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10 New Cruising Sailboats Under 35 Feet

  • By Cruising World Staff
  • Updated: November 3, 2020

It wasn’t so long ago that 30- to 35-foot cruising sailboats were likely to be the largest yachts found in many a harbor. And while 40-something and even 50-something footers are all the rage at boat shows today, there’s a lot to be said for setting sail on a boat big enough to carry family and friends, but still small enough to be easily maintained and handled alone from time to time. Small cruising sailboats are simple to dock or tie up to a mooring, and finding long-term marina space is easier as well.

Choosing a cruising sailboat, no matter the size, is a big decision. And it helps to have a trusted list of boats to get started. Here, then, is a look at 10 of the best daysailers , weekenders and coastal cruising sailboats under 35 feet that are all in production and can be purchased new.

Alerion Sport 30

34 ft sailboat

A quarter-century ago, Garry Hoyt launched what would come to be known as the daysailer genre with the introduction of the Alerion Express 28, a boat designed by the late Carl Schumacher that featured a minimal interior and a large cockpit where an owner and guests could enjoy the simple joy of sailing. Traditional and lovely looking—but with a quite modern underbody and a powerful sail plan—Hoyt, ever the marketer, proclaimed the boat to be “the prettiest girl at the dance.”

Since then, a number of siblings ranging from 20 to 41 feet have been added to the Alerion family, including the Alerion Sport 30, which retains the graceful sheer line, oval ports and stylish overhangs of the original Schumacher design. Yet with input from naval architect Langan Design Partners, it also embraces a solid measure of performance-oriented DNA.

Read more about the Alerion Sport 30 »

Bavaria Cruiser 34

34 ft sailboat

In every Boat of the Year contest, it seems, a boat rises up after sea trials to make a lasting impression on the judges. For 2018, that boat was the Bavaria Cruiser 34.

Says Boat of the Year Judge Tim Murphy, “The Bavaria was a lovely boat to sail. It has a single rudder, and she answered her helm just beautifully in the conditions we had today. We started off with around 10 knots of breeze that built to 13 to 15 knots. As a sailboat, it was just a pleasurable sailing experience, among the best we had during our judging. It was among the boats that felt like a really happy sailing experience.

Read more about the Bavaria Cruiser 34 »

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

Sailed as part of the 2020 Boat of the Year sea trials, the 31-foot-3-inch Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 was the compact yacht best-equipped and spec’d out as a dedicated cruising boat, and not coincidentally, it was also awarded the title of Best Performance Cruiser for 2020. But don’t let her cozy interior accommodations fool you; this is also one peppy little vessel.

Read more about the Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 »

Dehler 34

The 2017 Boat of the Year (BOTY) contest featured a stellar crop of crossover cruiser/racers; however, when all the testing was said and done, our independent panel of judges was sold on the Dehler 34, naming it the year’s Best Performance Cruiser. Designed by the highly regarded Judel/Vrolijk naval-architecture consortium, whose reputation was fostered by longtime success in international yacht-racing circles, the 34-footer combined contemporary good looks and a sweet turn of speed with better-than-average comfort and accommodations below. It didn’t hurt that the boat, nicely equipped at $215,000, was the least-expensive entry in the entire 2017 fleet. All in all, it proved to be a winning formula.

Read more about the Dehler 34 »

Dufour Grand Large 360

34 ft sailboat

Dufour Yachts introduced its new 360 Grand Large model to CW’s Boat of the Year team in 2018 as a coastal cruiser intended for a couple or perhaps a small family. With that in mind, judge Alvah Simon found numerous clever elements to praise within the boat’s 35-foot-2-inch hull—a relatively modest LOA compared to the many 40-, 50- and 60-footers on display at the U.S. Sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland.

Read more about the Dufour Grand Large 360 »

34 ft sailboat

After a roughly 10-year hiatus from the U.S. marketplace, the Slovenian builder Elan is back in a big way. For the 2017 Boat of the Year contest, the company launched a pair of new boats in the States, including the Elan E4, a 34-foot-9-inch performance cruiser with an emphasis on performing, designed by renowned British naval architect Rob Humphreys. The brand has been in business for seven decades and lately is perhaps even better known in America for its skis. Not surprisingly, given its complementary product lines—lots of sailors are fine skiers—its boats are as sleek and sporty as its boards.

Read more about the Elan E4 »

Grand Soleil 34

Grand Soleil 34

Way back in the 1970s, when the well-known Italian boatyard Grand Soleil was just getting started, its first model was a Finot-designed 34-footer. With over 300 units sold, it was an instant success, and launched the company on an upward trajectory that spanned the intervening decades, mostly with an ongoing series of much larger, more complex racer/cruisers. For 2020, the builder decided to return to its roots with a completely revamped Grand Soleil 34, and it’s a terrific boat.

Read more about the Grand Soleil 34 »

34 ft sailboat

Value. How does one determine it? Price is most certainly a factor. In the case of new boats, and our Boat of the Year competition, it means something more. As sailors, we wish to recognize good boats that not only are affordable but offer other, tangible rewards. The ability to get couples and families out on the water, to have a weekend escape, to take them on coastal vacations and even maybe a sabbatical to the islands, all without breaking the bank. For 2019, the judging panel determined that one boat had the potential to do these things better than the rest, which is why they awarded the Best Value prize to the Hanse 348.

With a price tag under $200,000, during sea trials the Hanse 348 wowed the judging team from the get-go. “In only about 8 knots of breeze, we were seeing 5.7 knots upwind and pointing very nicely, and even registered 6.5 knots once we cracked off,” said Tim Murphy. “It’s a pretty sweet little boat.”

Read more about the Hanse 348 »

Italia 9.98

Italia 9.98

Of the performance cruisers that made their North American debut in 2020, in terms of sheer appearance, the futuristic 34-foot Italia 9.98 was easily the most distinctive. There are actually two versions of the boat: the 34 Club—which is the cruising alternative, the primary features of which are its twin wheels—and the 34 Fuoriserie—the racing model, and the one we tested, with its tiller steering being the identifying characteristic.

Read more about the Italia 9.98 »


Beginning with the popular little J/24 way back in 1977, J/Boats has become famous for its steady introduction of terrific racing and cruising boats, almost all of which shared one main characteristic: They sailed like a witch. More than four decades later, having built more than 50 separate, mind-boggling models, the Johnstone family that designs, markets and sells the brand shows no signs of slowing down. Their latest offering, for 2020, was another fast and fun racer/cruiser: the 32-foot-7-inch J/99.

