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11 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in America


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  • August 1, 2023

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In the quest to discover the epitome of maritime luxury and distinction, the search for the Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in America takes center stage. Owning a yacht is not merely a symbol of opulence; it is the initial stride towards securing a coveted position within the global elite. Yet, within this realm, it is widely acknowledged that membership in a prestigious yacht club holds equal, if not greater, significance than yacht ownership itself.

Consider the tale of Roman Abramovich, renowned for possessing one of the world’s most opulent private jets and the most lavish yacht. Astonishingly, even these credentials failed to secure him entry into the inner sanctum of the British elite, who maintain their exclusivity with unwavering resolve. British yacht clubs, with their hallowed traditions, have long been revered as bastions of exclusivity. An example that stands out is the Royal Yacht Squadron, the world’s most esteemed yacht club, which only admitted women as members in 2013, exemplifying the enduring barriers to entry even in the face of societal progress. Remarkably, this exclusivity extended even to Her Majesty the Queen, their patron, who, despite her regal association with the club, was not granted membership.

To identify the Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in America, we embarked on a meticulous journey. Beginning with a thorough examination of the Platinum Clubs of America’s esteemed listing of the finest yacht clubs in the United States, we elevated select candidates by acknowledging their triumphs in prestigious yachting events, including the illustrious America’s Cup and the Resolute Cup, often hailed as the unofficial club championship of America in yachting. The culmination of our pursuit presents you with the ultimate showcase of yacht club exclusivity on American shores.

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11. Southern Yacht Club

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Founded: 1849

Southern Yacht Club suffered greatly from the Hurricane Katrina. The club house was severely damaged by the fire that broke during the storm and it had to be demolished. Unfortunately, a large number of priceless yachting artifacts were lost in the process. Still, the club survived and in 2009, the members celebrated 160 years since its founding. The club played an important role in New Orleans’ social life throughout its history and continues to do so. Southern Yacht Club organizes the Race to the Coast, one of the oldest yachting regattas in the Western hemisphere. Its members won 4 golden medals in the Summer Olympics for the United States.

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10. Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Location: Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan Founded: 1914

Founded by the group of 25 sailing enthusiasts in 1914, Grosse Pointe Yacht Club is located on the shores of Lake St. Clair. Its clubhouse, designed by Guy Lowell, is listed on National Register of Historic Places. Unfortunately, Lowell didn’t get to see his creation, since he died at sea before the building was finished. The most prominent feature is the 187-ft bell tower, which doubles as the radio far for sailors on Lake St. Clair. In 1997, in a survey among the managers of the yacht clubs across the United States, Grosse Pointe Yacht Club was named Number One Yacht Club in America.

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9. Palm Beach Yacht Club

Location: Palm Beach, Florida Founded: 1890 (re-chartered 1911)

What started as a local association of enthusiasts to promote sailing on Intracoastal Waterway soon developed into one of the best yachting clubs in America. Among other amenities it offers to the members, Pal Palm Beach Yacht Club takes great pride in their restaurant, which won several prestigious international awards, like the Epicurean International Award, limited to just 100 restaurants on the planet.

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8. Chicago Yacht Club

Location: Chicago, Illinois Founded: 1875

The Great Lakes offer some of the best freshwater sailings in the world and Chicago Yacht Club is taking full advantage of that fact. It hosts annual Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, which brings more than 3,000 sailors from the entire country to the shores of Lake Michigan and Chicago Harbor Lighthouse. Although often teased by the other clubs about their lack of saltiness, members of Chicago Yacht Club are very proud of their club and its achievements. Among notable members are Robert Halperin and William Parks, the bronze medalist from the 1960 Olympics.

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7. Annapolis Yacht Club

Location: Annapolis, Maryland Founded: 1886

Annapolis, America’s Sailing Capital, is a home to a several yachting and boating clubs, but the premier spot goes to the Annapolis Yacht Club. Among other races, the club organizes the traditional Annapolis to Newport race, one of the most iconic races in America’s yachting history. Although the effects of a devastating fire that ravaged the clubhouse in 2015 are still visible, club’s 1600-strong membership body has come together to mend the disaster.

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6. Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Location: Newport Beach, California Founded: 1916

Newport Harbor Yacht Club is one of the several premier clubs on the West coast. The club played a vital role in the development of Newport Beach throughout its history. Its clubhouse, built in 1919, is considered as one of the most important local landmarks and is one of the oldest clubhouses on our list. Despite several enlargements and reconstructions, it struggles to offer top notch service to the club’s members and plans for a new one are under development. In 1986, the club sent a crew to try and qualify for the next year’s America Cup, but unfortunately, they lost to the San Diego’s boat, which eventually won the Cup.

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5. Carolina Yacht Club

Location: Charleston, South Carolina Founded: 1883

Located in the beautiful historic setting of Battery in Charleston’s downtown, Carolina Yacht Club looks like Scarlett O’Hara will come in any second accompanied by Captain Butler. The fact that the clubhouse is in the old cotton factor’s office, with Greek columns on the waterfront, only reinforces the impression of the Old South. Members like to boast that their club has the best yachting facilities on the East Coast. While there are quite a few clubs that would disagree, Caroline Yacht Club’s location with the access to Charleston Harbor is certainly among the best in the nation. It is one of the reasons for its high placement on our list of 11 most exclusive yacht clubs in America.

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4. San Diego Yacht Club

Location: San Diego, California Founded: 1886

San Diego Yacht Club is one of the most prominent clubs in America’s yachting history. Its crews and boats won the America Cup two times, making it the only America club besides New York Yacht Club to take home the much-coveted Auld Mug. In their third attempt, they lost to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in 1995. It is also the original home of the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup, a prestigious regatta held annually since 1904. In order to provide its members with an excellent service, San Diego Yacht Club employs over 100 people in its clubhouse. The club runs one of the most successful youth programs in the country, which has a great appeal to members and wannabe members with kids.

