Five easy steps to make great 4k travel walking tour videos.


Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by gregor

4K Walking Tour Videos are gaining more and more popularity on video-sharing platforms like the popular video platform YouTube . I watched some of these Walking Tour videos because they were recommended to me, and as someone who really likes walking tours, I decided to try making one video myself.

My first 4k Walking Tour video(s) turned out badly. They were either too bright or too dark or kept constantly refocusing.,… They went straight into the trash on my computer. It was a little frustrating, but obviously, I’m not going to be perfect on my first try.

I was out again, trying different cameras and different settings, and after a few walks, figuring out what is the best camera for Walking Tour and what are the best camera video settings for filming this kind of 4k Walking Tour videos.

Here are the 5 easy Steps to Make 4k Travel Walking Tour Videos

Table of Contents


Video Walking Tours of one hour or more and carrying along a huge DSLR + heavy Gimbal can be quite exhausting. I was looking for small, compact 4k Video camera alternatives without compromising on image and audio quality and video stabilization. 

Here are my two preferred 4k Walking Tour video cameras :

DJI Pocket 2 + Creator Combo

Buy here:


Camera settings (they are overall easy to find in the app and in the menu)

Image Quality: 4K

Frame rates:

  • – 25 or 50 (for slow-motion only – to be slowed down 50% when editing): for Europe (PAL in general)
  • – 24 or 48 (for slow-motion only – to be slowed down 50% when editing): for US (NTCS in general)

Personally live in Europe and I slow down everything that I shoot, only sometimes do I keep a normal speed, so my go rate is 50fps. Slowing down the video gives it a more magical look and will reduce the shakes from the camera

Antiflicker : auto

– you need to set it before activating pro mode!

Pro mode: enabled

– this will give you access to manual settings of exposure

Color profile : d-cine like

Note: only if you plan to color grade in the post (which I highly recommend), if not then stick to the standard

Shutter speed/ISO:

– I always set it to Auto . You could fine-tune by setting it manually, but the AUTO Mode on the DJI is pretty amazing.

White Balance: AUTO

I am so far happy to shoot with continuous autofocus, but be aware that it sometimes fails and you will need to point to the subject you want to have in focus.

GoPro Hero 10 + Sennheiser MKE-400 Microphone

Buy here:

walking tour youtube

The Sennheiser Microphone is a perfect companion, not only for your DLSR. With the GoPro MediaMod, you can set up the GoPro 10 with the Sennheiser MKE 400 within a couple of minutes. If you are really serious about your audio quality it is a very good investment.  #mke400

Buy here:

For more information, please go to the official Sennheiser Website (Click):

Settings for Best Video Stabilization

For the best stabilization with the widest view, use these modes.

Linear & Linear + HL will have the best stabilization overall

Resolution: 4K-50 |  


HyperSmooth: High

If you’re after the best possible stabilization while keeping the widest field of view, these options will be your best bet. I will utilize these options if I know stabilization is my #1 priority, even if I’m shooting POV. Chest-mounted mountain biking is a good example where 5.3K-30 Wide in HyperSmooth High excels.

TWO – Pre-Walking Tour Preparation – It’s all about telling the Story

Preparation is the mother of success! This is also related to the making of 4K Walking Tour Videos.

Define your Storyline for the Audience

Before you even select the walking route, I am really trying to find a good storyline for the audience, which I am going to tell as an overall “arching theme” for the walk. As we all know, telling a story is much more captive than just wandering around without any “preparation & plan”. (Which I did at the beginning, to be honest;-)))

Here are some examples of 4k Walking Tour Video Storylines 

  • Vienna Night Walking Tour – Top things to see at night
  • Berlin – Walking Tour if you just have 4 Hours to spend
  • Budapest Travel Guide – Must See Places Walking Tour
  • Vienna Food Walking Tour

Find the best places that set your Walking Tour Video Screenplay

So once you have your “story” you want to tell, then you need to find the best places, spots, and areas,… Which do you want to be included in the walking video? Sometimes the story can be “Greatest Public Parks to Relax in XXXX” or just “An After Business sunset walk”. This story sets your screenplay and the frame you need to plan the walk accordingly.

Video elements that will support your Walking Tour Video Story

If you know you’ll be visiting the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, for example, you’ll want more than just a video from the top. Here’s an example of supporting walking tour video elements you might make for this specific experience:

  • Establishing shot of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral from the street (Push in)
  • Shot of the base of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Rise up)
  • Shot of purchasing your ticket (Over shoulder camera)
  • Shot of taking the elevator to the top (Push in)
  • Panning shot from the top overlooking Vienna

Pin the places in Google MAPS to create the Walking Tour

Once I have my story, I create a tour on Google Maps, pinning all the places I intend to visit during my walk. 

Top Tip: Please make sure you plan enough time for your tour, get comfortable clothes and shoes, your gear with enough spare batteries (for the GoPro), and most importantly get into a good positive energetic mood, you will need that believe me 😉

THREE – During the Video Walking Tour – Tips and Tricks

Get out of your comfort zone.

Filming videos on the street requires a bit of courage at the beginning. Especially if you are a bit introverted like me, it took a couple of walks until I realized that the vast majority of the people actually don’t care about your video recording on the street.

Very few people stare at you, so give them a bright smile, or simply ignore them. I never had anybody complaining or even yelling at me. It helps if you respect their privacy and do not run with the video camera explicitly into a person, but take a step or move left or right so you can record other interesting sceneries like beautiful architecture. 

There is also an easy way to blur people’s faces in post-editing your video. (More below in the Editing section)

Walking Tour Video Speed

The walking speed is important because you want to be able to see things that you’re not familiar with. The walker may have been through that area time and time again, but you haven’t.  Keep in mind that the speed of the walk also relates directly to the smoothness of the camera, as I mentioned above.

Video moves I use during my walk

  • Push in – walk towards the scene – good entry move to establish location and show landscape
  • Pull out – walk away from the scene – good exit move to close the shooting from the scene
  • Round – use active track and move around the person or subject
  • Rise up – show scenery and subject
  • Reveal – show subject, from the other object – good for transitions
  • Tilt-up / down – use for anything interesting above the scene, like trees
  • Low mode – shoot for example the foot of a person while walking on the beach

How do you film a smooth walking Video?

Walk slowly and bend your knees slightly. Keep concentration high, and use the Highest Stabilization settings on your camera

FOUR – Walking Tour Video Editing  & Software

There are many Video Editing Programs on the market. Editing my Walking Tour videos, I use the software program Final Cut Pro X which runs on macOS only. There are many alternatives also for Windows, if you search on Google, I am sure you will find the one that fits your needs; including tons of Tutorial Videos on YouTube.

Blurring People faces in post-editing

The one thing special to walking tour videos is that you also capture people and want to protect their privacy by blurring their faces. Here is a video that shows you how to do this in Final Cut Pro X

EASIEST Way To Blur Faces | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

FIVE -SHARING your Walking Tour Video on YouTube

I upload my walking tour videos on my Gregor Sideris YouTube Channel . There are other video-sharing Platforms like Vimeo, but I think YouTube is vastly accepted and billions of people have access to it.