Read more about the J/99 »

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Dehler 34   Cruiser racer with winning gene

The era of the performance cruiser began 30 years ago with the Dehler 34. Today, the new Dehler 34 is the direct successor of this cult yacht. Discover the original of this performance cruiser in its modern form!

The Dehler 34 sets standards in its class, with its living space, headroom and tank volumes – and offers outstanding sailing performance.

Dehler yachts stand out with their unique personality, which amazes with clear lines. Simply unmistakeable.

Available as standard, the Dehler Carbon Cage lends the hull 20 per cent more stability. That means you can sail higher into the wind with your Dehler.

  • Length over all 10.70 m
  • Hull Length 10.30 m
  • Beam 3.60 m
  • Draught standard 1.95 m
  • Displacement standard 6.00 t

Presented just for you   your dream Dehler

We cordially invite you to your own custom boat show on the yacht of your dreams. Your Dehler dealer looks forward to meeting you. They will arrange for an exclusive presentation on the Dehler model of your choosing and explain all of the details on and below deck. This personal appointment means no time constraints, no crowds, and it complies with all health and safety rules. Schedule your exclusive consultation today and get ready for an exciting presentation!

Book your tour

360°   view

Start your personal tour around your favourite Dehler comfortably from home with our new 360 degree panoramas. Take all the time you need and discover every detail in captivating detail. Enjoy navigating below Deck.

Have we inspired you to design your own dream yacht right away?

Try our online configurator

Exterior   Design

Exterior gallery.

Sailing Yacht with Dehler 34 Freeride Code

Steering: Twin wheels or tiller

Choose how you want to have control over your Dehler. The twin wheels come as standard, or opt for the tiller steering.

Full cockpit: One-handed control

All sheets can be led directly to the helm via the six winches integrated as standard.

Hidden ropes: Clear deck

You will immediately notice the tidy and clear deck layout. This is particularly thanks to the rope guidance integrated into the deck and out of sight.

Three skylights: More daylight

Sporty optics on the outside, daylight on the inside. Thanks to three skylights, the sun radiates into the interior of your Dehler.

Interior   Design

Interior gallery.

Saloon inside the yacht

Hidden highlight: Bar

A pull-out bar is integrated into the saloon table.

Cabin lighting: Precise dimming

With the Smart Light System, you can synchronise all lights in the owner’s cabin to your desired brightness.

Navigation: Ergonomic table

From the movable navigation table you have everything within reach: the on-board electrical equipment, radio device and plotter.

Ambience: For the soul and senses

Elegantly rounded corners, perfectly harmonised colours and soft lighting pamper you below deck.

Interior   Layout

Interior layouts.

The standard version of the Dehler 34 features a bow cabin with open bulkhead, while the stern is divided into storage space and a second double cabin. As an alternative, the bow can be built as a closed owner’s cabin. The cabins can be outfitted with lightweight furnishings as desired.

Dehler Uni Door: Clever concept

One door for two frames makes it possible to use the space as you wish. Simply choose which areas should be separated from each other.

Saloon table: Pure flexibility

While the one table top is in use, the other can be folded down to offer free passageway through the saloon – or vice versa.

Clear space: For all your items

Whatever you decide to take on board, you will have plenty of space in the generous drawers, overhead cabinets, wardrobes and storage boxes.

The engine: Always accessible

The engine is situated below the companionway and is noise-isolated. It can be maintained from both the companionway as well as from the aft cabins.

Video   Gallery

Dehler 34 guided tour.

It’s a true space genius with enough room to accommodate four crew members, a fully equipped pantry and every possible storage space. The Dehler 34 is the perfect performance-cruiser, combining a maximum of comfort on board with an overwhelming sailing performance.

Awards   Reviews

Dehler 34: test review - boating new zealand march 2018, dehler 34: test review - cruising world april 2017, dehler 34: test review - yachting life january/february 2017, dehler 34: test review - sailing today february 2017, dehler 34: yacht test - vergleich performance cruiser - teil 2 / yacht 17 - 2018, dehler 34: bericht - yacht revue 01/2017, dehler 34: testbericht - yachtrevue 05/17, dehler 34: testbericht - segeln 03/2017, dehler range: schwern yachten gmbh & co kg - bericht yacht 20/20, dehler 34: testbericht - skipper 6.2018, dehler 34: testbericht - yacht 19/2016, dehler 34: yacht test - vergleich performance cruiser - teil 1 / yacht 16 - 2018, dehler 34: barcos a vela & yachting no 119, dehler: voile magazine n°300, dehler: review - voile magazine decembre 2018, dehler 34: test review - voile magazine mai 2017, dehler 34: test review - voile magazine novembre 2016, dehler 34: test review - voile magazine janvier 2017, dehler 34: ο θρύλος ξαναγεννιέται, dehler 34: feature - plefsi 06/2016, dehler 34 boat of the year, dehler 34 european yacht of the year nominated, dehler 34 sailing today award, model   comparison, download   documents, dehler 34 standard specification, dehler 34 brochure, dehler quantum sails manual 2020-21, dehler 34 sail plan (standard rig), dehler 34 technical sail plan (standard rig), dehler 34 sail plan (carbon rig), dehler 34 technical sail plan (carbon rig), dehler 34 speed guide (cruising), dehler 34 speed guide (performance), dehler 34 stability curve (standard), dehler 34 stability curve (performance), dehler 34 longitudinal view, dehler material and colour card, dehler 34 interior layout (standard), dehler 34 interior layout (option), dehler 34 deck layout, dehler   configurator.


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34 ft sailboat

34 Ft Boats for sale

1-15 of 663

1977 Bristol 34

1977 Bristol 34

Crystal River, Florida

Make Bristol

Category Sloop

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

This 1977 Bristol 34 appears to be in good overall condition. It has not been used for several years Last haulout was 10 years ago Teak has been done 3/23 Westerbeke Diesel 25 HP with 2200 hrs run every week. Needs some TLC and could be ready to go 30 amp shore power cord Per the seller sails are in good condition Stock #346393 Bristol 34SL! Loaded with extras! Start your next adventure! This 1977 Bristol 34 has been owned and cared for by the same couple for several decades. This boat has been to the Bahamas and sailed up and down the west coast of Florida. Rigging both standing and running redone in 1999 This sloop has a Swing keel and Includes an Autopilot Simrad wp5000. There is a Bimini dodger, boom vang, stereo, and handrail covers 6 sails - 1-full batten main, 1- Standard Main, harken jib furler, jib 120, Genoa 150, storm sail, drifter, harken, Jib furler, lazy jacks, jiffy reefing, launch-hook, and a whisker pole. There are 5 cushions, a boom tent, a hot water heater, a Danforth anchor with 150 ft of rode, a stern CQR anchor with 150 ft of rode, an emergency steering tiller, stainless steel ladder on the transom, a manual holding tank pump, self-tailing two-speed winches, hatch covers, Sunbrella curtains in the salon Milton Raritan Marine converter, 3 burner alcohol stove, and bug screens for hatches Reason for selling is health reasons.

