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How to use your apple watch's hidden web browser (and why you shouldn't).

While you can use your Apple Watch to browse the web, should you do it?

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Three ways to access the apple watch browser, why you should avoid browsing from your wrist, third-party watchos browser apps do exist, leave the browsing to your other devices.

The Apple Watch might not feature Safari in its list of apps, but the browser is indeed there, just waiting to render web pages. While browsing your favorite websites from your wrist may seem convenient, some hurdles still exist.

To access the Apple Watch browser, you'll need to tap a link. There are three surefire ways of getting a link using stock apps within watchOS. There may be more if you use third-party apps, which you can install using the Watch app on your iPhone or on the Watch directly .

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1. Use Siri

The easiest way of launching the browser is to ask Siri to do it. To do this, press and hold the Digital Crown button to trigger Siri, then say "search for" or whichever website you'd like to launch.

You may also be able to use "Hey, Siri" or simply raise your wrist to speak if you have these options enabled in your Apple Watch settings.

From here, Siri will perform a web search and offer you a list of websites. Tap "Open Page" to open a website in a browser overlay.

Search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing allow you to undertake more in-depth browsing sessions, but often, searching for what you need directly is the easiest way to get where you want to go.

2. Use Messages

While Siri is the most convenient method of launching the watchOS browser, you can also use Messages. All you need is a link to tap in a Messages conversation. If someone sends you a link, you can tap on it to launch the browser and take a look.

To access a web page of your choice using this method, you'll need to send yourself the link. This isn't so bad if you have an Apple Watch Series 7 or later with a full wrist keyboard . Third-party messaging apps may also support this feature.

Apple Watch Series 7 Smart Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 features a full wrist keyboard which improves the Safari browsing experience.

3. Use Mail

Finally, you can also tap on links within email messages. Just like the Messages method, this requires the presence of a link in an incoming email.

You can type (or dictate) and send a link via email. Once received, you can then tap the link to open the web page.

We found launching the browser via the Apple Watch imprecise and a bit inconvenient. And there are a few reasons why.

The Browser Is Impractical

To start, we experienced issues with rendering on our Series 4 Apple Watch. As you can see in the screenshot below of the How-To Geek homepage, the images haven't appeared, and the alignment of some elements is off.

While performing web searches using Siri is the best method to use, it still requires patience and some thoughtful search cues. For example, telling Siri to "search for" opens an App Store link rather than Wikipedia.

Since Siri includes information from Wikipedia, saying "search for iPhone Wikipedia" doesn't provide you with a link but a summary of the topic.

You must remember to say "search the web" for these queries, and even then you need to hope that Bing (which Siri uses) gets the right results.

The other methods have even less utility since you must use precise web addresses. If you're using an Apple Watch without a keyboard, you'll have to use Apple's "scribble" text input method, which frequently confuses the letter "o" with the numeral "0." This can cause many ".com" links to fail.

The Mail and Messages methods can be made a little more practical by sending messages to yourself, but it's still not the most pleasant way of browsing the web. Dictating a web address is fine, but if you're using your voice, you're better off using Siri.

Performing more precise queries requires using a search engine as a jumping-off point, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing.

Sometimes pages will open in Reader view by default, which makes for a more useful reading experience at the cost of web page functionality. If this happens, tap the address bar to change to "Web View" instead.

Using a Browser on Your Wrist Is Uncomfortable

Using a browser on your wrist isn't the most comfortable option. No watch was designed to be used for an extended length of time. You may experience physical discomfort from holding your wrist in an extended position. While short browsing sessions are doable, longer sessions may not be possible.

If you're serious about browsing the web on your Apple Watch, a third-party browser might be worth it to overcome some of the hurdles we discussed above.

Of the free Apple Watch browsers we tried,  Parrity  is the only option we would recommend. The browser renders a page separately, then sends a snapshot to your Apple Watch, so you don't have as many issues with rendering as you do using the above methods.

The app functions as you'd expect, allowing you to perform searches and enter web addresses just like in Safari.

The interface even makes a few accommodations, like providing shortcuts for common web address prefixes and suffixes like "www." and ".com" to make things a little easier.

It's still a bit tedious to use on an Apple Watch model before the Series 7 because of the lack of a physical keyboard.

The "scribble" input method doesn't work great for precise web addresses, and dictating URLs aloud isn't going to suit everyone's tastes.

There are other paid Apple Watch browsers to choose from, including µBrowser  and Squint Browser , but we wouldn't recommend spending your money on these tools.

Your other devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, are much better suited for browsing. Yet, there are still plenty of reasons to use an Apple Watch, whether you're into outdoor pursuits like hiking , looking for motivation on your fitness journey , or want potentially life-saving features like heart health notifications or fall detection .

How to Get Safari Like Web Browser on Apple Watch

safari auf apple watch ultra

Want to browse the internet on your Apple Watch but can’t find Safari in the list of apps? You aren’t alone. Apple Watch doesn’t include a Safari web browser that you can use freely. So what’s the solution? All you need to do is get a third-party Safari-like web browser app on your Apple Watch. Useful when you don’t have an iPhone on you like when you are on a run, in the gym, or in the pool.

You need to take the help of an app known as Parrity . It’s a web browser that can be used on iPhone and Apple Watch both. First, install the Parrity app on your iPhone from the App Store.

Once installed, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Scroll down to the apps section and tap on the Install button next to the Parrity app. The app will be installed on your Apple Watch.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Now, open the Parrity web browser on your Apple Watch (it should be in the list of apps) and you are ready to explore the world of the internet on your Apple Watch. Tap on the Globe icon in the app to open the address bar. Then, tap on the address bar.

safari auf apple watch ultra

You will get options to enter the website URLs. You can enter it using voice typing or handwriting mode. The third option is to use your iPhone to type the text. Hit the Go button. Once a webpage opens, use the Digital Crown or swipe up and down to navigate around the webpage.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Of course, since the screen space is quite small, the experience isn’t as great as one would have on an iPhone or a laptop. Nevertheless, the app works great and can come in handy when you want to browse something on your Apple Watch.

Tip: Check out the best Apple Watch games .

You can also use the following workarounds to browse the internet on your Apple Watch:

  • Send the link you want to open on your Apple Watch via the Messages or the Mail app to make it available on your Apple Watch. Then, click on the link and it should open in the hidden browser on your Apple Watch. Don’t get excited because you cannot manually enter links in the hidden browser of your Apple Watch.
  • Use Siri to open popular sites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. Activate Siri and then say the website name. Once the web results show up, scroll down and tap on Open web page.

Before you go, know how to put multiple pictures on Apple Watch .

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Mehvish Mushtaq is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she's always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She's been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps. You can also find her work on Make Tech Easier , Guiding Tech , and Nerds Chalk

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How to Use the Secret Safari Browser Hidden on Your Apple Watch

Did you know your Apple Watch is hiding a built-in web browser? Here’s how to find and use it.

When you press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch, you won’t find the Safari app in the app bubble or list of watchOS apps. This might make you think there’s no way to browse the web on your Apple Watch. But that isn’t the case.

Using the guide below, you can open web pages on your Apple Watch in a secret Safari browser that is actually built into watchOS.

How to Browse the Web With Safari on an Apple Watch

Even though there is no visible browser on Apple Watch, if you receive a link in Messages or Mail, you can tap to open it and use a watchOS version of Safari to browse the web.

Here’s how to open any specific web page on your Apple Watch:

  • Use your iPhone or Apple Watch to send the desired URL to yourself or someone close via Messages or Mail.
  • Open the Messages or Mail app on your Apple Watch.
  • Inside the Messages or Mail app, go to the conversation or email you just sent.
  • Tap the URL . It’ll open in the secret Safari browser.

Tip: To send the URL to yourself, open the iPhone Messages app, tap the compose button, and in the recipient section, type the phone number or email associated with iMessage. Type or paste the desired URL and hit send .

You can also type the URL directly in a message conversation with the full QWERTY keyboard on the Apple Watch Series 7 . On other models, use dictation and say something like ""

Please note that, if you use the scribble feature to enter the website address, it often registers "o" of the word "com" as "0" (zero). So, use the watch keyboard, dictation, or your iPhone to send the URL.

Important Points About Browsing the Web on an Apple Watch

The browsing experience on Apple Watch isn’t as feature-rich as on an iPhone, and you must keep these points in mind to make the most of it:

  • Scroll: Use one finger or rotate the Digital Crown to scroll up or down on the web page. Similar to iPhone, on Apple Watch, tapping at the top of the screen usually takes you to the top of the current page, but doing the same with a web page open does nothing.
  • Open new pages: You can tap the interlinks on a web page to keep visiting new links.
  • Use the on-page search box: If a web page (like Wikipedia) has a search box, you can tap it and enter the search query using the Apple Watch keyboard, scribble, or dictation.
  • Enter a new address manually: You can’t tap the URL address bar to enter a new address, you need to use links on the page itself.
  • Navigate between web pages: To go back or forward, swipe right or left from the edge of the Apple Watch screen.
  • Zoom in on a web page: You can’t use two fingers to pinch and zoom into the web page. But you can double-tap to zoom in and out. Once the web page is zoomed in, drag it around with one finger.
  • Reload the page: Tap the address bar at the top and tap Reload Page . This screen also shows the option to go to the Previous Page .
  • Change view: Tap the address bar at the top and choose from Reader view or Web View . Not every website offers these options.
  • Multitask: You can click the Digital Crown to use other apps. The web page will stay open unless you close the Apple Watch Messages or Mail app.
  • Stop web browsing: To exit web browsing on Apple Watch, tap Close from the top left of the screen.
  • Images: The hidden web browser on your Apple Watch may not display some images or take a lot of time to load them. Plus, tapping an image may not open it in full view.
  • Fonts: Similarly, many custom fonts may not be rendered and displayed on the watchOS Safari. It will fall back to using standard fonts. As a result, a familiar website may look different on Apple Watch than on iPhone or Mac.

How to Clear the Browsing History on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch needs a companion iPhone to sync things like watch screenshots or voice memos you record. But your Apple Watch browsing history doesn’t sync and merge with the Safari history of your paired iPhone.

Here’s how to delete Apple Watch cookies, credentials, and other browsing data from the Apple Watch itself:

  • Open the Settings app on Apple Watch.
  • Tap General .
  • Scroll down and tap Website Data .
  • Tap Clear Website Data and confirm by tapping Clear Data .

