nigel irens yacht design

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nigel irens yacht design

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nigel irens yacht design

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Two dramatic new explorer trimaran concepts by Nigel Irens Design

Nigel Irens Design has introduced two new trimaran explorer yacht concepts as part of a collaboration with CMN Shipyard  and French designer  Christophe Chedal-Anglay . The 57.5 metre Origin 575 and the 70 metre Xplore 70 are  inspiring yacht concepts  that display a dramatic new style of explorer yacht design.

According to the Nigel Irens team, the design focuses on comfort, speed and ocean crossing capability. The trimaran setup is more efficient than a conventional mono hull, with improved range and fuel consumption. The extra hulls provide increased stability and comfort, with the overall beam at around 20 metres.

Both yachts are designed on the same platform, feature an all-aluminium construction and have a customisable interior arrangement, but due to the differing lengths there are some variations.

The Origin 575 is proposed with accommodation for 10 guests and eight crew. This 57.5 metre version has space on the aft deck to carry a mini-submarine; a sought after addition to any explorer yacht. There is also space for a 4.5 metre tender on deck, while a tender garage below offers further storage for a 6 metre tender and personal watercraft.

Four Scania D116 45M engines will power the Origin 575 to an estimated top speed of 27 knots. It is also expected to be capable of covering 4,000 nautical miles at an impressive 18 knots.

The larger 70 metre version, the Xplore 70, offers a larger platform than the Origin 575. The increased size means a greater range of 5000 nautical miles at 18 knots, while the four MTU 10V2000 M84 main engines can power it to a projected max speed of 27.5 knots.

The extra deck space can accommodate larger tenders, a submarine and also a helicopter deck . The larger area could also be used to accommodate containerised units with proposed uses such as a research laboratory, aquarium or a dive-centre. More interior volume also means there is space to accommodate up to 12 guests.

Nigel Irens is well known for designing record-breaking multihulls such as Ellen MacArthur’s 23m trimaran B&Q Castorama. His British design studio also develops yachts for any owner in search of a vessel for a specific purpose, such as the Vantage 86 performance catamaran that is being built by Green Marine .

Nigel Irens said “I have had the pleasure of travelling many thousands of miles in powered trimarans and am passionate about sharing that experience with owners who want to be part of this exciting development.”

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nigel irens yacht design

One to remember

A boat’s delivery to its new home becomes an unforgettable passage when the boat’s acclaimed designer, nigel irens, comes along for the ride.

nigel irens yacht design

Roxane ’s little sister, the 22-foot Romilly , was built on the same principles by Dartington Boatworks in Totnes. It was flat calm when owner Bill Stanton took me for a drift on the river, so I could be forgiven for not seeing the boat’s full potential right away. And, rereading the article I wrote back then,  it’s clear to me I didn’t really get what the boat was about. I had only owned long-keeled, wooden cruising yachts, and could only imagine owning something that could safely sail around the world. Yet Romilly was very specifically designed for daysailing in coastal waters, rivers even. 

Cut to 20 years later, and my perspective had changed completely. I was about to move to a small village on the River Dart—coincidentally, only half a mile from where I had sailed Romilly No. 1—and was looking for a boat to keep on the river. It had to be big enough to take my wife, our children and assorted friends (most of them non-sailors) sailing, and yet not so big that I would have to spend all my time maintaining it or pay huge mooring fees. It had to be shallow enough to potter around the river and get stuck on the mud without any fuss, and yet seaworthy enough for me to take off on the occasional inshore cruise, either solo or with friends. As a bonus, the ability to go on a trailer would both expand our cruising range and potentially save on mooring and storage fees. 

There were any number of pretty, cheap old wooden boats that I could have lost my heart to, and it took a great deal of concentration to stick to the plan. When I spotted a Romilly for sale within our budget, it was like an epiphany. Not only did she fulfill all the criteria, but she would be the perfect companion to my other boat: a 12-foot skiff, also designed by Nigel Irens. Within a few weeks it was a done deal, and Ramona (nee Dolphin ) was bobbing at her new mooring off the village of Stoke Gabriel.

Tantalizingly, we couldn’t move down for another and it was during this period that Nigel (who I had become few weeks, friends with since sailing Roxane and Romilly all those years ago) asked if he could borrow the boat for a week for his family holiday in Cornwall, as he was momentarily boatless. At week’s end, he would either trailer the boat back to the Dart or, weather permitting, we could sail her back together.

nigel irens yacht design

So when a weather window showing moderate southwesterly winds (and sunshine!) showed up after Nigel’s holiday, we dropped everything and headed straight to Fowey. On the way, Nigel told me about his holiday and enthused about Ramona . 

“It was great to discover this little boat,” he said.  “I had never had the opportunity before to use her so intensely, doing exactly what she was designed to do. We did stretch the limits a bit as we had eight and a half people on board and sailed every day of the week!  Even the non-sailors agreed it was the best part of the holiday.” (The “half,” by the way, refers to his 6-year-old daughter Katie.) 

nigel irens yacht design

By 11:30 a.m., we had loaded the boat, topped up with fuel and donned our foul weather gear. Low clouds and rain were coming in from the west as we motored past Punches Cross—a small white cross set into the rocks that has welcomed sailors into Fowey for at least 500 years—and hoisted the sails. The rain squall brought a fresh breeze with it and Ramona surged forward eagerly, ignoring the waves growling on the rocks to port. As we raced out to sea, the sky cleared and we were soon sailing in a fresh southwesterly breeze in glorious sunshine, while behind us a massive cloud glowered over the land. Our plan was to arrive at Bolt Head at slack water, about two hours before high tide, and make most of the east-going current beforehand. If we timed it right, we might even ride a little eddy that sweeps into Start Bay for nearly two hours after the tide has turned farther out to sea.

It was an interesting dynamic. I was the boat’s owner but had only sailed Ramona once before and had only sailed one other Romilly, when I reviewed the prototype 20 years before. Nigel, on the other hand, had not only designed the boat and sailed several other Roxanes and Romillys over the years but had also sailed Ramona for a week before I turned up, not to mention a lifetime’s experience on all manner of craft. So, despite my not inconsiderable sailing experience, I was a newcomer on my own boat and had everything to learn.

The issue soon came to the fore when, after about an hour reaching under a freshening breeze, Nigel suggested it was time to take a reef in. We had already brailed the mizzen and, although things were getting lively, I would have certainly held on to full sail for a bit longer. Bowing to his greater expertise, I agreed and sure enough with the main reefed the boat steadied down immediately, without seeming to lose any speed. Nigel still wasn’t happy, however, and after a few minutes quietly observing the (boomless) mainsail he attached a line from the mainsail clew to a cleat on deck, and hauled it down tight. This improved the shape of the sail as well as further steadying the rig, and for the next hour we surfed along the waves in complete comfort.

As I watched him handle the sails, I was struck by how well he kept the boat under control. Whereas I would have simply eased off the mainsail halyard and taken up the slack on the reefing pennants once the sail was lowered, Nigel used the tack line to haul down the sail and keep tension on the luff so that the sail was under control at all times. He also showed me a trick he had learned the previous week: lowering the sail beyond the first reef (using the second tack line) so the reefing points could be easily tied from the cockpit, before fully tensioning the pennants.  

nigel irens yacht design

As the wind eased, the boat started to wallow and become sluggish. This time I took the initiative and shook out the reef and unbrailed the mizzen, and Ramona was soon back in her groove. One of Nigel’s guiding principles when sailing these luggers is to use the mizzen to steer and balance the boats. Thus, if there’s weather helm, ease the mizzen. If you’re overpressed, drop the mizzen before you reef the main. If you need to heave-to, drop the main and set the mizzen on its own. He’s also a great advocate of using the mizzen to maneuver out of a tight space including, if necessary, backward! 

nigel irens yacht design

By the time we reached Dartmouth it was almost dark, and a huge moon squeezed up over the horizon. It rose higher and higher as we wound our way up the river, lighting our path all the way home. Twice we ran out of fuel, and twice I overfilled the tank and drenched the spark plug (bizarrely located right under the fuel tank). By the time we reached Stoke Gabriel, the current was running fast and it was with relief mixed with regret that we slipped a line onto our mooring. In the previous 12 hours we had experienced rain, mist, sunshine, wind, calm, sea, and river, and somehow ended up back home on a tranquil moonlit night. A perfect homecoming. “One to remember,” wrote Nigel later, and indeed our journey had followed such a perfect arc, it would have been hard to better it. It was an auspicious start for my new family boat.

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nigel irens yacht design

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No Jumping the Gun(boat) here

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: April 10, 2016

Yachts, Concept, Nigel Irens

This CE Category oceangoing yacht concept by Nigel Irens Design is the maximum length for its classification, measuring 78 feet 7 inches LOA.

Gunboat 78 will have a vacuum-bagged, epoxy foam sandwich, Nomex aramid honeycomb and carbon fiber inner skins’ lightweight build. Its size just fits into the CE class requirements, allows more room for equipment and avoids the heavy code regulations of larger yachts.

The catamaran will feature 5 double cabins with ensuite heads, including 2 master cabins, and a large salon.

Yachts, Concept, Nigel Irens

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origin 575 + xplore 70 remodel explorer yacht design with trimaran layouts

origin 575 + xplore 70  remodel explorer yacht design with trimaran layouts the ‘origin 575’ top view image courtesy of nigel irens design

a dramatic contemporary style of explorer yachts have been created by nigel irens design and CMN shipyard .  joined by french designer and fellow long term collaborator christophe chedal-anglay , the group came together to work on the development of a pair of trimaran expedition yachts, designated the ‘origin 575’ and ‘xplore 70’.  the partnership emphasizes comfort, speed and ocean crossing capability, with a trimaran configuration that is significantly more efficient than a conventional monohull. 

‘having applied what we had learned through the development of offshore racing trimarans to their motor-driven equivalents some 25 years ago, it’s exciting to see how successfully that technology has now been passed on to the three ocean eagle 43 patrol vessels produced by CMN,’  comments designer nigel irens. ‘ I have had the pleasure of travelling many thousands of miles in powered trimarans and am passionate about sharing that experience with owners who want to be part of this exciting development.’

performance is impressive with a top speed of 28 knots (52 km/h) and a range of between 7,408 and 9,260 kilometers at 18 knots (34 km/h).  the interior arrangement of the ‘origin 575’ (57.5 meter design) can be customized to suit an owner’s requirements, but each can   accommodating 10 guests and eight crew.  there is deck space for a mini-submarine and a 4.5 meter tender while the stern garage offers storage for a six meter tender and personal watercraft. 