Creating your own YouTube Channel is easy, there are a lot of tutorial videos available on YT.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

[email protected]

4k Walking Tour Videos on YouTube

Please check my 4k Walking Tour Videos on my YouTube channel, leave a comment, and subscribe if you found that this article was helpful! Many thanks!

walking tour youtube

Best Free Walking Tour Videos of Vienna – (+Video Tour Guides)

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Frommer's - Home

Spend Hours Walking Around the World's Great Neighborhoods with These Addictive YouTube Channels

Narration-free virtual walking tours are racking up millions of views as they scratch our travel itch in isolation.

By Jason Cochran

September 29, 2020

By now, many of us have started to have travel daydreams. What we wouldn't give just to unwrap a tiny bar of hotel soap, to drag a piece a luggage over cobblestones, or to tell the flight attendant no, we don't want coffee right now, thanks.

We have just the YouTube channel for you. Watched Walker films leisurely strolls through the world's great streets.

That's it. Watching the channel's high-definition virtual walking tours, which have garnered view counts into the millions, you head down streets with a steadied camera, exploring whole neighborhoods on foot. 

As you gently go, you hear the sounds of conversation and commerce in passing. Sometimes, you amble through famous markets . Other times, you might be taken to explore London's legendary  Selfridge's department store for half an hour (see below).

A year ago, we might have shrugged at the concept. This year, we're fighting the urge to leave these videos running all day, like a radio.

And we could: Watched Walker has well over a hundred choices, most of them between 20 minutes and an hour long. There's no goofy host, usually no narration—just the sweet zen of you-are-there exploration.

Watched Walker posts new videos on Monday and Thursday. Right now, the host is marooned in his home city (like most of us), so there's a lot of London being shown. Fortunately, that's a destination rich with video opportunities. (Get ready for coverage of holiday decoration season—last year's  Oxford Street at Christmas walk has racked up nearly 1.5 million views so far.)

Spend an hour and change lazily strolling around London's West End and Covent Garden on a rainy Saturday night:

Lots of other European destinations have been captured by the account's cameras, too, including Paris , Barcelona , Madrid , the beaches in the South of France , and even the  trams of Lisbon .

Virtual walking videos evoke the sights and sounds of travel, so they can scratch the travel itch for some of us. Fortunately, these videos now make up a bit of a subgenre on YouTube.

Similar long-form wandering videos are posted by the channels Rambalac (lots of Japan),  Wind Walk (which leans toward the western U.S. and east Asia),  ActionKid  (who posts a lot of Taiwan and New York City , but with narration), and  Wanna Walk (strong on Latin America and South America), among others.

"Walking around" videos are almost like being there—and they're whetting our excitement for the trips we're going to take in the future. They remind us of the way we explore on a real vacation, but without the blisters.

Get inspired banner image

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  • Australia & South Pacific
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  • -Arthur Frommer Online
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  • Alaska Made Easy
  • Great Vacation Ideas in the U.S.A.
  • Best of the Caribbean
  • Best of Mexico
  • Cruise Inspiration
  • Best Places to Go 2024

walking tour youtube

Best YouTube Virtual Walking Tours in 2021

Visiting and walking through the most interesting, exciting cities in the world has been difficult for us all lately. But, some helpful YouTube channels have been offering stunning walking tours that allow viewers to walk vicariously through the cameras of locals. If you’d like to experience some virtual travel, for whatever reason, finding the best YouTube virtual walking tours might be your best bet. We’ve done some research for you and have some great suggestions.

Traveling can expand your sense of the world and your place in it. If you’re a traveler, or even if you like to pretend that you’re a traveler, these YouTube channels can be an amazing way to get at least a taste of what it’s like to be in another country, city, or small town. But, all virtual walking tour channels are not created alike.

So, until all of us cable cutters can get out there around the world, maybe even with our favorite streaming services for traveling , let’s take a look at some great travel content that you can stream with your favorite streaming device .

Our top three virtual walking tour channels for amazing cities and climates:

  • Sanpo Stroll
  • Watched Walker
  • Urban Walking Experience

Each channel is different, so read more about each one to see why we love them so much, and why you should check them out. There’s a virtual walking tour for almost everyone.

Click here to jump straight to the list. Or, keep reading to find out what we think goes into the best content for creating a virtual walking tour.

What makes a good YouTube virtual walking tour?

As I mentioned, not all virtual walking tours are created equal. Some content creators really know how to do it well, some don’t really understand the concept very well it seems.

A really great virtual tour is something a bit personal to each virtual traveler. Some people will want small bits of information throughout the tour, and others will want the walking tour to be as transparent as possible so they feel like they are the ones walking. There are lots of factors like this that you’ll start looking for once you find out what you love in a virtual tour.

However, there are several things that every virtual walking tour should have and should do well.

High-quality, smooth camera action

It probably goes without saying that a high-quality picture is essential for a good virtual tour. With the availability of excellent cameras today, this is an absolute must. You can easily find 4K virtual walking tours all over the world on YouTube.

Also, if the person holding the camera, or most likely the phone, doesn’t move and pan very slowly and smoothly the experience won’t be all that great. You may even end up feeling a little queasy.

A smooth camera is critical to a good virtual experience when it comes to walking through a city, on a beach, or anywhere else. This is possibly the most important aspect of a good virtual tour.

Walking speed

You may be a speedy walker, but when it comes to a virtual walking tour, you really don’t want to end up on a virtual jog. 

The walking speed is important because you want to be able to see things that you’re not familiar with. The walker may have been through that area time and time again, but you haven’t. Keep in mind that the speed of the walk also relates directly to the smoothness of the camera as I mentioned above.

Talking throughout the virtual walking tour

This one will be a bit more personal to each viewer, but it’s something to think about as you search and make some decisions.

We like zero talking in the walking tours we choose . We like this because it’s one of the most important parts of creating that transparent feeling that allows us to pretend we’re actually there on the walk ourselves.

If you like narrated tours, however, there are plenty for you to choose from. Narrated tours can offer some great information about the location you’re walking through without the need for reading comments. Just realize that it can be hard to find someone with the right personality to allow you to enjoy the walk the way you want to.

Virtual walking tours to set a mood

We often will use a virtual tour as background to whatever we’re doing, whether that’s writing, weaving, or just chatting. There are many different types of virtual tours that can set almost any type of mood.

Walking in the rain

We live in the tropics, so we actually miss the cold and the rain at times. Rainy London walks are some of our favorites, and they work as background for us almost always.

If you’re looking for a rainy city walk, make sure that the lighting is good and the walker doesn’t move too fast. You should still be able to enjoy a stroll in wet weather .

Rainy city walks are highly recommended for a chill evening, or even a nice romantic date night indoors.

Walking in the winter snow

Just a quick note about winter virtual walking tours as well.

They can set a mood similar to a rainy city walk, but even more so. With a good virtual winter walk in the snow, you should be able to feel the cold on your fingers and your nose. The noise should be muted and subtle.

Nighttime winter walks are also very highly recommended as the lights in the streets make the snow come alive and create a very special environment.

Beach walks

There are some amazing beach walks as well. These work particularly well for people who are stuck in a long winter and need something warm to watch.

We’ve actually seen some great virtual walking tours through some of the beaches of Hawaii near us. Find a 4K Hawaiian beach walk that moves nice and slowly and gives you a good panoramic view of the people, the ocean, and the sky.

Location of virtual walking tours

Some travelers won’t care at all where they go. They’ll just be happy to load up a virtual walk and go. This can be a lot of fun, and you can see things that you might not expect. But, some explorers want something a bit more specific.

