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Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L 2003

We do not have a photograph for Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L

Quick resources for a Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L

mobilvetta euroyacht 195l

Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L sizes

The information shows the sizes / dimensions for the motor caravan in a range of measurements to make the information as helpful as possible.

Spec Metres Centremetres Feet Inches
Length 7.54m 754 cm 24.7312 ft 296.8498 "
Width 2.24m 224 cm 7.3472 ft 88.1888 "
Height 2.79m 279 cm 9.1512 ft 109.8423 "

Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L weights

Weight Kgs CWT (hundred weight)
Unlaiden weight TBA kgs 0 cwt
Payload TBA kgs 0 cwt
Laiden weight 3850 kgs 75.783902626 cwt

Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L Features

Sleeping arrangements.

The 2003 Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L will sleep 5 people.

  • double bed (s)
  • a pull down bed over the cabin area
  • single bed(s)

Travel arrangements

  • 4 belted seats (the number of persons that can be accommodated in the motorhome whilst travelling)

Food preparation and storage

Storage for two gas bottles

Gas storage

The Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L has storage for 2 gas bottles. Many motorhomes use LPG to power ovens, fridges, heaters and water heaters when the motorhome is not connected to mains electricity

Note: where values are shown as 0 or TBA it's because we have not yet found the data for this motorhome. If we are missing any information or if anything is not correct please accept our sincere apologies. If you do find the correct information please do let us know link so that we can improve this page.

Images shown to illustrate the motorhome features are generic and not of this particular vehicle.

If you own one of these vehicles please could we ask a favour for you to send us a photo of your vehicle. We will remove the number plate from the image and resize all you need to to is email us the image. All we ask is that the image is taken by you and its your vehicle.Thanks

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Used ‘van buyer’s guide – Mobilvetta Euroyacht motorhome

If you're searching for used motorhomes for sale but you still want some luxury, we think the Mobilvetta Euroyacht A-class motorhomes are worth considering

Published: October 10, 2014

For top luxury from a used 'van, the experts at Practical Motorhome think the Mobilvetta Euroyacht is well worth considering

Luxurious and powerful, the Mobilvetta Euroyacht A-class motorhomes built between 1996 and 2002 should be on your ‘must-see’ list if you’re thinking of buying a deluxe motorhome.

As we do regularly at Practical Motorhome, online and in the magazine , here we are focusing on a great used mainstream motorhome, giving you expert advice so you are able to buy with confidence. We tell you which is the best of the bunch, what to pay and any problems to look out for.

This time, we are looking at the Iveco-based Mobilvetta Euroyacht. If you are looking for the best luxury used motorhomes for sale, make sure you take a look at some pre-owned Euroyachts. 

Mobilvetta Design began making high-end furniture in 1961 – in 1976 it built its first motorhome. Around 20 years later, the company launched the Euroyacht, which – when coupled with the bombproof twin-rear-wheel-drive Iveco chassis-cowl – resulted in one of the best A-class motorhomes ever built. 

These Italian lovelies really were in a class of their own, featuring 
quality cabinetwork with traditional joinery and radius hardwoods. The high standards of equipment levels and practical, new-to-Britain layouts led to them sailing out of the showroom with ease.

The Iveco-based range kicked off with the 6.8m 170 LX and 175 LX models. The 170 has a forward lounge and a midships kitchen ahead of a rear washroom. The 175, meanwhile, has double and single Pullman dinettes and bunk beds – bringing the sleeping-berth count to seven!

Next up was the 7.45m 180 LX, with a similar lounge to the 170. However, the extra length allows a fixed, European-style corner bed ahead of the full-width rear washroom.

The Mobilvetta Design Euroyacht A-class coachbuilt was built in Barberino Val D’Elsa, Tuscany, Italy between 1996 and 2002. The Euroyacht’s overall length is a modest 6.85m to 7.45m (22ft 6in to 24ft 6in).

So, what should you look out for when looking round a used Mobilvetta Euroyacht at a motorhome dealership? Here are Practical Motorhome’s expert tips to help you buy better. Let’s start with the base vehicle. The 2.5- and 2.8-litre mechanical injection TD units are under-stressed and should – given regular maintenance – last 250,000 miles. On early five-speeders, the first gear was so short that many drivers didn’t bother to use it: so do check that it can still be selected easily.

Some back-axle noise is acceptable, but avoid motorhomes with incontinent gearboxes and rear-axles. Almost all examples of the Mobilvetta Euroyacht are left-hand drive vehicles, which might be an advantage if you spend a lot of time on tour abroad in your motorhome. 

The skirts of the Euroyacht can discolour over time, and the gel coat on the moulded GRP front end cap goes flat! Bargain hard if this is the case, but be prepared to put a lot of effort in if you decide that you want to restore it to its former glory.

The foam in the habitation seat squabs was soft even when new, so this is likely to need replacing for maximum seat comfort. 

So, what do we think of these ‘vans? Here are our likes:

  • Eye-candy good looks
  • Revolutionary (in their day) layouts
  • Twin-rear-wheel drive
  • Easy chassis upgrade

And our dislikes: 

  • Three-piece windscreen has blind spots
  • Challenging access to the in-line engine

What’s our pick of the range? Well, unless you have a large family, go for the Movilvetta Euroyacht 180 LX. We think this is the motorhome that offers the most sensuous luxury. 

