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Photo of Charlesgate Yacht Club - Cambridge, MA, US. View of Longfellow Bridge and downtown Boston from Charlesgate Yacht Club in Cambridge.

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20 Cambridge Pkwy

Cambridge, MA 02142

East Cambridge, Kendall Square/MIT

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Photo of Jack E.

A wonderfully located dock right behind the Royal Sonesta Hotel and the Artbar in Cambridge. Everyone working here is friendly and helpful. Spectacular views of Boston downtown across the Charles River.

charlesgate yacht club

Charlesgate Yacht Club

Play in the heart of downtown baltimore, marina info.

Charlesgate Yacht Club is positioned at 44 Day Circle in Woburn, Massachusetts. Charlesgate Yacht Club offers direct passageway to the water and other amenities within Woburn. Call 781-933-2661 to contact Charlesgate Yacht Club directly. No reviews by any members for Charlesgate Yacht Club have been submitted.

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  • Mega Yacht Slips

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charlesgate yacht club

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Approach depth (ft): , dock depth (ft):.

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Charlesgate Yacht Club – Cambridge MA

Tony would not tell me how much it cost to become a member; however, he did tell me it cost $10k year to Division of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for rental of their property. He also mentions the club doesn’t hold anything against sail boaters; they are just too tall to come through the locks.

Club historian and owner of Tony’s Toy, Anthony “Tony” Seminara shares Boston’s history on such things as: the Battle Hymn Republic song written about George’s Island, how Quincy Bay’s Hangman Island didn’t really have any hangings, and submarine nets stretched from Nahant to Graves Light; back in the day.

Joan Millian, boat owner of Her Decision, says the senior citizen luncheons, the rides on the Charles River Boat twice a year, and the springtime cleanup on the Charles River is what makes this club unique. Charlesgate Yacht Club (CYC) is the only yacht club on the Charles River. Between 6:15 – 9:10am and 3:15 – 6:30pm, the Craig and Railroad bridge locks open to this exclusive community service oriented club founded in 1946.

Fishing for carp, eel, stripers, to name a few, is permitted off the docks. “Just don’t clean them there,” says Tony.

And, 55 steps away between your favorite cocktail and sleep are the Royal Sonesta Hotel plus their restaurant (Art D) where you can invite friends and family to gather.

Other important information:

Plenty of water, 30 amp shore power, showers, use of kitchen, toilets, and ice. No tide to worry about, tie up on a float, accommodates 45’ vessels and under, bridge height 13’ max. Donations welcome in lieu of payment.

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Charlesgate Yacht Club

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  • Latitude:  42.46752
  • Longitude:  -71.17105

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Cambridge fire department divers recover lost diamond ring from charles river.

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charlesgate yacht club


The latest breaking updates, delivered straight to your email inbox.

A Chicago woman is expressing her gratitude to members of the Cambridge Fire Department Dive Team and Marine Unit after they helped find her diamond ring that fell into the Charles River in Massachusetts.

Cambridge Fire Lt. Stephen Capuccio said those Dive Team and Marine Unit members were working a detail on the Charles River on Sunday when they were alerted about a lost ring at the Charlesgate Yacht Club.

Lynn Andrews said her diamond ring went overboard into the Charles a while after asking her husband, Ninos, to hold onto it.

"I decided that I'm going to put some sunscreen on and I ask my husband to hold my rings, and I just put them in the pocket of his shirt," Andrews said. "We're going about our day and it was awfully hot out there, and he decides to take his shirt off to go for a swim. And as he took his shirt off, the rings went flying out of his pocket."

Luckily, Andrews and her husband had a good idea of where the ring went overboard and the area was free of hazards, so the crew decided to dive into the river in an attempt to recover the prized possession.

Firefighter Jeremy Marrache went into the water and was able to locate the ring in less than 5 minutes, returning it to its very relieved and excited owner.

Marrache, the primary diver, was backed up by Firefighter Eric Moore while four members of the Marine Unit — Lt. Peter Melo, Firefighter Kevin Lawson, Firefighter William Dusablon and Firefighter Anthony Brooks — acted as line tenders.

"This is an amazing example of using our training for public service and a terrific opportunity for the Dive Team and Marine Unit members to practice working together," Capuccio said in a statement.

