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15 Fantastic and Easy Day Trips From Moscow

Is the hustle and bustle of Moscow starting to wear you down? No worries. There are multiple great day trips from Moscow that will let you see a different side of Russia that you won’t find in the metropolitan area. Each day trip I’ve listed below can easily be done by train from Moscow, and there are trains every day of the week.

The area surrounding Moscow is rich in cultural attractions and natural beauty. By traveling only a short distance, one feels far away from the crowds, and lines of the sprawling Russian capital. Since Russia is undoubtedly an expansive country it may take from half an hour to two hours to reach some of the landmarks on this list (by train or car) from the Moscow city center.

You can escape to the picturesque Russian countryside, visit war memorials, battlefields, admire onion-domed churches, and get insight into the local way of life. Easy day trips from Moscow include the incomparable white-stone Trinity Cathedral in Sergiyev Posad, the spectacular Cathedral of the Assumption in Dmitrov, and the Russian military aircraft in Monino. For those who love rural tranquility, Suzdal and Vladimir are a must-see. History buffs will appreciate the Patriotic War of 1812 reenactment that took place in Borodino on the first weekend of September.

Without further ado, here are 15 best day trips from Moscow that are well worth your attention.

easy day trips from Moscow

The Best Day Trips from Moscow

There’s a reason Moscow is one of Europe’s most enigmatic destinations. It’s got culture, class, food, history, and more, but even better, is that it is the country’s main transport hub with so many attractions within a day trip from Moscow. While you can definitely spend days or even weeks in Moscow, it can, of course, be done in just one week. What can you do in Moscow in seven days ? Well, you can do a lot if you know how to plan a trip to a place you know so little about.

If you’re ready to get out of the city a bit and soak up the culture, fresh air, and enchanting architecture, I’ve rounded up my favorite day trips outside of Moscow. I often get asked: What are the best cities to visit in Russia? And these are places that I’ve been and loved.

My Favorite Easy Day Trips from Moscow:

Dmitrov Kolomna Zvenigorod Sergiyev Posad Yaroslavl Arkhangelskoye Estate Vladimir Suzdal Korolev Borodino Patriot Park in Kubinka Melikhovo Gorki Leninskie Kaluga Monino

1. Day Trip to Dmitrov from Moscow

Dmitrov may not be as popular as other cities in Russia, but the fact that the city was founded only 7 years earlier than Moscow makes for a great day trip. This small city some 90 kilometers from Moscow is particularly beautiful in the summer. As you walk the streets you can see sparkling fountains, charming centuries-old buildings, yachts and boats transiting through the canal and, of course, the Museum-Reserve Dmitrov Kremlin.

The Kremlin (castle) is the city’s main draw. The 10m high and about 1km long earthen rampart remained behind the wooden wall and gives an idea of how the castle looked like 400 years ago. The oldest surviving building on the Kremlin grounds is the 16th-century Assumption Cathedral with a unique five-tier iconostasis.

places to visit near moscow by train

Not far from the Kremlin there is a compact 15th-century Borisoglebsky convent. Its main building – the 16th-century Cathedral of Sts. Boris and Gleb is open to the visitors only for services of worship. In the 1930s in the convent housed a labor camp, which contained the builders of the Canal named after Moscow.

Getting There: Dmitrov sits an easy hour and sixteen minutes by train from Savyelovskiy Rail Terminal. This cheap day trip from Moscow is a great chance to soak up the historic charm to be found in Moscow Oblast.

2. Day Trip to Kolomna from Moscow

Situated to the south-east of Moscow, Kolomna is a beautiful port city on the Oka River. This is one of the oldest Russian cities in the region. So you can discover the old history in museums and monasteries. Interestingly, the city was a site for important weapon factories under the Soviet Union. Although it was opened up in 1994 Kolomna is not as popular as other day-trip destinations in the region.

Nevertheless, it is a great place to visit with friends and family where you can explore the 15th-century Kremlin made of red brick, try incredibly sweet traditional pastila (marshmallow), and visit some of the cute little churches and 19th-century mansions.