2001 Homebuilt 34

2001 Homebuilt 34

Pullman, Washington

Make Homebuilt

Category Houseboats

The seller is living in the boat temporarily. There is some work to be completed, and a few upgrades are planned The seller says he would upgrade the carpet and re-do the interior ceiling if he were to keep the boat. The seller describes the boat as a floating lake cabin more than a cruise boat. Engine is said to be good and runs strong. The engine hp is enough to push the structure about 7 mph under normal circumstances. Stock #246401 Custom Houseboat. Completed in 2020. 200 sf interior with many options. The HOME BUILT tritoon is built on a set of SUN TRACKER 22" pontoons and is reported to be 10' X 34' 08" in length. Powered by a 2000 model MERCURY 50 hp 4-stroke engine. The engine is said to operate very well. Hours are unknown. The living area is an estimated 200 sq ft welded frame construction and is fully insulated. A new elastomeric roof application was added in 2020. The aft deck is partially enclosed with a welded roof that houses the onboard head. The seller installed solar voltaic panels which are rated at 850 watts and are connected to 300AH lithium iron "smart batteries". Amenities include an 11 cu ft refrigerator/freezer which is powered by a 120 volt AC from a 2000 watt sine wave inverter. All other lights, fans, and plugs are 12 volt and hard-wired. The LP wall heater is an 1800 BTU by "Mr. Heater". The seller tells me with the insulation, the heater keeps the space warm, even in the cold NE. Other features include a 22" LCD Television with a built-in DVD player. There is also 30-gallon fuel storage, wash down pump which is plumbed fore and aft, plenty of windows for enjoying the views, and the interior is finished with T&G North Idaho knotty yellow cedar. The seller reports that the boat is more of a floating lake cabin which he does not use for cruising. The seller also has a place in Northern Idaho where the boat could be moved to and docked for a monthly fee. Reason for selling is needs larger accommodations.

2007 Formula 34 PC

2007 Formula 34 PC

Salem, Oregon

Make Formula

Model 34 PC

Category Cruiser Boats

Great condition and well maintained. The interior is free of tears, stains, and upholstery blemishes. The exterior is in great condition, too. All electronics per seller in good working order. Ready for adventure. Stock #385084 2007 FORMULA 34 PC EXPRESS CRUISER WITH MANY UPGRADES AND EXTRAS! Whether you are looking for weekend lake getaways or trips to the San Juans for vacation, this 2007 Formula 34 PC Express Cruiser may be just the ticket. Powered by twin Volvo Penta 8.1L engines with dual props. Some of the many features include full Bimini with enclosure and cockpit cover, electric folding arch for towing and low bridges ($10,000), bow thruster, windlass anchor with 300 ft of chain, bow sunpads, walk through windshield, heat and ac, 2 fridge-freezers and more. This listing also includes a 10.3' Achilles rib hard bottom dingy with Honda 15HP moter and Davit system to carry it! Inside, this Formula 34 PC offers a haven of comfort with queen island bed, double bed in aft, separate shower and vacuflush head, a fully equipped galley and beautiful cherrywood throughout. Schedule a viewing today. Your maritime dreams are just a boat ride away! Reason for selling is not using as much as desired..

34 Ft Catalina Sailboat

34 Ft Catalina Sailboat

Foristell, Missouri

Posted Over 1 Month

1989 Catalina 34 Ft sailboat. Roller Furling, 150% Genoa, inbrd 23 Hp diesel with approx. 1200 hrs, Bimini, sail cover, 12,000 BTU A/C with reverse heat, stereo CD, Compass, microwave, refrigeration system, 6 gallon hot water heater, pressure water system, Gimbal propane stove with oven. Sleeps 6. Featured in Oct 2012 Good Old Boat magazine. Fresh water only. Includes trailer for dry storage. Located at Mark Twain Lake MO. $42,500. Call Bob at 636-262-8317 or email at [email protected]

34 ft Rinker Cruiser

34 ft Rinker Cruiser

Bear, Delaware

Make RInker

Length 34 ft

This 2007 Rinker is in excellent condition. She is a fresh water kept boat. Powered by Volvo 5.7 I/O engines. She has full electronics to include Radar,GPS, VHF, Windless, Generator and much much more. Some of the goodies inside this Rinker are Central Vac, Teak Flooring, Coffee Maker, Microwave, Electric Stove, blender, sleeping for 6, and has a LOW 240 hours. Motivated Seller. Brand New Canvas & Glass, All maintenance current. OUTSTANDING CONDITION!!!!!

34ft Sailboat

34ft Sailboat

Sandwich, Massachusetts

1981 O;Day sailboat in excellent condition.  Many extras.  Dodger, Bimini,cockpit cushions, Radar, GPS, VhF radio, CD player, electric toilet flush,macerator pump, water pressure pump, updated salon cushions, new gally faucet,.engine extreemly well maintained--low usage hours, anchors, life jackets, docking lines, sails in great shape (crisp),dual life  lines with gate openings, swim ladder,

Formula 34 ft. Cruiser

Formula 34 ft. Cruiser

Gilford, New Hampshire

Model PC 34

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 34.0

A spacious 34 footer, she can be configured to sleep six below. Extremely flexible in layout.1991 Formula 34 PC, twin 330 hp Volvos, GM 7.4L 330/hp motors, 700 approx hours, dual 30 amp service, two shore power cords, three batteries. battery charger, water heater with engine heat exchanger, reverse cycle air/heat, marine head/shower/vanity, sleeps six, master stateroom forward with island double berth, guest stateroom mid-cabin with double berth, convertible dinette sleeps two, carpet with runner, neutral vinyl wall covering, FM, CD stereo CD/ single stainless steel sink, Norcold 12 vdc/120 vac refrigerator/freezer, Origo two burner electric stove,microwave oven, bimini top , digital depth finder, VDO analog engine synchronizing gauge, ACR remote spotlight, bow pulpit, electric windlass w/ 200ft.chain & rode, two fenders, Kiekhafer "zero effort" shift and throttle controls, trim tabs, cockpit wet bar, transom shower (H/C), integral swim platform, transom door, boarding ladder, .

