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6 Must-See Natural Wonders of the the British Virgin Islands

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What yacht charter are you looking for?

Private yacht charter for the british virgin islands.

Luxury Yachts

Recent BVI Yacht Charter Trends


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Luxury Private Yachts in BVI

The British Virgin Islands are considered one of the best-crewed catamaran destinations in the world. The catamarans operating in the area have evolved significantly and are now a popular sailing option in the virgin islands. With their larger size, superior stability, and luxurious amenities, guests can enjoy more space and comfort while on the BVI yacht charters.

This is because catamarans operating in the British Virgin Islands, far from being the second-best sailing choice of the distant past, are getting bigger and more luxurious , affording a pleasant, relaxed journey on the gentle trade winds of the archipelago. A fully crewed catamaran is a comfortable alternative to motor yachts, especially above the 60ft+ range .

Furthermore, while the British Virgin Islands have traditionally been known as sailing destinations, there has been a growing demand for motor yachts among luxury yacht charter guests. As the marinas compete to accommodate more and larger vessels, their numbers increase There are now over 200 large (over 100 feet meters) motor BVI yacht charters operating in the area in the high season. The motor yachts offer more privacy and prestige , more water toys , and comfort as they are able to accommodate a larger number of guests (and crew). Note that jetskis are not allowed in the BVI yacht charters (yes for USVI – except for national parks).


bvi catamaran charter


bvi catamaran charter

Virgin Islands Entry Regulations

From covid to work permits and business licences.

With the health crisis is almost at an end , Covid regulations in the British Virgin Islands have changed. They have not disappeared, but transferred into a bureaucracy war of work permit and trade licences.

What that means is that your charter starting in USVI might not go to the BVI because the paperwork did not make it through. How can you be sure that your selected yacht has the necessary paperwork to go? That depends on your dates. Consult your preferences with us and we’ll be very direct about where your selected yacht is in terms of feasibility of a BVI charter. Note that the rules are subject to, often very unexpected, changes.

BVI charter guests on vacation are no longer required to register for entry clearance or show proof of travel insurance, regardless of their vaccination status. Also, there is no longer the need to present a COVID-19 test result upon arrival in the British Virgin Islands.

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Keep in mind

Yacht Charter in British Virigin Islands

Selecting a private yacht charter broker.

When it’s time to charter a yacht for your trip to the British Virgin Islands, it’s important to choose a broker with a local presence on the ground, and one that has the most experience in the market.

DMA Yachting has a permanent presence in the British Virgin Islands, which gives us the knowledge and experience of boats, the local fleet, crews, and the little local secrets that give an edge towards achieving the perfect luxury yacht charter vacation.


If you’re looking to charter a yacht in the BVI, you’ll want to start your search at least six months out. The main charter season in the BVI spans from December to March, with a peak around Christmas/New Year. Notice the interesting months of April and November, which offer reasonable deals in the British Virgin Islands.

By the beginning of summer, the best choices for peak dates are booked. It’s not unseen to have clients inquire 2 years ahead – the value for money First minute vs. Last minute is unbelievable. There still are “deals” on last minute charters that rarely have to do with last minute cancellations.

Top Reasons to Charter a Yacht in BVI

  • Enjoy warm tropical weather while sailing in BVI with temperatures between  80°F – 90°F
  • Over 50 small islands with secluded coves and anchorages, great for island hopping!
  • Availability of yacht  charter in winter charter season with off-season deals
  • Mecca of sailing with crystal-clear waters and pristine BVI beaches
  • Convenient access to BVI’s world-class marinas and ports
  • Taste the popular Painkiller, Bushwacker in local bars
  • Incredible fresh seafood and of course, lobster!

Top 10 Reasons to Charter in The BVI

Top 10 Reasons to Charter in The BVI

Top Six Things to do on a BVI Yacht Charter

Top Six Things to do on a BVI Yacht Charter

How to Navigate Yacht Charter Taxes in the BVI

How to Navigate Yacht Charter Taxes in the BVI

Why the BVI is the Perfect Charter Destination

Why the BVI is the Perfect Charter Destination

5 Best Secluded Anchorages in the BVI

5 Best Secluded Anchorages in the BVI

6 Must-See Natural Wonders of the the British Virgin Islands

6 Must-See Natural Wonders of the the British Virgin Islands

Our favorite spots


White Bay Jost Van Dyke BVI

Jost Van Dyke

A beautiful island in the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke is a must-see for yacht charters looking to experience some of the best scuba diving in the world. The waters around the Jost Van Dyke land are flourishing with marine life- creating an incredible opportunity for snorkeling and other water sports.

Even though it is one of the smallest leeward islands in the  BVI , the yacht charters will be treated to  spectacular scenery  and authentic experiences in Jost Van Dyke. Don’t miss a visit to the Great Harbour Bars of Foxy’s and Ivan’s for a drink, the peaceful energy of Diamond Cay, and the crashing waves of Bubbly Pool.

Connect yourself with the local culture at White Bay – a magical place of positive energy in BVI yacht charters. Swim from your boat to the famous Soggy Dollar bar for a painkiller. Hang out in the hammock in Hendo’s Hideout, get a roti or seafood, and relax on the beach. Weekends are more party-like, with day trips from USVI filling the beach bars.

White Bay is a magical place of positive energy for the virgin islands yacht charter. Swim from your boat to the famous Soggy Dollar bar to get a painkiller. Hang out in the hammock in Hendo’s Hideout, get a roti or seafood, and relax on the beach in the happy hour.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the third largest island in the British Virgin Islands, with just over 4,000 people. It’s known for its beautiful white sands, the rock pools known as The Baths, and world-class luxury resorts and clubs for BVI yacht charters. There are also some great hiking trails on Virgin Gorda with sweeping views of the island’s coastline-making it an ideal destination for visitors with  bareboat catamarans .

After soaking up the sunshine and saltwater activities in Virgin Gorda, consider visiting the Copper Mine National Park. These 19th-century abandoned ruins are found between Copper Mine Bay and Crooks Bay on the island’s southeastern point. The structures were built by Cornish miners and housed around 130 families before the mine was closed in 1862.

Spring Bay at Virgin Gorda Island

This tiny island is arguably one of the most pristine places in the world, and it makes sense why it has become synonymous with white sand beaches. Loblolly Beach, Bay Beach, and Cow Wreck Beach are not to be missed in BVI yacht charters.

Anegada sea is also home to the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean. You’ll find turtles, nurse sharks, stingrays, and even manta rays!

The island has a modest road network, little traffic, and is best discovered on a boat. However, those that choose to explore on land will find easy hiking trails that offer a unique view of the topography.

The island has a modest road network, little to no traffic, and is best discovered on a boat. However, those that choose to explore on land will find easy hiking trails that offer a unique view of the topography.

Necker Island

If you’re looking for a getaway as close to paradise as possible, look no further than Necker Island for your British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter.

Necker Island is one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive destinations. Owned by Sir Richard Branson since 1978, it has been used as a private island for selective guests and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and David Bowie. And if you’re wondering whether you can enjoy some of this luxury, the answer is yes.

Guests can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the clear waters surrounding the island or relax on one of the turquoise-colored beaches during the Yacht Charter BVI.

Guests can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the clear waters surrounding the island or relax on one of the turquoise-colored beaches.

necker island bvi

Norman Island

Norman island is another privately owned island, this 600 acres paradise on earth provides sandy coves and an extensive network of caves waiting to be explored. This island is a premium snorkeling destination for all water enthusiasts and BVI yacht charters.

The history of Norman Island is tied to pirates and a hiding spot for pirates’ booty. Some say that Treasure Island, the famed novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, is based on the history of Norman Island.

The island has several bays and dive sites worth getting acquainted with, including Benures Bay and The Bight. You can also partake in an evening of drinking at the legendary floating bar of Willy T.

Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands. It’s home to some of the best diving and snorkelling in the Caribbean- especially in Cane garden bay . Tortola Island also has many historical sites and points of interest. Don’t miss a visit to Smuggler’s Cove, a perfect shallow reef ideal for scuba beginners and untouched by civilization.

To taste Caribbean living from your BVI charter vacation, venture into Torrola’s Road Town. The freedom of your own private yacht lets you explore the colorful streets and enjoy laid-back evenings tasting rum-infused cocktails from the beach bars. A visit to the Callwood Rum Distillery is a must, as is a stroll around the Craft’s Alive Village for souvenir shopping.

Tortola BVI

Where to go


Welcome to the BVI, a dream sailing vacation place where white sand beaches meet excquist treats and premium water sport destinations. This also is where your dreams of island-hopping come true!

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite stops and tips on making the most of your time in each place – accessible from a bareboat charter or a crewed yacht.

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BVI Catamaran Charter

British Virgin Islands

Bvi catamaran charter.

Unforgettable Catamaran Charter Experiences

Catamaran Charter Experiences

  • The British Virgin Islands are a collection of pristine white sandy beaches on 25 unique islands.

Featuring a kaleidoscope of aquamarine waters sure to enthrall anyone Throughout the islands, you will find everything close by from onboard provisions to onshore restaurants or a rollicking night out. I all your senses with spectacular scenery, delectable cuisine, and soft-sand beaches.

The coral atoll of Anegada is the resting point of many sunken ships with amazing underwater views for diving or snorkeling. Sail the British Virgin Islands and enjoy one of the world’s most special sailing destinations.

BVI Charter Itinerary


  • BVI Catamaran Charters, Why People Love Them

BVI Catamaran Twin Flame - charter a boat to BVI Must-See Spots

BVI Catamaran charters are among the best options for exploring the British Virgin Islands. Catamarans in the British Virgin Islands offer space, comfort, and a good ride. These are especially good for families , those new to boating and experienced sailors.

In addition to space and comfort, these boats quickly get closer to the beaches and anchorages that are not deep.


  • 105.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2003


  • 80.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2023


  • Built: 2019


  • Built: 2024


  • 77.00 Ft Cat


  • Built: 2020


  • 78.00 Ft Cat


  • 74.00 Ft Cat

E Supercat

  • 71.00 Ft Cat


  • 72.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2016


  • 67.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2017

Benefits of BVI Catamaran Charters

  • Twin hulls , which provide stability
  • Smooth sailing . Catamarans do not heel like a mono-hull sailboat.
  • A shallow keel allows access to shallow water.
  • Flybridge . Many of the newer catamarans have a flybridge , where you have an excellent 360-degree view of your surroundings. Experience the Caribbean breeze, sip a cool drink, and watch the sunset on a flybridge.
  • Spacious . The expansive deck and roomy interior provide plenty of options for gathering or privacy. Most luxury catamarans have spacious cabins with private ensuite bathrooms and showers.
  • Newer catamarans bring the exterior into the interior with large wraparound windows. Sliding doors that either raise or fold away create a sizeable open area for entertaining.

Choosing a catamaran for your BVI sailing vacation gives you access to these remarkable destinations and makes the most of your vacation.

Destinations such as Brewer’s Bay, The Baths, and Cistern Point are just a few places that Virgin Islands catamaran charters .

Why We Love Sailing in BVI Catamaran Charters

Nature’s Little Secret is nearly no longer a secret, as the British Virgin Islands is called. Moreover, it is one of the most popular catamaran charter areas. Guests love it because the sailing distances are short between islands. Therefore, you can visit at least two different locations each day if you wish to do so.

For instance, depart from Nanny Cay Marina at noon. Then, go for a quick sail to the Indians for snorkeling or scuba diving. Then, continue into the Bight at Norman Island for an overnight. Finally, visit the decadent Willy T’s for some revelry.

After that, motor over to the Caves. Continue onto Peter Island, Deadman’s Bay, with its incredible beach, coconut trees, and snorkeling. Weather permitting, you can enjoy the night here or continue onto Cooper Island. The choice is yours.

Generally, these destinations are within easy reach. Here’s a sample BVI Sailing Itinerary to experience your BVI Catamaran Charters.

BVI Catamaran Charters Excellent Destinations

The British Virgin Islands is arguably most famous for its many excellent destinations , all within a reasonable distance from each other. Let’s explore some of those destinations further.

Jost Van Dyke

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke sits right within the “ necklace of islands ” in the BVI’s smooth sailing area. The island is known for its yacht anchorages, like the sheltered bay at Great Harbour. Casual bars and restaurants are on the sandy beaches and surrounding White Bay.

The Bubbly Pool is a naturally foaming sea pool in Jost Van Dyke’s northeast region. One popular activity is anchoring at White Bay, where you can swim ashore and savor a cocktail at The Soggy Dollar.

Virgin Gorda and The Baths

Many visitors consider Virgin Gorda as one of the most beautiful destinations in The British Virgin Islands . Discover the boulder-strewn shore called The Baths and the most prominent summit on Virgin Gorda, Gorda Peak.

The Baths are a must-see for those who haven’t been before. Large rocks surround it, creating a breathtaking natural grotto-like environment for you to explore. Snorkeling is also excellent at The Baths.

In addition, the North Sound Area is excellent for kiteboarding, water skiing, Efoiling and it is the home of the Bitter End Yacht Club. And Saba Rock one of the hottest spots in the BVI.

Tortola, the Capital of The BVI

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Islands . Travelers can enjoy beach hopping and various activities, from dining out to shopping at vibrant marketplaces. Road Town, the capital city, features a bustling dock area where boats are stationed for docking or embarking on new voyages.

Various hiking trails and an overlook point near Sage Mountain National Park exist . During your visit, ensure you enjoy the beach bars and restaurants in Cane Garden Bay.

No doubt, there’s plenty to do on Tortola.

Anegada’s Horseshoe Reef

This island boasts the Caribbean’s magnificent Horseshoe Reef , an 18-mile coral barrier reef that captivates adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Furthermore, the reef’s vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life offer a captivating underwater world to explore. Swimming alongside remarkable creatures and witnessing the reef’s beauty firsthand is an unforgettable charter experience for nature enthusiasts.

Norman Island

Set sail to Norman Island , the mythical treasure trove of the British Virgin Islands catamaran guests. Renowned for “Treasure Point,” this area captivates divers and boaters with its history and breathtaking underwater scenery.

Dive beneath the azure waves to uncover hidden caves and mysterious shipwrecks rumored to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.” Swim amidst colorful coral gardens, encountering a kaleidoscope of marine life that calls this underwater paradise home.

Generally, exploring this island is a thrilling adventure, creating beautiful memories and stories to share for years to come.

Sailing Catamarans and Power Catamarans

You’ll have two different types of Catamaran Charters in the BVI. That being sailing catamarans and power catamarans . Let’s jump into the benefits of each so you can make a more informed decision.

Power Catamarans

A power catamaran has the advantage of a multi-hull design. These boats often have two smaller, lighter engines; this minimizes fuel usage while providing an efficient way of traveling at sea or sailing along coastal waters.

With slimmer hulls than those found in traditional monohull designs, these cats can get good fuel mileage and offer speeds comparable to motor yachts.

Sailing Catamarans

These sailing catamarans have both engine propulsion and sails. They are famous for BVI yacht charters as the different destinations are fairly quickly within reach. Sailing catamarans also have a lot of functionality, as do power catamarans.

You can see why they are trendy with trampolines for lying in the sun, dual swim platforms, and a flybridge lounge area.

Aside from boats from Fountain Pajot, here are other yacht options well-loved by clients chartering in the BVI and USVI:

VOYAGE 650 Power Cat

  • 65.00 Ft Power


  • 50.00 Ft Cat


  • 51.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about BVI Catamaran Charters

Is the cost of renting bvi catamaran charters worth the experience and value it provides.

The cost of renting BVI catamaran charters can vary depending on factors such as the size of the catamaran, the duration of the charter, and additional services included. While it is an investment, the experience of exploring the stunning British Virgin Islands aboard a luxury catamaran is often considered WELL WORTH. Plus, BVI SAIL has a lot of special offers available !