Many of the virtual walking tour channels feature specific cities and locations that they regularly walk through. A quick search on YouTube with a specific city or location will turn up results for almost anywhere you can think of.

For instance, if you’re really looking for a chilly European walk, those are pretty easy to find. You can also find the complete opposite by searching a specific beach or summer walk.

Over time, you’ll find the channels that fit your style and offer the locations that you really gravitate towards.

Our list of favorite virtual walking tours on YouTube

These are the channels we go back to time and time again. Understand that we, at least right now, are very consumed with European walks, especially London.

I’ll give some more details about our top three, and then an overview of the others. 

Take a look at these channels, and then do some searching on your own to find the ones that you love the most.

#1 – Sanpo Stroll

This is probably the most watched virtual walking tour channel in our house. This one ticks pretty much every box we have for content like this. Here’s why we love it…

London area – We’re all about virtual walks through London right now. We’re pretending to plan our next trip there, so it fits in well with our preferences.

No talking – We like the transparency of the quiet walker. It helps us pretend we’re the ones doing the tour.

Date, time, temp – It’s nice knowing the date, the time of day, and even the temperature of the walk we’re going on. Those bits of information do really help put you in the place.

Great camera work – This channel features slow, smooth walking, including turns and panning. This is absolutely essential to a good virtual tour.

A map of the walking path – Each tour starts by showing a map of where you’ll be walking. It provides a good grounding and let’s you know what to expect. Not completely essential, but nice nonetheless.

Info in the comments / closed captions – Extra info about the walk is available in the comments and closed captioning. Some channels will provide more details like this, which allows you to decide how much you want that info to affect the walking experience.

Most of the walking tours on Sanpo Stroll are during the daytime. So, if you’re looking for evening walks, other channels might be better. They give a nice little friendly greeting at the beginning of the walk, and there’s a bit of window shopping as well.

Another nice little note is that they show highlights of buildings in the area and markers for prominent things during the tour. Definitely check out this channel.

#2 – Watched Walker

This is another channel that features lots of walks around the London area and surrounding UK spots . You’ll also find the random walk through Barcelona, Nice, and other cities.

No talking – You just get the sounds of the city as you walk. You’ll hear people talking, cars driving by, and other ambient city noises. It’s an excellent background for working, studying, or just relaxing.

Slow pace – No jerky movements to make you queasy, and no fast panning so you get a good look at buildings and other monuments.

Both day and night walks – Watched Walker provides virtual tours during both day and night, and through pretty much every season that we can tell. Lots of options for moods here.

Features popular spots – You’ll be able to see the most popular spots in the cities and towns that they walk through. The focus isn’t really on quiet side streets, but you’ll see the sights that tourists travel for.

Another note is that Watched Walker does a good job of avoiding awkward situations with other people as they walk. Some walkers will awkwardly “stalk” people, unintentionally we assume, but it makes my wife extremely uncomfortable. (Which I find a bit funny.)

#3 – Urban Walking Experience

Smooth camera experience – This is another channel with great camera work. Essential for a good virtual experience.

Focuses on important info – The walks on this channel do a really good job of highlighting labels and plaques on buildings and along paths. It’s nice to see this info without the interference of talking.

Walking speed is good – While they focus on that important info, they also do a great job of slowing down to see it better. Rather than rushing through to see more or finish quicker, you’ll have a much more relaxing experience.

Views of the whole street – The walkers try hard to get entire views of the street rather than just one side as they walk. It really does feel like you’re walking down the street yourself.

Also, multiple walkers provide different virtual tour experiences across this channel. Some feature no talking or music at all, while others do feature talking, narration, or music. It feels like several unique channels in one. And, as the name suggests, this channel has a distinctly urban feel.

#4 – Prowalk Tours

Fourth on our list is a channel that features tours from all over the world, but heavily features cities throughout Italy. Here’s what we like…

Offers a map of the walking path before starting off on the tour.

Displays the date, time, and temperature to help put you in the place.

Features more historical facts and descriptions in the closed captions.

Some scenes are also shot using drones, so you’ll get a bird’s eye view.

One nice, sort of unique thing about this channel is that they tend to go into stalls and shops during the window shopping parts of the tour more often than some others. It’s nice to see things up close.

#5 – Mostly Walking

Mostly Walking is a smaller, newer channel that features walks around London. They feature intros with highlights of the upcoming walk along with the date as well.

The virtual walks here also feature slow, smooth movements for a good walking experience. It’s also another good one for window shopping.

#6 – The Sounds of Life

For some really nice walks through Berlin, give The Sounds of Life a try.

They provide a map to show where you are going, and they give the date, time, and temperature before heading off.

The virtual walks in this channel, as usual, feature slow moving and panning with the camera, and no talking.

Best Virtual Walking Tours in 2021 – Wrap-up

We will definitely be updating this list, especially as we branch out into other parts of the world. It’s just been hard to move away from London for some reason.

These virtual tours offer a great way to see the world, even while we’re still cooped up inside. I can see these working really well for those with limited mobility for whatever reason.

Virtual walking tours of popular cities can also be a great way to plan your next trip, I know we are!

Leave us a comment if you have any questions or suggestions on other channels to include here.

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Headphones on a couch

4 thoughts on “Best YouTube Virtual Walking Tours in 2021”

You guys forgot probably imho one of the best yt walking channels Wannawalk

Thanks for the suggestion! We are actually in the process of updating this list, so check back in a bit!

And how about my “Japan Potato” walking channel? Featuring many nice places in Europe, sometimes filmed with probably one of the best cameras available in world (Sony FX3). Greetings!

Thanks for this article. Pretty interesting. I recommend you to include rambalac, wanna walk and nomadic ambience too….

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12 Virtual Walking Trails Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now (Video)

Be whisked away to the mountains of Switzerland or the rugged Oregon coastline.

Evie Carrick is a writer and editor who’s lived in five countries and visited well over 50. She now splits her time between Colorado and Paris, ensuring she doesn't have to live without skiing or L'As du Fallafel.

walking tour youtube

In a matter of weeks, the terms shelter in place, self-isolation, and quarantine have become buzzwords, giving definition to many people’s new reality: staying home. Zoom happy hours have replaced post-work drinks and once-neglected home projects are finally getting finished.

But there are only so many Zoom calls to arrange and tasks around the house to complete. When your home begins to feel more like a cell and less like a refuge , it might be time to make an escape. And while you may not be able to hop in your car and head to the nearest state park, virtual walking routes can provide a mental escape from the norm. Plus, according to Psychology Today , “Studies suggest that viewing even an image of a tree or a forest canopy bolsters the parasympathetic division of the central nervous system that naturally induces calm.”

And in today’s world, an added sense of calm is essential.

These virtual walking routes and trails deliver new landscapes, fresh perspectives, and plenty of calm-inducing flora while transporting you all over the world. You can enjoy the view from your exercise bike or at-home treadmill, or cozy up on your couch and allow yourself to be whisked away to the mountains of Switzerland or the rugged Oregon coastline .

1. Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

If a visit to Banff National Park isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. But why wait for quarantine to lift before witnessing the bright blue waters of Moraine Lake? This glacially fed lake is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. It’s the sort of place you’ll never forget, and you can experience it virtually right now.