‘xplore 70’ naturally offers a larger platform with enhanced capabilities, additional space and further range. the yacht features a helicopter deck, as well as space for larger tenders and a mini sub. the extra deck space is able to board containerized units ideal for rapid role enhancement whether it’s a research laboratory, aquarium or a dive-centre. this unique capacity to cross oceans at speed and in comfort combines the pleasure of the voyage itself with the excitement of arriving at new destinations in such a way that they blend into a single seamless experience. 

happening now! discover how mara, the historic italian company specialized in the production of aesthetic and functional furnishing systems and elements, fills the home office and office with minimal and contemporary designs.

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Elephant Boatyard | Traditional Boat Builder | Bespoke Yachts & Restorations

Nigel Irens is one of the world’s leading designers of high performance yachts. He has an incredible portfolio which ranges from record-breaking yachts to innovative bespoke cruising designs (such as the one we are building at the moment).

We have collaborated with Nigel for years, and our understanding runs deep.  Working closely with such a brilliant designer is a privilege which enables us to offer a seamless service from design inception throughout the build process to delivery.

Although known for his record-breaking trimarans and traditional cruising yachts, Nigel has excelled in motor boat design.  His concept of low displacement / length ratio (LDL) has essentially created a new world of motor boating characterised by  speed, fuel economy and seaworthiness.

“Elegant motorboats for sailing people”

These two designs illustrate Nigel’s latest motorboat concept.  Made from traditional cedar planking, it is deceptively fast and economical. The high vertical stem is distinctly modern, and the fine bow reduces drag whilst the wide transom offers stability and spacious accommodation.  Perfect for a cruise around the Solent, or indeed along Southern coastal waters.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this or any other build project.

' title=

Clara Boat Co by Nigel Irens

Over the past 45 years I have had the pleasure of designing an unusually wide variety of boats of all sizes – both sail and power-driven (see, but right now we are concentrating on spreading the word about a particular kind of power-driven boat – the development of which has been an on-going passion of ours since 2003.

These designs are characterised by the fact that their hulls are unusually Long for their Displacement .  From the outset we therefore adopted the term ‘LDL’ (‘ L ow D isplacement/ L ength ratio) to identify this kind of vessel. 

The design of boats has always been characterised by the need to favour certain requirements at the expense of others. Clearly a boat that can offer all things to all people cannot exist!

In the case of the ‘LDL’ hull our clear objective has always been to optimise a range of speeds that lie anywhere between slow speed (the easy bit…) up to ‘swift’ speeds up to about 12-14 knots – beyond which planing-hulled designs will be more appropriate – especially if these speeds are needed for much of the time afloat. 

During the dark days of Covid lock-down the only upside was that there was plenty of time to think, and in that apparently vacuous period it suddenly became obvious to me that the characteristics we had optimised with the development of the ‘LDL’ hull made it a perfect partner for the burgeoning development of electric propulsion .  

The problem bothering the world of planing-boats is that the inherently low energy-density offered by a battery often results in serious power-to-weight problems when compared to traditional gasoline-powered units that have always served the high-speed boating industry so well.


Totnes, Devon Summer 2022

* Video filmed by Seb FitzHenry ( )

Project Gallery

In the early days of this website you’ll find a some more information in ‘LDL – Close up’ and also on-going information about the progress of ‘Clara’ in ‘ CLARA’s Journal ’. Other titles will be added in time!

The design of ‘CLARA’ was developed from what we learned from our 2012 test vessel ‘GRETA’. This video shows ‘GRETA’ at about 9.75 knots – powered by a 14 hp inboard diesel. (The shot was taken as ‘GRETA’ was reaching the end of a 50 nautical mile coastal passage from Fowey (Cornwall) to Dartmouth (Devon)).

Recent Projects

Project archive.

Saecwen by NIgel Irens Designs

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Yachting World

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Chinese sailor Guo Chuan plans to set a record through the North East Passage – in a giant trimaran

  • Elaine Bunting
  • April 7, 2015

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan is planning to go through the North East Passage in the 97ft trimaran that Francis Joyon sailed round the world

Guo Chuan trimaran Qingdao

What’s the ideal yacht for attempting to set a record transiting the North East Passage?

You might think a steel yacht, or aluminium perhaps, something that resists crushing by ice, a sturdy craft equipped sensibly, if not beautifully, with a pilothouse or other shelter on deck.

You mightn’t think: the best yacht would be a round the world racing trimaran.

But Chinese sailor Guo Chuan did. He has just bought has bought Francis Joyon’s 97ft trimaran IDEC. Surprisingly, he didn’t buy it to better Joyon’s lone round the world record – or at least not for now – but to set a record, the first officially recognised speed record, for going through the North East Passage.

Guo Chuan and Francis Joyon

Guo Chuan and Francis Joyon

Guo Chuan, former Volvo Ocean Race crew and the first from his country to sail solo round the world, took over the Nigel Irens-designed trimaran in La Trinité sur Mer last month and will train with Joyon throughout April before renaming the yacht Qingdao.

The project follows nearly two years’ research on the feasibility of attempting the North East Passage from Murmansk to Providenya. The World Speed Sailing Record Council has agreed to adjudicate on the first attempt of this world record challenge, skippered by Guo Chuan with an international crew from the UK, France, Norway and Russia.

After attempting to set a North East Passage record, Guo plans to sail along the maritime silk road from China back to Europe. His team says: “Guo has no plan to sail round the world with this boat yet, but we do have plans for the next three years.”

But going through the North East Passage is not guaranteed in one year. The route can often be impeded by ice, with every possibility of having to spent two seasons making the long journey through the Bering Strait. The map below shows the remoteness and length of this most difficult ‘sea voyage’.

Who is Guo Chuan?

Guo, 50, is an aeronautical engineer who got the bug for sailing back in 2000 when he joined friends from the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for a day on the water. In 2008 he was picked to be the media crewmember on the Irish-Chinese Volvo Ocean Race entry Green Dragon and in 2012/3 he set a record as the first Chinese person to sail solo round the world, sailing a Class 40.

North East Passage

North East Passage

The North East Passage

The passage from Novaya Zemlya or Franz Josef Land to the Bering Strait was first completed in 1878 by Swedish scientist Nils Adolf Nordenskjöld in the ship Vega.

The first modern yacht to do so was Apostle Andrew, skippered by Nicolai Litau from the Moscow Adventure Club in 1999, who sailed from Murmansk back to St Petersburg.

It is now commonly used by the people of Russia as the shortest water route between Russian ports in Europe and the Far East, and this passage offers a saving of 5,000 miles. It is, however, carefully guarded, and taking a Russian crew is often a precondition of gaining the necessary permissions.

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W1: January/February 1997 – SOLD OUT Sailing Roxane • Oughtred Acorn Skiff • Falmouth working boats • Gear for gaffers: bowsprits • Deck seams with modern compounds • Brock 24 • Using Epoxies • Grand Designs: Buehler Cowhorn, Selway-Fisher Tosher, Wolstenholme Cockle.

W2: March/April 1997 – SOLD OUT Oulton Week • Electric auxiliaries • Sailing the Brock 24 • Building a Pocket Gaffer • Bowsprit fittings • Making breasthooks • Repairing glued spars • Sailing the Picarooner • Building the Cockle dinghy -1 • Grand Designs: Oughtred Eun Mara, Dias Brigadier.

W3: May/June 1997 – SOLD OUT Aboard the Matthew • Building a Chebacco boat • Sailing the Amethyst bawley • Building the Royal Shallop • Repairing topsides • Sailing the Little Auk • Taking lines off a model • Building Cockle -2 • Grand Designs: Beuhler Button, Selway-Fisher Beaumaris

W4: July/August 1997 Thames Trad Boat Rally • Sailing the Finesse 24 • Restoring Maid of Lorn • Davey & Co • Stemhead fittings • Dee fishing boats • Sailing St. Laurence Skiff • Building Lady Betty -1 • Farrow & Chambers • Half models • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme barge yacht

W5: September/October 1997 Wooden Boat Show • Sailing Memory • McGruer Innovations • Making hollow spars • Marking waterline • Lady Betty – 2 • Gear for Gaffers: masts • Repairing stems and sterns • Sailing Mallard • Grand Designs: Devlin Nancy’s China, Willow Bay Boats’ Shilling.

W6: November/December 1997 Sailing North Quay 17 • Schooner holidays • Boatbuilding on the Thames • Lugger Lessons • Laying canvas   decks • Tela dayboat • Gear for gaffers: stays • Building a modern clinker pram -1 • Grand Designs: Dias Marsh Hawk, Gartside cutter

W7: January/February 1998 – SOLD OUT Sailing Crabber 22 • Scaffies • School for boatbuilders • Sailing Beaumaris 24 • Commonsense yacht repair • Sense & centreboards • Building clinker pram -2 • Sailing Norfolk Oyster 16 • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher canoes; Wolstenholme Mayfly.

W8: March/April 1998 – SOLD OUT BB11 keelboats • Sailing Pintail • Peter Freebody • Fitting out pocket gaffer • Gear for gaffers: stays – 2 • Steaming ribs • Building the Chaisson semi-dory -1 • Sailing Spoonbill • Tips for boatbuilders • Grand Designs: Oughtred faering; Burnett cruising gaffer

W9: May/June 1998 Restoring a Humber yawl • Sailing Sea Otter • Chaisson dory -2 • Chatham Directory of Inshore C raft • Gear for gaffers: stays – 2 • Sailing Suffolk Beach Punt & Seahopper • Building Marsh Hawk -1 • Grand Designs: Moss Sea Otter; Norman Smith Pond Skater

W10: July/August 1998 – SOLD OUT Eun Mara yawl • Broads yacht Dragonfly • Dragonfly blocks • Sailing Lune Whammel • Building a Golant Gaffer • Building Chaisson dory-3 • Bolger’s Alert • Building Marsh Hawk 2 • Douarnenez 98 • Grand Designs: Gartside centreboard sloop & tender

W11: September/October 1998 – SOLD OUT Dixon Kemp steel yacht • Sailing Drascombe Lugger • Tasma VI • Grey Seal • Pocket Gaffers • Lone Wolf • Coracles • Geodesic designs • Chaisson dory 4 • Marsh Hawk 3 • Marking & measuring devices • Grand Designs: Pete Culler’s traditional USA designs.

W12: November/December 1998- SOLD OUT Traditional boat charter • Sailing Kittiwake • Building Mehalah • Paying deck seams • 3-mast Lugger • Winkle Brig • Peter Gregson • Chaisson dory 5 • Marsh Hawk 4 • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher Sapphire steam launch; Gartside Itchen Ferry cruising gaffer.

W13: January/February 1999 – SOLD OUT Sailing Willow Bay Shilling • Make your own sails • Golant Gaffer • Gear for gaffers: backstays • Chaisson dory 6 • Finishing Marsh Hawk • Homemade clamps • Sailing Marsh Hawk • Orkney Yole • Corribee no 1 • Grand Designs: Dias School Ship

W14: March/April 1999 – SOLD OUT Hereward: Cardnell Double-ender • Sea kayak • New wooden Folkboat • Gear for gaffers: mast fittings • Fitting out a Golden Hind • Building Wharram Melanesia • Cirrus Broads yacht • Boat Barn • Chaisson Dory 7 • Grand Designs: Hesp pocket gaffer.

