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Catalac 10M for sale in Emsworth United Kingdom

Emsworth United Kingdom

Make & Model

Catalac 10M



Catalac 10m built in 1990. The Catalac range of catamarans have always offered safe and comfortable cruising and this example is no exception. With an easy to handle sail plan, excellent and versatile accommodation and a high level of interior fit out, this 10m also boasts both bow and stern thrusters to make short handed manoeuvring a breeze. With many recent additions to her inventory, this British built catamaran should offer many more years of enjoyable sailing.

Engine Horse Power


Super Structure Construction


Engine Type

2 inboard diesels

Sloop with Aluminium mast and boom. Stainless steel rigging. Roller genoa

Warm air heating


50L water tanks

Raymarine i70

Raymarine Autopilot


Kelvin Hughes

Winches - self-tailing electric

Winches - at mast


The Catalac 10M is 34 feet long and has a 15 feet beam. This 1990 Catalac 10M with 18 horsepower


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Catalac 10M Review

  • Post author By Rick
  • Post date July 2, 2010
  • 1 Comment on Catalac 10M Review

catamaran 10m occasion

by Lloyd (Page) Simonson

Our Catalac 10M is Serendipity, a 1985 10 meter Catalac (sail #2). We bought her in the Spring of 2004. and now have 3 major trips on her totaling nearly 4000 nautical miles, as well as numerable short trips. This review is based on our experience with her From the fall of 04 through the spring of 07 we were recovering from hurricane Ivan (Aug 04) in Pensacola, or in Oriental , NC or Green Cove Springs (near Jacksonville) working on solving the problems of a neglected 30 year old vessel and upgrading it with new or modern equipment. 

We spent a bit more money and a lot more time than we had hoped and ended up with far better boat than we dreamed of.. In 2005 we moved her 500 NM from Oriental to Green Cove Springs and in March 2007 we moved her another 600 NM to Port Everglades to ship her to Mallorca, Spain. From there we sailed and motored her nearly 2500 NM around the Med to NE Italy near Trieste.

sailing catamaran review, catamaran review, Catalac 10M cruising catamaran

I’ll focus on telling you the pros and cons of the boat as we use it, as opposed to advising readers on how to do any repairs or to describe our adventure in Europe or even to tell you how to get a boat to and from Europe. I will try to write some about those topics this fall. To us, our use puts several demands on a boat that are different than that of a day sailor or a vacation cruiser.

Safety is job no 1..

catamaran 10m occasion

Long before we undertook this trip, we understood that the Mediterranean has a lot of very unfriendly shores as well as some very nasty rock bottoms. It also has a very complex weather pattern. It is noted for having wonderful balmy days and nights disrupted by a wide variety of nasty, difficult to predict, storms. On one occasion we went from balmy 80 degree 10 knot weather to 108 degrees and 45 knot desert dry storm in a minute or two with no warning. We also got caught on a lee shore at sea with a squall that lasted over 2 hours and indicated winds to 45 Knots. We had several hundred miles of fetch across the sea into to the northern coast of Africa so we developed seas of over 8 ft. We had no warning so we were caught under power without the ability to anchor.. Serendipity rode these out with aplomb. Very soft and stable ride. No drawers or cabinets opening. No dishes or other things thrown on the floors. No hobby horsing. No fears for either the first mate or myself. Consistent with what I expected. I have never heard of a Catalac 10 meter capsizing, although I have heard of one 9 meter boat going over head first (pitch poling) but it was running downwind under full sail and more of less out of control. I frankly think it was being a bit recklessly sailed.

Catalacs were built as North Sea boats with relatively low center of gravity, and low windage. They’re built a bit heavier than the typical cat of their size and have a modest sail area. They stay upright and on their feet in a storm, go into irons fairly easily, and stay there without a lot of attention. A sea anchor on a bridle holds them nicely into the wind if you have enough lee way. With twin 25Hp sail drives you have the power to work off a lee shore if you need to do that as well as the ability to push the bow into the wind. I have not had water over the bow. About the only thing I’m careful about is avoiding overloading the bow or the stern. There are 4 very large lockers at both ends which invite lots of stuff and overloading the ends. DO NOT DO THAT. These boats must be lept light on their ‘ends’.

catamaran 10m occasion

But there is more to safety than a stable design. One reviewer said “they are built like a battleship”. While that may not true if taken literally, they do have a lot of very dense fiberglass everywhere. This makes for a stiff hull with a nice margin of strength to stand up to groundings or collisions with the stuff, now and then, one finds in the water. This strength and stability, and a well protected helm station helped me stand extended watches without being exhausted. So when the time came for alert and decisive action I was able to deliver. The rudder is hung on a stout keg protecting the sail drive and the prop.