Getting There: Take the express train (commuter line train) from the Kazansky rail terminal to Golutvin station. The trip lasts one hour and forty minutes.

3. Day Trip to Zvenigorod from Moscow

This one is usually a given due to its proximity to and ease of transport from Moscow. It’s one of the easiest day trips from Moscow by train. You can easily hop on the train from the city and land right in the town of Zvenigorod where you can visit the 14th-century Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and sample the sparkly and refreshing kvass, a Russian specialty beverage that’s enjoyed in the summer months.

Zvenigorod is an adorable little town just under an hour away from the Moscow city and is an amazing place to visit as it will give a relaxing break from the hectic life of Moscow. Check this day trip if you don’t feel like planning.

If you have a sweet tooth, spend some time in the quirky Museum of Russian Desserts, where you can indulge in uniquely delicious treats and explore the intersection of food and culture.

Then you may want to pay the Zvenigorod Museum of History, Architecture, and Art a visit. The museum’s exposition is located on the territory of the Savvino-Storozhevsky monastery, or rather, in the 17th-century Tsaritsyny chambers, built for the wife of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. Stroll through the museum halls to view the permanent exhibitions, which offer insights into various aspects of Russian history. The intricate museum’s building is adorned with a decorative porch, complex patterned elements, and looks very impressive in general.

4. Day Trip to Sergiyev Posad from Moscow

If you’re looking for cheap day trips from Moscow, Sergiyev Posad is a good choice at just a few dollar train ride away. Known as a major center of pilgrimage and home to one of the largest Russian Orthodox Monastery which has been here for hundreds of years, Sergiyev Posad is a fun day trip from Moscow and can be combined with Abramtsevo Museum Estate. As the only town in Moscow Region which is included in the Golden Ring of Russian cities, Sergiyev Posad is an incredible destination for a day trip from Moscow that packs UNESCO-protected Trinity Sergius Lavra, great museums, and gorgeous architecture into one day.

Make sure you see the six-pillared Assumption Cathedral that was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible in mid-16th-century and go inside to marvel at the impressive iconostasis that features Simon Ushakov’s masterpiece, the icon of Last Supper. Enjoy a delicious lamb steak with wheat kasha, Ukha fish soup, or hand-made dumplings as you learn a lot about religious and cultural history.

Getting There: Known for its small-town charm and welcoming feel, you can get to Sergiyev Posad by train, by bus, or by car. Trains depart from Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal every thirty minutes, and the trip lasts about an hour and a half. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus at the ‘VDNKh’ metro station. A bus trip to Sergiyev Posad takes two hours on average but can be reached in 90 minutes depending on traffic. If you go by car expect to spend about an hour and a half attempting to traverse the congested Yaroslavskoye highway.

5. Day Trip to Yaroslavl from Moscow

Going from Moscow to Yaroslavl may seem like a really long day trip, but honestly, if you take the comfortable train, it only takes about four hours to reach the city, so making a Yaroslavl day trip is totally doable. Although I do recommend much more than one day in Yaroslavl, especially if it’s your first time.

Cultural tourists visiting Yaroslavl should start their exploration by strolling the historic city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A spacious 100-hectare area enclosed by Sobinova and Republican streets is home to most popular attractions – the 17th-century Church of Elijah the Prophet that survived almost exactly in its original form, and in contrast to it, the white stone Assumption Cathedral, restored in the 2000s.

golden ring russia

If you walk a bit further passing the Holy Trinity sculpture and city’s foundation stone, you will find yourself at Strelka, a park on the cape, which offers panoramic views of the spot at the confluence of Volga and Kotorosl rivers. On the way back, there is a pleasant walk along the picturesque Volga embankment to the Governor’s Garden with shadowy alleys and an open-air Sculpture museum.

Getting There: Yaroslavl is about 280 km (173 miles) northeast of Moscow, so the best way to get there is to take a morning train from Yaroslavskiy Rail Terminal. A tour is also a great way to see the Yaroslavl without having to worry about driving or searching for trains. You can book a tour here.