W15: May/June 1999 – SOLD OUT Sailing Romilly • Balancing a lugger • Stitch-&-glue Heron • Electric launch Polly • Sailing the Catspaw • Making your own oars • Gear for gaffers: gaff saddles • Sailing the Eun Mara • Building Eun Mara • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher: Port Louis pocket gaffer.

W16: July/August 1999 – SOLD OUT Sailing the Crabber 17 • Drascombe Mods • Charlie Ward steel barge • John Welsford’s Navigator • Haven Twelve-and-a-Half • Sharpening cutting tools • Natural knees • Building Eun Mara 2 • Grand Designs: Davis ply cruiser; Gartside gaff cutter

W17: September/October 1999 – SOLD OUT Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • Fitting out a Golden Hind 31 -2 • Dulcie: a long-lived ex-lugger • Rot & how to prevent it • Building the Eun Mara yawl • Building the Sandpiper Skiff • Sailing a kit-built dayboat • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Swallow

W18: November/December 1999 – SOLD OUT Pilot cutter Alpha • Cornish lugger Guide • Fitting a junk rig to a gaff ketch • Making bits of boats: grabrails, cleats, gaff jaws • Jack Chippendale makes long drill bits • Building a boat for open-water rowing • Eun Mara 4 • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher Baltic Lugger

W19: January/February 2000 – SOLD OUT Sailing Yarmouth 23 • Phil Bolger • Gear for gaffers: Boom not Bust  • Appledore 16 • Taking the lines off • Sailing Tideway 12 • Forehatch for a Golant Gaffer • Piper One Design • Eun Mara 5 • Vogalonga in Venice • Grand Designs: Pfannenschmidt catboat

W21: May/June 2000 – SOLD OUT Adrian Noyes’ traditional wooden boats • Building a steam launch • Sailing a Jolly Boat • Making clinker planking look right • Building a pocket cruiser in Oman • Gear for gaffers: boom end fittings • Eun Mara 7 • Grand Designs: Home build Romilly; Dias cat-yawl

W22: July/August 2000 – SOLD OUT Wolstenholme Barge Yacht • The First Sailors: canoe-form craft of pre-history • Clinker masterclass • Building the Ebbtide • Building and rowing the Annapolis Wherry • Electric power, pedal power • Building Romilly 1 • Grand Designs: Wharram cargo catamaran

W23: September/October 2000 – SOLD OUT The Great Glen Raid • Phil Bolger electric launch • Sailing Sanderling • Finesse 28 • Sprite & Otter; two rowing skiffs from kits • Stone Age Sailors 2 • Strip plank primer • Selway Fisher Pinky • Building Romilly 2 • Grand Designs: Whisstock Deben 5 Tonner

W24: November/December 2000 – SOLD OUT Dysart Yawls • Building a Broads classic in wood • Building Ebbtide 3 • Building a cruising gaffer • Blue Collar Boats: American skiffs • Phil Bolger on electric boats • Building Romilly 3 • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme electric launch; Gartside one design

W25: January/February 2001 Living aboard in the Med • Sailing the Cove Boat • What it costs to build your own boat • Gear for Gaffers: Blocks • Time & Tide Dutch dayboat • Building Romilly 4 • Linnet & Bee: rowing skiffs to build • Grand Designs: 3-masted Nigel Irens Expedition Boat •

W26: March/April 2001 Boating holidays in the USA • Building a Buehler schooner • Painting Boadicea • Norway’s Hardanger Fartoyvernsenter • Building an Aleutian Baidarka • Building Romilly 5 • Sailing Alerion • Bright finishes on test • Grand Designs: Hesp family daysailer.

W27: May/June 2001- SOLD OUT Boating Holidays • Henwood Thames Launch • Building a traditional Orkney 3-sail yole • Sailing the Character Boats range • Building Gartside Itchen Ferry • Building Petite Brise • Building Romilly 6• Grand Designs: Oughtred faering; Selway-Fisher launch

W28: July/August 2001

Sailing North Quay 22 gaff cruiser • Megin dinghy • Building Ebbtide 4 • Itchen Ferry 2 • Hope in Ireland: the late John Kerr’s last boating holiday • Sailing the Ha’penny • Curved Coamings• Grand Designs: Swallow Boats Osprey; Paul Gartside liveaboard motorsailer

W29: September/October 2001 – SOLD OUT Great Glen Raid • Orwell Corinthian • Gear for Gaffers: Untangling the mainsheet • Building Bolger Micro •  Semaine du Golfe • Sailing the 3-masted Nigel Irens dayboat • Building Whilly Boat • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Workstar, Welsford Whaler

W30: November/December 2001- SOLD OUT 3 x16-footers : Shetland One Design; Coquina II; Selway-Fisher Islay • Womack Classic: Buttifant Broads • Houdini: Welsford sea-going dinghy • Six Metres • Mill Creek skiff • Boring the stern tube • Grand Designs: Bolger Amherst galley; Selway Fisher Martlet

W31: January/February 2002 Wolstenholme / Henwood Electric River Launch • Building a Thames Whiff • Gear for gaffers sheeting • Applying gold leaf • Boring stern tube • Kittiwake Yawl • Cove Boat. • Shearwater • Grand Designs: Gilles Montaubin’s Lili, winner of 2001 Great Glen Raid.   

W32: March/April 2002 Electric daysailers: Tony Dias Bittersweet & Venla, a home-built trailer-sailer • Tomboy, restored gaff cutter • Birch plywood for boatbuilding • Building the Ebbtide • Second and third thoughts about centreboards •: Grand Designs Tom Dunderdale’s Apple

W33: May/June 2002 – SOLD OUT Picarooner • Plume catboat • Chris Waite’s home-designed pocket • Designer Paul Fisher builds a • Thames electric saloon launch • Bolger longship • Hand spliced standing rigging • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme pocket cruiser; Gartside flashboats & rowboats

W34: July/August 2002 – SOLD OUT North Quay 30 • Scottish Island class• sailing boat in French canals • Trailing & sailing to Pin Mill • Sailing the Swale Pilot• Building Laurent Giles motor cruiser • Buildings a trailer from a kit • Grand Designs: Oughtred Ness yawl; Bolger water-ballasted sharpie

W35: Sep/Oct 2002 Great Glen Raid • Kit-build Romilly • Bolger St Valery lugger • Sailing canoes: Horton Rob Roy MacGregor & Rushton Princess • Buckler’s Hard  • A proper boatbuilder’s bandsaw * Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Broads yacht & Selway-Fisher sailing canoes.

W36: Nov/Dec 2002 Brendan: Dutch cat • Raid Finland• Friendship sloop• Building Ebbtide • Building a faering in the front room • Gondola in Amsterdam • Douarnenez festival • Rutland Water • Grand Designs: Bolger motor cruiser; Welsford smallest cruising boat

W37: Jan/Feb 2003 First submarine in 1621 • Cornish Shrimper  • Sailing in Rock • Haven 12.5 in Finland  • Ballasted sailing canoe  • Bossoms electric launch • Welsh coracles • Carbon spars for trad boats • Grand Designs:  Dias daysailer; Yachting monthly classic cruising yachts.

W38: Mar/Apr 03 Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Assn • Arctic Tern dayboat • Building a traditional clinker dinghy • Adrian Noyes Beer lugger • Malcom Darch ship models • National Maritime Museum Cornwall • Grand Designs: Oughtred Egret-style sharpie; Stevenson Weekender.

W39: May/June 03 class=”txty”>Isles of Scilly dayboat• McGruer 8-Metre • Severn salmon boats • Building an American trawler yacht • Build Canadian canoe • Hitchhiking to the Volga • Miss Simplette • Daniel Z Bombigher • Grand Designs: Bolger Sea Bird ; Selway-Fisher NZ steam launch.

W40: July/August 03 launch Consuta • Photographing boats • Oyster dayboat • ‘Thames Trad’ • Sail Caledonia raid • Restoring Fenwick Williams US sharpie • Building Celtic lugger • Epoxy for beginners • Nicolson: Design own boat • Grand Designs: ethnic double canoe

W41: September/October 03 Alice Driscoll sails Lymington Scow • Judy Brickhill sails Stiffkey Cockle Amateur Boatbuilding Awards  • la Semaine du Golfe • Devon Lugger • Building Whilly Boat • Epoxy 2 • Nicolson on designing own boat • Grand Designs:  Powell canoe yawl

W42: November/December 03 – SOLD OUT Bolger: Easier backyard boatbuilding • Backyard boatbuiling in Moscow • Building &Sailing Irens Expedition boat • Where to build • Building Gartside pocket cruiser • Building S-F tosher • Epoxy 3 • Grand Designs: Bolger miniature Queen Mab

W43: January/February 04 – SOLD OUT Moonshadow: Broads cruiser-racer • Yare Navigation Race • Swallowboats sail & oar kits • Building & sailing Celtic Lugger • Kayaks to kit boats • Fitting new engine in MG classic • Epoxy 4 • Grand Designs: Welsford Walkabout; Dudley Dix Cape Henry gaff cutter.

W44: March/April 04 Francois Vivier traditional-modern designs • Norlandbat • Peter Feebody steam launch rebuild • Minimalist little skiff from Munich • Traditional Scottish Zulus for today • New engine 2 • Epoxy 5 • Grand Designs: Gartside Expedition Boat for inland voyage.

W45: May/June 04 Sailing Wharram Tiki 21 ● Ullapool Boatbuilders ● Sjektes and the City • Swedish Pilot Boats • Boatbuilding Academy • Skin-on-frame Umiak ● Building sailing canoe • Epoxy 6 • Nicolson on design • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats Storm 17;  Montaubin raid boat

W46: July/August-04 World Pilot Gig Championships ● Sailing Dias Arey’s Pond Daysailer • Mystic seaport boat plans • Lobster kit boat • Building Wolstenholme Coot ● Saltern’s Tela • Epoxy 7: Q & A • Nicolson on design • Grand Designs: Welsford Penguin cruising yacht & tender

W47: September/October-04- SOLD OUT Sail Caledonia raid  • Sailing French Seil dayboat • Beale Park & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards ● Building Oughtred Buillemot • Sailing North Quay 19 & Character Boats Post Boat • Trailing 1 • Building Cape Henry 1 • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher junk rig cruiser.