Does BVI SAIL offer an all-inclusive BVI catamaran charter package?

Yes, BVI SAIL does offer all-inclusive BVI catamaran charter packages . These packages typically include accommodations, onboard meals, beverages (except premium drink selections), water sports equipment, and professional crew services. The exact inclusions may vary depending on the package and charter options. But, the BVI SAIL team is dedicated to providing their clients with a comprehensive and hassle-free experience.

Are there any specific permits or licenses required to sail in the BVI waters?

Definitely, there are specific permits and licenses required to sail in the BVI waters. Upon entry to BVI, guests from most countries will need a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining. Additionally, visitors must purchase a cruising permit upon entry into the BVI, which allows for sailing within the territory’s waters.For fishing enthusiasts, a separate fishing license is required to engage in any fishing activities in the BVI. This license can be obtained from the BVI Department of Conservation and Fisheries .Regarding diving, certified divers must present their diving certification cards from a recognized diving organization to participate in scuba diving activities. Non-certified divers can also enjoy introductory diving experiences under the supervision of a qualified instructor. It is essential to familiarize yourself with these requirements and ensure compliance before going on BVI catamaran charters to ensure a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience while abiding by local regulations.

Can you bareboat charter a catamaran?

Yes, there are bareboat catamarans available for charter in the British Virgin Islands. If you are licensed or experienced you can charter a power catamaran or sailing catamaran. Also you can hire a skipper to sail the boat.

Booking Your BVI Catamaran Charters Today

Embarking on a BVI catamaran charter is an unparalleled way to experience the beauty and allure of the British Virgin Islands. With the comfort, flexibility, and all-inclusive catamaran rental package, you can explore hidden coves, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs at your own pace.

So, inquire about or rent a catamaran charter through CKIM Group Yacht Charter Advisors. Their expertise can help guests find the perfect boat that suits their preferences. Plus, ensures a seamless and unforgettable journey.

What are you waiting for? Start planning the BVI Catamaran Charters adventure today!

You may prefer to do a bareboat charter however a crewed catamaran offers a better experience. We are happy to assist you with bareboat catamarans or crewed catamarans.

BVI Catamaran Charters Additional Resources

Browse the following sailing and power catamaran options for a British Virgin Islands Vacation.

Client Reviews

From clay and susan pruitt.

Almost 10 years ago my husband and I went on our first sailing trip with Kevin and Elizabeth King to the British Virgin Islands. This trip opened up our eyes to a whole new way of traveling. We had so much fun exploring a new island every day. The group could snorkel through beautiful reefs, eat at fabulous restaurants, fish for our dinner, and even learn how to sail. We owe this all to our fabulous hosts, Kevin and Elizabeth. We have sailed numerous times through the years with Kevin and Elizabeth manning the helm. You will find everything you are looking for in an adventurous yet relaxing vacation, whether it is a family vacation or an adults-only getaway.

Thank you for such a magical trip!

Thank you for a magical trip! I cannot imagine sailing again without the two of you! You knew what we wanted and needed before we did! I truly appreciate both your preparation and execution of a seamless experience! Being in such capable hands made this the most relaxing, carefree trip of my life. I truly hope that this is the first of many voyages with you! Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2023.

Guy and Hope

I honestly think the best part of the trip was the atmosphere you guys created. You were fun, kind and went out of your way to make this trip super awesome. This may be the first vacation where I gained weight. The meals were fabulous! We were spoiled rotten with all the comforts of home. The boat is gorgeous, the hospitality definitely Southern, and the activities top-notch.

Contact us at 1-321-777-1707 or complete this form to discuss your vacation plans.

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Book a BVI Yacht Charter | Ciao For Now Catamaran

Live Your Dreams with Our BVI Yacht Charter

See the jaw dropping scenery and enjoy life in the sun with our BVI yacht charter. At Ciao For Now, we offer you the memories of a lifetime sailing around the Virgin Islands and Caribbean. Our stunning catamaran the Ciao For Now is well outfitted with luxurious comforts to ensure that your sailing adventure is perfect. With our BVI yacht charter, bareboat or with a captain, you are in control of your dream vacation. Snorkelling, nightlife, and beautiful surroundings will be at your fingertips with our yacht charter around the British Virgin Islands. For a serene, bespoke, and all together unforgettable trip, choose Ciao For Now for your BVI yacht charter.

Vacation should be relaxing and special. For one of the best BVI catamaran charters you can experience, contact us today at 314-504-3346 to check our availability or learn more. We are also available to book online .

Book a BVI Yacht Charter

The Perfect BVI Yacht Charter for Your Holiday

Our 46-foot catamaran, the Ciao For Now, is a brand-new luxury craft that is one of the premier Caribbean yacht charters . Fully equipped with luxury amenities that will make your sailing adventure one to remember, our impeccably maintained catamaran can be rented as a bareboat or with a captain. We offer bespoke options to suit your needs. You want a reliable BVI yacht charter that allows you to access the unspoilt beauty of the Caribbean without having to worry about a thing. Chartering a yacht is an incredible experience, one not to be missed.

When you book Ciao For Now as your Yacht Charter in the British Virgin Islands, you get:

  • Comfort & Reliability – Our boat is meticulously serviced regularly, offering high end performance. Additionally, our craft boasts luxury accommodations such as 4 cabins and heads, a fully functioning kitchen with ice maker, solar power, a water maker, and air conditioning.
  • Flexibility – The Ciao For Now is available to rent with a captain allowing you to fully soak up all the Virgin Islands have to offer. This is a great option for folks who aren’t experienced sailors. We are also delighted to offer our boat as a bareboat BVI yacht charter. Take charge of your vacation and put your sailing skills to use. While you need some qualifications for a bareboat charter, it is a great option for adventure and excitement.
  • Stunning Scenery – When you charter the Ciao For Now, you are opting for a unique Caribbean experience. A yacht charter allows you to access pristine, gorgeous scenery. Take the path less traveled and experience the stunning beauty of the region.

We’re Docked in the British Virgin Islands for Easy Access

Our beautiful boat is docked in BVI and ready to take you on your next sailing holiday. Easily accessible by flights, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect hub to start your Caribbean vacation.

As one of the leading BVI catamaran charters , we are here to make your trip special. Contact us at 314-504-3346 to learn more or check our availability and book online .

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Vcy difference.

Family Owned & Operated Luxury Bareboat Fleet. Chartering the BVI and Caribbean since 1996.


Bareboat Yacht Charters

VCY offers a stunning fleet with a wide variety of modern power catamarans for bareboat charter. Our personally curated fleet is exceptionally maintained, and features some of the newest and most luxurious options from world-leading brands such as Fountaine Pajot, Leopard, Aquila, Horizon, Bali, Lagoon and Azimut - just to name a few!


Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters

VCY is a CYBA certified charter yacht broker for Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters in the BVI and across the Caribbean. Let our expert team help you select the perfect yacht for your luxury charter and then sit back while the crew provides you and your guests with the trip of a lifetime.

Featured Yachts

Flexible on dates.

20% Off all Bareboat Charters booked for travel before December 31st.

Horizon FD85

  • 10 Max Guests

Fountaine Pajot Samana 59

  • 8 Max Guests

Perfect Landing

Tail lights, azimut 116 grande.

  • 12 Max Guests

Leopard 51PC Power Catamaran

Fountaine pajot 48' powercat, caribbean cat.

  • 9 Max Guests
  • 6 Max Guests

Sunseeker 86'

Lagoon 63 powercat, let us organize your tailor-made bvi holiday.

We are here to simplify your life. Start your British Virgin Islands adventure now by telling us about your upcoming vacation plans!

The British Virgin Islands

Consisting of 13 major islands and even more minor islands, this Caribbean-based British territory is an exploration adventure down the Sir Francis Drake Channel. With line of sight navigation and beautiful blue Caribbean waters, this charter destination is unmatched.


