Should You Join One of Chicago’s Most Sought-After Members-Only Clubs?

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

Thinking of joining one of Chicago’s many exclusive members-only clubs? Whether for business or pleasure, most offer a plethora of benefits. For help deciding which elite club is right for you, we’ve highlighted some of our favorites.

Soho House Chicago

Soho House Chicago Bar

Maybe you’re not an artist per se, but if you appreciate cool and trendy spaces, luxurious lounges to hang out in with friends and Instagram-worthy craft cocktails, this club tailored toward creative types may be up your alley. The swanky brick warehouse-like building houses multiple intimate spaces that are perfect for networking, socializing, and relaxing. The Rooftop, which overlooks the West Loop, has a swimming pool, comfy seating, outdoor fireplaces, and a bar; the Club Bar on the fifth floor is a posh space with a baby grand piano, ambient lighting, and multiple nooks for intimate conversations; lively events happen each month in the Music Room; and there are versatile spaces for watching movies, working out, and getting work done. Accommodations of various sizes are available for rent, with discounts given to members. Enjoy food offerings at The Club, The Allis Bar, Cecconi’s Roof Bar, and Fox Bar. The Cowshed Spa has a full list of offerings as well. Three different memberships are available: Soho House, granting access to everything at all houses around the world; Cities without Houses; and Soho Friends, with limited access to amenities. For the classic membership, Soho House, members under 27 years-old will pay $1,225 per year; members over 27 pay $2,450 annually.

The Cliff Dwellers

If you’re an art aficionado or a professional in the art space, this artists’ haven might be the club for you. The lakefront facilities, located on the 22nd floor penthouse at Michigan Avenue and Adams Street, overlook Millennium Park and, aptly, the Art Institute of Chicago . This private, nonprofit club provides opportunities for art enthusiasts, art supporters and artists to convene and engage in a social environment. The Cliff Dwellers are also involved in many amazing philanthropic endeavors including an arts foundation that donates grants to art-forward organizations, individuals, and events like concerts, films, and performances. The club has an Artist-in-Residence program to assist young local artists and performers in a one-year program that allows, among other benefits, free membership. Membership is granted to anyone over age 25, however, new members require a sponsor and co-sponsor. For $250, members can enjoy privileges for a three-month trial.

East Bank Club

East Bank Club

Ideal for fitness buffs, the East Bank Club in Chicago’s River North neighborhood has it all: pro shop, spa, children’s activity center, salon, business center, dry cleaners, rehearsal space, physical therapy and even a car wash. In addition to a full state-of-the-art workout facility with racquet sports and four indoor and outdoor pools, the East Bank Club also organizes social events including live music, a summer deck party and wine-tasting events. Members can network at the onsite restaurant or bar as well. Initiation membership dues are between $300 and $700 and monthly dues range from $190–$390.

Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)

If you’re an entrepreneur with an eye on business growth, individual development and community engagement, this large and ever-growing global peer-to-peer system of more than 12,000 business owners in 54 different countries may be the association for you. To be granted membership, applicants must be an owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a company that earned at least $1 million in the most recent fiscal year. EO Chicago annual fees are $4,500, with a one-time new member initiation fee of $3,500.

The Chicago Club

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

A business/social hybrid with a strict dress code, The Chicago Club offers membership by invitation only, but once granted, members receive access to space for private board meetings, a superb rooftop terrace, fitness center and a luxurious venue for private events. The stunning club has a full-service, full-time catering staff to customize events.

University Club of Chicago

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

This exclusive club requires a university or college degree from a four-year institution, a nomination form completed by an existing member and three letters of recommendation from existing members for admission. However, upon admittance, members are given the chance to join special-interest societies that offer activities focused on everything from photography to sailing to beer. In addition to access to top-of-the-line facilities, members of the UCC also gain entrance to the club’s nationally renowned squash program. The club has also expanded their offerings to include two modern dining venues, the Living Room and the Parliament.

Union League Club of Chicago

Housed in a 23-story clubhouse on Jackson Boulevard, this organization boasts an impressive membership largely made up of investors, financiers, attorneys, physicians, insurers and politicians. Perfect for those who want to socialize and network, this club offers access to a variety of activities and facilities, including nearly 800 works of art on view, three dining options, multiple event spaces, 180 guestroom accommodations, and athletic facilities with a swimming pool and yoga and Pilates studios. It also provides a number of family-friendly events, such as a family halloween party, a children’s holiday party, a Saturday family program, a father-daughter dance, a children’s summer camp, and so much more. Membership details are offered upon request.