2. Indian Beach Trail, Oregon

This virtual hike takes you along the rugged Oregon coast on a perfectly sunny day, showing off stunning ocean views, rocky beaches, and plenty of lush, green forest. The popular trail travels through Ecola State Park, delivering jaw-dropping vistas every step of the way.

3. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

This walking route takes you to another world — one of sandy terrain dotted with looming pyramids. This well-shot walking tour starts at the Mortuary Temple of Khafre, passing by the pyramids of Khafre, Khufu, and Menkaure, before ending at the iconic sphinx.

4. Havasu Falls, Arizona

You must have a reservation to enter the Havasupai tribal lands, where the stunning turquoise-green Havasu Falls can be found. Located in the Grand Canyon, this virtual tour winds between mesas, taking you through stunning red-rock desert as you near the powerful falls.

5. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

If you’re looking for a hearty dose of green, head to Klevan, Ukraine, home of the lush Tunnel of Love. After spending three hours virtually walking on this abandoned train track that’s surrounded on all sides by bright green foliage and chirping birds, it’s near-impossible to feel anything but relaxed.

6. James Irvine Trail in Redwood National Park, California

It doesn’t get more relaxing than walking amongst the giant redwoods on a calm summer day. Paired with soothing music, this virtual walking route instills an immediate sense of peace the moment the camera starts rolling.

7. Village of Positano, Italy

If you’re up for experiencing a new culture — in addition to enjoying a virtual hike — this tour of Positano, a cliffside village on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, is hard to beat. You’ll pass through steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes as you head down toward the beaches and waters below.

8. Wailea Beach Path, Hawaii

With its year-round tropical climate and never-ending ribbon of beaches, Hawaii is a top destination for many Americans. But thanks to this virtual experience , you don’t have to fly across the ocean to get a feel for the islands. The tour takes you from the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort to the Fairmont Kea Lani and along the Wailea Beach Path.

9. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

For a complete change of scenery, head to the red rocks of Utah, where you can virtually slink through narrow canyons and wind along high-desert paths. The view only gets more stunning when you enter into the trail’s wooded areas. Here, the red rock and dirt pop against the greens and browns.

10. Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park, Washington

The moss-covered trees and neon green foliage seen along this trail are so vibrant that it feels like you’re walking on another planet. This special bit of nature is arguably just as stunning in this 4K-resolution virtual hiking experience as it is in real life.

11. Panorama Trail, Switzerland

This virtual walking trail starts at Männlichen, then takes you on a beautiful and easy downhill walk to Kleine Scheidegg, a mountain pass between the Eiger and Lauberhorn mountain peaks. Along the way, enjoy meeting (albeit virtually) some Swiss cows before descending amidst stunning mountain views.

12. Juan de Fuca Trail in British Columbia, Canada

Up north in British Columbia, you can virtually experience the beautiful Juan de Fuca Trail on Vancouver Island. Located within Juan de Fuca Provincial Park , this virtual walking route takes you deep into the forest and along the coastline, with occasional views of the Olympic Mountains.

Prowalk Tours

About Prowalk Tours

Ciao, I’m Isaac, aka Ike. My family and I moved to Italy in 2014 after I got with DoDEA as a high school math teacher. Prowalk Tours began with a request from my uncle Knut. He asked me to film a walk of Naples, Italy that he could watch while he walked on his treadmill. I filmed the first walking tour of Naples on February 11th, 2017 and posted it to YouTube just 3 days later. Prowalk Tours was born and became the first walking tour channel on YouTube! After one year, the channel had gained 1,300 subscribers with a total of 83,000 views. Now, almost 6 years later, the channel has over half a million subscribers and over 90 Million views! Each day, the channel gets between 3 and 5 YEARS of watch time!

I appreciate the time that you take to watch the videos, comment and reach out to me. The support is truly mind-blowing.

If you find value in our work and would like to support us you can do so monthly through our Patreon or by becoming a YouTube Member where you will get special deals with our sponsors and other ProWalk insider benefits. You can always go to our store and buy prints from the many locations we have been to.

Thanks again and happy walking!

Advertiser Disclosure

Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). However, the credit card information that we publish has been written and evaluated by experts who know these products inside out. We only recommend products we either use ourselves or endorse. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that are on the market. See our advertising policy here where we list advertisers that we work with, and how we make money. You can also review our credit card rating methodology .

The 50+ Best Virtual Walking Tours Around the World [City & Scenic Tours]

Christy Rodriguez's image

Christy Rodriguez

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The 50+ Best Virtual Walking Tours Around the World [City & Scenic Tours]

50+ Best Virtual Walking Tours Around the World

1. bryce canyon national park (utah), 2. giant’s causeway (u.k.), 3. godrevy lighthouse (cornwall, u.k.), 4. great wall of china (china), 5. havasu falls (arizona), 6. hoh rain forest in olympic national park (washington), 7. indian beach trail (oregon), 8. james irvine trail in redwood national park (california), 9. juan de fuca trail (vancouver island, canada), 10. kuliouou ridge trail (hawaii), 11. macchu picchu (cusco, peru), 12. moraine lake in banff national park (canada), 13. mt. everest (nepal), 14. nambung national park (australia), 15. the narrows in zion national park (utah), 16. panorama trail (grindelwald, switzerland), 17. positano (italy), 18. pyramids of giza (egypt), 19. son doong cave (vietnam), 20. sossusvlei dunes (namibia), 21. south kaibab trail (grand canyon, arizona), 22. tulip fields (the netherlands), 23. tunnel of love (ukraine), 24. virtual gorilla trek (uganda), 25. wailea beach path (maui, hawaii), 26. acropolis tour (athens, greece), 27. barcelona (spain), 28. berlin (germany), 29. bologna (italy), 30. buenos aires street art walk (argentina), 31. cappadocia (turkey), 32. forbidden city (beijing, china), 33. golden gate bridge (san francisco, ca), 34. helsinki (finland), 35. hong kong, 36. ibiza (spain), 37. krakow (poland), 38. manhattan (new york), 39. moscow (russia), 40. naples (italy), 41. old town taormina (sicily), 42. paris (france), 43. pompeii (italy), 44. quito  (ecuador), 45. singapore, 46. tokyo (japan), 47. tremé neighborhood (new orleans, la), 48. tuscany (italy), 49. ubud (bali), 50. vancouver (canada), 51. venice (italy), final thoughts.

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While COVID-19 meant travel came to a standstill, it also ushered in the golden age of virtual travel! Searches for virtual tours became increasingly popular, which lead to a rise in the quality and availability of some pretty incredible videos. Many of these virtual walking tours are even offered in 4K! Even now that travel is returning, we’re still able to count on technology to visit almost any place on the planet with the click of a button.

We’ve compiled a list of 50+ virtual walking tours that you can experience all around the globe. The great thing about these walking tours is that you can use them while you’re on your treadmill, to relax, as travel inspiration, or as simply an inexpensive way to experience another culture.

We’ve separated this list of virtual walking tours into nature and city sections, but we’ve also taken the time to put together a ton of other comprehensive lists. Whether you’re interested in national parks , museums , or  educational tours for the whole family , we’ve got you covered!

Nature and Hiking Walking Tours

Walking in nature is incredibly restorative. The good news is that you can get to experience this — even from the comfort of your own home! Check out these nature-centric virtual walking tours.