Experience Yacht Ownership

Join our growing community of yacht owners who enjoy not only chartering but reaping the benefits of owning and chartering their own boats through the British Virgin Islands.

bvi catamaran charter

What Customers Are Saying

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"Excellent Staff, Dedicated Team!"

Excellent staff, have never seen a more dedicated team to making sure your vacation is perfect.

"VCY was the absolute best"

We have chartered several times in the BVIs, and our experience with VCY was the absolute best. The boat was in great condition and the service start to finish was fabulous. We will be back!

"Friendly, Professional & Accommodating!"

Our charter yacht was nearly new and well maintained. VCY was responsive whenever we had questions during our charter as well. Highly recommended!

"Best vacation we have ever taken!"

VCY was fantastic!! They answered every question, helped with all the travel details. Booked us taxis to and from the airport and even got us reservations for a special birthday dinner. We will absolutely be back!

"Exceptional Experience with 1st Class Crew!"

Highly recommend this organization… they were even able to accommodate a last minute itinerary change due to tropical storm “Beryl”!

"Best Week of My Life!"

Virgin motor yachts lined us up with a great Captain and assisted with all the details in preparation. I am already planning to come back in November.

"All Around 1st Class Customer Service"

Our 3rd year with Virgin Motor Yachts and we are starting to plan our trip for next year. An excellent vacation covering 7 islands over the 10 days.

"Search No Further VCY Is It!"

If I were to write everything good about our experience with VCY…I would need another week on their CAT on the BVI!

"Better Than We Could Have Ever Imagined"

From the planning stage to last day of our trip, we could not have asked for any better experience. Alexia and crew were wonderful to deal with.

"Another Amazing Week With VCY"

Amazing customer service. Highly recommend VCY ahead of the other two big companies on the island with very little customer service.

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Trip duration, multiple days (less than 1 week), weekly trip show boats that have weekly prices. most weekly boats outside of the us are available only saturday to saturday., boat length: 5ft -, manufacturer, boat build year: -, weekly trip, price: $ - $, 135 bvi catamaran charters with captain: rentals by owners.

Day Sail Available - Step aboard your private yacht and relax with the ocean breeze and tranquility you and your family have been looking for

  • British Virgin Islands

boating guide

In addition to the best offers we have for boat and yacht charters in British Virgin Islands, see also options available for rent in these nearby locations:

  • 318 boat rentals in Freshwater Pond, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Leonards, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in West End, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Parham Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Road Town, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in East End, Long Swamp, Parham Town, British Virgin Islands
  • 318 boat rentals in Parham Town, British Virgin Islands

Rent a Catamaran Charter in BVI with Sailo!

Are you looking for a BVI catamaran charter with captain? Discover captained BVI catamaran rentals by owners with Sailo! Regardless if you’re an experienced sailor or just looking to enjoy a crewed catamaran rental in the BVI, you’ll see a whole other side to British Virgin Islands. Whatever your vacation style, you’ll find the perfect catamaran to rent in British Virgin Islands for your needs. From action packed day trips to week-long sailing vacations, hit the water in style and enjoy an experience to remember by renting a catamaran charter in the BVI.

The best British Virgin Islands catamaran charters available on Sailo

British Virgin Islands catamaran rental is one of the best activity for a nautical adventure in the Caribbean Islands. We currently offer 224 charters available with or without captain, ready for amazing fun trips; BVI catamaran rentals are popular in many yachting communities around the world, providing extraordinary experiences for both boating enthusiasts and skilled sailors. Rent a catamaran in the BVI to discover the best of the Cairbbean Islands from the water.

BVI catamaran charter with captain

Sailo offers beautiful catamran rentals in BVI at various price points. Use our advanced filters to narrow your search by date, group size, and trip duration: 2 hrs, 4 hrs or full day catamaran charters in BVI. You can also choose the type of boat (sailboat, motorboat, catamaran) you want and go even further and look for a particular length, manufacturer and model. The price filter will help you see the available boats within your budget and the crew option is useful when you want to see boats with a skipper/captain included or only bareboats. Do you see a British Virgin Islands catamaran charter that you would like to rent? Click on it to go to the next page to read more about it, see more photos, send a direct message to the owner to ask more questions or start creating your booking request right away!

How much does it cost: BVI catamaran charters costs

You can rent a BVI catamaran charter for a day for an average of $1100 per day. The average price for a weekly BVI catamaran rental is $30133. Your total budget for a boating trip by a catamaran rental in British Virgin Islands depends on many factors such as: trip duration, if captain and crew are included in the price or their cost have to be paid separately, fuel cost (which could be significantly higher on a motorboat compared to a sailboat) and other extras you choose to customize your experience for sailing British Virgin Islands yacht charters .

BVI catamaran charter with a captain is the most popular way to discover Carribean Islands.

What is Sailo FREE 24 hours Reservation?

Not sure if the British Virgin Islands catamaran rental you like suits your vacation plans? You can place a free reservation for 24 hrs, no credit card required, for most of our weekly boat rentals, allowing you more time to discuss details with the boat owner, talk to your family or friends or customize your budget to suit your needs. Once you have placed the reservation, your BVI catamaran rental is blocked for 24 hours. During the 24 hours of your reservation, you can book the boat, cancel the reservation or ask for a one-time extension of 24 hours by contacting us at [email protected] . If you do nothing, your reservation will automatically expire and the boat will become available for other renters. Read more about free reservations.

Be a responsible boater

However long you’re on a boat, it’s always a thrilling and fun experience. Here at Sailo, we like to make sure that the stunning beauty of the seas, lakes and rivers of our planet stay as pristine as possible. If you’re going to rent a catamaran charter in the BVI, from a few hours to week, try to follow these sustainable boating tips:

  • Take your rubbish home
  • Use eco-friendly sunblock
  • Avoid single use plastic

Much of the world’s plastic ends up in the sea, so reduce, reuse and recycle. Read more about responsible boating.

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Popular Caribbean sailing vacations destinations:

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Royal Charters

Royal Charters

Where luxury meets adventure.

Your Yacht. Your Captain. Your Chef.

Embark on a carefree Caribbean sailing vacation on one of our new Majestic 570 catamarans.

Sail Crystal Clear Caribbean waters, snorkel uncharted reefs, Island hop and indulge at the worlds most famous beach bars whilst your chef prepares mouthwatering culinary delights.

bvi catamaran charter

Yacht Charters

Come sail away with us on an all-inclusive 7-night sailing vacation with your friends and family on-board Barefeet Retreat, a sailing Yacht made for Adventure.

bvi catamaran charter


The Virgin Islands, known as the sailing capital of the world, is part of an archipelago of over 60 islands. Navigate and island hop your way through the most famous and secluded Islands in the heart of the Caribbean.

bvi catamaran charter

Majestic 570 Yacht Sales

Introducing the new Majestic 570, the ultimate luxury Charter Catamaran.

Come sail with us in the USVIS and the BVIS on a luxury vacation made for adventure!

Royal-Charters, BVI, destinations

Yacht Sales

Majestic 570

360 Virtual Tour

Cabin Layout


The Charter Experience

Charter Bookings

Charter Gallery

Brochure & Rates

bvi catamaran charter

  • Aeolian Islands
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Italian Riviera
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Balearic Islands
  • --> Split --> Dubrovnik --> Hvar --> Trogir --> Korcula --> Sukosan --> faq --> --> --> Rates from $ 43,200 to $48,600. $ 43,200 to $48,600.--> View availability and rate details .

    To learn more about this crew or for further details about AMAYA, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form .

