1. Vintage Pond Yacht Large Two Masted Red Sails Similar To A

    vintage pond yacht sails

  2. 1930s Vintage Pond Yacht with Sails

    vintage pond yacht sails

  3. Large vintage pond yacht model rigged with a full suit of sails

    vintage pond yacht sails

  4. Vintage POND YACHT SAILING Boat, 1950s Star Yacht SY3, Birkenhead, Red

    vintage pond yacht sails

  5. Vintage pond yacht rigged Marconi style with brass fittings and

    vintage pond yacht sails

  6. Lot

    vintage pond yacht sails


  1. Vintage Marblehead Pond Yacht

  2. Vintage 36 Pond Boats Racing at Spring Lake, NJ, September, 2016

  3. 2024 01 03 model yacht pond sailing

  4. Sailing 21.03.2024

  5. Sailing 21.03.2024

  6. RC Yacht Sails Into Horizon


  1. Rare Vintage Handmade Pond Yacht W/sails

    Vintage Pond Yacht with original sails and stand. Good original condition. Handmade. Green and white hull, black ballast. Steel weighted ballast/Keel. Hull is stryofoam. Deck is wood with hand drawn details and metal. Stand is wood primed painted black. Original sails with hand tied strings, hooks