electric propulsion with a diesel hybrid backup, 3,190 watts of solar, built in hydropower generation, swing helms ...


    According to the HH website, all future HH44's and 50's are being built at the factory in Cebu, Philippines. And you can ship a boat or have it delivered anywhere (limited only by your willingness to write checks) but if Nikki and Jason plan to continue their circumnavigation, picking it up in the Philippines makes more sense.

  15. HH Catamarans

    HH Catamarans. 6,561 likes · 307 talking about this. Award-winning catamarans offering the ultimate synthesis of luxury and performance, from 44'-88'.

  16. Designing the HH 44 Catamaran

    Designing the HH44 (Episode 1) "Yachting Evolved". As part of our deeper dive of HH Catamarans, we're going to cover their five-part mini series on their new, groundbreaking and disruptive performance catamaran: the HH44. HH are calling this "Yachting Evolved". We're going to go take an in-depth look at some of the design features on ...

  17. HH Catamarans

    HH Catamarans build state-of-the-art, carbon fiber, high performance, luxury cruising catamarans for a discerning clientele who seek an exceptional ownership experience. Our boats are designed in ...

  18. HH Catamarans

    Carbon Construction. HH Catamarans is owned by the Hudson Yacht Group, founded in 2007. The Hudson Yacht Group has become a leader in the shipbuilding industry with an expertise in utilizing carbon fiber construction to conceive, design, engineer and produce a full range of sailing and power boats that deliver unparalleled performance and luxury.


    June 11, 2023. 57 Comments. We have landed at the HH factory and I have never been more excited, nervous, and overwhelmed. Because we are about to see our new catamaran for the very first time. Ok, it's probably the same emotions I felt on the day we signed the boat build contract but somehow it feels different.

  20. [4K] Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City

    Walking tour around Moscow-City.Thanks for watching!MY GEAR THAT I USEMinimalist Handheld SetupiPhone 11 128GB for Street https://...

  21. 5 masterpieces of industrial architecture in Moscow (PHOTOS)

    5. Stanislavsky Factory. The industrial zone in the Taganka district was previously occupied by a factory making gold and silver thread that was used to adorn military uniforms and ...

  22. Moscow river cruises and boat tours 2024

    Buy tickets. River Cruise aboard a River Palace Yacht from City-Expocentre (International Exhibition) HIT SALES. Daily, from April 27, 2024. Departure from the berth City-Expocentre (m. Vystavochnaya), mooring place "A". Cruise duration 3 hours. We invite you on a river cruise aboard a premium class panoramic yacht starting from the main Moscow ...

  23. HWH Factory

    HWH Factory in Moscow, Iowa: 9 reviews, 1 photos, & 4 tips from fellow RVers. HWH Factory in Moscow is rated 9.2 of 10 at RV LIFE Campground Reviews.