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  • Cheffins at the Beaumont Inn
  • Les Fontaines Tavern
  • Harbour Room at The Pomme d'Or Hotel
  • Trinity Arms
  • Plemont Bay
  • The SandWizard
  • Jersey Public Fish Market
  • St Catherine's Breakwater
  • La Rocque Harbour
  • The Spectacular Coastline Boat Tour
  • Jet Ski in Jersey with Tuition and On-water Supervision
  • Jersey Tour App Hidden Gems Game and Big Britain Quiz UK
  • Escorted Coastal Tour by Jet Skis from St. Aubin
  • Ecrehous Wildlife Seafari (1.5hr)

Overview of Beauport Bay on south coast of Jersey.

Michael Heffernan

At 9 miles by 5 miles, Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands and it feels much bigger than it actually is, with its myriad country lanes and long, rugged, windswept coastline. While the buzzing capital of St Helier is its heart, the rest of the island has plenty of appeal, from the superb south and west coast beaches to the castles and WWII fortifications along the north and east coasts. Add to that a world-class zoo, several poignant museums, a laid-back atmosphere and excellent food and it's easy to see how Jersey draws visitors to its sun-drenched shores.

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Must-see attractions for your itinerary.

Jersey War Tunnels

Jersey War Tunnels

The eerie tunnels of a German underground military hospital have been converted into Jersey's best and most poignant museum, dedicated to the island's…

Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle

On two interconnected islets in St Aubin's Bay, this imposing fortress guards the entrance to the harbour. Originally a 6th-century hermitage, then an…

Jersey Zoo

This inspirational zoo was founded by writer and naturalist Gerald Durrell, who dreamed of creating a safe place for his animals since he was 6 years old…

Portelet Beach

Portelet Beach

A short walk or drive from St Aubin's Bay, this is one of Jersey's loveliest beaches. Framed by craggy cliffs on both ends, it's a sheltered cove with…

Hougue Bie

You have to stoop to enter the dark, dripping tunnel beneath this Neolithic burial mound that leads to the funerary chamber. The dolmen is over 6000 year…

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle

This picture-perfect medieval castle has loomed over Gorey Harbour for over 800 years. It has worn many hats over the years: a formidable defence against…

Maritime Museum & Occupation Tapestry Gallery

Maritime Museum & Occupation Tapestry Gallery

Spread across five 19th-century warehouse buildings, this excellent museum brings to life Jersey's love affair with the sea. The island was once one of…

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

Inside a beautifully restored 19th-century merchant's house, Jersey Museum is an enjoyable romp through the island's history, from the area's first human…

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Skyscanner has released a guide to the best value holidays, all offering something different and all a little more affordable.

Spectacular beaches like Portelet on Jersey are one of many reasons to visit the Channel Islands © Doug Pearson / Getty Images

Aug 8, 2018 • 5 min read

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La Corbiere lighthouse

Jersey guide

Where to stay, food and drink, don't miss.

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Andrew Eames

Destination Expert

Tuesday January 17 2023, 17:45pm

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The largest of the Channel Islands is roughly rectangular, measuring nine miles across. But don’t let its tiny dimensions deceive you — there are scores of things to do and see here. There’s a capital that’s great for shopping plus ancient monuments that reflect a long and sometimes tumultuous history. You’ll also find a selection of fabulous beaches — all with a sheltered shoreline — plus a pastoral interior laced with country lanes and footpaths.

Jersey , while friendly and accessible, is the most business-like of the islands — on first appearance, at least. Elizabeth Castle, whose battlements date back to when Sir Walter Raleigh was island governor, sits astride an islet just outside St Helier’s harbour, seemingly defending a set of new office blocks belonging to the financial services industry. However, St Helier’s original nest of semi pedestrianised shopping streets is still there, tucked behind. Another architectural survivor is sleepy Royal Square, where the Jersey parliament sits. This spot was a battleground for island control and an invading French force was defeated here back in 1781.

These days the French are welcome guests, many of them coming ashore on day trips from the Cherbourg peninsula, just 12 miles away. Their focus is St Helier’s (tax-free) boutiques, especially a couple of homegrown department stores, Voisins and De Gruchy, plus a very popular branch of M&S.

Main photo: La Corbiere lighthouse, Jersey (Getty Images)

Most British visitors come for Jersey’s golden sands, particularly along the south and west coasts. Each of the beaches has its own character. St Ouen’s Bay, along the island’s exposed western edge, has a Californian vibe and is popular with surfers and sunset-watchers. Gentler waters are found in the bays of the south, such as St Aubin’s, St Brelade’s and Gorey, all well sheltered. Gorey has the added protection of Mont Orgeuil, the island’s oldest and most spectacular castle.

The island’s topography, combined with a huge tidal range, means that Jersey grows 30 per cent larger at low tide, opening up lots of opportunities for coastal walks, particularly to key landmarks such as the dramatic lighthouse at Corbière. To get the most out of the massive foreshore and all its wildlife, join a guided walk — it’s a mile-long adventure from the south coast’s La Rocque to isolated Seymour Tower, past huge oyster beds and with stops to snack on edible seaweeds en route.

Jersey grows 30 per cent larger at low tide, opening up lots of opportunities for coastal walks

The best rural walking, with coastal views, is between Grève de Lecq and Rozel in the north. This coast is sprinkled with bunkers and towers dating back to the German occupation during World War II. The story of the hardship and the heroism of that period is told in graphic detail in the Jersey War Tunnels, a vast underground labyrinth dug by slave labour to allow the German infantry to withstand Allied air raids.

The first decision to make is in town or out of town and, if the latter, countryside or beach. Top choices in town include the Royal Yacht* , a designer waterfront hotel on St Helier’s Liberation Square, with a lavish pool and spa and a fine-dining restaurant on the first floor.

The big bays along the island’s south shore, starting in the outskirts of St Helier, host the largest of the resort hotels, where they soak up maximum sun. One of most superbly sited, especially for sunsets, is the boutique Atlantic, with its outlook over St Ouen’s Bay. Its ten acres of gardens adjoin La Moye golf course.

Inland are smaller, more sophisticated properties such as the island’s elegant Longueville Manor* , a lovingly restored manor house set in immaculate gardens: it also has an excellent spa. Self-caterers should consider the many rental cottages dotted through pretty villages, particularly in the island’s quieter eastern and northern quarters. Whether you’re keen on the seafront in Gorey, the harbourside in Rozel or picturesque Bouley Bay, the Jersey-based agency Freedom Holidays has a wide selection.

Once upon a time the island’s main crop was brought down to St Helier’s Weighbridge Square before being shipped. These days, however, your best chance of tasting Jersey Royal potatoes is either in island restaurants or through what’s called “Hedge Veg”: roadside honesty boxes that offer everything homegrown.

Seafood is a staple of restaurant menus island-wide

In town, the best places for local produce are St Helier’s two covered markets. The Central Market combines cheesemongers, grocers and informal eating outlets, while L’Marchi a Paîsson (Jersey French for the Fish Market) has lavish displays of the latest catch.

Seafood is a staple of restaurant menus island-wide and it is particularly fresh at Faulkner Fisheries, which has a unique location in a former German bunker at the top end of St Ouen’s Bay. Inside the building are live tanks of lobster, oysters and crabs, some of which end up on a daily barbecue, served on the little promontory outside.

There have long been quality beers on the island, and the Liberation Brewery is increasingly and deservedly popular. One of the stalwarts of traditional Jersey brewing, Randalls, now owns pubs and quality restaurants in strategic locations, such as the Boat House, right beside the marina in St Aubin.

Jersey has a charismatic crab shack culture. Little, informal eateries have sprung up all around the coastline, offering simple but good food to savour while watching the sun go down. The Hungry Man in Rozel and the HideOut in Braye are typical examples. And you can’t visit the island without trying its rich ice cream, made from the creamy milk of Jersey cows and served at kiosks such as Rhona’s At The Beach in Gorey.

Know before you go

A shortage of parking means that having a car on the island can be more of a burden than a boon. The island-wide Liberty Bus service is frequent and efficient, with inexpensive multi-journey travel passes.

Jersey’s currency is the pound sterling, although with differently designed notes. The islands are duty free, so luxury items are often more appealingly priced than in the UK .

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Top Things to Do in Jersey, Channel Islands - Jersey Attractions

Things to do in jersey, explore popular experiences, ways to tour jersey.

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Jet Ski in Jersey with Tuition and On-water Supervision

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Jersey Tour App Hidden Gems Game and Big Britain Quiz UK

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The Spectacular Coastline Boat Tour

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Jersey Heritage Pass: 4 for 3 Attractions

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Escorted Coastal Tour by Jet Skis from St. Aubin

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Channel Islands Tour App, Hidden Gems Game and Big Britain Quiz (7 Day Pass) UK

Top attractions in jersey.

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1. Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital

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2. Elizabeth Castle

visit jersey uk

3. Jersey Zoo

visit jersey uk

4. St. Brelade's Bay Beach


5. Mont Orgueil Castle

visit jersey uk

6. Corbiere Lighthouse (La Corbiere)


7. La Mare Wine Estate

visit jersey uk

8. The Channel Islands Military Museum

visit jersey uk

9. Maritime Museum

visit jersey uk

10. Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

visit jersey uk

11. La Hougue Bie Museum

visit jersey uk

12. Plemont Bay


Popular Cities in Jersey

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  • Plemont Bay
  • Elizabeth Castle
  • The SandWizard
  • St. Brelade's Bay Beach
  • Jersey Falconry
  • St Ouen's Bay
  • Howard Davis Park
  • Absolute Adventures
  • Nauti Buoy Ribs
  • Jersey Seafaris
  • The Jersey Duchess

Jersey Attractions Information

The Crowded Planet

24 Things to do in Jersey, Channel Islands

Updated November 23, 2020

// By Margherita

If you’re looking for things to do in Jersey (I mean the Channel Island, NOT New Jersey!), this post is for you! We’ve included all you need to know before travelling to Jersey, 20 different activities to enjoy during a weekend in Jersey (or longer, if you’re lucky), as well as tips on where to stay!