W48: November/December-04 – SOLD OUT Brest & Douarnenez festivals • Building Swallow dayboat • Atlantic Challenge • The Boat in a Bag • Raid Finland • Grimsay Boat Project • Trailing 2 • Renewing yacht rudder • Building Cape Henry 2 • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Orient steam launch

W49 January/February-05 Gilles Montaubin’s Wabi  • Norfolk’s Rev Nev • Len Slater’s cale model dinghies • Building a Viking ship – in Hounslow • Building the S-F junk rig cruiser • Jangadas • Trailing 3 • Grand Designs: Mark Fitzgerald sharpie Floridays: Oughtred Skerrie skiff

W50: March/April-05 Steam on the Thames • Building a steam launch 1 • Sailing Wolstenholme Swallow • Building clinker Swallow • Sailing Rik Homan’s Elisabeth • Building Viking ship 2 • Building Cape Henry 3 • Trailing 4 • Grand Designs: three Gartside steam launches

W51: May/June-05 The l’eaudown on French water-ballasted dayboats • Building a dinghy in a top-floor apartment • Sailing the Norseboat • Edey & Duff Whaleboat • Trailing 5 • Steam launch fit out • Hollow spars • Repairing strip plank • Grand Designs: Drascombe Drifter 22

W52 July/August-05 Sailing Kittiwake 16 • la Semaine du Golfe • Velalonga: sailing Venice’s lagoon  • Current Thinking on Electric Boats • Restoring a beaver stern launch – and a Cornish pocket gaffer – twice • Trailing 5 – in Europe • Grand Designs: Welsford Pathfinder cruising dinghy

W53 September/October-05- SOLD OUT Swallow Boats Storm 19 • Beale Park show review & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • Vogalonga: rowing Venice’s canals • Up & Over: launching the Viking ship • Building a traditional Irish currach • Nicolson • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats pedal-powered skiff

W54 November/December-05 Clinker plywood, strip plank or cold moulding? • Building a Ness Boat in Australia • Raid boat Little Nell • What’s a ‘raid’? • Making a yuloh • Building Cape Henry 4  • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme electric lake launch; Chesapeake Light Craft sailing pram kit

W55 January/February-06 Hybrid diesel-electric auxiliary drive for Wylo cruising yacht • Restoring Heron dinghy • Building a Cradle Boat • Building a baby New York Bay sandbagger • Cape Cutter 19 • Sail Caledonia • Grand Designs: Ed Burnett gaff cutter; Gartside 4-seasons motor boat

W56 March/April-06 Raids: the first 10 years • Sailing a kit-built Wharram cat • Bob Budge: Freebody’s master craftsman • Building a traditional faering… and a modern sailing canoe • Tan Tingo sailing dory • Building Cape Henry 5 • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats Sea Raider

W57 May/June-06- SOLD OUT Reviewing 3 double enders: Swallowboats’ Storm 17; Simmons & Broome’s Wee Seal; David Moss Sea Otter 25. • Steaming into France • Gubby’s Heir Island Sloop • S-F Pinky Ketch • Sailing canoe 2 • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher clinker ply Thames skiffs

W58 JulyAugust-06 Sailing the Drascombe Drifter 22… and Rick Powell’s sailing canoe • Monarch: miniature paddle steamer • Thames Trad Boat Rally • Douarnenez • Building a clinker canoe • Grand Designs: Lancaster Jones steam paddlers; Bolger pedal powered stern wheeler

W59 September/October-06 Beale Park show & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • Sail Caledonia • Sailing the Sea Raider • Sailing Longshore 19 • Building a Cornish Pilot Gig on board ship and then cutting it in half! • Building a carvel gaffer • Grand Designs: Reuel Parker Seabright Skiff

W60 November/December-06 Inspired by Bolger Mocassin • Sailing Powell pilot cutter • Building a carvel gaffer 2 • Cape Henry 6 • Sailing a lug-rigged tosher • Building a stitch & tape kit • Portsoy • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Meaban gaff sloop; Iain Oughtred sailing canoes.

W61 January/February-07 – SOLD OUT Sailing Meadowlark sharpie • Iain Oughtred profile • Building & sailing Oughtred Egret sharpie • Building a replica of a Cornish lug & mizzen ‘hobble boat’ in Nova Scotia • Electric outboards • Building Nutshell pram • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats BayRaider.

W62 March/April-07 John Atkin Maid of Endor • Building Cornish hobble boat 2 • Building a matched pair of stitch & tape kayaks • Sailing canoe cruising • Jigsaws for boatbuilding • Grand Designs:  Wolstenholme  Wherry; Dongray Limpet dinghy; Gartside Pims miniature motor launch

W63 May/June-07 Building a cruising gaffer in the backyard • Sailing the Limpet dinghy • Hobble boat 3 • Open boat cruising in Finland • Sailing the Viking boat • Building Oughtred Gannet • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher c/b cruising yacht; Walt Simmons Newfoundland Trap Skiff

W64 July/August-07 – SOLD OUT The enduring appeal of the ‘Thames Trad’ • Mr Freebody’s Superior Slipper Launches • Sailing the BayRaider • Trad craft in Ireland • Building McGregor sailing canoe • Cape Henry 7 • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Breton dayboat; Michael Slater Goat Island Skiff

W65 September/October-07 Sailing Shilling dayboat • The best Beale yet & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • The Silence of the Amps: hybrid propulsion •: McGregor sailing canoe 2 • Building Duck Trap Wherry • Home-built proa • Grand Designs: Colin Cummings ‘one-piece’ dinghy

W66 November/December-07 Buttifant Broads yacht  • Irens Expedition boats at Sail Caledonia • Designing & building a Humber barge yacht • Clinker ply in pictures 1 • Jobs for the Boys: Jo Moran’s young sons build Limpet kit • Grand Designs: motorboats from Selway Fisher; Gartside & Vivier

W67 January/February-08 – SOLD OUT St Ives Jumbo lugger • International Boatbuilding Training College • Alloy planked dayboat • le Mille Sabords used boats sale  • Clinker ply 2 • Limpet 2 • Getting back on board * Cape Henry 6 • Grand Designs: Oughtred canoe; J-F Garry cruising yacht

W68 March/April-08- SOLD OUT Building strip plank Roxane • Sailing Welsford Whaler & Deben Lugger • Canada’s Silva Bay Shipyard School  • Trail & sail to Greece • Designing & building a Raid boat  • Clinker ply 3 • Japanese tools • Grand Designs: Campion Design Megan dinghy

W69 May/June-08 – SOLD OUT Sailing kit-built Cormorant & Swallow Boats Trouper • Restoring 1891 yacht Kestrel • Professional strip planking: Willow Bay Shilling & Roxane 2 • Moray Flotilla • US Antique & Classic Boat Show  • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher electric saloon launch

W70 July/August-08 Boatskwl: summer boatbuilding school for teenagers • Building: Limpet 3 & Roxane 3 • Dublin Bay Water Wags in Sri Lanka • Yamato Boats: Phil Bolger in Japan; Building ply Yamato in UK • Pinky from sustainable timber • Grand Designs: Wharram Islander 39

W71 September/October-08- SOLD OUT Beale Park show & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • Sailing an Orkney yole up the Thames • Maine Boatbuilders’ Show • Seagoing pocket gaffer • Cape Henry 7 • Lough Neagh workboat • Model paddle boats for schools • Grand Designs: Arch Davis Penobscot 17

W72 November/December-08 – SOLD OUT Am Bata: Scottish trad boatbuilding in school  • Limpet 4 • Roxane 4 • Alan Staley builds New Blossom gaff cutter • Alistair Garland restores J-Class tender • Chesapeake Marine Designs for home builders • Grand Designs: Jay R Benford modern Friendship sloop

W73 January/February-09- SOLD OUT Iain Oughtred Special: Sailing Acorn 15, Tammie Norrie, Gannet  /  Building Stickleback / Ness Yawl from Venice to Torino •  Velalonga • Klassieke Schepen Dutch trad boat show • New Blossom 2 • Roxane 5 • Grand Designs: Oughtred Penny Fee & Auklet

W74 March/April-09- SOLD OUT Small is beautiful • WBTA boat buying survey • Sailing canoe cruise in the Western Isles • Sailing Devon Yawl & Bristol Jolly Boat • kit-built Secret gaff cutter • Building Sandpiper • Grand Designs: Irens electric speedboat; Storer radical Raid boat.

W75 May/June-09 Electric power: converting 1897 launch; driving Irens speedboat • Building a kit built kayak – from scratch • Victorian catboat • Cradle boats • Roxane 6 • Sail Caledonia • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Otter electric launch; Swallow Boats BayCruiser 20

W76 July/August-09 – SOLD OUT Full Gartside plans for 16’ Pocket Gaffer • Sailing Devon Scaffie • New Blossom 3 • USA International Yacht Restoration School • UK Boatbuilding schools • Sunbeam OD • Phil Bolger obituary • Cooking afloat • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Folkboat of the Future

W77 September/Ocober-09 – SOLD OUT Beale Park show & Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • New boats at Beale • The Fall & Rise of Cornish Crabbers • Building the award-winning 3-sheets of ply skiff • Semaine du Golfe at first hand & in pictures • Roxane 7 • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher catboat

W78 November/December-09- SOLD OUT Gartside plans: 12′ (3.6m) rowing boat • Building a strip plank Canadian canoe • Make a razee • Sailing the Chebacco Boat  • Building Chebacco outdoors 1 • Cirrus electric daysailer • Portsoy • Grand Designs: Sam Devlin Dunlin weatherproof motor cruiser

W79 January/February-10 Gartside plans: work launch • Sailing Swallow Boats BayCruiser • Scottish Coastal Rowing Project • Building SCRP St Ayles Skiff kit • Sailing Vivier Meaban • WBTA members listing • Ralph Bird obituary • Grand Designs: Welsford sea-going dayboat

W80 March/April-10 – SOLD OUT Gartside plans: 20’ (6m) lugger • Building Cape Henry 10 • Sailing Cape Henry • Peter Freebody’s family business • BBA launch day • Light Trow in the Med • Outdoor Boat 2 • Painting & varnishing 1 • Grand Designs: Morten Olesen Norwegian sailing pram

W81 May/June-10 Gartside plans: 12’ (3.7m) outboard skiff • Acorn on the Limousin lakes • Nautique Sevres boatbuilding club • Cold-moulding Pettersson runabout • Building Weekender & Cornish Pilot Gigs • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats BayRaider 17; Selway-Fisher electric launch.

