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British Airways A350: Best Seats With Photos + Tips

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a seats and a bed in a plane

Basically, it’s quiet, it’s beautiful and you’ll feel better if you’re battling jet lag. And for anyone who cares about sustainability in air travel, this plane consumes 25% less fuel than the previous generation of airliners.

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Here are the best seats on the British Airways Airbus A350-1000 in World Traveller, World Traveller Plus And Club World Club Suites, and a few tips on how to reserve seats before others do. Hint: elite status is easier to achieve than you think, and it gets the best seats for free.

Best BA A350 World Traveller Economy Seats

The British Airways A350-1000 offers two World Traveller economy class cabins, separated by a galley area. The forward cabin on the plane is by far the smaller of the two, and if at all possible is definitely where any traveller will want to aim. Each BA A350 World Traveller seat offers 17.5” width, 31” pitch and a 10” HD screen.

a row of seats in an airplane

Best BA A350 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy is the new “it” cabin for airlines, offering an experience that’s in line with what passengers expected in the so called “golden era” of air travel. Think: nicer drink service, better food, more checked bags and lots and lots more legroom, comfort, recline and amenities.

a seat and window in an airplane

This new BA plane offers a huge step up for World Traveller Plus flyers, with both foot stools and seats which kick up extra leg support, almost like domestic first class. A350 World Traveller Plus offers 18.7” width, 38” of pitch and 12” HD screens.

a seat with a pillow and blanket on it

Best British Airways A350 Business Class Club Suites

You didn’t think we’d leave without talking about these, did you? British Airways has introduced a completely new business class flying experience for the airline, moving away from forward and rear facing seats in a layout many would call ‘dense’; to a set up of all forward facing “suites” complete with privacy door. To put it lightly, they’re fantastic.

a tv in an airplane

It’s sharp, it’s modern, it’s functional but most importantly, it’s downright comfortable and private. If there’s any fear with this sleek new seat, it’s the cannibalisation of first class. In fact, I doctored this photo above to mirror the colour scheme of the current “first” promo pictures. It’s a compelling look.

Big Thoughts On The British Airways A350 And Club Suites

If you want to track the roll out, including which routes will feature the new A350, or the new Club Suites, we’ve got the ultimate resource guide just for you, and no one else. Well, you and everyone with an internet connection.

Aside from a feature like an on-board bar – which would’ve been nice – this plane ticked all the boxes, and British Airways put in serious work to make it a world class aircraft in every cabin. All A350’s feature smaller galleys than previous planes, so don’t expect too much walking around room, but other than that, you really have to love it.

a tv and a table in a plane

Here’s a review of the Club Suites . GSTP is a proponent of the A350 on any airline, and this airline now offers a fantastic option. If British Airways service standards continue to improve, this is definitely an experience to watch in 2020, and well beyond.

You can check out British Airways Latest Sale for opportunities to try the A350 out for yourself.

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Gilbert Ott

Gilbert Ott is an ever curious traveler and one of the world's leading travel experts. His adventures take him all over the globe, often spanning over 200,000 miles a year and his travel exploits are regularly... More by Gilbert Ott

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Great move and an undoubted improvement despite the cost cutting on things like individual air vents and external cameras. From BA’s PR machine you’d believe it was more significant than less than 2% of the fleet… eventually. 98% of 2020 customers will be on the same old seating in the same old cabins. Will BA also now start cleaning & servicing the cabins, delivering working WiFi and loading enough catering for all paying passengers? Perhaps most siginifcantly are they going to revert to offering real customer services rather than automated scripts weeks after a communication?

Please stop trying to spin not having individual air vents as a positive. It’s disgusting in this day and age for cabins that don’t have them, especially one this dense. I flew on the Cathay A350 and it was hot and stale as hell.

There’s no spin. I don’t think they’re nearly as important on the A350 as other planes and prefer the better flow at seat level.

As soon as the BA A350 was announced I changed a LHR-ORD ticket in J to connect via YYZ – so excited to try out the new suite!

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Booked a long haul from Texas to London and managed to score seats 30a for both flights. I thought about changing them a couple times because there is no pocket to store stuff, but after reading this article, I’m glad I kept them!

Hi, useful article, Thanks! One question, you say that in World traveller plus, row 26 is a good option as you can recline the seats with no problem. Seatguru seems to think that they might not fully recline, due to the bulkhead behind. Is there anyone with experience of these seats to advise? Thanks

I agree with the positive experience on the BA A35k.

I upgraded a $1600 CAD PE flight from YYZ to LHR return on a voluntary upgrade for an extra $552 each way. This second flight had just been reinstated and so fares were low. For $2700 , I did biz in style and it was still $100 cheaper than AC premium economy. (AC abused pax by only putting on a second flight earlier this month where economy was sold out every day with a long wait list where you weee held hostage to $2800 in PE and 7 grand in biz. BA need to up their game in wine. They have an overall budget of 5 quid a bottle and in biz it was very uninspiring. The food comes on one tray, which seems a little futile given the runs they already do for top ups. The flights were quiet, arrived early each way with a new combined group of SH, LH and mixed fleet crew who wanted to be there and delivered excellent customer service. It’s just a shame it’s not on the route for Christmas and even today, it’s been subbed with a 777 given there are only 8 x A35ks in the fleet. I suspect they will order more (or at least I hope so)

Does anyone know if the seats in row 26, premium economy, fully recline? I don’t trust what seatguru’s advice. Thanks

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Seating details Seat map key

Traveler photos (1).

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

In-flight amenities

All seats have access to a seatback in-flight entertainment system with a wide array of Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) music.

More Information

Club World seats are equipped with a personal 18.5-inch HD touchscreen including remote, with Audio and Video on Demand.

Each seat in World Traveller Plus is equipped with a personal 12-inch HD touchscreen with Audio and Video on Demand.

Each seat in World Traveller is equipped with a personal 10-inch HD touchscreen with Audio and Video on Demand.

Each seat onboard has access to 110V AC power port sockets that accept UK or US plugs. Please note that there are two power sockets per three seat section in the World Traveller cabin. All seats are also equipped with USB power ports.

British Airways provides WiFi on this aircraft.

More information

Complimentary food and beverages are served based on the time of day, lenghth of flight, origin and destination.

British Airways' Airbus A350-1000 is the newest aircraft addition to their fleet (July 2019). The modern new aircraft is configured to transport 331 passengers in a three class layout featuring:  56 Club Suites in Club World, 56 recliner seats in World Traveller Plus and 219 standard seats in World Traveller.

The British Airways' Club Suite is the airlines first new Business Class seat in 13 years. The Club Suite has a door to enclose the suite for greater privacy and features a luxurious flat-bed seat. Also, the seat features a vast amount of storage space adjacent to the seat (in addition to the large overhead bins), a reading light, an 18.5 inch in-flight entertainment screen with a remote control, USB power ports and a UK power outlet. The suites are arranged in a 1-2-1 herringbone layout in two separate cabins. Note that the rear section has fewer suites creating a more private and exclusive feeling.

An expanded Club Kitchen is introduced on the Airbus A350-1000. The Club Kitchen features serve yourself beverages, snacks and sandwiches available at all times during flight. The Club Kitchen is located between the front and rear sections of Club World for exclusive use by Club World passengers. 

Passengers flying in the World Traveller Plus Premium Economy cabin will notice new features such as a new contoured seat, a plush pillow, a warm quilt and an improved dining experience. The arrangement is 2-4-2.

Passengers flying in the World Traveller Economy cabin will notice a new contoured seat and a large touchscreen seat back entertainment monitor. The arrangement is 3-3-3.

Featured user comments

Read user reviews for British Airways Airbus A350-1000 (351)

See all featured user comments

Seat map key

  • Be Aware - See comments
  • Mixed Review
  • Standard seat
  • Blocked seat
  • Premium seat
  • Emergency exit

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

British Airways flies 1 versions of Airbus A350-1000.

Please choose the correct version from the list:

SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best seats and in-flight amenities.

British Airways premium economy review: A350-1000 London to Dubai

British Airways premium economy review: A350-1000 London to Dubai

Flying British Airways premium economy (World Traveler Plus) has been a long time goal of mine, and I’ve been scouring the interwebs for years trying to find a cost-effective opportunity to make it happen – which isn’t easy on BA.

Long story short, I finally stumbled across a great deal on their brand new A350 (BA017), and I jumped on it as fast as I could. So – for the second time in three weeks, here we go with another SANspotter review of a flight departing London for parts unknown.

Well, the place I’m headed isn’t exactly uncharted territory or anything, but I like the way that sounds so I’m not going back and editing it. Sorry.

BA107 London, England (LHR) – Dubai, UAE (DXB) Wednesday, September 18, 2019 Aircraft: A350-1041 Registration: G-XWBA Duration: 6 hours 18 minutes Seat: 24A (World Traveler Plus / premium economy)

British Airways A350-1000 side view

Since I’m still a bit behind on my written reviews, chances are pretty good that you’ve already seen the video I created for BA107 . Well, only if you aren’t royally annoyed by my editing style and quit watching my videos long ago that is.

The music in this video comes from Epidemic Sound, a service I recommend for YouTubers of all genres . If you want to learn more, I’d recommend reading the full review I wrote about it several months ago. I’ve listed out all the pros and cons, and I hope it’ll help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s a service that’s right for you!

Arriving at LHR for my first ever British Airways premium economy experience

So yeah. I’m in London again! Terminal 5 at LHR to be exact, and I’m just 2 hours away from checking out the new British Airways A350 on a 6 and a half hour flight down to Dubai.

LHR Heathrow express

Today I’m flying in world traveler plus, which, is the fancy name for the British Airways premium economy product.

And yes. I spent the entirety of my pre-flight time trying to learning how to say that with a thick British accent. And no, it didn’t go well, so that’s why you didn’t get to hear it in the video .

Inside Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport

Terminal 5 here at LHR is incredibly impressive with it’s glass architecture and high ceilings. It’s also slightly annoying because of how crowded and loud it can be. There are very few places to find peace and quiet in the main building.

LHR Terminal 5 crowds

Of all the times I’ve flown in and out of London over the years, I do believe this is the only time I’ve done it under clear blue skies. It was perfect weather for plane spotting.

British Airways a350-1000

Boarding BA107 to Dubai

Passengers holding a World Traveler Plus boarding pass get to board in group 3. A somewhat awkward group number teetering right on the edge between “spectacularly special” and “nauseatingly normal”.

However, once they finished boarding groups 1 and 2, it seemed as if half the plane was loaded and I wasn’t feeling special anymore. Story of my life really.

LHR jet bridge

Can I just say that gate C61 here at LHR is the longest in the world? It sure felt like it.

British Airways flight to Dubai

British Airways premium economy: first impressions

It’s important to keep in mind that my only two British Airways experiences up until this point have been in Club World (business class) on both the 777-200 and 747-400 . World Traveler Plus was a completely new concept for me at this exact moment.

British Airways a350-1000 premium economy

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of amenities you get in World Traveler Plus here on British Airways (more particularly for BA107), here it is packaged in one compact (and convenient) bundle:

British Airways premium economy amenities

It’s worth noting that noise cancelling headphones aren’t always a guarantee when flying long haul premium economy these days (for example, I only got cheap ear buds when I flew Lufthansa long haul premium economy ). It’s nice to see British Airways being one of the airlines that provides them. 

British Airways a350 entertainment system remote

Overall I was quite impressed with the look of World Traveler Plus here on the A350. Colors are a bit muted in typical British Airways style, and pretty much the polar opposite of the visceral slap in the face I got when stepping onboard the Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 .

British Airways a350 interior

The cabin crew came by with menus just as I was bent over filming the recliner button of my seat, which was an awkward moment. Even more awkward, in fact, than trying to open the menu with one hand. Graceful and suave I am not.

British Airways premium economy menu

Good news and bad news just before departure

Not unexpectedly, the captain had good news and bad news for us as we were pushing off the gate.