    Price Details

    NOT AVAILABLE FOR CHARTER IN THE USA GENERAL RATES NOTE: All rates are for 7 nights, 8 days. For short charters please use the "divide-by-6 rule" for figuring short charter premiums. Charters of less than 6 nights available depending on schedule and season, please inquire. HALF-BOARD OPTION: $150 off per person. Includes all breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners, standard ships bar, snacks, canapes. All remaining meals and associated beverages are to be taken ashore at client expense. Christmas/New Years Minimum 7 nights with maximum 8 Guests & 4 cabins only CHRISTMAS: 1-8 guests @ $60,000 NEW YEARS: 1-8 guests @ $65,000 Christmas week to end by December 26th. New Years to begin no earlier than December 28th 7 night minimum or 48 hours between charters. Please use BVI ports only. 48 hours between ALL charters.


    To find the best dates for your charter, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form .

    Highlighted dates are booked, on hold, or unavailable. We may be able to challenge the dates on hold. Please contact us for details. All other dates not highlighted are available. You can use the arrow icons to navigate through the months.

    Dates Color Key

    If no color is noted on calendar or in the detailed list below, the dates are available for your charter. Dates can change quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible to begin booking your charter. Highlighted colors mean:

    • Booked (Booked by another client group already)
    • Hold (Held by another client group, not yet booked, and can be challenged)
    • Unavailable (Blocked out by the Owner and unavailable to challenge)

    View details on this yacht's availability.

    Availability Details

    • May 11, 2024-March 31, 2025: Unavailable: Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI to TBA
    • Location Details : Not available for charter in the USA
    • Summer Base Port : BVI
    • Summer Operating Area : Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
    • Winter Base Port : BVI
    • Winter Operating Area : Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
    • Preferred Pickups : Nanny Cay, Tortola
    • Other Pickups : BVI Only
    • Turnaround : 48 hours Firm 72 better.

    Amy & Biff have been sailing together since 2003 when they first met on a beach in Greece. They were supposed to meet at the ferry port of sleepy Porto Heli but Biff forgot to pick Amy up and she found him instead at the bar on the beach, entertaining his guests! That was the start of something special and they have worked, lived & sailed together ever since. Having always worked in the marine tourist industry they love meeting strangers who at the end of their vacation leave as friends! Biff Captain Biff learned Read More

    Crew Pictures

    Cabins & amenities.

    AMAYA Layout

    Accomodation Details

    AMAYA accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 Queen cabins, all en suite with electric flush toilets and stall showers. Each cabin is equipped with USB charging ports, basic toiletries, and hairdryers.

    Guest Cabins

    • Max Guests : 8
    • Total Cabins : 4
    • King Cabins : 0
    • Queen Cabins : 4
    • Double Cabins : 0
    • Single Cabins : 0
    • Twin Cabins : 0
    • Pullman Cabins : 0
    • Showers : 4
    • Electric Heads : 4
    • Voltages : 110V + 220V
    • Hairdryer : Yes
    • Water Capacity : 185 Gallons
    • Water Maker : YES
    • Ice Maker : Yes
    • Deck Shower : Yes
    • Jacuzzi : No


    • Size : 60 feet
    • Builder : Sunreef Yachts
    • Year Built : 2019
    • Refit : 2023
    • Beam : 33.46


    • Kids okay : Yes
    • Internet Access : Onboard WIFI
    • Salon Stereo : Yes
    • Salon TV/DVD : Yes
    • Board Games : Yes
    • Special Diets : Inq
    • Kosher : Inq
    • # Dine In : 10
    • Crew Smokes : No

    On-board Water Sports and Diving

    • License : -
    • Regulators : 0
    • Scuba :Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only
    • Air Compressor : Not Onboard
    • Wet Suits : 0
    • Dive Lights : 0
    • Night Dives : 0

    On-board Water Sports

    • Dinghy : 13ft
    • Dinghy Horsepower : 90HP
    • Dinghy Pax : 9
    • Water Skis : 1 (Adult) 1 (Kids)
    • Wake Board : 1
    • Knee Board : No
    • Snorkel Gear : Yes
    • Underwater Camera : Yes
    • Kayak : No (1 Man) 2 (2 Man)
    • Stand Up Paddle Boards : 2
    • Floating Mats : 1
    • Beach Games : Yes
    • Jetskis : No
    • Other Toys : EFoil Partial refit 2023/24 External paint correction completed. New foredeck lounge cushions & scatter cushions. New beach towels. New Air Conditioning system. New Fusion marine stereo with 4 areas to connect to. Starlink high speed internet implemented. All new water sports equipment. (more to come, TBC!)

    Sample Menu

    Amy Edmonds Suggested Menu Plan, 2023


    Crusty sourdough slices with smashed local avocado, feta & pumpkin seeds.

    Baked muffins with wilted nutmeg spinach & soft poached egg.

    Scrambled organic eggs with smoked salmon on granary sliced toast.

    Blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon & fruit.

    Fresh baked croissants with selection of cheese, ham, compots & fresh fruit.

    Caribbean French toast with crispy bacon & fruit platter.

    Stacked sausage sandwich with sweet & spicy fresh tomato relish.  

    Roasted vegetable open sandwich topped with melted cheddar, local leaf salad & kettle chips.

    Spinach & feta quiche with broccoli, cranberry & walnut salad.

    Spicy jerk chicken wrap with sweet mango salsa, avocado, green leaves & sour cream.

    Local Kale & shrimp Caesar Salad with  parmesan croutons.

    Zesty Tuna ceviche with picked radish & cucumber salad, mango & avocado cubes.

    Creamy crab & avocado salad with organic leaves & quinoa.

    Burrata caprese salad with local arugula & basil, olives, cured prosciutto twists & fresh bread rolls.  

    Devils on horseback (baked prunes wrapped in bacon)

    Teriyaki chicken wings.

    Hellenic Eggplant dip with crispy vegetable crisps.

    Baked whole brie with apricot & ginger glaze, baguette for dipping.

    Baked mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese & fresh herbs.

    Zingy shrimp lettuce wraps with tart apple slaw.

    Bourbon infused duck liver pate on melba toast.  

    Cajun spiced mahi mahi fillet with coconut rice & local vegetables doused in mango & ginger puree.

    Slow cooked lamb shank on a bed of creamed cauliflower with minted peas and red wine gravy.

    Sun-dried tomato, basil & Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast, wrapped in prosciutto ham, served with a creamy garlic mushroom risotto and buttered asparagus.

    Home made Caribbean bean & quinoa burgers, grilled with fresh pineapple and mature cheddar, served with crunchy slaw and garlic plantain.

    Tender peppered salmon nicoise salad with local leaves & baked mini potatoes.

    Lemon marinated chicken skewers, grilled Greek style, served with tzatziki, crunchy greek salad, grilled zucchini & hot fresh bread.

    Grilled beef fillet mignon and buttered shrimp served with buttery sweet potato mash, sautéed sprouts & bacon and a creamy roasted red pepper sauce.   

    Rich chocolate & avocado mousse with crispy coconut flakes.

    Sweet pears poached in red wine served with roasted walnuts & mascarpone cheese.

    Profiteroles filled with coconut ice cream & drizzled with bitter chocolate ganache.

    Baked peach melba with raspberry coulis & vanilla ice cream.

    Zesty lemon posset with dark chocolate ball filled with cherry liquor.

    Warm mango & coconut cake with creamy vanilla rum custard.

    Local passionfruit cheese cake.   

    House Wine List

    Jordan, Cabernet Sauvignon. Sonoma County, USA. Cakebread, Pinot Noir. Napa Valley, USA. Duckhorn, Merlot. Napa Valley, USA Penfolds, Shiraz Bin 138. South Australia

    Jordan, Chardonnay. Sonoma County, USA. Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc. Marborough, NZ. Astoria, Pinot Grigio. Veneto, Italy. La Poussie, Sancerre. Loire, France.

    Figuere, Cuvee Magali, Rose. Provence, France. Whispering Angel, Rose. Provence, France.   Sparkling Wine

    Veuve Cliquot, Brut Champagne. France. Perrier Jouet, Grand Brut, Champagne, France. Santa Margherita, Prosecco. Veneto, Italy.

    Other wines are available, please request them in advance through your preference sheet or enquire with your broker.