First things first – this article is about Jersey, Channel Islands. Not New Jersey. Before our trip to this tiny but spectacular island in November, when we told our friends and family ‘we’re going to Jersey’, most assumed we were heading Stateside, and started asking about bringing back Reese’s Pieces and other stuff.

Jersey and New Jersey are two very different places – after all, many places with ‘New’ in the name have an ‘Old World’ counterpart. Think about York and New York, the French city of Orleans that became New Orleans, the Australian state of New South Wales, and even New Zealand – named after the westernmost Dutch province.

best beach jersey plemont

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Interesting things to know before heading to jersey, best jersey walks, historical places in jersey, what to do in jersey for nature lovers, weird things to do in jersey, things to do in jersey with kids, other places to visit in jersey, where to stay in jersey, where to eat in jersey.

Before landing at Jersey airport, I realised I knew little or nothing about the island . I roughly knew its geographical location, and the fact that it was a tax haven – but that’s it. It’s an island, so it must have some beaches, and some nice nature, since it’s quite remote. But I knew nothing about its political system, history, or even about the practicalities of travelling there.

So, before I move onto our massive guide of things to do in Jersey in a weekend or longer stay , here are the most common Jersey-related questions we were asked before and after our trip!

Where is Jersey? How Far is it from England?

Jersey is the largest and southernmost in the British Isles. It is located in the English Channel, but it is a lot closer to France than to Britain – it’s located 22 km from the coast of Normandy, and 160 km from the southern coast of Great Britain.

Is Jersey a Country?

Jersey, or the Bailiwick of Jersey as it is formally known , is not an independent country but a Crown Dependency – meaning it’s self-governing, with its own judicial and financial systems, but it is defended and represented internationally by the United Kingdom.

Jersey is also a separate entity from Guernsey , another Channel Island that forms the Bailiwick of Guernsey jurisdiction along with other smaller nearby islands – which is also a Crown Dependency, like Jersey.

Along with Guernsey and the Isle of Man , Jersey isn’t part of the UK nor the EU, but it is part of the British Isles.

jersey afternoon storm

What Currency is Used in Jersey?

The Jersey Pound , which has the same value as the British Pound and is used interchangeably on the island. You may pay in British Pounds and receive Jersey Pounds (including 1 pound notes) as change – make sure you use those up on the island, as they’re not widely accepted in the UK.

Is Jersey Expensive?

We didn’t find Jersey to be expensive – prices are about the same as in the UK outside of London. Hotels can be had for as cheap as £40 a night, a quality pub meal would cost about £15-20 per person and sights and attractions are all very reasonably priced.

What is the Size of Jersey, Channel Islands?

It’s tiny! Really, really tiny! Jersey’s size is only 118.2 square kilometres (45.6 sq miles), including intertidal and reclaimed land. Jersey island is only 8 km (5 miles) long, and 15 km (9 miles) wide. 

What Language is Spoken in Jersey?

The most widely spoken and official language is English. Some people also speak Jèrriais, the original language of Jersey island , with Norman roots. If you speak French, you’ll be able to understand some Jèrriais – to give you an idea, good morning is Bouônjour and goodbye is À bêtôt. 

Polish and Portuguese are also heard around Jersey, as sizeable communities from both countries inhabit the island of Jersey. 

How do you Get to Jersey?

London Gatwick airport is the main gateway to Jersey , with British Airways and Easyjet flying daily year-round. FlyBe provides connections to other UK airports, and there is also a ferry service from Poole and Portsmouth in the UK and St.Malo and Granville in France.

If you’re travelling from Europe to Jersey you’ll probably have to connect at Gatwick. If you find yourself having to spend the night at the airport, make sure you check out YOTELAIR – this airport hotel offers accommodation in spacious pods with ensuite toilet and shower, which can also be rented by the hour!

What’s the Best Way to Get Around Jersey?

We recommend hiring a car , especially if you’re visiting off-season like we did. Jersey’s bus service is called ‘Liberty Bus’ and it’s affordable and reliable, but infrequent in winter.

Having your own car will give you complete freedom to roam the island at will, and it’s quite cheap, with daily rent fees starting from £24 including half a tank of petrol (which will be plenty if you’re planning to visit for 2-3 days).

jersey west coast view

What is the best time to visit Jersey Island?

The island of Jersey can definitely be considered a year round destination. The climate is similar to that of the southern UK, cool and humid throughout the year. In winter, average highs are around 8°C, dropping slightly at night, whereas in summer high daytime temperatures reach 20/22°C. 

Heatwaves exceeding 25°C are rare – the Atlantic Ocean has a cooling effect on the island climate. Rain is likely to be found throughout the year, with an average of rainy days per month between 7 and 15.

Summer is the driest season, and autumn/winter is the rainiest – don’t forget to pack an umbrella or raincoat, and expect the weather to be variable throughout the day!

How’s Jersey Weather in November?

In our experience, the best way to describe Jersey weather in November is ‘variable’. Due to the island’s remote location, you’ll definitely get 4 seasons in one day, as the weather changes frequently from sunny to windy to cloudy and rainy – and also, don’t take the weather forecast as gospel, as it’s often wrong!

What is Jersey Famous For?

There is SO MUCH to see and do in Jersey. I knew that the island was famous for its delicious dairy and agricultural produce, and that a favourable taxation make it an international finance hotspot, but to be honest I was completely blown away by the sheer amount of stunning landscapes, great walks, beautiful nature and historical sights.

How Long to Visit Jersey?

One weekend is definitely not enough to visit Jersey – but it is enough to focus on what you like best.

This is why we divided this massive list of Jersey points of interest in six sections – best Jersey walks, historical sites, attractions for nature lovers. weird things to do in Jersey, tourist attractions for families and kids, and other places for those that want to enjoy an indulgent ‘Island Break’.

If you have time, we recommend spending up to a week in Jersey. Trust me, the island is indeed small, but there is a lot to see and do. If a week is too long, 4/5 days will be enough to enjoy Jersey island without stressing. You can always return!

Can You Visit Jersey as a Day Trip from France?

You can indeed! Between April and September, there are daily ferries between St Malo in Normandy and St Helier in Jersey. Travel time is 1 hour 20 each way, and you can also board the ferry with your car. 

Naturally, the opposite is also true – you can visit France as a day trip from Jersey! Besides St Malo, a popular destination is Carteret , a French seaside village just half an hour sailing from the island. 

Are There any Other Islands near Jersey?

Oh yes! If you want to go ‘island hopping’ from Jersey, there are plenty of choices. The most obvious choice is Guernsey , the second-largest Channel Island, easy to reach as a day trip from Jersey. 

Other great options are Sark, a nearby car-free island where the main type of transportation are horse carts; Herm, the smallest Channel Island only one and a half mile long, with a population of just 60; or Minquiers, a group of uninhabited islets that also includes Britain’s most southerly point. 

Would you like to discover the best hiking destination in the UK? Read our post about 11 amazing hikes in the Peak District !

1) The North Coast Cliff Paths

north coast cliff path jersey

One of the main reasons to visit Jersey is exploring its wonderful, varied nature and landscapes, and a well-kept network of paths makes hiking a great way to explore. Plus, you know how much we love hiking! The North Coast is probably the most scenic part of Jersey, with cliffs plunging down to the wild, foamy sea, paths bordered by heather and bracken fern and wild beaches with caves and waterfalls.

You can hike the whole of the North Coast following the Cliff Paths – the stretch from Rozel to Greve de Lecq is about 12 miles (17 km) long and will take you most of the day. We had originally intended to hike the entirety of the path during one of our three days in Jersey , but we had to change plans due to the extreme wind.

A shorter alternative is leaving your car at the Priory Inn pub car park and walking until Devil’s Hole, a crater formed when a cliffside cave collapsed, then joining the coastal path from there and walking as far as you wish – then turning back.

2) The South Coast Paths

The North and South Coast of Jersey could’t be more different – the former is wild and dramatic, whereas the latter allows for gentle walks bordering sandy beaches and well-sheltered bays, where you can also appreciate the extent of Jersey’s impressive tides.

The path between St.Helier and St.Aubin is one of the most popular on the island, bordering St.Aubin’s Bay and offering great views over Elizabeth’s Castle. If you still have some energy, you can keep going all the way to Corbiere Lighthouse, one of Jersey’s iconic points of interest.

3) Val de La Mare Reservoir

jersey val de la mare reservoir

This 3 mile (5 km) circular path starts not far from the airport, and it’s ideal for a short afternoon stroll.

The path climbs over the reservoir dam wall, then loops around the Val de La Mare reservoir, offering views over Jersey’s west coast and also the opportunity to explore the recently-restored Forgotten Forest Arboretum , with tree specimens from all over the world.

4) Walk on the Seabed to Icho or Seymour Tower

icho tower jersey

One of Jersey’s best known features are its impressive tides – the difference between high and low tide is so vast that at low tide Jersey almost doubles in size , as the sea retreats as far as two miles off the shore.

One of the coolest things to do in Jersey is taking advantage of low tides to walk to Icho or Seymour Tower , two coastal defence towers erected in the 18th century following France’s attempt to invade Jersey.

The two towers are located on islets about two miles off the coast, and can be reached only for a few hours every day, when the tide is low enough. Walking on the seabed is an eerie, unique experience – as divers, we found it really bizarre to be able to see above water living beings like anemones, that are normally under the waves.

Seymour Tower is accessible almost every day, but Icho Tower can be reached only a few days per month , as it’s further away and you need specific tide conditions.

Tides are predictable but the Jersey intertidal environment is full of rocks, channelling the incoming and outgoing tide in different directions – for this reason, instead of walking independently to Icho or Seymour Tower we recommend joining guided tours with Jersey Walk Adventures .