The good news: BA107 is ready for departure and we’re pushing off the gate now.

The bad news: We’re gonna go sit in the taxiway for 45 minutes to wait for an open departure slot. I’ll spare you any footage of that and keep this part as brief as possible.

British Airways 747

Thankfully that 45 minute wait was whittled down to just 20 minutes, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the captain was able to negotiate that. No matter how he did it, it earned a coveted double fist bump from me.

British Airways a350-1000 takeoff

What’s the cabin service like?

Since I was fully expecting food (and lots of it) to be coming soon, I figured now was as good opportunity to peck at the video entertainment system. As you can see (below), it’s a really clean looking user interface. I liked having the flight information right on the main screen, which can easily be dismissed to get into the movie and tv catalog.

British Airways a350 premium economy video screen

Ok. You wanna know what my biggest gripe bout these World Traveler Plus seats are? It’s the USB and electrical outlets located in the darkness down in between the seats (remember that upside down pic I showed earlier?).

British Airways premium economy leg rest

Since I’m complaining about stuff, I might as well voice my displeasure about the sour cream and chive pretzels they tossed at us. It wasn’t really what I was in the mood for.

British Airways premium economy snack

Oops. I was actually so excited to be on the A350 (and BA107) that I completely forgot to take the amenity kit out of the package earlier. It’s not like there’s much to show anyway, since it was a typical amenity kit fit filled with the usual stuff that I always give away to friends and family.

British Airways premium economy amenity kit

The first meal service

It’s been a while since I’ve flown a premium airline product, so it’s not hard to understand why I was feeling especially… special ….as I peeled back the cover of my meal.

British Airways premium economy food

My initial impression? I thought it looked really good. And the fact that it was served on *real* dish ware that klinked and clacked whenever I touched it with the fork was a huge plus.

British Airways premium economy meal

Fast forward 30 minutes, and I’ve got to say that was easily one of the best airline meals I’ve had in a good long time. I’m just so glad that the person in front of me was respectful enough not to fully recline as I was eating.

Stuff that happened before the next meal service

Is there nothing more amazing than flying off into the sunset towards a place that’s *nothing* like your own culture back home? Flight BA107 is a special one indeed.

A350-1000 wing

Since I couldn’t think of anything witty and creative to do in the loo this time (eeew), I’d like to take this opportunity to five you my thoughts on the British Airways A350 economy class product:

British Airways a350-1000 economy class cabin

The second meal service

Not that I’m complaining or anything, but what is it with pizza being the default pre-landing meal served on all flights to and from the Middle East? BA107 is no different from the rest.

A350 wing sunset

As I ripped open the cover, I couldn’t help but to have flashbacks to the pizza they used to serve in elementary school. Isn’t it funny how (after all these years) that disgusting elementary school pizza is still how I guage the quality of all pizza today?

British Airways world Traveler Plus snack

The descent and landing into Dubai

Less than an hour to go now, and…would it kill them to dim the cabin lights a bit? Oh well.

Cabin lights on

The glaring lights didn’t exactly ruin this World Traveler Plus experience for me, though I was hoping to spend the second half of BA107 bathing in deep blue British Airways mood lighting.

British Airways world Traveler Plus cabin

Our approach and landing into Dubai would have been a lot more amazing if it were daytime still, but it still felt really good to see this place once again. DXB is easily one of the most amazing airports in all the world, and it was unfortunate that I couldn’t see any of it when we arrived.

There is some brief footage of our arrival in the video , so do be sure to check that out if you’re feeling like you just gotta see it.

Thanks for coming along with me on this British Airways A350 (BA107) down to Dubai tonight, and I hope I’ve given you a pretty good sense of what this premium economy product is all about.

British Airways A350-1000 premium economy FAQs:

Since the British Airways A350 is such a hot new product at the moment, I thought that it might be beneficial to end this with a FAQ about this premium economy product.

Is it worth paying for premium economy over regular economy?

Yes – especially on any flight over 4 hours since you’ll get a full meal served at a relaxed and professional pace. It’s also enough time to fully enjoy the added recline of these seats. Which leads me directly to the next question:

Do British Airways premium economy seats on the A350 recline more than standard economy seats?

Yes. Quite a bit more actually. While not completely lie-flat (or angle-flat), they will recline far enough to be a massive nuisance to the person behind you if they are eating or working.

Is there direct aisle access from every seat in the premium economy cabin?

No. The World Traveler Plus configuration on the A350-1000 is 2-4-2, and seat pitch isn’t generous enough to be able to access the aisle from an interior seat. Those seated at the window or in the middle of the center section will have to ask the person next to them to move. However, I suppose you could crawl over that person if you’re really good at talking your way out of awkward situations.

What’s it like to sleep in British Airways premium economy?

For short(ish) flights such as London to Dubai, I’d say that it’s perfect for sleeping. For longer flights (where you’d want a full nights sleep after the meal service), the limited recline of these seats (compared to business class) will make deep sleep difficult. Note, however, that the blankets and pillows they provide are of very good quality.

Is the food in premium economy better than business class?

In my personal experience, yes. I’ve flown BA business class (Club World) several times (most recently from San Diego to London ), and the food I got here in premium economy / World Traveler Plus was far better in my opinion. I do need to emphasize that my latest Club World experience was several years ago, so maybe things have changed since then. All I know is that I was extremely impressed with the first meal service on this particular flight in regards to both quality and quantity.

How do these premium economy seats compare to Virgin Atlantic premium economy seats?

As I mentioned in my British Airways vs Virgin Atlantic comparison , I slightly prefer the Virgin Atlantic premium economy seat because of how stylish it is. The BA premium economy seat is perfectly fine, but good looks are important! Functionally, both seats are the same.

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The first of many Norwegian Air reviews to come? Well…

The first of many Norwegian Air reviews to come? Well…

It’s kinda hard to hate Lufthansa A350-900 premium economy

It’s kinda hard to hate Lufthansa A350-900 premium economy

Comments (21), adam kennedy.

Thanks for your TR, I’ve been searching for reviews on this product as I fly out this Saturday on BA107 on the 350 too, I appreciate the pictures and detail and look forward to it!

You’re very welcome Adam. Have a great flight!

Simon Watkins

Old BA premium economy used to have a soft leather seat with a calf rest. BA replaced this with a harder seat with a foot rest. I cannot tell you how annoyed this made me, as it’s now impossible to sleep on their long haul flights as your feet will simply drop off the foot rest as you doze off.

I now book elsewhere when flying long haul.

I hope to fly them home to DC later this summer (2020) if the ban is lifted. Business is too expensive, but Premium Economy is a good price. You’re right – economy is too narrow. What I find odd is that JAL uses the 2-4-2 configuration for their economy class! They got it right.

Keep up the nice work – really enjoy your videos on Youtube.

RK Aviation

British Airways recently started service with their A350-1000s to LAX. It will operate every 2 days from LAX-LHR and back. I’ve also saw on Google Flights that on the SAN-LHR route, their gonna send an A350-1000 for BA! :0 The A350-1000 is too big for SAN though, but let’s see how it does!

Scott (SANspotter)

Yeah, it’s nice to see the BA A350-1000 here at SAN! They used to fly the 747-400 and 777-300/ER here though, so there seems to be enough demand to fill those planes. Can’t wait to try this myself!

For the winter flights, BA is gonna send the 787 to SAN and the 777-300ER to LAX. For SFO, it’s the 787-9 Dreamliner and 777-300ER.

Really nice review! BA Premium Economy, looks pretty comfortable! Although I’m not sure about the look of the cabin. It’s nice, but also a bit…sterile and hospital-like. Virgin Atlantic has much cooler-looking cabins from what I’ve seen. Also, the entertainment looks a lot more modern than when I flew in their 787-8, LHR-MSY. That IFE system looked a bit outdated (it worked fine though), so I’m glad that they updated it. And I agree that the map is the best feature. Lol

Sterile is definitely the best way to describe most British Airways cabins these days lol. Except for the Club Suites. Those look fantastic IMHO.

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I agree. Although the First cabin looks really sleek as well!

Great review thanks for all the great details and insights. We are on the A350 LHR to SAN this summer flying Premium Economy returning from a trip to Greece! Scored 4 seats via my Alaska Air miles (no easy feat)! #winning

Glad this was helpful! You are really going to enjoy Premium Economy on the A350 I think – it’s about as good as long haul premium economy gets these days. And the fact that you got it using points is going to make it feel better, no doubt. Have fun!

My family’s thinking of traveling to London this summer, and with our Oneworld status we might be able to fly on this product. Nothing’s for certain right now though, and we could just end up on an A320. Hopefully we’ll fly on an A350! I’m not sure if Premium Economy is worth it on a 2 hour flight (MAD-LHR), but it’ll definitely be comfortable.

Also, just curious, what was Dubai like a second time?

Even on a 2 hour flight, you’ll definitely enjoy the larger seat. Hopefully you’ll get to do it! Anyway, that second visit to Dubai was nowhere near as fun as my first. I was only there for about 24 hours, and I spent much of that time working. I didn’t even leave the hotel.

Good review. I’ve booked BA PE for the first time after LH (also in a A350) and AF (in a B772) – for an 11.5 hour flight. The LH seats sound like the BA ones. The main problem is the amount of recline, making any non-aisle seat a problem for those needing the toilet. As you say, anything other than flat does not allow any better sleep in my experience too and the screen in your face does not provide a “premium experience”. Others don’t allow this much recline and AF puts the whole seat in a “shell” where the seat reclines without moving the back of the shell – giving a much superior feeling of “space”. Maybe BA should retrofit the recline mechanism for less recline.

Peter (formerly SDRSpotter)

The larger seat does look worth it, but unfortunately, convenience won out when booking the flights, which is to say that we won’t be on an A350. Oh well, maybe next time!

Bummer! These A350’s are the future of the BA long haul fleet however, so you will eventually get your chance. It’ll be worth the wait!

I returned last week. It was my first time in London and I really enjoyed it! And yeah, it was a bummer that we didn’t get on an A350, but luckily, I flew on my first-ever 737 MAX outbound! (guess which airline) It wasn’t that different from other 737’s, but the SkyInterior and quieter engines were nice. Plus, flying on a 737 MAX is a lot more interesting/exciting than a regular 737-800 (for all the wrong reasons).

Having flown on the 787 & 737 MAX, I’m looking forward to trying the equivalent Airbus products (A350 & A320NEO/A220).

Glad you had a good trip Peter! Yeah, I too was really surprised after my first 737 MAX flight. It’s like a completely different experience.

And can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to love the A350. There’s a reason why it’s the #1 favorite of so many frequent flyers! Actually, there are many reasons… lol

I just found these reviews and I love it! I am about to book my first transatlantic flight ever and I am finding these reviews extremely helpful.

Glad you’re enjoying the content Elizabeth! Flying transatlantic for the first time will be something you’ll remember forever – I still remember my first experience like it was yesterday. Have fun!

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British Airways Premium Economy World Traveller Plus Review

Review of British Airways Premium Economy

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

British Airways was one of the first airlines to introduce a Premium Economy cabin on its long-haul aircraft - branded as World Traveller Plus . As such, many of its cabins are showing their age, but still serve their purpose well by offering extra space, better meals and more personalised service. The airline is retrofitting these cabins and upgrading the hard product, but this will take time, so in the interim be prepared for a mix of old and new.

The United Kingdom’s largest airline takes pride in offering reliable and friendly service while carrying the British flag to far corners of the globe.

British Airways is a founding member of the oneworld alliance, which means fliers can earn and redeem Avios points on its many partners. Conversely, members of other alliance member airlines can earn and redeem their miles with British Airways.

Airport experience

All British Airways flights pass through London with primary hubs at London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports (and a smaller operation at London City). London airports are known for stringent and sometimes overzealous security procedures, which can be frustrating for passengers adding extra time to the journey. Unfriendly airport security agents are enough to convince some travellers to fly another airline when booking international travel.