The Arts Club of Chicago

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

Another option for those who are in the art field or who have a deep appreciation for the arts is The Arts Club of Chicago. The organization offers six different classes of membership: Visual, Performing & Literary Artist, Curator & Academic, Arts Professional, Architect, Designer & Applied Artist and Patron. In addition to the opportunity to network and socialize with art lovers, the club also offers exclusive events such as gallery exhibitions, live critiques and panel discussions. Dues and initiation fees vary by class of membership, and applications require one letter of recommendation and three signatures from members of the club in good standing.

Commercial Club of Chicago

375 active civic-minded business leaders are part of the Commercial Club, a private membership organization that represents business, education, cultural, and philanthropic endeavors in the Chicago region. Members can network and get involved at nine annual lunches, which unite business, government, and civic leaders, working with Civic Committee , Civic Consulting Alliance , Kids First Chicago , and P33-affiliated organizations.

The Economic Club of Chicago

With a history that dates back to 1927, the Economic Club of Chicago’s 2,400 civic-minded members learn and grow through events that feature top global thought leaders with diverse perspectives. Past events included keynote speakers like Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber; Gwynne Shotwell, president and COO of SpaceX; Martin Scorsese ; J ø rgen Vig Knudstorp, executive chairman of LEGO Brand Group; Former President Barack Obama; Bill Gates ; and Bono. Membership requirements include the sponsorship of two current members, with letters of recommendation, in addition to Club Meeting attendance, an application review, and a methodical selection process.

The Chicago Network

With the core mission of empowering women of diverse backgrounds to lead, The Chicago Network has 500 members in over 50 different industries who connect, mentor, and partner with each other to advance women in their fields. Local universities host leadership events; Ask Me Anything sessions are held for young leaders to learn from seasoned professionals; and an annual Women in STEM series engages young women involved in science, technology, engineering, and math. The Executive Women’s Mentorship Initiative partners with the Executives’ Club of Chicago to link mentors with mentees. Listen to member stories on the popular HerStories podcast and attend the annual Women in the Forefront Luncheon. Membership, limited to top female leaders, is invite-only and candidates must be nominated by a current member and supported by two other members before accepted into the club.

Woman’s Athletic Club

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

Well located along the Magnificent Mile, the exclusive Woman’s Athletic Club—the first athletic club for women in the U.S. and a historic landmark—is a private members-only club established in 1898 (operating in the current location since 1929). There’s a large and elegant ballroom as well as multiple intimate spaces for mid-sized and smaller groups, a large gym and workout studios, a swimming pool, and a spa. Guests are invited to enjoy the spaces with sponsoring members.

The Metropolitan 

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

This modern social and business networking club, located in Willis Tower, is for diverse professionals and leaders who want to connect with others in similar industries over co-working spaces, a meal, cocktails, a round of indoor golf, or special club events. Connect, host, work, and play are the general aims here. Schedule a tour and explore membership options onsite to get a feel for the space and overall professional-yet-fresh vibe.

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

For something a little different from all the other social and networking private clubs in Chicago, BIÂN has a spa-like wholistic care atmosphere with distinct amenities like a vinyl listening room; life coaching; a private nap room; a gym, steam room, and cold plunge pool; a well-designed social lounge; a spa; strength, yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes; and an on-site restaurant. Health and fitness classes, social and educational programming, and the locker rooms with steam room and cold plunge pool are all included in membership. Annual membership is $4,000, with a one-time initiation fee of $1,000. This private club allures the health and wellness crowd in spades.

The Executives’ Club of Chicago

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

The Executives’ Club of Chicago is the nexus of Chicago’s business community where passionate leaders come together to connect, learn and grow. For over a century, they have worked to transform Chicago into the global economic center it is today, while challenging the next generation of leaders to redefine the business world of tomorrow. Some notable past speakers include Bill Gates Chairman (CEO of Microsoft Corporation ), Kenneth C. Frazier (Executive Chairman, Merck & Co. ) and Rosalind Brewer (CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance ). With over 2,400 members the Exec Club brings together well-known thought leaders, provides a platform to foster relationships with other business leaders, and offer expert-led leadership development programming. With more than 100+ programs and events each season, it has become a huge community of business leaders seeking to connect, educate themselves and advance the business world. It is where conversation leads to significant change and world of innovation. This is where the future meets.