But what to pay? Mint examples are available from close to £18,000. Those that have been lived-in and need an interior overhaul are sometimes available on eBay from £10,000 (on European plates).

What alternatives are there? You could also try the  Laika Ecovip 200i and 400i Iveco-based A-class models, or the Mobilvetta Icaro. These have the same layouts and are also based on Iveco vans, but have been built as overcab coachbuilt motorhomes. Consider all three if you see them come up at a good price on the secondhand market. 

Need help finding a good motorhome dealer that you can trust? Every year, Practical Motorhome invites readers and website users to rate their motorhome and also their supplying dealer, as part of the Owner Satisfaction Survey . As a result we have fantastic feedback on all the best and worst dealerships out there, as well as reliability ratings for different brands of motorhomes. So take a look at the findings in our 2014 Owner Satisfaction Survey  when searching for motorhomes for sale, to help determine who to buy from and what to buy. The full results were published in the April 2014 issue of Practical Motorhome magazine – back issues are available by calling 08456 777 812, while stocks last.

If you are looking for the best luxury used motorhomes, make sure you take a look at some pre-owned Euroyachts

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Wohnmobil Details - MOBILVETTA EuroYacht 195 L

Angebot der woche, mobilvetta euroyacht 195 l.

MOBILVETTA EuroYacht 195 L


  • Telefon: +49 (0) 2224 / 90 100 61
  • Ansprechpartner: Hr. Pak, Hr. Sagenschneider, Hr. Maru
  • Fiat Ducato 2,8l 128 PS
  • Mobilvetta EuroYacht 195 L
  • Festbett+Hubbett
  • Länge 7,56 m
  • zul.Gesamtgewicht 3,85 t
  • Leergewicht 3,11 t
  • Anhängelast 1,40 t
  • Höhe 2,90 m
  • Breite 2,22 m
  • SAT-Vorbereitung
  • 2er Fahradträger
  • geteilte ASP
  • drehbare Pilotensitze
  • sep. Dusche
  • 3er Flammenkocher
  • 4 Schlaplätze
  • 4 Sitzplätze
  • Truma Umluft
  • Mittelsitzgruppe
  • Wegfahrsperre
  • Sitz gegenüber
  • elek. Trittstufe
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  • Bieten SIE uns IHR altes WOHNMOBIL kostenlos telefonisch an unter: 0800 - 186 00 00 (bundesweit gebührenfrei) -Irrtümer / Änderungen / Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten
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mobilvetta euroyacht 195l





Mo-Fr : 09:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Sa : 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr

So : 11:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Sicheres Surfen auf


Wir akzeptieren Barzahlung, EC-Karte und Kreditkarte



mobilvetta euroyacht 195l


Barassi campione della crescita 2024

Camper usato

Mobilvetta euroyacht 195l.

Euroyacht 195l

  • 0 x 0 x H 0 m


  • UN CONSULENTE BARASSI esperto per aiutarti a scegliere il veicolo più adatto alle tue esigenze
  • ASSISTENZA POST-VENDITA COMPLETA che include revisioni e riparazioni presso Centro Assistenza Autorizzato
  • PIANI DI FINANZIAMENTO e VALORE SICURO per darti la libertà di acquistare un nuovo camper in serenità e restituirlo o cambiarlo quando vuoi.

Scheda tecnica Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195l

  • Categoria: Motorhome
  • Meccanica: Ducato
  • Cilindrata: 2800 Cm 3
  • Potenza: 127 CV
  • Trazione: Anteriore

Allestimento Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195l

Descrizione mobilvetta euroyacht 195l.

Veicolo in condizioni perfette interne ed esterne ; presente di generatore , condizionatore, antenna DTV, è molto altro

Barassi Service

Tecnici professionali specializzati

Interventi tempestivi

Ampio assortimento di accessori

Gli specialisti dell’assistenza e della manutenzione. Scopri di più

Scegli la libertà e la convenienza di viaggiare in camper!

Rispetto alle vacanze tradizionali, il camper ti dà la sicurezza di viaggiare come fossi a casa tua, a un prezzo che sarà ammortizzato in alcuni anni.

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Official Partner

Condividi via e-mail mobilvetta euroyacht 195l.


  1. Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L - 2003 data and specifications

    The Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195 L was manufactured by Mobilvetta in 2003. This a class motor home sleeps 5 and is based on a Fiat chassis. Power is provided by a 2800 cc diesel engine. Please note that this information is collected through our own research and details submitted by our kind users.

  2. Used ‘van buyer’s guide – Mobilvetta Euroyacht motorhome

    If you are looking for the best luxury used motorhomes, make sure you take a look at some pre-owned Euroyachts. Luxurious and powerful, the Mobilvetta Euroyacht A-class motorhomes built between 1996 and 2002 should be on your ‘must-see’ list if you’re thinking of buying a deluxe motorhome.

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    Mobilvetta EuroYacht 195 L. DPF Grün. Festbett+Hubbett. Länge 7,56 m. zul.Gesamtgewicht 3,85 t. Leergewicht 3,11 t. Anhängelast 1,40 t. Höhe 2,90 m. Breite 2,22 m.

  8. Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195l | Centro Caravans Barassi

    Mobilvetta Euroyacht 195l usato, vendita in pronta consegna, listino prezzi online. Contattaci o compila il form per richiedere informazioni senza impegno.

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