Living on board for 3 months at a time – even with umbilical cords to water and electricity – places a lot of demands on any boat. There are lots of meals to prepare and dishes to wash and clothes to try to get clean in that period. There are cold nights and hot days. Rain and insects. Showers, cold drinks, a little Internet and music. Over and over we are delighted with how comfortable she is. Lots of storage all over. And the storage is unusually easy to inventory. There are few places that are big caverns that make it difficult to determine what is in it. The is great storage in each head for the things that logically go with the head. The Galley also has the kinds of storage needed for a month or so between grocery stops as well as the things needed to make a galley work. The Port hallway is again a plethora of storage with 2 large hanging lockers, a tall chest of drawers and several 6 ft long shelves, Each of the 2 staterooms has a lot of shelves, drawers and compartments. Frankly there are few Catamarans under 45ft with equal accommodations for extended use by up to 4 adults. Our 34ft Catalac has far more useful storage space than any boat I have looked over of comparable size.

catamaran 10m occasion

On a hot day, there are 6 opening hatches in the ceilings, 8 side windows that tip in and can be left open in most rains and 2 large sliding windows on the side of the raised portion on each side of the salon. Compare that with any comparable sized Catamaran. With a beam a little over 15′. we are often able to fit in a power boat or monohull slip and not have to pay for oversize slips.This boat is hard to overload (just watch the ends or her gentle rock will lose some of it’s gentleness) and it sails remarkable well for a loaded cruising cat. Most of the “fast” cruising cats are noted for not being fast when outfitted for cruising. If you want double digit cruising, you need a different boat. This is not a fast cat – under sail or under power. But I am pretty happy with a lazy cup of coffee and a lazy sail with little need for constant attention letting the autopilot do the steering. 

catamaran 10m occasion

This boat is a great lazy sailing ship with very nearly a house boat’s accommodation. She tacks well without needing any tricks like back winding the headsail and maintains a nice 5+ knots under modest breezes. And as any sailor can tell you, where you want to go is often not where the wind wants to help much… so, how she powers is also important.

We have found Serendipity loaded with full water and fuel tanks, lots of tools, heavy ground handling and plenty of provisions for several weeks motors along very quietly at around 6 knots on the GPS on one engine at about 2400RPM burning well under 1 gal an hour.. Applying more power adds a little speed at the cost of sharply increasing noise and fuel consumption.

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Owner of a Catalac 8M and Catamaransite webmaster.

1 reply on “Catalac 10M Review”

Lovely accurate review! Is she still for sale – and where would be the best place to see her? I had an 8 metre for years – (sailed in Greece a lot) and took her to Sweden and Denmark – these boats behave beautifully! Now looking at the 10 metre as a liveaboard…

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1985 Catalac 10M

  • Description

Seller's Description

S/V Felix is a 1985 Catalac 10M catamaran built by Tom Lack at the Quay, Christchurch, Dorset, England. Catalac’s are noted as tough strong boats designed to ride out the roughest waters of the North Sea with both safety and comfort. Catalac 10Ms are one of the best couple or small family live-aboard cruisers ever designed.

They were not designed to accommodate 4 couples in equal but cramped quarters for a week of partying as charter boats do. While in a pinch they can sleep 8, they really are good at providing a couple or a couple with 2 children a safe and comfortable home on the water for extended periods and do so with low maintenance and operating costs.