Chicago Yacht Club

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

The organizing authority for the annual Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac , this club is intended for those who love on-water activities, social events, and youth programming. Founded in 1875, the CYC is one of the longest-running yacht clubs on the planet. Enjoy more than 125 racing events each year and connect with more than 1,400 active members. The Monroe Station includes a dining room, bar, and seasonal patio. Members have access to docking slips at Monroe Station as well. The northside clubhouse, Belmont Station, has a Sailing Activities Center and meeting and private event spaces. Regular, Associate, and Junior memberships are available; however, prospective members need a sponsor from a current member, seconded by an additional member.

Saddle & Cycle Club

Members and sponsored guests may enjoy the facilities at the Saddle & Cycle Club, a country club on the north side of Chicago in the Edgewater neighborhood. Amenities include an event space (numerous weddings are held here annually), golf course, dining options, athletic facilities, and a skating rink—with instruction—for recreational skating, figure skating, or hockey.

Woman’s Club of Evanston

For over 125 years, the Woman’s Club of Evanston, located on Chicago Avenue, has been giving back to the community through philanthropy and volunteering. Open to all women, members can take part in community events like the Holiday Bazaar and the Spring Benefit. This social club includes 250 members where friends meet up to catch a movie, test their skills at trivia, and attend a theme-based party or summer porch crawl. Annual dues are relatively affordable at $200, which helps maintain the historic building, supports membership programs, and compensates staff.

Birch Road Cellar

For “a new kind of social club,” check out Birch Road Cellar, where everything is BYOB and members can store wine and spirits in a climate-controlled wine cellar and locker. Chicago locations include Roscoe Village and Lincoln Park. Book a tour, meet with a club manager, and join to meet new friends and neighbors. Dues are $125 per month, with no annual commitment, and members have private admittance to the shared spaces from 8:00 a.m.—1:00 a.m. Take advantage of the co-working space with free Wi-Fi, join a mixer or special event, and utilize the private meeting room for your work or social needs.

Other clubs that are tops for networking:

Chicago is home to numerous other elite business clubs that provide excellent networking opportunities and access to industry events. Some are very selective and cost a pretty penny — membership at the American Club Association  in Elk Grove Village, for example, is by invitation only and subject to approval by all existing members. Once in, though, members have access to training, advising, education, marketing and social benefits.

Other business clubs that aren’t as difficult to get in to include The Chicago Council on Global Affairs , the Chicago Loop Alliance  and the City Club of Chicago , which are open to all.

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

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Newport Harbor Yacht Club Membership

How much is the membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club?

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

Newport Harbor Yacht Club, located in the picturesque Newport Beach, California, is one of the most exclusive yacht clubs in the United States. It has a rich history and a vibrant community of members who share a passion for yachting and boating. As such, it is natural for those interested in joining the club to wonder how much membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club costs. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of memberships available at the club and their associated costs.

Before we dive into the membership costs, it's essential to note that Newport Harbor Yacht Club operates on an invitation-only basis. To become a member, you need to be sponsored by a current member of the club and complete a rigorous application process. The club looks for individuals who share their values of sportsmanship, seamanship, and fellowship and have a deep love for the sea.

Now, let's look at the different types of memberships available at Newport Harbor Yacht Club.

1. Active Memberships

Active memberships are for those who own a yacht , live within a 30-mile radius of the club, and are actively involved in yachting. To become an active member, you must be at least 25 years old and have a minimum of three years of yachting experience. The initiation fee for an active membership is $35,000, and the monthly dues are $695.

2. Senior Active Memberships

Senior active memberships are for those who have been active members of the club for at least ten years and are at least 60 years old. These members have full voting rights and can hold office in the club. The initiation fee for a senior active membership is $10,000, and the monthly dues are $375.

3. Non-Resident Memberships

Non-resident memberships are for those who own a yacht and do not live within a 30-mile radius of the club. These members have limited access to the club's facilities and events. The initiation fee for a non-resident membership is $15,000, and the monthly dues are $330.

4. Junior Memberships

Junior memberships are for those who are between the ages of 18 and 25 and are interested in yachting . These members have limited access to the club's facilities and events. The initiation fee for a junior membership is $5,000, and the monthly dues are $140.

5. Social Memberships

Social memberships are for those who are interested in the club's social events and activities but do not own a yacht or participate in yachting. These members have limited access to the club's facilities and events. The initiation fee for a social membership is $5,000, and the monthly dues are $205.