W82 July/August-10 Gartside plans: 18’ (5.8m) gaff dayboat • Golant Gaffer • Golant Yawl • Boat Businesses: Kittiwake Boats; Mylor Boat Hire;; Gaffers & Luggers • Building Pilot Gig & Chebacco Boat • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme breakdeck launch; Gavin Atkin Fleet Trow

W83 September/October-10 – SOLD OUT Beale Park Boat Show • Amateur Boatbuilding Awards • Sailing gunter Roxane, Irens BJ17 & BayRaider 17 • Build your own Gartside pram • Building rowing skiff • Scottish Coastal Rowing Project • Robin Hood boats • Grand Designs: Welsford cruising dinghy

W84 November/December-10- SOLD OUT English Raid • Wolstenholme Kite • Gartside plans: gaff dayboat • Building Gartside cruising yacht • Open Gunwales • Pedalling the Avon with a Hobie Drive • Grand Designs: Vivier dayboat; Selway-Fisher keelboat

W85 January/February-11- SOLD OUT Cordless Canoe Challenge • Sailing the Crabber 26 • Gartside plans: 12′ (3.6m) motor launch • Building Safe Harbour keelboat • And a Norfolk crab boat • And the Baird Witch Project • Grand Designs: Scottish Dayboat; Nancy’s China pocket cruiser

W86 March/April-11 White Swan: Buttifant Broads yacht • Pen-Hir: Vivier’s Folkboat of the Future • Willow Bay dayboats • Pplans: Nova Scotia Pleasure Dory • Outdoor Boat • Long Oars • Witch 2 • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Breakdeck Motorboat

W87 May/June – 11- SOLD OUT Nestaway Boats • Preview: la Semaine du Golfe • Sailing the Stevenson Weekender • Paul Gartside plans: lug-rig sailing dinghy • Building a Lerret • Witch 3 • Laid deck • Preview: Beale Park Boat Show • Cordless Canoe Rules • Grand Designs: Sam Devlin mini motor-sailer.

W88 July/August – SOLD OUT American Pinky built from British timbers • Visiting the French festivals • Paul Gartside plans: coastal rowing skiff • Fit out your dinghy • Vac bagging a strip-planker • Repairing clinker ply • Thames Trad Boat Rally • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher slipper launch.

W89 September/October – 2011 – SOLD OUT Oughtred dayboats gather in the Netherlands • Beale Park Boat Show + ABBA • Cordless Canoe Challenge • Paul Gartside plans: traditional outboard skiff • Fit out your dinghy 2 • Skin on Tin • Skin on Frame • Character Boats’ Coastal Whammel • Grand Designs: Iain Oughtred Kotik pocket cruiser.

W90 November/December – 2011- SOLD OUT Sail & Oar in Scotland: Portsoy & Sail Caledonia • ABBA winner John Milnes’ Tammie Norrie • Paul Gartside full plans: pocket gaffer • David Moss: Custom Boatbuilder • Building a Peterboat • Skin on Frame 2: The Skin! • Building CCC winner King Canute • Grand Designs: Roger Dongray Golant Ketch & Iain Oughtred/Jordan Boats Wemyss Skiff

W91 January/February-2012 Multimono • Peter H Spectre revisits the Thames * The English Raid goes east * Over 180 years of Jeckells Sails * Craftsman Craft gentleman’s Launch • Gartside plans: Falmouth oar & sail oar workboat • BayCruiser 23 • Building pocket gaffer Pickle • The Botes of the Eo estuary • ABBA & CCC 2012 rules • Grand Designs: Swallow Boats car-topper sailing canoe

W92 March/April 2012 Venice Raid • Morgan & Bristol 22 • Gartside plans: traditionally built Gentleman’s Launch • Building pocket gaffer Pickle 2 • Kheya the kit-built dinghy • The Lady Varnishes • Great Baltic Dinghy Passage from Poland to Sweden • Cordless Canoe Challenge 2012 • Grand Designs: Selway Fisher pocket cruiser Pickle & Salmo 15 kit-built lugger.

W93 May/June 2012 Entre Terre et Mer • Dolphin of Leith • Gartside plans: Sjogin II Kloster-style gaff sloop • Sailing Crabber 12 • Building Aber • Making a yacht rudder • Remembering master boatbuilder Jack Chippendale • Fliptail CCC entry • Bristol 27 review • Beale Park Boat Show preview • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Ilur dayboat updated.

W94 July/August 2012 EJade NZ One-Design keelboat • Quoddy Pilot • Gartside plans: Dayboat on a budget • Thames Skiff Centennial 12 • Sailing Kite in Ireland • Building Kite sister ship – Part 1 • Seafly: sailing dinghy for the Lakes • Workshop: Restoring epoxy-coated spars • Thames Traditional Boat Rally preview • Grand Designs: Don Kurylko 18’ (5.5m) gaff yawl Myst

W95 September/October 2012 Beale Park Boat Show • Water Craft Makita Cordless Canoe Challenge • Amateur Boat Building Awards • Building Velociraptor… and Something Fishy • Full Gartside plans: 20’ (6m) steam canoe • Sailing Heard 25 • Shoal Waters in Essex • Royal Jubilee River Pageant • Grand Designs: Ross Lillistone sail-and-oar beachboat.

W96 November/December 2012 – SOLD OUT English Raid • Water Craft Makita Cordless Canoe Challenge 2013 • Launching the Lugger • Building Zelva for pedal power • Four Candles • Gartside plans: 12’ catboat • Eddy Current electric launch • Golant Ketch • Grand Designs: Paul Gartside’s Slow Loris.

W97 January/February 2013 – SOLD OUT Irish Raid • Gartside plans: Practical Outboard Launch • Nigel Irens’ Own Launch • Building Kite 2 • Egg-box Boatbuilding • Building an Uffa Fox Single Scull • Sailing the Deben Lugger in Greece • Sharpening Tools • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier’s le Maraudeur.

W98 March/April 2013 la Semaine du Golfe • Gartside plans: West Country yawl • New Zealand FireBug • Building Herreshoff tender • Adam Way Oban Skiff • Fitting out Aber • Computer-Aided Gaffer: Kite 3 • What’s the Point of Marine Paint? • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher Skelig launch.

W99 May/June 2013 Sailing into the Arctic Circle • Gartside plans: Cruising Gaff Cutter • Modern Viking dayboat • Building plywood sailing canoe • Australia’s Wooden Boat Festival • Computer-Aided Gaffer: Kite 4 • Beale Park preview • Grand Designs: Deer Isle Koster Boat.

W100 July/August 2013 – SOLD OUT The Remarkable Story of the St Ayles Skiff • Gartside plans: Mast Ironwork • Building & Sailing the Golant Ketch • Sailing the International 12 • New Freebody slipper launch • Building Alaska • Computer-Aided Gaffer: Kite 5 • Grand Designs: Iain Oughtred tenders.

W101 September/October 2013 Beale Gets Its Buzz Back • Cordless Canoe Challenge & 2014 rules • ABBA Winners • Gartside plans: Sail & Oar Tender • Sailing the Gartside West Country Yawl • Cormoran • Pathfinder’s Progress • Computer-Aided Gaffer: 6 • Grand Designs: NQM Racing Gaffer.

W102 November/December 2013 – SOLD OUT SkiffieWorlds 2013 • Sailing the Salcombe Ria • White Fang: Oughtred double-ender • Gartside plans: 34’ (10.4m) Motor Boat • Strip Plank Repair • Sidecar Boat • Outdoor Boat • What’s the Point of Marine Plywood? • Grand Designs: Koalen 17 Vivier Pocket Gaffer.

W103 January/February 2014 Broads River Cruiser India • Sail Caledonia • The English Raid – and more • Gartside plans: 4-Oar Rowing Skiff • Dutch sloep • Building Salcombe launch Badger • Building an Almost Traditional Thames Skiff – in Scotland • Sailing the Polish Wind Hunter 19 • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher’s YM Senior for today’s backyard boatbuilders.

W104 March/April 2014 Professional boatbuilder’s own gaffer • Douarnenez preview • Irish hooker rebuild • Gartside plans: 24’ (7.2m) gaff cutter • The Designer Monologues No 1 • What’s the Point of CAD? • Building Coot from a CNC-cut kit • Three Cornish Punts • Nautiraid Coracle Tenders • Grand Designs: John Brooks’ easier to build Herreshoff/Haven dayboat.

W105 May/June 2014 – SOLD OUT NQM Spitfire 18 review • Design & build modern cruising gaffer • Penbo runabout • Gartside plans: 14’ (4.3m) outboard skiff • Designer Monologues: Francois Vivier • FV’s Morbic 12 • Restoring a traditional launch • Building Conrad Natzio’s Oystercatcher • Beale Park preview • Grand Designs: William Atkin’s Rescue Minor – then and now.

W106 July/ August 2014 The boatyards of the Thames • What’s the point of traditional rigs? • Designer Monologues: Paul Gartside • Commissioning the Catbird sharpie • Strip plank for beginners • Building a wood & canvas canoe • Sailing the Cornish lugger • Cutting curves • Grand Designs: New classics – more break-deck launches from Andrew Wolstenholme..

W107 September/October 2014 Beale Park Boat Show re-invented • Cordless canoes – and tenders • ABBA • Designer Monologues: Matt Newland • Sailing Swallow Boats’ Expedition • Sail Caledonia • Paul Gartside steel motor-sailer • Building a Ness Yawl • Grand Designs: Storm 23 by Matt Newland & the smallest houseboat by Roy Schreyer.

W108 November/December 2014 Douarnenez 2014 • Fishing under Sail • Building the Flat-Pack Boat • Paul Gartside plans: Flat-Bottom Dinghies • Building Hvalsoe 13 • Building ABBA-winning Kayak • Sailing Canoes on the Baltic • The Designer Monologues: Ian Nicolson • Cordless Canoe Challenge rules 2015 • Grand Designs: Faering cruiser by John Harris, Chesapeake Light Craft.

W109 January/February 2015 – SOLD OUT Swallows & Amazons • The ‘Cornish’ Raid • Dressage for boats – ! • Paul Gartside plans: Fantail Daysailer • What’s the point of water ballast? • Oars for leisure rowing • Rowing skiff restoration • Outdoor boat • Designer interview: Paul Fisher • Grand Designs: Two dayboats with water ballast: Selway-Fisher Highlander 18 & Francois Vivier Stir-Ven 19.

W110 March/April 2015 – SOLD OUT Portsoy Festival in Scotland • Oyster dredging in Cornwall • Dressage for boats – 2 • Paul Gartside plans: Outboard Runabout • Restoring a RN Fast Motor Dinghy • Building a Cuddy Dinghy • The Valk flies • Creek cruising in Essex • Outdoor boat • Grand Designs: Andrew Wolstenholme’s Wheelyboat and Eric Henseval’s Aviateur plywood ocean voyager.

W111 May/June 2015 – SOLD OUT The Battle of the Luggers • Ryan Kearley Traditional Boatbuilder • Interview: Iain Oughtred • Paul Gartside plans: Two Pram Tenders • Jamie Clay’s Guillemot • Tom’s Viking Dayboat • What’s the Point of Two Masts? • Marlinspike Sailors • Grand Designs: Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawl Mk3 and Phil Swift’s Florin for Willow Bay Boats.