Chris Craft, 1963, 34 ft.

Chris Craft, 1963, 34 ft.

Sacramento, California

Chris Craft, 1963, 34 ft. Two 83’s, running strong and very sound hull. Lectrafan head unit. $6,000 or best offer. Calls only please, after 12 p.m.

1994 Silverton Express 34 ft

1994 Silverton Express 34 ft

Toledo, Ohio

BEAM:  12 FT 8 IN                LOA:  39 FT 9 IN                  Twin 454 Mercruiser engines                     643  Hours                             Windlass anchor                  Hydraulic steering                          Hydraulic trim                       VHF radio w/ antenna           Auto pilot w/remote                 2  batteries                             Compass                              Searchlight                                  Converter                               Radar arch                           TV and GPS antenna on radar arch                         300 gallon gas tank                Microwave                            AC/DC refrigerator w/freezer                      Electric head                          TV                                        Automatic halon fire control system   Newer cabin carpeting           Separate stand up shower      2 burner electric cooktop        Pressure water system           6 gallon water heater              Freshwater cooling system          30 gallon holding tank           40 gallon fresh water tank        Reverse cycle air conditioning/heat Newer master bed mattress    Master has 2 closets              Storage above beds in both cabins           Midcabin has a closet              2  Full length mirror               Sleeps 4-6                                      Fire Extinguishers                   Liife jackets and lines              Am/Fm stereo w/ built in speakers              Fender                                   30 amp shore power cords      Camper top                                 Mooring cover                       Isinglass windows                    Biminy top Berber carpeting  on decks     Wrap around bench seat         Transom door and transom shower              Vinyl sun pad on bow w/ canvas cover Fiberglass swim platform w/ live well  and fold down ladder

1989 Carver Santego 34 ft

1989 Carver Santego 34 ft

Drummond Island, Michigan

13 foot beam; twin 454 crusaders - 300 hp each; full kitchen and bath with shower; Queen bed front berth, convertible dinette on port and starboard in living area; twin AC reverse heat; fly bridge; full canvas; snap down carpet in cabin and on bridge; large swim platform with easy access to boat; 6000 watt genset; closed system on generator and main engines;100 gal fresh water, 10 gal hot water; dual 100 gallon fuel tanks; flat screen TV; swim platform shower; windlass with controls at the windlass and at the helm; ice maker; navigational equipment. Well cared for; currently in heated storage in Michigan. documented with the US Coast Guard

1989 Carver Santego 34 ft

Austin, Minnesota

34ft Columbia Fiberglass Sailboat

34ft Columbia Fiberglass Sailboat

Williams, California

34ft Columbia Fiberglass Sailboat has never been in the water. I was converting the sailboat into a Commercial Fishing Boat.. The construction of the deck is complete and has marine plywood, the cabin has been framed in. The boat has been stored dry and is sitting on a boat cradle. Great project opportunity for someone. If interested I also have a 4 Cylinder Volvo Marine Diesel Engine that is Brand New with gear and freshwater cooling, If interested in the engine inquire about pricing. Please call Bud at 530-301-4508

1965 Hatteras 34FT Sport Fisherman

1965 Hatteras 34FT Sport Fisherman

Oriental, North Carolina

Make Hatteras

Model 34FT Sport Fisherman

Category Fishing Boats

1965 Hatteras 34FT Sport Fisherman HUGE PRICE REDUCTION OF $10,000!!!  THE OWNER WANTS IT SOLD NOW...BRING AN OFFER...REAL MOTIVATED!!!!!   A MAJOR YACHT RENOVATION AND PRICED BELOW ITS VALUE.   This Hatteras 34 is a true classic.  She is ready to hit the canyons as well as the Big Rock.  This is a dry, stable sport fishing vessel that has been professionally restored.  "Carol Lynn" has been repowered with twin Yanmar Diesels that have less than 350 hours on them.  Her refit also included new paint, electronics, mechanical, and various other systems.  The maintenance and re-fit records are available and detailed.  She absolutely looks new. This is an ideal fishing platform with a large cockpit, flybridge, and stable hull design.  You need to look at this boat if you appreciate the quality and lines of a true classic Hatteras Sport Fish Yacht. She truly needs to be seen.  You won't be disappointed.  Call today!

sea ray 340 34ft sundancer

sea ray 340 34ft sundancer

Kalamazoo, Michigan

1985 searay 340 sundancer new custom tri axal trailer less than a hundred miles on trailer boat in good condition canvis needs some repairs , selling because getting to old to keep up with needs to go to good home it has air and heat ,inside very nice, outside needs wash and wax other than that ready to go has twin 454s run perfect

1984 34 FT Sea Ray Sundancer

1984 34 FT Sea Ray Sundancer

Cascade Locks, Oregon

This is an USCG documented 34 ft. vessel. It has twin 454's (one not working) 34 HP Thunderbolts (closed system) Accommodations include a 102 inch forward V-Berth. Queen bed aft cabin and dinette folds down into a double bed. There is a Dry Bar, Microwave, Stainless Steel Refrigerator Freezer, 2 burner alcohol stove, Stainless Steel sink with water filter, Teak Wood Cabinetry, Tinted Windows throughout with blinds, Mirrored cabinets, 10 gal. stainless steel hot water heater, forced air heat, Vacu flush head and shower, 110 doc power and inverter, 60 gal fresh water hold, 30 gal black water hold. Upgrades include all new plastic windows and zippers topside, new house batteries, new pro mariner 4 bank charging system, upgraded LED lights with brass fixtures throughout the cabin, GFI barkers, Panasonic XM CD Stereo with surround sound TV inputs, Lawrence color screen GPS Chart Plotter with chip set. VHF radio, new water pump, new Jabsco macerator ejection pump, new bilge pumps. This is a clean boat for the price and I am only asking $11,000 because it does need some general maintenance and 1 engine. I would like to give someone a price break to fix it themselves. It is moored at Winchester Bay at the Salmon Harbor Marina near Reedsport,OR Mooring is paid up til April 2015 as well as the tags. Call 541-226-6600

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Don’t let this one get away, a day of sporting or an evening, relaxing..

