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fairlie yacht club results

Fairlie: the Hamble yard that changed classic sailing forever

fairlie yacht club results

We look back at the transformative work of Fairlie Yachts, the famous Hamble yard that shut down earlier this year.

Full article, from the August issue, one sale. Click here to subscribe. Photos by Waterline Media

I t was a sad day when Duncan Walker and Paul Spooner finally shut up shop in Hamble and put Fairlie Yachts into liquidation at the end of February 2016. Many readers will know that running any boatbuilding company has been very hard work over the past few years in particular, but it will be no consolation to list the other casualties that Fairlie joined in the sector. Looking back over the quarter of a century of boatbuilding first as Fairlie Restorations and latterly as Fairlie Yachts, the team was responsible for some great projects; but there were always challenges.


The story started almost exactly 30 years ago. In the late 1980s a Swiss businessman called Albert Obrist owned an incomparable collection of Ferraris. What marked his collection out as one of, if not the, finest in the world was the quality of the restoration work that Obrist undertook. In a world already known for accuracy and high standards, Obrist raised it to another level. It was said that if the original leather used for a seat came from a particular breed of cows, Obrist would insist the restorers used the same, preferably from the descendants of the very same herd.

Despite having disposed of most of the collection in the early 1990s, the fact they were ‘Obrist’ Ferraris means the cars are still sought after today. In December 1985 Obrist bought a rather tired schooner, and his crew nursed her from Italy to Southampton. What they did with her has passed into classic yacht legend, and helped start the whole classic yacht revival.

The schooner was of course the 1931 Fife Altair , and her crew was Paul Goss, Duncan Walker, Donn Costanzo, Jeff Law, and Olive Adshead (the latter three the proud if by then rather impoverished owners of the Fife ‘ Sheevra ’ ex Clio , whose restoration had been noted and admired by Obrist). Along with the skills of the workforce at Southampton Yacht Services, a benchmark project was completed, restoring her as closely as possible to her original condition. Under Goss and then Steve ‘The Dog’ Hammond, Altair became the standard bearer for a revival of interest in classic yachts in general and in Fifes in particular.

Obrist was just getting started with Altair though. He had a vision of restoring Fifes just as he had Ferraris; with no compromise, authentic in every detail. He and Duncan Walker established Fairlie Restorations in the back of a large hanger at Hamble Yacht Services in 1990. They recruited two of the key members of the SYS team, shipwrights Nick Bowyer and Kevin Jepp, and formed a small team dedicated purely to restoration of Fife yachts. Obrist employed a young yacht broker at Camper & Nicholsons, William Collier, who had a passion for the classics, to seek out and buy him examples of Fife’s work; and in 1991 Duncan (with the help of a return to the Clyde of Altair ), managed to buy the bulk of the Fife archive of drawings from Archie MacMillan.

The first project was the 15-Metre, Tuiga . Spotted in the small ads for sale in Cyprus, Walker nursed her back to the Hamble and the team of about half a dozen set to work, with Obrist as the patron. Obrist’s attention to detail was extraordinary. At one stage he was said to be investigating buying land in Egypt to grow the correct type of cotton to replicate her original sails; that didn’t happen in the end, but Ratsey & Lapthorn (her original sailmakers in 1909) were persuaded to replicate the stencils of the period rather than use their famous red semi-circle badges on the tacks of her sails; and, most remarkably, to hand-stitch the entire mainsail. Looking back it is easy to forget just what a brave idea it was to rebuild a First Rule 15-M boat, 75ft (22.8m) on deck, tiller steered with no winches and the best part of 4,000 sqft (371m 2 ) of sail to control. Walker and his team reached out to the likes of Harry Spencer and Spencer Rigging, and thankfully found the skills were only dormant and not totally forgotten. Heading out on to the Solent for her first sail trails in the autumn of 1992 most people understood Walker’s decision to fit her with (removable but unoriginal) stanchions and lifelines (Obrist, when he saw them, was said to be less understanding).