The Catalac 10M was designed with cruising in mind as it features two large forward cabins, one head and a small rear cabin that almost all boat owners have converted into a galley extension. The Catalac 10M is a solidly built boat powered by twin Yanmar diesel sail drives. These boats have a very popular layout, and sailing this boat long distances single handed, won’t be an ordeal. The Catalac 10M lets you control the boat from what basically feels like your living room. The hydraulic steering system makes steering effortless. The accommodations aboard a Catalac 10M rival a 45’ monohull, and in many ways surpass it.

The saloon is in the central portion of bridge deck and provides a 360 degree view of your surroundings and is nearly twice the size of a Gemini Catamaran while featuring 6 foot 2 inch headroom in most of it. The Salon table seats 6-8 people. A person who is 5 foot 10 inches tall can walk up and down the stairs from the salon standing straight up without bumping his head or hat. The salon side windows open about half way.

These boats are a rare find in the marketplace, they have a popular layout, and sell very quickly when they appear on the market. This boat can be seen in Port Charlotte, FL. Specifications Designer: Tom Lack Builder: Catalac Cruising Catamarans Ltd. Flag: USA Year Built: 1985 Construction: Solid fiberglass hulls, cored cabin and deck Design Intent: Circumnavigation (Many ocean crossings) Length Overall: 33’8” ft (10.3 meters) LWL: 27’ / 8.23 m Beam: 15 ft 3 in / 4.65 m Headroom 6’5” (hulls) 6’ 1” bridge deck Draft: 2 ft 9 in / 0.84 m Displacement: 11000 lbs (4990 kg) Mast height: above water: 45 ft 3 in (13.80 m) Sails: Main (servicable) with Dutchman System Genoa on furling system Jib Cruising Spinaker with Whisker Pole Aux Power : 2 x 30hp Yanmar Diesel Engines with saildrives (New 2006 now with 3400 hours) Steering: Hydraulic steering Fresh Water Tankage 2 x 55 gal (2 x 250 l) Stainless Steel with Level Indicator for each Tank Fuel Tankage 2 x 32 gal (2 x 175 l) Stainless Steel with Level Indicator Batteries 6 x 100 amp hour House Battery Bank (new 2016) 2 x starting batteries (one for each engine) Accommodations: Galley with pantry located in starboard hull 1-double cabin forward starboard hull 1-double cabin forward port hull 1-head located in rear port hull

Boat Inventory

  • Large U shaped settee with expandable rotating table sits 6-8
  • Hanging locker with TV/DVD above
  • Electric cabinet with compass, 12 Garmin chartplotter and VHF above
  • Panoramic View windows


  • Huge hanging locker
  • 2 dressing seats
  • 4 large drawers
  • Sink and cabinet below
  • Storage shelves
  • LED reading light, LED overhead lighting
  • 2 large forward windows, opening windows
  • opening hatch above with screen


  • Sink with attached drainboard
  • Counter with NEW 4 burner stove top
  • Cabinet with 3 shelves
  • 4 utensil drawers
  • Open shelving under stove top
  • Long opposing counter with shelving
  • Coffee maker and hot water kettle
  • Water filter system


  • Frigo Boat refrigeration system ( new 2016)
  • Double cabinet with 4 shelves
  • Microwave oven
  • Toaster oven


  • Two single berths
  • 3 Drawers with counter above
  • 3 Drawers under PT bunk
  • 3 shelves and counter behind door
  • 2 huge lockers under Pt bunk
  • LED Reading light
  • Opening side window, Opening hatches


  • 3 Shelves with counter and Printer on top
  • Table for computer and 3 drawers below
  • 4 long shelves for tools and parts
  • Hanging locker


  • Natures Head composting toilet
  • Original toilet is stored in a forward locker
  • Medicine Cabinet with storage
  • Shower head with sump pump below


  • Garmin 12 Chart Plotter
  • Garmin Radar
  • Raymarine Auto Pilot
  • Standard Horizon VHF Radio with AIS receiver connected to Chart Plotter
  • Depth sounder
  • Avon hard bottom Dinghy/sunbrella cover
  • 4 hp Yamaha Outboard and fuel container
  • Dinghy anchor and storage for life jackets
  • Inverter/Charger
  • 6 100 amp hour House Battery Bank (new 2016)
  • 2 starting batteries (one for each engine)
  • 2 Kyocera Solar Panels (245 W each)
  • AirX wind generator
  • Controller for wind and solar
  • 4 Bora 3 speed fans
  • LED reading and overhead lighting
  • Electric Windlass - Lofrans Kobra
  • 4- 1100 bilge pumps
  • LED Navigation lights and TRI Color
  • Aluminum Framed Bimini covered with Staymoid fabric
  • Custom Cockpit Enclosure Uniquely designed to roll up and stow in its own pockets
  • 4 large lockers under cockpit seats, including vented propane storage
  • Dinghy Davits
  • Solid high bridge fordeck with 4 large lockers
  • Electric Windlass
  • Bow Roller dual stainless Steel