Capuccio said Andrews contacted Marrache on the Fourth of July to once again express her thanks.

More From Forbes

The top 50 most exclusive yacht clubs in the world honored with platinum status.

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Royal Yacht Squadron in England

The rich and famous are not merely looking for the best place to anchor their yachts; they are also seeking out exclusive memberships in stunning destinations, all offering luxury amenities and, of course, bragging rights. These exclusive yachting clubs with often outrageous initiation fees, provide luxurious clubhouses, and provide accommodations for yachties who want to get their land legs. Most of them provide high-end concierge service to its members as well as Michelin-star quality restaurants and more.

Yacht Clubs have been recognized in the Platinum Clubs of America elections for more than 20 years. According to the Platinum Club, “Recognition in the following categories is important in the selection of Platinum status; Tradition, history, and heritage, a respected membership, excellence in amenities, exceptional service, adapting to changing times, and overall experience.

I spoke with the President of Club Leaders Forum, David V. Smith, about the selection, and he says, “we created an alphabetical selection this time as opposed to by rank because we felt that it was challenging to compare a yacht club in Ireland with a yacht club in Singapore, as amenities, location and facilities do vary quite a lot. The yachting and boating world is a different and unique culture, typically a little more relaxed and not as formal as country clubs and golf clubs. However, many of the world’s finest yacht clubs have wonderful history and traditions, with a great sense of camaraderie among their members. Certain yacht clubs were selected by the Panel not necessarily for their facilities and amenities but in their recognition of hosting world class sailing regattas and events.”  

Here are the top 50 most exclusive yacht clubs worldwide being awarded the ultimate Platinum Status for 2021.

Annapolis Yacht Club

Surrounding the Spa Creek Bridge in Annapolis, the Club boasts over 75 wet slips and dry dockage. The club began in 1886 as an informal canoe club, and today has 1600 regular members active in social, racing, and cruising programs.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

Best covid travel insurance plans.

Aerial view of Beach Point Club

Beach Point Club

Beach Point Club is a member-owned, family-oriented private club. The elegant and spacious clubhouse was built in the 1890s by an industrialist as a private home. In 1925 the property was purchased by the founding members with the purpose of establishing a club on the water. The club now has more than 600 members with a full service marina.

Chicago Yacht Club

Founded in 1875, Chicago Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most respected yacht clubs in the world. The Club is home to more than 1,400 members, including a winning America’s Cup skipper, and Olympic medalists.

The stunning Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Grosse Pointe offers a 261-slip certified Clean Marina, state-of-the-art Marine Activity Center, newly renovated Bowling Recreation Center and Family Recreation Center, new Fitness Center, and Olympic-sized pool. The 75,000-square-foot Clubhouse features Italian Renaissance architecture and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2015. Initiation fees can go as high as $12,500 with $650 monthly dues

Larchmont Yacht Club

Located in Westchester County, New York, the Club has been in existence since 1880 when it was purchased by Benjamin A. Carver, a railroad magnate. The original Carver residence was much smaller than the present clubhouse – the east and west wings were added following the purchase. The Junior Clubhouse was the Carver stable: the basement was the cow barn, while the first floor housed the horses.

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Founded in 1938, Lauderdale Yacht Club is invitation only and host to 65 dock slips that wrap around the marina. The club is also home to one of the most elite junior sailing programs in the nation.

Naples Yacht Club

Founded in 1947 and situated on Naples Bay, the Club has the proud distinction of being the city’s first and oldest private club and its marina has 75 concrete floating docks. Membership has grown from three founding yachtsmen to over 530.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Established in 1916, the club is located on the Balboa peninsula in Southern California. A newly remodeled clubhouse was also created to replace the original building. Initiation fees range upwards of $20,000

Palm Beach Yacht Club

Palm Bea ch Yacht Club

Founded in 1890, the marina has 45 slips to accommodate boats up to 150 feet. All annual dockage contracts (from $1 per foot per day), include a membership to the prestigious Yacht Club.

Pelican Isle Y acht Club

With 190 wet slips and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, the club can accommodate vessels up to 55 feet. Equity social membership is by invitation only with an initiation fee as high as $15,000, and annual dues at $5,500.

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

Founded in 1959, the club has been part of the Boca Raton landscape for over 50 years with membership by invitation only. The state-of-the-art Marina boasts a TimberTech floating dock system, accommodating vessels up to 130 feet. 