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3. The San Francisco Yacht Club

Location: Belvedere, California Founded: 1869

Founded in 1869, San Francisco Yacht Club is the oldest yachting club on the West Coast. The clubhouse was moved several times, until it finally settled in its current location, in Belvedere Cove, in 1926. The move split the membership and one group decided to form a new club, called St. Francis Yacht Club. Despite the controversy surrounding the relocation, it proved to be the right move, as Belvedere Cove is an excellent harbor and it allowed the club to create world-class amenities for its members and their guests. The clubhouse went through an extensive reconstruction in 2007, modernizing existing features and adding some new ones, in order to bring it up with the times.

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2. St. Francis Yacht Club

Location: San Francisco Founded: 1927

Formed by the dissatisfied members of the San Francisco Yacht Club who opposed the move to Belvedere, St. Francis Yacht Club has quickly gained a reputation of a premier yacht club, often ranking higher than their rivals at the San Francisco Yacht Club, much to their chagrin. It is generally considered the most prestigious yacht club on the Western coast. One of the reasons for its popularity is the club’s location near the Golden Gate Bridge. Some of the most notable members include James David Zellerbach, Tom Blackaller, Pamela Healy, and Roy Disney.

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1. New York Yacht Club

Location: New York, New York Founded: 1844

The top spot on our list of 11 most exclusive yacht clubs in America goes to the New York Yacht Club. It has about 3,000 members and the only way to become one of them is to be invited. New York Yacht Club is the essential part of the iconic America Cup, having won it 25 times. It is officially the longest winning streak in the history of sports. The cup itself is named after America, NYYC schooner which won the first cup ever held in 1851. Its rivalry with London’s Royal Yacht Squadron is one of the greatest in the history of the sport and certainly the greatest among yachting clubs of the world. New York Yacht Club is regularly listed among the top 3 best yachting clubs in the world.

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Australia Private Luxury Yacht Charters

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Yacht Charter FAQ’S

Which yacht is right for my guests and me.

Allow your personal PYC yacht consultant to guide you through which vessel is best for you and your guests’ needs.

Must I always charter a yacht for a week at a time?

While it is standard to charter a yacht on a weekly basis, you can certainly select a charter to do otherwise. Sail for less than a week or longer.

How many guests can I bring aboard my yacht charter?

International Marine regulation indicates that for most yachts, the maximum number of guests aboard is 12. If you wish to bring a larger party of guests, simply consult your PYC broker to assist you in finding a yacht that can sizably accommodate everyone on board.

What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is a continual crew aboard a luxury yacht comprised of a captain, trained crewmembers, hostesses, deckhands, and engineers.

What is a bareboat charter?

To rent a charter bareboat means to be without a crew or occasionally, without a skipper. A bareboat charter indicates that you plan on skippering and navigating the vessel yourself.

Is it customary to tip the captain and the crew?

It is not an obligation to tip the captain or the crew and is solely voluntary. If you find that crewmembers and the captain have performed exceptionally, and you would like to tip, it is customary to tip 10% to 15% of the total charter amount on your last sailing day.

To whom do I give the tip to?

It is advisable that if you so choose to give a tip to the crew, that you gift the money directly to the captain. By doing so, you will avoid causing discord amongst crewmembers and ensure that each crewmember receives an equal amount of the tip.

Can my guests and I enjoy all of the yacht’s amenities while on board?

Yes, you and your guests are welcomed to enjoy all of the amenities while on board your luxury yacht charter and are encouraged to do so.

What is my charter rate?

Your charter rate will be quoted per week, but if you wish to sail for a longer or shorter amount of time, please consult your yacht broker for rate pricing.

Are there costs that my charter rate does not immediately list upfront?

There will be costs that are not included in the charter rate that must be calculated at the conclusion of your trip. These costs can include fuel, VAT, provisions, and marina, harbor, or canal fees.

What is the cancelation policy?

Different contracts have varying policies on cancelation. The MYBA contract dictates that the owner can decidedly retain your deposit or the entirety of your charter fee. If I have paid the entire charter fee before indicating a cancelation, the owner is entitled to retain it but must return the APA.

How do I go about planning land excursions during my luxury yacht vacation?

Your PYC charter consultant will be happy to assist you in planning any excursions and additional activities for you and your guests.

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection

The boats and yachts displayed on this website are owned by private individuals or charter companies. The yacht charters and their particulars displayed in the results above are displayed in good faith and are trusted to be correct but not guaranteed. PerfectYachCharter.com does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. All information is subject to change without notice and is without warranty. Each charter contract or agreement will be between the vessel owner or his representative and the client or the client’s authorized representative. Your preferred charter broker should provide you with yacht specifications, brochure and rates for your chosen dates during your charter yacht selection process.

Shreveport Yacht Club

Welcome to the Shreveport Yacht Club!

The Shreveport Yacht Club is located on the south shore of beautiful Cross Lake in Shreveport, Louisiana. Cross Lake covers approximately 8,576 acres and has 70 plus miles of shoreline. The lake provides the water supply for the City of Shreveport. Bald cypress trees line the banks and the lake is popular for recreational boating, fishing and hunting.

Established in 1927 as the Shreveport Boat Club, the Club is proud to be part of the long and rich history of the city of Shreveport.  Cross Lake was impounded in 1926 by the construction of a concrete dam on the right of way of the Kansas City Southern Railroad. The Club was established just one year after the impoundment of Cross Lake; became incorporated in 1937, and changed its name to the Shreveport Yacht Club in 1948.

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BENETEAU - FIRST 35 | 2 cabins (2012)

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Dehler - Dehler 38 SQ | 3 cabins (2022)

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Zenit doo - Hunter ray (2023)

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Zar Formenti (2006)

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BENETEAU - ANTARES 710 | 1 cabin (2002)

From $146 per day.