Quite a legacy: Mariquita and Tuiga on the racecourse

Alongside Tuiga there was a growing collection of yachts awaiting restoration including Miquette (12-Metre), The Lady Anne (15-Metre), Fulmar (8-Metre) and Mariquita (19-Metre). Even by Obrist’s standards it was an audacious scheme and as soon as Tuiga was finished in 1993 she was for sale. Eventually she was bought by the Yacht Club de Monaco, where she has been a perfect figurehead for the club ever since.

Friends of Obrist, Ernst & Doris Klaus, then approached Fairlie, keen to have a yacht restored for a round-the-world trip. Duncan was following the stop-start work on Kentra , a 1923 Fife ketch in Scotland, and finally managed to buy her at auction and bring her south. Her complete restoration, to Lloyd’s, like Tuiga , took two years; in the meantime, the Klauses also had Fulmar restored. Kentra was relaunched in 1995 and duly made her circumnavigation.

Re-coppering the hull of Kentra

Those projects eased Fairlie into a more commercial way of working, but it was still practically unique in being dedicated to restoration. Work on Belle Aventure, Madrigal , the 8-Metres Osborne, Carron II and the Morgan Giles Siris , and the complete restoration of The Lady Anne followed in the 1990s. A strip-plank new build of the gaff cutter Nomad designed by Ed Burnett and Nigel Irens was in some respects anomalous, but pointed to the future. There were some difficult periods but its work was widely recognised for its high quality and it retained a reputation for authenticity and attention to detail. Agnelli, the head of Fiat at the time, had seen Tuiga ’s deck and admired it; when he came to build his Frers carbon race boat Stealth at Green Marine in 1996, he requested that Fairlie lay the deck, which it duly did, along with building and fitting what was then a radically light carbon/nomex interior. Based as it was on the core of time-served craftsmen who had done their time as apprentices at Camper & Nicholsons in the 1970s, the working environment at Fairlie was often gritty, not to say old-fashioned; and over the years a few failed to make the grade. The many who did had an excellent grounding in traditional boatbuilding skills, and most if not all find themselves in command of very marketable skills. That in itself is a notable legacy.

The aft cabin on Mariquita

The 15-Metre Hispania was also rescued at the 11th hour by Collier and a search for a new owner for her was started. That eventually culminated in Fairlie rebuilding the hull before her fit-out in Palma and re-joining the nascent 15-Metre fleet again in 2011.

In 2001, the restoration of what many think of as Fairlie’s flagship, Mariquita , was started. The last known survivor of the class, she was the largest project the yard undertook. With the active involvement of Obrist and Klaus, it was little wonder than she was restored with precious little in the way of concessions. Relaunched in 2004 and new from keel to truck, her skipper Jim Thom (ex skipper of Kentra ) embraced the purist philosophy and was a tireless advocate of sailing her in the traditional manner. She has made her mark in regattas across Europe, one of the most photographed and recognisable classics.

Other refits followed including work on Moonbeam III, Hallowe’en and Altair ; and the complete restorations of the First Rule 8-Metre Lucky Girl , the 1897 Cork Harbour One-Design Jap , and the GL Watson-designed dayboat St Patrick . Work for large classic motor yacht restorations such as Nahlin, Bluebird and Shemara also showcased the skills of the team. In addition, Paul Spooner’s own designs for new yachts made regular appearances. The first was a long-keeled design called Niebla in 2003. The next in 2011 was the Fairlie 55, a fin-and-bulb-keel design that was soon on the Med circuit in the Spirit of Tradition class. The last example was a 53ft (16.2m) design intended for single-handed offshore cruising called La Dama , which proved a challenging project over the best part of three years. Despite ongoing work on a new-build houseboat, also to Spooner’s design, a lack of future orders and an increasingly difficult financial situation finally prompted the closure. It was presaged when Fairlie Restorations when into receivership in 2012; re-established as Fairlie Yachts on the same site and with most of the same workforce, the new company faced many of the same difficulties as before and despite a long fight, eventually it proved unsustainable.

St Patrick

Following Obrist’s vision, Fairlie was instrumental in establishing validity of the idea of purist restoration, especially in a commercial setting; it regularly set new standards for the quality of its work, and has left a fine legacy in terms of yachts, skills and people.