Bryce Canyon National Park Hike Utah

National parks certainly saw an increase in tourism due to COVID-19. But even if you don’t want to deal with the increased crowds at Bryce Canyon , you can still explore the unique red rocks. This virtual 1.5-hour hike takes you through narrow canyons and desert paths and the views only get more stunning.

As the video recommends, this would be the perfect walk to put in front of a treadmill or exercise bike as well!

To start your virtual walking tour,  click here .

Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

This short virtual tour of Giant’s Causeway allows a great way to take in the beautiful views of this unique landscape. Step around the basalt rock columns at sunset as you listen to the waves crashing below. This is a great way to experience a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Godrevy Lighthouse Cornwall

Take in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall for a little over an hour as you walk to the Godrevy Lighthouse. Along the way, you’ll stop in at Mutton Cove to catch a glimpse of a seal colony. Bonus: You’re accompanied by an adorable cocker spaniel on your walk!

Great Wall of China

Walk along the Great Wall of China and learn insider facts about this amazing feat of architecture. While the whole wall stretches more than 3,000 miles across several provinces of northern China, you can explore a few different sections with this 30-minute virtual walking tour.

Havasu Falls Grand Canyon

Being able to hike on the Havasupai tribal lands requires scoring a reservation and sleeping under the stars for a few nights, but now you can experience it virtually instead.  Located in the Grand Canyon, this 40-minute virtual tour leads you between mesas and the red desert — all leading up to the stunning turquoise-green Havasu Falls.

Hoh Rainforest Olympic National Park

This 40-minute video walks you along 2 short nature trails — the Hall of Mosses Trail (0.8 miles) and the Spruce Nature Trail (1.2 miles). The vibrant moss-covered trees really make you feel like you’re walking on another planet. The soothing nature sounds only add to the ambiance.

Oregon Coast Ecola State Park

Escape to the Oregon Coast and hike the popular Indian Beach Trail in Ecola State Park. This 1-hour virtual hike lets you walk along the rugged Oregon Coast on a sunny day. You’ll be able to experience the rocky beaches, mossy forests, and some stunning ocean views.

Redwood National Park Hiking

It doesn’t get more other-worldly than walking amongst some towering redwood trees. This trail takes you from Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to the beach at Fern Canyon. Take a nearly hourly-long hike paired with soothing music and explore these majestic trees.

Vancouver Island British Columbia

This 40-minute virtual hike takes you along for the first part of the beautiful Coast Trail on Vancouver Island. You will witness endless water views, abundant wildlife, pounding waves, and the occasional views of the Olympic Mountains along this coastal path. The sounds of nature will accompany you and contribute to the sense of relaxation.

Oahu Forest Hawaii

Take a nearly 2-hour stroll through the Kuliouou Ridge Trail on Oahu, Hawaii. This trail is perfect for people who love walking in a beautiful green rainforest. You’ll get to experience a unique Hawaiian landscape while walking past lush vegetation and rocks covered with moss — all while listening to the leaves rustling and birds chirping.

To start your virtual walking tour, click here .

Machu Picchu Peru

Walk one of the world’s most famous hiking trails — the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! This 1.5-hour hike features the highlights of the shorter 2-day trek, including arrival by train, walking along the “Royal Road,” and ending at Machu Picchu via the Gate of the Sun.

Lake Moraine Turquoise Waters

Enjoy a short 25-minute virtual hike alongside beautiful Moraine Lake in Banff National Park . This glacially fed lake is world-famous for its bright blue waters. Whether you want to use your treadmill or simply watch this hike, it’s a great way to feel like you are outdoors experiencing some fresh air.

Mt. Everest Nepal

This tour of Mt Everest is pretty unreal, especially since most of us will never be able to experience this climb for ourselves. Over 4 “chapters” you’ll follow 3 climbers as they attempt to reach the peak of the tallest mountain in the world. You’ll have an interactive, 360-degree view of this adventure, making you feel like you’re right there in the thick of the trek.

Note: If you have a virtual reality headset, your experience will be even better!

Nambung National Park

You’ll think you’re on Mars as you walk through Nambung National Park near Perth, Australia. This unique locale, called the Pinnacles Desert, is full of red sand and otherworldly limestone formations everywhere you look. This short 20-minute virtual flyover at golden hour is a great way to experience this unique and remote place.

Narrows Zion National Park

Experience the most popular hike at Zion National Park — no wetsuit required! This 35-minute virtual hike will take you through the Narrows at the river bed of the Virgin River. You’ll see the sandstone canyon walls tower thousands of feet above and enjoy the views of the canyons with the sounds of the river to accompany you on the way.

Grindelwald Switzerland

Walk around some of the most beautiful peaks of Switzerland, including Jungfrau. This virtual hike will travel along the popular mountain path above Grindelwald and down through the valley. You will pass Aplen cows, stunning vistas, and many charming restaurants along the way.

Positano Italy Beach

Grab a glass of limoncello and settle in for a virtual walk around Positano, a cliffside village along the Amalfi Coast. This walk begins high up on the hill and you’ll walk down through steep, narrow streets lined with shops and cafes. The walk finishes as you head down towards the beach at the base of the town.

Pyramids of Giza Camel Ride

Experience the last wonder of the ancient world thanks to ProWalk Tours. This 2-hour walking route starts at the Mortuary Temple of Khafre, passing by the pyramids of Khafre, Khufu, and Menkaure before ending at the iconic Sphinx. You’ll also be able to experience a virtual horse ride around the plateau.

Son Doong Cave Vietnam

Explore the world’s largest cave and learn interesting facts along the way, thanks to this incredible tour from National Geographic. You’ll start by navigating through the Vietnamese jungle before descending into this massive cave system. The tour shows you the 360-degree sights and sounds of this cave.

Namibia Sousselevi

Walk up the beautiful sand dunes and deserts in Namibia, with bonus footage of Botswana. See the bird’s eye views atop the 650-foot-high “Big Mamma” Sand Dune at Sossusvlei, explore the salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes, and see miles of canyons and coastline. View the starry night sky over the beautiful desert, see the famous trees at Deadvlei, and more.

South Kaibab Trail Grand Canyon

The South Kaibab Trail is 1 of the signature hikes of the South portion of the Grand Canyon. Join along with the 1-hour hike and witness some truly awe-inspiring views. The virtual walk offers sweeping vistas of red rock and the canyon at every twist and turn.

Tulip Fields Netherlands

A trip to see the neat rows of brightly colored tulips in Keukenhof might be a good addition to your next gloomy day at home. This virtual walking tour through the garden lets you see the flowers from every angle, so you can truly appreciate the size, beauty, and variation of color among the tulip fields. You’ll definitely understand why the tulip fields are a constant draw for travelers from all over the globe.

Tunnel of Love Ukraine

The Tunnel of Love looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. If you’re in need of a dose of relaxation, spend 3 hours virtually walking on this abandoned train track that’s surrounded on all sides by bright green foliage and chirping birds.

Gorilla Trek Uganda

Tag along on a gorilla trek Uganda with East African Jungle Safaris and search for endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This 360-degree video gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the trek — and see gorillas of course!

Wailea Makena Beach Maui

Hawaii is a top destination for many Americans with its year-round tropical climate and seemingly endless stretches of beautiful beaches. But if you don’t want to wade through all of the quarantine and vaccination requirements, you can still experience the islands! The tour takes you from the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort to the Fairmont Kea Lani and along the Wailea Beach Path.