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Fisher - 20 Sundeck | 1 cabin (2021)

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RIB - Maestral 745 (2014)

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Bavaria - 44 Cruiser | 3 cabins (2002)

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BENETEAU - OCEANIS 51.1 | 4 cabins (2019)

From $706 per day.

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How much does a boat charter cost?

The cost of a boat charter depends on several factors. A few of these include the season when you wish to have your yacht charter experience, the size and model of your private yacht charter, the duration of your trip, and the number of people on board.

If you wish to rent a boat with a captain and/or crew to your private yacht charter, this will also come at an extra cost, as well as if you decide to add water sports equipment to your charter.

Below, you can find a list of average prices according to the boat type and the number of people on board:

A sailboat rental is usually available for an average price of $1,500 per week for a boat that will fit 6 people. There are many different types of sailing yachts you can search for to find the best fit for your group.

A catamaran rental costs on average $4,000 per week for 8 people. However, a catamaran rental can vary largely in size.

Motor yachts are generally rented for shorter periods. They can cost anywhere from around $400 per day in cheaper locations, and up to around $4000 per day in more sought-after locations.

Is it possible to rent a yacht with a Captain?

If you don't have a boat license or simply want to enjoy your yacht charter vacation in complete peace of mind, it is possible to take it to the sea with a skipper. You will find the option to do so when you try to book the boat. A captain will be able to guide you to your destination and show you the best the region has to offer.

Scansail can help you search for yacht vacations with or without a captain. You can learn the best boating practices from charter experts while you enjoy your private yacht charter with family and friends.

For novices wishing for a luxury yacht charter without a skipper, the criteria for chartering a boat without a license depends on the legislation of your destination. In France, for example, it is based on the size and power of the boat, so it is important to find out beforehand. But don't forget that a yacht rental with a captain is an opportunity to learn from a seasoned sailor!

Destinations for a Boat Charter

Renting a boat opens up the waters of the world, there is no shortage of destinations to visit by sea and you can be sure to enjoy a unique moment on the waves.

Here are some destinations to consider when renting a boat:

The beautiful landscapes of France are a real invitation to travel. The magnificent Brittany and the warm coast of Southern France will allow you to appreciate the beauty and charm of France. For the experienced sailor, consider adding Corsica to your itinerary for your boat rental in Marseille. France has a multitude of treasures to explore!

Of course, the French Guadalupe and other territories are a must for cruise lovers! Go island hopping in the French Caribbean with your private yacht charter.

Germany offers numerous rivers and lakes that are magnificent. The history of the country is rich and you can make it a starting point for your cruise, then make your way to Denmark for example!

Want to enjoy a rich local culture, authentic gastronomy, and turquoise waters? Then look no further than charming Spain. Spain has some of the best boating destinations for a summer in the sun. Charter a sailboat to enjoy the Spanish coast or grab a group of friends and get a superyacht charter for a party of a lifetime.

Don’t forget the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands if you’re organizing a cruise because they are can’t-miss destinations!

The country of the Renaissance offers both a rich history and some of the best weather. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, with so many treasures to discover. Set sail and follow in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci, while stopping to taste the richness of Italian gastronomy.

Known as the land of myths, sail through the legends and discover places that are simply beautiful. The turquoise waters of Greece and its many islands will make your trip unforgettable and picture-perfect. This country is full of History that goes way back to ancient times. Walk through history when you visit Greece for your boat rental.

.... and many others

Other destinations like Brazil and Cape Verde are also waiting for you for a boat charter. Claim your freedom on the waters! You are free to choose your destination and your departure date, it's the perfect time to offer yourself an unforgettable escapade!

With your yacht charter, you can draw up an itinerary with several destinations. Feel free to talk with the boat owner about boating tips around your destination. They will be able to give you the ideal sailing spots and recommend possible itineraries and secret spots that you absolutely must see.

Find your perfect yacht in our top destinations

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Dream Boat NY

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Yacht Charters

Elevate sightseeing and entertaining with a private yacht charter in NYC complete with luxury amenities including an elegant deck lounge and cabin lounge, open floor plan, spacious seating, champagne & catering service, and professional captain & crew.

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Luxury day sailing with an all-inclusive champagne lunch. Savor every moment on our premier lunch cruise. Experience the ultimate afternoon is on a private boat charter in NYC.

Champagne & Appetizer Cruise

For a stylish and glamorous night cruise, hop on a private yacht rental for an all-inclusive evening with champagne, open bar & appetizers. Reserve the best dinner Cruise NYC.

Romantic Boat Ride

Just for 2 – private and romantic boat ride NYC. Perfect for anniversaries, date nights, proposals, and personal celebrations.

Party hard, sail harder: your next bash is on a private boat party NYC.

Fourth of July NYC Cruise

All-in-one celebration with fireworks, Statue of Liberty close-ups, sunset, and city lights. Fourth of July NYC cruise is a floating VIP box with front-row seats.

NY Boat Charters

a boat for rent in NYC floating in blue water

Luxury Yacht Rentals with Exceptional Service

For many travelers, the highlight of their visit to the city is their exclusive experience with Dream Boat NY, where yachting truly is a dream. Select a boat rental in New York that allows you to step off the sidewalk and immediately lounge on deck cushions. Float across the water while enjoying all the premium champagne and catering services . This unique combination of entertaining and sightseeing creates the perfect moment for friends and family.

Smaller is a Bigger Experience: Small Yacht Rental in the Big City

Imagine having an intimate space to call your own with unparalleled access to the city’s stunning sights, all while receiving personalized attention from expert crew as they guide you through the city’s waterways, taking you places that larger vessels simply cannot go. Experience a private boat ride with unique opportunities to slip closer to the iconic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods that define the city. So come, explore the city from a new perspective, and elevate your experience with the ultimate in seclusion and luxury.