Tuiga   1993

Fulmar (IRC 8-M) 1994

Kentra 1995

Nomad (Ed Burnett) 1998

Madrigal 1998

Osbourne (IRC 8M) 1998

Carron II (IRC 8M) 1998

The Lady Anne 1999

Siris (IRC 8M) 2000

Mariquita 2004

Niebla (new build) 2005

Bluebird (deck structures) 2005

Altair 2005

Hispania (hull and deck) 2006

Moonbeam of fife   2007

Lucky Girl (IRC 8-M) 2008

Hallowe’en 2009

Nahlin (deck structures) 2008-2010

Kelpie 2009, 2010, 2011

Fairlie 55 2011

St Patrick 2011

Falcon (IRC 8M) 2012

Fairlie 53 2015

Shemara (exterior deck structures) 2012-2014

Helen (IRC 8M) 2014 & 2016

Houseboat 2016

Kentra (re-coppering) 2015 Antaren 2016


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Iain Oughtred sailing

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fairlie yacht club results

About the event


On July 23, International Chess Forum Moscow Open 2023, organized by Moscow City Department of Sport together with the Moscow Chess Federation in the year of the 100th anniversary of Moscow Sport, has ended at Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace.

More than 1,000 chess players from 8 countries took part in the tournament, which lasted for a week.

As part of Moscow Open 2023, Stars’ Tournament was held for the second year in a row. Vladislav Artemiev became the winner, he defeated Evgeny Tomashevsky in the match for the first place. In the match for the third place, Sergey Karjakin won, he turned out to be stronger than Alexander Grischuk.

Arseniy Nesterov won the men’s stage of the Russian Cup, and Baira Kovanova became the winner of the women’s stage for the second year in a row.

Winners of the Children’s Tournaments: boys under 9: Artem Tsepilov (Nizhny Novgorod region) — 8 points out of 9 girls under 9 years old: Ambartsumyan Angelina (Ryazan region) — 8 boys under 11: Aidan Gafurov (Republic of Dagestan) — 8 girls under 11 years old: Vishtal Olga (St. Petersburg) — 7 boys under 13: Nikita Belinsky (Ryazan region) — 8 girls under 13: Ryzhova Maria (Saratov region) — 8 boys under 15: Mikhail Mashkov (Novosibirsk region) — 7.5 girls under 15: Fedorova Olesya (Moscow) — 8

On the final day, the closing ceremony of Moscow Open 2023 was held with the participation of the President of the Moscow Chess Federation Sergey Lazarev and the sports director of the forum Artem Akhmetov. They awarded the winners and declared the forum closed.

Forum program

Stars' tournament.

Alexander Grischuk

Stars' tournament schedule

  • 16:00 1st round
  • 16:00 2nd round
  • 14:00 3rd round
  • 17:00 Closing of the tournament
  • 18:00 Autograph session

Every day from 16:00, spectators will be able to follow the progress of the matches with the comments of the famous grandmaster


Additional program

As part of Moscow Open 2023, a program of additional sports tournaments will be organized:

— Cup of the National Student Chess League for students and graduates (registration — https://open.moscowchess.org/news/48 ) — Anatoly Karpov Blitz Cup for everyone (registration — https://open.moscowchess.org/additional-programm-Karpov-Cup )

Also, everyone will be able to conduct a simultaneous game session in a VR helmet, which will be installed in the lobby throughout the forum.


  • For general questions please contact: [email protected]
  • Information for the media: Accreditation for the event is closed
  • For event accreditation please contact: [email protected]
  • Location: Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace Moscow, 24 Luzhniki Street, building 24
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Restaurant-Yacht Chaika

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Pleasantly surprised, service is good so is the food. Great selection of Fusion food, a mixture of Italian, Japanese, European, Asian etc. A pleasantly nice dining experience, highly recommended, a must try!