Why Doesn’t the Apple Watch Have a Normal Web Browser?

Apple doesn’t show the Safari icon on the Apple Watch. The main reasons for this are the tiny screen and its battery.

Compared to even the smallest popular smartphone, the biggest Apple Watch Series 7 has a tiny screen. Due to this, it isn’t very comfortable to type a URL and view web pages on it. Plus, due to other watchOS limitations, filling forms, uploading files, and other online interactions aren’t possible from a watchOS browser.

The Apple Watch also has a small battery that struggles to last a full day under the heavy use of existing apps and features. If a regular web browser was added, rendering feature-rich websites would drain the battery more quickly. And if watchOS tries to cut down the rich, battery-draining contents of a web page, it will offer a poor experience to users.

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Third-Party Apple Watch Browsers

Major developers don’t have much interest or incentive in creating a browser for the tiny watch screen. That being said, if you truly need a web browser on your Apple Watch, you can check out µBrowser for $0.99. If you don’t wish to pay, Parrity is a free Apple Watch web browser you can give a shot.

Will Apple Add a Full Safari Browser to Future Versions of watchOS?

It’s hard to say. Apple doesn’t even let you listen to music on the watch’s internal speakers. You must connect it to AirPods or other Bluetooth earphones to play music added to the Apple Watch. All this is to extend the battery life and get you through the day. So, the chances of adding a full web browser where people can access sites like YouTube seems highly improbable.

But if battery technology reaches a point where it packs a lot of juice in a tiny form factor, we might get Safari on Apple Watch.

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Web Browsing on Apple Watch

Now you know the trick to visit a website on your Apple Watch. This isn’t useful for a lot of use cases, but suppose you’re leaving for a place where you can’t use your iPhone. In this situation, you can send the link to yourself on iMessage or email and then open it on your Apple Watch when needed.

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  • Wearable Explained

6 Best Web Browsers for Apple Watch in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Himanshu Kansal

  • January 21, 2022 January 22, 2022

Apple Watch is a benchmark for the smartwatch market. With Watch OS, it brings all health and productivity features that one would need to the table. While the Apple Watch does not get a built-in Safari, it supports third-party apps, meaning you can install web browsers on it with ease. In this article, let’s look at some of the best web browsers you can install on your Apple Watch, including both free and paid options.

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Table of Contents

Free Web Browsers for Apple Watch

A web browser will add to your overall experience with the Apple Watch. Here are some of the top free web browser apps you can install on Watch OS.

Parrity Web Browser for Apple Watch

Parrity is a fully operable web browser that you can use directly on your Apple Watch or operate it from your iPhone. It has a minified web UI with easy-to-use control buttons. You can visit sites using Siri or Scribble with a convenient URL positioning UI and you can also share sites from Safari using the share panel.

The browser supports dozens of popular search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb, etc. It uses caching that allows faster reloading of pages. Along with that, it also supports basic history management that keeps a record of visited pages which you can clear anytime.

You can pre-load web pages on your iPhone and send them to the watch for better convenience. This feature can be helpful in urgent events like signing in. Lastly, it also has a watch face widget for quick access to the browser.

Key Features:

  • Site sharing with iPhone
  • Minified Web UI for Smartwatches
  • Supports Multiple Search Engines
  • Basic History Management
  • Pre-load Web Pages
  • Watch Face Widget for Quick Access
  • Siri and Scribble Voice Support

Check on App Store: Parrity Web Browser

Webabit  Web Browser for Apple Watch

Webabit is a simple and limited web browser for Apple Watch. It does not have many features and only allows basic browsing. There’s no search engine support here but it can load specific websites that you can sync through Safari on your iPhone.

You can bookmark any site on the Safari browser which you can access on the watch later through Webabit. It’s an ideal option if you’re looking for a lightweight browser that suits your basic page-viewing requirements on Apple Watch.

  • Simple-to-use Interface
  • Access any Website on the go
  • Access Links from Safari
  • Easy linking with Phone
  • Bookmark websites for Quick Access

Check on App Store: Webabit Simple Browser

Paid Web Browsers for Apple Watch

1. µbrowser.

uBrowser  Web Browser for Apple Watch

µBrowser is a mini web browser for the Apple Watch made for urgent browsing. It does not support many search engines but you can use it for basic browsing when you don’t have any other device around you.

You can open any URL by typing and can also search anything on the web with DuckDuckGo engine. It allows you to visit your previously visited pages and you can also add pages from history to favorites for easy access.

The µBrowser also supports complications to quickly access the browser from the watch face. There’s also a µBrowser browser companion app available for iPhone through which you can manage bookmarks.

  • Quick Access Mini Browser
  • Web search with DuckDuckGo
  • Better Keyboard Optimization for Series 7
  • Add Favorites from History
  • Quick access from Watch Face
  • Companion app to Manage Bookmarks

Check on App Store: µBrowser Mini Browser

2. iBrowserWeb

iBrowserWeb  Web Browser for Apple Watch

iBrowserWeb is a premium web browser for Apple Watch that comes with a premium price tag. It comes equipped with a fully functional keyboard that lets you search anything on the web through this browser instantly.

You can search anything like websites or about any general knowledge question with its search engine. The browser can open new tabs and save your favorite websites and links to access them easily in future without searching for it again.

While it offers several features, the UI may feel childish to some people. And given the price tag of around $20, we would suggest you first try the other free and paid options available in the article.

  • Fully Functional Keyboard
  • Search Anything on the Watch
  • Create New Tabs
  • Watch Latest News
  • Save Links and Favorite Websites
  • Support Tickets Available

Check on App Store: iBrowseWeb – Browser & Search Engine for Apple Watch

3. Squint Browser

Squint  Web Browser for Apple Watch

Squint browser is a complete web browser that instantly discovers your searched content on any website in any language. It works with popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

This browser can be set on the watch face for quick access and can also work with Siri. You can add or edit keywords and favorites on your iPhone and sync them to your watch.

You can access three different sections in the browser by swiping left and right, keywords, favorites and results. The browser also supports voice commands, allowing you to do tasks like reading articles, pause and resume reading, etc, handsfree.

For less than $2, it’s a quite feature-rich browser that you can install on your Apple Watch.

  • Fully-functional Web Browser
  • Supports Popular Search Engines
  • Works with Voice Assistant
  • Easy Access to Different Sections
  • Seamless Integration with iPhone
  • Voice Commands for Quick Tasks

Check on App Store: Squint Browser

Hidden Web Browser on Apple Watch

Apart from downloading third-party web browsers from App Store on the Apple Watch, you can also use the hidden web browser onboard. There are two ways you can use it, given below.

1. Open Links Using Messages (Webkit Integration)

The Apple Watch comes with built-in messaging and calling support. You can use web browse search on the watch by sending a link on messages to the Apple Watch. To do so:

Hidden Web Browser in Apple Watch

Step 1: Send the link you want to open on your watch via messages or email.

Step 2: Click the link on your watch.

Step 3: It will open the link in the browser inside the messages app.

It offers a similar webpage experience to an iPhone with a mini screen.

Note: Webkit Integration is limited to the Apple Watch Series 3. Websites will not load on Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

2. Open Webpage Using Siri on Apple Watch

The other way is to use Siri voice assistant, elaborated below:

Hidden Web Browser on Apple Watch

Step 1: Toggle Siri and say “Hey Siri, search web”.

Step 2: It will show you some web pages options like Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and more.

Step 3: Choose the website you want to browse.

Using this method, you can browse websites on your Apple Watch without any tweaks or apps. To search for general queries, select Google, and then input your query.

Browsing Web on Apple Watch

These were some of the best web browsers for the Apple Watch including free and paid apps. Besides, we’ve also mentioned how you can use the hidden web browser to browse the internet on your Apple Watch without any third-party app or tweak. Stay tuned for more such tips, tricks, and apps around wearables you use.


Himanshu Kansal

Himanshu roams around the Internet to find the latest happenings in Tech Industry to stay updated about everything Tech. Apart from being a Tech Writer, he also makes content on YouTube and is passionate about Smartphones and Gadgets.

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Screen Rant

How to use apple watch's hidden web browser: surf the web from your wrist.

Apple Watch has access to a web browser, but the company doesn't tell you how to find it or the three ways to start surfing from your wrist.

A lesser-known Apple Watch feature allows surfing the web and even using search engines. Despite being so small, Apple's wearable is powerful enough to include a web browser — though with no dedicated app, it’s only accessible indirectly. While reading on such a tiny screen isn't really ideal, it can be quite handy when wearing an Apple Watch with cellular capability and if your iPhone isn't as easily accessible.

There are at least three easy ways to open the hidden Apple Watch browser : using Siri, from Messages, and from Mail. The trick is to get a link to appear on the screen. After a Siri search, a list of web results will be shown, and tapping any of the links from the list will open the browser. In some cases, the browser defaults to Reader mode. If this happens, touching the website address at the top and then ' Web View ' will show the page more like it appears on the iPhone. Back, Forward, and Reload buttons are also revealed by tapping the address bar.

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More Ways To Open Apple Watch's Browser

In addition to using Siri, Apple Watch's hidden web browser can also be opened through Messages and Mail. Tapping a link from an email or from a message opens the page in the Apple Watch browser. From there, users can read the contents of the link as they would normally (albeit on a very small screen).

As a workaround for deeper searches, a batch of links can also be sent to serve as starting pages, such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, or other search engines. Google's search engine doesn't work, though, as the button that launches the search is replaced with an ' X ' to clear the text if desired. And, unfortunately, there is no way to proceed after entering keywords. It's also possible to directly type a link on the watch using Messages and, after sending, users can tap on that link to open it on the Apple Watch.

Is There A Safari-Like App For Apple Watch?

To date, Apple has not released an official Safari app for the Apple Watch, nor are there dedicated apps for other major browsers such as Chrome. It’s easy to understand why — browsing on the tiny device, while it might be convenient in a pinch, would come with serious limitations to the experience. It's also worth noting the Apple Watch did not have a built-in full QWERTY keyboard until the Series 7 release, which would make typing a search query difficult. A Safari app would likely fall far short of Apple’s high standards, and the company isn’t one for releasing half-baked products.

There are a few third-party browser apps, but the selection is limited and some are not that well rated. Parrity appears to be the most popular third-party browser for the Apple Watch, but even it has a fair share of issues. At the time of publication, Parrity has a 3.8-star rating and hasn't been updated in a long time. While the built-in browser can be tricky to access, it will likely be the most reliable solution and can take advantage of features that third-party developers might not be able to.