Our guide Barry was a Jersey native and he was full of knowledge and anecdotes about Jersey nature – not to mention that tours are a steal at £18 for three hours (with welly rental!)

low tide anemone jersey

5) Jersey War Tunnels

If you have time to visit one museum in Jersey , make sure you choose the Jersey War Tunnels , detailing the history of German occupation during WW2 . The museum is located in a partially-built underground hospital complex, erected by the Germans as part of the wartime project to fortify the Channel Islands.

The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by the Nazi forces , and the Jersey War Tunnels present this period of wartime history with exhibits, testimonials and lots of individual stories, allowing visitors to get an understanding not only of the social and historical implications of German occupation, but also to learn about everyday life.

6) Channel Islands Military Museums

War and history junkies should then continue their exploration at the Channel Islands Military Museum , located in a German-built bunker on the West coast of Jersey.

There are lots of military and civilian exhibits and lots of info to take in – compared to the War Tunnels the exhibition is less experiential and interactive, but it’s still worth a visit, and the seaside location makes it even more worthwhile.

7) Elizabeth Castle

This castle is a lot more recent that Mount Orgueil, having been built in the 16th century, but it is no less spectacular. It is located on an island just off St.Aubin’s Bay , accessible on foot walking along a causeway at low tide, or with an amphibious ferry at low tide. If you’re short of time, don’t miss walking along St.Aubin’s bay to snap a pic of the castle!

best walks jersey reservoir

8) The Best Beach in Jersey – Plemont Bay

jersey beach november

For an island that is only 9 miles wide and 5 miles from north to south, making it only 45 square miles, Jersey boasts an enviable number of beaches. When we asked locals about the best beach in Jersey , most people seemed to mention Plemont Bay , located on the northwestern corner of the island. Everyone recommended visiting at low tide, to explore the numerous caves located along the cliffs.

We visited one overcast morning, with the rain coming and going, and yes, Plemont Bay was spectacular – a dramatic ensemble of cliffs with colours ranging from rust to green and steel grey, dotted with caves surrounded by pools and barnacle-topped rocks. One cave even has a waterfall running through it , but sadly it was barely a trickle because of lack of rain.

9) West Coast Sunset

la corbiere lighthouse jersey

If you’re looking for the best place to watch the sunset in Jersey , head to the West Coast – the La Corbiere Lighthouse is one of the best sunset spots on the island, but if you want a sunset drink you should make your way to the Watersplash, a pub located in St.Ouen’s Bay, one of Jersey’s premier surf locations.

10) Jersey Wetland Centre

This tiny island is also a great birdwatching location! The Jersey Wetland Centre is located close to the west coast, overlooking St.Ouen’s pond. The centre includes a tunnel that leads visitors to a viewpoint over the pond, and to makes things better, entrance is FREE!

Keen birdwatchers should check out the Jersey Birds site, where lists of bird species spotted on the island is published every day.

11) Botanic Gardens at Samares Manor

Garden lovers and those visiting Jersey in spring and summer should definitely pay a visit to Samares Manor, a stunning manor house on the southern coast of Jersey.

In 1920, the current owner created the Botanic Gardens , which can be visited to this day – there are various sections in the gardens, dedicated to herbs, heritage apples and pears, succulents and more, making Samares Manor one of the best places to visit in spring, when flowers are in bloom and the gardens are at their best.

low tide walk jersey

12) La Hougue Bie

Did you know that in Jersey you can find of the oldest buildings in the world , even older than the Pyramids? La Hougue Bie is a passage grave that dates back to Neolithic times – meaning about 6000 years ago! There’s also a small archeological museum providing an insight into Neolithic life, and a chapel built on top of the burial mound in medieval times.

13) Mount Orgueil Castle

Mount Orgueil Castle overlooking the village of Gorey is another of Jersey’s iconic images. Most visitors are happy walking down the Gorey Pier to snap the perfect picture of the castle, built over 800 years ago and one of the best examples of Medieval architecture on the island.

mount orgueil castle jersey

However, if you have time, we recommend touring the interiors of the castle as well , getting lost between turrets, passages and secret rooms, and exploring some of the quirky sights found throughout the castle like the Wheel of Urine , the replica of a medieval device that diagnosed illnesses from the colour of one’s urine.

If you’re up for a truly adventurous and unforgettable experience, you can go abseiling down the medieval walls of Mount Orgueil Castle!

14) Night-time Full Moon or Bioluminescence Walks

Jersey Walk Adventures also organises night time walks at low tide, typically heading to Seymour Tower. Depending on when you’re visiting, you may have the chance to go on a full-moon walk, or on a bioluminescence walk , held on the darkest nights of the moon cycle, when shiny plankton is visible around the rocks.

We were originally scheduled to go on a full-moon walk, but we had to cancel due to heavy rain – giving us a reason to head back to Jersey!

seymour tower jersey

15) Yoga on a Deserted Island

Ok, technically this is not on Jersey itself. Minquiers are a group of uninhabited islands , rocks and sandbanks south of the island of Jersey, marking the most southerly point in Great Britain. 

You can join guided tours to Minquiers with Jersey Seafaris , including transport by boat to and from Jersey. Tours usually include time on Maitresse , the main island, as well as time spent enjoying the outer sandbanks, where the water is so blue and clear you’ll feel as if you’re in the Maldives!

Another amazing, unique experience is enjoying a yoga class on the beach in Minquiers. You may see dolphins swim past, and the sunshine and stunning scenery are sure to make your practice unforgettable!

16) Jersey Zoo (formerly Durrell Wildlife Park)

Before you all go ‘I don’t go to zoos’ , please read this. Jersey Zoo, formerly known as Durrell Wildlife Park , is the world’s first zoo dedicated to conservation projects, opened by naturalist Gerald Durrell in 1959.

The zoo is just part of larger conservation projects, and profits are invested back into the field – some of the species that the Durrell Conservation Trust work with include the aye aye , a mysterious nocturnal animal from Madagascar famous for its large eyes and oversized middle finger, but also less ‘flashy’ animals like the orange-tailed skink, surviving on a single island off the coast of Mauritius.

You can also stay at Jersey Zoo in flashy glamping tents, recreating the feel of a luxury safari – perfect for those visiting Jersey with kids!

17) Pallot Steam and Motor Museum

Are your kids into trains, locomotives and fire engines? The Pallot Steam and Motor Museum in Trinity is a great way to spend a rainy day in Jersey , something that you’re likely to have in all seasons!

In the museum you’ll find a vast collection of all kinds of vehicles, including trains, vintage bicycles and tractors, agricultural machinery and more. There’s also station dating back to Victorian times, and on Thursdays you can take guided tours on vintage steam trains!

18) aMaizin! Adventure Park

This place is one of the best Jersey tourist attractions for families! You can easily spend an entire day enjoying aMaizin Adventure Park , with lots of family-friendly attractions available with a single entry fee. 

You’ll found toboggan, bouncy castles, tractor rides and an indoor play area for those rainy Jersey days. There’s also a farm with plenty of miniature animals for your kids to meet and play with!

19) Valley Adventure Centre 

Another great option for adventurous families and kids visiting Jersey. At Valley Adventure Centre you can get your thrills up on a variety of tree roped courses, go climbing, zip-lining and swing from trees. 

If you prefer to remain with your feet on the ground, you can have archery lessons, do paintball or laser combat. Perfect for a fun family day out in Jersey!

20) Mansell Car Collection

Remember Nigel Mansell, the mustachioed F1 driver famous in the 1980s and 90s? After the end of his motoring career he settled in Jersey and opened the Mansell Collection , including a museum about his career and life and some spectacular F1 cars on display.

The museum is located in an Art Deco building and Nigel himself often visits – if you’re an F1 fan, don’t miss it! Definitely one of the most unusual Jersey points of interest!

21) Shopping in St.Helier

To be honest, we only spent a short amount of time in St.Helier, as we wanted to visit natural points of interest in Jersey instead.

Jersey’s capital still feels like a small village, but it has plenty of shopping opportunities – from iconic department stores like Voisins and De Gruchy to independent retailers and food markets, St.Helier is the perfect place to get your Jersey souvenirs!

22) Sea Foraging and Oyster Tour

jersey oyster beds

Jersey Walk Adventures also offer a delicious sea foraging and oyster tour , where visitors are taken around the oyster beds at low tide and shown the best examples of edible seaweed, before ending the tour with an oyster tasting with a glass of bubbly.

23) Jersey Lavender Farm

You don’t need to head to Provence to take pictures of lavender fields in bloom – you can do that in Jersey too! The Jersey Lavender Farm is located in St.Brelade in the southwest of the island, and it is open yearly from October to April, with late May as the best time to visit to see the fields.

Visitors can walk around the fields, follow the Discovery Trail to various points of interest around the farm, and visit the distillery to learn more about the making of essential oils.

24) La Mare Wine Estate

Jersey’s mild climate makes the island ideal to grow potatoes, tomatoes, grapes… do you know what that means, right? WINE! La Mare Wine Estate was established in 1972 and produces a range of red, whites and rose wines, but not only!

There’s also La Mare cider, ale, gin and brandy, as well as a range of branded food products. If you’re looking for Jersey foodie treats and souvenirs , this is the place to head to!

where to stay in jersey hamptonne

In Jersey, we had the chance to stay in a truly unique place – the Hamptonne Country Life Museum, a heritage 15th century homestead turned into a museum of country life on the island, with an orchard, demonstrations of ancient crafts and even piglets and calves. In summer, that is!

When we visited in November the Museum was closed, and there were no animals save for free-range chickens in a nearby farm, but we still got the chance to stay in the beautiful apartment attached to the museum in complete peace and quiet. Check out this site  for info on the Stable Apartment, where we stayed – and FYI, the Jersey heritage site also offers a range of unique holiday rentals across the island, including towers, forts, Elizabeth Castle and ‘Barge Aground’, a 1930s cottage resembling an overturned boat.