Five-Star Resort on the Water: NYC Yacht Rental

Experience a floating, magical adventure more similar to traveling via Harry Potter’s platform 9 3/4 than traveling with the usual gridlock traffic or TSA lines. This private yacht rental NYC experience begins at the marina’s silver gate where the captain greets you personally. Attentive crew wisks away bags and baggage, replacing the day’s burdens with light food and drinks. If the air is cool, luxurious wraps and blankets appear. VIP treatment provides effortless, seamless, and most importantly, stress-free comfort. Welcome to five-star service on a Manhattan yacht charter where the journey is your destination.

Savor the Flavors: Catered Yacht Charter New York

A leisure tour on the Hudson River will awaken all the senses. Start your day with a classic brunch featuring fresh bagels and lox. Celebrate the day with lunch by the Statue of Liberty. Then take an evening cruise of NYC accompanied with a Charcuterie Board or refreshing Shrimp Cocktail. For the sweet tooth, select your favorite cake or tart. And what better way to toast a life well lived than with a bottle of champagne, crisp white wine, or refreshing rosé. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a cold beer, as you sit back and enjoy the city that never sleeps. Bon appétit!

logo, company name

Yachting in Palm Beach, FL

Yachting in Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, nestled on the USA's Gold Coast, boasts golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters, epitomizing luxury with grand mansions, high-end shops, galleries, and fine dining. Wander along palm-fringed Worth Avenue, cruise the Intracoastal Waterway, or enjoy an evening at one of the 160 private golf courses, each offering spectacular views.

55 Sea Ray luxury charter yacht - 251 Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL, USA

55' Sea Ray Sedan

58 Absolute luxury charter yacht - Seagate Yacht Club, Mac Farlane Drive, Delray Beach, FL, USA

58' Absolute

65 Princess luxury charter yacht - Centennial Park & Amphitheater, East Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, FL, USA

65' Princess

57 Sunseeker Predator luxury charter yacht - 831 Northeast 72nd Street, Boca Raton, FL, USA

57' Sunseeker Predator

43 Pardo luxury charter yacht - Riviera Beach City Marina, East 13th Street, Riviera Beach, FL, USA

43' Pardo

44 Solaris Power luxury charter yacht - Riviera Beach City Marina, East 13th Street, Riviera Beach, FL, USA

44' Solaris Power

80 Lazzara luxury charter yacht - 501 East Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL, USA

80' Lazzara

56 DutchCraft luxury charter yacht - Jupiter, FL, USA

56' DutchCraft

75 Numarine luxury charter yacht - 200 Admirals Cove Boulevard, Jupiter, FL, USA

75' Numarine

75 Prestige luxury charter yacht - Palm Harbor Marina, North Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

75' Prestige

112 Westport luxury charter yacht - Delray Harbor Club Marina, South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL, USA

112' Westport

106 Lazzara luxury charter yacht - Palm Beach, FL, USA

106' Lazzara

98 Ocean Alexander luxury charter yacht - Palm Beach, FL, USA

98' Ocean Alexander

132 Horizon luxury charter yacht - Palm Beach, FL, USA

132' Horizon

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Once you confirm your reservation, your broker will process your payment.

  • If you are booking for a single day and your reservation is confirmed more than 7 days in advance, a deposit of either $1,000 USD or 50% of the total cost of the reservation (whichever is greater) is processed immediately in order to hold the yacht. Once your embarkation date is 7 days away, the remainder of the amount due is processed.
  • If you are booking for a single day and your reservation is made 7 days or less in advance, the total price of your reservation is processed immediately.
  • If you are booking for a multi-day charter and your reservation is confirmed more than 30 days in advance, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the yacht is processed immediately in order to hold the yacht. Once your embarkation date is 30 days away, the other 50% is collected for the price of the yacht, plus the APA, plus the taxes due.

Terms of refunds are dictated by the Charter Agreement. Generally, once a payment is collected, it is non-refundable. In certain circumstances, as dictated by the Charter Agreement, credits can be provided so you will be able to enjoy your yacht charter at a future date that is convenient for you.

Why is there a 3% credit card convenience charge?

Are my payment details saved on the app, what if your servers get hacked is my payment information really safe.

EMAIL US [email protected]

  • The Company

Yacht Management

Projects management.

  • News & Trends
  • Meet the Team

The Complete Yacht Management Company

A pioneer in the yachting world, PrivatSea is a full-service yacht management company, supporting private and corporate super yacht owners. PrivatSea now operates via a network of offices in key international locations.

Yacht management company

News & Trends

The legendary my lady sarya for sale, the boutique cruise vessel mv minerva for sale, view from the top: the world’s best penthouses, from majestic mountains to magical marrakesh: things to do in morocco, top tips for how to fly a drone from a yacht.

Reserve Your Slip  / Local Weather

Palm Harbor Management - The Palm Beaches, Florida

Local 561‑655‑4757

Toll Free 800‑435‑8051

  • Reserve Your Slip
  • Slip Layout
  • Tides Information
  • Yachting Resources
  • Fitness Center
  • Marina Store & Gourmet Deli
  • Concierge Service
  • Barbecue Area
  • The Palm Beaches
  • Location Map
  • Local Weather
  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Entertainment
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery

Yacht club

Discover the Heart of Marina Community at Palm Harbor's Yacht Club

Step into the world of luxury and camaraderie at the Yacht Club Clubhouse, the social epicenter for boaters at Palm Harbor Marina. Here, contemporary elegance meets the warmth of community, creating the perfect backdrop for making lasting connections.

An Oasis of Leisure and Entertainment

Our Yacht Club boasts an array of first-class amenities designed to enrich your marina experience. Unwind at our hospitality bar, immerse yourself in film with our cinema surround sound system, or engage in friendly competition at the pool table. Every corner is crafted to enhance your leisure time.

