1. 2023 Marsaudon Composites ORC 57 Catamaran for sale

    catamaran orc 57

  2. ORC 57

    catamaran orc 57

  3. ORC 57 : Un catamaran résolument haut de gamme et à la carte

    catamaran orc 57

  4. ORC 57 : nouveau navire amiral de Marsaudon Composites

    catamaran orc 57

  5. Marsaudon Composites ORC57

    catamaran orc 57

  6. Marsaudon Composites ORC57

    catamaran orc 57


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  1. Home ORC

    ORC 57. INFORMATION REQUEST. CONTACT. Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER. Subscribe. SAILBOATS. ORC 50; ORC 57; GRAND LARGE YACHTING GROUP. CONTACT. ORC NEWSLETTER. STAY IN TOUCH - RESTONS EN CONTACT. E-mail Envoyer / Send. ORC Catamarans News. No spam, No sharing of your information. Les news ORC. Pas de spam, pas ...

  2. Marsaudon Composites ORC57

    The ORC 57 is a light, fast sailing catamaran. The design mantra was "Keep it simple and keep it light". She's one helluva machine. FAQs Marsaudon ORCC57 Catamaran. How much is an ORC57? The standard configuration is priced at just under €1.1m, launched and rigged in L'Orient. Of course, there are plenty of extras that you can add ...

  3. Boat Review by Multihulls World of: Catamaran ORC 57

    Available in issue # 184. Boat Test price $5.00Inc. tax. Purchase. Marsaudon Composites has already built a solid reputation with two 42 and 50-foot models. Its latest model, the ORC 57, has just been unveiled, making its world premiere at La Grande-Motte in April. We'd got the chance to discover it a few weeks earlier in Lorient.

  4. ORC 57 Catamaran

    Full test in Multihulls World #184: remaining faithful...

  5. Orc 57 "Avel Vaez"

    Avel Vaez is hull #3 of the ORC 57 racer-cruiser sailing catamaran designed by Marc Lombard Yacht Design and built by ORC yard (ex- Marsaudon Composites shipyard) in Lorient, Britany, France. This model is the third and largest from the ORC (Ocean Rider Catamaran) series. Extremely light weight with generous sail plan makes the ratio sail area ...

  6. ORC 57

    Description. The result of two years of work with the Marc Lombard's design bureau, the ORC 57 takes inspiration from our other model's fluid lines and a sporty structures, guarenteeing pleasurable long cruises and efficient sailing! The ORC57 comes with four large cabins as standard, and as a whole, can accommodate 9 people.

  7. Preview: ORC 57 performance cruising catamaran

    Marsaudon Composites has built an enthusiastic following for its TS42 and TS50 catamarans since the smaller boat was launched six years ago. Now they are adding a new design to their range, the ORC 57. The ORC 57 will follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, offering a tiller steered performance multihull - though this time at c.60ft LOA.

  8. ORC 57

    purchase. While remaining faithful to the DNA of her smaller sisterships, the ORC 57 is this time designed by Marc Lombard - the two previous models having been designed by Barreau/Neuman. Very light but habitable, the 57 promises exceptional performance - in a good breeze with a relatively slight sea, she should be capable of holding a 20 ...

  9. Boat test: ORC 57

    A lot of ORC owners, for example complete a full Atlantic circuit every year. Equally, at a 10 knot average, Ushant is an easy 20 hour sail from the Solent and Denmark a similar distance in the other direction. Blue water: 4/5 Performance: 5/5 Looks: 4/5. ORC 57: Specifications. Base price €1,085,000 ex VAT Hull ...

  10. ORC57 The fastest cruising boat in the world? (Sailing Exclusive)

    In this episode we travelled to Lorient and ORC catamarans to sail the ORC 57. A magical combination of speed, reliability and pure sailing pleasure. Ultra-d...