When dusk turns to dark, turn-in to a beautifully appointed, private cabin with luxurious sleeping quarters, including a large, comfortable bed. Well-placed skylights bring in natural sun to keep it light and airy, or let the stars shine through.


Our authorized dealer establishes the final selling price. Prices exclude delivery, sales tax, registration, dealer prep and where applicable, import duty and fees.

Specifications Overview

34'   10.4 m, 10'10"   3.3 m, 12,500 lbs   5,670 kg, specifications.

Length Overall

Beam Maximum

Beam Transom

9' 8"

Dry Weight, Triple Engine

Fuel Capacity

Water Capacity


Bridge Clearance w/ Top, w/o Radar

7' 9"

Holding Tank

Maximum Persons

Standard Features And Equipment

Synthetic Teak - Foredeck and Anchor Locker

Synthetic Teak - Footpad / Footrests

Synthetic Teak - Helm Console/Windshield Accents

Teak – Table

Black Teak Caulk Color

5 Year - Component Warranty

3 Year - Canvas/Upholstery Warranty

5 Year - Transferable Warranty

Anchor - Bow Locker

Anchor - Windlass w/Integrated Roller, Stainless Steel Anchor, Line and Chain

Bow Scuff Plate - Stainless Steel

Certifications and Standards - NMMA, ABYC, USCG

Color Selections - Boot Stripe, Multiple Color Selections

Color Selections - Hull Side, Gelcoat Ivory Cream

Deck Fill Plates - Stainless Steel

Deck - Diamond Pattern Non-Skid, Fiberglass

Flag/Pennant - Embroidered Chris-Craft And US Flag Kit w/ Stainless Steel Magnetic Pole And Base

Gunnel Trim Rubrail - Molded PVC W/ Stainless Steel Insert

Hardware - Stainless Steel Bow and Stern Eyes

Hardware - Stainless Steel Bow Light Cover

Hardware - Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Fasteners

Hardware - Stainless Steel Mooring Cleats

Hardware - Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Fittings

Hull – Chris-Craft Trademark Tumblehome Design

Hull - Deep V Bottom w/Flared Bow

Hull - Deck Joint - Mechanically, Chemically Bonded

Hull - Stringer System and Liner, 1 Piece Fiberglass Foam Filled for Floatation and Noise Reduction

Ladder, Swim Platform - Pull Out Aluminum

Ladder, Side Door

Ladder, Swim - Stowaway

Lighting - Bow Docking Lights - LED

Lighting - Navigation Lights, Stainless Steel And International Compliance

Logo - Stainless Steel, Chris-Craft Branded

Outboard Engine Mounting w/ Stainless Steel Chris-Craft Logo Plates

Ports - 30 Amp Shore Power Inlet(s) w/ Galvanic Isolator

Self Draining Cockpit

Swim Platform - Integral

Swim Platform Grab Handle - Stainless Steel

Top – Pilot House w/ LED, Speakers, and Electric SureShade

Trim Tabs – Lenco w/Indicators

Beverage Holders - Stainless Steel

Bolsters - Padded Gunwale Mounted

Canvas - Aft Cockpit Seat Cover(s)

Canvas - Console Cover

Canvas - Helm Seat Cover(s)

Coaming Bolster - Forward and Aft

Door - Cockpit Side Entry (Side Boarding Door with Ladder)

Drains - Stainless Steel

Fishing - Fish Box, In Floor Storage

Fishing - Live Well, w/Light

Fishing - Transom Rod Holders

Fishing - Gunwale Rod Holder Cup Holders

Fishing - Fish Package (Includes Livewell Pluming, Fish Box Pumpout, Raw Water Washdown, and Additional Rod Holders)

Grabrails - Stainless Steel

Handrails - Stainless Steel Cabin Entry

Helm - Compass, Dash Mounted

Helm - cZone Digital Control and Monitoring Network

Helm - Dash, Gauge and Switch Panels W/Silver Perforated Panels

Helm - Electronics Pkg, Garmin (2) 12” Multifunction Display w/Chart Plotter, DF & VHF, Engine Data and Stereo Integration

Helm Electronics Garmin VHF Radio

Helm - Engine Control Binnacle Mount Controls

Helm - Engine Controls, Electronic Control – EVC/DTS/DEC

Helm Flush Mounted Electronics

Helm - Electric Single Trumpet Horn

Helm - Ignition Safety Switch(es)

Helm - Stainless Steel Model Designator

Helm – Mahogany Steering Wheel

Helm - Steering, Tilt w/Power Assist

Helm - Stereo Remote, MP3/USB Inputs w/Fusion Bluetooth Enabled

Lighting - Led Courtesy

Outlets/Input - 120v Outlet GFCI

Outlets/Input - 12v Accessory Outlet(S)

Outlets/Input - USB Auxiliary Input

Seating - Aft Fold Out Bench

Seating - Port Cockpit Fold Out Bench with Pop Up Back Rest

Seating - Starboard Cockpit Fold Out Bench with Pop Up Back Rest

Seating - Aft U-Shaped, Aft Bench w/ Port and Starboard Pull-Out Seating

Seating - Helm, Triple Chairs w/Individual Flip-Up Bolsters and Arm Rests

Shower - Transom (w/Hot-Cold)

Sink - Stainless Steel with Faucet

Stereo Speakers - JL Audio Sound System (*Includes Transom Speakers)

Stowage - Aft Deck Compartments

Stowage - Bow, Port and Starboard Recessed

Stowage - Helm Underseat

Table - Bow, w/Filler Cushions

Transom Entrance - Gate - with Stainless Steel Latch

Upholstery Construction - High Density Foam with Antimicrobials and Open Cell Mesh for Drying

Vinyl - Heavy Duty, Stain/UV Resistant

Vinyl - Multiple Design/Color Selections

Windscreen Wipers - w/Washer(s)

Berth - Forward, w/Coordinated Vinyl Covering and Removable Bedspread

CO Detector(s)