Sailfish Club of Florida

The Sailfish Club of Florida was built in the early 1900s. It is the oldest continuously operating private club in the town of Palm Beach.

San Diego Yacht Club

In June of 1886 a group of local boating enthusiasts joined together to found what has become this cornerstone yacht club. The racing history of SDYC is as significant as the history of its location. Several members were winning races all over the country in the early to mid-20th century, however, SDYC reached a turning point starting in the 1980s when Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup. In the early 1980s, Dennis Conner won the cup once and then lost it the next time to New York Yacht Club. In 1987, Dennis won again on behalf of San Diego Yacht Club. The America’s Cup was won a third time by SDYC in 1992 by Bill Koch on the yacht,  America .

With 600 wet slips and 100 dry slips, initiation fee is upwards of $24,000 plus $200 monthly dues.

Aerial view of the San Francisco Yacht Club

San Francisco Yacht Club

In the summer of 1869, a group of active, local yachtsmen formed the San Francisco Yacht Club. The oldest yacht club on the Pacific Coast, it’s one of the most elegant and exclusive yacht clubs in the U.S. The harbor consists of 190 berths and 50 dry-storage spaces, as well as a large youth sailing dock. Membership is by sponsor referral only.

Sarasota Yacht Club

Saraso ta Yacht Club

Sarasota Yacht Club was organized in the summer of 1907 and located on the north end of Siesta Key. Facilities include a 110-slip marina, fitness center, heated pool, two indoor bars, a pool bar, multiple meeting rooms, a grand dining room, waterside terrace, and lunch dock. Membership is by invitation only.

Savannah Yacht Club

The Savannah Yacht Club was originally organized on June 14, 1869. The private, members only club is by invitation only with only 1,000 members. Amenities include a figure 8 pool, an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as floating docks.

St. Francis Yacht Club

This club was founded in 1927 when the members of the San Francisco Yacht Club decided to move their clubhouse out of San Francisco to Belvedere, California. The 2,300 member club is considered to be the most prestigious yacht club in the western U.S. and has hosted over 40 regattas on San Francisco Bay. The Mediterranean Revival-style clubhouse is in close proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoys views from the Bridge to Alcatraz Island and beyond.

Tampa Yacht & Country Club

Founded in 1904 as a place to race sailboats, ride and show horses, the marina now holds 31 covered slips and 50 open slips. Membership is sponsored and by invitation only.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Circolo Canottieri Aniene

Circolo degli Esteri

Compagnia della Vela

Playing host to 10 prestigious regattas this year, including the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda has been tied to the Italian Sailing Federation since the 1960s. Offering a wellness center and spa, the clubhouse overlooks the Marina and the Italian coast. The club has a panoramic pool terrace, al fresco dining, and a member’s lounge and bar. There are also 24 residential suites, including the popular Presidential suite that opened in 2016.

Yacht Club Italiano

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

Royal Perth Yacht Club

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Raffles Marina

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Real Club Nautico de Vigo

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club has its marina close to the bustling Front Street at the heart of the historic city of Hamilton. It began as a meeting place for British military officers and Bermudian sailing enthusiasts.

Membership in the club extends to over 850 resident and non-resident members. The 130 berth marina has a full-service staff and can accommodate vessels of up to 150 feet in length.

Nassau Yacht Club

Royal Bombay Yacht Club

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Royal Cork Yacht Club, the oldest yacht club in the world.

Royal Cork Yacht Club

Sometime in the early 1600s, sailing for private pleasure started to to become popular in the Netherlands. Later that century, during the Cromwellian years, King Charles II of England was in exile in the Netherlands and while there he became aware of this new and exciting pastime. According to Royal Cork Yacht Club, “By 1720, interest in the sport had progressed so much that his great-grandson, the 26 year old William O’Brien, the 9th Lord Inchiquin, and five of his friends got together to formalize their activities and in so doing established ” The Water Club of the Harbour of Cork.”

This club is known today as the Royal Cork Yacht Club and it is the oldest yacht club in the world. It was originally located on Haulbowline Island before moving to the town of Cobh and finally establisged in it's current location in Crosshaven.