If you’re looking for more ‘conventional’ places to stay in Jersey, check out the following:

  • Atlantic Hotel – one of the finest hotels in Jersey, open for over 50 years. Includes some top restaurants and cafés plus an outdoor pool, gym and spa. 
  • The Royal Yacht – one of the most stylish places in St Helier, with plenty of light, views over the marina and a great spa.
  • Chateau La Chaire – a boutique B&B set in a 19th century manor house with excellent service and a delicious restaurant.
  • Ommaroo Hotel – a historic hotel opened in 1916 and retaining the feel of the holiday hotels of the early 20th century. It was recently refurbished, but still has plenty of character.
  • Pomme d’Or Hotel – a historic hotel, and the place where the Union Jack was raised when German occupation ended in the Channel Islands. This hotel has a classic luxury, slightly old-fashioned feel, but it offers great deals in low season.
  • The Inn Boutique Hotel – one of the best value places in St Helier, with beautifully designed rooms and a good onsite restaurant.
  • Durrell Wildlife Camp – a spectacular glamping site for an unforgettable stay surrounded by the nature of Jersey Zoo, giving you the feel of being on an African safari !

jersey la hocq storm

Eating out is one of the main reasons to visit Jersey! Great quality produce plus a cuisine that borrows from the French and British tradition mean that you’re likely to have great meals pretty much anywhere. 

Here are some of Jersey’s best cafés, pubs, restaurants and other places to dine!

  • Le Hocq Inn – this is the most southerly pub in the British Isles, which is reason enough to visit! It’s a very lively place with unusual dishes like delicious espetadas  (a Portuguese specialty of giant meat or seafood kebabs) and a very friendly owner.
  • The Farm House – here the atmosphere is more restaurant than pub, and the food is truly outstanding! The fish and chips was one of the best we’ve ever had. Jersey crab is also often found on the menu.
  • The Seymour Inn – if you wish to dine in a ‘proper’ local pub, this is one of the best places to try Jersey oysters!
  • Bohemia Bar & Restaurant – the only Michelin star restaurant in Jersey, in a wonderful location not far from St. Helier harbour. The menu includes great Jersey seafood and crab, and the price is a steal considering the Michelin star – a three-course lunch menu can be had for just £39!
  • The Shipyard – this café/pub is perfect if you want to dine near the water in St. Helier’s harbour. You’ll find breakfast dishes, pub grub and some great seafood!
  • Ocean Restaurant – wonderful luxury restaurant in the Atlantic Hotel, with creative cuisine making use of Jersey seafood and produce. If you don’t know what dish to order, go for the pickled Jersey crab salad!
  • The Gunsite Café – this café is in a truly unique location, a repurposed WW2 bunker near St. Aubin’s Bay. The must-order dish here is definitely the all-day breakfast! 

Many thanks to Visit Jersey for welcoming us on the island and showing us the best things to do in Jersey!

Pin it for later?

jersey what to do pin

2 thoughts on “24 Things to do in Jersey, Channel Islands”

This is a good write-up on Jersey, Margerita. You may not be aware that there is a Ciccerone Guide by Paddy Dillon called “Walking on Jersey” which covers 24 routes and the Jersey Coastal Walk ISBN: 978-1-85284-638-1 @ £12.95 which I would recomend. The same author has a similar guide covering Guernsey which can be reached from Stansted airport. Until recently there was a direct flights from Stansted to Jersey but now you have to change at Guernsey or spend a few days there. I always use the bus service in Jersey and find it very reliable. I would recommend first visiting the Liberation Station not far from Pomme d’Or in the centre if St Helier to pick up the timetables. I always stayed at the family owned Ommarroo hotel where I have been very well looked after.

Thank you so much for your comment and thanks for recommending the guide!

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visit jersey uk

Just off the Normandy coast, the Channel Islands comprising of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm are a short hop away from Britain and mainland Europe. There is so much to see and do in the Channel Islands. See below for events across all the Islands.

Just off the Normandy coast, the Channel Islands, comprising Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm are a short hop away from Britain and mainland Europe. Their mild winters, warm summers and long hours of sunshine make them ideal year-round destinations.  Click on the links below to find out more about each island!

visit jersey uk

Find Events In The Channel Islands

Loading…, sorry, no events found.

The Wandering Quinn Travel Blog

The Perfect Weekend in Jersey Channel Island Itinerary!

Categories Channel Islands , Itinerary , U.K

Jersey Channel Islands is an amazing place to visit for a weekend getaway!  I have spent a weekend in Jersey twice in September and June with Visit Jersey  after they dubbed the island #theislandbreak , and I loved my weekend in Jersey itinerary each time!

So here is what I suggest in this Jersey Island blog as the perfect Jersey Channel Island itinerary for a weekend break or short break, because at 5 miles long and 9 miles wide it’s extremely small yet it’s packed with natural beauty, fun activities, and relaxing activities to refresh yourself! 

Jersey Channel Island Itinerary

Jersey Channel Island itinerary

How to Get to Jersey Channel Island.

EasyJet, British Airways and Flybe all fly from the UK to Jersey.

If you’re flying from London you can fly from Luton, Gatwick and London City Airport to Jersey in just 40-50 minutes. Jersey Channel Island can also be reached from Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Doncaster, Southampton and Liverpool Airports .

For my weekend in Jersey, I was short on annual leave from work so myself and my friend opted for a Friday evening flight to Jersey from London and a Sunday evening flight back.

You can also get a Condor Ferry from the South Coast of England to Jersey Channel Island however that will take more time and with only a weekend in Jersey Island, I wouldn’t suggest it unless you live near Poole or Portsmouth!

Weekend in Jersey Itinerary

-friday evening, fly to jersey.

With Jersey being so close to England and France why not make the most of a Friday evening flight so you can spend the day at work and then jet off afterwards, after all, 2 days in Jersey is enough to see a lot of the island and do all of this Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

To enable you to see as much of the island as possible and in your own time, it’s a good idea to hire a car .

Book your rental car in Jersey before you arrive. As soon as you leave the baggage area in the airport you’ll see the car hire desks and before you know it you’ll be on your way! Remember that they drive on the left-hand side of the road so the same as the UK but different to Europe.

Search for Care Hire in Jersey Here From All The Top Companies!

If you don’t fancy driving or you’re wanting to visit Jersey on a budget , then the public bus system is good and buses seem to run well throughout the island. There is a bus stop right outside the airport to take people into St Helier- the capital of the island.

I stayed in The Hampshire Hotel , just on the outskirts of St Helier which is not only a lovely, small hotel but it’s in a great location as we didn’t have to drive through St Helier but the town is walkable from here and it’s easy to get to everywhere on the island from.

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, the hampshire hotel st helier

-Saturday Morning

Island life is generally based around the water and due to Jersey’s size and its gorgeous coastline Jersey life is no different, so the best way to start your Jersey Channel Island itinerary is like I did.. in the water!

Surfing in Jersey

I’d never been surfing before but it was high on my bucket list to try and I loved it! I went surfing as part of a yoga and surf retreat that was happening at that time with ‘Drift’ however there are plenty of companies you can go surfing with. Check out Visit Jersey’s page here to see them.

For a bit of fun and friendly advice on Surfing then I loved this post – 7 Surf Tips for Beginners .

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, surfing

St Ouens Bay on the West Coast of Jersey is one of the top beaches in Jersey! Not only is it the best place to catch some waves in Jersey but it’s incredibly beautiful too so whether you go surfing or not, be sure to add St Ouens Bay to you Jersey Island itinerary!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, St Ouen Bay Ellie Quinn

Water Sports in Jersey

If surfing isn’t your thing then don’t fear, there’s plenty of other water sport activities in Jersey from Kayaking , Paddleboarding , SUP Board Yoga , Scuba Diving , Coasteering and  Water Skiing !

-Saturday Afternoon

After a morning in or on the water, it’s nice to spend an afternoon in Jersey on dry land but still out in the fresh air enjoying the ocean views.

Where to have lunch in Jersey?

Lunch is a priority of course though and Jersey is known as a foodie haven with a lot of incredible restaurants filled with its fresh seafood.

Le Moulin de Lecq is in Greve de Lecq Bay on the North West Point of the island, not far from St Ouens Bay. This would be a great restaurant to have some food in, explore Greve de Lecq before taking a walk further West to Plemont Bay and then returning to pick up your car.

Coastal walk in Jersey

Doing the coastal walk in the afternoon was on our Jersey Channel Island itinerary so we drove straight to Plemont Bay in the afternoon, parked up and took the steps down to the bay and couldn’t believe the beauty of this place.

The tide was in so we couldn’t go onto the beach or into the caves that hide under the cliffs but seeing the cliffs, ocean and sun starting to set were enough. Not only that but there were only 2 other people there!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, Plemont Bay

-Saturday Evening

Where to have dinner in jersey.

Saturday evening has to be spent in the picturesque fishing village of St Aubin .

We had a little trouble parking on a Saturday evening which meant we had to head up into the windy steep back streets of the village but in hindsight, it was great to see the streets that make up the village as well as the beautiful houses that line the streets.

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, St Aubin

The promenade that lines along the harbour is full of restaurants and pubs perfect for a Saturday evening meal and drink in Jersey.

My friend and I were booked to have dinner at The Boat House , which I would highly recommend adding to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary. It was pretty busy so I would suggest booking a head but totally worth it as the food was amazing!

I started with the Jersey Crab on Toast which was delicious, followed by the Josper Grilled Bass Fillet which was cooked perfectly, alongside some Parmesan and Truffle Hand Cut Chips that pretty much changed my life and have made me only want to eat Truffle Chips.

I finished with the White Chocolate Ball and Brownie which was indeed a huge white chocolate ball which was melted by the waiter pouring warm chocolate sauce onto it, which then melted onto the brownie that was sitting underneath.. incredible!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, The Boat House St Aubin

  • My Related Jersey Island Posts:
  • 10 Things to do in Jersey Channel Island When It Rains!
  • How to Visit Jersey on a Budget!

-Sunday Morning

Boat trip in jersey.

Day 2 in Jersey and Sunday morning provides the chance to get out on the water again but this time without so much exercise!

Taking a boat trip is the best way to see Jersey from a different angle, visit some nearby islands that you may not know about and hopefully spot some wildlife!