World Traveller Plus passengers can access individual check-in desks and a greater baggage allowance – two bags for the hold plus a cabin bag and laptop bag onboard. They do not enjoy lounge access once airside, though. Still, top oneworld elite status cardholders can use the lounges on eligible international itineraries no matter what cabin they are flying. These lounges include open bars offering cocktails, soft drinks, wine, and beer, service desks for assistance with tickets, a wide selection of magazines and newspapers, workstations with computers and free Wi-Fi, and buffets with warm and cold food selections.

Priority boarding is part of the Premium Economy experience.

Airline review Airport experience - British Airways - 0

Cabin & Seat

British Airways fly a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with World Traveller Plus available on each long-haul aircraft. The Airbus A380 World Traveller Plus cabin is found on the Upper Deck behind the Club World cabin in a 2-4-2 configuration over nine rows, while the Airbus A350 has seven rows in a 2-4-2 configuration. The Boeing 777 fleet varies between three and six rows in a 2-4-2 design, while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft differs between four and six rows and is always in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Even the original iteration of the Premium Economy seat has plenty of space. It varies depending on the plane, but expect a wider seat – typically 18.5 inches (47 centimetres), more leg room with a pitch of 38 inches (97 centimetres), including a foot and leg rest, lumbar support, a recline of around 8 inches (20 centimetres), a small side table and headrest with adjustable wings for better resting positions. Unfortunately, many seats have equipment for the entertainment system that impedes your legroom, which makes it challenging to store carry-on bags or wiggle your feet around during the flight.

World Traveller Plus occupies a more intimate cabin of no more than nine rows with a dedicated lavatory and curtains separating it from economy and Business Class. There are middle seats, which are worth avoiding unless travelling with a companion.

Bulkhead rows prevent someone from reclining their seat into your space, but it does mean that carry-on luggage must be stowed overhead for takeoff and landing. These seats also have television monitors that fold out from the armrest, and they cannot be used on the ground or during takeoff and landing for safety reasons. Four bassinet points are available on the front cabin bulkhead, with another two at the rear of the Airbus A380s.

Not all tickets are eligible for advance seat selection, although those purchasing flexible fares and travellers with oneworld alliance elite status can choose a seat for free in advance. Others must wait until check-in to assign a seat.

Waiting at each seat on boarding is a thick pillow and wrapped blanket, and power and USB  and power outlets are available for each passenger. 

The flight search on BusinessClass.com includes images, videos, and seat maps for most airlines and aircraft Search results also include details such as seat pitch, width and recline. This way, you can see the seat and cabin configuration of the flight in which you are interested before making your choice .

Airline review Cabin & Seat - British Airways - 4

British Airways offers a lovely inflight service on fine china and metal cutlery. World Traveller Plus passengers are served some of the same entrees as those seated in Business Class, representing a significant upgrade from economy meal service.

Delivered on a single tray with real drink glasses (instead of plastic), most flights have two meals, including a hot meal after takeoff.

They include a salad and appetiser plus warm bread. Two main course dishes are protein or vegetarian, and the plated dessert offers a sweet finish. Flight attendants can provide snacks and drinks between meals, and passengers can visit a snacking station for self-service.

Before landing, a second meal is served depending on the time of day, which can consist of a hot or cold dish based on the length of the flight.

More than a dozen special meals are available for Premium Economy passengers, including Halal, Kosher and vegetarian options.

Airline review Cuisine - British Airways - 5

After takeoff, flight attendants offer glasses of sparkling wine before rolling out the beverage carts with a variety of complimentary drinks including beer, wine (two white and two red options) and cocktails. Coffee from London’s Union Coffee and an array of Twinings teas round off the menu.

Before the main meal, an aperitif service comes with mixed nuts and a choice of beverage.

Airline review Beverages - British Airways - 1

Flight attendants are friendly, but have a lot of passengers to serve compared to Business Class. Expect the typical British-reserved service delivery you might find in a hotel or restaurant in the United Kingdom. Many passengers find that the crew adapts to the conversation and informality level of each person throughout the flight. Show them that you like to chat, and they will chat. Show British formality, and they will return the respect.

On flights where a foreign language is spoken at the destination, expect that someone on the crew will be ready to converse in that native tongue. British Airways also has overseas-based cabin crew on many flights; Indian flights, for example, often have crew based in India, which helps with cultural service details.

Airline review Service - British Airways - 1


The seatback screen is adjustable so that if the person in front of you reclines, you can tilt it for better viewing. Noise-reducing headsets complement the solid selection of  entertainment programming , including the latest Hollywood movies, television programs, box sets, a global music collection, audiobooks and games. Screens respond to the touch but can also be adjusted via remote control.

Wi-Fi is available on most of British Airways' long-haul fleet, with  prices available  for hourly service or sometimes for a package to cover the flight. A cheaper offering that covers messaging or texting is also an excellent option for staying connected with loved ones.

The flight search on BusinessClass.com includes information on Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment .

Airline review Entertainment - British Airways - 6

Amenities & Facilities

Small amenity kits feature essential products – eye mask, ear plugs, toothpaste and toothbrush, lip balm, flight socks and pen, and a wrapped blanket and pillow are a fluffier upgrade to what is available in the economy cabin. Credit to the airline for making the small stylish amenities bag from recycled plastic.

On long-haul flights, families with infants can pre-reserve a bassinet to use. Children can also enjoy everything from cartoon and youth-themed shows to special toys and gifts to keep them busy.

Airline review Amenities & Facilities - British Airways - 3

Short & Medium Haul

British Airways’ short and medium-haul flights do not sell Premium Economy seating, but if the aircraft is flying a shorter route, these are excellent seats worth paying extra to enjoy the extra space that they afford. Most of the long-haul amenities (like hot meals, free drinks and noise-reducing headphones) are not available though. Buy-on-board service in economy class is standard on shorter European flights, which means the only benefit of paying for this seat on those flights is the extra space.

Airline review Short- & Medium-haul - British Airways - 0


The airline is investing in the most fuel-efficient planes and focuses on reducing emissions both inflight and on the ground. Recycling programs in its lounges and inflight are another eco-friendly measure.

British Airways aims for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and the carrier invests in  carbon-neutral projects  in many of the destinations it serves. On its flights, it has switched to bamboo alternatives instead of plastic stirrers, reduced plastic use for amenity kits and headsets, and serves water bottles made from recycled materials. The airline sends less than one per cent of non-catering waste to landfills. BA's new uniforms are made from more than 90 per cent sustainable fabrics from recycled polyester and only use manufacturers of the 'Better Cotton' initiative. The old uniforms will be donated to charities, recycled into children's toys or contributed to the airline's museum.

The airline also collects loose change from passengers on its long-haul flights to support the non-profit organisation Flying Start. It supports less-fortunate children around the world. British Airways is also the first airline to build a waste-to-fuel plant converting everyday consumer waste to sustainable fuel.

A partnership with the Born Free Foundation has the airline advocating against the captivity of wild animals. British Airways Holidays helps to create a safe sanctuary space for rescued wild animals.

The flight search on BusinessClass.com includes information on CO2 emissions for each flight. Our quality algorithms also give a higher score to flights operated by the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft.

Airline review Sustainability - British Airways - 3

What We Love

  • Footrests and adjustable headrests to make it easier to sleep
  • Business class-quality meals serving British products
  • A nice selection of mid-flight snacks as well as an open bar throughout the flight

Read the BusinessClass.com review of British Airways Club World Read the BusinessClass.com review of British Airways First Class

BusinessClass.com searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find the best premium travel offers for both flights and the finest hotels.

Is Premium Economy British Airways worth it?

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One World

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The Airbus A350 is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft operating in the world today offering a 40% noise footprint and 25% fuel burn reduction compared to other aircraft of a simlar size. The state-of-the-art aircraft is built from advanced materials including a combination of carbon composites, titanium and modern aluminium alloys, delivering environmental benefits such as lower fuel burn. The nitrogen oxide emissions are nearly a third below the current industry standard, with noise levels also much lower compared to previous generations, whilst the Trent XWB engines used on our A350-1000 aircraft have the lowest specific fuel consumption for any turbofan aircraft in service today, contributing to lowering CO2 emissions. In the cabin, the A350 promotes a feeling of well-being, space and calm due to reduced noise levels, high ceilings, ambient lighting and an optimised cabin altitude of 6,000ft for a more comfortable journey. Cabin air is renewed every two to three minutes to minimise the effects of jet lag and maximise cabin air filtration.  Fleet and Cabins The first A350-1000 to join the British Airways fleet was delivered in July 2019 with a total of 18 aircraft on order. Each aircraft offers three cabins, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller. Club World - 56 Club Suites (1-2-1 configuration) The A350 was the first aircraft to debut the Club Suite, British Airways' latest business class product which offers direct aisle access from every seat and a door for enhanced privacy. Each seat converts into a luxurious 79" fully flat-bed and offers 40% more storage space compared to the existing Club World seat found on other aircraft.  The Club Suite uses technology to make the flying experience even more comfortable; with digital seat functions, high speed Wi-Fi and PC power ports in every seat. High definition gate-to-gate programming with 18.5 inch inflight entertainment screens with the latest films and music.  World Traveller Plus - 56 seats (2-4-2 configuration) British Airways' World Traveller Plus cabin aboard the A350 features the latest product, offering customers more comfort and amenities in an intimate cabin with elevated service. USB and AC power is available at every seat, in addition to a 12-inch highly responsive inflight entertainment screen. World Traveller - 219 seats (3-3-3 configuration) Similar to World Traveller Plus, the World Traveller cabin features the latest product with ergonomically designed seats that maxmise space and comfort. All seats feature USB power at every seat and a 10-inch inflight entertainment screen. For more information on the British Airways A350-1000  click here  


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To download this content you require a password. To get your password contact the press office: [email protected] (for more details see https://mediacentre.britishairways.com/pf_enquiries )


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BA100: 71. World Traveller Plus

100 Years Of British Airways: BA’s premium economy cabin, World Traveller Plus.

London Air Travel » British Airways » BA100 » BA100: 71. World Traveller Plus

British Airways Airbus A350-1000 Aircraft, World Traveller Plus cabin

This article was published in 2019 in a series on the history of British Airways and its predecessors Imperial Airways, BOAC and BEA. You can browse all 100 stories in number order, by theme or by decade.

Many have been updated since first published.

Like long-haul business class, which airline can claim credit for first introducing premium economy depends on who you ask.

Virgin Atlantic claims to have first introduced premium economy in 1992 with its “Mid Class” for full fare economy passengers (this was of course how long-haul business class first originate), later to be rebranded Premium Economy in 1994 and Premium in March 2018.

BA introduced its own premium economy cabin, World Traveller Plus, on 29 October 2000. This took the number of travel classes on long-haul aircraft to four. The cabin was explicitly targeted at premium leisure customers and cost-conscious business travellers, with the emphasis very much encouraging World Traveller passengers to trade up and not Club World passengers to trade down.

This was the first seat, which you’ll still find on all Boeing 747 and non-refurbished Boeing 777-200 aircraft, designed by Recaro:

Original British Airways World Traveller Plus Seat

The seat has evolved over time with new seats on Boeing 777-300, Boeing 787, Airbus A380 and refurbished Boeing 777 aircraft offering improved comfort as well as better at seat power and in-flight entertainment.

British Airways World Traveller Plus Cabin (Image Credit: Nick Morrish / British Airways)

In terms of in-flight service, partly for industrial relations reasons, there was initially very little difference in service between World Traveller and World Traveller Plus. BA also offered little by way of enhanced ground facilities. However, the cabin has evolved over time in piecemeal fashion with improved food & beverage and amenities.

British Airways World Traveller Plus Meal

World Traveller Plus has become an increasingly popular cabin, partly due to proactive upgrade offers through ba.com and many corporate customers revising their travel policies. Though its value still remains very subjective. Some see little difference to economy. Others see it as a welcome relief.