It's worth noting that the above costs are subject to change, and there may be additional fees associated with specific events and activities at the club.

While the costs of membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club may seem steep, they reflect the exclusivity and amenities that the club offers. Members have access to some of the best yachting facilities and events in the country, including a state-of-the-art marina, racing programs, and a variety of social events. The club also has a highly-rated dining program and offers a range of fitness and wellness activities.

Membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club also provides opportunities for networking and building relationships with other members who share a love for yachting and the sea. Many members consider their membership at the club to be an investment in their lifestyle and a way to connect with like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club is a significant investment, but it provides access to an exclusive community of yachting enthusiasts and world-class facilities and events.

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Inside the Chicago Yacht Club: A Comprehensive Guide

Chicago Yacht Club

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yachting ads

The Application Process

Prospective members usually need to fill out an application form detailing their personal information, boating experience, and reasons for wishing to join. This is often followed by an interview and a tour of the club’s facilities.


Most yacht clubs require applicants to be sponsored by current members. This helps ensure that new members are a good fit for the club’s community and values.

Fees and Dues

There are usually initiation fees and annual dues to be paid. These costs can vary depending on the level of membership and services provided by the club.

Life at the Club: What Do People Do in a Yacht Club?

Life at the Chicago Yacht Club, and yacht clubs in general, revolves around a love for boating and a sense of community.

Sailing Events

Yacht clubs often host a variety of sailing events, including races, regattas, and training sessions. These provide opportunities for members to hone their skills, compete, and enjoy time on the water.

Social Activities

Yacht clubs are also social hubs, hosting events like dinners, parties, and themed nights. These events allow members to mingle, network, and form lasting friendships.

Community Involvement

Many yacht clubs, including the Chicago Yacht Club, are involved in community service and environmental conservation efforts. Members often have the opportunity to participate in these initiatives.

Evaluating the Benefits: Are Yacht Clubs Worth It?

The question “Are yacht clubs worth it?” is subjective and depends on your interests and lifestyle.

Access to Facilities and Services

Yacht clubs provide access to facilities like marinas, boat storage, and repair services. They also offer amenities like dining facilities, fitness centers, and event spaces.

Community and Networking

Yacht clubs offer a sense of community and opportunities for networking. They bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for sailing.

Sailing Opportunities

For avid sailors, the sailing opportunities provided by yacht clubs – from races to leisurely cruises – can be invaluable.

Dress Code: Can You Wear Jeans to a Yacht Club?

Dress codes vary from one yacht club to another. While some clubs maintain a formal dress code, others are more relaxed.

At the Chicago Yacht Club, the dress code is generally casual, but members are expected to dress appropriately for specific events. While jeans may be acceptable for casual occasions, more formal events may require dressier attire.

Demographics: What is the Average Age of Yacht Club Members?

The average age of yacht club members can vary significantly depending on the club. However, many yacht clubs, including the Chicago Yacht Club, are seeing a trend towards younger members as they implement programs to attract a more diverse age group.

The Essence of Membership: What Does It Mean to Be Part of a Yacht Club?

Being part of a yacht club means being part of a community that shares a love for the sea and sailing. It provides opportunities for sailing, socializing, networking, and contributing to the local community.

Conclusion: The Point of a Yacht Club

So, what is the point of a yacht club? A yacht club offers more than just a place to dock your boat. It provides a community of fellow boating enthusiasts, opportunities for sailing and social events, and access to facilities and services. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice, being a member of a yacht club like the Chicago Yacht Club can enhance your enjoyment of the sailing lifestyle.

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chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

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chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

' src=

Joining a yacht club is an important milestone in your life. It marks a certain degree of success and allows you to enjoy plenty of luxurious amenities. Setting sail on a yacht is the ultimate way to unwind from a hectic work week while you try to climb the corporate ladder.

Fortunately, there are yacht clubs all over the country that would love to welcome you as a brand-new member. You can enjoy an afternoon on the water with a beautiful yacht in exchange for a small sum of money.

But how much do Yacht Club memberships generally cost?

Prices for Yacht Clubs will vary based on your location, the fleet, and even the amenities that are offered at the marina. The average annual membership price is between $900-$4,000 depending on your level of luxury and needs.

To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country:

Table of Contents

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

What Does Each Yacht Club Offer?