City Walking Tours

If you’re wanting to experience city life instead, you’ll want to click on these next virtual walking tours!

Acropolis Athens Greence

The Acropolis is a must-see when you visit Athens. Start at the Entrance Gate and see other famous sites including the Athena Nike Temple, the Monument to Agrippa, and the famous Parthenon. These beautiful sites are made even better since they are set high above with a fabulous view of Athens.

Aerial View of Barcelona Spain

If you’re dreaming of visiting Barcelona, this virtual walking tour will only make that desire stronger! Over 2+ hours, stroll over 9 miles while you walk through Barcelona’s gorgeous squares, the beach, and parks. This walking tour is super comprehensive, so you’ll see most of the main sites!

Berlin Brandenburg Gates

Settle in for this in-depth 3-hour virtual walking tour through Berlin, Germany. Walk the streets and see the Parliament Building, Brandenburg Gate Arch, and the famous Linden Alley. Listen to the city noise, enjoy the picturesque views, and soak up the outstanding architecture of Berlin.

Aerial View of Bologna Italy

In this 1-hour virtual walking video, you will enjoy exploring the streets of Bologna in Northern Italy. This foodie city has so many fascinating medieval historic buildings, narrow streets, lovely arches, majestic towers. Enjoy a leisurely virtual city walk through this charming city.

Street Art La Boca Buenos Aires

Google Art Project presents this Street Art walk through the La Boca and Barracas neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A foundation was created to promote urban artists, and there is even an audio guide that explains the context for all of the art you see and tell you how it was created. Take this virtual tour at your own pace!

Balloon Ride Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey is a popular tourist destination known for unique volcanic landscapes with mountain ranges, cave dwellings, and balloon rides. This virtual tour walks you around various cities in the region, including Goreme and Uchisar, exploring cave dwellings and city streets along the way. At the end of the tour, you’re treated to an aerial view from a balloon.

Forbidden City Entrance

If you’ve ever wanted to tour China’s Forbidden City, you’ll love this virtual tour. You’ll pass through all of the top attractions, like the Halls of Harmony, the stunning Gate of Supreme Harmony, and the Imperial Garden during this 1.5-hour virtual walking tour.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Spend a clear afternoon running across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, and back. When this famous bridge was built in 1937, it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world! This is the perfect video to put in front of your treadmill to jazz up your at-home exercise routine.

Helsinki Finland Building

Spend an hour taking a morning walk around Helsinki. This virtual walk begins at the train station, heads to the Helsinki Music Centre, and then back over towards the Hietalahti area towards downtown. Enjoy the city sounds, clean streets, and Scandinavian architecture on this peaceful walk.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its neon-lit skyline, silhouetted against towering mountain peaks. See unique parts of this beautiful and exciting city by exploring the walking and biking paths of Kowloon and Central Hong Kong. Bike through city parks, along the waterfront, and even experience a beautiful sunset.

Cala San Vincente Ibiza Spain

Take a virtual walking tour around Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views of the sea, picturesque marinas, walled fortress, and charming cobblestone narrow streets. After watching this 1.5-hour tour, you’ll feel like you just went on holiday!

Krakow Poland Main Square

To start, use the legend at the top to select from your desired language. Then, click through the countless options! There are incredible aerial views of the city and walking tours,  as well as views of iconic buildings and museums. Most options include video or audio commentary, but not all are in English. Still, a fantastic way to experience Krakow!

New York Times Square

If you’ve never been to the Big Apple, this is a great introduction to the borough of Manhattan. It is the city’s historic birthplace, and the most densely populated of the 5 boroughs of New York City. During this 3.5-hour walking and bus tour, you’ll get to take in all the biggest sites at various points throughout the day, including Times Square, Central Park, and more.

Kremlin Moscow Russia

Moscow is among the most enchanting cities in the world and you can really step inside this beautiful city on this virtual walking tour. Enjoy the famous sites of Red Square and the Kremlin at Christmastime over the course of an hour.

Streets of Naples Italy

No, this tour doesn’t include Italian food. But if you’ve ever wanted to visit Naples, this interactive 360-degree video walking tour is still a treat! You start with a map and overview of your route and then walk through Naples’ historic center. Enjoy the street ambiance and wander in and out of famous buildings.

Cefalu Taormina Beach

Take a wonderful virtual walking tour through Old Town Taormina in Messina, Sicily. One of Italy’s most picturesque destinations, Taormina is perched high above the Ionian Sea on Sicily’s eastern coast. This means that the views from every vantage point are outstanding, and this tour makes you feel like you’re almost smelling the sea breeze.

Paris France Eiffel Tower

Walk around the City of Lights with this almost 6-hour (!) virtual walking tour. This walk includes insightful captions about all the sites you’ll see. You will see the most famous streets, monuments, and parks in Paris including the Pantheon, the Latin Quarter, the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Champs-Élysées, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower.

Ruins of Pompeii Italy

Making the short journey from Naples to Pompeii, this virtual tour of the ancient city ruins of Pompeii is worth the trip. This 2-hour virtual walk through the city really makes you feel like you’re walking through one of the ancient cities of the world. Get lost strolling down the many narrow streets of Pompeii.

Hot Tip: We’ve only included a couple, but ProWalk Tours also has some other fabulous virtual walking tours of Italy you should check out!

Quito Ecuador Hills and Roofs

This tour is a bit different from the others on this list. In this Airbnb virtual experience, you’ll book a time slot and let a local guide you through Ecuador’s capital via 360-degree photos, videos, and traditional music that will heighten the virtual experience. Your host will also teach you how to make an Ecuadorian drink or dessert to enhance the experience. The cost for this tour is $10 per person.

Hot Tip: If you’re interested in other tours led by locals, check out our article on the best Airbnb Online Experiences !

Singapore Skyline

This hour-long virtual walk throughout Singapore lets you experience the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city. The walk starts at Suntec City Mall, goes to Marina Bay Sands, and crosses the famous Helix Bridge. From this vantage point, you’ll be able to see a stunning view of the Singapore skyline at sunset.

Tokyo Japan Nighttlife

Take a walk through 1 of the most famous parts of Tokyo under the night sky — Shibuya — known for its various street musicians, microbars, and bustling nightlife. During this 45-minute virtual walk, you’re sure to be mesmerized by the architecture and the vibrant metropolitan area.

This 45-minute tour is a super informative introduction to Tremé — the first African American neighborhood in the U.S. As the birthplace of jazz, there is much to learn and experience in New Orleans beyond the French Quarter and this is a great start!

Hills of Tuscany

From the opulent art galleries of Florence to the postcard-worthy cypress alleys, Tuscany is a traveler’s dream. During this 4-hour virtual walking tour, explore the rolling hills and ancient olive groves as well as the charming towns with narrow alleys and stunning architecture.

Rice Terrances Ubud Bali

This 3-hour virtual walking tour will take you through the city of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Ubud is where traditional Balinese culture is evident in every corner of the city. Enjoy the views at the Campuhan Ridge Walk, discover local markets with colorful handicrafts, local delicacies, street food, and see the famous Ubud Monkey Forest — all while motorcycles zip by you!

Vancouver British Columbia Bridge

Vancouver is a beautiful city surrounded by nature.  Enjoy this hour-long virtual walking tour through Vancouver, Canada. You will see Vancouver Waterfront, walk along the Canadian Trail, and more. Be sure to stick around so you can enjoy the spectacular Vancouver skyline at night at the end of the tour!