Royal Irish Yacht Club


Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Royal Thames Yacht Club

The Royal Thames Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world, founded in 1775. The exclusive Knightsbridge Clubhouse has two bars, an acclaimed restaurant, and accommodations for those staying overnight. Anyone looking to join must be recommended by current members.

The Royal Western Yacht Club of England

Royal Yacht Squadron

Royal Yacht Club Moscow

Société des Régates du Havre

Monaco Yacht Club

Yacht Club de Monaco

Founded by Prince Rainier III in 1953, the Yacht Club De Monaco is a prestigious club that holds a unique position on the international yachting scene with more than 1600 members drawn from 66 nationalities.

The reigning Club President since 1984 has been His Royal Highness, Prince Sovereign Albert II, and a suitably formal dress code for day and evening wear is enforced at all times. Membership is limited and very, very exclusive: prospective candidates must submit an application form to the club committee and be introduced by two sponsors, both of whom must be existing members. The successful applicant will be welcomed with an ice-breaking cocktail party and gala dinner in their honor.

The futuristic clubhouse was redesigned in 2013 and overlooks Port Hercules, it offers up very popular cocktail bar and Mediterranean restaurant.

Yacht Club Santo Amaro

Jim Dobson

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All is for sake of golf

Pestovo Golf club is built in accordance with international standards and it doesn’t have any analogs in Moscow and Moscow Region. The championship course is prepared for games at the highest level — it can host prestigious major tournaments. Professional coaches of the Golf academy can teach a beginner or give valuable advice to already experienced golfers and children Academy will develop the potential of the youngest golfers.

Membership in the private closed club «Pestovo» is a lifetime privilege opening multifaceted opportunities of sports and cultural life of modern golf community.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Away from the bustle

Pestovo golf club is situated in a picturesque place on the shore of Pestovo reservoir. Here is no city noise but only fresh air, landscapes and cozy country houses. Its nature and developed infrastructure turn Pestovo into a quiet corner for family vacation.

charlesgate yacht club

Moscow region

City district Mitishi Village Rumiancevo, Nikolskaya st., private demesne 1, building 1

With care of your recreation

There are all the necessary things in our country complex for comfortable rest of your entire family. This is not only a championship golf course but it’s also a club house, restaurant, fitness club and yacht club. Qualified staff puts the life in the country club on a new level.


The restaurant «Pestovo»


Yacht club «Pestovo»


Winter Golf

One of the most memorable events of the winter season took place.

charlesgate yacht club

Member Log In

Mon, May 02

Charlesgate Yacht Club

May Body Meeting

The April 2, 2022, Body Meeting of the Charlesgate Yacht Club will be held at the Charlesgate Yacht Club. Commodore Ryan Buonaugurio will call the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

May Body Meeting

Time & Location

May 02, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Charlesgate Yacht Club, 20 Cambridge Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

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New Cape Coral Yacht Club designs: Most on council like a coastal, Key West vibe

charlesgate yacht club

Given three different design options for the new Yacht Club Community Center , most of the Cape Coral City Council is leaning toward a coastal, Key West-flavor architecture.

At a committee of the whole meeting on Wednesday, the city sought direction from the council on a design direction for the outside of the community building.

"It's a concept, just like we do with anything else, and as we are designing, things may come up that we want to shift and be nimble (on)," said Cape Coral City Manager Michael Ilczyszyn.

James Pankonin with Kimley Horn, a consulting firm focusing on public and private developments, presented the information about the look of the community building.

Cape Coral's Yacht Club Community Park, which includes a yacht basin, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a ballroom, and a beach, has been a popular attraction and staple for the city since the 1960s but is set to undergo major renovations after Hurricane Ian delayed the original plans .

The current plans include a new two-story community center to replace the ballroom, removing the tennis courts, rearranging the area to accommodate a four-story parking garage, a new restaurant, and a new resort-style pool.

The city is also preparing for the demolition of the Yacht Club and its facilities in April as it awaits permits.

No estimates could be provided for the price of the new building.

"It will really come into how much of certain materials are needed and construction methods," Ilczyszyn said.

The city will have that information once they have 30% of the construction design.

Two public meetings for the designs are planned for April 2 and May 7.

After getting public input, the city will vote to amend its contract with Kimley Horn to approve all these changes.

The plan is to have these changes approved or introduced before the summer hiatus.