    At Carefree Yacht Charters®, we specialize in arranging extraordinary crewed yacht charters in the BVI as well as other Caribbean destinations. For full details, call us in our South Florida office at (954) 980-9281 or fill out our Quick Request Form .

    bvi catamaran charter

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    Create unforgettable memories

    Create unforgettable memories on your sailing yacht charter adventures in the British Virgin Islands.

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    The Conchcept

    The Conchcept

    At Conch Charters we are committed to giving you the best charter experience from start to finish. Here is how we do it...

     Navigating the BVI with Boatyball

    Navigating the BVI with Boatyball

    What is the difference between a bareboat and a crewed yacht charter in the BVI?

    What is the difference between a bareboat and a crewed yacht charter in the BVI?

    So, what exactly is the difference between a bareboat and a crewed yacht charter in the BVI? Let's dive in and explore.



    Find out more about chartering an crewed all inclusive yacht adventure of a lifetime on the Sweet Ann Marine

    A Week in Paradise: Itinerary ideas for your BVI Sailing Charter Adventure

    A Week in Paradise: Itinerary ideas for your BVI Sailing Charter Adventure

    Black Friday Deals 2023

    Black Friday Deals 2023

    Sail Into Savings with Our Exclusive Black Friday Deals on Catamaran Charters in the BVI!


    Katy T, Feb 2024

    We just returned from our bare boat charter with Conch Charters. We spent 3 weeks sailing around the USVI & the BVI. It was an amazing trip !! This was our 3rd time chartering with Conch. The first 2 times we chartered a monohull. This time we chartered a catamaran. The people who work at Conch are one of the main reasons that we continue to charter with Conch. Every single person that we have come in contact with is not superbly qualified but also super nice and very easy to work with. The boats are always well maintained and in great condition. From the bed linens to the generator, everything is always perfect. We are already planning our bare boat charter for next year - of course with Conch Charters !!!!

    Katy T, Feb 2024

    Dave Naney, April 2023

    As we embark on our second charter with Conch (to whom we have referred everyone that wanted to go to the BVI that we know) we just wanted to thank all of you (and especially Hazelle) for all of your kindness, help, patience and information. Without doubt, your customer service ethic is the best we have seen anywhere. We have all worked for The Walt Disney Company in our lives so we know good customer service.... Thank you again. We are so excited to be seeing Conch Charters and the BVI again.

    Dave Naney, April 2023

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    Experience the ultimate “stress-free” getaway.

    BVI Yacht Charters excels in offering top-notch all-inclusive, fully-crewed, and captain-only charter services. With years of expertise, we’ve mastered the art of crafting unforgettable vacation experiences for families, groups of friends, honeymooners, and corporate entities.Each of our crewed yachts comes fully equipped and professionally maintained, staffed by a licensed Captain alongside a gourmet Chef. They’ll cater to your every desire throughout your stay, ensuring you savor every moment. READ MORE > >


    Zane Mickle April 2024 | Apricity

    Nae Kae

    Jennifer Rankin April 2024 | Nae Kae


    Bill Horn March 2024 | Azuria

    Serena, Beneteau 63

    Andy & Beth Burchard April 2024 | Serena, Beneteau 63


    Jim Beqaj April 2024 | Tranquility

    All-Inclusive Fleet

    KUMA TOO: 47’ Leopard Catamaran

    KUMA TOO 47’ Leopard Catamaran

    PERPETUAL BLUE: 58’ Voyage catamaran

    PERPETUAL BLUE 58’ Voyage catamaran

    MANNA: 53′ Royal Cape catamaran

    MANNA 53′ Royal Cape catamaran

    A3: 56′ Lagoon catamaran

    A3 56′ Lagoon catamaran

    Merry Time: 49′ Bali Catamaran

    MERRY TIME 49′ Bali Catamaran

    Moon Blossom: 50′ Leopard Catamaran

    MOON BLOSSOM 50′ Leopard Catamaran

    OUI CHERIE: 52′ Lagoon catamaran

    OUI CHERIE 52′ Lagoon catamaran

    JAN’S FELION: 64′ Lagoon Powercat

    JAN’S FELION 64′ Lagoon Powercat

    EASIR II: 46’ Lagoon Catamaran

    EASIR II 46’ Lagoon Catamaran

    TURQUOISE TURTLE: 50′ Voyage Catamaran

    TURQUOISE TURTLE 50′ Voyage Catamaran

    GAMBIT: 500 Lagoon Catamaran

    GAMBIT 500 Lagoon Catamaran

    SAYANG: 54′ Jeanneau Monohull

    SAYANG 54′ Jeanneau Monohull

    bvi catamaran charter

    Originally hailing from the historic coastal town of Southampton in the UK, Abbie made a life-changing decision in 2001 to swap one sailing capital for another. Seeking the warm embrace of the BVI’s crystal-clear waters, she knows firsthand the magic that awaits you on these enchanting shores.

    In 2004, Abbie joined the esteemed BVI Yacht Charters family. Eventually taking on the role of Charter Sales Manager, she brings an intimate knowledge of the enchanting islands of the BVI. Her extensive period of residence in this tropical paradise has allowed her to forge personal connections with many of the remarkable crews. This invaluable advantage ensures that she can seamlessly match your group to the perfect crew, guaranteeing an exceptional and tailor-made experience like no other.

    With Abbie as your guide, you can rest assured that the crew selected for your charter will be the ideal fit. They embody the spirit of hospitality, professionalism, and expertise that will elevate your sailing adventure to new heights. Her dedication, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to ensuring your satisfaction will leave you feeling confident and excited about the adventure that lies ahead. Trust in Abbie’s expertise and let her guide you on a journey that will create cherished memories and a longing to return to this slice of paradise.

    Don’t miss the chance to sail the majestic waters of the BVI with Abbie and her team at BVI Yacht Charters. Get in touch with her today to hear about our Luxurious All-Inclusive Crewed Charters in the BVI. Unlock a world of limitless possibilities as you embark on the sailing experience of your dreams!

    T: +1 284 494 4289 [email protected]

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    • (Rates start at $3,000 per person all-inclusive for 7 nights)
    • Any other detailed requests?
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    BVI Yacht Charters

     contact information, subscribe for updates.

    bvi catamaran charter

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    • Top 10 BVI Luxury Motor Yacht Charters for 2024/2025
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    • Top 10 BVI Luxury Yacht Charters for 2024/2025
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    What yacht charter are you looking for?

    Bvi yacht charters.


    bvi catamaran charter

    Welcome to CharterGuru, a brokerage for 500+ charter yachts in the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The list of charter yachts available is continuously updated. We are brokers who have either lived or crewed in the BVI. Crewed yachts- sailboats, motor yachts, catamarans, all filtrable and a click away. We specialize in BVI catamaran charters, where we know the majority of the boats and crews in person, having crewed on yachts like Twin or King’s Ransom. Also, check out our Trustpilot score,  we’re doing our best to work hard for the client.

    DMA Yachting

    See all verified DMA Yachting reviews on Trustpilot

    Most of our BVI charters start in Tortola. Nevertheless, it’s possible to start a crewed charter in Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. Not all yachts are able to start the charter in the USVI. You’ll either want a yacht that is based in the USVI or we can arrange a St. Thomas pickup (with many yachts).

    Top BVI Yacht Charters

    Here are 3 articles with our top recommendations for yacht charters in the British Virgin Islands. The yacht choices are based on yacht layout, amenities, and client feedback.

    bvi catamaran charter

    Top 10 BVI Catamaran Charters 2024/2025

    bvi catamaran charter

    Top 10 BVI Luxury Yacht Charters 2024/2025

    bvi catamaran charter

    Top 10 BVI Motor Yacht Charters 2024/2025

    Bvi yacht charter without a broker at your own risk.

    Types of Charters

    There are two primary ways to break down our BVI yacht charters: Firstly, by how they are powered (this includes sails and motor) and secondly, by how many crew members are onboard (this can be none, captain only, or full crew).