Cushions - Custom Fitted Upholstered

Cushions - Bedspread

Electric Outlet - GFIC

Flooring - Wood Floor w/Multiple Type Selections

Galley - Sink

Interior Wood Package - Walnut, Whitewashed Oak, or Silver Bullet

Lighting - Cabin Steps

Lighting - Led Overhead

Lighting - Reading and Nightlights

Lighting - Skylight w/Screen

Lighting - Vimar Switches w/Chrome Frame

Stowage - Underbearth

Countertop - Custom, Solid Surface

Dockside Pumpout

Door - Lockable Entry

Fiberglass Lined Floor w/Headliner

Fittings - Stainless Steel Hardware

Lighting - LED Overhead

Sink - Basin w/Hot and Cold Water

Stowage - Lower Cabinet

Toilet - Tecma Porcelain w/Dockside Pumpout

Air Conditioning - 12v w/Vents at Helm

Batteries - AGM Premium Marine Batteries

Battery Charger

Battery Switch w/Breakers

Battery Tray(s)

Bilge Pump - Highwater w/Autofloat Switch

Bilge System - Electric w/Blowers

Electric Wiring - Color Coded and Numbered w/Duetch Connectors

Electric Wiring - Tinned Copper

Electrical Bonding System

Electrical Distribution Panel - 120(240) VAC/12 VDC

Electronics Panel - Aluminum, Powder Coated

Fuel System - Aluminum Tanks w/Anti-Siphon Valves and Electric Sending Units

Fuel System - EPA Compliant

Galvanic Isolator

Pump - Freshwater, Pressurized

Water / Holding Tank Level Monitor - Electric

Water Heater

Edition Selection

Standard Edition

Heritage Trim Edition

Heritage Edition

Top Selection

Pilot House

Engine Type

Twin Mercury Verado (V-10 350 PSHP x 2) DTS

Twin Mercury Verado (V-10 400 PSHP x 2) DTS

Triple Mercury Verado (300 PSHP x 3) DTS

Engine Options

Active Trim

Engine Freshwater Flush Kit - Twin Engines

Engine Freshwater Flush Kit - Triple Engines

Custom Painted Engine Accent Panels - Twin Engines

Custom Painted Engine Accent Panels - Triple Engines

Custom Color Painted Outboard Twin Engines

Custom Color Painted Outboard Triple Engines

Ivory Cream Painted Twin Outboards

Ivory Cream Painted Triple Outboards

Ivory Cream

Ivory Cream - Gelcoat

Midnight Blue - Paint

Frozen Blue (Metallic) - Paint

Portofino Blue (Metallic) - Paint

Port Red (Metallic) - Paint

Fountain Blue (Metallic) - Paint

Deep Sapphire (Metallic) - Paint

Silver Bullet (Metallic) - Paint

Blue Crystal (Metallic) - Paint

Champagne (Metallic) - Paint

Zeus Bronze (Metallic) - Paint

Charcoal (Metallic) - Paint

Black Pearl (Metallic) - Paint

Stripe Color

Riviera Red

Midnight Blue

Cockpit Base Vinyl Color

Cockpit insert vinyl color, contrast stitching colors, teak or esthec caulk color, electronic voltage selection, helm seat configuration.

Helm Seat with Live Well

Helm Seat with Galley Convenience Package

Additional Options

Bow Docking Lights - LED

Bow Thruster

CE Certification

Cover - Twin Outboard Canvas

Cover - Triple Outboard Canvas

Fender Clips (6)

Garmin 8612xsv 2-12" Multifunction Displays

Garmin 8616xsv 2-16" Multifunction Displays

Garmin Fantom Dome Radar

Garmin Radar with Garmin Open Array

Mediterranean Storable Sun Shade

Ocean Shipping Cradle

Painted Underside of Pilot House Top

Pillows - Weighted (Qty: 4)

Premium Audio System

Remote Spot Light

Sirius Satellite Radio - USA & CAN Only (no subscription)

Underwater Lights (2)

Water Ready Twin Engine

Water Ready Triple Engine

Cover - Mooring

Flooring - woven seagrass, interior wood.

White Washed Oak


Plan views / catalina 34.

34 ft sailboat

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34 ft sailboat

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34 ft sailboat

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34 ft sailboat

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Irwin Citation 34

A mainstream coastal cruiser from an economy builder still managing to survive..

Irwin Yachts has been in operation for 27 years, one of the true old-timers in the fiberglass sail boat business. When we talked to them regarding the Irwin 34, they had just weathered the roughest storm of their history, having settled with their creditors and recovered from Chapter 11, when many other companies in similar situations were folding.

Irwin Citation 34

Irwin’s recovery was marked by the start of a new production 50-foot cruiser. The new boat, like all the boats throughout the company’s history, was designed by Ted Irwin, who has served continuously as CEO of the company as well as chief designer. In this respect, Irwin is like Catalina Yachts, whose CEO and chief designer Frank Butler is second only to Irwin in business longevity.

Like Catalina, Irwin has generally aimed at the economy end of the sailboat spectrum. However, unlike Catalina, Irwin Yachts has built a great variety of sailboats, 47 different models before their latest 50-footer—all sailboats, all larger than 20′, from all-out race machines to full-tilt cruisers. Among American companies, only Pearson comes close to Irwin in the variety of cruising sailboats produced over the last quarter of a century.

The Irwin 34 is in many respects a typical Irwin boat. It was originally called the “Citation 34,” which was meant to indicate that it was more of a plush cruiser than the race-oriented Irwins at the time, but more of a racer than the larger cruisers.

According to the company, 305 Irwin 34s were built in the production run, from 1978 to 1985, a moderate but successful model for the era. Near the end of its production, the boat was advertised as the Irwin 34 rather than the Citation 34. There were no major changes in the boat from beginning to end, just the details and equipment that are typical of any long production run.

Owners report mixed feelings in dealing with the company. Irwin dealers got good marks, though there are a few complaints about “incompetents and crooks.” The main objection over the years has been about slow response from the company, especially regarding warranty claims on new boats and getting basic information on older models. However, long term owners report that the company seems to have ups and downs in customer service.

Design and Construction

In design, the 34 looks like a cross between the old 1960s beamy CCA centerboarder and the mid-70s IOR racer, a combination that results in a moderate design and hence a healthy coastal cruiser. The bow has a distinctive concave curve, typical of many Irwin designs, and a flattish sheer, with a molded-in cove stripe to make the sheerline appear a bit higher in the bow. The stern sections have the peculiar tuckup typical of IOR boats of the era. The trunk cabin is traditional looking and fairly low. Overall, we think the boat is an attractive example of the modern racercruiser.

Underwater, the hull is beamy and saucer shaped. The centerline of the hull aft of the keel forms a shallow fence which runs back to form a skeg in front of the spade rudder. Though the boat was available with a deep fin keel, drawing 5′ 4″, the centerboard model was far more popular. Company literatureadvertises a shoal draft keel as standard, with the fin and centerboard as options, but we have never seen a shoal-draft model and none of the owners in our surveys had the shoal-draft version. Brochures show the shallow-draft keel as identical in outline to the centerboard model but with no board installed.