6. Day Trip to Arkhangelskoye Estate from Moscow

Situated on the outskirts of Moscow and dates back to the late 18th-century, Arkhangelskoye Estate was the domain of the nobility for over a century until the Russian Revolution swept people who owned the estate out of the country. The estate was turned into a museum, which it remains today.

cities close to moscow worth visiting

The Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum holds the largest rare-book collection. The exhibition also includes old manuscripts, historical documents, photos from the past, a vast collection of sculpture, paintings, engravings, and exceptional examples of decorative art. These art objects once belonged to Prince Nikolai Yusupov, the former owner of the estate.

train trips from moscow

Arkhangelskoye Estate is often referred to as the Russian version of Versailles because of the intricately manicured garden and beautiful 18th-century park. Famous Russian writers and poets such as Pushkin, Herzen, Mayakovsky loved to spend their free time here making long excursions in the surrounding area. Arkhangelskoye is a perfect place to appreciate the terraces decorated by delightful statues, exquisite vases, and busts.

Visitors can take tours, which introduce them to vibrant examples of Russian art and culture.

Getting There: To reach the estate it’s best to take a bus or a privately-owned minibus that departs from Tushinskaya metro station.

7. Day Trip to Vladimir from Moscow

Situated only two hours east of Moscow, Vladimir is absolutely one of the best places to visit near Moscow for a day trip. This splendid city dates back to the 12th century and has a very rich history. If magnificent Orthodox cathedrals and traditional white-stone architecture entice you, then this place is perfect for a day trip with your significant other.

First things first, you need to see the Golden Gate, which indicates the entrance into the old town. This 12th-century medieval masterpiece of military architecture is associated not only with Vladimir but with the Golden Ring tourist route itself. At the top of the gate, where once was the Church of the Deposition of the Robe, there is the Museum of Weapons. Great looking arrowheads and spear points date back to the Grand Principality of Vladimir, while the exhibition in an impressively majestic setting features a number of Batu-Khan related artifacts.

There’s a variety of attractions to put on your must-see list: the Old Believers Trinity Church right behind it, the Cathedral of St Demetrius, and Dormition (Uspensky) Cathedral. If you plan on shopping for souvenirs like birch-bark masterpieces of Kunov’s masters, drawings, carving, embossing, figures of people and animals, stop by the Lacquer Miniature, the Museum of Crystal, and the Gingerbread Museum. Many of the local attractions were added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Getting There: The best way to visit this area is to catch an early train from Moscow and book a full-day tour of Vladimir in advance. This one includes the town of Suzdal as well.

8. Day Trip to Suzdal from Moscow

This gem of a little medieval town perched on a hill just a 30-minute ride from Vladimir is one of those places I’ve visited and could move there permanently and be happy! It’s a charming little piece of history that also has a Kremlin and visiting it feels like stepping back in time. if you’re a culture enthusiast you’ll be glad to know there are numerous churches, five monasteries, including Spaso-Yevfimiev Monastery in Suzdal. Check them out if you want to get a real taste of the country!

cheap day trips from moscow

pend some time shopping at the Torgovaya ploshchad (Market Square), where you can buy baskets made of birch bark, ceramic handmade plates, honey or souvenirs and, of course, grab some afternoon tea!

Getting There: Trains leave regularly from Moscow’s Kurskiy Rail Terminal to Vladimir where you can hop on a bus to Suzdal. You can also take a bus from Moscow. In this case, it might take longer and you’ll probably encounter infamous traffic jams. If you go by express train the trip takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. There are slower trains of course, but I’d recommend going with the fast one and save a lot of time!

9. Day Trip to Korolev from Moscow

Located some 30 kilometers northeast of Moscow, Korolev has become arguably the most important space research center with skilled workers from across the Soviet Union who came here to expand the space program.