  • Main (serviceable) with Dutchman System - spelling
  • Genoa on furling system
  • Cruising Spinaker with Whisker Pole
  • Chain plates are visible and accessible


  • 2 x Yanmar 3YM30, 30 HP coupled to Yanmar SD20 saildrives (New 2006) with 3400 hours)
  • professionally serviced every 1000 hours (full service records)
  • Twin lever controls in cockpit
  • Passive Hydraulic steering
  • Dual Racor filters and raw water strainer to each engine
  • Automatic and manual bilge pumps in each engine room
  • 2 Blade Props and old prop for spare
  • Large accessible engine spaces
  • cockpit lazerettes away from living spaces


  • Delta 45 lb Anchor with 150’ chain and 75’ nylon rode
  • Lofrans Kobra electric anchor windlass (2009)
  • 2 anchor snubbers
  • New Rode lots
  • Stern anchor, chain and rode
  • Tripping line and buoy


  • Life jackets - several types and sizes
  • Horseshoe buoy
  • Unique permanent metal sliding jackstays for harness attachment
  • Natures Head composting (regular head, holding tank, and all plumbing still onboard
  • 4 seats for cockpit
  • 2 diesel jury jugs
  • Saloon window snap on sunshades
  • Sun awnings
  • Curtains or covers and screens for all windows

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Also called CATALAC 34.

This listing is presented by CatamaranSite.com . Visit their website for more information or to contact the seller.

View on CatamaranSite.com

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Yacht charter in Baden · Edel — Edelcat 33 (1989)

Description of loic 's catamaran, catamaran - 10m — edel - edelcat 33.

Embark for a day aboard an agile and safe catamaran, to discover Morbihan by sea in the company of a qualified instructor. Today's program : 9:30 a.m.: Reception and boarding We warmly welcome you to the docking pontoon for a briefing on the safety instructions and the progress of the day. You will meet our professional and passionate crew, ready to give you a unique experience. 10:00 a.m.: Departure by sailboat The sailboat leaves the pontoon and we head towards the most beautiful seascapes. Enjoy the wind, the sun and the sea while discovering the secrets of sailing. Depending on your desires, the weather, and the currents, the destination varies (Ile aux Moines, Quiberon Bay, Houat). 12:30 p.m.: Lunch break at sea A well-deserved lunch break at anchor in a secluded cove or off a beach. For your picnic, a fridge is available to keep food cool. 1:30 p.m.: Sensation and relaxation Take advantage of the trampoline to relax on board or enjoy the sensations of wind brought by the thermal breeze. Depending on your preferences and destination, it is possible to get off the boat during these few hours to visit the area. 3:30 p.m.: Return to the Port On the way to the port, enjoy one last time the unique sensations of sailing and seascapes. 4:30 p.m.: End Return to port/ Our crew will accompany you and remain at your disposal to answer all your questions. Prices 760 euros, including: - Privatized sailboat with professional skipper - State certified cruise instructor. - Fuel and shipping costs - Security equipment Not included: Meals and drinks Book your day on a sailboat now and enjoy an exceptional maritime experience!

Equipment available on the catamaran

Services provided by loic.

Add dates for prices

Offered by Loic

Bienvenue chez Auboutdubout ! Nous sommes ravis de vous proposer des expériences uniques en catamaran pour une journée inoubliable en mer. Spécialistes dans l’apprentissage de la voile, nous vous invitons à découvrir le charme et la sérénité de la navigation dans le golfe du Morbihan. Que vous soyez en quête d'une escapade romantique, d'une sortie entre amis, ou d'un moment de détente en famille, embarquez pour une journée ou demi journée exceptionnelle. Vous serez accompagné par un moniteur diplômé d’état BPJEPS qui vous assurera votre sécurité, et votre apprentissage.