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to have lunch or dinner again aboard the ship in an atmosphere of high standards of yacht hospitality.

everything was perfect - the food, the service, the desserts were the best, nice atmosphere and the location - magical

Best food, best view in Moscow. absolutely faultless from arrival to finish. Best risotto i had for many years absolutely perfectly cooked. The view on Ukrainian hotel and the white house by night is amazing

Had to wait for the food for 1.5 hours and then another 20 minutes for the check. Finally called for the manager and he offered... a 10% discount as a compensation. Simply pathetic! The food is mediocre at best. Not bad per se, but one... would expect something better considering the prices. There are many places to eat in area that are much better. Avoid this one at all costs. More

Hello, Alexander Your comment is extremely important for us, thank you a lot for it. We are terribly sorry for your time that you`ve spent waiting your order and we have already taken actions to improve quality of our service and it would be realy... More

Food is very expensive,very pretentious, doesn't worth that money. Portions are very small. We ordered ravioli and there were 4! Four raviolis! For almost 15 euros. Then we asked to bring us dessert menu but nothing, they didn't even bothered, so we payed and left... without dessert. Very poor service for that price. More

This is a very good restaurant. The food is really good, maybe the best in Moscow. The service is also good. The view from the restaurant is great. The prices are very high.

I often visit this restaurant and must say it’s one of the best in Moscow in terms of quality and service. Staff really try hard to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. Customer service is a huge problem in Moscow but Chaika sets... a great example for others in the industry! Food is delicious and the menu has lots of options for everyone! Atmosphere is great and view is beautiful on the embankment. Special thanks to German & Oleg! More

Thank you for your feedback! Again aboard the yacht restaurant "Chaika" in accordance with the high standards of yacht hospitality.

Highly recommended, great location in the city center of Moscow with a superb atmosphere. Too many menu choices, though all delicious!

fairlie yacht club results

Thx a lot for your review! We are looking forward to see you in our restaurants.

Visited this lovely restaurant with a friend of mine. It was relaxingly warm August evening - so the place on the river seemed like a good idea. We came quite early and the restaurant was not full. The hostesses kindly offered several places to sit... and we chose to sit on the sofas. We had some wine, which was good. We struggled a bit when deciding about the food as few options (scallops) were not available. Fish on ice on display did not look very fresh. To be honest it was an unusually hot August and it is probably understandable that some see food options were not available. However, we did manage to order something and sat waiting and looking onto the river. My long-legged friend struggled sitting at the low sofa and the manager noticed that, offering as a very good, proper table beside the open window. It was nice touch and I was very pleased by their polite observations and immediate reaction to solve the problem. Food was quite good and presentation was perfect. Perhaps I can something about the food, but 1 visit is not enough to criticize or make a definitive opinion. Overall, quality place, which of course, does not come cheap. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. More

Good afternoon! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are looking forward to seeing you again, we are sure that you will be delighted with our dishes!

I've been here several times during two business trip in Moscow. The overall quality for both service and food is absolutely top-notch, plus the location is very unique.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking forward to visiting again!

Located on a boat at Krasnopresenskaya River Bank this 5 Star Restaurant transforms into a party location due to multiple groups hosting events. Impressive wine selection, Asian and European kitchen...

fairlie yacht club results

Thx a lot! We are waiting for you!

It is a nice place to gather specially at the lounge The service and staff very good I like the river view The food is almost like all restaurants in Russia they serve different cuisine. Staring Russian appetizer till Asian dishes Presentation and taste amazing... I consider it overpriced little bit More

Good location. Nice views. Good choice of food and drinks. European and Asian menu. Nice service. Pricey enough.

Had a large group dinner here. Food was above average and service quite good. The real attraction is the view of Moscow from the river on a nice night. Great place for a larger group dinner. More

Hello, John We are really pleased by reading that you and your friends were satisfied by our service, client`s experience is the highest value for us. We will be happy to see you again, come and enjoy some new dishes from our chef and nice... More

The luxurious atmosphere of this place, the view and the location make it quite outstanding. We had dinner here with friends and the dishes were amazing, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Chablis, it really made me feel as if it was a part of... the classic Russian movie. More

RESTAURANT-YACHT CHAIKA, Moscow - Presnensky - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5
  • Atmosphere: 4.5

Fairlie Yacht Club

Fairlie Yacht Club has a very active racing community. We are very keen to encourage more members to take up racing with initiatives like the restricted sail class to ease the learning curve - give it a try! You will need to make sure you have insurance for racing risks, a sail number, and a CYCA handicap. Midweek Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings at Fairlie/Largs, and Wednesday evenings at Kip. There are usually six weekend Musters, with seven associated Passage Races plus two other stand alone races. There is a £50 race fee for the three midweek points series at Fairlie. This Fee also includes Passage Races, the Autumn Points Races, and a second copy of the Yearbook. Kip midweek racing will be in Pursuit Race format in 2023, with Restricted Sail this year, and will be free to members. Non members are welcome to participate, subject to a £10 per series entry fee. This fee will be offset against Membership Subscription if subsequently joining the Club.