Each yacht club is going to offer something that sets it apart from the others on this listing. To give you a better idea of where your money is going, here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect at each location.

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Charleston Yacht Club

Charleston is a premier cruising destination with plenty of waterways for you to explore. They offer a launch hoist, dry slips, day dockage, free parking, and a long list of events scheduled throughout the year.

You also gain privileges at other yacht clubs around the world. If you don’t own your own yacht, they have plenty of members who often have room on their boats to accommodate a few extra passengers.

Florida Yacht Club

The Florida Yacht Club is a relatively exclusive club that features amazing amenities like fine dining and an array of aquatic activities.

You can play tennis, enjoy a spa treatment or massage, or get in a rousing game of croquet from the shore. They also host events and permit you to extend your privileges to other locations scattered around the Florida coast.

Atlanta Yacht Club

The Atlanta Yacht Club is primarily geared toward sailors who are interested in racing. They have a fleet of more than thirty different boats that are designed to help you further your knowledge of sailing.

If you still have a lot to learn, you can even take classes at this location. Prospective members must be sponsored and co-sponsored by two club members for entrance.

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Chicago Yacht Club

Members of the Chicago Yacht Club will find plenty of opportunities to get involved. With more than forty different committees, you can find a circle of friends that have common interests beyond just sailing and racing.

You also receive transient docking at both the Belmont and Monroe harbors, exclusive invites to private events, and reciprocity at more than 900 clubs across the country.

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California Yacht Club

The California Yacht Club is home to both national and world championship regattas.

They host plenty of events from scuba club to book club to wine tastings. If you want to find a true community of like-minded sailors, this could be the place for you.

One of the best features is the reciprocity at locations not just across the United States but across the world. You can feel free to travel the world with your yacht and experience some of the same fellowship globally.

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What are the Cheapest Yacht Clubs?

The cheapest yacht clubs charge just under $1,000 per year for membership. While this does give you access to different types of experiences, you may be disappointed by the overall amenities.

Some yacht clubs are known for their extravagant country club styles that help you to embrace a particular lifestyle. They include Olympic-sized swimming pools, state-of-the-art tennis courts, and fine dining.

Everything has a beautiful waterfront view. It can feel like you are in the middle of an idyllic paradise without ever even having to leave the shore. If this is what you can gain from the most expensive yacht clubs, you should set your expectations much lower for the cheaper yacht clubs.

The cheaper yacht clubs lack the community aspect of these exclusive options. They feature dry slips and the occasional party, but not much more.

Some of them may have the feel of a county park with some picnic benches, outdoor grills, and a moderately sized swimming pool. Expect a much more casual atmosphere when you choose to go with a cheaper yacht club.

It is even possible that they are simply “paper yacht clubs” that do not even maintain a physical building of their own.

How Much Do the Most Expensive Yacht Clubs Cost to Join?

The most expensive yacht clubs can vary a great deal in price. Most of them will cost between $3,000 and $4,000 per year. However, you can certainly find more exclusive clubs that will cost above and beyond this.

Keep in mind that these more expensive clubs generally are not open to the public. They are offered by invitation only and you must have a member sponsor you to be considered for entrance.

When you are paying for a more expensive yacht club, you should make sure that you are really going to get your money’s worth. These expensive clubs promote a certain type of elegant lifestyle.

Make sure that you are planning to take advantage of all the amenities available from one of these clubs before you sink too much money into the membership fees. The social aspect of these expensive yacht clubs is extremely important.

If you plan to simply rent a boat from time to time, you might be able to go with a cheaper yacht club.

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What Is Generally Included in the Membership Fee for Yacht Clubs?

Have you been wondering why you should join a yacht club? Many potential members want to know what they can expect from their membership fees before they commit to a year-long contract. There are many advantages to signing up for a membership with a well-known yacht club.

Amenities and Activities

First and foremost, you get access to activities and cruises planned by board members. These might be various sailing activities, dinners, get-togethers, tennis matches, or other events that take up a lazy Sunday afternoon.

You also gain access to any amenities that surround the yacht club’s marina. For many programs, this means a fitness center, pool, and tennis courts. Several locations also offer fine dining, meeting rooms, and more.

It is like a private oasis where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world. Time moves slowly when you’re enjoying the amenities here.

Many yacht clubs have programs that introduce children (and adults!) to sailing. Take classes to learn more about improving your technique, sailing safety, and other important aspects of life on the open water.