W112 July/August 2015 – SOLD OUT Lady Charlotte • Galway Hookers at Kinvara • What’s the Point of Traditional Wooden Boats? • Oru Folding Kayak • Sailing the Shrimper 21 • Paul Gartside plans: Koster-style dayboat • Building Lili using CAD and CNC • Hobart Festival of Sail • Marlinspike Sailors • Grand Designs: CLC’s John Harris presents his 16’ Outrigger Junior Proa

W113 September/October 2015 – SOLD OUT Beale Park Boat Show 2015 • Cordless Canoes • ABBA • Gaff Rig For Cruising • Sailing the Salmo 11 • Paul Gartside plans: classic motor cruiser • Building a big cat • Building the Ilur dinghy • Marlinspike Sailors • Grand Designs: Glen-L Marine’s Barrelback runabout.

W114 November/December 2015 Sail Caledonia • Gaff: The Once & Future Rig? • Sailing the GRP Kite • Pasco 23 motor launch • Paul Gartside plans: children’s rowboat • Building a steam launch in a polytunnel • Building a Stickleback canoe • Building that second boat • Pocket Yacht Palooza… and Crooza • Marlinspike Sailors: bosun’s chair • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher catboat.

W115 January/February 2016 – SOLD OUT Beer Lugger • Sailing the Smack’s Boat • Paul Gartside plans: motor sloop • George Whisstock’s EasyBuild designs • Completing a Whisstock dinghy • Building the Lili 2 • Epoxy techniques • Cordless Canoe lessons • 2016 CCC Rules • 60 Years of Wharram cats • Marlinspike Sailors: cockscombing • Grand Designs: Wharram Mana.

W116 March/April 2016 – SOLD OUT SeaFair Haven • Sailing Tom’s Viking Boat • Paul Gartside plans: pocket gaffer • The Glorious Herreshoff 12 • How the Smith family built their Haven 12 – Part 1 • Building an L-G gaffer • Outdoor Boat • Kate’s Liveaboard • ABBA 2016 Rules • Marlinspike Sailors: Tool Rolls • Grand Designs: Smaalders Simplicity 35 & Selway-Fisher Ptarmigans.

W117 May/June 2016 Great Breton Festivals • What’s the Point of Trailer Sailers? • Paul Gartside plans: Trailable Houseboat • Building the Francois Vivier Jewell • Building the Haven 12 – Part 2 • Building the Lili – 3 • Taking Off the Lines • Marlinspike Sailors: Tool Lanyards • Beale Park Boat Show Preview • Grand Designs: Tad Roberts’ Pogy 17 motor sailer.

W118 July/August 2016 Thames Trad preview • Casino Royale electric Chris Craft • IBTC Portsmouth • How Should We Restore Old Boats? • Gartside plans: Gaff-rigged Daysailer • Building the Haven 12 – 3 • Building the Lili – 4 • Taking Off the Lines – 2 • Making a Pilot Ladder • SkiffieWorlds • Grand Designs: Paul Fisher’s steam launch & Graham Byrne’s Core Sound pocket cruisers.

W119 September/October 2016 – SOLD OUT Beale Park Boat Show review • Amateur Boat Building Awards • Cordless Canoe Challenges • Waterfly: International 12 • Gartside plans: Cruising schooner • Orkney Yoles • A little lugger called Summer • Making soft shackles • Cleaning the seas around the Scillies.

W120 November/December 2016 Still in Europe – at Douarnenez • Fowey River Class • IBTC Lowestoft • Gartside plans: Outboard Runabout • Building a breakdeck motorboat • Building Lili – 5 • Outdoor Boat • The Sailmaker’s Trade • SkiffieWorlds • Grand Designs: Vivier lateener & B&B’s motorboat.

W121 January/February 2017- SOLD OUT Liberty Belle paddle steamer • Franklin Wooden Boat Centre • Falmouth Marine School • Paul Gartside remembers Tom Sukanen • Building Lili – 6 • Venetian S’ciopon • Oughtred Guillemot • Deben Lugger Rally • ABBA ’17 • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Crabber 24.

W122 March/April 2017 – SOLD OUT Semaine du Golfe • Cornish Traditional Rowing Craft • French Boatbuilding School • Paul Gartside Plans: Rowing Pram • Building Lili – 7 • Building Custom Trailer Sailer • Building Two Strip-Plankers • Making a Ditty Bag • Grand Designs: CLC Skerry Dayboat & Selway-Fisher Mandarin Rowing Skiff.

W123 May/June 2017 – SOLD OUT Sail Caledonia • Mayflower dinghy • Cockler rebuild • Gartside plans: Pocket Gaffer • Sailing into Retirement • Designing the Retirement Project Boat • Building a Boatshop in Alaska • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Norfolk Punt • Beale Park Boat Show Preview.

W124 July/August 2017 Thames Trad • What Colin Henwood did next and what he’s doing now • Replanking Peggotty • Paul Gartside Plans: Beach Cruiser • Plank on Foam Staverse Jol • Building Lili – 8 • My Last Boat • Better Brightwork • Grand Designs: Dave Gentry’s skin-on-frame canoe yawl.

W125 September/October 2017 – SOLD OUT Beale 2017 • ABBA • Lapwing 2 • Dad’s Boats • CCC & Codless Blue Riband • Gartside Plans: Tancook Whaler • Colin Henwood on electric boats • First-timer builds a traditional clinker dinghy • Building Selway Fisher ‘Lillie’ canoe yawl • My Last Boat 2 • Make your own lead line • Grand Designs: Andrew Wolstenholme kit dinghy for Young Gaffers.

W126 November/December 2017 – SOLD OUT Semaine du Golfe 2017 • Sail & Oar in Morbihan • Skin-on-Frame • Gartside plans: Motor Launch • Colin Henwood on old tools • Building a Gartside Pram • Building the Lili 9 • Building from a Boat Kit • Outdoor Boat Grand Designs: Francois Vivier sail-and=oar team boat Kernic & Princess 22 sharpie from Graham Byrnes of B&B Yachts.

W127 January/February 2018 Sailing Lively • A Sweeter Peapod • Gartside plans: Fast Gaffer • Skin-on Teak Skiff • Restoration Dramas: Thames launch, river skiff; Wayfarer transom • Colin Henwood on traditional cobles • Restoring a vintage German caravan – yes, really! • Digital Boatshop 1: Tool tote • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher coble-inspired dayboats.

W128 March/April 2018 Douarnenez encore • Dutch Boat on the Broads • Designing Boats for the Broads • Hunter’s Yard • Gartside plans: Flattie Skiff • Colin Henwood: Buying Boat Timber • Building the Lili 10: Vacuum Bagging • Building Tony Dias Harrier • Strip Plank Techniques • Grand Designs: Karl Stambaugh’s CMD Boats Trailer Sailer 24.

W129 May/June 2018 Castine dayboats • Custom BayCruiser 23 • Salcombe motor launch • Gartside plans: Lugsail dinghy • Colin Henwood: ‘Jack and John’ • Building the Lili 11: the start of the finish • Building the Tomales Bay One-Design • Restoring a National 18 • Grand Designs: John Harris of CLC Boats has a Cornish Pilot Gig – for stitch & glue construction!

W130 July/August 2018 Freebody’s 2018 • Sailing the new Crabber 24 Mk V • Electric Hire Boats • Gartside plans: 29’ (8.8m) Motor Sailer • Batbuilding with Home-Grown Timber • Building a River Shannon Gandelow • Making a Fisherman’s smock • DIY Boatyard • Thames Traditional Boat Festival • Grand Designs: Swallow Yachts’ COAST 250.

W131 September/October 2018 Beale Park boat show • ABBA and CCC competitions • Falmouth Working Boat • Dutch sail-and-oar weekend • Gartside plans: Plywood Peapod • Colin Henwood’s crafts-people • Building the Lili: finishing the finish • Building and sailing Phoenix • CNC project: portable tool chest • Grand Designs: Dudley Dix Cape Cutter 19 for home builders.

W132 November/December 2018 Douarnenez 2018 • Launchings at Lyme • Cobles at Brid • Gartside plans: Shanty Boat • Colin Henwood’s handover • Building the Lili: non-slip decks & homemade portholes • Building a Cradle Boat • Phoenix build 2 • CNC project: portable workbench • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher slipper launches for home builders • ABBA & CCC rules 2019.

W133 January/February 2019 Buzzards Bay 18 • Cockwells Modern & Classic Boatbuilding • Ben Harris Boatbuilder • Beautiful Boat Company • Gartside plans: 30’ (9m) Schooner • Colin Henwood on the Consuta system • Landlubber’s Log • Phoenix build 3 • Outdoor Boat • Grand Designs: CLC’s Waterlust sailing canoe & Jordan Wood Boat’s Footloose sailing skiff.

W134 March/April 2019 Sail Caledonia • Six Metre Man Tom Owen • Colin Henwood on Restoration or Reinvention • Gartside plans: 45’ (14m) Cruising Cutter • SCRA Picnic class • Cat for Rowing • Building Wood Cruising Yacht • Scantlings for Modern Wood Boatbuilding • Adventures with Dinghy • Grand Designs: Karl Stambaugh’s Ragtime Motor Cruiser for Home Builders.

W135 May/June 2019 Vogalonga • Boatbuilder Amy Stringfellow • Harmen Timmerman’s beautiful boeier • Gartside plans: 24’ (7.1m) Cruising Sloop • Colin Henwood on hanging up the shingle • Lili 14: Electrics • Building a cruising gaffer • Strip-plank pocket cruiser • Launchings at Lyme • Adventures with Dinghy * Grand Designs: Francois Vivier’s Lilou 2 dayboat.

W136 July/August 2019 Thames Trad • Riverboat Queen Gillian Nahum • Windermere Jetty Museum • Smacks’ Shipwright Caroline Ellis • Gartside plans: 18’ (5.5m) Gozzo Boat • Colin Henwood on painting • Pro-built pocket cruiser • Trailer sailer fit out • Wood composite construction • Grand Designs: S-F Heron 15 pocket cruiser & CLC’s Guider kit-built raid boat.

W137 September/October 2019 Semaine du Golfe • Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival • Gartside plans: 16’ (4.9m) Pocket Cruiser • Colin Henwood on the snuggledog • Building a Cold Moulded Cutter • Sheathing the Bare Hull • Making hollow spars • Crab Pot Craftsman • Adventures with Dinghy • Grand Designs: Dave Gentry Light Melonseed skiff & Sam Devlin lobster boat.

W138 November/December 2019 Two Havens for Tasmania • Dutch Wooden Boat Festival • SkiffieWorlds 2019 • Ant Mace’s skin-on-frame boats • Gartside plans: 15’ (4.6m) garvey • Colin Henwood compares festivals • Planning the accommodation • Norfolk Punt build • Carbon spars • Hull turnover • Avoiding salties in Oz • Tabernacles • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Sprite.

W139 January/February 2020 Loire Festival of Rivercraft • Colin Henwood en France • Restoring a Broads cruiser at IBTC Lowestoft • Gartside plans: 16’ (4.9m) Fast Daysailer • Laying modern wood decks • Getting her out of the boatshed • Electric Propulsion • Des Pawson, Ropework Hero • Grand Designs: Two canoe yawls: CLC’s Autumn Leaves & Selway-Fisher’s Lillie.