I took a boat trip with Island RIB Voyages and I had such an amazing morning so I really recommend you prebook with them and add it to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary!

I drove to St Catherine’s Bay  from St Helier which was another lovely drive. St Catherine’s Bay is on the East side of the island meaning that I had now visited both East and West.

We donned some red jackets and a life jacket provided to us by Island RIB Voyages and hopped onto the boat. Mario was our guide and skipper and he really helped make the trip unforgettable. We sailed out of the bay at a reasonably leisurely pace but before long we were speeding up for a true RIB experience!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, boat trip

Our trip was out to Les Ecrehous  from Jersey, a small island not too far away. When we were close by we slowed down and had a look out for some seals.. we were in luck as Mario’s brilliant eyesight spotted quite a few!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, boat trip seal

The tide was low at Les Ecrehous island meaning we could get off the boat and have a walk around on what would be the sea bed during high tide. There are a number of small settlements on the island, they aren’t lived in all year round, instead used as more holiday homes and it was fascinating having a look round.

There’s a viewpoint behind some of the buildings which provides an incredible view of the ocean with Jersey in the distance and on the day I visited with the sun shining and the skies so blue I felt like I could well be in the Mediterranean!

There’s no way you can visit Les Ecrehous other than being on a boat trip so be sure to get it booked and planned in your Jersey Island itinerary!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, les ecrehous

The journey back to Jersey was just as enjoyable, there’s something about the sea air that really clears your mind and I felt so much more settled yet so much more alive when we stepped foot back on Jersey.

St Catherine’s Bay is a really nice area so we had a walk along the beach nearby before leaving which I would suggest doing.

-Sunday Afternoon

Castles in jersey.

Gorey is just a short drive down the East Coast from St Catherine’s Bay. It’s a beautiful harbour village with a sea-side-holiday feel to it.

It’s home to Mont Orgueil Castle which is featured in a lot of iconic Jersey photographs and there are lots of nice shops, cafes and restaurants so I would suggest adding it to your Jersey Channel Island itinerary and taking in the view from the Castle and then heading down into the village by the harbour to have a walk along the promenade and take in all the colourful buildings.

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, Mont Orgueil Castle

Lunch in Jersey

For lunch, Liv and I went to The Crab Shack which was so good, it’s another restaurant that I would highly recommend and must be one of the best crab restaurants in Jersey!

The Crab Shack is a really relaxed restaurant, so relaxed that it appears to be in a house. It has a friendly feel to it and it’s the kind of place that I really associate Island life with. We were lucky enough to sit outside in the sun with a great view.

Note that The Crab Shack is in two locations – Gorey and St Brelade so you no matter where you are you should be able to visit one of them on your Jersey Island itinerary!

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, the crab shack

Jersey Airport is in the West of the Island and we were in the East so with a few hours left we drove down to St Helier , parked up and had a walk around.

Up until this point we had passed nothing but beautiful villages and beaches and I was starting to wonder where everyone lived and worked. I knew St Helier was the capital and would be filled with lots of shops etc but expected it to be small seen as everything we had seen so far was quite small.

However, St Helier is and was a lot bigger than I thought. As we approached it we started seeing a lot of flats and once in the city we saw a lot of office blocks.

We had a quick walk through the centre where the shops are but on a Sunday Afternoon, everything is pretty much shut. We crossed over the main road and walked around the harbour and along the pier so we could see Elizabeth Castle and take in the scenery of St Aubins Bay surrounding us.

Jersey Channel Island itinerary, st helier harbour

I’m really glad we did stop off in St Helier and I would suggest it as I felt I understood the island better after visiting. I understood where people worked, shopped and lived but seen as I was visiting from London I was very happy that I spent the majority of my weekend driving around Country lanes, through little villages and taking in the ocean views with hardly anyone around!

There are a number of late afternoon/ early evening flights from Jersey on a Sunday evening so from St Helier it’s probably time to head to the airport and get another trip to Jersey planned in ASAP!

More Places to Visit in Jersey

If you have 3 or 4 days in Jersey or even one week in Jersey, there are lots more things to do in Jersey like:

Visit the Jersey War Tunnels

Walk along the cliff path from Bouley Bay to Rozel and finish with tea at The Hungry Man Cafe.

Visit The Botanic Gardens

See the sunrise and sunset in one day from the East and West of the Island

Go on a Bike Ride

See the Jersey Lavender Fields

Take the children to Creepy Valley Adventure Centre

For more information or more ideas, have a look at Visit Jersey’s page here .

FAQ About Short Trips to Jersey

How long do you need in jersey.

Whilst you could easily spend 1 week in Jersey exploring the island, 2 days in Jersey is enough time to see a lot of places in Jersey Channel Island. Jersey Island is very small and easy to drive around making it a good place to visit for just a few days.

Do I need a passport to go to Jersey?

Flying from the UK to Jersey does not require a passport as there are no passport checks either side at immigration.

Is Jersey expensive?

Jersey is an expensive place and it is expensive to live in Jersey, however, to visit as a tourist you will find that prices are similar to the UK and Western Europe and it is possible to visit Jersey on a budget !

Is Jersey cheaper than the UK?

For a weekend trip to Jersey you will find that prices are similar to the UK and London and in some cases cheaper than London prices.

I hope that following your trip you’ll leave feeling revived, restored and ready to take on life, yet you’ll have tried a new sport, met lovely people and be filled with memories like I was

Visit Jersey is dubbing Jersey as #theislandbreak and I can certainly see why!

  • More of my Jersey posts:

To SEE a bit of my trip to Jersey then check out my YouTube video here !

I visited Jersey with Visit Jersey but all opinions & thoughts are my own. .

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Thursday 9th of November 2017

What a lovely way to spend a weekend and what a great time to go too - when its still quite warm but many people have already had their summer holidays. I've been to Guernsey before which was nice, but never Jersey so hopefully I will go one day. RIB boat looked awesome in the youtube video!


Friday 10th of November 2017

It was soo nice! I'd highly recommend a trip there. I do really want to go to Guernsey now though so glad you liked it, thanks for reading :)

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Discover the island of Jersey and where it is?

  • Discover the island of Jersey…

visit jersey uk

The home of the Jersey cow, Jersey Royal Potatoes, and some of the most beautiful views in the British isles, the island of Jersey should not be confused with ‘New Jersey’ which can be found across the pond in the USA.

For quick reference, here’s a contents to the guide:

Thinking of going on holiday to the beautiful island of Jersey – but where is it?

Where is jersey on a map of uk we’ve marked it on a map of europe….

  • Where is Jersey in the world? We’ve marked it on a map for you…

How big is Jersey the island?

What is the size of jersey in miles, how far is jersey from france, how long is the island of jersey in miles, how far is jersey from england, for those that didn’t know… jersey is not a country, what country is jersey in, is jersey a country in its own right, is jersey part of great britain, the united kingdom or the british isles, is jersey in the european union, if you haven’t heard of the channel islands – here’s the facts, is jersey part of the channel islands, are the channel islands part of uk, interesting facts and figures about jersey that are just nice to know, let’s look at the population of jersey, what is the capital of jersey uk, what is the time zone of jersey, what time is it in jersey, thinking of going on holiday to the beautiful island of jersey – but where it is.

Jersey can be located in the Bay of St Malo, in the English Channel, not too far off the coast of Normandy in France (14 miles) and getting here couldn’t be easier.  Its neighbour Guernsey is just 27 miles away, making up part of the Channel Islands.

Jersey is an island which everyone should visit – with its unspoiled landscape and unique blend of English and French influences, the Bailiwick of Jersey has plenty to see and do.  They speak English, you don’t need a passport to travel here (if you are coming from the UK) and you can use the British Pound!

Map of Jersey UK

Where is Jersey in the world? We’ve marked it on a map for you

For those that always thought about visiting Jersey, but didn’t know where it was? We’ve pinpointed Jersey the island on the map for you.  For a quick reference you can find it just off the coast of France, and next to another island called Guernsey.  The island of Jersey is located within the English Channel, off the South Coast of England.  The red dot below indicates where you can find Jersey on a map of the World!

With the island being just 5 miles in length and 9 miles wide, this makes the geographical area to be approximately 45.5 square miles or 120 square kilometres.  Its compact, but makes the perfect island getaway with an abundance of places to explore.  The drive round the island is beautiful and every view is postcard worthy!

The island of Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands. Jersey is only 5 miles or 8 km long and 9 miles or 14.5 km wide.  They say you’ll never get lost in Jersey as eventually your find the sea, which means you can only go left or right and back to where you started!

Sitting in the bay of St Malo, Jersey is just 14 miles away from the city of St Malo which can be found in the Brittany region of France.  You can take a short ferry ride from Jersey to France which takes just 1 hour and 10 minutes with Condor Ferries.  The walled city of St Malo is worth visiting if you are thinking of taking a longer holiday in Jersey.  Day trips with Condor cost just £33 per person, but you will need a passport to get into France.

It is 9 miles long, and could be walked across in around 3-4 hours (depending on your hiking speed!)  Most people choose to explore the island by car, or jump on the local bus which has routes all across the island.

Its 85 miles to get to Jersey from the South Coast of England (137km).  The quickest way to get there is by flying which takes around 35-45minutes depending on which regional airport in the UK you choose to fly from.  Alternatively you can travel the 85 miles by sea with the added benefit of taking your car, this can take 4 hours and 30minutes.

Jersey is not in another country, nor is it a country but can be best described as a British Crown Dependency, which forms part of the Channel Islands. Jersey is self-governing and has its own finance and legal systems.  It also has its own court of law! The States Assembly is made up of 49 democratically elected members.

Jersey’s has its own internationally-recognised driving licences and is responsible for its own vehicle registration.  You’ll perhaps notice when you visit that Jersey has its own number plate sequence – all of which start with the letter J.  The Island also has its own postal service.