Stay Fit and Connected

For those who balance leisure with wellness and work, our state-of-the-art fitness center and fully-equipped business center provide everything you need to stay on top of your game, even while you're away from the mainland.

Your Yacht Club Enquiry

Curious about what more the Yacht Club has to offer? Our staff is eager to assist with any inquiries, ensuring your time with us is both enjoyable and memorable. Connect with us to discover the full array of amenities and services at your disposal.

Yachts For All Seasons

Private Yacht Charters in NYC

  • YACHTS for all seasons
Looking To Plan The Ultimate Private Yacht Charter in New York City?

private yacht club near me

Celebrating With Others For Over 30 Years!

private yacht club near me

Yachts For All Seasons has been providing life changing memories aboard New York City’s finest selection of Private Motor Yachts and Luxury Boat Charters in NYC. We conveniently accommodate private dinner parties of 2, all the way up to 1200 guests for the most spectacular event of a lifetime.

Celebrate your next

  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Anniversary
  • or any type of Private Yacht Party

Aboard one of our Famed Luxury Yacht Charters. Enjoy a fantasy like experience with your very own custom theme, selective decor, and professional staff attending to your every need. Our passionate event planners provide a unique variety of different Yacht Party Themes, Catering Services, DJ’s, Tour Guides, Flowers, Chocolate Fountains, Live Bands, Fun Casino’s & more!

Regardless of the yacht charter you want planned, our experienced experts will carefully listen to your every need and creatively provide the most exciting charters to consider.

Popular NYC Cruise Sites: Enjoy the East River like you’ve never imagined as you cruise past the South Street Seaport, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges (known as BMW), passing the United Nations before turning around and heading back to port. Sail up the Hudson River past Ground Zero and the new Freedom Tower; which is now the tallest building in North America. Continue past the Winter Garden, and Chelsea Piers (where you can see the Empire State Building), Chrysler Building and the Gold Dome of the New York Life Skyscraper.

private yacht club near me

Book Your Party on the Water Today

Along your storied journey, you will marvel at the beautiful views of the incredible buildings that make up the magnificent New York Skyline. Then, make your way up the 79th Street Boat Basin, where there is a spectacular view of the George Washington Bridge, before finally turning around while passing the Jersey City Skyline and Ellis Island on your way to the Statue of Liberty.

Have Questions? Simply submit a FREE QUOTE REQUEST and one of our senior party planners will follow up to provide a complimentary consultation.

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private yacht club near me


Private Yachting Club is born from the experience  of catering everything to perfection, after many years of sales of Fine dinning cruises, Corporate cruises, Celebrations and Embarking family trips. We are a fully crewed yacht company, with luxury amenities, including our Artesian mezcal tasting, a Top shelf cocktail bar and a culinary experience. We cater to your every need to amplify your experience with us. Want to stay overnight and explore the most beautiful islands of Baja?  Go Snorkeling in the underwater aquarium? Enjoy a Sunset and Beats cruise? We have many options for you. Cruise and relax in our yachts with the dazzling ocean waters of Baja California Sur.

 The only limit is your imagination!


Expedition and exploration

private yacht club near me


Our Ferretti 80ft is an Italian luxury design and your best option for any celebrations or a fun time with the family and friends. Ditch the resort and treat yourself to an overnight and discover our beautiful islands of Baja. Fully crewed

private yacht club near me


Our Sea Ray 60ft is perfect to cruising around and relax yourself . Perfect vessel for 4 guests Fully crewed

p. y. c mezcal

Our artesian mezcal is made in Oaxaca, Mexico in the Mountains of Matatlán. One of the best locations and productions for this artesian agave! Our limited production of 200 bottles per year makes this mezcal unique and special. The agave plant has many documented health benefits, promotes digestion, regulate cholesterol, regulate triglycerides, prevents heart attacks, an organic relaxer and a big plus, NO HUNG-OVERS.

BRAND: Private Yachting Club 

TYPE OF AGAVE:  Espadín / Angustifolia


COOKING:  Stone Oven 

DISTILLATION: Copper Alambique



private yacht club near me

Top Yacht Clubs – Florida

Top Yacht Clubs – Florida

Tucked along Florida’s 1,350 miles of coastline are private seaside clubs where mariners like to dock their boats and hang their hats. Many sport a friendly neighborhood feel; others rival first-class resorts by giving members a taste of the good life on the high seas. Deluxe amenities seem unlimited with annual regattas for racing fans, fishing charters for anglers and social events, where all the stars come out shining.

To get a glimpse of how the big dogs in the yacht world roll, we welcome you to check out Marinalife’s roster of ritzy yacht clubs serving the Sunshine State.


Jacksonville, fl.

Established in 1876 to foster “yachting and social enjoyment” along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, this club grew into a favorite getaway for 19th century business tycoons and their entourage. Today it’s known as one of the most prestigious private clubs and the sailing capital of northeast Florida. Amenities include two marinas with 150 slips, 10 tennis courts, a lovely clubhouse with banquet rooms, a swimming pool, a fitness center with personal trainers and a spa. The Youth Sailing Program, several annual regattas and plenty of social events keep members engaged and happy year-round.


Palm city, fl.

The soaring eagle emblem on Harbour Ridge’s logo is a pleasant statement that this yacht club cares about protecting the natural environment around its facility on the St. Lucie River north of West Palm Beach. Its two championship golf courses are Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries, but conservation does not distract from luxurious amenities. Members can choose between upscale or casual dining in the 45,000 square-foot clubhouse while soaking up stunning lakeside views. Also set in this idyllic rural setting: tennis courts, a swimming pool, a fitness center and spa, a library, a puppy park and banquet halls for special events.


West palm beach, fl.