It became a leading institute dedicated to aerospace research in the country. Today, that tendency can still be clearly seen on the streets and in the buildings. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the city retained its status as the headquarters of Russia’s space surveillance network and now it hosts the Russian Mission Control Center, an analogue of the American Mission Control Center at NASA’s Space Center in Houston.

If you want to learn more about Mission Control Center and the former Russian Mir space station, book a tour with a knowledgeable guide who can clearly tell the history of this place.

If you’re not into space exploration there is also a Memorial Apartment Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo. With a picturesque park next to the museum, it’s a great place for walking in the fresh air. The highlight of the park is memorial stones with quotes from Tsvetaeva’s poems.

Getting There: I’d recommend going by train. Catch one at Yaroslavskiy Rail Terminal that departs every 30 minutes to reach Bolshevo station.

10. Day Trip to Borodino from Moscow

The historic Battle of Borodino on September 7, 1812, took place just outside the small village of Borodino, about 140 km west of Moscow, and about 15 km from the nearest town of Mozhaysk. Although the French won the Battle of Borodino and went to capture Moscow, it was one of the bloodiest battles of the pre-twentieth-century that is also predetermined Napoleon’s defeat.

While it was a battlefield back then, not much remains today. It’s mostly a green and grassy field now with a few monuments of military honor, architectural objects dated back to 19th and 20th century, and fortification facilities scattered throughout the area. The largest of these is the 27-meter high obelisk located right at the heart of the former battlefield.

Every year the military and patriotic festival and theatrical performance take place in Borodino. Early September is considered to be the best for visiting. But if you just want to feel the spirit of the battle, it’s better to go at any other time of the year.

Getting there: Hop on a train from the Belorussky rail terminal, disembark in Mozhaysk, and then take a bus to the museum. The whole travel time is about 2 hours.

11. Day Trip to Patriot Park in Kubinka from Moscow

Once a Red Army tank training ground, now it’s a military Disneyland with history, structure, guns, and armored vehicles! The tank museum originally housed one of the world’s largest and rarest collections of tanks. In 2016 they combined the training grounds with the newly-created Patriot Park. Since then, some of the notable and rare items have been moved to the Patriot Park site, so you may want to combine both sites into one tour (only about 20 minutes apart).

best places to travel from moscow

The exhibition grounds include some very rare specimens that are must-see for any military enthusiasts out there. The staff is friendly, helpful and kind, while the museum has a small shop. As this site is part of an operating military base, they may ask you to show your passport, or provide them with a photocopy of the front pages. There are vending machines for snacks and drinks, and there are bathroom facilities. There’s plenty to see, so I recommend setting aside an entire day!

Getting there: Situated halfway between Borodino and Moscow, the best way to reach Patriot Park in Kubinka is by car. Alternatively, if you don’t want to rent one, consider car-sharing apps like Gett or UBER. The price of ride-sharing services is cheap enough to make them a viable proposition for choosing them.

12. Day Trip to Melikhovo from Moscow

Located some 80 km from Moscow, Melikhovo is one of the most important museums dedicated to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. This renowned Russian writer and playwright acquired Melikhovo in 1892. He lived there with his parents and close relatives for 7 years before moving to the Crimea in 1899. Melikhovo is where he wrote his plays “The Man in the Case” and “The Seagull”.

The estate faded into oblivion right after the Revolution but in 1939 Anton Chekhov’s sister Maria and his nephew established a museum based on Chekhov’s place of living. The museum opened its doors to the public in 1941.

Today museum’s exhibition reveals the legacy of a celebrated writer and shows his path not only as a writer but as a doctor and public figure as well. The collection also features some of the best-known paintings by famous artists like Isaac Levitan and Vasily Polenov, who were Chekhov’s friends. When it comes to fun and educational day trips from Moscow, Melikhovo is a nice place for learning more about Chekov’s life and work.

Getting There: You can reach Melikhovo by train from Kurskiy rail Terminal. Disembark in the town of Chekhov and hop on a minibus that will get to the estate. Alternatively, hop on a bus that departs from the Yuzhnaya metro station.