Location of the catamaran: Port Du Parun, Baden

Check-in & check-out

Rules of the boat, cancellation policy, check availability of similar boats, catamaran - 14.7m — robertson & caine - leopard 46 (2009), from €623 per day, catamaran - 12m — dufour - nautitech 395 (2001), from €700 per day, catamaran - 14.5m — robertson and caine - léopard 46 (2009), catamaran - 14.13m — robertson and caine - léopard 46 (2009), catamaran - 14m — catana - 47 (2015), from €786 per day, most searched.

Dedicated advisors, response within 48 hours


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catamaran 10m occasion

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catamaran 10m occasion

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Gemini 105Mc

This is the third version of an already thoughtful design that tony smith has been tweaking for years. it's a spacious, stable platform for a fast-cruising couple..

catamaran 10m occasion

Tony Smith’s most recent design is the third iteration of a 34-foot catamaran that his company, Performance Cruising, Inc., of Annapolis, first introduced to the American market in the 1990s. The result of Smith’s continued tinkering, the 105Mc, is, he says faster than the original. Since this is our first review of the Gemini cat in any version, we can’t compare. But we can report that this boat is fast for a cruising catamaran. It’s also evidence that when a builder is willing to incorporate new and sometimes expensive ideas in design development, the results can be worth the investment.

Company History Tony Smith is a British expatriate who, with wife Susan, formed Performance Cruising in 1980. Following graduation from the University of East Anglia with a degree in engineering, he studied the mechanics of boat performance while participating in singlehanded races, including the first 2,100-mile Round Britain race, in which he finished fourth.

He began his boatbuilding career by constructing a 24-foot Piver trimaran in a shed in England. Then, in 1969, he developed a method of integrating foam coring with fiberglass, and produced the Telstar, a 26-foot, folding trimaran. During a 10-year run, 300 of the boats were sold worldwide. Along the way, he also was involved in the construction of 30- to 70-foot custom yachts.

Eventually emigrating to the US, he introduced the Telstar to the US market. Following the loss of the molds in a fire in 1981, he re-emerged on the scene with the design for a new catamaran, appropriately called the Phoenix, the first Gemini.

Gemini 105Mc

In 1993, the company launched the Gemini 3400, the first catamaran with a lifting underhung rudder system. It was eventually modified and reintroduced as the 105M, and the 105Mc is the most recent upgrade.

With 800 boats on the water, the company claims to be the best-selling catamaran manufacturer in the US. In 2002 the company’s 20 employees built and sold 54 boats, valued at $8 million, in a 16,000-square-foot factory. An additional 25,000 square feet of production space are currently under construction.

Six dealers are located in Florida, Maryland, California and Washington. Though the company also sells directly to customers, there’s no price advantage, and a connection to a local dealer would be an advantage if warranty issues arise.

A prototype for a new Telstar trimaran is undergoing sea trials, and can be seen on the Performance Cruising website.

Appearance/Design Smith’s perspective on sailing and yacht design fits the definition of a multihull advocate. From his standpoint, sailing is about speed, comfort, and stability.

From an aesthetic standpoint, comparisons of a 35-foot catamaran to a cruising monohull are usually akin to comparing a coupe to a delivery van. Though both may be designed to accomplish the same purposes, the execution varies greatly. Many cruising multihulls present a slab-sided appearance, and boxlike profiles with cabins extending high above deck level.

The 105Mc does not. When viewed from the quarter, the Mc has a relatively sporty appearance, even with the addition of a cockpit canopy that raises the boat’s profile. Viewed on the centerline, there’s no question she’s a cat, though the unsightly strakes of the 3400 version have been eliminated.

Smith says Gemini catamarans are designed for “serious ocean cruising,” adding that “a 23-day passage with son Neil across the North Atlantic opened my eyes to her capabilities.”

During the passage, he says, the pair encountered 45-knot winds and 35-foot waves, but never felt they were in harm’s way, and were comfortably ensconced in the cockpit wearing layers of fleece.