A fee of £25 is payable for participation in Passage Races only in 2023. This will include a second Yearbook copy.

If you are interested in taking part in a specific race series at Fairlie, Kip or one of our Passage Races you can use the tab menu system below to download PDFs of all the information you need to participate:

CLYDEPORT       for Notices to Mariners and other useful information on local rules.

Leisure Guide


Fitting Out Cruise and Gin Tasting


Standing Orders

Sailing Instructions


Fairlie Patch Course Chart

Fairlie Patch Course list and info.

Kip Race Chart  

Kip Pursuit Racing 


2024 SEASON Events will be posted as soon as possible

fairlie yacht club results


  1. Home [www.fairlieyachtclub.org.uk]

    fairlie yacht club results

  2. Spring Keelboat Sprints at Clyde Marina

    fairlie yacht club results

  3. Restoration

    fairlie yacht club results

  4. Home [fairlieyachtclub.org.uk]

    fairlie yacht club results

  5. Fairlie Yachts unveil new designs for modern classic yacht Fairlie 77

    fairlie yacht club results

  6. Restoration

    fairlie yacht club results


  1. Saturday Sailors

  2. The Fairlie Engine arrives at Swanley Parkway


  1. Results

    Class 5. Class 6. Midweek Festival Race Series 2023. Class 1. Class 2. Class 3. LRF Arran Malt Scottish Two Handed Race - 2023. Class 1. Class1M.

  2. Fairlie Yacht Club

    Fairlie Yacht Club offers its members a comprehensive programme of racing, cruising, and social events throughout the year. The Club is a non-profit organisation run by enthusiastic volunteers, which keeps our subscription rates and race fees at a modest level. Whether you are a boat owner or crew member, you can expect a warm welcome to the Club.

  3. HalSail Results

    Hal sailing regatta results and scoring app for all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Online sailing results calculator. Sailing scoring app. Results from Fairlie Yacht Club. Class Series ...

  4. Fairlie Yacht Club

    Fairlie Yacht Club. 686 likes. Fairlie Yacht Club offers its members a comprehensive programme of racing, cruising, and social events throughout the year...

  5. Fairlie Yacht Club

    Fairlie Yacht Club www.fairlieyachtclub.com. Latest news Show news from . Scottish Two Handed Race by Carolyn Elder Concluding the Largs Regatta Festival 2023 Posted on 4 Sep 2023 2022 Largs Regatta Festival by Carolyn Elder Over 100 dinghies and ...

  6. 2 handed race results here:...

    2 handed race results here: http://www.halsail.com/Result/Public/29116

  7. Better than expected sailing...

    Better than expected sailing conditions for the Fairlie New Year's race. Around 20 members met at Scott's for tea/coffee then raced one lap round Great Cumbrae. Results:...

  8. Fairlie Yacht Club Spring Series

    A light northerly breeze greeted the race fleet for this the first racing of the season off Kip Marina and sponsored by Yacht Electrical Services. The 6 race series will be sailed over the next 3 Sundays for the Spring Time Trophy.

  9. Welcome to the Richard Mille Fife Regatta

    The Fife Regatta returned in 2022 with the support of RICHARD MILLE. This fifth edition was "The largest ever gathering of Fife yachts in the world". From 10th to 17th June, a fleet of famous Fife Yachts returned to their birthplace on the Clyde to participate in this unique regatta, celebrating the designs of William Fife.