New and recently refurbished aircraft have significantly larger cabins than when it was first introduced. With many new aircraft not featuring First Class and others having smaller First cabins, as it becomes the effective second class on many more aircraft, it should continue develop and evolve in the coming years.

You can continue reading our 100 part series on the history of British Airways and its predecessor airlines Imperial Airways, BOAC and BEA in numerical order, by theme or by decade.

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airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

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The Guide to British Airways Premium Economy

Elina Geller

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Table of Contents

What is premium economy on British Airways?

British airways premium economy seats, food and drink in british airways premium economy, amenities and other perks of british airways premium economy, how much is premium economy on british airways, 4 ways to save money on british airways premium economy, use avios to book a premium economy ticket on british airways, is british airways premium economy worth it.

Flying in economy just isn't what it used to be. Over the decades, many airlines have reduced legroom, squeezed more seats into each row and cut back on services. Many travelers can't afford to pay for business class, but there is a Goldilocks middle ground: premium economy. Arguably, one of the better premium economy products available is British Airways premium economy, also known as World Traveller Plus.

Let's take a look at British Airways' premium economy, including what you'll find onboard, how the experience differs from economy and how you can save money on these seats.

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British Airways’s premium economy class is called World Traveller Plus. The other classes on its flights include economy (Euro Traveller and World Traveller) , business class and first class.

World Traveller Plus is situated in its own separate cabin, which is closer to the front of the plane than economy. The seats are wider and offer more legroom than the seats in economy. In addition, passengers receive priority boarding, a more generous baggage allowance, two meals, complimentary alcoholic beverages, noise-canceling headphones for the personal entertainment system and an amenity kit.

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Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

For many passengers, the main reason to book premium economy instead of economy is the larger seats. And British Airways certainly delivers in this regard.

Compared with economy, British Airways World Traveller Plus gives you more space in all directions — more seat width, legroom and recline. Tall passengers can rejoice: British Airways premium economy provides 7 inches of additional legroom — measuring 38 inches of pitch vs. just 31 inches of pitch in economy.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

(Photo courtesy of JT Genter)

In addition to a substantial recline, British Airways premium economy seats offer a fold-out leg rest and a fold-down footrest.

Throughout the cabin, you'll find a large, fixed armrest between each seat. Although this slightly reduces seat width, it means that you shouldn't need to battle your neighbor for control of the armrest. At the front of each armrest, a cup tray provides enough space for two glasses. And you'll find a water bottle holder between the footrests in each seat pairing.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Depending on the aircraft type, the British Airways premium economy cabin is either arranged 2-3-2 or 2-4-2. This means there are two seats by the windows and three or four seats in the middle column of seats. This arrangement makes British Airways premium economy a great option for couples traveling together who prefer to have their own two-seat row.

Each British Airways premium economy seat has a large, bright 12-inch touchscreen with seemingly endless entertainment options. This is a substantial upgrade from what British Airways offered prior to a recent cabin refresh.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Below the in-flight entertainment screen, British Airways installed a storage tray. This provides a convenient place to store your phone, passport, boarding pass or other items you want nearby — but not in your pockets — while in-flight.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

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In addition to bigger and better seats, British Airways provides notably better food and drink service in premium economy compared to economy.

This elevated service starts before the wheels even leave the ground. Flight attendants pass through the cabin offering pre-departure beverages of orange juice or water, served in real glassware. Although sparkling wine is available in-flight, it's not available on the ground in the World Traveller Plus cabin.

In-flight, British Airways advertises that World Traveller Plus passengers get "two delicious meals, complimentary bar service including signature cocktails (or mocktail)."

Here's what that looks like in practice.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Flight attendants pass through the cabin shortly after takeoff to provide a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. In my experience, flight attendants proactively provide doubles of alcoholic beverages. Plus, you'll get a choice of wine to go with your dinner.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

For meal choices, menus aren't provided to passengers. Instead, flight attendants note the meal options as they pass through the cabin. British Airways offers two options — typically one vegetarian and one meat-based meal. Meals are generally served with a salad, a packaged roll, a dessert and a choice between several types of wines — typically two reds and two whites.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

While the first meal is hot and meets premium economy standards, the second is generally a cold, packaged meal served in a brown paper bag. Although perfectly adequate, I haven't found this meal to be particularly "delicious" — falling short of what British Airways advertises.

British Airways premium economy doesn't just provide bigger seats and better meals. British Airways World Traveller Plus passengers also get better amenities and additional perks like priority boarding.

British Airways premium economy amenity kit, pillow and blanket

At boarding, World Traveller Plus seats are typically stocked with a small pillow, blanket and a plastic-wrapped package including noise-canceling headphones and an amenity kit.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The British Airways premium economy amenity kit includes socks, an eye mask, lip balm, a pen, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Earplugs are available on request.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Other perks of British Airways premium economy

Extra baggage allowance: British Airways premium economy typically allows two free checked bags at no additional cost. Comparatively, some British Airways economy fares are "hand baggage only" and charge up to $175 each way for two checked bags.

Priority boarding: British Airways World Traveller Plus passengers board no later than Group 3 boarding. Meanwhile, economy boarding groups stretch to Group 9.

Universal power outlets: The recent refresh to British Airways economy cabins only provides USB power outlets in economy. However, you'll still find two universal power outlets between each pairing of World Traveller Plus seats in addition to a USB outlet.

Unsurprisingly, you can expect to pay more than economy — but less than business class — if you want to fly in the premium economy cabin on British Airways.

We did a fare search for a roundtrip flight from New York-John F. Kennedy to London and found that on the 7:35 p.m. flight, premium economy ($1,162) is more than double the cost of economy ($532) and only slightly cheaper than business class ($1,222).

A flight departing just 30 minutes later (and landing in London-Gatwick) was an even worse deal, offering a $608 premium economy seat, which was nearly triple the cost of economy ($233). Business class was significantly more expensive at nearly $3,000.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

On the return leg, premium economy was $851, compared to $504 in economy and $1,540 in business class.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

If you chose the more affordable outgoing option in premium economy, you’d be looking at $1,459 total for the round-trip flight, compared to $737 in economy. The cheapest round-trip business class option would cost $2,762.

There are a few ways to save money when booking the Traveller Plus cabin on British Airways.

1. Get $65-$200 off as an AARP member

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

If you’re a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), when you book a roundtrip transatlantic flight on British Airways, you can save $65 off economy or premium economy seats and $200 off business class. Although $65 isn’t a huge discount, it could help offset the difference between economy and premium economy.

Although AARP is a nonprofit organization that offers money-saving benefits for Americans over 50, you do not need to be 50 to join. You just need to sign up and the benefits are yours to enjoy. The standard cost of the membership ranges is $16 per year, but the price could be lower depending on how long you want to commit.

Check Cashback Monitor to see if there are any shopping portals offering bonus points for signing up for an AARP membership.

2. Book a British Airways flight through a shopping portal

Another way to save money on your premium economy fare on British Airways is to purchase the ticket through a shopping portal. Browse through Cashback Monitor to see what the current savings are.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The search result shows that Top Cashback is offering up to 1.51% cash back on British Airways. However, you need to look at the details to make sure that the flight qualifies for the discount.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Clicking on the Top Cashback link shows that the discount on long-haul flights is only 1.01%. So, if you were to book a $1,000 premium economy ticket and click through Top Cashback, you would earn $10.10 in cash, which isn’t much but still provides some savings.

» Learn more: How to earn extra points & miles shopping online

3. Use a British Airways credit card to save 10% and statement credits

The British Airways Visa Signature® Card offers several money saving perks on purchase of British Airways flights.

Cardholders get a 10% discount on all British Airways flights originating in the U.S. You would need to book the flight on ba.com/chase10 and use the promotion code CHASEBA10. Assuming you book a $1,000 premium economy ticket, you’d save $100 off that flight.

Cardholders who book award flights to London can earn statement credits of $100 in economy and premium economy and $200 in first and business class. The statement credits can be earned three times per year, maxing out at $600. To earn the credits, cardholders will need to use the British Airways Visa Signature® Card to pay for award taxes, fees and carrier surcharges on the award flight.

This is a useful benefit, especially since taxes and fuel surcharges on British Airways award tickets can be extraordinarily high.

If you have British Airways Avios, you can also use those points to book an award flight. Here’s an example flight search from New York-JFK to London-Heathrow showing three available classes:

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

If we compare the pricing, in economy, the ticket costs 25,000 Avios + $100 in taxes. Premium economy costs 42,500 Avios + $280 in taxes. British Airways adds on high taxes and fuel surcharges so you’ll need to weigh the price in miles (+ taxes) against a cash ticket.

Using our $608 premium economy flight example from above, if you were to pay for this seat in Avios, you’d extract 0.8 cent per mile ($608 - $280 / 42,500). NerdWallet values British Airways Avios at 0.8 cent per mile when redeemed for economy fares. This probably isn’t the highest value per point you’ll find at the premium economy level, but it’s about the same number of points that you would expect to pay in economy. If the flight in cash was more expensive, using Avios for the award ticket would be much more justifiable.

Another factor to consider is that British Airways used a distance based award chart , so the cost of the flight in Avios will depend on how far away your origin is from your destination.

» Learn more: The guide to British Airways Executive Club

British Airways premium economy is found on all long-haul international aircraft. This includes British Airways:

Airbus A350-1000 aircraft.

Airbus A380-800 aircraft.

Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft.

Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft.

British Airways passengers can upgrade to premium economy using cash or Avios — either in advance or at the airport. However, you cannot purchase an upgrade once onboard. The cash upgrade price generally depends on the route and availability. However, Avios upgrade prices are set based on the Avios award price difference between the two cabins.

» Learn more: How (and why) to upgrade your British Airways flight using Avios

Thanks to a recent cabin refresh, the British Airways cabin now appears fresh and sharp. British Airways premium economy consists of four to nine rows of seating — depending on the aircraft — and is found between the business class and economy cabins. Each row is configured with two window seats on each side and either three or four seats in the middle section.

Yes, British Airways premium economy earns more British Airways Avios — or miles if you credit flights to another mileage program. When crediting flights to the British Airways Executive Club, you'll earn Avios at a rate of 100% or 150% of the flight miles, depending on the fare you book. Comparatively, you earn as few as 25% of flight miles when booking economy fares.

Likewise, American Airlines flyers earn up to four times more base AAdvantage miles when booking premium economy than economy. Since Loyalty Points are based on mileage earnings, you'll also earn quadruple the elite status credits. These extra miles and elite status credits can help justify the increased cost of premium economy for those debating if it's worth upgrading.

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» Learn more:

How (and why) to upgrade your British Airways flight using Avios

How to choose which airline miles to earn from your flights

British Airways premium economy represents a significant step up from economy. You'll get a bigger seat with extra legroom and recline. Plus, passengers get better food and drink options along with extra perks like priority boarding and extra baggage allowance. And mileage collectors and elite status members will appreciate earning extra miles and elite-status credits.

(Top photo courtesy of British Airways)

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2024 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

On a similar note...

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

World Traveller Plus

Welcome to World Traveller Plus, our premium economy cabin. With fewer rows, the cabin is quieter, more spacious, and more exclusive than World Traveller.

A premium experience

  • A separate, smaller cabin with wider seats and more legroom
  • Two delicious meals and complimentary bar service
  • A personal entertainment system with noise-cancelling headphones
  • A stylish amenity kit made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Access to in-seat power
  • More free baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding

Upgraded seat and amenities

The seats on our premium economy flights are wider, with greater recline, lumbar support, a head and foot rest, plus extra leg room to stretch out. Each seat also has its own power supply, so you can use your devices on board. A few of our aircraft might need you to bring your own adaptor if they aren’t sold on board.