Access to the Fleet

The main reason why most people join yacht clubs is to be able to rent out boats instead of purchasing their own. Joining a yacht club may give you access to an entire fleet of yachts that can be reserved for a day or weeks at a time. Some yacht clubs allow you to rent boats for up to ten days at a time.

Others do not allow you to rent out ships. They are primarily geared toward individuals who already own a yacht or will own a yacht in the future. Make sure you know the difference in advance.

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

Are There any Additional Costs Besides the Membership Fees?

Unfortunately, the membership fees are not the only cost associated with joining a yacht club. Most of the clubs in the United States also have a one-time initial fee that tends to cost thousands of dollars. Many will range from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on the location and the exclusivity of the yacht club.

This one-time fee should be the only additional money you pay except for fuel. Most yacht clubs do not cover the cost of the fuel used in the ship during your rental if renting is an option. Be prepared for what this could cost you.

If you cause damage to the ship, you can also expect some out-of-pocket costs. Insurance should cover the damage, but you will likely be asked to cover the cost of the deductible.

Be sure to inquire about how much you may be on the hook for before you sign up for any particular yacht club. Accidents can happen, even to the most experienced sailors. Make sure that you can afford the mishap in advance.

Is a Yacht Club Membership Right for You?

Understanding what the real cost of a yacht club membership is can be the first step toward determining if this is right for you. Many people love the luxuries available through the more expensive yacht clubs, but they may not be able to afford it. Consider what is most important in a club to you before deciding to sign on the dotted line for an annual membership.

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113th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac registration now open

chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023

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chicago yacht club membership cost reddit 2023


  1. Anyone have experience with boating clubs such as Freedom Boat ...

    Boat selections with Freedom in the Tampa Bay area are limited to standard deck boats (125hp average), pontoons (90hp), or fishing boats (125 - 150hp average). They are usually no more than 3 years old but they are driven pretty hard by the members. You will notice it. On the intercoastal, those standard deck boats will beat you up and provide ...

  2. Is Columbia yacht club fun/ worth it? : r/chicago

    Sailing is a ton of fun, and there's nothing like seeing Chicago from out on the water. The yacht club fee is probably only "worth it" to the degree that it enables you to have fun with the crew after a night of sailing. I will say the drinks are strong and cheap, so that can help balance things out. ThatsNotRight123.

  3. Columbia Yacht Club vs. Chicago Yacht Club? : r/chicago

    Can't speak to either of the classes effectiveness as I haven't taken them, but I will say that Columbia is where it's at - more of a fun atmosphere whereas CYC is a bit more stuffy. 3. Reply. Share. Laroke. • 9 yr. ago. I've been to the Columbia Yacht Club many times and to their events. A friend's family has (or had depending on how much ...

  4. Should You Join One of Chicago's Most Sought-After Clubs?

    Founded in 1875, the CYC is one of the longest-running yacht clubs on the planet. Enjoy more than 125 racing events each year and connect with more than 1,400 active members. The Monroe Station includes a dining room, bar, and seasonal patio. Members have access to docking slips at Monroe Station as well.

  5. Join Us

    Join Us. Member Benefits. Regular. This membership class offers the member and their immediate family, including children under the age of 22, full access to the Club and amenities at both Monroe and Belmont Stations. In addition, any household member receives the member rate on marine education courses. Associate.

  6. Your Home On the Water

    Chicago Yacht Club owns a fleet of 150+ boats and kayaks and paddle boards for members to rent making the waterf ront more f rom ages 4 - 100. accessible than ever.

  7. Member Benefits

    Reciprocity with Union League Club of Chicago and more than 700 yacht clubs worldwide. Year-round social events. No food or beverage minimum or capital fees. Networking opportunities with world-class sailors, CEOs and entrepreneurs. Meeting and banquet facilities for member rental and sponsored guests. Convenient and complimentary members-only ...

  8. Welcome

    Chicago Yacht Club is ranked on the top 10 list of U.S. yacht clubs by Platinum Clubs of America. The Club is home to more than 1,400 members, including a winning America's Cup skipper, Olympic medalists and hopefuls, and outstanding boaters of all types, from ages 4 to 100. The Club offers year-round activities for its diverse membership at ...

  9. Adult Sailing

    Our goal with the advanced programming is to allow for an opportunity for sailors to build their skills on and off the water by facilitating fleet coaching and community camaraderie. Cost: Members - $370 / Non-members - $610 Session 1 Dates: 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27 Session 2 Dates: 7/18, 7/25, 8/8, 8/15, 8/26.