13. Day Trip to Gorki Leninskie from Moscow

Once the realm of Russian nobles, Gorki Leninskie was turned into Lenin’s museum some 25 years after his death. The estate sits some 30-minute bus ride from the Domodedovskaya metro station and houses Soviet-era memorabilia and Lenin’s memorial flat recently transferred from the Kremlin, as well as his vintage Rolls-Royce.

Most people only associate this place with the name of the first communist leader. In fact, the name of the estate was first mentioned in documents dating back to the 16th-century. Throughout its history, the estate was owned by a number of prominent figures. It’s in fact one of the best museums that holds the country’s finest collection 19th-century furnishings and a unique collection of domestic items owned by nobles. Plus, ancient Vyatichi native tribe or East Slavs who inhabited a part of the Oka basin’s burial mounds and a few notable sculptures are hidden behind the avenues of lime trees in the park.

Getting There: You could, of course, hop on a bus from Domodedovskaya metro station. But it would be much easier just to use UBER or Gett. The estate isn’t that far from the Moscow Circle Road but going there by bus may involve some navigating.

14. Day Trip to Kaluga from Moscow

If you’re looking for an educational day trip from Moscow, look no farther than Kaluga! This beautiful city could really entertain you for more than just a day, but to get a taste of science, be sure to visit the Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics. Or in other words, the Space Museum.

Visitors to the museum will learn more about the history of space exploration. In fact, this is one of the largest Space Museums in Russia, which opened its doors in Kaluga in 1967. Here you can see a prototype of the iconic MIR space station and a duplicate of the Voskhod rocket. The very same rocket that took the first man to space. There’s also a planetarium, which from the outside resembles a spaceship.

Kaluga is a totally walkable city. Make sure to spend some time strolling Teatralnaya street with the authentic 19th-century pavement that now marks the Kilometer Zero. Then walk across the 18th-century Kamenniy Most (the Stone Bridge) that somewhat resembles a Roman aqueduct. If you’re an architecture buff marvel at the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian.

It is assumed that the church was erected by one of the followers of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1794. The church resembles the Smolny Convent in St. Petersburg. With five church towers directed upward and six tiers of oblong windows give the exterior a sense of lightness and airiness.

Getting There: Trains from Kiyevsky Rail Terminal to Kaluga leave every 90 minutes. The trip takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes.

15. Day Trip to Monino from Moscow

Are you looking for great family & kid-friendly day trips from Moscow? If so, consider visiting the Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino. This unique military open-air museum is home to over 180 Russian aircraft and 100 aircraft engines and the perfect place to go when your crowd is looking for a break from hectic city life. Check this tour if you don’t feel like planning.

things to do outside of moscow

This site was formerly an operational airbase from 1932 till 1956 and many of the Russian aviation Design bureaus have made a contribution to the operation and maintenance of the museum. Along with aircraft from the Second World War, there are the TU-95 Bear four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and the TU-144 Charger a Soviet supersonic passenger airliner (which resembled the Concorde). The museum also has exhibits related to military aviation history such as the uniform of captured U2 pilot Gary Powers.

Getting There: This museum is located at Monino Town, about 30 km from Moscow. It is open on all days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except Mondays and Tuesdays. To get there take a train departing from Yaroslavskiy Rail Terminal and disembark at Monino station. Alternatively, hop on a bus from Schelkovskaya or Partizanskaya metro station.

Final Thoughts on the Best Day Trips from Moscow

I hope this post has helped you discover some amazing day trips from Moscow. From imposing cathedrals, mighty fortresses and monasteries, there are a lot of incredible places to visit the Russian capital, and the best part is that getting there is always ways to get around on the cheap.

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Day Trips From Moscow


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Graham Marsden

Nice to see so many options outside of Moscow, but I have to say I wish this list had a recommendation for a hike or a beautiful natural areas or national parks. Maybe the next list!

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I have to admit that I knew nothing about the area surrounding Moscow. This is definitely an inspiring list of places to go.