Our stylish quilt and cushion adds an extra layer of comfort when it’s time to rest, and we’ll give you a special amenity kit designed with sustainability in mind. The bag is made using material from recycled plastic bottles and includes all the essentials. Relax with lip balm, an eye mask, a pen, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, with earplugs also available on request.

Delightful dining experience

In World Traveller Plus you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine after take-off and a starter, main and dessert with our dining service. During your flight we'll deliver snacks, hot, cold and alcoholic drinks to your seat.

In-flight entertainment

Stay connected to the world below or relax and leave it all behind in our World Traveller Plus cabin. You can lose yourself for hours in a blockbuster film or gripping series thanks to our huge on-demand entertainment library.

  • A personal flat screen and noise-cancelling headphones
  • High-speed Wi-Fi on most aircraft
  • Access to Paramount+ with hundreds of the latest films and shows, as well as music, audio books and games

Treat yourself to the airport lounge

Sit back and relax before your flight with Lounge Pass, your key to non-British Airways airport lounges across the globe, no matter what airline you are flying with or cabin you are travelling in. Enjoy light refreshments such as alcohol and food, Wi-Fi and a selection of newspapers and magazines while you wait to board, plus Executive Club Members can collect 5 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spent.

Double baggage allowance

Baggage allowances.

World Traveller Plus’ generous baggage allowance means you can pack more for your trip. Bring both a cabin bag and laptop or handbag on board, as well as up to two bags in the hold.

Some routes and tickets come with an even greater allowance, and extra bags can be added for a fee.

Doorstep baggage pick-up & check-in

AirPortr can collect your baggage from your doorstep, securely transport it to the airport, and check it in for your flight for you. This means that you can travel to the airport luggage-free and head straight to security when you arrive. This service is only available for flights departing from Heathrow, Gatwick, Geneva, Zurich and Vienna.

Aircraft variations

Wherever and whenever you fly World Traveller Plus you can expect the same top quality food, drink and premium service by our attentive crew. A few of the cabin design elements may vary by aircraft.

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British Airways World Traveller Plus Review: Is it Worth It? 2024

By: Author Amanda OBrien

Posted on Last updated: 28/09/2023

In 2017 I flew premium economy with Qantas Sydney to Hong Kong return. It was a fantastic experience.

In fact, it was so good it made me question if I could really justify the extra amount to fly business class if it wasn’t an Australia – Europe/US flight.

So when was looking at flying from London to New York – and then Los Angeles to London return – I thought I would give British Airways World Traveller Plus a shot. Which I did back in 2018 and I recently flew with British Airways World Traveller Plus post-Covid in 2022.

I’m going to kick off with an update from 2022 when I flew from Portland to London Heathrow with British Airways in premium economy. My older review involved flying out of London Heathrow so it has quite a bit of information on checking in at Heathrow etc.

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  • British Airways World Traveller Plus 2022 update

Table of Contents

British Airways World Traveller Plus Review (2017): Online Check-In

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After a long break flying with British Airways in World Traveller Plus I signed up again to try them out in July of 2022. I was flying from London to Washington DC , and then home to London out of Portland. I received an offer that was too good to refuse to upgrade to business class on the flight from Heathrow to Washington DC. This review update covers the Portland to London Heathrow leg in premium economy.

britishairways premium economy seat

I somehow managed to end up on British Airways’s first (not sure if this is the first ever flight but it was certainly the first for a while) direct flight out of Portland to Heathrow. Everyone was in a great mood and there was even cake and sandwiches at the boarding gate for everyone!

britishairways premium economy cabin

As such, we had a very nice new 787 that I believe was a Dreamliner. Few things make me happier than realizing that I am on a relatively new plane as it always means a huge improvement in the premium economy experience.

britishairways premium economy individual seat

When I mentioned to the crew that Virgin Atlantic offers its premium economy passengers prosecco the attendant even went and got me a glass of champagne from business class! As I said, all were in a joyous mood.

britishairways premium economy wing

To be honest, not a lot has changed since the last time I flew World Traveller Plus with British Airways. The 787 I was on had only three rows of premium economy seats. I quite liked this as it normally means faster service and I feel more of a sense of space when the area is smaller. The seat layout was 2-3-2.

britishairways premium economy screen

I had booked in my window seat when I booked the flight as I always do on overnight flights (I find it worth it to pay a bit extra at booking to achieve this).

One thing that has improved is the quality of the headphones in premium economy which are now noise cancelling. Also, the quality of the food on offer has improved. I enjoyed a very nice steak.

britishairways premium economy meal

The Dreamliner 787 also has new touch-operated window screens and better cabin pressurization. If you are able to choose your flight and can see the different planes available, I suggest checking to find the Dreamliner 787 option for world traveller plus as it is definitely a step above premium economy on some of BA’s other planes.

british airways premium economy window adjustment

Unfortunately, things with British Airways World Traveler plus did not get off to a good start. Two days before my flight I went on to the British Airways app and was able to reserve one of the aisles British Airways Premium Economy seats – great.

The next day, when I went to actually check in online I was told that my passport number was wrong and that I wasn’t able to check in.

I then had issues with my uber so only arrived at the airport 90 minutes before my British Airways flight.

british airways world traveller plus seats

I went and used the check-in machine for my premium economy British Airways flight and my seat had changed to a window – which was good news for me. Then I went to the desk for bag drop.

When the attendant is on the phone for some time when all you do is drop your bag, it is not a good sign. I was told by the attendant that I had been “sneaky” taking the window seat.

I was quite annoyed by this and asked how could I be sneaky when the app had done this for me. I was then told that they had overbooked business class and that seat had been meant for someone who was being downgraded to premium economy on British Airways – which meant they now wanted to move me to British Airways economy class.

I was so annoyed. It really makes me furious when airlines do this. Or should I say when British Airways do this as they are the only airline that has tried to bump me from flights several times due to overbooking.

In what other industry would an organization take your money ahead of time and then when you turned up to experience that service be told that you couldn’t as they had overbooked – and that apparently this was fine?

world traveller plus amenities kit and headphones

It is a major problem as a solo traveler as we are at the top of the list when it comes to who gets bumped first when it comes to air travel.

A British Airways staff member once told me that the safest people were those also flying with British Airways from a connecting airport eg Manchester to London and then on to say NY, followed by groups, followed by families and then by couples.

Only the male solo traveler is worse off than the female solo traveler. My annoyance was greater as I had injured my ankle in Nepal earlier that year and absolutely could not have sat in an economy seat for several hours without problems.

Luckily I had a letter from my doctor with me (I had it in case my ankle got worse and I needed medical treatment) so I was able to produce this and say I had to stay in British Air premium economy.

I ended up in British Airways Economy Plus but not without quite a bit of undue stress and frustration. This experience alone has been enough to really put me off flying with British Airways.

I do find it outrageous that you can be potentially bumped like this – and that the staff always seem to act like this is of no consequence and why are you getting upset? OK rant over!

british airways world traveller plus in flight features list

Anyway, the flight was then at Gate A10 at Terminal 5, which means a very long bus trip. I thought we were driving to New York.

BA World Traveller Plus also means no lounge access and no priority seating.

The British Airways World Traveller Plus 777 plane was a little old and compared to Qantas it felt a lot less spacious. The seat layout was 4 in the middle and 2 on each side.

I was on the side thank goodness. I would have been very unhappy to have paid for premium economy and to have had one of the extreme middle seats.

I often wonder who ends up in these seats – are they the people that don’t make sure they do early online check-in? Or maybe they are more tolerant than me.

british airways premium economy headphones

British Airways Premium Economy 747 has good quality headphones which were nice. The British Airways premium economy product also does have a very good in-flight entertainment system.

The British Airways Premium Economy in-flight amenity kit was not bad – socks, eye mask, earplugs, toothbrush and a pen. Great idea to have a pen as everyone needs one on a flight.

There is a lot of legroom and the seats are comfortable on the British Airways 787 Premium Economy flight. I was also pleased to see that there were 2 USB ports in the seat ahead and then 2 power points between the seats.

The food was a big positive for this World Traveller plus review 777 writer. It did feel like an upgrade from economy. We were also offered a lovely glass of sparkling wine before take-off.

british airways world traveller plus main meal

One of my favourite features of British Airways premium economy 777 is that they have a very useful brochure which explains all the features and benefits of the world traveler plus seat – this is such a good idea.

Every premium economy and business class seat is different and you don’t want to miss out when good features can be used.

There was also a good-sized storage locker next to the window which was handy – another reason trying to get the window seat is one of my top tips.

british airways premium economy storage locker for window seats

In March 2018 British Airways made major upgrades to its World Traveller and British Airways Premium Economy 777 cabins at Gatwick on their Boeing 777s.

Both cabins have had their entertainment screens increased by 50% in size. I’m looking forward to checking out the new six-way headrest.

Interestingly these new planes will feature a considerable increase in the number of World Traveller Plus seats – coming from a reduction in Club World. Premium Economy is on the rise.

So what about the rest of the fleet? World Traveller Plus is a major improvement on World Traveller, which doesn’t offer the best seats. Also, there are few opportunities to upgrade within World Traveller – apart from the exit rows.

If you have a long flight or an overnight flight I think the upgrade cost is absolutely worth it.

Theoretically, being in BA World Traveller Plus means it is easier/more likely that you can be upgraded to Club World. BA does offer paid opportunities for upgrades but not all the time – and not necessarily at the best prices.

The best way to check if this is an option for your flight is to visit the Manage My Booking page. The price generally varies between 400 and 700 GBPs.

For frequent flyers, Avios points are a good option for upgrading – or combining Avios points with payment. It is not normally the best use of Avios to upgrade (they tend to be their most effective for less-visited longer trips in economy class in my experience) but it is a good option.

Finally, if you are a frequent flyer and flying World Traveller Plus there is a greater opportunity for an upgrade. This will most likely happen when World Traveller Plus has been booked out and business class has seats.

uniformed army officers in london

Overall, the seat itself is the key difference between world traveller and world traveller plus on British Airways.

On Qantas and other airlines, there does feel like there is more of a difference between the two cabins – particularly when it comes to service.

I was flying with British Airways when they were having extensive problems as an airline so it could not have been fun to be working for them at that time.

However, I am paying the extra and in my view, I do expect a slightly better service. I would hesitate to take British Airways Premium Economy again – mostly driven by nearly being downgraded to economy.

I don’t want to have to worry about this when I am headed to Heathrow. I, of course, would fly with them if there was a good enough deal, but they have certainly moved down my list after this experience.

Here is BA’s full rundown on their premium economy offer and The Telegraph’s Comparisons of Premium Economy Offers including British Airways Premium Economy Reviews

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britishairways premium economy seat

World traveller plus on British Airways is premium economy. This is a class between economy and business class.

seats and corridor at british airways business class lounge heathrow terminal 5

No, you do not get lounge access with a British Airways World Traveller Plus ticket.

BA World Traveller Plus Review

Yes, World Traveller Plus travelers on British Airways get priority boarding and check-in.

back of the seat with screen and usb ports british airways world traveller plus

No, World Traveller Plus customers on British Airways do not get to use the fast track queue for security.

britishairways premium economy individual seat

The seats in British Airways World Traveller Plus generally have a 38 inch pitch and are 18.5 inches wide. The seats are 1 inch wider than economy and the pitch is 7 inches greater than economy.

I use Skyscanner for all my flights – from economy through to business – click here to Check out SkyScanner 

Artist Residence is located in Pimlico which is fabulously central. It is in a gorgeous 5 store regency building and has a cute bar.

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The Portobello Hotel is located in one of London’s best known and cutest neighbourhoods Notting Hill. This is also the hotel where Kate Moss and Johnny Depp filled up the bath with champagne.

Notting Hill London Portobello Hotel bedroom with wallpaper

The hotel is located on a quiet street but is a great location.

the tower of london seen from the thames

The Great Northern Hotel is ridiculously close to Kings Cross and St Pancras stations which is incredibly convenient. The hotel dates back to 1854 but has had a major refurb so it feels fresh and modern.