It’s neither a country or part of England, and nor is it part of the UK which makes it a little confusing to digest.  It has certain in-dependencies from the UK, and the head of state is the Duke of Normandy, aka Elizabeth Windsor (yes the queen but she is only the duke there).  Jersey has its own Parliament.

Jersey along with Guernsey and the other Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man are part of what is known as the British Isles.  Great Britain is made up of the following countries, England, Scotland and Wales, while the United Kingdom includes both Great Britain and Northern Ireland together.  Jersey can be described as a British Crown Dependency.

The residents of Jersey are subjects of the Crown, but are not governed by the British laws, taxes and regulations. The island is neither part of the UK nor the European Union (EU) and neither is it an Associate Member of the European Union. Under protocol 3 to the Treaty of Accession signed by the UK in 1973, all the Channel Islands including Jersey are included within the EU for the purpose of free movement of manufactured and agricultural goods.

If you haven’t heard of the Channel Islands – here are the facts

The Channel Islands are an archipelago (a group of islands) which can be found in the English Channel, not too far off the French coast of Normandy. They include two Crown dependencies: the largest of the two islands Bailiwick of Jersey, and the Bailiwick of Guernsey, consisting of Herm, Sark, Alderney and the larger island of Guernsey.

The Channel Islands have been run as two separate Crown dependencies since the late 13th century.  Each island has its own government which is elected by residents into power to govern the island.   It’s believed the term “Channel Islands” began to be used around 1830, possibly by the Royal Navy.

Jersey and the other Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, just part of Great Britain. Historically, the Channel Islands once belonged to Normandy which was never part of France until the early 13th century.

Following the Norman conquest and the proclamation of William, Duke of Normandy, as King William I of England the Channel Islands were then transferred to the Kingdom of England.   When the United Kingdom of Great Britain was created, the islands transferred to the British Crown because Queen Elizabeth II is still the titular Duke of Normandy.

The last census was completed in 2014, and it recorded 108,000 people living in Jersey.  Making it the largest populated island within the Channel Islands.  Guernsey only has around 65,000 people living their.  With any small island, over population always comes up from time to time, the JEP the local island paper  published  its own thoughts on this matter.

The Capital of Jersey is the town of Saint Helier, which can be found near the ferry port.  It is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey, and by far the largest.  St Helier has a population of around 33,000 residents, which is around a third of the total islands population.

The time zone in Jersey is the same as that of the UK which is a Greenwich Mean Time zone (GMT).  Therefore there is no jet lag to worry about and you can stick to your usual routine, this is why some favour Jersey as a holiday destination.

Because Jersey is in the Greenwich Mean time zone it means that the time in Jersey is exactly the same as it is in the UK.  This is the same for all other Channel Islands including Guernsey.

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Staying safe on your island break..

Jersey is ready to welcome you. Find all the latest information about COVID-19 rules and regulations for travel to Jersey and plan your island break with confidence.

There is no testing, isolation or travel forms for all arriving visitors, regardless of vaccination status .

Jersey is open and welcoming visitors...

1. travel – requirements..

Jersey falls within the UK’s Common Travel Area, along with the rest of the Channel Islands, Ireland and the Isle of Man. There is no need for UK visitors to test before returning to the UK or isolate on return to the UK. Full details can be found here .

All visitors.

There is no testing, isolation or travel forms for all arriving visitors from the UK and all other countries.

Fully vaccinated visitor?*

There is no testing, isolation or travel forms for all arriving visitors from the UK and all other countries regardless of your vaccination status.

Rules for all travellers and planning your journey can be found here .

*Fully vaccinated is defined as three doses, two doses plus a booster, no less than two weeks before arrival in Jersey.

Not fully vaccinated?

You do not need to have had a COVID-19 vaccination to visit Jersey. There is no testing, isolation or travel forms for all arriving visitors and this applies to unvaccinated travellers from anywhere in the world.

Recently had COVID-19?

Pre-arrival Travel Forms.

For all arriving visitors from the UK and all other countries, there are no pre-arrival travel forms to complete.

Travelling with children?

Regardless of age or vaccination status, there is no testing, isolation or travel forms for visitors from the UK and all other countries,.

2. Prior to departures – information.

  • Adhere to all  public health guidance .
  • Check with your transport provider to understand if they have any mandatory requirements such as mask wearing.

There is no testing, isolation or travel forms for all arriving visitors into Jersey.

3. Airport and harbour – upon arrival.

All arrivals must comply with any mandatory requirements at Jersey Airport and Jersey’s Harbours .

4. Visitors – positive test.

If you test positive whilst in Jersey, there is no mandatory requirement to isolate, it is guidance only.

Returning to the UK.

There are no restrictions upon returning to the UK or other parts of the Common Travel Area. More information here .

What is Jersey doing to keep you safe?

In Jersey, we understand that you might need a little reassurance when it comes to travel. That’s why our tourism industry including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, bars and visitor attractions are committed to ensuring you have the safest break possible. From the moment you arrive at the airport to when you check into your hotel, whether you take a relaxing boat trip, explore our many heritage experiences or have a relaxing day at the beach, Jersey tourism businesses will ensure your wellbeing is safeguarded every step of the way.

More information.

Please check the following sources prior to traveling to ensure you are up to date with all the latest rules relating to travel to Jersey and COVID-19:

Government of Jersey safe travel guidelines

Jersey airport flight schedules

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Top 5 reasons to visit jersey, channel isiands (the most southerly place in britain).

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jersey, CI

Situated in the British Channel, Jersey is a tiny little island with a lot to offer.

Just 45 square miles big, the island is a haven of beautiful beaches, great country walks, fascinating history and fantastic wildlife.

Jersey’s location, between the south coast of England and the north coast of France, gives it a unique character and identity, which although now largely anglicised, maintains a distinctly French flair.

Small and safe, Jersey’s countryside of fields, meadows and hedgerowed lanes make it a great place to get lost, while its busy central hub of St Helier gives it a vibrancy people are often surprised to find.

As the most southerly and sunniest corner of Britain, the island makes a great place to getaway from it all, so here are my top 5 reasons to visit Jersey in the Channel Islands.

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This page contains affiliate links meaning Big World Small Pockets may receive a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you.

#1 The Beaches

visit jersey uk

Jersey’s beaches have won multiple awards and are some of the cleanest in Britain.

Swimming is safe and several of the popular spots even have lifeguards during the summer.

Water sports such as stand-up paddle boarding or surfing abound, or for the less energetic there are plenty of beachside cafes to test out!

In the summer, there’s plenty of places to tan up as Jersey receives the most hours of sunshine anywhere in Britain.

My favourite thing about the beaches on Jersey is their variety (check out my list of the top 5 Jersey beaches ).

Making up the large majority of the Island’s coastline, there really is a beach for every occasion here as, due to the Island’s topography, each one varies in size and appearance.

For long stretches of yellow sand try St Ouens or St Brelades Bay, which have sweeping views and a good range of activities that normally attract families.

For something a little quieter why not sample the small harbour beaches of Rozel or Bonne Nuit on the north coast, where you can watch the fisherman and the ebbing tide.

My favourite beaches are Beauport or Portelet Bays on the south coast, which only accessible by sets of steep steps yet blessed with wonderful views and turquoise waters.

One idea for finding the perfect beach for you is to research the wind direction and head to a beach on the opposite side of the island – this guarantees you’ll be as sheltered as possible from any sea breezes!

All in all Jersey’s beaches are beautiful and free, which is why it’s one of my top reasons to visit Jersey.

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#2 The Walks

visit jersey uk

The main walking event of the year in Jersey happens on the weekend nearest to midsummers day (21 st June) where hundreds of people attempt to circumnavigate the island’s 48 miles in one gruelling day.

If you’re after something more sedate however, don’t fear, as Jersey has all number of walks available for different ages and fitness levels.

From wood walks to heritage trails, tasting tracks and country lane ambles, there is a whole network of routes across and around the island.

And best of all?

There are plenty of clear signs and free maps available for them.

My personal favourite walks are along the north coast, where the undulating cliff paths are both a great workout for the thighs, as well as a treat for the eyes.

Glorious views of the Island’s coastline await you, as well as those of France too. Heather, foxgloves and other wild flowers dot these paths and if you’re lucky you might well spot dolphins and red squirrels as you make your way along.

The hardest, but most enjoyable stretch of the north coast is between Bonne Nuit and Rozel – allow a good few hours to make this trek, and then treat yourself to one of the cafes or pubs at either end.

Jersey on a Budget

Getting Here: Flying from the UK can be done cheaply through the airline EasyJet. Check out Skyscanner for some great deals. Otherwise catch the Channel Islands Ferry – Condor – from France or Guernsey.

Getting Around: Walking is free or there is a good local bus service – Liberty Bus – which has a cost-effective set of Hop-On Hop-Off passes! Sadly Uber hasn’t reached Jersey yet, so you’d be better to hire a car if you’re looking for some independence when it comes to transport.

Eating: Supermarkets such as Waitrose and the Coop are found on the Island, but if you want to buy local for your picnic, then look out for roadside stalls and farm shops as a more ethical option. When it comes eating out, there is a great BYO Thai restaurant at Bonne Nuit Bay or Portlet Bay Café is another good one with great pizzas and beach views.

Staying: Campsites are the cheapest accommodation option on Jersey with Rozel Camping Park and Beuvelande Camp Site both getting good reviews. Otherwise, there is a hostel available within the delightful grounds of Durrell Wildlife Trust (which gets you free entry too) or self-catering lodges at Les Ormes . Another great option, especially if you’re travelling as a group, is to rent out a Jersey Heritage property.

#3 The Heritage

visit jersey uk

Awash with history, Jersey is a traditional place, proud of its unique heritage and ancestry.

Testimony to this, are 2 main island organisations that do a lot of work to preserve and maintain the Island’s past.

Both the National Trust for Jersey and Jersey Heritage , work hard to make sure that historical attractions here remain accessible and attractive.

From lovingly maintaining old cottages to keeping areas of significance open to the public, from excavating sacred Neolithic stone monuments to restoring medieval castles, both organisations really do ensure there is something to interest everyone here.