Previous Coverage Demolition of Cape Coral's Yacht Club slated for April will cost almost $1 million

Cape Coral community news Courtyards of Cape Coral South sets bingo fundraiser for residents still affected by Ian

New Designs for the Yacht Club building

John Bryant with Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors, a Sarasota-based design firm, said the goal with the new designs was to maintain the experience of the original Yacht Club.

The majority of the council preferred option one.

Design one:

Bryant described the first option as "coastal vernacular" and similar to the park buildings at Lake Kennedy and Yellow Fever Creek.

"So it's sort of informed by the current architectural work in 2024," Bryant said. "Kinda Key West."

Councilmember Dan Sheppard and Mayor John Gunter preferred option one.

Gunter said the design was the most pleasing for him.

Councilmember Keith Long liked option one and said he liked the Key West aesthetic.

Councilmember Tom Hayden liked option one.

Design two:

Option two is more informed by the current Yacht Club and would have a stone base and mid-century feel to it, according to Bryant.

"There's certainly opportunity to kind of further develop this option to have even more of the existing Yacht Club feel, but a different vibe, feel than option one," Bryant said.

He also said option two might be more expressive the closer they try to recreate the aesthetic of the old ballroom building.

Councilmember Jessica Cosden liked design two as it incorporated design elements of the old building though she lamented how similar it looked to the first design.

"I wish we could have done more, but I know it's hard with a two-story building, to make it look the same as a very unique one-story building.

Councilmember Bill Steinke said two would be his choice as well, but was wary of additional maintenance of natural wood products used in the design.

"As long as we can bring that aesthetic and keep the maintenance down, number two would be my choice," Steinke said.

Councilmember Robert Welsh said he could go either way, but he liked the look of two.

Design three:

This would be more contemporary and modern.

"Even with a more contemporary language, you can still have warmth, incorporating some wood elements and stone elements," Bryant said.

None of the council members expressed any favorability for the third design.

Inside the new community center

The Community Center will have an additional 10,000 square feet for a total of 47,000 square feet, a history room to remember the first ballroom building on the first floor, and more rooms for civic and community use on the first floor.

Additionally, the new ballroom has shifted slightly as the balcony area on the second floor has been expanded to wrap around the top of the building.

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charlesgate yacht club

Halloween in Moscow

charlesgate yacht club

History of Halloween dates back to the ancient traditions of the Celts. For the first time the name of the holyday is mentioned in the 16th century as a Scottish shortening of the English «All-Hallows-Even», which translates as «The evening of All Saints».

Halloween has gained a lot of popularity in Russia for the past years. This year the celebration takes place on holidays, therefore, you have 3 days to party – from October 31 to November 2! We Heart Moscow has chosen the brightest and crowded with ghosts Halloween parties in Moscow.


While different places compete with each other to do the holiday as scary as possible, «16 tons» Club will make the audience feel scary funny.

This celebration is for those who are tired of the ubiquitous zombies and witches that fill all the clubs in the night of October 31. This is not necessarily come in scary costumes – just dress up to have as much fun as possible!

A team of DJs: Miloslav Chemodanov, duo Hollo and Vastashin, DJ Emtsev, Sophie Tronza and their friends will spin your favorite hits and create exceptionally friendly atmosphere until the dawn. Those who cannot prepare to a masquerade at home, can to use the services of two make-up artists directly in the club absolutely free.

The party will start at 23.59 on October 31. Entrance will cost from 500 rubles (€10).

Club “16 Tons” – Presnensky Val St., 6, build. 1.


The founders of the legendary club «Arma 17» have announced first of five global parties, to be held this year. Halloween Party will last 24 hours and will take place at the territory Trekhgornaya manufactory.

The creative team of «Arma» keep their visitors in total ignorance about the new site for the club. However, the first party will take place on November 1 in the space on the fourth floor of the building on the Rochdelskaya street, and apparently, Halloween from «Arma 17» promises to be quite impressive.

Lineup of «Manufacture» is going to very worthy – Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu, Resident Club der Visionaere Vera, which is known to work with Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Sleeparchive, Tin Man and the Dutchman Orgue Electronique. Three dance floors are promised – two main and one secret.

Celebrate Haloween with «Arma 17» on November 1, at 23:00 Entrance costs from 1000 rub.