  11. ORC 57 Catamaran interior review, luxury at light speed

    We explore in detail the interior and living systems of the ORC 57 Catamaran. Cutting edge engineering and we made every excuse not to leave....In the video ...


    Remember, the ORC 57 is a cruising catamaran and speed is not incompatible with a relaxing life on board. Stability is obviously an important asset, as is continuity of circulation between cockpit and saloon. This welcoming area is furnished with sofas and a large table. It leads to the interior through a large sliding door that disappears ...

  13. ORC 57

    Orc 57 - Simple by nature, fast by design. Book now! A real turbo charged performance catamaran. Just 13tons of displacement powered with a sail area of 161m 2 upwind and 422m 2 downwind! High performance guaranteed: Square top main, J1, J2, J3, Code0, 2 spinnakers. Sober but functional amenities with a wide protected cockpit, a spacious ...

  14. ORC 57 : A fast catamaran with the philosophy of a sports car

    True to the philosophy of the range, the ORC 57 is lightweight, with a displacement of 11.9 tons. To achieve this, the catamaran is built in infusion, with a fiberglass and vinylester resin sandwich on a PVC foam core, whether for the hull, deck or bulkheads. Carbon reinforcement beams reinforce the rigidity. Light fixtures and fittings.

  15. ORC 57 layout : The luxury of a catamaran is really the space

    Test /. ORC 57 layout : The luxury of a catamaran is really the space ! ORC Square 57. In this second part of our ORC 57 test, we look at the interior fittings and living spaces on the boat's deck. Space, clarity and comfort while sailing or at anchor are the key words. Briag Merlet Published on August 3, 2022.

  16. ORC 57

    The ORC 57 is a 56.1ft fractional sloop designed by Marc Lombard and built in fiberglass sandwich - infused pvc foam by Marsaudon Composites (FRA) since 2021. It accomodates 12 people in 6 cabins plus salon. The ORC 57 is an ultralight sailboat which is a very high performer. The fuel capacity is good. There is a good water supply range.

  17. Orc 57 Catamaran

    With the Orc 57 Catamaran, Marsaudon Composites has struck a winner in the speed catagory. But the price might also be a killer for the well known brands!Loo...

  18. Marsaudon Composites boats for sale

    Renowned for their Catamaran, Cruiser and Multi-Hull, the Marsaudon Composites boats listed generally have a very deep draft and average beam, traits that make them popular and an excellent choice for a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. ... ORC 50, TS42, EOS 54, ORC 50 (TS 5) and ORC42. Specialized yacht brokers ...

  19. Catamaran sailing yacht ORC 57

    Find out all of the information about the MARSAUDON COMPOSITES - PATTON product: catamaran sailing yacht ORC 57. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. ... The result of two years of work with the Marc Lombard's design bureau, the ORC 57 takes inspiration from our ...

  20. Orc 57 "Avel Vaez"

    This is the team who build these high-performance amazing catamarans, including ORC 57 #3 Avel Vaez. Thank You Team ORC, you are fantastic...! March 29th, 2024 Testing the ORC 57 ... For the ORC 57, the model is very recent and with the shipyard difficulties in 2023, it has yet to find its customers. GLY will therefore have a unique opportunity ...

  21. Onboard the beast: the fastest production cruising yacht yet?

    Marsaudon Composite's new ORC57 may be the fastest, most powerful cruising cat ever. Toby Hodges tours the first model at its 2022 boat show debut Become a ...

  22. Charter Orc 57 Catamaran (2024) in Laurium

    New ORC 57 launched in January 2024 and delivered in February 2024. Here is the fastest cruising catamaran in this category, capable of sailing very comfortably and safely at wind speed. This high-performance catamaran allows you to go further to unexplored destinations or to reduce the sailing time in half and spend more time at your destination.


    Test sail on board Mr C. with Marsaudon Composites.ORC57 is the latest design from Marc Lombard Yacht Design. This oceanic cruiser-racer catamaran is capable...