Streets of Venice Italy

If you have 1 hour, you can see experience the magic of Venice! From the canals sparkling at sunset to the famous plazas and bustling marketplaces, Venice is the city of romance! This walking tour is a relaxing way to immerse yourself in 1 of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As you can see, there are virtual walking tours of all shapes and sizes to fit your mood, activity, and interests. While we can start to travel again as restrictions lift, there are still many benefits to taking a virtual tour.

Just to name a few, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your bed to experience beautiful national parks or walk along the Oregon Coast, and you can enhance your workouts by walking along the Great Wall of China or to the top of Mt. Everest. We hope you enjoy your explorations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a virtual walk.

It’s simple to do a virtual walk. Simply click on any of the links above and watch along! You can also choose to place the video in a place that will help enhance your workouts — like a treadmill, VR device, or exercise bike. Just make sure to watch your surroundings if you’re actually walking along in person!

How do you plan a virtual walk?

If you’d like to plan a virtual walk for a group, make sure to send them a link to the walk you’d like to complete together. This way, you can enjoy the same sites and sounds as your group!

Once everyone is ready to go, just set up your video on a treadmill, exercise equipment, VR device, or your smartphone and start walking!

Are virtual tours free?

There are literally hundreds of free virtual tours available for every possible interest — national parks, forest walks, desert walks, city walks — you name it! There are also paid options that might be more interactive, such as conversing with a local guide or paying a small donation as a tip.

Are online walking tours interactive?

There are many options for interactive virtual walking tours. Be sure to check out our list above for some of these options. Typically searching for words like “interactive” or “click” will help you narrow down your search for these interactive walking tours.

What’s the best walking tour?

The best walking tour is whatever matches your interests the best. For example, if you’re in the mood for a relaxing nature walk, a tour that will walk you along the Oregon Coast may be best. But if you’re missing the hustle and bustle of a city, a walking tour around Barcelona may be the best choice for you. The good news is that we have tons of great options for you to choose from in the article above.

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Youtube stars are making bank — just by walking around nyc.

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Ariel Viera, Urbanist on YouTube, walks by Villa Charlotte Bronte, a hidden gem in Riverdale, the Bronx.

Lots of New Yorkers fell in love with taking long walks during the pandemic. Now, some of them have made it their jobs.

Kenneth Chin quit his career as an accountant in January to focus on walking around neighborhoods — Times Square one night, Jackson Heights the next day, then Williamsburg — and livestreaming what he sees on YouTube.

“New York City really is a city that’s full of life and endless things to do; there’s always new opportunities, new things opening up,” said Chin, 33, whose ActionKid channel has 266,000 subscribers and more than 84.8 million views.

“People are realizing that, ‘Wow, I can actually really showcase my city in a way that I enjoy it and show it to my audience,’ ” he added.

Kenneth Chin's YouTube channel ActionKid has over 265,000 subscribers, and his videos regularly get over 10,000 views.

Livestream walking tours of New York City have become incredibly popular since the start of the pandemic, as people around the world have been eager to see something beyond their own backyards. Viewers tuned in for the curiosity factor of an empty city, then kept coming back as the hustle and bustle returned.

Chin, who started livestreaming his walks in 2019, has gained 149,000 subscribers and averaged around 4 million views per month since March 2020. He’s made almost 3,000 videos and some — walks around Fifth Avenue, Times Square and Downtown Brooklyn — have notched up a million or more views.

He said a single livestream can pull in a hundred dollars or more just from viewer donations. Filming around a mostly empty Times Square this past New Year’s Eve, Chin earned $2,000 after taxes from donations and advertisements.

Sifat Razwan, 23, a student at Queens College who runs the NYC Walking Show , can make between $400 and $1,000 or more for videos that rack up 100,000 views. Although Razwan, who has more than 43,000 subscribers, does not pursue livestreaming full time, he acknowledges that “whatever I’m making is quite enough for me.”

He typically sticks to tourist spots like Central Park, Roosevelt Island and Coney Island.

“I think people really like my enthusiasm, how I talk, how I share my experiences,” Razwan told The Post.

Kenneth Chin, who goes by ActionKid on YouTube, is joined by Sifat Razwan, The NYC Walking Show on YouTube, on a live-stream in Jamaica, Queens.

In addition to hitting the expected spots of Little Italy and Brooklyn Bridge, Chin often takes viewers to less touristy neighborhoods, like East New York and the Hole, a Queens neighborhood that is some 30 feet below sea level and suffers from dire flooding.

Commenters sometimes call him out for describing an area as “sketchy.” One posted about Chin’s “NYC Most Dangerous Neighborhoods?: Walking Brownsville & East New York, Brooklyn via Sutter Avenue” video: “ppl from the hood are just ordinary ppl trying to make it day by day with the little they have.”

Kenneth Chin, ActionKid on YouTube, published a viral video on The Hole, a run-down area in Queens.

Dramatic weather conditions bring in lots of viewers for Chin and Ariel Viera, whose Urbanist channel has more than 43,000 subscribers.

“I think people just want to feel close to the city, despite them being thousands of miles away, [so] when a large snowstorm happens it’s like a major event to them,” said Viera, who appears on camera as he samples food in Astoria’s Little Brazil or rides an East River ferry. He also interacts with commenters while he’s walking around and streaming.

Kenneth Chin, ActionKid on YouTube, live-streams during a blizzard earlier this year.

“I tell people stories about the history, we chat about the architecture, we speculate about what this building used to be,” said Viera, who is in his 30s and does this full time. “On a tour, I’m researching anywhere from three to 10 hours or more if I’m deeply interested in the subject.”

Ariel Viera, or Urbanist on YouTube, walks through Washington Heights on a recent live-stream.

Karla Murray, 52, a photographer who runs the James and Karla channel with her husband, said they also draw viewers from as far as Australia and Germany.

“Some say that they don’t think they’ll ever be able to come to New York,” Murray said. “A woman who’s on dialysis everyday, she can’t possibly travel, but she watches it because she just loves New York and she loves these small little independent stores in the places where she’s from, and she sees it as an extension of what’s happening in her own country or town.”

The streamers are hopeful the trend will outlive pandemic boredom.

“When [viewers] say to us, ‘Oh, this is so nice, I feel like I’m eating the meal with you, or walking in Central Park with you’ … we love that, because that’s what we’re trying to achieve through these walks,” Murray said. “We’re trying to bring a little piece of New York to them, wherever they are.”

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Paris is the most populated city in France, and is famed for its Seinne River, coffeeshops, and architecture.

The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco County and Marin County. It was completed on April 19th, 1937.

Venice is famed for it's canals and powerful Italian Culture & Cuisine. Is Rome or Venice better?

Tokyo Japan is famous for it's neon advertisements, capsul hotels, and fast bullet trains. (300MPH+)

Tehran is the capital of Iran. Previously, it was the center of power for the famed Qajar Dynasty.

Right over Tokyo, Osaka is the second most known city. It is also known for it's bright billboards!

Montreal Canada is famed for it's cold weather and green roofs that once previously used to be golden!

Toronto, home of the NBA's Toronto Raptors is one of the largest cities within the nation of Canada!

Reykjavik is famous for it's hard to spell name and cold weather. Did we mention it's Icelands's Capital?

Some say that Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy? Start walking and see if you agree with them!