You Can Also Watch YouTube On An Apple Watch

While the web browser on the Apple Watch is limited in its functionality, the good news is that Apple Watch users can now watch YouTube right on their wrist . There's still no official YouTube app available, but a third-party app called WatchTube enables users to watch YouTube videos. The handy little app is actually quite feature-packed. It not only lets users search for YouTube videos, but also enables liking and subscribing. In addition, it displays recommendations and includes a library, complete with watch history, likes, and channel subscriptions.

The app even supports closed captions, although they're likely to be too small to be readable on the Apple Watch's tiny display. On the App Store listing page , the developer notes that it's also added support for opening WatchTube from other applications. This means that if an Apple Watch user were to tap on a YouTube link in an app like Messages , the video might open and play in the WatchTube app.

Source: Apple , Parrity/App Store , WatchTube/App Store

Best app for navigation

Best app for hiking, best app for swimming, best app for heart rate training, best app for skiing, best apple watch ultra apps: supercharge your outdoor watch with these picks.

Best apps for Ultra

Table of contents

  • 1. Best app for navigation
  • 2. Best app for hiking
  • 3. Best app for swimming
  • 4. Best app for heart rate training
  • 5. Best app for skiing

The Apple Watch Ultra is now an established smartwatch for outdoor lovers - but, even after the more recent release of the Ultra 2, some key features are still missing.

There’s still plenty to suggest Apple's top-tier watch will become a more accomplished adventure companion over time, with the company even opening up its APIs to developers of workout apps in watchOS 10 , but third-party apps will have to fill in the gaps in the meantime.

Luckily, the Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 don't have problems in this department; the thriving App Store and an army of developers help plug the gaps in current native functionality. 

And to save you from hunting yourself, we've picked out five Apple Watch Ultra apps that can better equip the smartwatch for your land, water, or snow-based adventures - with some also playing nice with the Ultra's Action button.

  • Apple Watch Ultra vs. Ultra 2
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2 review


Free (with in-app purchases) |   Download Footpath app

Works with Action button : Yes

If you’re finding the Ultra’s mapping and navigation skills lacking, the route-planning app Footpath is well worth downloading instead.

There’s a free version of the app, but you’ll need to pay for the Elite subscription ($4 a month or $24 a year) to make the most of its Apple Watch support, which does extend to integrating support for the Ultra’s Action button.

You can send routes to the Watch and follow them offline using well-designed audio-based turn-by-turn navigation.

You’ll also be able to glance down at full topographic maps, that enable you to swipe and pan across maps and twist the Watch crown to zoom in and out.

Footpath supports the ability to use its navigation alongside Apple’s Workout app, and you can listen to music and podcasts while still getting the benefit of turn-by-turn navigation support. 

As mentioned, Footpath will let you use the Action button to toggle the map or speak the next turn instruction when you don’t want to swipe on that display to do that instead.

It’s about as fully fledged as an Apple Watch app you can get for navigation and it’s even built nicely to specifically play nice with the Ultra.



$6.99/£6.99 | Download the WorkOutDoors app

The Apple Watch Ultra has all the ingredients to be a decent smartwatch for single-day hikes – but there are plenty of missing features. 

Enter WorkOutDoors, which plugs plenty of the gaps left by Apple.

It's heavy on hiking-specific metrics and also offers rich, vector-style topographic maps to give you a sense of the terrain you’re tackling with maps automatically rotating when you change direction. 

For our money, the best feature is the ability to upload GPX routes and follow them from the Watch itself.

You can easily export and load up workouts and routes and there’s breadcrumb-style navigation support to help you get around the nicely designed maps on-screen. 

It does work as a standalone app and you can store routes for offline use and you can keep those data screens as busy or as data-light as you want them to be.

Since the arrival of the Ultra, WorkOutDoors has also added support for Apple’s Action button so you can hit that big button to end the workout, pause or resume a workout, toggle full or faded map views, and a whole lot more. Swim tracker


Free |   Download app

Works with Action button : No

We’ve spoken plenty in the past about our thoughts on Apple’s swim tracking skills, as it offers some of the most reliable support for tracking that time in the water.

Apple’s native Workout app you can use to track swims is good. However, if you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive, we think that the clunkily named ' Swim Tracker' is the standout third-party option.

There's no shortage of data and swim-based metrics, and the app can help locate places to take a dip.

It can recognize stroke type, count the number of strokes, and let you see that data on and off the Watch.

What's more, Swim Tracker offers drill and pace modes for more focused training time. 

The other side of the app is the workout support, giving you a sizeable library of workouts you can follow to add some variety to your swimming time.

For the more competitive swimmers, you can see how you’re shaping up on leaderboards, and track weekly swimming goals.

The developers have been making improvements to improve support specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra – and while this app has been around for some time, few beat it for detail, training, and motivation.


Free (or $4.99/£4.99 one-off payment for Premium) | Download Zones app

Apple has added features in recent watchOS updates to make its smartwatches better for monitoring effort levels or displaying heart rate zones, but, for some, it still may not be enough.

If you’re still feeling like Apple’s approach to heart rate during that workout time isn’t quite there, one of the standout apps to use instead is Zones.

This app puts your heart rate front and center, covering running, walking, and cycling, as well as modes for workouts like surfing, snowboarding, and skiing.

Pick your activity and your Watch screen will be filled with your current heart rate - and will vibrate to nudge you to tell you you’ve breached another heart rate zone.

You can only pick from showing off heart rate or exercise intensity on screen, and then it’s over to the companion iPhone app to delve deeper into the HR stats.

You can see a clear breakdown of time spent in heart rate zones, average heart rate, and heart rate ranges, and gain insights into your heart rate recovery.

Once you paid up the one-off purchase for the premium version, you can adjust your 4 or 5 zones, and adjust zone colors and it just makes training by heart rate feel a little more engaging on that big Ultra screen.

Slopes: Ski and Snowboard


Free (with in-app purchases) | Download Slopes app  

The Slopes app is built to track your skiing and snowboarding time, serving up multiple screens of metrics and giving you access to features on your Watch that make it handy to have it on that app drawer.

Along with dishing out real-time stats that include speed, meters covered, and altitude data, it can detect when you’ve stopped to jump on a ski lift. 

It can also let you know if fellow Slope-using friends are nearby and have started tracking their sessions.

Slopes pulls in real-time heart rate data if you care about measuring your effort and that data will have a direct impact on closing your Rings too. If you pay up for the premium version of the app you’ll also be able to delve into additional insights to get a better sense of how you’re performing over time.

It’s also one of the few apps that have embraced Apple’s new Action button, letting you use that big orange physical button to quickly start a workout, which is handy when wearing gloves.

And it makes full use of the Ultra’s onboard multiband GPS to determine your location it will make sure it’s tracking your moves out on the slopes accurately.

How we test

Michael Sawh

By Michael Sawh

Michael Sawh has been covering the wearable tech industry since the very first Fitbit landed back in 2011. Previously the resident wearable tech expert at Trusted Reviews, he also marshaled the features section of

He also regularly contributed to T3 magazine when they needed someone to talk about fitness trackers, running watches, headphones, tablets, and phones.

Michael writes for GQ, Wired, Coach Mag, Metro, MSN, BBC Focus, Stuff, TechRadar and has made several appearances on the BBC Travel Show to talk all things tech. 

Michael is a lover of all things sports and fitness-tech related, clocking up over 15 marathons and has put in serious hours in the pool all in the name of testing every fitness wearable going. Expect to see him with a minimum of two wearables at any given time.

There’s a secret way to browse the web from your Apple Watch

It is possible—barely.

By David Nield | Published Feb 15, 2022 2:00 PM EST

apple watch

Have a look through the apps on your Apple Watch and you won’t find the Safari web browser. This seems like a reasonable choice considering the small size of the screen and the limited input options.

But if you need to get a webpage up on your smartwatch, know that it is possible. There’s a hidden browser app already on the watch, and you’ll also find a couple of third-party options available to install.

A warning, though—You’ll definitely come up against limitations and the experience is nowhere as good as it is on a phone or a laptop.

Using the built-in Apple Watch browser

You can’t launch the web browser built into the Apple Watch from the standard grid or list of apps. Instead, you’ll have to access it by opening up a link from another smartwatch app. You can use the Mail and Messages apps for this, and all you have to do is send yourself an email or message containing the URL that you want to visit.

[Related: Apple Watch Series 7 Review: Living Larger ]

This might seem like a long-winded way of getting online—and it is, really. But just in case you ever need it, you can make things easier by emailing yourself a list with the websites you regularly need access to, for example. 

Another way of getting to a website is by using Siri on your Apple Watch. Say “Siri, go to…” followed by the URL you want to visit. A list of web results will appear—just tap Open Page underneath the link you want to open it. This works well for sites with simple URLs that can be easily spoken out, like or

When it comes to entering text into websites, you can use the usual methods available on your watch, including voice dictation, the scribble handwriting feature, and the on-screen keyboard. It’s not ideal for entering large amounts of text, but it’ll do if you need to search for a few keywords, for example.

Bear in mind that not all websites will load properly (or even at all) on such a tiny screen, and it can be difficult navigating around menus and pop-up dialogs. In some cases, the built-in browser will switch to a simpler view, like the Reader View in Safari on the desktop, so you’ll just get the text and nothing else. Tap on the URL at the top to switch between these views.

You can also navigate backward and forward by tapping on the address bar. Other gestures you can take advantage of are using the Digital Crown or a finger on the screen to scroll, and double-tapping on the screen to zoom in and out. To clear all the collected browsing data, open Settings and choose General , Website Data , and Clear Website Data .

Using third-party programs

The built-in web browser on the Apple Watch is probably your best bet when it comes to loading up webpages, as Apple has access to parts of the smartwatch’s code that third-party apps can’t get to. Nevertheless, if you want a more fully-fledged experience, you’ve got options.

[Related: How to navigate your Apple Watch with hand gestures using AssistiveTouch ]

First up is the free Parrity app, which actually uses a connected iPhone to load and render pages before transferring the results over to your Apple Watch. You can still interact with pages on your wrist, enter new URLs, and even go back on your browsing history, but your iPhone will always need to be around for anything to happen. 

Then there’s µBrowser , which will set you back $1. This works entirely independently on the watch and does a very decent job of rendering websites, albeit with some issues (support for multiple fonts is rather limited, for example). You can search the web, enter URLs, and go back to pages that you’ve recently visited.