W140 March/April 2020 Charlie Hussey, marine carpenter • Gartside plans: 21’ (6.5m) Electric Launch • Working on Water • Mastmaker • Paddlemaker • Detlef’s dreamboat • Bike trailer sailer • Building a family launch • Fitting an inboard diesel • Grand Designs: Smaalders motor cruiser.

W141 May/June 2020 Small American classics in modern materials • Colonia Dinghy • Metre Yacht Restorations • The Rigger’s Trade • Gartside plans: 18’ (5.5m) Launch • The WBTA story • Building the cabin top • Kate’s little lugger • Lili’s daggerboards • Ellen Massey-Leonard in Alaska • Ian Nicolson: safety in the cabin • Grand Designs: Paul Fisher’s Fanny the Fantail Launch.

W142 July/August 2020 France’s Fantastic Maritime Festivals • Trad boat holidays Stanley & Thomas • Gartside plans: 13’ (4m) Plywood Catboat • Mouldings and cove lines • Making metal rig fittings • Cassette rudder • Fossil brothers • The science of traditional boat rigs • Grand Designs: Andrew Wolstenholme’s elegant motor launch for Tasmania’s Wood Boat Centre.

W143 September/October 2020 Alasdair Grant’s Island Boatbuilding • Ballentine’s Boat Shop on Cape Cod • Gartside plans: 17’ 6” (5.3m) Garvey • Old ways to build wooden boats • Cockpit fit-out • OGA Dinghy afloat at last • Lugger or Gaffer? • The Shock of the Old: Materials • Lockdown Wooden Boats • Grand Designs: Nick Schade strip plank Adirondack Guide Boat.

W144 November/December 2020 White Violet and the Sabrinas • YM Senior build • Gartside plans: 16’ (4.9) rowing skiff • Catboats in Britain • Home boatbuilding: Goat Island Skiff & Morbic 12 • Gaffer cabin fit-out • The Shock of the Old: Don’t do dogma • CNC-cut framing table • Dinghy meets wolves * Affordable small boat rigs • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier’s new traditional Mesker sailing dinghy design for amateur builders.

W145 January/February 2021 Encore for la Semaine du Golfe? • Nigel Irens’ Slippery Launches • Gartside plans: 14’ (4.3m) sailing skiff • Recycled teak • Launching 144’s home-built Lockdown Boats • Lili’s sophisticated CNC-cut sails • Jerry Eardley makes gaffer spars • Unstayed masts: Moray MaPhail does the maths • Taking Off the Lines • Nesting Dinghy • Mooring points * BBA Lockdown Launch Day • Grand Designs: Andrew Wolstenholme Gentleman’s Launch

W146 March/April 2021 Building an Oughtred double-ender • Woodbridge Boat Yard • Class of 2020 at the BBA • Gartside plans: 16’ (5m) family launch • Surveying wooden boats • New transom for an old boat • Jerry Eardley moves his gaffer from the home boatshop • Stayed masts with Moray MacPhail • Forgetting the bear essentials • Boat windows • Sail Caledonia preview * Grand Designs: Paul Fisher of Selway-Fisher Design introduces a dayboat with a great backstory

W147 May/June 2021 Wooden Boat Weekend? • Always Another Boat • Living aboard • Gartside plans: 16’ (5m) cruising dinghy • This wooden boatbuilding life • Building an Oughtred Snipefish rowing skiff • Andrew Wolstenholme on lug rig options • Mast and stay sizes with Moray MacPhail • Fitting a lead keel to a modern gaffer • Brown bears like salmon fishing • Siting winches * Grand Designs: Designer Susanne Altenburger celebrates Phil Bolger’s Seabird.

W148 July/August 2021 Class of 2020 at BBA • Jolly Brit • Practical electric propulsion • Gartside plans: 34’ (10.4m) motor cruiser • Yet another boat – 2 • Building Stornoway 14 in lockdown • Rudder for a modern gaffer • Modern methods for taking off lines • Standing rigging sizes with Moray MacPhail • With the sea otters in California • Carrying the dinghy on deck * Grand Designs: Reuel B Parker;s Swansea pilot schooner for cruising..

W149 September/October 2021 Falmouth Classics • Opticassou lateen trainer • The Repairability of wooden boats • Gartside plans: 27’ (8.3m) cruising canoe • Rash Promise – to build a dinghy in 5 weeks • Building a Chebacco in the Netherlands • And a Weekender in Tassy • Rigging a modern gaffer • With Moray MacPhail doing the maths • Diving with Ellen in Baja • Pumping out the bilges • Grand Designs: Mike Stevenson on how his father designed the Weekender.

W150 November/December 2021 Sponsoring rebuilds at IBTC Lowestoft • Building boats at BBA Lyme Regis • Arthur Beale goes south • Thames ‘Trad’ • Gartside plans: 19’ (5.8m) centreboard sloop • Designing & building a canoe yawl • Rigging a gaffer • And a modern raid boat • Building a Weekender in Tasmania • Bowsprits and how to rig them • True grits for sanding • Gunter rig • Grand Designs: Paul Fisher introduces Rathlin, a jaunty motor cruiser or salty motor-sailer.

W151 January/February 2022 Lymington River Class scows • Launch Day at BBA Lyme Regis • Training at IBTC Portsmouth • Gartside plans: 20’ (6m) practical motorboat • Building an American Whitehall skiff in Scotland • Building a Weekender in Tasmania • Wooden Cruising Yacht lessons • 3D printing for boatbuilders • Adventures with Dinghy • Raised topsides • Grand Designs: Andrew Wolstenholme’s latest launch for Star Yachts.

W152 March/April 2022 Loire Festival of Rivercraft • Irish Currachs in Milwaukee • Davey & Co chandlers • Gartside plans: 30’ (9.1m) motor sailer • ‘Suent curves’ • Building an Oughtred Elf • Boat tent for Lili • Weekender in Tasmania • Wooden Cruising Yacht conclusions • James Wharram farewell • Rudder troubles • Rigging wire sizes • Grand Designs: Nesting dinghies

W153 May/June 2022 Lili on Lac Leman • Fyne Boat Kits • Wooden Boat Gathering preview • Gartside plans: 15’ (4.5m) Outboard Runabout • Building a traditional sailing dinghy • Building a Francois Vivier Seil from a kit • Weekender in Tasmania • Diving in the South Seas • Scantlings for ply boats • Rigging terminals • Stopping the rot • Rigging wire sizes • Reviews: electric outboard & flexible epoxy • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Seil & Dudley Dix Cape Charles.

W154 July/August 2022 Douarnenez Encore • Launch Day at Lyme • Gartside plans: 22’ (6.7m) centreboard gaffer • Thames Traditional Boat Festival • Casablanca slipper launch restored • Tunnel sterns for shoal draft • Sustainable boatbuilding timbers • Scantlings for ply boats • Mastbands • Dinghy adventures • Reviews: Temo electric outboard & Makita cordless multitool • Grand Designs: Francois Vivier Stir-Ven 19.

W155 September/October 2022 – SOLD OUT Whisper Motorboat • Galaxidi Islands Regatta • Rowing thru France • Gartside plans: 15’ (4.6m) light skiff • WBTA Windermere Gathering • Repairing wooden mast • Sutton Hoo re-creation • Setting up a boatshop • Scantlings for ply boats • Grand Designs: Chesapeake Light Craft’s Eastport Pram • New wooden boats at the Southampton Boat Show.

W156 November/December 2022 Sail Caledonia in Scotland • Mousehole festival in Cornwall • English Raid on the Blackwater • Gartside plans: 37’ (11m) motor sailer • Making a coracle • Designing & building the Happy Duck • Another Boat 8 • Designing for electric propulsion • Connections for modern/trad rigs • Sail tracks • Grand Designs: Selway-Fisher Skye 21

W159 May/June 2023 Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan • Penny Morton launches the Weekender • A century of boatbuilding at Landamore’s • Materials and methods for old boat restoration • Paul Gartside plans: 16’ (4.9m) electric launch • Reviewing Arwen Marine’s Silmaril cruising dinghy • Zinnia: building a Victorian dayboat • And a strip plank Whitehall • Reducing weight aloft • Grand Designs: Willow Bay Boat’s new pocket cruiser, Florin.

W160 July/August 2023 – SOLD OUT Lakeland’s Haven 12 • Swallow & Amazon at Hunter’s Yard • Tela dayboat • Paul Gartside plans: 20’ (6m) seagoing sailing canoe • Rebuilding fishing smack Varuna • Building tunnel-stern launch • Reviews: WEST clear epoxy hardener & Frogtape • Ross Lillistone Periwinkle • Modern masthead fittings • Adventures with Dinghy • Better toerails • Grand Designs: Matt Newland’s new BayCruiser 32 for Swallow Yachts.

W162 November/December 2023 Thames Trad Boat Festival 2023 • Raid Finland • Paul Gartside plans: 19’ (5.8) Family Catboat • Demon Yachts’ electric workboat • Building foil rudder • Learning from Lili • Designing trailer sailers • Taming the bowsprit • Reviews: Letter bags & Makita cordless inflator • Ian Nicolson on stanchions • Grand Designs: Dudley Dix plywood gaffers

W165 May/June 2024 The late Iain Oughtred’s boat designs • Beginners build a Breton lugger • Paul Gartside plans: 25’ (7.5m) family launch • Building a traditional clinker dinghy • Celebrating the scraper • Building a Northumbrian coble from a kit • And a tender from a discarded kit • Reviews: Sustainable teak & repairable bilge pumps • Building a little Fifie • Sailing dinghy scantlings • Modern blocks and where to use them • Ian Nicolson on locating sneaky leaks • Grand Designs: Paul Fisher introduces the rest of Selway-Fisher’s range of coble designs.

Maxi-Open Mangusta Yachts presented at Boat Shows in Palm Beach and Moscow

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Written by Zuzana Bednarova

Two important events saw the Mangusta Maxi Open by the prominent Italian builder Overmarine again protagonist on the nautical scene: Marine Max exclusive partner for the United States attended the Palm Beach Boat Show , running from March 22 to 25 with the spectacular motor yacht Mangusta 92 and the Mangusta 130 superyacht on display. Burevestnik Group, on the other hand, was the star of the Moscow International Boat Show , taking place from March 20 to 25 exhibiting the scale models of the luxury yacht Mangusta Oceano 148, the superyacht Mangusta 92, the Mangusta 165 as well as Mangusta 130 yachts.

Mangusta 92 Superyacht

Mangusta 92 Superyacht

MANGUSTA 92 ( an example of Mangusta 92 is the motor yacht ILLUSION ) Stylish and fast luxury motor yacht Mangusta 92 represents perfect proportions. She offers an ambitious layout that permits for 3 beautiful staterooms and a relax room or 4 staterooms, each with high-tech entertainment centers. Run by twin MTU 16V2000M94 of 2600Hp each and Kamewa 56S3 jet drives, the Mangusta 92 achieves the exciting speed of 37 knots.