Many of the attractions are set among lovely grounds and boast interactive features that children enjoy.

Or for those that like to dig a bit deeper, the Island’s various museums provide a rich interpretative layer to this community’s historical tapestry.

My favourite museum is the Jersey War Tunnels which, set within an underground hospital built forced labour during the Second World War, details the Nazi occupation of the Island between 1940-45. It’s an era that my grandparents lived through on Jersey and is therefore an issue still very close to many Islanders’ hearts.

Going further back in time, there are a number of older castles you can visit for the day, as well many free attractions including ruins and country cottages that can be explored in an afternoon.

For those looking for a bit more adventure, there are also a number of historical properties that you are able to rent as accommodation on the Island.

#4 The Food

visit jersey uk

With a rich farming and fishing industry in days gone by, Jersey is understandable fanatic about its food!

Local produce still abounds and can easily be bought from wonderful farm shops and roadside stalls that add character and colour to the Island experience.

The Genuine Jersey label denotes anything that has been locally produced and is a great way of ensuring you taste the best of what is available here, as well as support valuable local economies.

In addition, Jersey’s world famous milk-producing cows still churn out a load of the white stuff that gets pasteurised in the Island dairy and drunk by the gallon in locals’ tea! In its distinct tetrapak carton, you can’t miss it!

A number of great restaurant’s can also be found on Jersey including the Michelin starred Bohemia in St Helier, as well as Ocean Restaurant in St Brelade.

For something a bit more casual, there are plenty of beachside eateries turning out great local seafood and I really recommend Le Braye Cafe in St Brelade.

Both the fish market and the central market in Jersey’s capital, St Helier, also make good foodie destinations.

And there’s an increasing number of great cafes and vegan spots in the capital too.

#5 The Quaint Atmosphere

visit jersey uk

If you’re looking for a British break, then I can’t recommend Jersey enough.

Only an hour’s flight from England (check out flight prices care of Skyscanner ) you don’t have to change any foreign currency to enjoy your time here, yet this small island feels like a world away.

In part this is due to its rural geography and clear French influences, but equally it’s down to its safety, its size and its sense of sleepiness.

Cute cottages and oldie worldly features can be spotted across the island simply by driving some of its smaller lanes or cycling some of the country tracks.

Farming life continues in part and honesty box stands across the Island maintain a sense of a bygone era.

There are also plenty of tea cosy and doily cafes too if that’s what you’re looking for, but there are also organic food producers and niche coffee roasters.

Being small, Jersey is easy to navigate and with a well-mapped public bus system, as well as a number of hire car companies, you can easily explore the island at your leisure.

Saying that, down each lane or path it seems like there is something new to see and the Island certainly doesn’t lack variety.

It’s peaceful and relaxed here and that is certainly why it’s one of my top reasons to visit Jersey.


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jersey, Channel IsIands

So those are my top 5 reasons to visit Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Have you been to this little place?

Let me know about your experiences!

visit jersey uk

Creator of Big World Small Pockets, Stephanie Parker is a travel addict! Originally from Jersey in the Channel Islands, Stephanie adventures the world collecting tips, advice and stories, to share with a smile

4 thoughts on “ Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jersey, Channel IsIands (the most southerly place in Britain) ”

visit jersey uk

Just looking for advise> My family of 7 persons would like to visit Jersey and Gersney if possible and practical. We looking for resort type accommodation with pool for the two younger children. The one family is in Dublin and the other in London. can you advise on flights . Any visa requirements to visit. 4 persons have EURO passports but other 3 have South Africa passports, they will probably need visas. look fwd to your suggestions

visit jersey uk

Hi Fernando, you can fly direct from London Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton to Jersey. Flights from Dublin run in the summer months. In the winter, I’d advise connecting through London. For a resort that’s kid-friendly with a pool, check out the Merton Hotel or L’Horizon in Jersey. In terms of visas, whatever you require for the UK applies to Jersey and Guernsey, as they are part of the Common UK Travel area, so there’s no separate or different requirements. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Steph 🙂

visit jersey uk

need advise- an international student (Nigerian) in the UK can i visit Jersey on holidays and what are the requirements ? looking at the summer time there…

Hi Augustine, after passing immigration to enter the UK, you don’t need to pass it again for entrance to Jersey, because the island is within the UK’s common travel area. Hope that answers your question. Best wishes, Steph 🙂

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visit jersey uk

10 Best Things to Do in Jersey

What is jersey most famous for.

The best things to do in Jersey revolve around beaches and history. The largest of the Channel Island, this island is found off the southern coast of England – although it's actually closer to France. Along with beautiful beaches and coastal cliffs, Jersey is known for its fascinating military history. During the Napoleonic Wars and World War II, Jersey was the staging post for attacks on the British Isles and this history can be seen and felt right across the island.

It has a special status within the UK, meaning it can set its own taxation rules. The island has its own parliament, which has made it a beacon for the rich and famous over the years.

What are the best things to do in Jersey?

St brelade’s bay, spend the day on jersey’s prettiest beach.

visit jersey uk

St Brelade’s Bay is a picturesque, gold-sand beach on the southern coast of Jersey. This stunning bay regularly wins awards as one of the UK’s finest beaches thanks to its beauty, cleanliness, and convenient facilities that line the beach promenade running parallel to La Route de la Bale.

The bay is very sheltered from crashing waves and the coastline has a shallow gradient making it suitable for paddling with small children. You can take bus routes 12 or 14 to reach St Brelade’s Bay from most places on the island.

Location: St Brelade's Bay, Jersey, UK

Mont Orgueil Castle

Explore the secret passageways of this norman fortress.

visit jersey uk

Mont Orgueil Castle is a medieval landmark overlooking Gorey Harbour on the east coast of Jersey. It goes by several names – Gorey Castle in English and lé Vièr Châté by Jèrriais-speakers – but everyone agrees that it's one of the most impressive sights on the island.

Built in the 13 th century but improved over the centuries out of fear of French invasion, this maze-like castle has a long and fascinating history that you can learn on a tour of the secret network of staircases. The views from the ramparts are especially impressive. You’ll be climbing a lot of stairs so wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes.

Location: Castle Green, Gorey, St Martin JE3 6ET, Jersey, UK

Open: Friday–Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm (closed Tuesday–Thursday)

Phone: +44 (0)1534 853292

visit jersey uk

10 Best Things to Do in St. Helier

visit jersey uk

10 Things to Do Off the Beaten Track in Jersey

visit jersey uk

Jersey Travel Essentials

Plemont bay, explore the nearby caves at high tide.

visit jersey uk

Plemont Bay is a somewhat hidden beach on the rugged, north-western coast of Jersey. Surrounded by tall cliffs and constantly hit by crashing waves, the beach is a favourite with couples and surfers. At low tide, you will find plenty of golden sand to lounge on, while at high tide the beach is mostly submerged. Take this opportunity to rent a kayak and explore the many caves on either side of the bay. If you like to explore, take a walk to Grosnez Castle, the Norman castle ruins on the west side of the beach.

To reach Plemont Bay, take bus number 8 from most places on the island. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards from May to September.

Location: Plemont Bay, Jersey, UK

Le Petit Train

A miniature train ride that’s fun for families.

visit jersey uk

Le Petit Train is a fun way to travel from Saint Helier to Saint Aubin, across Saint Aubin’s Bay. The trains delight youngsters, making the 35-minute journey a fun family activity in Jersey. During the ride, there is a commentary explaining the sights along the way.

There are actually 2 trains, which cross each other plying their route back and forth, from Liberation Square in Saint Helier to Saint Aubin Parish Hall. You can buy a ticket as you board and children under 5 travel for free.

Location: Liberation Square, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 3QA, UK

Open: Daily from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633443

La Rocque Harbour

Go rock-pooling at low tide.

visit jersey uk

La Rocque Harbour is a small bay found on the coastal road between St Helier and Gorey on the southeastern tip of Jersey. Consisting of a small pier, a sandy beach, and plenty of exposed rocks, it's one of the best places to go rock pooling – you'll find plenty of crabs in the water holes.

Less crowded than many other beaches on the island, La Rocque Harbour is a great spot to escape the crowds and enjoy a relaxed day on the sand. There’s a stall next to the beach selling food and drinks.

Location: La Grande Route des Sablons, Jersey, UK

Jersey War Tunnels and underground hospital

Learn about life during wartime.

visit jersey uk

Jersey’s military history is best explored at the Jersey war tunnels that were built by invading Nazis during World War II. This tour offers a fascinating – at times harrowing – look at life for the inhabitants of Jersey during the German occupation of the island. 

Learn about how the islanders had to ration during times of food shortages, and how the untamed spirit of locals managed to outlast the occupation. As well as exploring the military tunnels, families will enjoy testing their wits in a war-themed escape room, while the Garden of Reflection is a place for more sombre reflection on the stories learnt during your visit. 

Location: Les Charrières Malorey, Jersey JE3 1FU, Jersey, UK

Open: February–October: daily from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. November: daily from 9.30 am to 3 pm (closed December–January)

Phone: +44 (0)1534 860808

photo by Simon Allardice ( CC BY 2.0 ) modified

North Coast Cliff Path

Hike one of the uk’s finest coastal walks.

visit jersey uk

Starting from Trinity village of Trinity, the north coast hiking trail is one of the most dramatic walks in Jersey. The walk takes you along several coastal ridges and past several beautiful bays, including Boule Bay, Bonne Nuit, and St John’s Bay. You can take bus no 4 to reach the north coast from Jersey's main towns in the south of the island.

Make time to visit the Devil’s Hole – a collapsed cave that seems to whistle from the waves that are sucked between the rocks – close to Sorel Point. This natural phenomenon is looked over by a bronze statue on the coastal path.

Elizabeth Castle

Enjoy picturesque panoramas and military history.

visit jersey uk

Elizabeth Castle is one of the most important and breathtaking sights in Jersey. The fortress is located just off the coast of St Helier and is accessible both by foot (during low tide) and by ferry. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes.