David Nield

David Nield is a freelance contributor at Popular Science, producing how to guides and explainers for the DIY section on everything from improving your smartphone photos to boosting the security of your laptop. He doesn't get much spare time, but when he does he spends it watching obscure movies and taking long walks in the countryside.

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Apple Watch

Μbrowser is a new web browser for apple watch that’s surprisingly great.

Avatar for Parker Ortolani

One Apple app that’s been missing from the Apple Watch is Safari. It shouldn’t be too surprising that Apple has chosen to omit it from such a small device, but now that the displays are significantly larger, it’s time for them to reconsider. A few years ago, Apple added the ability for apps to show web views if a link was tapped. But there’s been little to no movement on expanding that functionality. µBrowser is a new app that attempts to change that.

Developed by Arno Appenzeller, µBrowser is a $0.99 app that expands what’s possible with the Apple Watch. It’s not perfect, but that’s not Arno’s fault – Apple could do far more to make websites appear better on the watch face. Let’s get the weird quirks out of the way first.

Images on some sites don’t load quickly, and sometimes, they don’t load at all. It’s unclear if it’s simply that they’re taking a long time to load, if they’re incompatible formats, or if they just can’t load at all for some other strange reason.

Another quirk of browsing the web on Apple Watch is that custom fonts aren’t going to render on a lot of websites. For example, Daring Fireball looks very different in µBrowser because it’s forced to use standardized web fonts.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Now that the quirks are out of the way, let’s talk about the good things. µBrowser is extremely easy to set up and use. µBrowser lets you search the web or enter a URL directly on the watch, but using the companion iPhone app you can add your favorite bookmarks.

When you tap on a site to try to load it, the app will ask you to confirm. Arno says that it’s a technical requirement from Apple and that despite the prompt, no data is collected.

safari auf apple watch ultra

The app is very fast and sites on Series 7 load immediately. I haven’t tested the app on older watches, but it should work just fine on Series 4-6 watches as well. The smaller displays on the Series 3 watches will probably foil the experience of µBrowser.

The Series 7 display really shows websites nicely, most notably with large headlines on news sites. This app is particularly useful if you frequently check different blogs or publications for news and updates.

safari auf apple watch ultra

µBrowser is available starting today for $0.99 on the App Store for Apple Watch. It requires iOS 15 on the paired iPhone and watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is Apple's wearable is designed to h…

Avatar for Parker Ortolani

Parker Ortolani is a marketing strategist and product designer based in New York. In addition to contributing to 9to5mac, he also oversees product development and marketing for BuzzFeed. A longtime reader, Parker is excited to share his product concepts and thoughts with the 9to5mac audience.

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How to browse the web on an Apple Watch

How to browse the web on an Apple Watch: While Apple does offer a hidden browser, a new mini web browser is bringing the web to your wrist.

Apple doesn’t include its Safari browser on the Apple Watch for obvious reasons. It’s doesn’t believe you can achieve a worthy World Wide Web experience on a 45mm display.

There is a hidden browser of sorts that’s a product of Apple’s own WebKit API, introduced in watchOS 5. That comes into play when you receive a URL link within the Messages and Mail apps. Tap those links and you will see a functional web page where you can tap links and browse through websites, using the Digital Crown to scroll through pages.

Click Link on Apple Watch

This also applies with links that appear within Siri search results. MacRumors also points out a little hack where you can send yourself a link to Google via iMessages, perform the web search there and browse whatever you want.

Download the µBrowser for Apple Watch

While there is no Safari, where there’s a will, there’s the intrepid developer community. The µBrowser is described as a Mini Browser on your Watch and arrived on the App Store last week to great acclaim, with a 4.8 rating out of 5 so far. It only costs $0.99/£0.99 too.

You can download the µBrowser app for Apple Watch here .

It enables you to type in web addresses directly on the display or enter search terms to enjoy a micro browsing experience. The companion iPhone app also enables you to set up bookmarks to your favourite sites to avoid having to type them in.

Apple Watch ubrowser

You will need watchOS 8 installed on your Apple Watch and iOS 15 on your iPhone in order to use this app. It should work nicely on all of phones compatible with the latest update, although the larger displays available in the newer generations will naturally be best.

There are some issues, naturally, with readability on home websites, while 9to5Mac reports that images can take a while to launch, if they launch at all. Users do have to confirm they want to browse to that page after it launches.

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Developer, the app-tly named Arno Appenzeller writes : “I believe that µBrowser can be the perfect emergency browser when you are on the go and don’t have your phone with yourself. It is a start and I hope watchOS will improve so I can add new features to µBrowser. I’m pretty interested in deliver the best possible web experience on iOS.”

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a freelance technology journalist for a host of UK tech publications, including Trusted Reviews. He's based in South Florida, USA.  …

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Apple Watch Ultra review: an aspirational debut

A new player has entered the multisport watch game.

By Victoria Song , a senior reporter focusing on wearables, health tech, and more with 11 years of experience. Before coming to The Verge, she worked for Gizmodo and PC Magazine.

Photography by Amelia Holowaty Krales

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The Apple Watch Ultra is big, a lil’ chunky, and goes hard on features that the average Joe won’t need in their everyday life. And at $799, it’s the most expensive watch in the current Apple Watch lineup (Hermès edition excluded). After a week of testing, I don’t think it’s going to bump Garmin, Polar, or Coros watches for the Ironman, thru-hiker, or deep-sea diving crowds, at least not yet. But it’s legitimately good for weekend warriors and intermediate athletes — and very tempting for folks who aspire to that status and a whole lot of people who just want the biggest, baddest Apple Watch they can get. 

Back before Apple announced the Ultra (and we thought it’d be called the “Apple Watch Pro”), I wrote about the features it would need to succeed : better durability and physical controls, improved battery life, and more recovery metrics. 

First attempts at new form factors are a mixed bag — promising features with a dash of annoying omissions or kinks that’ll get worked out down the line. This is true of the Ultra, but Apple proved it’s at least done its homework by adding the Action button, beefing up durability including multiband GPS, and improving battery life to the point where you don’t have to charge daily. It falls short for Garmin loyalists, but I do think it’s enough to make a few of them curious.

I like big screens and I cannot lie

I don’t normally love big smartwatches. I have petite wrists, and anything over 45mm is generally too uncomfortable for all-day wear, looks ridiculous on my arm, and leads to activity tracking inaccuracies. But I’ve found that some watches “wear small” — the Polar Grit X Pro , Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro , and Suunto 7 all feel smaller than they look. To my surprise, the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra is one of them.

The Series 8 on a woman’s wrist

This is one of those things that’s hard to convey through pictures alone. In photos, the Watch Ultra dwarfs my wrist. In person, it feels smaller than some of the 45mm to 47mm round watches I’ve tested. I was beginning to think I’d been Ultra-pilled, so I bought digital calipers so I could confirm the size for myself. It is, indeed, 49mm tall, 44mm wide, and a little over 14mm thick — over 3mm thicker than the Series 8. The extra thickness isn’t a problem in the summer, but it does get caught on the cuffs of my leather jacket . With the Alpine Loop strap installed, it’s roughly 57mm lug to lug. That is legitimately wider than my wrist, which measures 46mm across. The watch is large, but believe me when I say it somehow doesn’t feel that big in person.

  • Apple Watch Series 8 review: if it ain’t broke, don’t upgrade
  • watchOS 9 preview: all about fitness and personalization

On the one hand, the larger screen is great for readability. I’ve got bad eyesight, and a big screen means I can crank up the font size so it’s easier to read. (Though with a screen this big, nosy friends might be able to read your texts from a decent distance away.) It also makes texting via the wrist so much easier, especially compared to the typo city I’m used to with swipe to type on the 41mm Apple Watch I typically wear. If those are meaningful features for you or if you like the look of an oversized watch, then the Ultra will be right up your alley.

Front view of the Apple Watch Ultra on a petite wrist

For people with extremely petite wrists (under 130mm around), the Ultra just may not be physically possible — and even some folks with larger wrists don’t want a huge, honking watch. 

My issue with big smartwatches has always been comfort. Many are simply too heavy for me, so when I got a demo of the Ultra after Apple’s launch event, I was pleasantly surprised by how light it felt for its size. But after a few months, it’s solidified my theory that a 49mm rectangular watch wears like a 50–51mm round watch. Thanks to its titanium body, it weighs 61.3 grams without the strap, which isn’t too far off from the 61g of the 51mm Fenix 7X . I do notice the weight when I’m running compared to the Series 8, but like the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, it’s not egregious, and the lighter-than-expected weight helps offset the big dimensions.

Close-up of the Apple Watch Ultra

Specced out for performance

The Series 8 is a great watch. It’s fast enough and durable enough for almost everyone. The Ultra says, “Hold my beer.”

Like the Series 8, the Ultra has an S8 chip, new temperature sensors, the new high-g accelerometer, and an improved gyroscope for Crash Detection. The Ultra takes it a step further by adding a water temperature sensor for swimmers and divers and cranks the maximum brightness of the always-on display up to 2,000 nits for better visibility in direct sunlight. It’s got a three-microphone array for better voice call quality in the elements and a second speaker that can sound off an emergency siren and increases the volume of phone calls and Siri responses.

Side view of Apple Watch with Ocean band at the pool

It won’t replace a dive watch for serious divers, but the Ultra has WR100 water resistance and EN13319 certification so you can go scuba diving (down to an Apple-recommended 40 meters) and partake in high-speed water sports. The battery is also 76 percent larger than the 45mm Series 8’s, with an estimated 36 hours of normal usage on a single charge. You can push that to 60 hours with low-power battery settings. Lastly, Apple also added multiband GPS for better accuracy in challenging environments.

Several design tweaks make the Ultra visually distinct from the Series 8 and SE. The digital crown is larger, with deeper grooves that make it easier to turn midworkout and a raised guard to prevent accidental presses. It’s also got an additional physical control in the form of the customizable Action button. Like the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro , the Ultra has a raised lip to protect the screen — though it’s much shallower than the Samsung’s. Unlike every other Apple Watch, the Ultra’s face screen is completely flat, making it less likely to get dinged if you smack it against something. (It also makes the Ultra really look like a mini iPhone on your wrist.)