  10. Public Home

    Chicago Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most respected yacht clubs in the world. A day of racing on Lake Michigan, a summer lunch on the patio, a party with friends. As a Member, the Chicago Yacht Club is yours. How do you want to be a part of it? LEARN MORE. ... Chicago Regatta; 2023 J/70 North Americans; Dining & Social. Club Calendar ...

  11. How much is the membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club?

    Membership at Newport Harbor Yacht Club also provides opportunities for networking and building relationships with other members who share a love for yachting and the sea. Many members consider their membership at the club to be an investment in their lifestyle and a way to connect with like-minded individuals. ... Top 5 Boat Rental Companies ...

  12. Is it worth joining a yacht club if all you care about is sailing?

    Yes, as long as it's a good "sailing" yacht club, and not too much a marina with a bar. Like go down, get involved, use the facilities, get to know the people, park in the car park, go sailing, and pay the little crew member fee or whatever they have. Reply. Beelzabub. • 3 yr. ago.

  13. My yacht club is inexpensive! : r/sailing

    It is worth looking into for any sailors. If there are multiple yacht clubs or sailing clubs in a given area, the fees and benefits can vary wildly, from as little as $25/year for a club focused on races, with no facilities or other benefits, to thousands of dollars per year for a clubhouse facility with a requirement for dining on site a minimum number of times per year in order to avoid an ...

  14. Chicago Yacht Club

    The Chicago Yacht Club is located in Chicago, Illinois. "CYC" is well known as being the Organizing Authority for the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac held each July. CYC also organizes dozens of other sailboat races and regattas throughout the boating season, which is usually considered May 1 to October 31 in the Chicago area. CYC has two club houses or stations, one at Monroe Harbor and ...

  15. How much did your membership cost? : r/golf

    My membership was $799, which let me play from September and October of 2022, and all of the 2023 season. This was for the bare-bones package. Walking only, no handicap calculation, no locker, etc. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. $25 bucks a month.

  16. 2019 Membership Brochure by Chicago Yacht Club

    A member of Chicago Yacht Club or a reciprocal club may sponsor an event. All charges for the event will be billed through the member account. ... 2023 Summer Blinker. July 18, 2023. 77th Fleet ...

  17. Inside the Chicago Yacht Club: A Comprehensive Guide

    A yacht club offers more than just a place to dock your boat. It provides a community of fellow boating enthusiasts, opportunities for sailing and social events, and access to facilities and services. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a novice, being a member of a yacht club like the Chicago Yacht Club can enhance your enjoyment of the ...

  18. How Much Do Yacht Club Memberships Cost? (5 Helpful Examples)

    To give you an idea of what you could expect to pay for your yacht club membership, here are some numbers gathered from across the country: Yacht Club. Annual Dues. Charleston Yacht Club. $900. Florida Yacht Club. $3,288. Atlanta Yacht Club. $900.

  19. Cost of Joining Yacht Clubs?

    Joining fees as well as monthly dues. Thanks in advance! New York YC - have to be invited - doesn't matter how much $ you have. Other clubs here in North East $7-30 000 initiation, $2-6000 per year dues. P.


    Chicago Yacht Club is privileged to provide our members with opportunities to get out on the water. The fleet includes sailboats, power boats, kayaks, and paddle boards. This article is from:

  21. 113th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac registration now open

    Roughly 50 boats are registered for four days of racing in Belmont Harbor A wet and windy day greeted sailors before the kickoff of the 2023 J/70 North American Championship hosted by Chicago Yacht Club Sept. 18-24. Posted on 19 Sep 2023 2023 J/70 North Americans at Chicago Preview The week will showcase one of the most competitive one design ...

  22. Youth Sailing

    Chicago Yacht Club's Sailing School offers Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Classes and Specialty Courses for youth at our Belmont Harbor location. Our classes run throughout the summer for ages 7-17, with special programming the final week of the summer to introduce 5-7 year olds to sailing and prepare them to join the Sailing School once they ...

  23. Race to Mackinac

    These trophies are displayed at Chicago Yacht Club's Monroe Station but belong to and are maintained by the Island Goat Sailing Society. An "Island Goat" is a racer, either captain or crew, who has started 25 Chicago Yacht Club Races to Mackinac. Membership in the society is strictly limited to this standard.