Trekhgorny manufactory – Rochdelskaya St., 15.


There will perform outstanding legends of the world electronic scene. The event will be held at one of the largest and comfortable event-site of capital «RAY JUST ARENA».

For total immersion in the atmosphere of the sacraments and illusions, organizers have prepared for you 100 kW of clear powerful sound, laser and light show, psychedelic performance to world stars music.

Headliners of the performance are: The long-awaited, retro LIVE set, Skazi, Avalon Live, Sesto Sento Live, Laughing Buddha Live, Gataka Live], TLN DJ’s team.

Visitors are invited to come in mascaraed costumes. The party starts at 23.55 on October 31. Entrance costs from 750 rubles.

Club Ray Just Arena – Leningradsky Prospect 31, build. 4.


Edward Scissorhands or dead bride – only you can decide how to look this night! Frightening makeup, lurid stories and best pictures from the most mysterious director of our time await you in art cafe «The Sea Inside» (More Vnutry). The party will be held in an atmosphere of fear, horror and hell fun. It offers a rich program with watching the best films by Tim Burton, a variety of mystical competitions and tricks.

Professional make-up artists will cast over your unique horror make-ap. After the transformation, you can make a photo of yourself in the real coffin.

Participants of the holiday will remember all the horror stories that scared them in childhood, and Playback Theatre «Paraphrase» will turn these stories into the most sinister tale performed on stage! Playback is a custom theater; its foundation is improvisation and diving into the psychology of the narrator. Actors of «Paraphrase» do not show rehearsed performance, but seek to convey the feelings and emotions of the audience – here and now.

The party will be held on October 31, at 19.00. Entrance costs from 3000 RUB.

Cafe «The Sea Inside» – Peschannaya Alley, 7 (Sokolniki park)


Lawson’s Bar decided to combine two holidays – Halloween and Night of sales – Black Friday. The original costume party offers not only monsters, but also the crazy prices for the bar menu!

The Scottish Lawson’s Bar is simply obliged to arrange a truly terrible holiday. the most unusual party Black & Bloody Friday in Lawson’s Bar offers guests unprecedented sale on the bar menu – all the drinks (except single malt whiskey) can be purchased at 199 rubles!

In addition, from October 31 to November 1, staff will turn into horrible monsters, charming Go-go girls will show their performance, the best DJs will play music and professional photographers will shoot the Sabbath. All guests are strongly encouraged to come in costumes to remember this night for a long time.

The party starts on October 31, at 22.00. The entrance is free.

Black & Bloody Friday, Lawson’s Bar – Blagoveshchensky lane, 1A.


The most rock ‘n’ roll party in Moscow in honor of All Saints’ Day will be held in «China town cafe» club. Each year the place offers a special theme for Halloween. This year’s party is called the «Rock of Ages», as the famous Broadway musical, and later the famous movie with Tom Cruise in the lead role. The festive atmosphere and the sounds of rock will shake you like a hurricane.

The party will be held on October 31, at 23.00.

Club «China Town Cafe» – Lubyanka driveway, 25/12

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119019 Moscow, Russia, Filippovskiy per. 7, 1

Mon - Sun 10.00 - 18.00

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  • Treasure Island Hotel & Casino

Las Vegas Yacht Club, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Yacht Club

  • Good for special occasions
  • Good for business meals

Make a reservation

Additional information.

  • Dining style Casual Dining
  • Price $31 to $50
  • Cuisines Seafood, American, Fish
  • Hours of operation Dinner Wed–Sun 5:00 pm–10:00 pm
  • Phone number (866) 286-3809
  • Website
  • Payment options AMEX, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa
  • Dress code Business Casual
  • Location 3300 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Neighborhood Treasure Island Hotel & Casino
  • Cross street Spring Mountain
  • Parking details Complimentary valet or self-park garage
  • Public transit Las Vegas Strip Deuce Bus
  • Entertainment Video poker bar with multiple flat screen TVs
  • Additional Bar Dining, Bar/Lounge, Beer, Full Bar, Gluten-free Options, Happy Hour, Non-Smoking, Wheelchair Access, Wine

Popular dishes

Fish and chips.