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When I read this article about Moscow. I wanted to pack my bags and get there sooner. thank you for the great write up.

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Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia’s capital

small wooden toy sailboats

There’s hardly a better way to absorb Moscow’s atmosphere than on a ship sailing up and down the Moskva River. While complicated ticketing, loud music and chilling winds might dampen the anticipated fun, this checklist will help you to enjoy the scenic views and not fall into common tourist traps.

How to find the right boat?

There are plenty of boats and selecting the right one might be challenging. The size of the boat should be your main criteria.

Plenty of small boats cruise the Moskva River, and the most vivid one is this yellow Lay’s-branded boat. Everyone who has ever visited Moscow probably has seen it.

small wooden toy sailboats

This option might leave a passenger disembarking partially deaf as the merciless Russian pop music blasts onboard. A free spirit, however, will find partying on such a vessel to be an unforgettable and authentic experience that’s almost a metaphor for life in modern Russia: too loud, and sometimes too welcoming. Tickets start at $13 (800 rubles) per person.

Bigger boats offer smoother sailing and tend to attract foreign visitors because of their distinct Soviet aura. Indeed, many of the older vessels must have seen better days. They are still afloat, however, and getting aboard is a unique ‘cultural’ experience. Sometimes the crew might offer lunch or dinner to passengers, but this option must be purchased with the ticket. Here is one such  option  offering dinner for $24 (1,490 rubles).

small wooden toy sailboats

If you want to travel in style, consider Flotilla Radisson. These large, modern vessels are quite posh, with a cozy restaurant and an attentive crew at your service. Even though the selection of wines and food is modest, these vessels are still much better than other boats.

small wooden toy sailboats

Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

How to buy tickets?

Women holding photos of ships promise huge discounts to “the young and beautiful,” and give personal invitations for river tours. They sound and look nice, but there’s a small catch: their ticket prices are usually more than those purchased online.

“We bought tickets from street hawkers for 900 rubles each, only to later discover that the other passengers bought their tickets twice as cheap!”  wrote  (in Russian) a disappointed Rostislav on a travel company website.

Nevertheless, buying from street hawkers has one considerable advantage: they personally escort you to the vessel so that you don’t waste time looking for the boat on your own.

small wooden toy sailboats

Prices start at $13 (800 rubles) for one ride, and for an additional $6.5 (400 rubles) you can purchase an unlimited number of tours on the same boat on any given day.

Flotilla Radisson has official ticket offices at Gorky Park and Hotel Ukraine, but they’re often sold out.

Buying online is an option that might save some cash. Websites such as  this   offer considerable discounts for tickets sold online. On a busy Friday night an online purchase might be the only chance to get a ticket on a Flotilla Radisson boat.

This  website  (in Russian) offers multiple options for short river cruises in and around the city center, including offbeat options such as ‘disco cruises’ and ‘children cruises.’ This other  website  sells tickets online, but doesn’t have an English version. The interface is intuitive, however.

Buying tickets online has its bad points, however. The most common is confusing which pier you should go to and missing your river tour.

small wooden toy sailboats

“I once bought tickets online to save with the discount that the website offered,” said Igor Shvarkin from Moscow. “The pier was initially marked as ‘Park Kultury,’ but when I arrived it wasn’t easy to find my boat because there were too many there. My guests had to walk a considerable distance before I finally found the vessel that accepted my tickets purchased online,” said the man.

There are two main boarding piers in the city center:  Hotel Ukraine  and  Park Kultury . Always take note of your particular berth when buying tickets online.

Where to sit onboard?

Even on a warm day, the headwind might be chilly for passengers on deck. Make sure you have warm clothes, or that the crew has blankets ready upon request.

The glass-encased hold makes the tour much more comfortable, but not at the expense of having an enjoyable experience.

small wooden toy sailboats

Getting off the boat requires preparation as well. Ideally, you should be able to disembark on any pier along the way. In reality, passengers never know where the boat’s captain will make the next stop. Street hawkers often tell passengers in advance where they’ll be able to disembark. If you buy tickets online then you’ll have to research it yourself.