Luxury motor yacht Mangusta 130

Luxury motor yacht Mangusta 130

MANGUSTA 130 ( for example the charter yacht Ability ) Mangusta 130 superyacht combines pleasure and performance. Her lower deck provides 4 lovely staterooms and a salon or 5 staterooms. When the twin 3640-hp MTU16V4000 M93L are fired up and bring the vessel to a full speed of 39 knots, the peaceful as well as relaxing feeling remains, as there is no noise or vibration.

Megayacht Mangusta 165

Megayacht Mangusta 165

MANGUSTA 165 ( an example can be the luxury charter yacht ZEUS ) The biggest fiberglass Open Yacht ever built, the luxury megayacht Mangusta 165 brings together state of the art technology with extreme comfort. With a speed of 39 knots, the Mangusta 165 exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, with the stabilizers that provide the smoothest ride. This majestic and elegant vessel offers extraordinarily spacious interiors with four or five staterooms and a living space.

Superyacht Mangusta Oceano 148

Superyacht Mangusta Oceano 148

MANGUSTA OCEANO 148 Mangusta Oceano 148 superyacht is built to provide her Owner with the utmost in luxury and comfort aboard by integrating the latest technology processes with the most advanced marine equipment available in the market. Her interiors can be built in any kind of wood and with the style (design) selected by the Owner.

Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Maxi-Open Mangusta Yachts presented at Boat Shows in Palm Beach and Moscow".

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Successful cooperation between Overmarine Group | Mangusta and Luxury Living – FENDI Casa at FLIBS

Successful cooperation between Overmarine Group | Mangusta and Luxury Living – FENDI Casa at FLIBS

Overmarine Group at Dusseldorf Boat Show with Mangusta 92, Mangusta 130, Mangusta 165 and Mangusta 148 Oceano Yachts on display

Overmarine Group at Dusseldorf Boat Show with Mangusta 92, Mangusta 130, Mangusta 165 and Mangusta 148 Oceano Yachts on display

The 22m Yacht ASPRA 38

Eye-catching Mangusta 130 Motor Yacht HAPPY DAY spotted in Fort Lauderdale

No Image Available

Video introducing new Mangusta 165 E superyacht MOONRAKER

nigel irens yacht design

35m Princess charter yacht MINOR FAMILY AFFAIR offering discounted vacations in Italy

nigel irens yacht design

Tankoa Yachts Launches motor yacht Rilassata, the Latest Addition to the S501 EVO Series

nigel irens yacht design

Columbus Yachts announce the launch of 43m motor yacht FRETTE

nigel irens yacht design

Sailing yacht GALMA – the first wallywind110 – is launched by Wally Yachts

37m Gulf Craft Majesty superyacht OPTIMISM available for charter on both sides of the Atlantic

37m Gulf Craft Majesty superyacht OPTIMISM available for charter on both sides of the Atlantic

Iconic sailing yacht HANUMAN arrives at Holterman Shipyard for refit

Iconic sailing yacht HANUMAN arrives at Holterman Shipyard for refit

Sailing yacht GALMA – the first wallywind110 – is launched by Wally Yachts

Ferretti announce the launch of 27m motor yacht LOVE – the fourth hull in the INFYNITO 90 range

Brand new superyacht marina: Saudi Arabia’s Neom announces development of Jaumur – a cosmopolitan marina community.

Brand new superyacht marina: Saudi Arabia’s Neom announces development of Jaumur – a cosmopolitan marina community.

120m Amels custom superyacht PROJECT TANSANITE shows off her renderings for the first time

120m Amels custom superyacht PROJECT TANSANITE shows off her renderings for the first time

25m sailing catamaran AGAVE is launched by Gunboat in France

25m sailing catamaran AGAVE is launched by Gunboat in France

Rossinavi launch 43m hybrid-electric catamaran SEAWOLF X

Rossinavi launch 43m hybrid-electric catamaran SEAWOLF X

Fuel-cell powered 50m superyacht ALMAX launched by Sanlorenzo

Fuel-cell powered 50m superyacht ALMAX launched by Sanlorenzo

65m superyacht ETERNITY available for charter in the Caribbean

65m superyacht ETERNITY available for charter in the Caribbean

Luxury Catamaran

World leading source of information on luxury cruising multihulls

October 20, 2008

M'80 by christophe barreau & frédéric neuman.

nigel irens yacht design

Jean Yves Carteret from Linea Concept has designed 3 different interior layouts all for six guest in independant suites with a crew of 3.

nigel irens yacht design

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  1. Home Page

    Nigel Irens Design. Power; Sail; Racing; News; Contact Us; Call Us 'GP8' has now been superseded by the name of the new company, 'Clara Boat Co. Ltd.' whose website, dedicated to the development of the 'CLARA' project, can be found at: ... GUNBOAT 57 - New Boat Launch.

  2. Nigel Irens

    Nigel Irens RDI is a yacht designer. He is the designer of the Adventure which is a 35m trimaran motor yacht which completed a circumnavigation in 1998. He also designed the B&Q/Castorama [ fr ] which is a 23 m sailing trimaran used by Ellen MacArthur to break the world record for solo circumnavigation in 2005.

  3. Two dramatic new explorer trimaran concepts by Nigel Irens Design

    The 57.5 metre Origin 575 and the 70 metre Xplore 70 are inspiring yacht concepts that display a dramatic new style of explorer yacht design. According to the Nigel Irens team, the design focuses on comfort, speed and ocean crossing capability. The trimaran setup is more efficient than a conventional mono hull, with improved range and fuel ...

  4. Designer Nigel Irens sails one of his designs home

    It was the latest design by that doyen of modern multihull design Nigel Irens, best known as the designer of ENZA, Ellen MacArthur's record-breaking B&Q and several Gunboat multihulls. The previous year, Nigel had taken some time off from designing high-speed racing yachts to create something completely different: a lug-rigged cruising boat.

  5. Nigel Irens Interview 27 March 2019

    The leading yacht designer Nigel Irens, delivered the CA's annual Hanson Lecture, entitled 'Slippery Boats', to a 60-strong and enthralled audience, on Wedne...

  6. Nigel Irens Designs Some of the Fastest Racing Multihulls

    1994ENZA New Zealand (ex-Formule Tag) wins Jules Verne Trophy as fastest boat to sail non-stop round the world, following a 74-day circumnav. 1996 Three Irens designs— Fujicolor II, Region Haute Normandie and Biscuits La Trinitaine —win all three places in the Europe 1 Single-Handed Race.

  7. Wilhelmina: The Nigel Irens motor launch designed for sailors

    May 1, 2019. 0 shares. Nigel Irens's latest slippery and easily driven motor launch was designed with sailors in mind. Nic Compton steps on board Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina's LDL hull slices ...

  8. Concept, Rendering, Gunboat 78, Nigel Irens

    Courtesy Nigel Irens Design. This CE Category oceangoing yacht concept by Nigel Irens Design is the maximum length for its classification, measuring 78 feet 7 inches LOA. Gunboat 78 will have a vacuum-bagged, epoxy foam sandwich, Nomex aramid honeycomb and carbon fiber inner skins' lightweight build. Its size just fits into the CE class ...

  9. origin 575 + xplore 70 remodel explorer yacht design with trimaran layouts

    the 'xplore 70' with helicopter and tender. image courtesy of nigel irens design. performance is impressive with a top speed of 28 knots (52 km/h) and a range of between 7,408 and 9,260 ...

  10. A pair of unique trimaran expedition yachts unveiled by Nigel Irens Design

    Nigel Irens Design is thrilled to unveil a pair of the breath-taking new trimaran expedition yachts, designated the ORIGIN 575 and XPLORE 70. Boasting an exciting new style and offering the ultimate experience for the adventurous owner, these unique explorer concepts, with their very impressive, but in essence, simple technology allow rapid ocean passage to remote destinations at reduced ...


    Nigel Irens is one of the world's leading designers of high performance yachts. He has an incredible portfolio which ranges from record-breaking yachts to innovative bespoke cruising designs (such as the one we are building at the moment). ... Nigel has excelled in motor boat design. His concept of low displacement / length ratio (LDL) has ...

  12. Clara Boat Company by Nigel Irens

    Clara Boat Co. Ltd. is a small company set up by Nigel Irens to build the first CLARA 'LDL' ('Low Displacement/Length ratio) boat. ... The design of 'CLARA' was developed from what we learned from our 2012 test vessel 'GRETA'. This video shows 'GRETA' at about 9.75 knots - powered by a 14 hp inboard diesel.

  13. Saecwen: Queen of the seas

    We are hunkered down in the saloon of Saecwen, the latest design by Nigel Irens launched at the Elephant Boatyard only a few days earlier, while the rain patters on the skylight above.

  14. Guo Chuan North East Passage

    Guo Chuan, former Volvo Ocean Race crew and the first from his country to sail solo round the world, took over the Nigel Irens-designed trimaran in La Trinité sur Mer last month and will train ...

  15. 2014 Nigel Irens GT65 Catamaran for sale

    Find more information and images about the boat and contact the seller or search more boats for sale on YachtWorld. ... EXCEPTIONNAL NIGEL IRENS DESIGN CATAMARAN. BUILD FULL CARBON PREPREG. ONLY 10 TONS. VERY FAST UP TO 32 KNOTS. ... 2014 Nigel Irens GT65 | 66ft. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. €1,750,000 (US$1,889,669) tax not included.

  16. Back Issues

    Great Glen Raid • Orwell Corinthian • Gear for Gaffers: Untangling the mainsheet • Building Bolger Micro • Semaine du Golfe • Sailing the 3-masted Nigel Irens dayboat • Building Whilly Boat • Grand Designs: Wolstenholme Workstar, Welsford Whaler. W30: November/December 2001- SOLD OUT

  17. Maxi-Open Mangusta Yachts presented at Boat Shows in Palm Beach and

    Two important events saw the Mangusta Maxi Open by the prominent Italian builder Overmarine again protagonist on the nautical scene: Marine Max exclusive partner for the United States attended the Palm Beach Boat Show, running from March 22 to 25 with the spectacular motor yacht Mangusta 92 and the Mangusta 130 superyacht on display.Burevestnik Group, on the other hand, was the star of the ...

  18. M'80 by Christophe BARREAU & Frédéric NEUMAN

    This is a new project of a smart, fast and easy to sail 80 footer by Christophe Barrault, the historical designer of the CATANA range, and his partner Frédéric Neuman. Christophe Barreau has designed many catamarans including the CATANA range since the beggining. He is an experienced sailor having sailed extensively on his own designs and is the first one to cross the 80 th parallel on a ...