Founded in 1890, this boaters’ sanctuary is considered a jewel of the Atlantic seaboard that attracts racers and society’s A-list from around the world. With five-star cuisine and gracious décor, the dining room is an epicurean delight. The club is renowned for events such as trips to the Kentucky Derby, Napa Valley and Havana, as well as art tours, river cruises, Miami Dolphin football games and tennis tournaments.


Boca raton, fl.

Alcoa industrialist Arthur Vining Davis founded the Royal Palm in 1959 on 450 acres of land that was once Boca Raton’s polo grounds. The property’s centerpiece is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, which hosts several tournaments on its scenic greens. The marina’s floating dock yachting facility can accommodate vessels up to 130 feet. Three restaurants offer options ranging from relaxed snacks to elegant gourmet cuisine. Six tennis courts, a swimming pool, a spa and a fitness center top off the amenity list.


Fort lauderdale, fl.

Conveniently located near three major airports, Coral Ridge has been an upscale haven for affluent and celebrity guests, including The Beatles in 1964. Founded in 1947, the gorgeous clubhouse overlooks stunning views of the Intracoastal Waterway, Sunrise Bay and historic Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Amenities include family and social activities, a fitness center, golf, a swimming pool, tennis, sports camps and sailing programs for children. It’s within easy walking distance from white-sand beaches, restaurants, nightlife, and movie theaters.


Some of the country’s best yacht racing competitions take place at Coral Reef — 2008 Star Worlds, Bacardi Miami Race Week, Rolex Miami Olympic Classes Regatta and more. And some of its members bring home Olympic gold medals in boating events. When you visit this bustling club, it’s the 100-slip marina that catches your eye and the 6,000 square foot clubhouse that makes you want to linger in the lounge and hear about the history and camaraderie in the waters of Biscayne Bay. Social activities for adults and kids build a strong sense of community.


Key largo, fl.

You can arrive by land, sea or air to this 2,500-acre private paradise tucked away in the northern tip of Florida’s Keys. Known for championship golfing and world-class fishing, the facility includes 12 tennis courts, basketball, a spa and a fitness center. A dozen restaurants and lounges present a range of options from gourmet to casual dining and poolside cocktails. In addition to the nine-hole mini-golf course, Buccaneer Island’s saltwater lagoon is family-fun central with water sports such as sailboats, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Snorkeling and scuba excursions depart daily.


Bokeelia, fl.

Private security and sophisticated solitude are the buzzwords for this private club located on a 100-acre island on Pine Island Sound. Since the 1800s, industrialists, socialites and fishing fans have been pampered at this luxurious West Florida retreat. The U.S. government took over the island during the Bay of Pigs invasion, but the club reopened in 1976 and was restored to its original grandeur. Today’s guests enjoy amenities such as fine dining, tennis, a swimming pool, croquet and bocce. Social events and regattas in peak season are legendary.


After a recent $4.8 million renovation, Pelican Isle is looking pretty swanky. The new 20,000 square-foot club-house is complete with a new kitchen, banquet rooms, fitness center, stellar waterfront views, two bocce courts and firepits. Only five minutes from the Gulf of Mexico at Wiggins Pass on the Cocohatchee River, the nearby beach is rated as top-notch with a coral reef for scuba divers. Amenities include upscale dining, a swimming pool, tennis, pickleball, water aerobics, a ship store and yachting excursions.


St. petersburg, fl.

Established in 1909 and fully renovated in the 1990s, this prestigious club is dedicated to preserving traditions in sailing and yachting. The list of members’ championship racing awards and Olympic medals is extensive. As one of America’s oldest yacht clubs, the facility overlooking Tampa Bay presents two elegant dining rooms, cocktail lounge, poolside tiki hut and many spacious banquet rooms. Special events include the historic Habana Race (first sailed in 1930), Vintage Motor Classic and several fishing tournaments.

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Find a Marina

Fuel search.

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Bespoke golf getaways: luxury vacations on the links.

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According to the PGA, more Americans are playing golf than ever before.

Why compromise between your love for travel and your passion for golf when you can indulge in both in one luxurious package?

Kensington Tours recently announced three bespoke golf getaways that strike the perfect balance. These getaways allow golf enthusiasts of every level to spend time on legendary courses while exploring storybook settings.

Designed by local destination experts who have actually played on the courses, the golf itineraries include tee time on courses in Ireland, Scotland, or New Zealand.

Participants will also have opportunities to immerse themselves in the history and culture of these breathtaking settings, and stay in luxury accommodations.

To help make the experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible, guests are greeted by drivers upon landing at an airport, taken on private tours by experienced local guides, and provided with drivers and transfers from place to place.

Not everyone loves golf with the same intensity, even in the same family. So having a private guide and driver at your disposal means that while one traveler indulges in golf, the other can plan spa visits, shopping trips, or additional sightseeing.

Each getaway can be customized based on individual interests, and itineraries can be extended before or after the trip to lengthen them. 24/7 support to handle any unexpected needs is included in the bookings.

Rudy Giuliani Should Be Forced To Sell Florida Condo To Pay Off Debts, Creditors Say

Wwe smackdown results winners and grades as hollywood rock returns, tyron woodley explains why jake paul vs. mike tyson will be compelling.

Here’s a sampling of what to expect:

Golfing the Emerald Isle (Ireland)

View of championship Royal Portrush golf course at White Rocks Beach in Ireland, venue for the 2019 ... [+] British Open.

This eight-day journey includes golfing at some of the world’s most historic courses in Ireland, including Royal Portrush, Royal County Down, and Portmarnock Golf Courses.

Participants will experience the highlights of Belfast, including the Titanic Museum, visit craft whisky distilleries and the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, tour Malahide Castle, and more.

Packages start at $10,560 per person, double occupancy.