Close-up of battery screen on Apple Watch Ultra

The first Apple Watch with multiday battery (if two is “multi”)

Apple has always been conservative with battery life estimates for the Watch, sticking with a claimed 18 hours of battery life for the past few years — even if you’re likely to get a bit more in practice. The Ultra’s 36-hour battery estimate is also a bit conservative; if you’re not partaking in a triathlon, you’re likely going to get closer to 48 hours. And that’s without low-power mode enabled.

Here are some real-life examples, all without low-power mode turned on:

  • This past weekend, I charged the Ultra to 100 percent. I then hiked for two hours and 15 minutes, used the compass and GPS extensively, and tracked my sleep that night. I woke up the next morning with 50 percent battery left. 
  • Another day, I went for a 30-minute GPS run and did another 20-minute rowing workout. I also took a short call on the watch and ended the day with 84 percent battery. 
  • Nilay, our editor-in-chief, managed to get 56 hours on a single charge and still had 14 percent left. He was mostly staying at home, so he wasn’t using cellular data or GPS. Still, that should give you an idea of what you’d get if you need a few rest days or aren’t interested in the Ultra’s fitness features.

After about three months of testing, I’ve regularly blown past the 36-hour estimate. And with its fast charging ability, the Ultra is definitely the best Apple Watch for sleep tracking. I never felt like I needed to turn on the low-power mode with my daily training schedule. 

Low-power mode screen on the Apple Watch Ultra

Low-power mode turns off the always-on display and background health sensors and limits Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, pausing most push notifications. Heart rate and GPS remain on. Apple says that using this mode, you should be able to get through a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race, and a full 26.2-mile marathon in one go — an Ironman triathlon. The Ironman takes roughly 14 hours, depending on your individual speed, so that’s around what you can expect. Since releasing the Ultra, Apple added a new claim that the watch can last up to 17 hours during a multisport activity. There’s also a new battery optimization setting that can get the Ultra’s battery up to 60 hours by reducing GPS and heart rate readings.

Not every endurance athlete will need the Ultra’s battery life. I ran a half-marathon with a Series 7 and still had 50 percent battery left, with no battery-saving options enabled. If you run around a five-hour marathon, the regular Series 8 will be just fine. Whether the Ultra can handle an ultramarathon is a more nuanced discussion. First and foremost, not everyone runs at the same speed. If you’re an elite athlete who can run 100 miles in 13 hours, then yes, the Ultra will get you there and you probably won’t need to enable the battery-saving features. If you’re more of a back-of-the-pack runner who runs that same race in 40 hours, you’ll have to futz around with battery settings and even then it depends on your usage during the race. In general, I’d say stick to 6-12 hour ultramarathon races if you don’t want to bother with enabling low-power modes. Then again, every runner is different, and you should feel free to experiment with what works best for you. For everyone else, the Ultra’s longer battery life is more of a neat perk if you want to sleep track.

The Ultra will handle a weekend trip, but it’s not going to outlast a Garmin or Polar if you want to go on a weeklong backpacking trip. Of course, you don’t need to justify wanting better battery life. It’s simply something to factor in when you’re deciding which watch to get.

Close-up of Action button settings screen

Every Apple Watch should have the Action button

The Action button — a large physical button on the opposite side of the digital crown — is a much-needed addition. Physical buttons are simply more reliable when you want to flip through workout views midexercise. They’re also immune to sweaty fingers and gloves. It not only improves accessibility but it’s also programmable. Apple should put it on every Apple Watch, not just the Ultra. 

You’ll be prompted to program the Action button during setup, though you can also do it from the Settings menu. ( Here’s how to do it .) Your options are Workout, Stopwatch, Waypoint, Backtrack, Dive, Flashlight, and Shortcuts. Depending on which one you select, you’ll either open up the associated app or see a list of gestures. For example, if you set it to Workout, you can decide whether a single press will open the Workout app or enable the Precision Start feature. The latter will launch right into the workout of your choice without the traditional 3-2-1 countdown. There are also secondary actions once you’re within an app. Triathletes can also use the Action button to manually switch from one leg of the race to the next, while runners can use it to mark segments. Holding the Action button for five seconds will also trigger the siren.

But one thing I really love is how it gives you a more intuitive way to pause workouts using physical controls. On other Apple Watches, you can pause by pressing the digital crown and side button at the same time. Depending on how you orient the watch, it may not be comfortable (e.g., wearing it on your right wrist with the crown and side button on the right.) Now that the Action button is here, you can just press any two of these three buttons to pause. It’s subtle, but it ensures that you can easily pause regardless of which way you’ve oriented the watch.

Apple should add the Action button to the Series 9, too

While the majority of Action button shortcuts are fitness-related, you can also set it to trigger a Shortcut, which opens up a lot of possibilities. For instance, you could alert attendees at your next meeting that you’re running late — though if you need a dedicated button for that, you might have larger time management issues — or queue up a top 25 playlist. You can also pick the “what’s a shortcut?” action, which gives you a better idea of what the Action button could do. Right now, your choices are limited, and Shortcuts are clunky to program — but if you’ve got the willpower to tinker with this, more power to you.

This is the first iteration of the Action button, and I can see Apple and developers getting creative with it down the line. (Psst, I’d love to see it start timers.) I get why the Action button is getting its debut on the Ultra, but Apple should add it to the Series 9, too.  

Sirens, compasses, and multiband GPS — oh my!

The siren is another Ultra exclusive that’s meant to draw attention if you find yourself injured or lost. For that to work, it has to be pretty dang loud. Apple says it’s 86db and has a range of up to 600 feet, but it might seem quieter or louder in practice. It starts off low before gradually increasing in volume. It also alternates between two sound patterns that mimic distress and SOS signals. It was blisteringly loud indoors, but my experience varied when outdoors. In a hilly park, a colleague mistook it for a bird — though the Canadian geese nearby were wholly unperturbed by the sound. Another time, I was hiking in a fairly open area with my friends off in the distance. According to them, it was “freaking loud.” 

Close up of siren screen

For our review video, my colleagues Becca Farsace and Vjeran Pavic took the Ultra to Yosemite National Park and tested the siren against a $4 whistle. Vjeran blew the whistle every 30 seconds as Becca walked further and further away. We couldn’t hear the siren after about 0.12 miles, which is right in line with Apple’s claims. The $4 whistle, however, had a longer range of a quarter mile.

I only used the siren for a short time because I didn’t want strangers to think I was in real distress. However, if you’ve got a lot of battery left, the siren can last hours — which is great if you’re injured in a remote area. You’ll also see your battery percentage on the screen. I also think it’d be useful in everyday life. It might be a placebo, but I feel safer running in my neighborhood knowing I can draw attention to myself if I need help. I hope to see other companies copy this idea on future smartwatches.

Meanwhile, the new compass features in watchOS 9 upgrade the hiking experience on the Ultra (as well as the Series 6, both SE generations, Series 7, and Series 8). I tested the Waypoints and Backtrack feature on a two-hour hike in the mountains where I barely had any cell signal. Waypoints are virtual markers you can drop at your current location as you see fit. For example, I dropped Waypoints in the area where we parked, the state park visitor center, and several restrooms, and the Compass app showed the distance and direction back to each. This came in clutch when my friends and I couldn’t load Google Maps to save our lives.

Woman modeling Apple Watch Ultra with geese in the background

I mostly didn’t need Backtrack — which helps you retrace your exact route — but I was happy to have it when we briefly got lost. One of the gates we’d passed through closed early, meaning we had to find another path to our destination. The signs on this particular trail were small and not that visible, and for a hot second, we were flustered. In this instance, I was relieved that a combination of Waypoints and our Backtrack path helped us know we were on the right track while figuring out an alternate route. At no point were we in any danger, but it took a load off knowing we didn’t have to rely on a single bar of intermittent LTE to help us out.

Another neat feature: if the Ultra detects you’re no longer in a Wi-Fi-rich area, it’ll automatically start the Backtrack feature in the background in case you need it. It’s similar to how the Apple Watch’s auto-detect workout feature will record walks or runs for 10 minutes before prompting you to start a workout.

Becca and Vjeran had more mixed results with Backtrack than I did. Becca’s results were similar to mine when intentionally starting the backtrack feature. However, Vjeran decided to try out the Ultra’s automatic Backtrack feature... and it didn’t actually record anything despite the fact that they were way off the grid. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, but we don’t think you should rely on it to start automatically. It’s way better to make sure you intentionally start recording at the start of your activity.

Close-up of the Backtrack screen

While we’re on the subject of GPS-powered features, multiband GPS using both L1 and L5 frequencies is a big deal. Consumer GPS devices use the L1 frequency, but a handful of other rugged smartwatches like the Ultra, Coros Vertix 2 , and the Garmin Fenix 7 lineup have also added the L5 frequency. There’s some neat science behind it , but the bottom line is that you’ll get better GPS accuracy in challenging environments like cities or in dense tree cover. One difference with the Ultra is that you don’t have to select multiband GPS in the settings. It just always uses it. Another note: unlike older Apple Watch models, the Ultra won’t piggyback off your phone’s GPS if it’s nearby, so you can always be sure you’re getting multiband GPS.

On some of my running routes, I have to trek up four flights of stairs in order to cross a bridge. This usually leads to some hilarious GPS maps due to all the interference. While I dig these routes, I’m occasionally discouraged from running them because I know it’s going to mess up my overall distance tracking. Multiband GPS on the Ultra didn’t completely fix this, but it’s a lot more accurate, as you can see in my screenshots. 

Screenshot of map showing the Ultra’s mapping of a hard GPS area

With watchOS 9.2, Apple also added automatic track detection. The watch uses Apple Maps data along with GPS to determine when you’re at a running track. Provided it’s a standard 400m IAAF track, you’ll be prompted to pick a lane once you arrive. From there, you can enable lap alerts that summarize your pace, time, and distance each time you finish a loop. It’ll also notify you when you leave the track.

The feature worked pretty well in our testing, and you can read my in-depth experience here . Every time I arrived at Astoria Park Running Track, I was prompted to pick a lane even if I was already in the middle of a run. It wasn’t as good at notifying me when I left, however. As for the maps, you can definitely see if you’re running in lane 1 versus lane 6. Accurate track metrics aren’t revolutionary, but I really appreciated that this feature didn’t require you to calibrate the Ultra to the track as other running watches do. That made it super convenient to just show up at the track, get my metrics, and then leave without having to fiddle with starting and stopping activities.