As most readers know, voyaging in multihulls offshore demands some different sailing techniques and priorities than sailing ballasted monohulls. The high initial stability of a multihull works both ways: the boat will mightily resist capsizing, but if it does go over and invert, it will be virtually impossible to right again without the assistance of a large ship with a cargo crane. Assuming the essential integrity of the hulls, the platform will be stable, and the crew will live in an inverted world pending rescue. However, very few owners of cruising multihulls have the occasion to take their boats into conditions that seriously challenge their initial stability, and (North Atlantic deliveries by designers notwithstanding) this Mc will usually be sailed in coastal or near-coastal waters.

The Mc has the same basic dimensions as the 3400. Note that the weights published in the company’s sales literature and on its website are at odds with each other. Dimensions in this article are accurate, Smith says: “The 105M and the Mc are the same weight—9,600 pounds. We realized after our trans-Atlantic trip that the weights we had given for the 105M were too low. We finally bought a pair of scales!

“The mast on the Mc is a foot taller than the 105M, and has a 1′ crane.” The mainsail now carries a large roach and full battens, increasing mainsail area from 260 to 340 square feet, a hefty jump. The 150% genoa carries 350 square feet.

A new option is a flat-cut overlapping genoa known in the multihull world as a “screecher.” This 490-square-foot sail produces spinnaker performance without adding a pole and guys.

The furling drum for the screecher tack can move athwartships on a curved track that is mounted at the prows of both hulls and across the bowsprit/anchor platform, forward of where the anchor is dropped through. This movable tack allows more flexibility with sheeting angles, especially when attempting to work to weather.

The cut of the sail allows it to be sailed to within 50 degrees of the apparent wind, and the tack arrangement doesn’t get in the way of the ground tackle.

Smith describes the hull shapes, introduced in 1995 on the 105M model, as “revolutionary in the multihull industry.” They have a 9:1 length to width ratio.

“They closely resemble a racing monohull,” Smith says. “They are shallow and fat, with a teardrop shape to produce more speed and increase load-carrying capacity. Compared to the 3400, narrower shapes allow hulls to be moved outward to produce stability without increasing beam.”

The foredeck has 39″ of clearance at the bow. (Note that the builders refer to the deck area forward of the cabin as the “bridge deck,” but we’ll use “foredeck” as we don’t want to confuse it with the bit of decking often found between the cockpit and the companionway.)

Asymmetric centerboards were designed to reduce turbulent drag and increase lift. Constructed of a combination of fiberglass mat and Kevlar surrounding closed cell foam, they pivot upward to allow shallow-water anchoring. Located in cavities on the hulls, they are raised from inside the main saloon, a convenient arrangement that does not interfere with galley or navigational chores. Smith says the combination of hull and centerboard redesigns produced a boat requiring “25% less energy to push it the same speed.”

The cockpit sole has been lowered slightly to increase headroom to 6′ 7″. However, the modification does not impair the helmsman’s view forward through a large Lexan window that spans the deck. The wheel was moved outboard, allowing the helmsman to steer from the rail. Mainsail controls are now located on a thicker transom that provides more comfortable seating for crew, and the stern has been modified to allow access from swim ladders.

Smith’s personality is that of a consummate tinkerer. However, unlike industry giants, he enjoys the luxury of being able to continually focus his attention on one product with an eye toward evolutionary improvements.

Deck One early impression while sailing this boat is that the cockpit doesn’t resemble a spaghetti factory, though the boat is as well-equipped with name-brand equipment as a similar-sized monohull.

Halyards are led to winches on the mast rather than sheetstoppers on the cabintop because, Smith says, “you’re operating on a stable platform, even in a blow,” so moving forward is not as treacherous.

The mast carries straight double spreaders and is stepped on deck atop the main bulkhead. The headstay is opposed by a split backstay with tensioner. Halyards are internal. Shrouds are dead-ended on chainplates at the main bulkhead. The chainplates are bolted through steel strapping bonded into the foredeck area.

The mast is rigged with permanent checkstays angled 20 degrees aft. These are supported through the deck by a stainless steel rod married to a steel plate mounted horizontally in the hull. The powerful sailplan is well supported.