The Louvre in Paris is basically a glass pyramid. Also, a famous painting is stored within it! Come check it out!

New Delhi is the capital of India. It remains as a center for international trade, commerce, and business in India.

Mumbai is one of the coolest cities in India! It's famed for it's street life, motor bikes and fast moving scooters!

The Republic of Singapore is a city-state located just under Malaysia. It boasts a population of nearly 6 millon.

London is the capital of the United Kindgom! If you every stop by, ask a local for some tea. Hopefully no tax!

The city of angels they call it! Take a walk through and you'll know why they call it the "city of angels!"

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. You'll enjoy viewing some Bangkok Streetlife and Night Life!

Click the button below to head to the homepage. After that, you'll be prompted to view more modes of travelling. We currently support, walking, driving, flying and live video. Choose wisely! The choice is yours!

Take a Sunday Drive in the city of your choice! As you take in the scenery, try to think admire the cultures of each location. See how the leadership and culture directly corelate into the prosperity of their people and lands.

Monument Explorer lets you experience the wonders of monuments around the world. For example, take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Or even experience a 1,070 foot skyscraper building!

View the city of your choice from above and enjoy a magnificent sightseeing adventure. As you watch, think of the differences in culture, wealth, and prosperity in each country you view from above. Each skyline tells it's own story.

Click the box to view live footage from around the world. While viewing, you'll be able to see the true face and culture of people around the world. Have fun and admire the scenery!

Step to the Beat With These 9 Walking Workout YouTube Videos

When you're stuck inside or just have a few minutes to get your steps in, these fun walking workout videos can help you get moving in no time.

Getting a certain number of steps in each day is a common goal for plenty of wellness-minded folks. But sometimes the weather, hectic schedules, or travel make it difficult to get a walk in. That’s where walking workouts from YouTube come in handy: you can rack up thousands of steps and stay active in a relatively small space. Here are some of the best walking workouts available now.

1. Walk at Home

Basically the queen of walking workouts, Leslie Sansone creates videos that rack up millions and millions of views. Sansone's upbeat, encouraging tone helps make the workouts enjoyable and fun.

Check out the 1 Mile Walk video to get your heart rate up quickly by walking like a runner. During this 12-minute workout, you'll march to the beat, clap, and generally get pumped up. As Sansone reminds the viewers, even little steps count during this fast-paced workout, so go ahead and hit the play button.

2. Brian Syuki - Focus Fitness

Brian Syuki leads you through a series of step workouts with the 20 Minute Indoor Jogging For Beginners video. It's one way to get in a great workout without a treadmill or other equipment. During the 20-minute routine, you’ll jog in place, get in some arm work, and even do leg balances. It’s a fun way to shake up your regular walking workout with a little variety.

Syuki's channel is packed with standing workouts, making it a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys exercising at home. It includes everything from beginner-friendly routines to intense exercise sessions.

3. Joanna Soh Official

Trying to hit 10,000 steps daily? The 30-minute workout from Joanna Soh, 10,000 Indoor STEP🚶‍♀️Challenge , can help you bump up those numbers. With the addition of side steps, kicks, curls, and more, it’s an excellent way to pack a lot of movement into just a half hour. You'll even get to try out some kickboxing-inspired moves as well.

As Soh explains, you can complete the entire workout in a relatively small space, so it's perfect if you're at home (or even in the office). Workout challenges, strength training videos, and even recipes are also featured on Soh's channel, making it a great stop for anyone interested in fitness and wellness content.

4. Reps to the Rhythm

Walk a mile and get some arm work in, too, with the 1 Mile FAST WALK routine from Keoni Tamayo. You can jam out to the upbeat music and follow along as Tamayo demonstrates the arm moves, side steps, and additional cardio work. A step counter on the screen will help keep your motivation level up. Best of all, you get to watch a pair of kittens play in the left-hand portion of the screen.

If you're a fan of walking workout videos, then the Reps to the Rhythm channel has a huge selection of them. Following along with Tamayo is one of many ways to get a free cardio workout at home .

This NETFLIX Walking Workout Video from Rovena gives you a workout without even requiring your full attention. This workout is designed so that you can complete it while watching a movie or listening to a podcast, making it a simple way to get a 45-minute workout in while enjoying your favorite show.

Just keep your eye on Rovena to follow along with each exercise, then go at your own pace for the allotted time. Exercises like side steps with arm movements, in-place marching, and jogs keep the workout interesting.

Visit Rovena's channel for many more home fitness videos, including lots of walking workouts. And if you need a little extra motivation to get more steps each day, then check out the mobile apps that reward walking habits .

6. Paul Eugene

For some serious variety in your walking workout, join Paul Eugene for the Jog, Run, Power March, Fast Walking and Drills video. A longtime fitness teacher, Eugene presents each move in a positive, encouraging way.

You'll march forward and backward, jog horizontally, and pump your arms while taking about 3,000 steps. Eugene proves it's easy to have an absolute blast while getting those steps in—just do your best to keep up! Visit Eugene's channel for videos featuring cardio, stretching, dance fitness, and much more.

7. growwithjo

Ready for a challenge? The 5 Mile INTENSE Full Body Walking Workout from growwithjo proves home workouts can make you work just as hard as gym workouts. At over an hour long, this video invites you to get a full-body workout while stepping to the beat.

During the 5-mile indoor walk, you'll also work on your arms, back, glutes, abs, and more. You're certain to work up a sweat. Check out the rest of growwithjo's channel for Tabata, HIIT, cardio, and other workouts and fitness content. The cardio dance routines are especially great for anyone who loves a dance workout video .

8. Up to the BEat Fit

Move through varying speeds of walking during this energetic workout, the 20 Minute HIIT Walk with Gina B. Breathe, stretch, and, of course, step during this peppy routine filled with retro pump-up music from Tom Jones, ABBA, and more.

For more music-filled workouts, the Up to the BEat Fit channel has a wealth of videos spanning decades, musical genres, and categories of songs. There's a 1950s Walking Workout , a BTS Dynamite HIIT Workout , and just about everything in between.

9. World Nature Video

Want to feel like you’re going somewhere, even when you're walking in place or stuck in a small space? The Virtual Tour of Zion National Park is a neat video that takes you on a virtual tour while you walk in place. You'll even pass other hikers while you enjoy the scenery in this novel approach to a walking workout video.

Just be aware that it will make you want to visit the beautiful park in real life someday. Check out the World Nature Video channel for more virtual runs, bike rides, and tours of gorgeous places.

Step to It With Indoor Walking Workout Videos

On days when an outdoor stroll or treadmill walk just aren't in the cards, these videos offer an engaging, enjoyable way to rack up your steps. The best walking workout videos on YouTube make at-home exercise fun and entertaining, something you'll look forward to playing time and again.



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  20. YouTube stars are making bank

    Sifat Razwan, 23, a student at Queens College who runs the NYC Walking Show, can make between $400 and $1,000 or more for videos that rack up 100,000 views. Although Razwan, who has more than ...

  21. Virtual Walking Tour

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  22. Step to the Beat With These 9 Walking Workout YouTube Videos

    5. Rovena. This NETFLIX Walking Workout Video from Rovena gives you a workout without even requiring your full attention. This workout is designed so that you can complete it while watching a movie or listening to a podcast, making it a simple way to get a 45-minute workout in while enjoying your favorite show.

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