    Type of Yacht

    bvi catamaran charter

    ☛ Sailing Yachts

    Sailing yachts come in two primary types: monohulls and catamarans. Monohulls have a single hull, offering a traditional sailing experience with heeling and excellent upwind performance. Catamarans, with twin hulls, provide stability, speed, and spacious living areas. Monohulls excel upwind, while catamarans offer comfort, speed, and shallow draft advantages. Ultimately, the choice between them depends on individual preferences, sailing conditions, and intended use.

    ☛ Motor Yachts

    Motor yachts and motor catamarans are power-driven vessels offering distinct advantages. Motor yachts provide luxury, speed, and long-range cruising, while motor catamarans offer stability, spaciousness, and fuel efficiency. If you are planning a busy itinerary with a focus on exploring the many great destinations, you should strongly consider a Motor Yacht.

    ☛ Luxury Yachts

    While the British Virgin Islands have traditionally been known as sailing destinations, we have seen a growing demand for luxury motor yachts among high-end clients. As the marinas compete to accommodate more and larger vessels, their numbers increase.  There are now over 200 large   (100+ feet meters) motor yachts operating in the BVI  in the high season. The motor yachts offer more privacy and prestige, more water toys, and comfort as they can accommodate a larger number of guests and crew. (Note that jet skis are not allowed in the BVI).

    Type of Crew

    bvi catamaran charter

    ☛ Crewed Charters

    Immerse yourself in luxury and choose a crewed charter where everything is taken care of, and you won’t need to think about a thing. A Crewed Charter usually includes at least a Captain and a Chef but can also cover a stewardess, masseuses, dive instructors, personal trainers, and yoga instructors. The boat is provisioned according to guest wishes and preferences. Since all the work is handled by the crew, the guests can really have a relaxed, laid-back time.

    ☛ Captain-Only Charters

    Captain-only charters are a good middle ground between the crewed charters and the bareboat charters. It’s very much like car rental. You do the paperwork and rent the boat. The local experience of the crew should not be underestimated. A captain will know secret spots and is able to quickly analyze your preferences and types of vacation you wish (or need).

    ☛ Bareboat Charters

    Bareboat charter is the budget-friendly option for qualified sailors. Originally intended for people who know the area, the price convenience caused that today, many of the bareboat captains would be better off with a captain-only charter. If you haven’t been to the BVI before or you haven’t that much experience sailing the boat you wish to charter (rent), consider a captain-only charter, you will thank us later:) At the moment, we don’t include bareboats in our search, please inquire directly and we can find a matching bareboat for you.

    Common Issues On a BVI Yacht Charters

    • I got a boat from USVI – will I find out, after I sign the contract, that we’ll not go to the BVI at all?
    • All-Inclusive – what does it include?
    • Air Conditioning – does it run during the night?
    • APA- Advance Provisioning Allowance – are you going to have a daily overview?
    • Crew – what is the real crew feedback? How did they do on their last charters?
    • Crew Change – is your crew a part of the contract?

    Not So Obvious Issues

    • are your cruising taxes included?
    • how long is your immigration procedure going to take? Minutes or hours?
    • will I lose a day in order to catch a Ferry to get an STT morning flight?

    List of BVI charter companies

    Most people would start with 50 islands and cays, right? Let’s start with the relaxed and chilled atmosphere where liming was invented (drinking/eating and chilling for hours without a defined schedule). It’s the freedom that you can have when sail to bars like Willy T, the optimism and positive energy that you recuperate over the course of your vacation, that’s what makes the BVI special.

    You can immediately tell the people who arrived yesterday. Full of stress, solving small things… a bundle of nerves that we turn into after prolonged experience with the “real world.” After a few painkillers (the BVI signature drink) or Frozen Margaritas (Willy T is the place), every pain diminishes and the problems fade away. These same people leave after a week smiling, optimistic and full of energy.

    Snorkeling at the Indians, diving the Wreck of Rhone, surfing at Bomba Shack (Capoons Bay) or  a visit to The Baths (Virgin Gorda) are the part of charter that provide those memorable moments people have been coming back for.

    Recommended islands for a BVI yacht charter

    Cooper Island

    Cooper Island

    Sandy Cay

    Great and Little Tobago Island

    Salt Island

    Salt Island

    Ginger Island

    Ginger Island

    Sandy Spit

    Norman Island

    Peter Island

    Peter Island


    Jost van Dyke


    Virgin Gorda

    Bvi yacht charter anchorages.

    North Sound/Gorda Sound

    North Sound/Gorda Sound

    Baugher’s Bay

    Baugher’s Bay

    Wickham’s Cay II

    Wickham’s Cay II

    Wickham’s Cay I

    Wickham’s Cay I

    Port Purcell

    Port Purcell

    Road Reef Marina

    Road Reef Marina

    Fort Burt Marina

    Fort Burt Marina

    Prospect Reef Marina

    Prospect Reef Marina

    Road Harbour

    Road Harbour

    Pass between Eustatia Island and Prickly Pear Island

    Pass between Eustatia Island and Prickly Pear Island

    Pass through The Eustatia Sound Barrier Reef

    Pass through The Eustatia Sound Barrier Reef

    Pass to Eustatia Sound between Saba Rock & Virgin Gorda

    Pass to Eustatia Sound between Saba Rock & Virgin Gorda

    Necker Island

    Necker Island

    Prickly Pear Island

    Prickly Pear Island

    Saba Rock

    The Bitter End

    Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

    Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

    Biras Creek Marina

    Biras Creek Marina

    Marina Cay

    Trellis Bay

    Nanny Cay

    Brandywine Bay

    Paraquita Bay

    Paraquita Bay

    Scrub Island Marina

    Scrub Island Marina

    Long Bay

    Little Dix Bay

    Soper’s Hole

    Soper’s Hole

    The Caves and Privateer Bay

    The Caves and Privateer Bay

    The Bight

    Little Harbour (Peter Island)

    Great Harbour

    Great Harbour

    St.Thomas Bay (Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour)

    St.Thomas Bay (Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour)

    Anchoring at Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)

    Anchoring at Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)

    Road Town

    Deadman’s Bay

    Little Jost Van Dyke

    Little Jost Van Dyke

    Anegada’s Other Anchorages

    Anegada’s Other Anchorages

    Raffling Point

    Raffling Point

    Little Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)

    Little Harbour (Jost Van Dyke)

    Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)

    Maya Cove (Hodges Creek)

    White Bay

    Fallen Jerusalem

    Setting Point

    Setting Point

    Guana Island

    Guana Island

    Brewer’s Bay

    Brewer’s Bay

    Great Harbour

    Savannah Bay, Pond Bay and Tetor Bay

    Leverick Bay

    Leverick Bay

    Cane Garden Bay

    Cane Garden Bay

    The Baths

    Top 6 BVI Yacht Charter Locations

    The secret one are the best. The license plates of the BVI cars say “Nature’s Little Secrets.” That’s spot on. If you want to know some secret spots, talk to our brokers. Get on the chat or inquire about the yachts. Kerry has been the crew of a charter boat in the BVI for over 15 years. Well, let us give you some of the best-known places:)

    bvi catamaran charter

    The Baths on Virgin Gorda

    A place where you must charter is The Baths. This spectacular place will enchant you and you will fall in love with the Baths. What is so special about this place that you have to charter there? The answer is simple: there are few places on earth that are quite so stunningly beautiful and this part of Virgin Gorda is among them. Big rocks settled in the silky soft sand are breathtaking and once you climb through them you will finish in Devils Bay.

    Tortola is the largest island in the BVI and home to the capital where your charter most likely will start. The locals are welcoming and the island is home to numerous stunning white sand beaches like Smuggler’s Cove, Trunk Bay, and Cane Garden Bay, perfect for relaxing with a cold drink.

    Nanny Cay is located on the south side of Tortola and is home to the modern Nanny Cay Resort & Marina, known for its great drinks and breathtaking sunsets. The area also hosts the renowned Spring BVI Regatta, attracting sailors from around the world.

