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    cole 23 yacht review

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    cole 23 yacht review

  4. Used Cole 23 for Sale

    cole 23 yacht review

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    cole 23 yacht review

  6. Used Cole 23 Just In New Photos Sydney Harbour for Sale

    cole 23 yacht review


  1. COLE 23

    Consider, though, that the typical summertime coastal cruiser will rarely encounter the wind and seas that an ocean going yacht will meet. Numbers below 20 indicate a lightweight racing boat, small dinghy and such; 20 to 30 indicates a coastal cruiser; 30 to 40 indicates a moderate bluewater cruising boat; 40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat;

  2. Cole 23 Pro's & Cons

    Pros and Cons for the Cole 23. For a start there is or was a very nice one for sale in VIC and most of the cons were ironed out by me. There are two main versions Long Keel and Short Keel. The short keel hydraulic ram is under the water level. The long keel (my boat)has the ram above the water line under the table.

  3. Cole 23

    Cole 23 is a 22′ 10″ / 7 m monohull sailboat designed by Peter Cole and built by North Shore Associates (AU) starting in 1982. ... The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more. Formula. D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³ D: Displacement of the boat in pounds. LWL ...

  4. Review of Cole 23

    The DL-ratio for Cole 23 is 121 which categorizes this boat among 'ultra light racers'. Heavy Light 85% 0 50 100. 85% of all similar sailboat designs are categorized as heavier. A light displacement requires less sailarea and has higher accellerations.

  5. cole 23

    We have 3 Cole 26 and one Cole 32 at our club. They are fine cruising boats but quite slow in racing. I am slightly familiar with the Cole 23 retractable keel (briefly sailed on one many years ago) which is a fine trailer sailer but quite heavy. It has a big cabin and if I remember corectly a flush deck ie the cabin top extends to the gunwhales ...

  6. Cole 23 refit

    Join Date: Apr 2020. Location: Brisbane, Queensland. Boat: Cole 23. Posts: 4. Cole 23 refit. Hello, I have picked up a Cole 23, that has seen better days. I am planning a somewhat significant refit. I was hoping to reach out to the sailing community to assist with any resources might be available for this old girl.

  7. Cole 23 Keel

    Cole 23 production history as I understand it. At the height of the Trailer Sailer boom, quality boat builder John Buck of Northshore Yachts commissioned renowned keel boat designer Peter Cole to design a trailer sailer. This was the short keel version with the ram in the front locker, a fixed keel version was also built.

  8. Cole 23

    The Cole 23 is a 22.83ft masthead sloop designed by P. Cole & Assoc. and built in fiberglass since 1982. The Cole 23 is a light sailboat which is a very high performer. It is very stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a day-boat.

  9. Cole 23 Trailer Sailer

    The cole 23 was built in Qld just north of Brisbane 25 years ago.I have a cole 19 which is based on the 23 it has a hydrolic keel. If you go ahead with the purchase i can send you the plans if you like. See Ya. Topics. Subscribe. Reply. Cole 23 Trailer Sailer and other sailing discussion in the Seabreeze general forums, page 1.

  10. Cole 23

    The Cole 23 is a great value fibreglass cruising yacht that is currently for sale on Pittwater, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. For more information you can ca...

  11. Cole 23

    Previous yachts:- TS500, Ultimate 18, Cole 23, Laser, Ultimate16, Farr6000, Hardy 18 Motor Sailor, Farr7500, Farr5000. Top. Chicken Farmer Midshipman Posts: 21 ... ↳ Location Reviews & Boat Storage; ↳ VICTORIAN Ramp and Location Reviews; ↳ NSW Ramp and Location Reviews;

  12. Peter Cole

    Electric Yacht. Boating Closeout Non-BR. Pelagic Autopilots. top 1 ads row1. top 2 ads row2. top 3 ads row2. Peter Cole . Peter Cole is a well-known Australian boat designer and sailmaker. Sailboats Designed By Peter Cole. Sort by: ... COLE 23: 22.83 ft / 6.96 m: 1982: COLE 43: 43.54 ft / 13.27 m: 1970: CONTESSA 25 (COLE) 25.00 ft / 7.62 m: 1980:

  13. Review of Cole 23, data

    Image upload Cole 23. All our reviews are 100% dependent of the illustrations and specific data elements we have in our database. In our reviews we would like to illustrate the following: ... For sailboats: The rig; This said, all photos and drawings are welcome. Especially for larger boats, the categories above are not sufficient to get the ...

  14. Cole 23 Yachts

    For Owners and Crew of Cole 23 Yachts.

  15. Used Cole 23 Trailer Sailer

    Caribbean 2400 - Recently AU $110,000. Caribbean Reef Runner - AU $117,695. AU $85,000. Search for more boats. Cole 23 Trailer Sailer - Your Ticket To Adventure!. Introducing the Cole 23 Trailer Sailer: the perfect blend of versatility, performance, and fun. It suits individuals with...Find out more.

  16. Cole 23

    Published on 05 February 2009 11652 downloads. Download (pdf, 2.30 MB) cole_23 - Cole 23 brochure wm.pdf. Cole 23 Brochure.

  17. Cole 23

    Cole 23 Photo 6. Duncanson 26 Photo. Hartley 18 Handout Sheet. Cole 23 Photo 1. Cole 23 Brochure. Court 650 Photo 1. Ultimate 18 Photo 2. Cole 23 Photo 2. Boomaroo 25 Brochure.

  18. Cole 23 Boats For Sale in Australia

    34' 1". 10.40m. 1982. AU $43,000 Negotiable. Find a full range of Cole 23 Boats For Sale in Australia. New and Used boats for sale.

  19. Cole 23: Sailing Boats

    Description: Cole 23 Following a major refurbishment, this ex- racer has been transformed with lots of upgrades and modifications into a very comfortable cruising yacht. Easily sailed single handed, it has been setup for comfortable overnight trips, or weekends away.

  20. Used Cole 23 for Sale

    Hull. 'Scramble' is currently located at the Royal South Australian yacht Squadron in South Australia. She is a Cole 23 presenting well for her age inside and out. The trailer is very serviceable and has a good history towing the boat around South Australia and beyond. The Owners have used this boat as a family cruiser for many years but due to ...

  21. Used Cole 23 for Sale

    Cole 23 Boats For Sale. The world of boating possibilities... New Boats/Yachts For Sale Used Boats/Yachts For Sale Super Yachts Just Listed Boat Searches Boat Gear & Accessories ... Boat Reviews Private Boat Sellers Sign In Private Seller Boats Wanted Stay Safe Online Terms and Conditions. Follow Us

  22. Used Cole 23 for Sale

    Following a major refurbishment, this ex- racer has been transformed with lots of upgrades and modifications into a very comfortable cruising yacht. Easily sailed single handed, it has been setup for comfortable overnight trips, or weekends away. Some of the many features include: Poptop cabin top. Cabin folding table with USB charging ports.

  23. Used Cole 23 Fixed Keel for Sale

    Cole 23 Fixed Keel. Excellent condition inside and out. Rigging New 9.8HP 4 Stroke Parsun Outboard New UV strip on furling genoa Number 2 jib...Find out more.