The Hoxton hotel is in the heart of East London in Shoreditch and is a perfect base for exploration. The rooms aren’t huge but the location makes up for it – as does the great value for London with rooms starting at £99 a night.

Regent Street in London with red buses

I covered the cost of my flights on British Airways Premium Economy. This post on British Airways world traveller plus contains affiliate links. That means if you click on them and end up making a purchase on that website I will receive a small commission. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.


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My review of British Airways World Traveller Plus

Amanda O’Brien is the creator and editor of The Boutique Adventurer. She has visited 80 countries and is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers as well as the IFTWTA. She is passionate about wine had has just completed Level 3 of the WSET. Born in Australia, she lives in London.

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Journeying John

Sunday 5th of March 2023

Glad your food was ok and an upgrade but I have to reportthe reverse, bith in and oit of India, there was no choice and what was actually served was worse than mkat carriers economy meals. As for BA's IT systems and contempt for customers who habe paid for a service they don't recieve. Your experience is far from unique and I wonder if you would ever have got any form of compensation had you not had the ankle injury. BA or the UK brand of IAG are #BestAvoided today.

Amanda OBrien

Wednesday 15th of March 2023

I doubt it on the compensation front John! Luckily BA seems to be getting better but I am still nervous about being kicked off flights when I am travelling solo


Tuesday 21st of February 2023

Interesting you had problems with entering your passport information when checking-in. This has happened twice to me using the BA website. The two occasions have been years apart so BA have not fixed their website.

I eventually found a telephone number to call for website support and after about 40 minutes the agent was able to get my passport info to take. It was very frustrating, especially after paying for the upgrade to World Traveler Plus, the taking more money part of their website works very well.

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Is British Airways Premium Economy Worth The Upgrade?

  • Premium economy, known as World Traveller Plus on British Airways, offers better seating and a smaller cabin for a more comfortable flight experience.
  • World Traveller Plus fares offer additional luggage allowance and faster check-in on the ground, while in the air, service is faster and meals have more choice.
  • Upgrading to World Traveller Plus can earn you additional Avios and Tier Points, making it a valuable option for frequent flyers chasing status.

Premium economy has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more airlines introducing the cabin between economy and business class. British Airways is no exception, and the airline has a good, but not top-rated, cabin and service on offer.

British Airways World Traveller Plus

Like many airlines, British Airways offers a premium economy cabin on long haul flights. It was one of the first airlines globally to do so. The cabin is now offered on all its long-haul widebody aircraft and routes.

British Airways names its cabin products differently. Premium economy is known as World Traveller Plus (with economy class being World Traveller, and business class Club World). The World Traveller Plus cabin is an upgraded offering over an increasingly cramped World Traveller cabin, but it is far from the flatbeds and better service in Club World.

Of course, the value of any cabin upgrade depends on the price. As with any airline, there are large variations in this. On many routes, however, British Airways prices World Traveller Plus very competitively (this is not usually the case with Club World). The cabin can be available for a relatively small price increase, especially during regular sales and promotions.

It is also possible to upgrade to World Traveller Plus using Avios – see our guide to using Avios for more details.

Better seating and a smaller cabin

The main reason to upgrade to the World Traveller Plus is for the improved seating. This generally makes for a much more comfortable flight and is a major consideration on long routes. A day flight to New York might not be worlds apart, but you will really notice the difference on a 14-hour overnight Asian flight.

While there can be small differences between aircraft, British Airways typically offers reclining seats with 38 inches of legroom (seat pitch) and a seat width of around 18.5 inches. This compares with a standard in World Traveller of 31 inches pitch and 17.5 inches width. Seating information here is based on seatguru.com .

The cabin is also smaller, leading to a (hopefully) more relaxing experience and better service. On the Boeing 787-9 there are 29 seats (compared to 127 seats in World Traveller), rising to 56 on the A350-1000 (against 219 in the World Traveller cabin).

There are other small improvements over the World Traveller seat. There is a fold-out leg rest, a larger tray table, and larger fixed armrests. There is no real additional storage (the exception being on the Airbus A380 where there are side storage panels for the window seats).

The seat-back screen is slightly larger, and you are (usually) offered better noise-canceling headsets. The entertainment system is the same (albeit very good) as other cabins, and there is no included WiFi or additional benefits.

Read about the best premium economy cabins on offer

Better service – on the ground and in the air

On the ground, there are some important differences. World Traveller Plus fares (paid or upgraded) offer an additional luggage allowance (of two checked-in bags). This could be an expensive addition if needed on a normal economy fare. Mid and top-tier Executive Club members (and one world equivalents) can take an additional bag as well. You will also get faster check-in (usually with dedicated World Traveller Plus desks) but not access to fast-track security or any departure lounges.

In the air, the differences are arguably smaller. There is no pre-departure drinks service (although this was offered in the past, so may change again). Main meals in theory have more choice (although in recent experience, I have come across very limited loading of some options), and the drinks menu is largely the same. With the smaller cabin, service is usually much faster (especially useful on a night flight when you want to rest as soon as possible).

Flight Review: Hong Kong to London In Premium Economy On British Airways' Boeing 787-9

Don’t forget avios and tier points.

As a final consideration for upgrading, bear in mind the value of the additional Avios and Tier Points. Now that British Airways Executive Club has switched to a revenue-based earning method for Avios, this is much less of a consideration. But if you want to be strategic (and are not interested in status with Executive Club), you could credit flights to many alternative one world loyalty programs (such as Qatar Airways) and earn based on the cabin and flight length. Premium economy traditionally earns much higher here than economy fares.

Love learning about points and miles? Read more of our loyalty news and guides here .

If you are chasing status with Executive Club, choosing a World Traveller Plus fare will make a big difference. On a return flight from London to Hong Kong, for example, any World Traveller Plus fare will earn 200 Tier Points – in the lowest World Traveller fares, this would be just 40 Tier Points (rising to 160 Tier Points for expensive full-fare tickets).

Have you flown British Airways World Traveller Plus? Would you like to share your experiences and value you see in the upgrade to the cabin? Feel free to do so in the comments section below.

British Airways


Airline Type: Full Service Carrier

Hub(s): London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport

Year Founded: 1974

Alliance: oneworld

Airline Group: IAG

CEO: Sean Doyle

Country: United Kingdom

Loyalty Program: British Airways Executive Club

Region: Europe

Is British Airways Premium Economy Worth The Upgrade?


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SamChui.com logo

Inside the British Airways A350-1000

' src=

British Airways (BA) has taken delivery of its first A350-1000. In total, BA has ordered 18 A350-1000s.

a close up of a plane

Seating plan

The British Airways A350-1000 has a capacity of 331 passengers in three class layout including: 56 Club Suites, 56 World Traveller Plus and 219 World Traveller Economy seats.

This is the seating layout for the British Airways Airbus A350-1000

BA Airbus A350-1000 layout

Club World Suite

The first new Business Class seat for British Airways in 13 years. The airline's sophisticated and newly-branded 'Club Suite' offers: direct-aisle access, a suite door for greater privacy and a luxurious flat-bed seat in a 1-2-1 configuration.

a seat with a pillow on it

Club World Suite Business Class spans across 2 cabins, with 44 suites in the first cabin and 12 suites in the second, quieter, mini cabin. There is a Club World kitchen (bar) in between the 2 Club World Suite cabins.

a beverage dispenser with bottles and glasses

World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)

The new British Airways A350 will feature the latest World Traveller Plus cabin (56 seats) with new furnishings, including: a plush new pillow and a warm quilt, new amenity kits, an enhanced service and an improved dining experience.

a row of seats in a plane

The World Traveller (Economy)

The World Traveller (Economy) cabin offers 219 seats. Seat pitch is 32" between seats. The whole airplane is equipped with Wi-Fi. Taking a look at the seat plan , the best seats in Economy are 31C and 31H

a row of seats in an airplane

Fact Sheet of BA A350-1000

a close-up of a poster

Where will the BA A350-1000 fly?

BA, celebrating its 100 th anniversary, will initially use the aircraft to fly between London and Madrid, to allow the airline's teams to familiarise themselves prior to flying long-haul routes from September. The A350 is expected to operate on flight BA464/465 between London and Madrid between August 6 and August 31, 2019 . (except on 13th, 23rd, 24th and 31st).

The A350 will start long haul service in September 2019, with Dubai and Toronto as the launch routes. Tel Aviv and Bangalore will be the next two destinations to be added to the A350 flying programme, later in the winter 2019/2020 season.

  • The A350 will fly to Dubai as of September 2nd 2019
  • The A350 will fly to Toronto as of October 1st 2019
  • The A350 will fly to Tel Aviv as of December 1st 2019
  • The A350 will fly to Bangalore as of January 1st 2020

During this period another three A350 aircraft will join the British Airways fleet and two Boeing 777 aircraft will also be retrofitted with the new cabin.

At the start of 2020, British Airways will be rolling out its Club Suite on further long-haul aircraft across the network, except for the Boeing 747.

Alex Cruz, British Airways' Chairman and CEO, said:

"The arrival of our first A350 featuring our new Club Suite is one of the most exciting developments in our £6.5 billion investment programme."

I will be on-board a media flight on BA A350-1000 from London to Madrid to experiencer the interior further.

I toured Air India's new Airbus A350 — which it hopes will compete with elite competitors like Emirates and Qatar. See inside.

  • Air India unveiled its first-ever Airbus A350 at the Wings Airshow in Hyderabad this month.
  • The aircraft features a new-and-improved cabin  complete with privacy doors in business class.
  • After touring the A350, I think customers will be pleased with the upgrades.

Insider Today

Air India welcomed its new Airbus A350 in December — a first for the nation's flag carrier — and it's an incredible improvement from the airline's notoriously mediocre product.

The next-generation aircraft represents a new era for Air India, which debuted the Airbus model on Monday. The carrier has been undergoing a transformation since October 2021, when it was privatized by the Tata Group after years of decline under government control.

To see the progress, I toured Air India's new A350 widebody at the Wings Airshow in Hyderabad last week — and I think customers have a lot to look forward to.

After being nationalized by the Indian government in the 1950s, the Tata Group bought back Air India in October 2021.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Air India started as Tata Air Mail in 1928 before officially being established as India's first commercial airline in 1932.

The full-circle moment represents a much-needed change for Air India as its reputation has turned sour over the decades.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Air India is notorious for its sometimes crummy product and unreliability, but the Tata takeover signals what it hopes is a new direction for the carrier.

Back in its heyday, Air India was considered the gold standard for air travel with fancy on board lounges and elite premium seats.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Singapore Airlines — today considered one of the best airlines in the world — actually used Air India as inspiration for its business model.

Under government ownership, however, the carrier found itself in disarray.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Air India faced years of financial struggles, taking losses year after year despite joining international partnerships like the Star Alliance.

Most representative of its decline are its planes, which Air India let deteriorate to the point where seats were regularly broken and dirty.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Customers commonly complain of broken seats, long delays, and unclean cabins, according to TripAdvisor reviews.

This caused some customers to turn to competing carriers like American Airlines or United Airlines when flying from the US to India.

For instance, a reporter at The Points Guy said Air India's business class was the "worst" she ever flew.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The review from Samantha Rosen was in 2020, before the Tata takeover.

Rosen's story came three years after another TPG reporter, Zach Honig, published a story titled "20 Things I Hated About My Air India Business-Class Flight to NYC."

And Reuters has cited challenges the Tata Group would face, pointing to Air India's "worn-out fleet" and business-class seats in "poor repair."

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

"If you don't have newer airplanes or airplanes that are reliable, no matter what you do, you are going to have a problem," an unnamed aviation industry executive told Reuters in October 2021, shortly after Tata won the bid for Air India.

The New York Times has reported a similar state of affairs, noting poor customer service and delayed flights.