Not a dive watch, but you can swim with it

As for swimming, I must confess: I am no Katie Ledecky. I’m great at destroying kids in water gun fights, but my swimming for exercise days ended after high school. We’ll eventually get my colleague Thomas Ricker’s take on the Ultra’s ability to handle water sports, but for now, you’ll have to settle for my experiences splish-splashing in my local pool. 

Apple says the Ultra can handle swimming and scuba diving at depths of up to 40 meters, and it includes a new Depth app that can track various diving-related metrics like depth, water temperature, and time underwater. To start it, you need to fully submerge the Ultra. My local pool is pretty shallow at 4 foot 9 inches, which the Ultra was able to confirm. When I resurfaced, I could see it reporting in real time and correctly identified zero feet when I was standing in the shallow end or leaning over the pool edge.

Woman leaning on pool edge wearing Apple Watch Ultra next to a no diving sign.

Since we first wrote this review, Apple and Huish Outdoors have finally released the Oceanic Plus app . The accuracy is the same as with the native depth app, but in addition to the current depth, water temperature, and time, the Oceanic Plus app will include decompression limits and other safety guidance for divers. Basically, it’ll function as a wrist-worn dive computer. 

We don’t have any divers on the Verge staff, so to test how the Ultra and the Oceanic Plus app worked we enlisted professional diver Devin Miller to help us see how the Ultra fared against a Garmin Descent Mk2S. She found that the Ultra was able to cover all the basic functions you’d need from a dive computer and that everything was displayed in an intuitive way. Plus, it’s nice for divers who want one compact dive computer. That said, there were limitations. The battery life wasn’t quite as good as the Mk2S. After a 50-minute dive, the Ultra’s battery went from 92 to 69 percent. It also wasn’t as easy to scroll through the menus during a dive.

Bottom line: the Ultra is a good option for recreational divers, but not if you’re trying to do more technical dives.

watchOS 9 and a wish list for the Ultra 2

The Ultra has the same health and fitness software as the Series 8, and you can read more about temperature tracking, Crash Detection, new running metrics, and workout views in that review . The main thing that watchOS 9 adds for the Ultra is an exclusive Wayfinder watchface. I like it. The face makes it easy to drop Waypoints, and if you scroll the digital crown, everything will turn red for better readability at night. New York City has a lot of light pollution, so I didn’t get to test the night mode in a pitch-black setting. But it looked cool when I turned off the lights and sat in my dark closet. 

But while the Ultra went beyond my expectations in many areas, there are still a few things it needs to improve to really compete. 

Close-up of Wayfinder watchface

For starters, recovery metrics are still almost nonexistent on the Apple Watch platform. While Garmin has Body Battery and Polar lets you view your training load, Apple doesn’t contextualize recovery for you outside of sleep consistency — even though it tracks the relevant metrics like heart rate variability. Rest and recovery are vital to any serious athlete’s training, and that’s reflected in fitness-focused wearables. Whoop 4.0 and the Oura Ring are beloved by professional athletes precisely because they give insight into how much physical strain you can take on. Even Fitbit’s gotten on the readiness train with its Daily Readiness Score . Meanwhile, Apple continues to push you to do more and maintain streaks . There’s no way to hit a pause button if you’re sick or injured.

Apple doesn’t contextualize recovery for you outside of sleep consistency

Another thing is satellite connectivity. While this is something Apple added to the iPhone 14 , it’s absent from the Ultra. That’s likely due to size limitations — there’s a reason satellite phones are gigantic. But if Apple can shrink a satellite radio to fit in a slim iPhone, there’s reason to believe this might eventually make its way to the Ultra. If so, that would be an incredible safety feature for adventurers that would eliminate the need to carry a bulky InReach device or a satellite phone. 

Lastly, the Ultra 2 would benefit from expanded navigation features. Don’t get me wrong — the redesigned Compass app and Backtrack are great. But it’s not the same thing as an offline topographical map or turn-by-turn navigation. Those are popular with trail runners and hikers for a reason. 

A sportier Apple Watch, not a Garmin replacement

While the Apple Watch Ultra is a great first attempt at a rugged smartwatch, it’s a sporty Apple Watch. It’s much better at being a smartwatch than any of the multisport fitness watches, but it won’t replace a multisport fitness watch for serious athletes, at least not yet.

Woman reaching for bottle from the pool while the Apple Watch Ultra sits nearby

Rugged multisport watches will get you more in-depth training metrics and programs. watchOS 9 added heart rate zones and elevation, among other things, but Garmin lets you see your stamina deplete in real time. Fitness watches have much better mapping features, including offline topographical maps and turn-by-turn trail navigation. The Ultra does have Backtrack, but not the rest — though third-party apps may emerge that help close the gap. Battery life on these watches is also measured in weeks and months, not days. As for screen brightness, the Ultra is bright and better in indoor settings — but it’s hard to beat transflective displays when the sun’s beating down on you.

The Ultra, however, runs circles around fitness watches in terms of connectivity and simplicity. Notifications are better, the UI is more intuitive, and if you don’t have your phone, it doesn’t hobble the Ultra’s safety features. If you’re worried about nasty falls or crashes or want a siren for help, the Ultra condenses all of this into a single device. And let’s not forget music streaming. Working out to tunes is easier on the Ultra, and you have many more options thanks to a better third-party app ecosystem. You can also stream over cellular, while other rugged watches rely on offline playlists. When you’re not on the trails, you can also use the Ultra to control your smart home or do anything else you can do on an Apple Watch.

Woman using Apple Watch Ultra in a pool

The Ultra is reasonably priced for this category, and it’s available starting today at Apple’s online and retail stores, as well as third-party retailers. It’s expensive at $799 but not when you’re comparing it to the Garmin Fenix 7 lineup, which starts at $699. The Garmin Epix 2 has an OLED screen, seven-day battery life, and starts at $899. That said, Garmin, Polar, and Coros also have more affordable options in the $400 to $600 range that can play ball with the Ultra on the fitness front. One thing the Ultra has that these don’t? Cellular. You have to pay an extra fee with your carrier to activate it, but every Ultra model has cellular capability. 

Which platform you choose is a matter of priorities. The Ultra is the better bet if you want a watch that’s as excellent indoors in everyday life as it is outdoors. But if you don’t care as much about smart features or battery life is your No. 1 must-have, stick with your Garmin (or Polar or Coros.) If you want every conceivable chart, map, and graph under the sun, the Ultra isn’t going to scratch that itch. 

The Apple Watch Ultra under water

While Apple is going to sell a ton of these to weekend warriors, tech dads, and aspiring non-couch potatoes, I’d argue the Ultra is best for athletes hovering at the cusp between intermediate and advanced levels. The battery life is best for weekend excursions, and the simpler UI and metrics are preferable if you’ve yet to crave overly complex charts. Hardcore athletes or explorers are more likely to want extra features they’re used to that the Ultra doesn’t have. (Yet.)  

All in all, the Ultra is one of the best debuts in a new product category that I’ve seen in a while. A lot of thought was put into the Ultra, and it shows. It’s not enough to make Garmin shake in its boots just yet, but it’s more than enough to pique interest and spark competition. Apple’s officially a viable contender in the rugged watch category — and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Correction, September 22, 9:30AM ET:  A previous version of the article referred to the Oceanic Plus app as Ocean Plus. We regret the error.

Update , September 23, 9:38AM ET: Updated to include availability info, and link to a How-to for programming the Action button.

Update, December 21, 11:00 AM ET : Updated to include results from further testing and the Ultra review video.

Update, March 7, 12:38 PM ET: Updated to include track detection testing results.

Agree to Continue: Apple Watch Ultra

Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible for us to read and analyze every single one of these agreements. But we started counting exactly how many times you have to hit “agree” to use devices when we review them since these are agreements most people don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

You can only use the Apple Watch Ultra with an iPhone. That means you’ll have already agreed to the iPhone’s terms of service and privacy agreements. Using optional services, like Apple Pay, Apple Music, or Fitness Plus, with your Ultra will also come with their own agreements. Using the Health app also comes with its own terms and conditions .

If you choose to enable cellular service, you’ll also have to agree to your carrier’s terms. I activated cellular on T-Mobile and was asked to agree to one mandatory agreement. If you download the Huish Oceanic Plus app, that will require more optional agreements.

If you add any third-party apps or integrations, you must also agree to those individual terms and privacy policies.

Specific to the Apple Watch, you must agree to the following:

  • Terms and Conditions

Some features, like EKG, may also require you to disclose your location data, as it depends on local regulatory clearances.

Final tally: one mandatory agreement plus any mandatory agreements for your iPhone. Several, several optional agreements.

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safari auf apple watch ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

safari auf apple watch ultra

Adventure awaits.

Meet the most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever. With a robust titanium case, precision dual-frequency GPS, up to 36 hours of battery life, 1 the freedom of cellular, 2 and three specialized bands made for athletes and adventurers of all kinds.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Pioneering engineering.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Looks tough. Because it is.

To build the ultimate sports watch, we crafted every element with painstaking attention to detail for unparalleled performance. Titanium strikes the perfect balance between weight, ruggedness, and corrosion resistance. The case rises up to surround the flat sapphire crystal and protect it from edge impacts. The Digital Crown is larger and the side button is raised from the case, making them easier to use while you’re wearing gloves.

  • 49mm titanium case
  • Water resistance 100m *
  • Tested to MIL-STD 810H 3
  • IP6X dust resistance 4

safari auf apple watch ultra

The biggest and brightest Apple Watch display. The Always‑On Retina display is 2000 nits at its peak and twice as bright as any other Apple Watch. The bigger display provides more room for workout metrics and detail‑packed watch faces. The Wayfinder face lets you rotate the Digital Crown to activate Night Mode for better viewing in low light situations.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Ready for Action.

The Action button gives you quick, physical control over a variety of functions. It’s customizable and can do things like control a workout, mark a Compass Waypoint, or begin a dive. Just like you, it’s full of potential.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Everything in its place.

An essential and versatile tool that fits on your wrist, Apple Watch Ultra packs incredible capability into a surprisingly small space.

safari auf apple watch ultra

GPS Antenna

Precision dual-frequency GPS provides accurate location for calculating distance, pace, and route maps.

Action button in International Orange

Customize to mark a Compass Waypoint, start Backtrack, control a workout, begin a dive, and more. Press and hold to activate the Siren.

Dual Speakers

A second speaker improves audio volume for calls.

Emits an 86-decibel sound pattern to attract help. Can be heard up to 600 feet or 180 meters away.