The centerboard lifts into a shallow stub keel, and the pennant is a Dacron rope; it runs to the deck through a tube which forms a grab rail at the front edge of the galley. We examined three used 34s, and the two centerboard models each had badly chafed centerboard pennants needing replacement.

Other than the chafe problem, the centerboard version of the boat is probably to be preferred if you have a choice. Unlike some boats which are designed for a fin and compromised with a centerboard, the hull shape looks well matched to the board, and few designers have as much experience with centerboards as Ted Irwin.

The hull is a conventional lay-up of mat and woven roving. The deck is a conventional balsa core sandwich.

The three boats we examined all had decent gelcoat and exterior finish, but owners in our surveys report an inordinate incidence of gelcoat problems, including patches coming off, large voids, and excessive crazing. One boat we looked at had quite a few repaired spots in the deck molding, and we suspect most of the gelcoat problems were new boat problems. Once fixed, they should not be a major concern for the used boat buyer.

Irwin Citation 34

With regard to other elements of construction, quality is on the poor side. In fact, the three boats we examined were serious contenders in our own used-boat search but were finally rejected because we didn’t like many details of the way the boats were built. For example, two of the boats we looked at clearly had a history of deck leaks at the portlights and a variety of fittings. The interior is generally well finished with teak-faced plywood and an interior liner, but the ceiling and liner made it very difficult to get at the inside of the hull and deck to trace or fix the leaks. It was clear that the previous owners had little luck in stopping the leaks. Further, the hull-to-deck joint is fastened with sheet metal screws rather than bolts. The screws are installed both vertically, from the top of the aluminum toe rail, and horizontally, from the side of the toe rail. Through-bolting is preferable.

More importantly, on the boat we were most interested in, it was evident that the hull-to-deck joint was leaking, at best a nuisance, at worst a major repair job. Though we couldn’t examine most of the joint because of the interior joinerwork, we did find one spot where the deck molding actually did not overlap the hull flange. You could see the underside of the toerail from inside the boat.

On one boat, the deck cleats were fastened only with sheet metal screws, and on all the boats, the bow and stern pulpits were only screwed down rather than through-bolted.

There were several details—cheap through-hull valves, no washers on chainplate bolts—which were relatively easy to correct, but they put us off the boat. Obviously, Irwin believes these construction details are adequate, but we consider them very minimal or problematic—something we would feel compelled to correct.

In contrast to the details, the basic fiberglass work seemed solid and good on all the boats we examined.

The interior of the 34 is generally well done, good production-line work with teak veneer and plastic. Some of the details of the cabinetry were a little sloppy on the boats we examined, but all in all the interior of the boat, when new, was undoubtedly a strong selling point.

There are three good berths—a V-berth double and a quarter berth. The quarter berth will be just a little tight, especially at the foot, for a large, tall man. The settee is usable as a single berth (it’s a very comfortable settee), and the dinette opposite is convertible to a small double. The head is of good size, and the galley is well arranged in a sort of wraparound U. There’s a good electrical panel at the aft side of the galley. The nav station is set at an angle, with the table a bit small though adequate.

The Irwin 34 came with seven opening ports as well as forward and midship hatches, so ventilation should be good.

Stowage below is minimal, since tankage occupies space below the berths—a shortcoming of the modern hull shape. Tankage is adequate on the boat—30 gallons fuel, 80 gallons water, and a big holding tank for the head—a rarity on production boats of this size.

There’s little bilge in the boat, which can cause problems when you take water inside the hull. This showed up in the discolored and delaminated teak/holly plywood on the cabin sole of two of the boats at which we looked.

Original standard equipment is quite complete and modern—hot/cold pressure water, shower, propane stove, 4″ cushions, AC and DC electrical systems, and so on, meaning that little upgrading should be necessary, assuming the boat has been well kept.

Overall, the interior seems very desirable for a couple cruising or a couple with one or two children. There are no privacy doors for the forward cabin, so two couples will have to be (or become) intimate while cruising.

The deck is conventional but well done for working the boat. There’s a deck-opening anchor locker forward, wide side decks, and a good big cockpit with a small ice/beer locker, two lazarettes, and a propane tank locker.

Irwin Citation 34

A wheel was standard on the boat. A nice feature is that a portion of the cockpit sole is removable for superior engine access, the best we have seen on a boat this size. Cockpit drains are also large, another rarity on production boats.

The companionway opening is large, with just a small lip/step above the cockpit sole. While not desirable in an offshore boat, this is okay in a coastal cruiser and makes for easy access to the interior. Most owners will want to arrange a way to secure the lowest companionway drop board, so it can be left in place during rough conditions.

The mainsheet traveler is on the cabin top, just ahead of the companionway. While this is a convenient location, the boats we looked at had exceptionally unsightly dodgers because the multi-part mainsheet was somewhat in the way.


The boat came with a Yanmar 15, which generally gets good reports from owners, though some think the boat is a bit underpowered. A 20-hp Yanmar was available as an option, and this would be desirable if a buyer were choosing between otherwise similar boats; the 20-hp model would be smoother running as well as more powerful.

The boat we sailed handled adequately under power, though some owners report it difficult to back up straight. Most of the 34s had solid props, and the performance-oriented sailor will want to upgrade to a folding or feathering prop so the boat’s sailing ability isn’t hurt.

The boat has a big rig, well balanced between mainsail and jib, and as you can expect from Ted Irwin’s design board, it is a good sailing boat. With a PHRF rating around 160, it is slightly slower than other cruiser/racers of that era, like the C & C 34, but it will make good passages, especially off the wind.

Many owners report that they consider the boat quite tender, especially the centerboard model, but we found the boat to be reasonably stiff, with lots of initial stability from the beamy hull. We didn’t sail the boat in heavy air, but we suspect an early reef would be desirable. Cruisers will find that it works well to sail the boat under roller-furling jib alone.

Early boats may have the DynaFurl roller which came as an option from Irwin, and buyers may want to factor in a replacement in their price figuring. The boats are generally of an age where the original sails are still aboard and, for all practical purposes, best used as drop cloths. Though the boat was advertised as a “club racer,” we saw no used 34s with spinnakers or any spinnaker gear, so a chute and related gear may also have to be purchased to complete a sail inventory.