Golf, Whisky, and Castles (Scotland)

Fairway near Royal and Ancient Club House at The Old Course of St Andrews

Over eight days, guests will explore Edinburgh, St Andrews, Carnoustie, and Loch Lomond with a private guide. They will visit stunning castles, lochs, and boutique whisky and gin distilleries, enjoy city walking tours, and stay at stylish city hotels and baronial mansions.

In addition, participants will have the chance to play on historic and challenging golf courses, including Carnoustie Golf Club, St Andrews, and Carrick Golf Course.

Packages start at $7,656 per person, double occupancy.

New Zealand: Ultimate Golf Experience

Millbrook Golf and Tennis Club, located near Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand

This 14-day journey offers guests a unique way to appreciate the beauty of New Zealand. The itinerary includes visits to Auckland, the Bay of Islands, Napier, and Queenstown—with a walking tour in Auckland; a food, wine, and culture experience in Napier; and a Milford Sound Cruise and Helicopter Flight.

The New Zealand itinerary includes ample opportunities to hit the links at Titirangi Golf Club, Te Arai Links, Cape Kidnappers Golf Course, Jacks Point Golf Course, Sky High Fairways, Millbrook Golf & Tennis Club. and multiple rounds at Kauri Cliffs Golf Course.

Packages start at $28,996 per person, double occupancy.

Award-winning Kensington Tours offers bespoke travel experiences across seven continents, including guided land tours, yacht charters, ocean and river cruises, and stays at an exclusive collection of villas. Forbes , Travel + Leisure , Conde Nast Traveller , and other luxury travel publications have recognized the company for excellence.

Rates for the golf getaways above do not include airfare or equipment rental but do include course fees.

Visit the Kensington Tours website for additional information on package inclusions/exclusions, to make reservations, or to speak to a golf destination expert about planning your own golf adventure.

Irene S. Levine

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having a wedding ceremony at sea, or just soaking up the warm sun on a yacht trip, a Yacht Club Company boat yacht rental is a quintessential Tulum experience!

Azimut Flybridge

47’ (14.5m).

3 - 8 hours

$975.00 - $1,499.00

Per Additional Adult

Per Additional Hour

This 47’ Italian beauty offers style, comfort, and performance. The spacious forward deck allows for plenty of room for those sunbathers, or take a break from the sun in the cool air conditioned salon. Enjoy the flybridge for a 360-degree view of the Mayan Riviera, relax, enjoy, indulge. Our professional crew is ready to attend to your every need.

Boat Features

  • Captain & crew
  • Food & snacks
  • Snorkel gear & guide
  • Paddle boards

51' (15.5m)

Charter our 51’ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge. She is agile, athletic, smooth, and distinct with luxury. There is plenty of room for you and your guests to experience the Caribbean Sea. Comfortable seating on the flybridge, aft deck, sun beds for those sun babies, and a sleek and cool interior for you to enjoy. Our qualified crew is on standby and ready to provide you with the five-star service you deserve.


Recently fully remodelled, our classic 53’ Hatteras maintains her classic look and lines, with an updated design that is equipped and functional for groups of all sizes. The well-designed exterior offers you all the space you’ll need to for an unforgettable adventure. There is plenty of room for socializing, dancing, or just taking it all in. She boasts a club quality sound system that is unmatched to any yacht in the area.

80' (24.4m)

This classic luxury motor yacht is ideal for mid sized to larger groups. The vessel has undergone a refit, a complete overhaul of the engines and mechanics in 2017. She has a spacious air-conditioned salon with a custom built bar to serve you. Plenty of room on the interior and exterior, padded sun beds, seating with shade, and without throughout the vessels, paddle boards, a great sound system and more.

Complete form below to book one of our yachts.


  1. Top 12 Best Yacht Clubs Near Me in the World

    private yacht club near me

  2. Top 12 Best Yacht Clubs Near Me in the World

    private yacht club near me

  3. Top 12 Best Yacht Clubs Near Me in the World

    private yacht club near me

  4. Sunset Harbour Yacht Club in Miami Beach, FL, United States

    private yacht club near me

  5. Top 12 Best Yacht Clubs Near Me in the World

    private yacht club near me

  6. Top 12 Best Yacht Clubs Near Me in the World

    private yacht club near me


  1. The Top 50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs In The World Honored ...

    Balboa Yacht Club. * Balboa Yacht Club. One of the oldest clubs on the Pacific Coast, it operates a year-round facility including a full-service restaurant and bar, marina and a Catalina Island ...

  2. The Top 50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs In The World Honored ...

    ENGLAND. Royal Southern Yacht Club. Royal Thames Yacht Club. The Royal Thames Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world, founded in 1775. The exclusive Knightsbridge Clubhouse has ...

  3. Best Yacht Clubs

    Based on Florida's West Coast, the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club is a member of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs—a group of 35 private clubs in the state that allow members reciprocal privileges. The yacht basin at the Naples club has 75 concrete floating docks, from which members set off on group cruises to points all around the Sunshine ...

  4. Private Yacht Cruises

    If you want a private yacht cruise that all your guests will remember, your journey starts by sending a request to be contacted. Benefits of Chartering with SeaDream: Up to 112 guests in an intimate, open unstructured setting. 1 to 1 guest to crew ratio, resulting in thoughtfully personalized service. Enjoy privacy, intimacy and security aboard ...

  5. 11 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs in America

    4. San Diego Yacht Club. Location: San Diego, California. Founded: 1886. San Diego Yacht Club is one of the most prominent clubs in America's yachting history. Its crews and boats won the America Cup two times, making it the only America club besides New York Yacht Club to take home the much-coveted Auld Mug.

  6. How to Find the Right Yacht Club

    When selecting a club, consider the following: Joining a yacht club can increase your boating network, but there are important considerations when choosing a club. 1. Boat facilities Many clubs offer you the opportunity to leave your current marina and tie-up alongside members for the season. Some offer slips for dockage; others may only have ...