A second speaker improves audio volume for calls

safari auf apple watch ultra

Side Button

Use to access safety features. Press and hold to make an emergency call,⁠ 5 retrieve your Medical ID, or access the Siren. Raised slightly from the case for use while wearing gloves.

Depth Gauge

Provides real-time measurement of underwater depth down to 40 meters, along with water temperature readings.

Three‑Microphone Array

In windy environments, an adaptive algorithm picks the best microphone for audio. Machine learning filters noise for optimal voice clarity.

Digital Crown

A larger diameter and coarser grooves make it easier to use.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Battery life for days.

When you’re on the second day of a backpacking trip, the final leg of a triathlon, or diving along a coral reef, the last thing you want to think about is running out of battery. With longer battery life than ever, you can take on almost anything and have energy to spare. 1

Hike, run, dive. There’s a band for that.

Making the ultimate sports watch for athletes of all kinds required a unique approach. That’s why specialized bands for outdoor adventures, endurance training, and water sports are as meticulously crafted as the watch itself.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Alpine Loop

safari auf apple watch ultra

Push farther. Run wilder.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Whether it’s your first run in a while, a 10K, or an ultramarathon, it takes a special kind of person to seek out challenges that test you physically. Apple Watch Ultra is the training partner to help you push your limits.

Find strength in numbers.

Making progress as an athlete requires accurate data and insights. The Workout app provides metrics and views that give you all the information you need to be and beat your best. The larger display lets you see up to six metrics at once.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Heart Rate Zones.

Quickly see your intensity level. Training zones are automatically calculated and personalized using your health data, or you can create them manually.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Running Form.

Add Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation to your views to understand how efficiently you run.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Running Power

An instantaneous measure of your effort, Running Power helps you stay at a level you can sustain.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Action button. Run like clockwork.

Measure your progress with extreme precision by customizing the Action button to control a workout, mark a segment, or move to your next interval.

safari auf apple watch ultra

GPS that’s truly trailblazing.

GPS performance is critical for athletes who want the most precise metrics, whether they’re training in urban streets or out in the wild. Apple Watch Ultra features a precision dual-frequency GPS system that provides amazing accuracy in the most difficult locations.

safari auf apple watch ultra

The GPS dilemma.

For most people, a traditional GPS solution with just L1 GPS works well most of the time. But it can be tricky when tall buildings, trees, or dense foliage block satellites. The newer L5 GPS enables advanced signal processing, reducing many errors and providing a more consistent signal in environments like dense cities.

Precision dual‑frequency GPS

L1 and L5 GPS for incredible accuracy and precise metrics

safari auf apple watch ultra

Two frequencies. One precise solution.

Apple Watch Ultra integrates both L1 and L5 GPS into an antenna design that provides greater range with incredible power efficiency. It combines data from these two frequencies to provide amazingly accurate distance, pace, and route calculations.

Animation of a line representing a runners route through a 3D Maps view of a cityscape

The most accurate GPS in dense urban environments.

The dual-frequency system combines with Apple Maps to include road, bike, and trail routes that better identify actual locations. Accuracy is boosted by new satellite and signal models. And a custom, advanced algorithm makes optimal use of available satellite signals.

Trail Loop. Comfort for the long run.

Designed to be light, thin, and flexible. It features a fuss-free loop closure for quick adjustments during workouts. Extra stretch built into the webbing makes it easy to cinch for optimal fit.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Above. Beyond. And back again.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Designed to take on extreme environments, elevations, and temperatures, Apple Watch Ultra is an essential exploration tool that can take you everywhere. And help get you home.

The compass reimagined.

An accurate compass is as crucial for navigating the wild as a solid pair of boots. The redesigned Compass app delivers views and functionality that take wrist‑driven orienteering to new heights.

safari auf apple watch ultra

More information with every turn.

Start with a classic compass dial along with a constantly updating digital view of your bearing and direction. Zoom in by turning the Digital Crown and you’ll see more on the giant display: elevation, incline, longitude, and latitude.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Compass Waypoints mark the spot.

Quickly and easily mark your location with Compass Waypoints. Tap the icon to drop a waypoint on a trailhead, campsite, or point of interest. Name your waypoints, give them icons, and color‑code them to stay organized.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Backtrack. Retrace your steps.

To help you return to where you came from, or simply get back on route, Backtrack uses GPS data to automatically create a path of where you’ve been — even if you’re off the grid. So you can easily get to a previous location or all the way back down the mountain.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Action button. Make your mark. Find your way.

A single press of the Action button can quickly drop a Compass Waypoint at your location or immediately start Backtrack, so you can focus on the journey ahead or behind you.

86-decibel Siren. Sonic salvation.

If you get lost or injured and need to attract attention, hold the Action button to activate a Siren that can be heard up to 600 feet or 180 meters away.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Alpine Loop. Tough as trails.

Light, durable, and made from two textile layers seamlessly woven into one continuous piece without stitching. The corrosion‑resistant titanium G‑hook slips smoothly into the reinforced loops for a secure fit.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Ground­breaking, even in the sea.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Built to withstand jetskiing in Maunalua Bay or kitesurfing the Gorge. Apple Watch Ultra features a depth gauge, delivering the data and functionality required by scuba divers for descents down to 40 meters.

EN13319 certified

An internationally recognized standard for diving accessories.

safari auf apple watch ultra

A full-featured dive computer.

Designed in partnership with renowned underwater innovators Huish Outdoors, the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra puts a bona fide dive computer on your wrist. 8 Made for recreational scuba diving down to 40 meters, with all the core features divers need. It’s also refreshingly easy to use.

safari auf apple watch ultra

A dive planner with local knowledge.

The Oceanic+ app on iPhone goes beyond calculating just depth and time by integrating local conditions like tides, water temperatures, and even community‑fed info like visibility and currents. Or simply use your watch to quickly and easily plan your dive.

Metrics that make more sense.

Most dive computers require a complex sequence of button pushing to get what you need. Oceanic+ lets you access additional screens simply by turning the Digital Crown. It uses color‑coding on the big, bright display to make complex information easy to understand.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Safety never stops.

All the safety warnings you expect from a dive computer are incorporated into Oceanic+, from decompression limits to excessive ascent rates and safety stops. The app runs a Bühlmann decompression algorithm to constantly calculate and monitor dive parameters, giving you the data you need at a glance.

Post-dive data. From sea to cloud.

Get the data from your dive immediately after you surface, including your GPS entry and exit points. It syncs automatically to your iPhone and the cloud. See a summary of your dive profile and check out your logbook to search through past dives or share your experiences with friends and family.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Innovation taken to new depths.

Using the depth gauge, the Depth app is ideal for snorkeling or any casual underwater activity. See the time, current depth, water temperature, duration under water, and maximum depth you’ve reached. It can even activate automatically when you submerge.

Action button. Ready, set, dive.

Make controlling your watch easier in the water by programming the Action button to start the Depth app or set a compass heading during a dive with Oceanic+.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Ocean Band. The sea is calling.

Molded from fluoroelastomer rubber, it’s lightweight and flexible. It has a titanium buckle and a spring‑loaded titanium adjustable loop that secures through the tubes for a hypersecure fit, even during high‑speed water sports. An attachable band extension lets you wear it over a thick wet suit.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Even more to discover

Everything to love about apple watch..

With features that help you stay healthy, safe, and connected, the watch that pushes limits is also one you can wear every day.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Powerful health features.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Temperature sensing.

An innovative temperature sensor 9 enables groundbreaking insights for women’s health and advanced cycle tracking. 10 And it records overnight temperature changes, which you can see in the Health app.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Sleep tracking.

Keep track of your sleep. See how much time you spend in three sleep stages: REM, Core, and Deep. And know when you might have woken up.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Heart health notifications.

Receive notifications of unusually high or low heart rates.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Blood oxygen.

Get readings of your blood oxygen for insights into an important indicator of your overall wellness. 11

Innovative safety features.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Crash Detection.

Advanced sensors and a machine learning algorithm work to detect severe car crashes and automatically contact emergency services. 5 Apple Watch Ultra also provides your location to dispatchers and notifies your emergency contacts.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Fall Detection.

Whether you’re at home or out adventuring, if a fall is detected and you’re unresponsive, a call to emergency services will be placed automatically. 5

safari auf apple watch ultra

Emergency SOS.

Press and hold the side button to quickly contact emergency services and provide them with your location. 5 For a period of time, your emergency contacts will get updates when your location changes.

Stay connected with cellular.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Call and text.

Cellular is built into every Apple Watch Ultra. 2 With a service plan, you can keep in touch with up to 18 hours of LTE all-day battery life.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Stream your favorite music and podcasts from the top of a mountain or at the gym. 12

safari auf apple watch ultra

Get directions right from your wrist.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Use your watch to store tickets or boarding passes. 13

safari auf apple watch ultra

Do almost everything on Apple Watch — get directions, see the weather, or play a song — just by talking to Siri.

safari auf apple watch ultra

The App Store on Apple Watch lets you find apps for nearly any sport or activity. Download apps directly on your watch without having to take out your iPhone.

safari auf apple watch ultra


We take responsibility for the environmental footprint of our products throughout their life cycle. We’re committed to one day sourcing 100% recycled and renewable materials across all of our products and packaging. Apple Watch is designed with a list of features to reduce environmental impact.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Use AR to see Apple Watch Ultra.

Just open this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

safari auf apple watch ultra

Which Apple Watch is right for you?

Apple watch series 8, 45mm or 41mm.

Swimproof 14

IP6X dust resistant 14

Always-On Retina display Up to 1000 nits

Blood Oxygen app 11

High and low heart rate notifications

Temperature sensing 9

Cycle tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates 10

Emergency SOS 15

International emergency calling 16

Fall Detection

Crash Detection 15

Cellular available 2

Apple Watch SE

44mm or 40mm.

Retina display Up to 1000 nits

Cycle tracking 10

Apple Watch Ultra

Swimproof 17

IP6X dust resistant 4

MIL-STD 810H certification 3

Action button

Always-On Retina display Up to 2000 nits

86-decibel Siren to attract attention

Compare all models

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  • b. Anonymous form
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Apple Watch Ultra: How to Use the New Optimized Charge Limit Feature

All Apple Watch models running watchOS 7 or later include a Battery Health feature called Optimized Battery Charging that extends the total battery life of your Apple Watch by learning from your habits and waiting to finish charging all the way up until you need your ‌Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra 3up hero 220907 Full Bleed Image

On by default when you set up your Apple Watch, Optimized Charge Limit use on-device machine learning to analyze your daily usage and determine when to charge to an optimized limit and when to allow a full charge. The feature changes dynamically depending on how you use your Apple Watch Ultra. For example, based on usage patterns, your watch might charge to 100% on some days, and less on others.