Beer battered cod fried golden brown and served with french fries and housemade tartar sauce

Salmon Oscar

lump crab asparagus hollandaise confit tri color fingerling potatoes

What 45 people are saying

Overall ratings and reviews.

Reviews can only be made by diners who have eaten at this restaurant

  • 4.4 Service
  • 4.1 Ambience

Noise • Moderate

Dined on March 2, 2024

Is this helpful?

Dined on March 1, 2024

Dined on February 29, 2024

OpenTable Diner

New Orleans

Dined on February 25, 2024

San Francisco

Dined on February 24, 2024


Dined on February 23, 2024

Dined on February 19, 2024

Dined on February 17, 2024

Atlantic City

Dined on February 16, 2024

Dined on February 11, 2024

Dined on February 8, 2024

Dined on February 3, 2024

Dined on January 28, 2024

Washington DC

Dined on January 27, 2024

Dined on January 8, 2024

Dined on January 1, 2024

New York City

Dined on December 30, 2023

Isle of Wight

Dined on December 17, 2023

Palm Springs

Dined on December 16, 2023

Dined on December 10, 2023

Dined on December 7, 2023

Dined on December 2, 2023

Dined on November 24, 2023

Grand Rapids

Dined on November 6, 2023

Dined on November 5, 2023

Greater Boston

Dined on November 4, 2023

Dined on October 30, 2023

Dined on October 15, 2023

Los Angeles

Dined on October 14, 2023

Dined on October 13, 2023

Dined on October 9, 2023

Atlanta Metro

108 reviews

Dined on October 8, 2023

Dined on October 2, 2023

Dined on September 25, 2023

Dined on September 18, 2023


Dined on September 17, 2023

Dined on September 11, 2023

Safety precautions

Cleaning & sanitizing.

  • Surfaces sanitized between seatings
  • Digital, disposable or sanitized menu provided
  • Sealed or wrapped utensils used
  • Common areas deep-cleaned daily
  • Sanitizer or wipes provided for customers

Physical distancing

  • Limited number of seated diners
  • Distancing maintained in common areas
  • Extra space between tables

Protective equipment

  • Waitstaff wear masks
  • Diners must wear masks unless eating or drinking
  • Sick staff prohibited in the workplace

How is Las Vegas Yacht Club restaurant rated?

Las Vegas Yacht Club is rated 4.3 stars by 45 OpenTable diners.

Is Las Vegas Yacht Club currently accepting reservations?

Yes, you can generally book this restaurant by choosing the date, time and party size on OpenTable.

3300 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Restaurant-Yacht Chaika

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Pleasantly surprised, service is good so is the food. Great selection of Fusion food, a mixture of Italian, Japanese, European, Asian etc. A pleasantly nice dining experience, highly recommended, a must try!

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to have lunch or dinner again aboard the ship in an atmosphere of high standards of yacht hospitality.

everything was perfect - the food, the service, the desserts were the best, nice atmosphere and the location - magical

Best food, best view in Moscow. absolutely faultless from arrival to finish. Best risotto i had for many years absolutely perfectly cooked. The view on Ukrainian hotel and the white house by night is amazing

Had to wait for the food for 1.5 hours and then another 20 minutes for the check. Finally called for the manager and he offered... a 10% discount as a compensation. Simply pathetic! The food is mediocre at best. Not bad per se, but one... would expect something better considering the prices. There are many places to eat in area that are much better. Avoid this one at all costs. More

Hello, Alexander Your comment is extremely important for us, thank you a lot for it. We are terribly sorry for your time that you`ve spent waiting your order and we have already taken actions to improve quality of our service and it would be realy... More

Food is very expensive,very pretentious, doesn't worth that money. Portions are very small. We ordered ravioli and there were 4! Four raviolis! For almost 15 euros. Then we asked to bring us dessert menu but nothing, they didn't even bothered, so we payed and left... without dessert. Very poor service for that price. More

This is a very good restaurant. The food is really good, maybe the best in Moscow. The service is also good. The view from the restaurant is great. The prices are very high.

I often visit this restaurant and must say it’s one of the best in Moscow in terms of quality and service. Staff really try hard to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. Customer service is a huge problem in Moscow but Chaika sets... a great example for others in the industry! Food is delicious and the menu has lots of options for everyone! Atmosphere is great and view is beautiful on the embankment. Special thanks to German & Oleg! More

Thank you for your feedback! Again aboard the yacht restaurant "Chaika" in accordance with the high standards of yacht hospitality.