There’s a chance that the captain won’t make any stops at all and will take you back to where the tour began, which is the case with Flotilla Radisson. The safest option is to automatically expect that you’ll return to the pier where you started.

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Cruise Routes (Interactive Map)

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Russian River Cruises

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Moscow to Saint Petersburg

13 days – 12 nights

Moscow to St. Petersburg

Collapse Full Itinerary


Gold, Platinum  Airport transfer / Check-in at centrally located Marriott Aurora***** or Ararat Park Hyatt*****

Imperial : Private airport transfer / Check-in at the luxurious Four Seasons Moscow***** only a minute from the Kremlin and Red Square

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Volga dream experience:


Gold: City Tour / Novodevichy Cemetery Imperial, Platinum:  City tour / Lunch in a Moscow City Skyscraper / Novodevichy Cemetery / Sparrow Hills

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Meals: Breakfast

Platinum / Imperial

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Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


Gold:  Moscow Kremlin / Armory Museum / Red Square / GUM Department Store

Platinum:  Moscow Kremlin / Armory Museum / Red Square / St. Basil’s Cathedral / GUM Department Store / Park Zaryadye

small wooden toy sailboats

Gold:  Tretyakov Gallery / Moscow Metro Tour.

Platinum:  Leo Tolstoy House-Museum in Hamovniki / Tretyakov Gallery / Moscow Metro Tour.

small wooden toy sailboats

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

small wooden toy sailboats

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Gold, Platinum:  Town of Uglich / Church of St. Dmitri-on-the-Blood

small wooden toy sailboats

Volga dream experience: Costumed Russian Tea Ceremony & Russian Cooking Class


Gold, Platinum:  Yaroslavl City Tour / Governor’s house 

small wooden toy sailboats

Volga dream experience: Sun Deck Barbeque


Gold:  Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery  

Platinum:  Ferapontov Monastery

small wooden toy sailboats

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Russian Dinner with Vodka Tasting

small wooden toy sailboats

Gold, Platinum: Kizhi Island / Lake Onega

small wooden toy sailboats

Volga dream experience: Piano Concert – Compositions by Tchaikovsky and Rakhmaninov


Gold, Platinum:  Svirstroy village / Local resident’s home / Local primary school

small wooden toy sailboats

Volga dream experience: Farewell Dinner, Captain’s cocktail

St. Petersburg

Gold:  City Tour / Peter and Paul Fortress

Platinum:  City Tour / St. Isaac’s Cathedral / Canal boat / Yusupov Palace

small wooden toy sailboats

Gold:  The State Hermitage Museum / Peterhof: Park and a historic Cottage

Platinum:  The State Hermitage Museum (Early Entrance!) / Gold Room / Peterhof: Park and a historic Cottage

small wooden toy sailboats

Gold:  Catherine’s Palace / Amber Room

Platinum:  Faberge Museum / Catherine’s Palace / Amber Room

small wooden toy sailboats

Meals: Breakfast / Imperial

small wooden toy sailboats

Gold, Platinum, Imperial: Check-out / Airport transfer

small wooden toy sailboats

Volga dream experience: -

small wooden toy sailboats

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  16. 15 Fantastic and Easy Day Trips Close to Moscow

    This small city some 90 kilometers from Moscow is particularly beautiful in the summer. As you walk the streets you can see sparkling fountains, charming centuries-old buildings, yachts and boats transiting through the canal and, of course, the Museum-Reserve Dmitrov Kremlin. The Kremlin (castle) is the city's main draw.

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    Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

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    The first stop after checking-out of your hotel is a small and cozy former home-estate once owned by one of Russia's literary greats, Leo Tolstoy. He lived with his wife and thirteen children in this two-storey wooden Moscow house from 1882 to 1901; it is now a carefully preserved memorial. ... City Tour / St. Isaac's Cathedral / Canal boat ...

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