When Optimized Charge Limit is active, an open charge ring is displayed when you connect your Apple Watch Ultra to its charger. It's possible to charge your watch beyond the optimized limit by following the steps below.


How to Charge Apple Watch Ultra Beyond the Optimized Charge Limit

  • Make sure that your Apple Watch Ultra is connected to its charger.
  • Tap the watch display to wake the charging screen, then tap the circle with the green or yellow charging icon.
  • Tap Charge to Full Now .

How to Disable Optimized Charge Limit

If you want your Apple Watch Ultra to fully charge every time its placed on the charge, disable Optimized Battery Charging by following these simple steps.

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Scroll down and tap Battery .
  • Tap Battery Health .
  • Toggle off the switch next to Optimized Charge Limit .
  • Choose Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off .

Help Optimized Charging Identify Locations

Optimized charging is designed to activate only in locations where you spend the most time, such as your home and place of work. The feature doesn't turn on when your usage habits are more variable, such as when you travel.

To help your Apple Watch Ultra identify situations where Optimized Charge Limit shouldn't be used, turn on the following location settings in the Settings app on your Apple Watch Ultra:

  • Privacy -> Location Services -> Location Services
  • Privacy > Location Services > System Services > System Customization
  • Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations > Significant Locations

The location information for this feature remains on your watch and none of it is sent to Apple.

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Top Rated Comments

AMagicianNamedJOBs Avatar

My experience with this feature on iPhone and Mac is that, at least for me, it does nothing. I always find my devices charge to 100% as soon as I plug-in and stay fully charged all night. I have left my MacBook plugged-in for a month straight and charge was limited to 80% after week at fully charged but it only lasted a night and next morning the laptop was at 100% for another week. I now use Aldente on MacBook, have setup automations on iPhone to manage this and disabled optimised charging on both devices.

Jim Lahey Avatar

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Apple Watch User Guide

  • Your Apple Watch
  • Get started with Apple Watch
  • Stay fit with Apple Watch
  • Track important health information with Apple Watch
  • Stay connected with Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch gestures
  • Use double tap to perform common actions
  • Set up and pair your Apple Watch with iPhone
  • Set up more than one Apple Watch
  • Pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone
  • The Apple Watch app
  • Charge Apple Watch
  • Turn on and wake Apple Watch
  • Lock or unlock Apple Watch
  • Change language and orientation on Apple Watch
  • Remove, change, and fasten Apple Watch bands
  • Set up a family member’s Apple Watch
  • Get started with Schooltime
  • Add and play podcasts
  • See activity and health reports
  • Use Apple Cash Family
  • Apps on Apple Watch
  • Organize apps
  • Get more apps
  • Status icons
  • Control Center
  • Adjust brightness, text size, sounds, and haptics
  • See and respond to notifications
  • Change notification settings
  • Use the Smart Stack to show timely widgets
  • Manage your Apple ID
  • Use shortcuts
  • See time in daylight
  • Set up Handwashing
  • Connect Apple Watch to a Wi-Fi network
  • Connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers
  • Hand off tasks from Apple Watch
  • Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch
  • Unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch
  • Use Apple Watch without its paired iPhone
  • Set up and use cellular service on Apple Watch
  • Safety features on Apple Watch
  • Set up and view your Medical ID
  • Contact emergency services
  • Manage Fall Detection
  • Manage Crash Detection
  • Listen and respond to incoming notifications
  • Announce calls with Siri
  • Explore the Face Gallery
  • Change the watch face on your Apple Watch
  • Share Apple Watch faces
  • Faces and features
  • Get started with Apple Fitness+
  • Subscribe to Apple Fitness+
  • Find Fitness+ workouts and meditations
  • Start a Fitness+ workout or meditation
  • Create a Custom Plan in Apple Fitness+
  • Work out together using SharePlay
  • Change what’s on the screen during a Fitness+ workout or meditation
  • Download a Fitness+ workout
  • Track daily activity with Apple Watch
  • Share activity
  • Add audiobooks
  • Play audiobooks
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Camera Remote
  • View and add compass waypoints on Apple Watch
  • Use Backtrack to retrace your steps on Apple Watch
  • Use Cycle Tracking
  • Receive retrospective ovulation estimates
  • Find People
  • Get directions or contact a friend
  • Find devices
  • Locate an AirTag
  • Mark an AirTag as lost
  • Heart Health
  • Control your home
  • Use Grid Forecast to plan your energy usage
  • Send and receive Intercom messages
  • Remotely access your smart home accessories
  • Write and reply to mail
  • Manage mail
  • Navigate the Maps app on Apple Watch
  • Get directions
  • Use offline maps on Apple Watch with iPhone
  • Medications
  • Read messages
  • Send messages
  • Make and receive FaceTime audio calls in Messages
  • Share your location in Messages
  • Reply to messages
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Log your state of mind
  • Listen to guided meditations
  • Remove music
  • Do more with Music
  • Monitor your environmental noise exposure
  • Now Playing
  • Make phone calls
  • Use Dual SIM iPhone with Apple Watch
  • Choose a photo album and manage storage
  • View photos
  • Add podcasts
  • Play podcasts
  • Control music on a Mac or PC
  • Control Apple TV
  • Track your sleep
  • Track your nightly wrist temperature
  • Voice Memos
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • About Wallet
  • Set up Apple Pay
  • Make purchases
  • Send, receive, and request money with Apple Watch (U.S. only)
  • Manage Apple Cash (U.S. only)
  • Use Wallet for passes
  • Use rewards cards
  • Pay with Apple Watch on Mac
  • Ride transit
  • Use your driver’s license or state ID
  • Use digital keys
  • Use COVID-19 vaccination cards
  • See weather in other locations
  • Get started with the Workout app on Apple Watch
  • What’s new in Workout
  • Start a workout
  • Start an outdoor push wheelchair workout
  • Monitor your workout
  • Use gym equipment
  • End and review your workout
  • Adjust your workouts
  • Combine multiple workouts
  • Complete an outdoor run workout
  • Run on a track
  • Running metrics
  • View Heart Rate Zones
  • Go for a swim
  • Change settings in Workout
  • World Clock
  • Set up Apple Watch using VoiceOver
  • Apple Watch basics with VoiceOver
  • Apple Watch Mirroring
  • Control nearby devices
  • AssistiveTouch
  • Use a braille display
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard
  • Tell time with haptic feedback
  • Adjust text size and other visual settings
  • Adjust motor skills settings
  • Set up and use RTT
  • Accessibility audio settings
  • Type to speak
  • Use accessibility features with Siri
  • The Accessibility Shortcut
  • Restart Apple Watch
  • Unpair and erase Apple Watch
  • If you forget your passcode
  • Recover Apple Watch
  • Restore Apple Watch from a backup
  • Update Apple Watch software
  • Protect a lost Apple Watch
  • Get information about Apple Watch
  • Other ways to view this user guide
  • Apple Watch Support site
  • Learn more, service, and support
  • Important safety information
  • Important handling information
  • Unauthorized modification of watchOS
  • Band care information
  • FCC compliance statement
  • ISED Canada compliance statement
  • Ultra Wideband information
  • Disposal and recycling information
  • Apple and the environment

Use World Clock on Apple Watch to check the time in other locations

safari auf apple watch ultra

Siri: Say something like: “What time is it in Auckland?”

Add and remove cities in World Clock

the List button

Type the city name (on supported models only, not available in all languages), or use Scribble or dictation to enter the city name.

To use Scribble, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then tap Scribble.

Note: Scribble is not available in all languages.

Tap the city name to add it to World Clock.

To remove a city, swipe left on its name in the city list, then tap X.

The cities you add on your iPhone also appear in World Clock on your Apple Watch.

Check the time in another city

To see more information about a city, including time of sunrise and sunset, tap the city in the list.

the Back button

If there’s a city whose time you’d always like to see, you can add a World Clock complication to your watch face and choose the city to display.

The World Clock app with list of cities.

Change city abbreviations

To change a city abbreviation used on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Tap My Watch, then go to Clock > City Abbreviations.

Tap any city to change its abbreviation.

An iPhone and Apple Watch, side by side. The Apple Watch screen shows the time in New York City, using the abbreviation NYC. The iPhone screen shows the list of cities in Clock settings in the Apple Watch app.

Download this guide: PDF

Moscow‪.‬ 4+

Pocketguide inc., designed for iphone.

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  • Offers In-App Purchases

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Whether you are a history buff, a fan of architecture, a shopaholic or simply curious, Moscow is one of the best places you can visit. Our tours are an ideal way to start your discovery of the Russian capital, as they provide a wealth of knowledge about different aspects of the city. From the Medieval fortress of the Kremlin to the remainders of the Soviet Union, from the underground wonders of the Moscow Metro to the towering cathedrals, we'll show you the best and the most interesting aspects of the Third Rome. PocketGuide, the world’s leading audio city guide application, reveals the best stories, insider hangouts and must-see sights in more than 100 major cities and tourist destinations. PocketGuide turns your mobile device into a personal tour guide: The GPS figures out where you are, and a voice recording, made by a local guide, describes the sights around you. You don’t need to read text from your phone, just listen and enjoy a city’s attractions while your virtual tour guide explains it all and shares personal insights. PocketGuide works offline, so you save on roaming charges, and it includes an offline map and loads of critical reviews that help you decide where to eat, drink and shop. We also have fascinating themed tours, for those who want to go off the beaten path. Find the top tapas in Barcelona, get chic in NYC’s East Village or follow the trail of a 19th century serial killer in London. Whether you're interested in the main sights or "the road less traveled", PocketGuide is ready to take you there. Please note that continuous use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Version 7.4.28

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Performance and stability improvements, as well as iPhone X support. We would like to say thank you for your valuable feedback so that we can improve the application. We encourage everybody to send us your opinions about the application to help us create the best travel app for you.

Ratings and Reviews

App privacy.

The developer, PocketGuide Inc. , has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Simplified Chinese

  • Moscow Sightseeing Tours $9.99
  • The Moscow Metro Tour $4.99
  • Moscow Walking Tour $4.99
  • Red Trace in Moscow $4.99
  • Moscow Kremlin Tour $4.99
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