  10. Home [www.fairlieyachtclub.org.uk]

    Fairlie Yacht Club offers its members a comprehensive programme of racing, cruising, and social events throughout the year. The Club is a non-profit organisation run by enthusiastic volunteers, which keeps our subscription rates and race fees at a modest level. Whether you are a boat owner or crew member, you can expect a warm welcome to the Club.

  11. Fairlie: the Hamble yard that changed classic sailing forever

    Eventually she was bought by the Yacht Club de Monaco, where she has been a perfect figurehead for the club ever since. Friends of Obrist, Ernst & Doris Klaus, then approached Fairlie, keen to have a yacht restored for a round-the-world trip. Duncan was following the stop-start work on Kentra, a 1923 Fife ketch in Scotland, ...

  12. The Lady Anne wins Monaco Classic Week

    The Fife-built classic sailing yacht The Lady Anne has been crowned winner of Monaco Classic Week after taking line honours.. The 24-metre classic was built in 1912 and is one of just three 15 Metre models still sailing, along with the Yacht Club de Monaco's flagship Tuiga (1909) and Mariska (1908). All three sisterships crossed the finish line within four minutes of one another, beating their ...

  13. About

    About. Fairlie Yacht Club has grown from its early beginnings in a home in Fairlie to one of the premier yacht clubs in Scotland. In 2011 we celebrated our Golden Jubilee and find ourselves with a strong membership base enjoying an excellent programme of musters, social events and a highly successful racing programme for those with a ...


    The club also hosts a number of sailing competitions, including the Fairlie Yacht Club Regatta, which is held annually in the summer. Fairlie Yacht Club is a great place to experience Scotland's sailing culture and to meet other sailors.

  15. Update 11:30 p.m.: Bettge is new Moscow mayor; Lewis, Parker and

    Unofficial Latah County Election Results. It happened again and will continue to do so unless we stop it. On Feb. 13, the Pullman City Council approved a proposal for a development located north ...

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    NEWSLETTERS. SUBMIT NEWS. CONTACT. STATS. Product FeatureTyphoon Bouley 100N Life Jacket. Musto Skiff 601 located in Weymouth 2014 Fountaine Pajot Mahé 36 Evolution Catamaran located in Dover RS800 located in Emsworth. www.fairlieyachtclub.com. Latest news Show news from 2022 2021 2019 2017 2016 2015 2003 any year 2022 Largs Regatta Festivalby ...

  17. Fairlie boats for sale

    Find Fairlie boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Fairlie boats to choose from. ... Specialized yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages on YachtWorld have a diverse selection of Fairlie models for sale, with listings spanning from 2022 year models to 2024. Fairlie By Condition. New Fairlie ...

  18. Moscow Open 2023

    From July 17 to 23, International Chess Forum Moscow Open 2023 will take place in Moscow. The program of the tournament includes stages of the Russian Cup among men, women and children, and Stars' Tournament with the participation of Sergey Karjakin, Alexander Grischuk, Evgeny Tomashevsky and Vladislav Artemiev.

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  20. Our Club

    Our Club. R R Fines 'Kerlo'. On 25th April 1961, four enthusiasts - Ronnie Fines, Jack Pearson, Hugh McLelland and Bill McCann - met at the home of Bill Strang, then Vice-Commodore of Clyde Cruising Club, formed a committee and so Fairlie Yacht Club was established! The vision of these yachtsmen, who were at the forefront of developing Clyde ...

  21. BIRDS The highest restaurant and club

    BIRDS The highest restaurant and club, Moscow, Russia. 1,214 likes · 14 talking about this · 18,795 were here. The highest restaurant and club in the world


    Restaurant-Yacht Chaika. Claimed. Review. Save. Share. 185 reviews #494 of 10,700 Restaurants in Moscow $$$$ Italian Seafood Mediterranean. Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12A Berth International Exhibition, Moscow 123610 Russia +7 495 777-87-88 Website Menu. Open now : 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM.

  23. Racing

    Midweek Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings at Fairlie/Largs, and Wednesday evenings at Kip. There are usually six weekend Musters, with seven associated Passage Races plus two other stand alone races. There is a £50 race fee for the three midweek points series at Fairlie. This Fee also includes Passage Races, the Autumn Points Races, and a ...