Highly recommended, great location in the city center of Moscow with a superb atmosphere. Too many menu choices, though all delicious!

charlesgate yacht club

Thx a lot for your review! We are looking forward to see you in our restaurants.

Visited this lovely restaurant with a friend of mine. It was relaxingly warm August evening - so the place on the river seemed like a good idea. We came quite early and the restaurant was not full. The hostesses kindly offered several places to sit... and we chose to sit on the sofas. We had some wine, which was good. We struggled a bit when deciding about the food as few options (scallops) were not available. Fish on ice on display did not look very fresh. To be honest it was an unusually hot August and it is probably understandable that some see food options were not available. However, we did manage to order something and sat waiting and looking onto the river. My long-legged friend struggled sitting at the low sofa and the manager noticed that, offering as a very good, proper table beside the open window. It was nice touch and I was very pleased by their polite observations and immediate reaction to solve the problem. Food was quite good and presentation was perfect. Perhaps I can something about the food, but 1 visit is not enough to criticize or make a definitive opinion. Overall, quality place, which of course, does not come cheap. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. More

Good afternoon! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are looking forward to seeing you again, we are sure that you will be delighted with our dishes!

I've been here several times during two business trip in Moscow. The overall quality for both service and food is absolutely top-notch, plus the location is very unique.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking forward to visiting again!

Located on a boat at Krasnopresenskaya River Bank this 5 Star Restaurant transforms into a party location due to multiple groups hosting events. Impressive wine selection, Asian and European kitchen...

charlesgate yacht club

Thx a lot! We are waiting for you!

It is a nice place to gather specially at the lounge The service and staff very good I like the river view The food is almost like all restaurants in Russia they serve different cuisine. Staring Russian appetizer till Asian dishes Presentation and taste amazing... I consider it overpriced little bit More

Good location. Nice views. Good choice of food and drinks. European and Asian menu. Nice service. Pricey enough.

Had a large group dinner here. Food was above average and service quite good. The real attraction is the view of Moscow from the river on a nice night. Great place for a larger group dinner. More

Hello, John We are really pleased by reading that you and your friends were satisfied by our service, client`s experience is the highest value for us. We will be happy to see you again, come and enjoy some new dishes from our chef and nice... More

The luxurious atmosphere of this place, the view and the location make it quite outstanding. We had dinner here with friends and the dishes were amazing, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Chablis, it really made me feel as if it was a part of... the classic Russian movie. More

RESTAURANT-YACHT CHAIKA, Moscow - Presnensky - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5
  • Atmosphere: 4.5


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  11. North Cambridge Senior Trip to Charlesgate Yacht Club

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  13. Cambridge divers recover lost diamond ring from Charles River

    this happened sunday at the charlesgate yacht club. fortunately, the woman and her husband remembered where it fell. >> i decided i little put some sunscreen on. i asked my husband to hold my ring.

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  18. May Body Meeting

    The April 2, 2022, Body Meeting of the Charlesgate Yacht Club will be held at the Charlesgate Yacht Club. Commodore Ryan Buonaugurio will call the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

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  20. Halloween in Moscow

    This year's party is called the «Rock of Ages», as the famous Broadway musical, and later the famous movie with Tom Cruise in the lead role. The festive atmosphere and the sounds of rock will shake you like a hurricane. The party will be held on October 31, at 23.00. Club «China Town Cafe» - Lubyanka driveway, 25/12.

  21. Las Vegas Yacht Club Restaurant

    The Las Vegas Yacht Club at TI features market fresh catches of the day, pan roasts, steamed clams, oysters in the shell, whole Maine lobster, clam bakes for two as well as seafood salads and pastas, sourdough bowl chowder, fried calamari, and a cocktail and wine list fit for hardy fishermen, yacht cruisers and those pillaging the Las Vegas Strip for delicious, fresh seafood.


    Restaurant-Yacht Chaika. Claimed. Review. Save. Share. 185 reviews #547 of 10,697 Restaurants in Moscow $$$$ Italian Seafood Mediterranean. Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12A Berth International Exhibition, Moscow 123610 Russia +7 495 777-87-88 Website Menu. Closed now : See all hours.