  7. Private Yacht Charter Guide 2023

    By Rebecca Taylor Posted on September 16, 2023 Charter, FAQ. A private yacht charter is the same as a private yacht rental or a luxury yacht charter - you rent a yacht (usually for at least a week), that is owned by someone else. You get access to their private yacht crew, all of the amenities and get to work with the captain on the itinerary.

  8. Luxury Yacht Charters

    For a casual trip with a low-key atmosphere, choose Day Off as your crewed yacht charter. For striking, seaworthy extravagance, consider Salu for your luxury yacht vessel. Or for endless entertainment and a guaranteed good time, take Nirvana out for a spin. We have over 2,815 yachts for charter and a little something for every personality.

  9. Shreveport Yacht Club

    The Shreveport Yacht Club is located on the south shore of beautiful Cross Lake in Shreveport, Louisiana. Cross Lake covers approximately 8,576 acres and has 70 plus miles of shoreline. The lake provides the water supply for the City of Shreveport. Bald cypress trees line the banks and the lake is popular for recreational boating, fishing and ...

  10. Yacht charter

    Find your private yacht charter with Scansail ★ Many years of experience ★ From sailors, for sailors ★ With or without a captain ★ Personal contact. Find a sailboat or catamaran for a great price and get advice from our sailing experts. Our countless years of experience makes Scansail the place to find your ideal boat charter.

  11. Private Yacht Charters in NYC: Stylish, Sophisticated & All Yours

    Yacht Charters. Elevate sightseeing and entertaining with a private yacht charter in NYC complete with luxury amenities including an elegant deck lounge and cabin lounge, open floor plan, spacious seating, champagne & catering service, and professional captain & crew. Book Now. Learn More. From $675.

  12. Luxury & Private Yacht Charter Palm Beach, FL

    YachtLife offers private & luxury yacht charters in Palm Beach, FL. YachtLife: 40+ Locations Worldwide. 1000+ Luxury Yachts. Concierge Service.

  13. PrivatSea

    The Complete Yacht. Management Company. A pioneer in the yachting world, PrivatSea is a full-service yacht management company, supporting private and corporate super yacht owners. PrivatSea now operates via a network of offices in key international locations. View more.

  14. Yacht Club

    If you have any questions regarding the Yacht Club, please do not hesitate to call and one of our staff members will be more than happy to provide any help. 400 North Flagler Drive, Suite A. West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. 561.655.4757 | 1.800.435.8051. Latitude 26° 42' 58". Longitude -80° 3' 0". Florida's Palm Harbor Marina has an elegant ...

  15. Miami Private Yacht Charters & Party Boat Rentals

    Sunshine Boating offers luxurious private yacht charters and party boat rentals in Miami, Florida. Contact us at 305-970-2031 to book your trip!

  16. Take a Tour of these Premier Jersey Shore Yacht Clubs

    Bay Head Yacht Club. Find it here! 111 Metcalfe Street, Bay Head, NJ - Established on September 8, 1888, the yacht club would be the first clubhouse in the area built on pilings, right at the head of Barnegat Bay. The clubhouse features one of the best panoramic views of the sparkling bay. Two of the buildings that make up the Yacht club have ...

  17. Private Yacht Charters in NYC

    Celebrating With Others For Over 30 Years! Yachts For All Seasons has been providing life changing memories aboard New York City's finest selection of Private Motor Yachts and Luxury Boat Charters in NYC. We conveniently accommodate private dinner parties of 2, all the way up to 1200 guests for the most spectacular event of a lifetime.

  18. Private Yachting Club

    Private Yachting Club is born from the experience of catering everything to perfection, after many years of sales of Fine dinning cruises, Corporate cruises, Celebrations and Embarking family trips. We are a fully crewed yacht company, with luxury amenities, including our Artesian mezcal tasting, a Top shelf cocktail bar and a culinary experience.

  19. Top Yacht Clubs

    FLORIDA YACHT CLUB. Jacksonville, FL. Established in 1876 to foster "yachting and social enjoyment" along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, this club grew into a favorite getaway for 19th century business tycoons and their entourage. Today it's known as one of the most prestigious private clubs and the sailing capital of northeast Florida.

  20. NYC Luxury Yacht Charters & Private Party Boats

    We pride ourselves in being your full-service private yacht charter specialists in the New York City, Long Island and New Jersey area. From luxury yachts to New York charter and boat rentals, let Metro Yacht Charters provide you with "first-class service every step of the way!". Contact Metro Yacht Charters of New York at 646-780-9693 today ...

  21. 10 Best Boat Clubs in Miami Compared for 2023

    No options for boat rental. No pool. 5. Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. Founded in 1887, Biscayne Yacht Club is a private yacht club, located in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida. That makes it one of the oldest clubs in the United States. Biscayne Bay Yacht Club promotes the art and sport of sailing on Biscayne Bay.

  22. A Complete Guide to Naples Yacht Clubs

    Naples Sailing & Yacht Club. This private club is located on beautiful Naples Bay and offers members access to some of the best sailing in Southwest Florida. They offer Admiral, Mariner, and Social memberships, with a singular club uniform to boot. Dining, special events, and various activities, such as holiday parties with DJs, will keep you ...

  23. Bespoke Golf Getaways: Luxury Vacations On The Links

    Fairway near Royal and Ancient Club House at The Old Course of St Andrews. getty. Over eight days, guests will explore Edinburgh, St Andrews, Carnoustie, and Loch Lomond with a private guide.

  24. Pricing

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, having a wedding ceremony at sea, or just soaking up the warm sun on a yacht trip, a Yacht Club Company boat yacht rental is a quintessential Tulum experience! Azimut Flybridge 47' (14.5m) Available. 3 - 8 hours. Base Price. $975.00 - $1,499.00. $20. Per Additional Adult.