Standard winches on the boat were minimal, and an upgrade will be desirable if the original owner didn’t buy the optional package when the boat was new.

The rig is adequate, the only problem reported by owners being paint problems on the mast, perhaps from a poor priming job on the aluminum. The mast of one boat we looked at had been re-painted.


It is an excellent design, a wholesome all-around racer/cruiser with shallow draft that would serve a family’s needs as a coastal cruiser, at a reasonable cost.

Unfortunately, the Irwin 34 suffers from some corner-cutting: details of construction which are cheap or shoddy, such as using only screws to secure the hull-to-deck joint.

Realistically, those details should not hamper the boat’s use in normal conditions as a coastal cruiser, but are substandard compared to many other boats available. We generally would not recommend the boat to anyone contemplating ocean passages, unless considerable basic upgrading had been completed.

But for a coastal cruiser, for an owner who likes to do some upgrading, the boat is a handsome, well thought-out design, with a good interior, well equipped. In today’s market, it offers a lot of basic boat, especially if bought at the right price.


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    Since 2010, Catalina has been redesigning its big-boat fleet (27-feet and longer). These are Series 5 boats denoted by the 5 at the end of their name. These include the 44-foot 445, the 37-foot 375 (see PS October 2010), the 35-foot 355, the 31-foot 315, and the 27-foot 275. Aside from beamier hull shapes, easier maintenance, and roomier ...

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    2006 Mainship 34 Trawler. US$229,000. US $1,792/mo. United Yacht Sales - South Carolina / North Carolina Area | Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Request Info.

  9. Catalina 34 boats for sale

    Catalina 34 boats for sale 35 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Advertisement. New Arrival. Save This Boat. Catalina 34 . Deale, Maryland. 1988. $29,999 Seller Chesapeake Nautical Cruises, LLC 20. Contact. 410-941-3252. ×. Save This Boat. Catalina 34 Wing Tall Rig & Walkthru ...

  10. Catalina Sailboats 34 Boats for sale

    1989 Catalina 34 1989 Catalina 34 Ft sailboat. Wing Keel, Roller Furling, 150% Genoa, inbrd 23hp diesel with approx. 1200 hrs., Bimini, sail cover, 12,000 BTU A/C with reverse heat, stereo CD, TV, Compass, microwave, refrigeration system, 6-gallon hot water heater, pressure water system, Gimbal propane stove with oven. ...

  11. Cape Marine Coast 34 sailboat for sale in South Carolina

    Sass-Sea is a husky, canoe-sterned semi-custom sailboat made by British Columbia's Randle Yacht Corporation. The Cape Marine Coast 34 provides a generous interior aimed at being a comfortable and secure haven from weather and sea a like. ... LOA: 34 ft 4 in Beam: 12 ft 0 in LWL: 28 ft 8 in Minimum Draft: 5 ft 6 in Displacement: 15700 lbs ...

  12. 34 Ft Boats for sale

    34 Ft Catalina Sailboat. 1989 Catalina 34 Ft sailboat. Roller Furling, 150% Genoa, inbrd 23 Hp diesel with approx. 1200 hrs, Bimini, sail cover, 12,000 BTU A/C with reverse heat, stereo CD, Compass, microwave, refrigeration system, 6 gallon hot water heater, pressure water system, Gimbal propane stove with oven.

  13. Catalina 34

    The combination of power, innovation, and classic Chris-Craft styling make the Catalina 34 center console boat a one of a kind on the water. Toggle navigation. Find A Dealer; Shows & Events; Videos; Shop Our Store; ... 34' 10.4 m. Beam. 10'10" 3.3 m. Dry Weight. 12,500 lbs . 5,670 kg. Capacity. YC persons. View Full Specifications ...

  14. Hunter 34

    A 135% jib can more effectively be reduced to 110% than a 150% genoa can be reefed to 120%. Since the boat is sensitive to sail area, a good headsail roller furling system is a must, in our opinion. According to several owners, the Hunter 34 carries substantial weather helm in anything more than very light air.

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    Find Formula 34 Pc boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Formula boats to choose from.

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    Preowned sailboats for sale over 30 feet preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. ... 34' cataliina catalina 34 rainbow bay marina oahu, Hawaii Asking $43,500. ... Ft Myers FL, Florida Asking $25,500. 21' Marine Concepts SeaPearl 21 Trimaran Stone Mountain, Georgia

  17. Irwin Citation 34

    The Irwin 34 is in many respects a typical Irwin boat. It was originally called the "Citation 34," which was meant to indicate that it was more of a plush cruiser than the race-oriented Irwins at the time, but more of a racer than the larger cruisers. According to the company, 305 Irwin 34s were built in the production run, from 1978 to ...

  18. Beneteau Oceanis 34 boats for sale

    2013 Beneteau Oceanis 34. US$108,292. US $847/mo. boatpoint | Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.

  19. BENETEAU 34

    33.92 ft / 10.34 m: LWL: 30.67 ft / 9.35 m: ... Like the LWL, it will vary with the weights of fuel, water, stores and equipment. A boat's actual draft is usually somewhat more than the original designed or advertised draft. For boats with adjustable keels (centerboards, daggerboards, lifting and swing keels), Draft (max) is with the board ...

  20. RIVAL 34

    34.00 ft / 10.36 m: LWL: ... Like the LWL, it will vary with the weights of fuel, water, stores and equipment. A boat's actual draft is usually somewhat more than the original designed or advertised draft. For boats with adjustable keels (centerboards, daggerboards, lifting and swing keels), Draft (max) is with the board down. ...

  21. SAIL Top 10 Best Boats for 2023

    If you look at the specs of the new Dufour 37, you may scratch your head. How is a 34-foot LOA boat called a 37? No worries though, this little yacht is mighty, feeling and sailing like a bigger model. The first surprise is how the boat feels on deck and below. The cockpit is spacious with long settees and twin wheels that open up the traffic flow.

  22. Sabre 34 boats for sale

    1995 Sabre 34 Sedan. US$89,200. ↓ Price Drop. BananaBelt Boats & Yachts | Anacortes, Washington. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

  23. SABRE 34

    34.18 ft / 10.42 m: LWL: ... Like the LWL, it will vary with the weights of fuel, water, stores and equipment. A boat's actual draft is usually somewhat more than the original designed or advertised draft. For boats with adjustable keels (centerboards, daggerboards, lifting and swing keels), Draft (max) is with the board down. ...