    Soper’s Hole Wharf & Marina , located on the West End of Tortola, is a charming spot for dining, refueling, and shopping, offering a peaceful atmosphere. This part of the British Virgin Islands truly feels like paradise, brimming with the sunny island’s vibrant energy and natural wonders.

    bvi catamaran charter

    One of the main islands is very well known for yacht anchorages. On Jost Van Dyke will find amazing bars, restaurants with the pure Caribbean vibe. Once you come on your yacht charter to White Bay you will not want to leave ever. In the White Bay, the time stopped and you will have so much fun on your charter. Cold famous painkillers with delicious local food, you have to try this little nature secret in this paradise. Make sure to visit the famous Soggy Dollar Bar!!

    Norman Island is known as Treasure Island and was the inspiration for the pirate novel of Robert Louis Stevenson. This island is the perfect place where to sail on your yacht charter if you are looking for adventure which may end with found treasure. After snorkeling and exploring the many caves that Norman Island offers, you can sail to Bight for outstanding food in Pirates Bight Restaurant and The Club Restaurant.

    bvi catamaran charter

    Sandy Cay & Spit Island

    Sandy Cay and Spit Island, both tiny uninhabited islands near Jost Van Dyke, offers palm-lined shores and shallow reefs ideal for beachcombing and exploring marine life. Both destinations provide secluded beauty and relaxation, making them must-visit spots during a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands.

    The Indians

    The Indians is a natural wonder and a must-visit destination for anyone on a yacht charter, offering a blend of natural beauty and  snorkeling opportunities . This cluster of rugged islets features  striking rock formations  shaped by the elements. The main attraction is the submerged boulders, known as  “The Caves,”  providing a captivating underwater landscape.

    Accessible by yacht , anchoring in the vicinity opens the door to an immersive experience. Snorkelers can explore  vibrant coral reefs  and encounter  diverse marine life  thriving in the crystal-clear waters.

    bvi catamaran charter

    North Sound

    If the BVI is the mecca of yachting, the North Sound should be its capital.

    North Sound is located on the north of Virgin Gorda, the primary method of transport there is by boat. It’s a rather secluded location, no doubt by design.

    This  Billionaire Playground first became popular in the 50s and 60s, thanks to the Washburn family, and gained even more attention in the 70s and 80s. Notably, Sir Richard Branson bought his second island, Moskito Island, here.

    North Sound is a hub for sailing, hosting the annual Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous. You can also see people windsurfing and kitesurfing here. Plus, some of the best BVI diving locations , like Mountain Point, Cow’s Mouth, and Paul’s Grotto near Mountain Bay, are found in this area. It’s a playground for the wealthy but also a paradise for anyone who loves the sea and adventure.

    DMA Yachting | Yacht Charter Company Rating: 4.9 out of 2014 reviews - Excellent

    bvi catamaran charter

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    bvi catamaran charter


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    What to Know about Shoulder Seasons when Booking Your Next Yacht Charter Vacation

    When planning your luxury yacht charter, understanding “shoulder seasons” is essential for making the most of your time on board and vacations..

    Different from the bustling high seasons and the unpredictable hurricane periods, shoulder seasons offer a perfect blend of pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and more competitive pricing.

    In the U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands, the shoulder seasons—primarily April through early June and mid-November to mid-December—are the ideal time to sail. While June may see a slight increase in rainfall, these months generally promise enjoyable temperatures and smoother sailing conditions.

    By contrast, the high season, spanning December through March, is quite popular. It coincides with the end of the hurricane season and attracts tourists from the colder regions of the US and Europe seeking warmth in the Caribbean. This period is marked by its higher costs, shorter days, and crowded moorings. It also means being mindful of the ‘Christmas Winds’, trade winds that can start towards the end of December and produce winds up to 25-35 knots and rougher water.

    To help you find the best time for your next yacht charter, we’re providing some insights on each of the lesser-known yachting seasons below, including both shoulder seasons and hurricane season. For even more information, you’re more than welcome to speak with our yacht charter specialists , too.

    BVI and USVI Shoulder Season 1 (April to June)

    April through early June in the BVI marks a great period for luxury yacht charters, offering tranquility and exceptional sailing conditions. 

    Here’s what to expect

    • Weather and Winds – Expect predictable weather with steady winds from the east to southeast, typically ranging between 10-15 knots.
    • Rainfall – Light, occasional showers provide a refreshing cool down, enhancing the lush, tropical scenery.
    • Crowds – Fewer tourists mean more secluded beaches and quieter moorings, allowing for a more exclusive and relaxing experience.

    BVI and USVI Peak Hurricane Season (July to October)

    Sailing the BVI from July to October offers a unique opportunity, albeit with considerations for tropical weather. 

    Key aspects include:

    • Weather and Winds – The region experiences milder trade winds (5-15 knots) and increased temperatures, suitable for those enjoying a leisurely pace.
    • Tropical Activity – Being the wet season, preparedness for potential storms is essential, though it also means less crowded islands.
    • Availability – Many local establishments have reduced operations, which could mean fewer options but also more privacy.

    BVI and USVI Shoulder Season 2 (mid-November to mid-December)

    The month ranging from mid-November to mid-December brings another advantageous shoulder season to the BVI, characterized by excellent sailing conditions and reduced visitor numbers. 

    Details include:

    • Weather and Winds – Conditions stabilize with trade winds from the east to northeast, around 15-20 knots—ideal for sailing enthusiasts.
    • Daylight – The days are getting shorter, and with daylight means slightly less time for certain outdoor and underwater activities.
    • Crowds – The calm before the holiday season rush, offering peace and exclusivity on the water and ashore.

    FAQs About Shoulder Season vs. High Season Yacht Charters

    • What is the season for yacht charters?

    Yacht charter seasons are broadly categorized into high season, shoulder season, and hurricane season. 

    The high season runs from December to March, shoulder seasons occur in April to June and again from November to December, while the hurricane season spans from July to October.

    • What is the best season for yachting?

    If you prefer quieter sails with fewer crowds and more favorable charter rates, the shoulder seasons (April to June and November) are ideal. These periods offer excellent weather conditions and less crowded marinas. 

    For those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and don’t mind the crowds, the high season (December to March) might be preferable, offering cooler temperatures and lively local events.

    • Is it possible to charter yachts during hurricane season?

    Yes, it is possible to charter yachts during the hurricane season, which lasts from July to October. However, this period requires careful planning and awareness of weather conditions due to the potential for tropical storms. 

    Some travelers find this season appealing for its reduced prices and lower tourist numbers, but it’s important to consider the increased risk and ensure that your charter company is prepared for sudden weather changes.

    • What’s the difference between shoulder season and high season for yacht charters?

    The main differences between shoulder season and high season for yacht charters revolve around crowd size, cost, and weather conditions. 

    High season, occurring during the winter months, attracts the most tourists due to its milder weather, resulting in higher prices and busier locations. 

    Shoulder seasons, on the other hand, offer a more relaxed experience with fewer tourists, lower costs, and still favorable weather, making them excellent times for those seeking both value and a more serene environment.

    • How do rains during shoulder and hurricane seasons affect snorkeling, scuba diving, and other underwater activities?

    Rain can have an impact on snorkeling, scuba diving, and other underwater activities, especially during the hurricane and shoulder seasons. 

    During the hurricane season, which spans from July to October, frequent and heavy rains can reduce underwater visibility by stirring up sediments and causing increased runoff from the land. 

    In the shoulder seasons, particularly from May to June and in November and December, these periods generally provide more stable and clearer conditions for underwater explorations. 

    Let Our Yacht Charter Specialists Help You Take Advantage Of Shoulder Season

    At Waypoints Yacht Charters, we specialize in crafting tailored luxury yacht charters that allow you to take advantage of gorgeous destinations like the BVI and USVI. We invite you to experience the unmatched beauty of the Virgin Islands through a personalized  yacht charter itinerary. Contact Waypoints Yacht Charters today to get started .

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