As is true on most catamarans, movement forward is relatively effortless. The combination of 14″ wide steps, a handhold on the canopy, a stainless steel handrail recessed in the cabintop, and 10″ wide decks, allowed us to move forward safely in blustery conditions we encountered on a test sail.

Gemini 105Mc

The large sundeck and plastic seats attached to the forward rail provide passengers comfortable lounging spaces forward of the mast when underway. Unlike a lightweight monohull, the cat’s performance is relatively unaffected by weight on the foredeck. Storage compartments are located in each hull.

The helmsman steers seated on a 27″ wide x 16″ deep seat that affords unrestricted views forward. We sailed with three passengers under the canopy without interfering with the skipper. Though the saloon may be enclosed in stinky weather, clear windows on the top half of the cockpit bulkhead slide open to allow the driver to commiserate with passengers.

The mainsheet is attached to the end of the boom and a section of track mounted on the stern rail that affords excellent sail control. However, the task becomes difficult when the cockpit is enclosed by a clear vinyl cover.

Lockers for storage of propane tanks and an optional generator are also located in the cockpit.

Belowdecks Step over an 11″ doorframe into the saloon and there’s no comparing the open spaces of the Mc’s 14-foot beam to the view along the saloon of a typical 34-foot monohull. That impression is augmented by a portlight array that provides 360-degree visibility, and four Bowmar hatches that allow light and air to flow in from overhead.

Fiberglass surfaces are light and shiny, and veneers nicely finished. The fit of most cabinetry is above average.

The centerpiece of the saloon is a C -shaped dining area surrounded by cushions that, with the table removed, serves as a conversation pit. When lowered, the table converts to a double berth.

The space to port, amidships along the hull, is dedicated to the navigator. The master stateroom is forward amidships and to starboard, with the bunk set at a slight angle. The head is forward to port. There’s an elongated galley on the starboard side, matched by a navigator’s station along the port side, and twin staterooms aft.

The boat has enough bunks for 6-8 adults, but Smith rightly calls it “a couple’s boat.” This is a refreshing contrast to builders who overstate the livability of their products.

In addition to its spaciousness, the minimum headroom, even in the head, is more than 6′, so most passengers will be able to stand upright.

Though the interior is not dramatically different than typical production boats, several touches contribute to a favorable impression. The dining table is solid teak. Leaves increase the surface of the table to feed 6-8 adults, and it rotates 90 degrees to fit the crowd.

Part of the navigator’s 89″ long work surface is elevated and shaped so a chart kit fits securely.

Aft staterooms have a 28″ x 28″ area in which to change clothes without banging the hull. Both have double berths and opening ports. Propane sensors and fume detectors are standard equipment in the staterooms, as are audible alarms.

The size of the galley on the Mc was increased by locating countertops on the inboard and outboard sides of the passageway, and the addition of drawers and cabinets. Similarly, room for a built-in microwave was added. The space is filled with a Voyager 2000 two-burner stove with oven and broiler, and two-section stainless steel sink. A solar vent is located overhead. The four-cubic-foot refrigerator is a Dometic American.

Skipper’s quarters are filled with light by a port spanning the hulls that presents views through black Lexan. The queen-sized berth sits on an island with nothing below it but water. Storage is forward in the hull, and in bins to starboard. The aft bulkhead of the compartment is enclosed by smoked glass that slides out of the way to provide a view corridor for the helmsman.

The head compartment on the Mc is big, bright, and well-ventilated. A good touch is a siphon arrangement that allows fresh water to be pumped through the toilet after every use, helping to eliminate odors.

Throughout the catamaran, spaces are well-organized and proportioned, so crews will rest, eat, and sleep in comfort. The skipper’s quarters are large enough to help compensate for the monthly mortgage payment and slip fees.

Construction The Gemini plant is a model of efficiency, with no wasted space, as we learned during an afternoon tour. Boats typically require 5-7 days to proceed past six stations to a forklift waiting to launch them into a creek behind the facility.

Hulls, decks, and interior liners that provide reinforcement of the structure and a base for furniture are solid fiberglass. Liners are glassed and tabbed into the hull prior to installation of the deck.