You can explore the 16th-century walls and enjoy stunning views of the sea and Jersey coastline from above. For history buffs, there are centuries worth of memorabilia and fascinating displays in the Regimental Museum of the Royal Jersey Militia inside the fortress. Visit Elizabeth Castle on a Sunday for a rare look back in time as historical interpreters recreate the garrison of 1781 during the Battle of Jersey.

Location: St Aubin’s Bay, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 3NU, Jersey, UK

Open: March–November: daily from 10 am to 5.30 pm (closed December–February)

Phone: +44 (0)1534 723971

VAT-free shopping in St Helier

Prices are typically lower than elsewhere in the uk.

visit jersey uk

The best shopping in Jersey can be found in St Helier, the island’s capital and largest town. Liberty Wharf shopping arcade is an excellent place to browse high street shops with plenty of cafes and restaurants for refreshments. For high-end goods, check out the Voisins Department Store on King Street. For fresh produce, check out the wonderful St Helier Central Market , which comes alive in the summer months.

Due to its special status within the United Kingdom, purchases in Jersey aren’t subject to VAT, meaning you can often save 20% on like-for-like goods when compared to shops on mainland UK – worth considering when stocking up for special occasions.

photo by Danrok ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) modified

Jersey oysters

Jersey is known for fantastic seafood.

visit jersey uk

The rough seas around Jersey are the main reason why the island’s oysters are so highly praised. You will find these delicious shellfish on the menu of many restaurants around the island. Many beaches even have dedicated oyster stalls selling shucked oysters by the half dozen.

As a self-sufficient island for centuries, Jersey has plenty of unique ingredients and dishes to enjoy. Don’t miss the chance to sample Jersey royal potatoes or delicious Jersey ice cream during your stay.

This article includes opinions of the Go Guides editorial team. Hotels.com compensates authors for their writings appearing on this site; such compensation may include travel and other costs.

Start planning your trip

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10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Jersey

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5 Best Towns and Resorts on Jersey, UK

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10 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Jersey

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10 Places Where Locals Love to Eat on Jersey

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Information and public services for the Island of Jersey

L'înformâtion et les sèrvices publyis pouor I'Île dé Jèrri

Choose the service you want to log in to:

Update your notification preferences

Access government services

Clear goods through customs or claim relief

View or update your States of Jersey job application

Visa and passport requirements for those coming to Jersey

​information for ukrainian nationals who wish to come to jersey.

The Jersey Customs and Immigration Service has aligned with the developing UK Immigration Policy as a direct result of the war in Ukraine. Further changes may be made. The service is working with the UK to ensure any visa applications are expedited quickly. There are two routes currently available.

Ukraine Family Visa Scheme: This allows applicants to join Jersey based family members.

To apply to the Ukraine family visa scheme you must:

  • be applying to join your Jersey based family member
  • be Ukrainian or the family member of a Ukrainian who is applying to join a Jersey based immediate family member
  • have been living in Ukraine on or immediately before 1 January 2022

Your Jersey based sponsor must be one of the following:

  • a British National
  • settled  in Jersey, for example they have indefinite leave to remain
  • a Ukrainian national on temporary work permit employment on 24 February 2022
  • a person with limited leave as a refugee or who has been granted humanitarian protection
  • an EEA national with pre settled status

For more detailed information on eligibility and how to make an application refer to  Apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa

Ukraine Extension Scheme: You can apply if you are Ukrainian or the family member of someone Ukrainian. You can apply if you had permission to enter or stay in Jersey on 18 March 2022 and you are currently in Jersey. For further detail on eligibility and how to apply email [email protected]

Jersey do not operate a Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine).

For further advice please contact the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service [email protected]

British and Irish nationals, settled or pre-settled status

You do not require a visa to enter, visit, work, study or settle in Jersey i f you're:

  • hold settled status
  • hold pr e-settled status

Settled and pre-settled status

Arrived before 31 december 2020.

If you're an EEA or Swiss citizen and you want to remain in Jersey after 31 December 2020 you must receive immigration permission by applying to the Jersey EU Settlement Scheme . You'll be eligible if you arrived before 31 December 2020, applications received after 30 June 2021 will be considered against reasonable grounds.

Once you've been granted settled or pre-settled status you won't need any other form of immigration permission to live and work in Jersey or anywhere else in the Common Travel Area (CTA). The CTA is made up of the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. It also means that your employer does not require a Work Permit to employ you in Jersey.

Settled or pre-settled status granted in Jersey is recognised in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey. Carrying evidence of settled or pre-settled status may assist you when entering the CTA as you will be able to continue to use your national Identity card or passport until 31 December 2025.

Those with pre-settled status only have limited permission to remain in Jersey and must apply for settled status before their pre-settled permission runs out and after they have been resident in Jersey for 5 continuous years.

If you need a UK National Insurance number, you will need to apply on gov.uk and book a face to face appointment where you can present your Jersey settled or pre-settled status certificate.

Apply for a National Insurance number on GOV.UK

If you're an EEA or Swiss national and haven't got settled or pre-settled status you'll need a passport to enter Jersey if arriving from outside the CTA or Ireland.

Arrived after 31 December 2020

visit jersey uk

If you do not hold pre-settled or settled status and come to Jersey for the first time from outside the CTA after 31 December 2020 you'll need to be granted immigration permission either as a visitor at the border or you'll need a visa to work, study or settle in Jersey.

Non-British and non-Irish nationals and those without EU settled or pre-settled status

Certain nationalities require visas regardless of the purpose of their stay in Jersey. All nationalities require a visa if they wish to work, study or settle in Jersey. The Jersey visa requirements are aligned to the UK visa requirements. Find out if you need a  UK visa on the GOV Uk website . Schengen visas are not valid in Jersey.

EEA and Swiss nationals are among a number of nationals who don't require a visa to visit Jersey for up to 6 months.

If you need a visa to enter Jersey, you need to be granted the visa before you travel, find out if you need a visa on Gov.uk website .

Make sure you have the correct documents

You may be refused entry into jersey if you don't have the required documents or required prior permission.

Visitors are able to come to Jersey for up to 6 months. In general visitors are unable to work, study, settle or switch into any other immigration category.

If you don't need a visa to visit Jersey you'll be granted your immigration permission on arrival into the CTA.

In general immigration permission in the form of a visa will be required to work in Jersey. Some nationals can come to Jersey to work for less than 6 months without a visa. Employers of all non-British or non-Irish nationals who come and work in Jersey will need a Work Permit and there are 2 main routes:

  • skilled workers
  • temporary workers

Immigration permission in the form of a visa will be required for those who wish to come and study for a period greater than 6 months. Those who don't need a visa to visit Jersey, which includes EEA or Swiss nationals, will not require a visa for study up to a period of 6 months.

Those who wish to come and study will need to be able to maintain themselves and pay for any tuition they receive and meet the requirements of the Jersey Immigration Rules.

Family members coming to settle

Immigration permission in the form of a visa will be needed for any family member who is not British or Irish or does not hold pre-settled or settled status and wishes to come and settle with those who are already settled in Jersey.

Immigration arrangements for EU citizens moving to the UK after Brexit

Moving to the UK after Brexit: EU citizens and their families

Common travel area document requirements

Jersey is part of the Common Travel Area, along with the other Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Republic of Ireland and the UK and therefore maintains the same standard of immigration control as the UK.

There are no routine border immigration controls when travelling within the CTA.

Arrivals from UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey

On arrival in Jersey from the UK, Isle of Man or Guernsey you don't need to carry a passport. However, you're required to carry some form of recognised photographic identification as Jersey Customs and Immigration Officers may need to confirm your identity and nationality and evidence of your immigration permission.

The Jersey Customs and Immigration Service will accept whichever form of photographic identification that is accepted by your airline or ferry company for security purposes.

Arrivals from Ireland

If you're not British or Irish and arriving in Jersey directly from Ireland, you must carry your passport with you as Jersey Customs and Immigration Officers may need to confirm your identity and nationality and evidence of your immigration permission. There are the same exemptions from this passport requirement as listed below for those arriving from outside the CTA.

If you're British or Irish and arriving in Jersey directly from Ireland, you are required to carry some form of recognised photographic identification as Jersey Customs and Immigration Officers may need to confirm your identity and nationality.

Arrivals from outside the Common Travel Area

Everyone arriving in Jersey from outside the CTA will require a valid passport. There are exemptions to the passport requirement for EEA and Swiss nationals who are carrying a valid national identity card, if they: 

  • have settled or pre-settled status 
  • have made a valid application to the EU Settlement Scheme but have not yet received a decision
  • are an EEA or Swiss national under the age of 19 and part of an organised school group
  • have an EU Settlement Scheme family permit
  • have a Frontier Worker permit
  • are an S2 Healthcare Visitor
  • are a Swiss Service Provider
  • have a French national identity card (within the validity dates printed on the card) travelling to Jersey on a day return trip using ferry operators Condor or Man​che Isles Express until 30 September 2024​
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Channel Islands: Storm Isha brings 60mph wind warning

  • Published 6 days ago

Guernsey harbour

An orange weather warning for strong winds is in place in the Jersey and Guernsey shipping area as Storm Isha heads towards the Channel Islands.

The second highest alert level from Jersey Met Office came as wind speeds were forecast to hit 60mph (97km/h) overnight on Sunday.

It could also bring heavy rain, the Jersey Government said.

Condor Ferries said passengers faced "likely disruption" and possible cancellations.


Impacting its Portsmouth to Channel Island services, the operator said this was due to "inclement weather conditions with high seas and high wind speed limits".

It added: "We are monitoring the situation closely and will notify passengers if there are any changes to schedules."

The ninth storm to hit the UK since September, Storm Isha has prompted amber weather warnings for wind in much of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The UK Met Office said that, although wind speeds in Jersey and Guernsey were due to reach 60mph, the storm was not expected to hit as hard across the Channel Islands as in the UK.

The orange weather warning was put in place on Sunday morning.


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