The airline had struggled with punctuality, with its on-time performance historically regularly below standard.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

On-time performance is a focal point for new management, and Air India has had some good months since privatization — like in October 2022, when it had a 90% on-time rate, Simple Flying reported.

Still, the carrier has had its bad months. For example, in November 2023, its on-time performance dropped to 62.5%, according to the Times of India .

While other airlines like Emirates have kept up with customer expectations in an ever-changing industry, Air India simply let its product slip.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Asian and Gulf competitors, including Singapore, Qatar, Etihad, and Emirates, are considered today's top-tier for service and comfort, thanks to the upgrades they've made to their products over the years.

This includes Qatar's Q-Suite business class , for example, and Emirates' new Airbus A380 premium economy.

In an interview with Air India’s new CEO, Campbell Wilson, he acknowledged the airline’s various product faults to Business Insider.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

"We acknowledge we've got a way to go, but despite the shortcomings we have, we want to at least be as good as we can and make updates in key areas," Wilson said.

However, he pointed out the millions in dollars of investments the airline has made in the two years since Tata took over.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

These include $400 million in cabin refurbishments that Air India hopes will bring renewed comfort to its long-haul fleet.

For example, Air India plans to modernize its legacy Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 widebodies, which will be complete by the end of 2025.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

"By the end of 2025, the entire legacy widebody fleet will also be upgraded to match what we're getting on the A350," Wilson said, "So, essentially, our fleet will be completely reborn by then."

But one of the most noteworthy moves is the 470-strong order for Airbus and Boeing planes — the first delivery being its new A350-900.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

International routes for the A350 have yet to be announced. For now, the carrier is flying the plane domestically, and its maiden flight was on Monday from Bengaluru to Mumbai.

"At the moment, the A350s are operating flights that wouldn't otherwise exist because they are largely scheduled to accommodate the pilot familiarization process," Wilson told BI, noting the A350s tend to be kept out of places with fog, like Delhi.

Air India officially unveiled the jet at the Wings Airshow in Hyderabad on January 18, and I was among the first to see the interior.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Boeing also showed off its 777X test jet at the airshow, which is the planemaker's newest jet built to compete with the A350.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t say Air India's new product is a significant upgrade — take a look.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Air India expects to take delivery of one new plane every six days throughout 2024, according to the company.

Onboard, passengers will find 316 seats split across three cabins: 28 in business, 24 in premium economy, and 264 in coach.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Similar to Emirates, premium economy is a new addition for Air India.

It is important to note that the interior is that of Russian carrier Aeroflot — it is not Air India’s original design.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

When sanctions tanked Russia's ability to get new planes, Airbus had to reallocate the A350 orders that Aeroflot originally placed.

However, Air India has added its own flare to the product to show off its new-and-improved branding.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Hues of purple — an ode to its merger with Vistara — are spread throughout the cabin.

Starting in business class, customers will find full privacy doors, lie-flat beds, and giant TVs.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

I think the cabin is representative of the "elite" carrier that Air India aims to one day be.

"Fundamentally, what makes a great airline a great airline is its consistency," Wilson told BI. "Then it's the other factors — is it a world-class seat, entertainment, catering, and service? Is the service refined, genuine, and warm? All those things."

The lie-flat bed has plush linens, headphones, an amenity kit, and pajamas for added comfort.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The amenity kit has items like an eyemask, lotion, and toothpaste, and there is no shortage of power as the seat features a USB and universal outlet.

The inflight entertainment system includes over 2,200 hours of streaming with everything from Hollywood to Bollywood.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The same inflight entertainment will be installed on Air India's legacy widebody planes that are undergoing the $400 million retrofit, as well as newly acquired Boeing 777-200LRs and all future widebody planes, according to the airline.

The company acquired the leased 777 jets from airlines like Etihad and Delta to help expand quickly.

Moreover, all customers are set to have direct-aisle access — a significant change to its out-of-date legacy product.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The old cabin is in a 2×3×2 layout, meaning even in business class, customers could find themselves in the dreaded middle seat.

Also featured is tons of storage, including a closet and cubbies.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The old business class seat had barely any storage, so the closet is a key upgrade.

And the soft product is impressively detailed — I could clearly see Air India's new brand identity.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The soft products include things like plates, utensils, the amenity kit, linens, food, and service — so anything not physically attached to the aircraft. The hard product would be the seat itself.

My favorite soft prodcut items, in particular, were the purple cheese plate and the convertible pillow.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

When pieced together, the plate resembled the new " Vista " logo that looks like a gold window frame. Meanwhile, the two-in-one pillow can be changed into a mattress pad.

Behind business class, Air India has incorporated premium economy in a 2x4x2 layout.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Premium economy is becoming popular among international airlines as a middle ground between coach and business class.

These seats are bigger than regular coach and have added amenities, like more storage and legroom.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The legroom in premium economy is 38 inches, and the seat width is 18.5 inches, according to Air India. Customers will also enjoy nice linens and headphones.

The 13.3-inch seatback screen and legrest are also features absent in regular economy.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Premium economy customers can kick their legs up and relax thanks to the legrest.

The back of the plane features Air India's new economy cabin, configured in a 3x3x3 layout.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

The A350 can accommodate 10 abreast seats, but Air India wanted to offer more space to customers and decided to install rows of nine instead.

The seat is up to par with competitors, with 31 inches of pitch and the regular bells and whistles of a modern coach product.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Customers will find a headrest, seatback pocket, seatback screen, power ports, a blanket and pillow, and a good recline.

I did notice a few added touches, including the cupholder that could have been inspired by Singapore.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

I like a cupholder because it means I don't have to have the tray table out anytime I get a drink. A similar one is featured in Singapore's A380 economy cabin.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Air India's new long-haul cabin.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

After flying on Air India's legacy 777 in both economy and business, the A350 is a night-and-day difference.

I think the sliding door was a good decision, and a staple feature that customers look for in a top tier business class.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Singapore's A350 business class lacks a sliding door, which I think was a missed opportunity for the airline.

Meanwhile, I don't think customers need to dread flying economy anymore.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

When I flew Air India's legacy economy last week, my entire seat was broken — including the inflight entertainment, so it was a rough journey.

As long as Air India can keep its seats working and stay on course with orders and refurbishments, I have high hopes.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

"The list of things to do at Air India, and the list of opportunities ahead of us, are astonishing," CEO Wilson told BI. "And, in most of these cases, it is not a matter of 'Is there a case to do it?' but 'What do we do first?'"

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

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The best seats on the refurbished British Airways 777 with Club Suite

Christian Kramer

British Airways announced it would be updating its existing fleet with its new Club Suite business-class product, which provides passengers with all-aisle access and a seat that brings the airline in line with most business-class products today. Retrofitting its existing fleet of 100+ long-haul aircraft is a big effort for the airline, and though it aims to have 80% of its fleet flying with the new product by the end of 2022 , it won't be until 2024 that all BA long-haul aircraft will have the new seats.

All new Airbus A350 aircraft have been and will continue to be delivered with the Club Suite product installed . The first refurbished Boeing 777-200 with the new seats re-entered service in October 2019 with registration G-RAES — and there are ways of telling from the outside if your aircraft has the new product installed. These refurbished 777s are planned to be largely four-class Boeing 777-200, as well as some three-class Boeing 777-200 and four-class Boeing 777-300.

Related reading: How to fly the British Airways Club Suite

The upgrade program also sees the airline moving to a much more dense economy class cabin, with 10 seats abreast in a 3-4-3 layout. As we know, not all seats are created equal, so following our series on the best seats on all British Airways aircraft is important. Now, we take a look at where to sit on the refurbished 777-200 in all cabins.

Best first-class seats on the refurbished 777-200

Top picks : 2A and 2K

Though British Airways will be making adjustments to its first class on the 787-10 and rolling out a new seat on the 777-9, which is due to enter service in 2022 , there are no changes to the First seat on the refurbished 777. The main difference is a reduction in cabin size from 14 to just eight, which is the same you'll find on the 787-9 and will also be the case in any future first-class cabins.

First class on the refurbished British Airways B777-200 / Image taken from Expertflyer.com

In small cabins that only span two rows, the difference between seats is somewhat more limited. Generally speaking, as per our guidance for the best First seats , on the 787-9, my pick would be 2A and 2K for solo travelers and 2E and F for couples traveling together. Whilst Row 1 has the prestige factor (who doesn't like 1A, particularly when it's a first-class seat), the galley is at the front of the aircraft, so Row 2 will be quieter. A dividing curtain separates the First and Club World cabins.

First class cabin on the British Airways refurbished B777-200. Image by Christian Kramer / The Points Guy

Best Club Suite seats on the refurbished 777-200

Top picks : 5A and 5K

The reduction of the first-class cabin to eight seats means there's now room for two Club Suite cabins — a mini-cabin in front off the main galley and a larger one just behind.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Though the Club Suite product is a huge improvement on the older Club World seats , I am personally not a fan of big cabins, so my recommendation is always to try to pick a seat in the smaller, mini-cabin. Rows 7 and 8 are close to the galley in the mini-cabin, which is why my top picks are 5A or 5K for solo travelers and 5E and 5F for those traveling with a companion.

The mini-cabin of Club World Suites on the refurbished British Airways B777-200

If you can't get seats in the mini-cabin, I'd go for 11A or 12A or 11K or 12K to have a bit of distance between the galley and toilets.

I've flown in 8K, and it's not actually as in the galley as the seat map suggests. It's a very private seat (no other passenger looking at you), but it is close to the galley, so I avoid this on a night flight.

Seat 8K on the refurbished B777-200

Best World Traveller Plus seats on the refurbished 777-200

Top picks: 20A, 20K, 20B, 20J

As with most premium economy or economy class top picks, the front row gives that extra bit of legroom and the ability to get out of a window seat without needing to disturb one's neighbor.

Premium Economy on the refurbished British Airways B777-200 / Image taken from Expertflyer.com

On this aircraft, 20A and 20K are bassinet seats, meaning they are usually blocked until a few days before the flight. It's worth calling BA 48-72 hours before and try to get those seats. Otherwise, 20B, 20J and 20D and 20G are also good seats.

seats 20A and 20B in World Traveller Plus on the refurbished B777-200

For couples, any of the window and aisle seat combinations will otherwise be good, too.

World Traveller Plus on the refurbished B777-200

Best World Traveller seats on the refurbished 777-200

Top picks: 26A, 26K, 26C, 26H, 25D, 25G. For those travelling with companions: 36A, 36B, 36J, 36K, 37A, 37B, 37J, 37K, 38A, 38B, 38J, 38K.

Apart from introducing the new business-class seats on this aircraft, the refurbishment program is also densifying the economy class cabin and moving from nine abreast to 10 abreast in a 3-4-3 layout. Though the seats are thinner, that means the cabin (and the aisle) is tight.

Economy class on the refurbished British Airways B777-200 / Image taken from Expertflyer.com

That means picking the right seat is even more important and here, the new cabin layout is an interesting one. It's not just the front row seats that are desirable, but also the last few rows where, due to the curvature of the plane, BA has only installed two seats rather than three for the window section.

rows 36 onwards on the refurbished B777-200

My top picks as a solo traveler are 26A or 26K followed by the aisle seats in the front row, though if traveling with another person, rows 36, 37 and 38 provide great options in the A&B and J&K seats.

Row 26 on the refurbished British Airways B772

I would avoid row 39 and 40 as those, in particular row 40, feel like they are in the galley or in the middle of crew working areas.

row 25 on the BA refurbished B777-200

Bottom line

As frequent flyers know, not all seats are created equal, and it's therefore important to pick the right one. The refurbished 777-200 in the British Airways fleet brings a welcome cabin refresh, which sees a reduction in the number of seats in First, the introduction of the Club Suite upfront and the densification of the economy class cabin.

Related reading: How to tell from the outside if your BA plane has Club Suite

There are some good seats to pick on this aircraft as outlined above, and it pays to do some research to understand which version of the 777 you might be flying, as BA now has four versions in its fleet.