The lamination schedule calls for vinylester resins bonding a barrier coat of 1.5-oz mat followed by two layers of 18 x 15 Cofab mat. The only coring is 1/2″ end-grain balsa across the foredeck and cabintop, and in cockpit areas in which there are no deck fittings.

The hull-deck joint is a shoebox design bonded with something Smith calls “black poly putty,” produced by Cook’s. Most builders prefer 3M5200 but Smith has used the putty for 20 years because “it has an 8- hour setup time that allows workers to be more precise in the placement of the two sections. It makes a phenomenal bond that is not brittle because it is chemically cured, a better alternative than air-cured products.”

Once installed, the deck is secured with stainless steel fasteners on 5″ centers and the joint is covered by a gunwale guard.

Following his trans-Atlantic trip, Smith decided that the boat needed to undergo a weight loss program. When constructed, most boats are heavier than designed, and the Mc was no exception. Smith estimates the boat was 1,000 pounds too heavy.

“It was not a matter of speed, but of comfort,” he said. “I felt that by reducing the boat’s weight I could increase its buoyancy and produce a more comfortable ride.”

To that end, he replaced drawers in the forward stateroom with bins, substituted 1/2″ plywood for 3/4″ in some areas, and lightened the lamination in some nonload-bearing areas.

The boat’s Achilles heel could be the solving of wiring or plumbing problems, should they occur. Wiring looms are attached to the liner prior to the installation of the liner to the hull, and are virtually inaccessible. Of the arrangement, Smith says “our looms are foolproof. Remember, we’ve been doing this for 20 years and the process is evolutionary, not revolutionary.” Spare hoses are installed during construction to ease retrofitting appliances, and 12-volt wires are run through PVC to avoid heat and chafe. Wires exit the mast into the forward stateroom, and can be accessed in a panel between the deck and liner. Still, we wouldn’t want to perform subcutaneous surgery on this boat.

Performance We sailed the 105Mc on the day after the Annapolis Boat Show ended, when multihull manufacturers congregate to offer rides to interested sailors. A northeaster arrived that morning, bringing winds that built to 25-35 knots and produced a 3-4 foot chop. We were the only multi hull on the water.

Gemini 105Mc

With the wind abeam when we slipped dock lines, once we were underway she motored well despite her windage. On the bay, the boat sailed with little heel, and fast, under a reefed mainsail and a flat, 90% jib. Nearby, the three-person crew aboard a 30-foot monohull struggled to keep their boat on her feet.

Sailing closed-hauled, speed fluctuated between 6.5 and 7 knots. The short chop produced a bumpy ride and water over the bow, but we stayed on course with very little leeway. When we cracked off, speed fluctuated between 7 and 12 knots in wind speeds ranging from 17 to 25 knots. She was easy to steer, and responsive when we made sudden maneuvers to avoid crab pots.

The canopy protects crew from the elements, but may provide a false sense of security, as we learned when we moved forward from its protection and stepped into a chilly breeze and seaspray. Handrails are well located, and the nonskid was effective on the wet deck.

The boat is propelled under power by a single Westerbeke diesel, using an outdrive leg than can be lifted clear of the water. The current standard engine is 27-hp, up from the 20-hp engine previously installed.

Conclusions This third generation of Gemini cat is an improvement over her predecessors. She sails as well to windward as can be expected of a cruising catamaran (better than many) and shows good speed and stability off the wind. She’s easy to operate, and well-built. Spaces belowdecks are comfortable and larger than those on similar-sized monohulls, though the lack of a second head will be an inconvenience for skippers overnighting with large crews. With the 27-hp engine, a 150% genoa and furler, and electronics, the tab for the 105Mc is $129,500. Add a screecher for another $5,400.

Contact – Performance Cruising, Inc., 410/626-2720, www.geminicatamarans.com


Where is the production site, and can a tour of the facility be arranged?

The boat is no longer in production. Tony retired and sold the company. I think during the 2005 market crash everything fell apart. The outdrive and engine aren’t made anymore. The new owners redesigned the boat and ruined the original idea. They tried to design a boat for the single handed rental market in the Caribbean with a deeper draft and fixed keels. It didn’t sell well.

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