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06 June 2023

Emirates airline becomes first launch customer for airbus’ hbcplus agnostic connectivity solution – on its 50 new a350s.

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

  • Integrated line-fit Airbus solution will equip Emirates’ 50 new A350 aircraft with high-bandwidth connectivity and global coverage.
  • State-of-the-art antenna and terminal architecture works seamlessly and flexibly with the airline’s choice of satellite network provider.

Aircraft Interiors Expo, 6 June 2023 – Emirates will become the first airline to operate Airbus’ HBCplus agnostic satcom connectivity solution following its line-fit selection to equip its 50 new A350-900 aircraft with the service. With Emirates’ first A350 aircraft arriving in 2024, and more HBCplus airline customers set to follow across our various aircraft families, Airbus is preparing to ramp-up HBCplus-equipped aircraft.

Airspace Link HBCplus provides satcom based off-board connectivity for the Airspace Link open ecosystem representing an end-to-end Airbus offer, available both in line-fit and retrofit. Initially encompassing Ka-band services, it will enable airlines to connect to a choice of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) via a new certified terminal and radome built as part of the aircraft.

Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer said: “We continue to strive for improvements and make good use of the evolving technology to support our product offering. HBCplus, offered by Airbus, will provide our Airbus A350 fleet with better integration and performance using the latest generation of connectivity and antenna . With the first of our 50 new joining Emirates’ fleet next year, we look forward to providing our passengers with the latest standard of continuous high bandwidth inflight connectivity throughout their journey to enjoy a better experience.”

Andre Schneider, Airbus VP Cabin and Cargo Programme said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Emirates as the first airline to select our agnostic and flexible HBCplus high-bandwidth connectivity solution. As the OEM, we look forward to integrating and delivering state-of-the-art aircraft technology for Emirates , together with our partners Inmarsat and Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI), to deliver a fantastic customer experience through lightning fast internet in-flight .”

HBCplus was launched at Aircraft Interiors Expo in 2022 , in partnership with connectivity specialists Inmarsat as the first managed service provider and SPI as Ka terminal and antenna provider. In the future it is planned to extend HBCplus to include additional MSP choices with Ka- and Ku-band services.

Your contact

Zaid Al-Farah

Communications - Airbus Africa & Middle East

Martin Fendt

Airbus Corporate Communications - Airbus Commercial Aircraft


A350 | More Commonality. Better Integration.

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airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Airbus opens first service centre dedicated to the entire lifecycle of an aircraft

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Airbus partners with CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum to foster Sustainable Aviation Fuel development in India; MoU signing facilitated by the Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India

airbus a350 jet world traveller plus

Airbus delivers on ‘Skill India’, forms JV with Air India to launch pilot training centre, partners with GMR to train maintenance crew

Simple Flying

Japan airlines has operated its 1st airbus a350-1000 flight to new york jfk.

The route will see A350-1000 service every other day until upping to a daily in March.

  • Japan Airlines has successfully operated its first revenue flight of the A350-1000, which marks a milestone in replacing its Boeing 777-300ER fleet.
  • The airline will eventually have a total of 13 A350-1000 aircraft, primarily for routes to European and North American cities.
  • Passengers can expect comfortable journeys onboard the new A350-1000 fleet, which offer a first class cabin, along with business, premium economy, and economy.

Japan Airlines has operated its inaugural A350-1000 flight with a service from Tokyo Haneda to New York JFK on Wednesday. The Japanese carrier will eventually fly 13 of the next-generation widebodies, primarily on routes to major European and North American cities.

JAL debuts the A350-1000

The airline successfully completed its first revenue Airbus A350-1000 service on January 24th - flight JL6 departed Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) at 11:40, touching down on runway 4R at New York JFK Airport (JFK) at 09:31. The milestone flight comes more than four years after JAL first started flying the smaller A350-900 variant in 2019.

Japan's flag carrier took delivery of its first -1000 airframe on December 15th as it begins to replace its Boeing 777-300ER fleet. At the time, the airline said it expected a second plane for delivery before March 31, 2024, which will allow it to operate a daily A350-1000 frequency between HND and JFK.

Data from flight tracking site Flightradar24 shows the plane (registration: JA01WJ) is currently operating the return leg to Tokyo. The return flight (JL5) is on approach to Haneda Airport at the time of publication. JAL's A350-1000s can seat up to 239 passengers in four cabin classes - Simple Flying explored some of the amazing touches and features onboard the widebody in the article below.

First Look: Inside Japan Airlines’ Airbus A350-1000 That’s Packed With New & Unique Features

Alternate days until daily march flights.

As the airline has just a single operational A350-1000 so far, it will only be able to serve HND-JFK every other day until a second airframe is ready to enter service. This is slated for March 2024, upon which the carrier will operate a daily A350 flight.

Discover more aviation news with Simple Flying

The airline's second A350-1000 (registration: JA02WJ) departed Toulouse on January 13th, making a 12-hour trip to Haneda Airport. Once the airline takes delivery of its third -1000 aircraft, it will begin deploying the type on its route to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), but has not hinted at when this might happen.

Modernizing the widebody fleet

JAL long-haul passengers can look forward to comfortable and efficient journeys onboard its new A350-1000 fleet. The carrier will induct 13 of the planes, which boast the lowest seating density among active -1000 operators. In fact, JAL's -1000s will be the only planes of this type to offer a first class cabin (with six suites), alongside its business, premium economy and economy offerings.

80 Aircraft: Which Airlines Are Using The Airbus A350-1000 This Month?

This is in stark contrast to French bee's 480-seat -1000 configuration , which seats 40 in premium economy and 440 in economy.

Have you booked to fly on a Japan Airlines' A350-1000? Let us know your plans in the comments.


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    British Airways' Airbus A350-1000 is the newest aircraft addition to their fleet (July 2019). The modern new aircraft is configured to transport 331 passengers in a three class layout featuring: 56 Club Suites in Club World, 56 recliner seats in World Traveller Plus and 219 standard seats in World Traveller.

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    Registration: G-XWBA Duration: 6 hours 18 minutes Seat: 24A (World Traveler Plus / premium economy) British Airways A350-1000 side view illustration by Norebbo.com Our route from LHR to DXB this afternoon The video Since I'm still a bit behind on my written reviews, chances are pretty good that you've already seen the video I created for BA107.

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    British Airways has officially taken delivery of the very first of 18 new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft on order. On Saturday, G-XWBA made its way from the Airbus plant in Toulouse, France, to its new home at London Heathrow — one day later than originally planned, following a weather delay.

  10. Review of British Airways Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus)

    The Airbus A380 World Traveller Plus cabin is found on the Upper Deck behind the Club World cabin in a 2-4-2 configuration over nine rows, while the Airbus A350 has seven rows in a 2-4-2 configuration. The Boeing 777 fleet varies between three and six rows in a 2-4-2 design, while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft differs between four and six ...

  11. Review: British Airways A350 in economy, London to Dubai

    British Airways launched its first new A350 to great fanfare a few months ago. Much of the excitement centered around the front of the plane, where the all-new Club Suite business-class seat represented the first improvement to the airline's long-haul business class in over a decade. But what about down the back of the bus?

  12. A Tour Around British Airways Brand New Airbus A350-1000 Jet

    Published Jul 30, 2019 Yesterday British Airways revealed their first Airbus A350-1000 to the world. The aircraft contains a brand new cabin, which as well as their brand new Club Suites includes new World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins too. The new cabin is groundbreaking for the airline, and as a result, has been hotly anticipated.

  13. British Airways

    30-10-2020 BRITISH AIRWAYS' A350-1000 Download Factsheet + PDF The Airbus A350 is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft operating in the world today offering a 40% noise footprint and 25% fuel burn reduction compared to other aircraft of a simlar size.

  14. British Airways' "World Traveller Plus" Premium Economy Cabin

    World Traveller Plus. British Airways Airbus A350-1000 Aircraft, World Traveller Plus cabin (Image Credit: British Airways) This article was published in 2019 in a series on the history of British Airways and its predecessors Imperial Airways, BOAC and BEA. You can browse all 100 stories in number order, by theme or by decade.

  15. What Are The Best Seats On British Airways New Airbus A350-1000?

    The World Traveller cabin on the Airbus A350 is where seating gets interesting. While the majority of the cabin is laid out in a 3-3-3 layout, the front row is 2-3-2, while the last row is 2-3-0. So, which seats are best? The layout of the new British Airways A350-1000.

  16. British Airways Premium Economy: What to Know

    British Airways's premium economy class is called World Traveller Plus. The other classes on its flights include economy (Euro Traveller and World Traveller), business class and first...

  17. Airbus A350-1000

    Airbus A350-1000. The Airbus A350-1000 is more environmentally friendly and was the first aircraft type to premiere our Club World cabin - Club Suite. A greener way to fly. The Airbus A350 is one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft operating in the world today. The state-of-the-art aircraft is built from advanced materials.

  18. World Traveller Plus

    World Traveller Plus is British Airways' long-haul premium economy cabin, providing customers with an excellent experience at affordable prices.

  19. The non-reclining economy seats on British Airways' A350s

    The A350-1000 is configured for 331 passengers in three classes, with 219 economy class seats, 56 premium economy and 56 business class seats. Below is the seatmap for the aircraft (taken from the ...

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    If you are able to choose your flight and can see the different planes available, I suggest checking to find the Dreamliner 787 option for world traveller plus as it is definitely a step above premium economy on some of BA's other planes. British Airways World Traveller Plus Review (2017): Online Check-In

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    A lot of excitement in British Airways' 100th year has centered around its new Airbus A350 aircraft with the long overdue and highly publicized new Club Suite business-class product. ... World Traveller Plus flights between London and New York can be a great use of Avios, with one-way redemptions costing 26,000 Avios per person on off-peak days ...

  23. Inside the British Airways A350-1000

    The British Airways A350-1000 has a capacity of 331 passengers in three class layout including: 56 Club Suites, 56 World Traveller Plus and 219 World Traveller Economy seats. This is the seating layout for the British Airways Airbus A350-1000. BA Airbus A350-1000 layout. Club World Suite. The first new Business Class seat for British Airways in ...

  24. The 5 Largest Airbus A350-1000 Fleets

    Top five . Using data retrieved from ch-Aviation, Simple Flying analyzed the world's top five operators of the Airbus A350-1000, seeing two British, two Middle Eastern and one Asian airline featured.Let's look at the data based on active aircraft: Etihad Airways. In fifth place, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, Etihad Airways, is winging passengers around its modest network on five A350-100s, with ...

  25. I toured Air India's new Airbus A350

    But one of the most noteworthy moves is the 470-strong order for Airbus and Boeing planes — the first delivery being its new A350-900. Air India's A350 on display at the Wings Airshow in Hyderabad.

  26. The best seats on the refurbished British Airways 777 with Club Suite

    All new Airbus A350 aircraft have been and will continue to be delivered with the Club Suite product installed. ... World Traveller Plus on the refurbished 777-200. Best World Traveller seats on the refurbished 777-200. Top picks: 26A, 26K, 26C, 26H, 25D, 25G. For those travelling with companions: 36A, 36B, 36J, 36K, 37A, 37B, 37J, 37K, 38A ...

  27. Emirates Airline becomes first launch customer for ...

    Aircraft Interiors Expo, 6 June 2023 - Emirates will become the first airline to operate Airbus' HBCplusagnostic satcom connectivity solution following its line-fit selection to equip its 50 new A350-900 aircraft with the service.

  28. Japan Airlines Has Operated Its 1st Airbus A350-1000 Flight To New York JFK

    JAL debuts the A350-1000. The airline successfully completed its first revenue Airbus A350-1000 service on January 24th - flight JL6 departed Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) at 11:40, touching down on runway 4R at New York JFK Airport (JFK) at 09:31. The milestone flight comes more than four years after JAL first started flying the smaller A350-900 ...